Oct. 4, 2004

California Hot Rod Reunion results


Oct. 4, 2004 The Funny Car Nationals from Gateway International Raceway (St. Louis is here.

August 3, 2004

Loafers photo gallery is here

The Langley Loafers second event of the year held at Mission Raceway Park was a great success with 175 show n shine cars and close to 200 race cars. The featured exhibition cars were the "AA/GS" from the west coast. They included Canadian Brent Harris, and California and Oregon racers Gary Reinero (left), Bill Fitting, Howard Anderson, Tom Thompson, Jim Taylor, Bob White and 'Mad' Mike Molea (below). In qualifying Gary Reinero was the class of the field with a 6.95 in round one of qualifying. Howard Anderson went 7.01 and Jim Taylor and Brent Harris were next with 7.18 and 7.21 respectively. In the second session Reinero improved to a track record 6.88 @200mph. Anderson improved to a 6.99 and the rest of the field stayed where they were at. The final session in the heat of the day Reinero was on another great lap but kicked the rods out making his day extra long as they thrashed until past midnight installing their second bullet. Anderson did not improve nor did any of the other competitors except for Tom Thompson who ran a 7.64

Here is the field after final qualifying.

Gary Reinero 6.883/19.73
Howard Anderson 6.997/197.06
Jim Taylor 7.183/191.97
Brent Harris 7.211/193.75
Tom Thompson 7.649/182.51
Bob White8.114/176.22
Bill Fitting 8.344/156.68
Mike Molea.8.566/160.88

In Elimination's, Gary Reinero (left) faced Tom Thompson, Howard Anderson was up against Bob White, Jim Taylor was to battle Bill Fitting (who was broke, giving Taylor a single) and Brent Harris was supposed to race Mike Molea (who also was broke). Reinero ran his career best in round one with the new bullet btween the frame rails, a 6.83/200 to easily defeat Tom Thompson's 7.54/185. Anderson defeated Bob White 7.01 - 7.94, Brent HArris just staged the car as he had a singel and Jim Taylor ran a 7.26 in his single run. The semi finals saw Reinero run his second 6.88 in defeat of Jim Taylor who gave it a game 7.22. He also left on Reinero by a tenth but still fell over 2/10ths short. Anderson won his semi final race against Harris with a 7.04 to a 7.32. The final round was all Reinero as well as he stayed in the 6.80's with a 6.87/199.60. Anderson had a tenth of a second at the tree but his 7.10 was .13 short of a victiry. This was the third race in the series for the Gassers and Reinero has won all three event so far. Anderson has three runner-ups.

The other exhibition cars were a Pro Mods, two of which competed in round two of "Chevy Wars 2004", which pitted Trevor Lowe and Duane Grosart (here in the staging lanes). Trevor ran very well in his three matchups, as he ran 6.70, 5.57 and 6.65 to win the best of three 3-0. Duane ran a best of 6.84/204. His other runs were 7,.17 and an early shut off 8 something. Keith Korecki (below) was also making laps in his Shelby Pro Mod and he hit a best of 6.89/204. One other was a 7.0 and then he got more aggressive and shook the tires hard on his final runs. He did match race Don Murray in a couple laps and Don ran a best of 7.48. Don clicked it early in his second pass and never returned for Sunday.

Class eliminations on Sunday. Here are the final rounds:

Street Rod "A" (W) Ron Yaroshuk (left) , 40 Austin .030 rt. 8.280/161.49 (8.25 di) def. Chad Demler, 37 Chevy .006 rt 9.001 146.91 (9.02 di)





Street Rod "B" (W) Bill Clifford, 27 Ford .044rt. 11. 452 (11.44 di) def. Chris Mitchell 48 Chevy (.214 rt 12.578 (12.60 di)

Street Rod "C" (W) Garry Baron 38 Pontiac .023 rt 15.707 (15.65 di) def. Walt Pearce 32 Chevy .082 rt 14.290 (14.30 di)

Street Classic "A" (W) Steve Pyburn 57 Ford -.008 rt 10.073 (10.04 di) def. Bill Dunn 55 Chevy -.062(red light) 10.144 (10.04 di)

Street Classic "B" Wayne Kauk,.053 r/t 12.691 100.86 (d/i;12.64) def. Dave Supocz, 51Chev. .221rt. 12.735 103.36 (d/i;12.65)


Electronics; results;

Street Machine "A" (W) Dan Parsons 70 Duster .026rt 11.229 (11.22 di) def. Warren Jacobson 67 Chevy II .037 rt 11.148 (11.14 di)

