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Aug 10th. Boise's Nightfire Nationals

The Nightfires just keep on getting better. A huge field of front engined Top Fuel Cars, Fuel Altereds and Pro Mods invaded Firebird Raceway. Bill Dunlap had his TF car tuned to kill all Sunday long and defeated Lee Jennings in the final round 5.95/237to a losing 6.07/234 for Jennings. In AA/FA, Greg Daebelliehn in the "Fast n Fort" Fiat took the honors over Ron Fassl's Pepsi 23-T 5.80 - 5.82. In Pro Mod, Canadian Glen Kerunsky got the win over John Scialpi in an all 57 Chevy final round. Glen set both ends of the track record with a 6.40/22.78. Scialpi banged the blower on his run. All the Pro Mod photos and Glen Kerunsky's comments are on his site.

All of the photo highlights here and at Glen's site are courtesy Brian Losness: Nitrophoto 2003)



Top to bottom: (all courtesy Brian Losness)

1. Fuel Altered final, Daebelliehn over Fassl. 2. Top Fuel winner Bill Dunlap. 3. Greg in the Fast n Forty. 4. Ricky Ruiz had the Cheap Thrills running 6.0's. 5. Mitch King won the "B'" main in Fuel Altered and 6. Brendan Murry won the "B" Top Fuel Final over Fred Farndon (pic #9). 7. Jack Harris bowed out in the semis to winner Dunlap. 8. Jeff diehl did double duty in both TF and AA/FA. 10. Howard Haight lights up the Saturday night session. 11. Danny Rowe looks to have his ride back on track running a best of 6.57. 12. Lee Smith qualified #8 but went out in round one to winner Glen Kerunsky. More Pro Mod pics are here.


August 3, 2003

Close to 6000 spectators took in great weather and a great bunch of nostalgia cars for the 12 annual Langley Loafers Old Time Drags. The feature cars, "the Gassers" put on a great show on Sunday that was highlighted by one of the greatest semi finals you will ever see, as the "Legend" Steve Woods in the 48 'Prefect" took on Howard Anderson in his 38 'Chevy'. The cars were two of three to run in the 6's this weekend so it was a highly anticipated semi. Both cars left within 3/100's of each other, and were glued to each other all the way down the track. At the finish line, Anderson's 6.965/197 was just enough for Woods' 6.975/199 lap. In the other semi, Tim Burns (left) defeated Bill Fitting who went in as an alternate for Gary Reinero who broke in first round win. This was Burn's first final round of the year, and he knew he had to find a tenth or so, and cut a great light to have any chance. Well the final was unreal as Burns had a perfect .000 light and ran a 7.15 to defeat a 7.00 flat but very late .295 light for Anderson (right). What a race! The two car Pro Mod match race between Trevor Lowe and Glen May was Dominated by Glen, as he won all three races. Glen ran quicker every lap including a best of 6.47/221 lap with the new overdrive rules. Trevor's best was a 6.6 lap. All the other winners are posted at Horsepowerheaven.

Top. Steve Woods ran very well throughout the weekend, but lost in the semis. Above. Glen May Ran in the 6.40's and 6.50's under the new OD rules. (all photos copyright speedzonemagazine.com)

August 2, 2003

Day one is in the books at the Langley Laofers Old Time Drags, here at Mission Raceway Park. The feature class this weekend is the "Gassers", the AA/GS cars out of Oregon and California. The Gassers Assoc. is a throughback to the original Pro Mods, as they run in most cases Blown Alcohol combinations in unique body styles. Leading

the pack, is California's Steve Woods, the legend of the sport, as he went 6.93 to be the only six second car after three of four qualifying sessions. The final round of qualifying goes tomorrow morning before the eight car field is set. The next two cars in the field are Gary Reinero and Howard Anderson, both of whom went 7.0's. Tim Burns is next. He went 7.12. Next in the 7.40's is Dave Thompson. Alberta's Brent Harris is six with a 7.52. Rich Facciano, Mel Bryson, and Mike Molea are seven through nine.

Bill Fitting and Ron Nahaf are not in the field.








July 31, 2003

The Old Days of Racing Return to Mission!

There are few sports that make remembering the “old days” as easy to do as drag racing, with its rich tradition and reverence for old cars, and this weekend is the chance for fans to relive the glory days when the Langley Loafers present the 12th Annual Re/Max B.C. Oldtime Drags at Mission Raceway Park.

This is the only event at Mission this season for cars of pre-1970 design only, although for reasons of safety and reliability, they have all been brought up to current equipment standards.

Making the Re/Max B.C. Oldtime Drags even more special this year is the first appearance here of the famous AA/Supercharged Gassers Association. These ‘30’s and ‘40’s era cars such as Willys and Austin feature huge supercharged engines which, when combined with the short and tall designs of them, result in crowd pleasing displays as their drivers wrestle them to the end of the quarter mile at speeds approaching 200 mph.

About a dozen of these cool old cars will be launching down the strip at Mission this weekend, along with hundreds of other hot rods, dragsters, and muscle cars racing in several different classes.

There will be plenty to see and do off the track, too, at the Re/Max B.C. Oldtime Drags, as one of the area’s largest Show and Shines will fill the Mission pits to overflowing with customs, street rods and muscle cars all weekend long. With the sunny, hot weather forecast, there could be no better way for an old car enthusiast to spend a beautiful summer weekend.

Also making an appearance this weekend will be an old time rivalry between Glen May and Trevor Lowe in their sub 6.50 @ 210+ mph Pro Mods. Harry Pfister over at HH got a note from the Bradford clan sting they will be here at Msiion testing their newly revamp Fiat AA /FA fuel altered running a full load of the go juice. Way Cool!!!

It’ll be an action-packed two days, with something for every fan of old race cars. Gates open Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 am. Qualifying for the Gassers goes at noon, 2:00 and 4:00 pm Saturday, and their first round of eliminations begins Sunday at noon followed by all the other classes of racing.

Admission on either Saturday or Sunday is only $15.00, including pit pass. Children 12 and under are free.

Mission Raceway Park is located on Highway 11 between the Mission Bridge and the Lougheed Highway.


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