Street Machine "B" (W) Ray Bollinger 69 Nova def. Eric Harper 70 Duster

Street Machine "C" (W) Tom Tourand 69 Dodge .083 rt 14.368 (14.32 di) def. Dale Nagy 67 Ford .242 rt 13.655 (13.62 di)

Outlaw (W) Terry Langdon-Davis 41 Willy's .026 rt 9.017 (8.94 di) def. Grant Howell 37 Chevy .-181 (red light) 8.411 (8.37 di)

Electronics (W) Bill Grover 69 Camaro .017 rt 10.137 (10.10 di) def. Irene Kokotailo 67 Nova .042 rt 10.896 (10.81di)

Like something out of the Munsters

A Mission Raceway Loafers photo gallery is here

Sunday Eliminations

June 15, 2004

Langley Loafers Good Time Drags..............The Eagle Motorplex


(All photos courtesy Joel Gelfand Drag Race USA)

Two huge photo gallerys are here and here. (You must click on one of the thumbnails to see the sequence in set two)

March 16, 2004 Sunday final elimination's looked like alot like last year in Top Fuel as Jim Murphy and Jack Harris faced off again. Last year they battled all season long, with Murphy taking the series championship. This year they faced off in the final again, with Murphy running low et for the weekend in getting the win. He won with a (0.505rt) 5.882 247.38 to Harris' (0.496rt) 5.926 241.22. The most excitement in Top Fuel actually happened on Saturday when Butch Blair's Top Fuel team (left) was disqualified from the event when officials found they had a counterfeit credentials. The team pleaded innocence but being this was the third different team to be caught with bogus credentials, the GG's felt is was time to address this problem. Of course the "Fugowie Team" with Howard Haight driving was none to happy. They were well qualified in the field after running a 5.96 in round one.

Here are all the final round results. Pictures will be up later today or tomorrow.

Top Fuel "A": Jim Murphy, Right lane, (0.505) 5.882 247.38 def. Jack Harris, (0.496) 5.926 241.22


Murphy saved his best for the final round against Harris. Not a surprise. These two teams bring out the best of each other.








The "Sheriff" Jack Harris was the bride's maid to Murphy again.










Top Fuel "B": Lee Jennings, Right lane, (0.519) 6.121 215.77 def. Rick McGee, (0.506) 6.717 203.48

Funny Car: Randy Walls, Left lane, (0.609) 6.751 213.82 def. Bob Godfrey, (0.517) 8.614 103.79

Bob Godrey was r/u in Funny Car.







Lil Nate ran low 6's







AA/GS: Ed Moss, Left lane, (0.474) 6.720 205.80 def. Jim Taylor, (0.493) 7.361 180.83

Moss dominated. He was over a tenth on the field at every race it seems.


A/Fuel: Bill Wayne, Right lane, (0.456) 6.362 219.94 def. Ron Attebury, (0.496) 6.583 212.91
Jr. Fuel: Scott Parks, Left lane, (0.514) 7.019 188.95 def. Jon Rowley, (0.370 foul) 7.205 184.95
Jr. Fuel "B": Don Enriquez, Left lane, (0.446) 7.269 180.07 def. John Rasmusson, (0.441) 7.353 179.67
A/GS: Augustine Herrera, Left lane, (0.463) 7.596 -0.004, def. Sean Renteria, (0.449) 7.564 -0.036

A/G competitor Larry Ofrio







B/GS: James Schwartz, Left lane, (0.503) 8.631 0.031, def. Robert Overholser, (0.514) 8.586 -0.014
C/GS: Clay Bentson, Left lane, (0.405) 9.661 0.061, def. Scott Morgan, (0.461) 9.594 -0.006
D/GS: George Madden, Left lane, (0.541) 10.705 0.105, def. Tom Axson, (0.495) 10.770 0.170
Nostalgia Eliminator: D Taros, Right lane, (0.400) 7.625 0.025, def. C Davis, (0.443) 7.491 -0.109
Nostalgia Eliminator II: J Van Gordon, Left lane, (0.428) 8.623 0.023, def. J Duffy, (0.448) 8.623 0.023

A Couple photo highlights. Two photo galleries are here and here

The Legendary Winged Express.

Fred Farndon Struggled in qualifying as witnessed here. He was first alternate.

For a complete photo extra go here and here.



March 13, 2004 Friday qualifying results: 21 cars made the first round at the fabled "March Meet" at Bakersfield. Bill Dunlap leads and is the only five second FED so far. Two more rounds go today.

Top Fuel :1 716 Bill Dunlap, Capitola CA, Uyehara Donovan 5.937 221.72 221.72
2 776 Howard Haight, Upland CA, Sterling-Donovan 6.043 240.57 240.57
3 722 Jack Harris, Kaysville UT, N&P-Donovan 6.112 212.36 212.36
4 792 Jason Richey, Pleasanton CA, Alan-Donovan 6.132 239.23 239.23
5 1 Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa CA, Stirling-Rodeck 6.191 216.39 216.39
6 7188 Brendan Murry, San Jose CA, Stirling-Arias 6.206 231.95 231.95
7 780 Pete Kaiser, Plesant Hill CA, Sterling-Donovan 6.368 181.26 181.26
8 701 Rick McGee, Exeter CA, Tedford-Donovan 6.380 175.91 175.91
9 777 Lee Jennings, Chino CA, Stirling-Chevy 6.418 207.80 207.80
10 770 Sean Bellemeur, Rohnert Park CA, Dragster-Dono 6.422 179.10 179.10
11 7380 Rick Rogers, Pismo Beach CA, Tuttle-Donovan 6.554 202.93 202.93
12 711 Mark Hyla, Placentia CA, Stirling-Donovan 6.653 150.57 150.57
13 747 Mark Malde, Windsor CA, Stirling-Chevy 7.176 164.11 164.11
14 730 Dusty Renteria, Hollister CA, Hansen-GMC 7.838 92.56 92.56
15 14 Glenn Hutchison, Citrus Heights CA, Sterling 9.000 87.55 87.55
16 717 Jeff Diehl, Salinas CA, Trick Design-Rodeck 9.037 89.81 89.81

Funny Car is in competition for the first time and there looks to be a full field of eight cars. Six made laps on Friday, and it is lead by Dan Horan.

Funny Car: 1 736 Dan Horan Jr, Simi CA, '66 Mustang 6.397 198.80 198.80
2 756 Nate Bugg, Orange CA, '71 Dodge Charger 6.411 223.49 223.49
3 748 Bob Godfrey, Moreno Valley CA, '63 Vette 6.976 174.62 174.62
4 726 Randy Walls, El Cajon CA, '70 Nova 7.794 178.18 178.18
5 7737 Mike Savage, Tucson AZ, '78 Dodge 9.547 82.20 82.20
6 708 Mike Adams, Prescott AZ, '79 Chevy NT

The gassers had a field of 11 at the "patch", Howard Anderson and Gary Reinero are the only two six second cars in the first session.

AA/GS: 1 707 Howard Anderson, Applegate CA, '38 Chevy 6.880 197.80 197.80
2 7408 Gary Reinero, Merced CA, '48 Austin 6.904 199.20 199.20
3 430 John Peterson, Homewood CA, '70 Plymouth 7.212 190.55 190.55
4 7280 Chuck Moore, Danville CA, '48 Anglia 7.362 165.41 165.41
5 7595 Chris Abbey, Clovis CA, '63 Vette 7.410 188.04 188.04
6 741 Ron Nunes, Danville CA, '63 Vette 7.490 160.45 160.45
7 637 Jim Taylor, Mulino OR, '37 Chevy 7.494 166.79 166.79
8 7545 Cecil Matthews, Redwood VA, '55 Ford 7.747 176.71 176.71

A/Fuel saw 14 cars go in round one. Bill Wayne leads after Friday.

A/Fuel: 1 7777 Bill Wayne, Bullhead City AZ, JP 6.538 211.46 211.46
2 731 Steve San Paolo, Salinas CA, Stirling-KB Olds 6.676 207.27 207.27
3 7043 Darby Neagle, Las Vegas NV, Stirling-Donovan 6.734 196.16 196.16
4 7782 Ron Attebury, Morgan Hill CA, Attebury-BAE 6.786 195.95 195.95
5 7573 Kin Bates, Anderson CA, Tuttle-Chrysler 6.984 202.93 202.93
6 714 Bill Genco, Westchester CA, Tuttle-Donovan 6.992 197.32 197.32
7 728 Jim Lange, Simi Valley CA, Hi Tech 7.509 184.67 184.67
8 7787 Tom Briston, Chino Hills CA, Stirling 7.730 149.70 149.70

Jr Fuel is running both an "A" and a "B" bracket. A Couple "A" caers are in the low sevens. Could we see a 6 second pass this year. Looks to be a very good possibility:

Jr. Fuel: 1 519 Scott Parks, Burlingame KS, N&P-Chevy 7.046 189.55 189.55
2 6577 Ray Hadford, Everett WA, Spitzer 7.099 186.45 186.45
3 7125 Mike Chrisman, Lake Forest CA, Dragmaster-Chevy 7.220 185.91 185.91
4 5050 Kelly Craig, Campbell CA, Stirling-Chevy 7.238 184.04 184.04
5 7184 Adam Yashuk, Discovery Bay CA, Stirling-Chevy 7.599 179.85 179.85
6 720 J.D. Zink, Chico CA, Uyehara-Chevy 7.662 173.81 173.81
7 7357 Brad Woodard, Oceanside CA, -Chevy 7.873 172.64 172.64

The Rodeck and Cox Top Fuel car is ready for its debut this weekend. Is Beck the shoe. doubt it! The driver will be debuted on Saturday.

Goodguys March Meet Madness Slated for March 12-14 at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield

Alamo, CA-(February 20, 2004) The fabled Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield will roar to life with the K&N Filters/Goodguys 45th March Meet, March 12, 13 & 14. The March Meet, an annual Southern California racing tradition, is the cornerstone of the Goodguys Vintage drag racing program and offers the nostalgia racing fan the best-of-the best in quarter mile competition. Spectators will witness high-speed, quarter-mile duels in Top Fuel, Junior Fuel, AA/Gas, and many other classes. This nostalgia drag racing experience also showcases an outdoor show n' shine with hundreds and hundreds of vintage vehicles through 1972, manufacturer exhibits, a used auto parts swap meet and lots of fun for the entire family.

The event's grand marshal this year will be local legendary Top Fuel race team of Warren/Coburn/Miller, known as the "Ridge Route Terrors" who captured the Top Fuel title at the March Meet in 1975, 1976 and 1977. This is the chance of a lifetime to meet and talk with these nostalgia racing legends.

The event will open at 8 am each day. Time trials will be held on Friday and Saturday and eliminations in all classes will be held on Sunday. General admission is $20 on Friday and $25 on Saturday and Sunday. Kids (7-12) are $5 and kids 6 and under are FREE. A free pit pass is included with each admission.
Spectator parking is free.

For more information on the K&N Filters/Goodguys 45th March Meet, visit the Goodguys website at www.good-guys.com or call Goodguys Rod & Custom Association at 925/838-9876. For local race information, contact Famoso Raceway at 661/399-2210.

Keith Crain, Chairman of Crain Communications, to be honored as Grand Marshal of K&N Filters/Goodguys PPG Nationals presented by Advance Auto Parts
in Columbus, OH

Alamo, CA-(February 15, 2004) Keith Crain, Chairman of Crain Communications and avid hot rodder & car collector, will be honored as the Grand Marshal of the K&N Filters/Goodguys 6th PPG Nationals presented by Advance Auto Parts, July 9-11 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, OH.

Throughout his publishing career, Keith Crain has always maintained his passion for the automobile. An avid collector, he has built up his own personal stable of vehicles, including a '32 flathead powered Ford roadster, a '34 Ford Coupe, a 400 horse '51 Ford Coupe, a '40 Ford Coupe, a blown Chrysler-powered '40 Willys Coupe, plus classics like a '40 Buick and a '41 Cadillac. Crain also uses his automotive knowledge and business background to further the automotive industry. Titles such as AutoWeek and Automotive News are staples for today's automotive enthusiasts.

Crain Communications, one of the country's leading trade, consumer and business publishing companies in the world today, began in 1916 as the publisher of four titles. Today under the leadership of Keith Crain as Chairman, Crain Communications publishes more than 30 titles and has offices in 19 cities worldwide. When Crain isn't heading up the Crain Communications empire, he can be spotted hanging out with his hot rod buddies at many of the Goodguys event around the country, such as the Hot Rod Nationals in Indianapolis, the Southeastern Nationals in Charlotte, and of course, the Goodguys PPG Nationals in Columbus, OH.

Keith Crain will be on-site during the three-day event on to sign autographs, talk to event attendees and take in the sights of the K&N Filters/Goodguys PPG Nationals, July 9-11.

March 9, 2004

I'm trying to get some info and pictures of an altered that I believe was run in Edmonton in the early 70's. The car came to BC from Saskatoon in 1996 and the person that had it told me that the car was connected to Graham Light and the name "wheeler Dealer". The car ran with a fiat body that stayed in Saskatoon on a new car, and the original frame and suspension now has a T-bucket body.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Here are two pictures on a car I am trying to find out info on. The 23-T body is the one that was put on in the 90's when it was in Saskatchewan. My original plan was to rebuild a chassis for this car and race it, but I just completed a deal to buy the red fiat altered from "Paul Villeneuve Racing" out of Edmonton. I bought it less motor and my budget for this year is minimal, so I will at least get it out to Port Alberni's "Thunder in the Valley" with a single 4bbl sbc. If the old altered chassis has any history to it, I may try to restore it to an original look.
Thanks for any help you can give me, Hagen

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