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May 20, 2003

Final results from the Good guys at Sonoma:

Nostalgia Top Fuel Semi Finals and Finals:

Semi #1: Jack Harris, Left lane, (0.489) 6.029 221.60 def. Rick McGee, (0.525) 6.101 223.65. Semi #2: Jim Murphy, Right lane, (0.552) 6.360 167.70 def. Jeff Diehl, (0.567) 16.201 58.03

Final: Jack Harris, Right lane, (0.467) 6.115 223.69 def. Jim Murphy, (0.513) 11.259 62.89

AA/GS Semis and finals:

Semi #1:Gary Reinero, Right lane, (0.508) 6.982 196.27 def. Tim Burns, (0.575) 7.148 191.29 Semi #2: Mike Leonard, Right lane, (0.552) 6.961 195.45 def. John Peterson, (0.404) 7.206 187.73

Finals: G Reinero, Left lane, (0.503) 6.971 196.16 def. M Leonard, (0.499) 6.981 194.58

A/Fuel semi finals and finals:

Semi #1: Kin Bates, Right lane, (0.491) 6.625 207.91 def. Darby Neagle, (0.610) 15.617 60.35 Semi #2: Ron Attebury, Left lane, (0.484) 6.582 198.82 def. Bill Wayne, (0.113 foul) 6.526 214.55

Finals: Round 4: R Attebury, Left lane, (0.478) 6.584 204.39 def. K Bates, (0.504) 6.586 206.67

Jr. Semi Finals and Finals

Semi #1: Scott Parks, Left lane, (0.532) 7.201 182.65 def. Mike Chrisman, (0.398 foul) 7.159 186.07 Wayne Ramay, Right lane, (0.475) 7.134 185.54 def. Brett Murphy, (0.445) 7.458 177.60

Finals: S Parks, Left lane, (0.431) 7.156 183.77 def. W Ramay, (0.443) 7.175 184.14 Low ET: Wayne Ramay 7.096 seconds Top Speed: Mike Chrisman 187.26 MPH

A/Gas Semis and Finals:

Semi #1: Joe Maggione, Right lane, (0.431) 7.648 0.048, def. Sean Renteria, (0.515) 7.584 -0.016 Semi #2: Mark Mahood, Left lane, (0.738) 8.549 0.949, def. Jim Data, Broke

Finals: Round 3: Mark Mahood, Left lane, (0.634) 8.461 0.861, def. Joe Dellamaggiore, Broke


May 18, 2003

The Good Guys drag racing series is at Sonoma this weekend. Top Fuel AA/GS, A/Fuel and Jr. Fuel highlight this weekend's action. After final qualifying Saturday no one in the Top Fuel class stood way out, but Rick McGee managed to run in the five's with a 5.96/222 mph effort. Jim Murphy, Jack Harris and Bill Dunlap are right behind in the 6.0's heading into elimination Sunday.

1 701 Rick McGee, Exeter CA, Tedford-Donovan 5.964 222.14 222.14
2 774 Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa CA, Stirling-Donovan 6.020 197.74 197.74
3 722 Jack Harris, Kaysville UT, N&P-Chrysler 6.032 217.53 217.53
4 716 Bill Dunlap, Capitola CA, Uyehara Donovan 6.044 225.71 225.71
5 724 Denver Schutz, Fresno CA, Stirling-Rodeck/E 6.121 235.27 235.27
6 7188 Brendan Murry, San Jose CA, Stirling-Arias 6.135 206.01 223.43
7 791 Kent Terry, San Miguel CA, Stirling-SB Chevy 6.153 217.00 217.00
8 776 Butch Blair, Martinez CA, Stirling-Chrysler 6.169 195.65 195.65
9 777 Lee Jennings, Chino CA, Stirling-Chevy 6.274 215.96 215.96
10 747 Mark Malde, Windsor CA, Stirling-KB 6.364 221.42 221.42
11 444 Fred Farndon, Quincy CA, Neil&Parks-Chevy 6.433 185.99 185.99
12 7380 Rick Rogers, Pismo Beach CA, Tuttle-Donovan 6.569 195.22 195.22
13 538 Mike Lockman, Fort Collins CO, N&P-Donovan 6.578 196.04 196.04
14 719 Bill Alexander, Merced CA, Sterling-Donovan 6.615 203.68 203.68
15 717 Jeff Diehl, Salinas CA, Uyehara-Donovan 6.899 119.63 119.63
16 7322 Chuck Tanko, Prescot AZ, Stirling 6.943 164.45 164.45

Here is the top 8 in AA/GS at Sonoma:

1 7268 Steve Wood, Merced CA, '53 Studebaker 6.741 200.29 200.29
2 27 Ed Moss, Ontario CA, '37 Ford 6.866 193.77 193.77
3 727 Dale Boomgaarden, Gilroy CA, '68 Plymouth 6.867 197.31 197.31
4 7673 Tim Burns, San Jose CA, '41 Willys 7.021 188.12 189.40
5 1190 Steve Woods, San Leandro CA, '48 Austin 7.031 195.14 195.14
6 7408 Gary Reinero, Merced CA, '48 Austin 7.108 175.32 190.57
7 780 Mike Leonard, Plesanton CA, '69 Chevy 7.118 194.72 194.72
8 7235 Rich Roberts, Winton CA, '34 Willys 7.120 190.59 190.59

Her is the top 8 of 13 qualifiers in A/Fuel at Sonoma:

1 7573 Kin Bates, Anderson CA, Tuttle-Chrysler 6.523 204.54 207.94
2 7777 Bill Wayne, Bullhead City AZ, JP 6.532 212.49 212.49
3 1 Sean Bellemeur, La Canada CA, Uyehara-KB/BAE 6.563 209.72 209.72
4 7782 Ron Attebury, Morgan Hill CA, Attebury-BAE 6.572 206.86 207.21
5 731 Steve San Paolo, Salinas CA, Stirling-KB 6.575 203.77 203.77
6 7043 Darby Neagle, Las Vegas NV, Sterling-Donovan 6.582 203.68 203.68
7 779 James Paul, Forest Hill CA, Uyehara-Chevy 6.657 201.52 201.52
8 728 Jim Lange, Simi Valley CA, Hi Tech 6.823 194.32 194.32

Here is the top 8 of 15 qualifiers in Jr. Fuel at Sonoma:

1 720 JD Zink, Chico CA, 7.140 183.44 183.44
2 519 Scott Parks, Burlingame KS, N&P-Chevy 7.182 184.19 184.19
3 7828 Wayne Ramay, Simi Valley CA, JP Mtrsprt-Chevy 7.201 184.42 184.42
4 125 Mike Chrisman, Lake Forest CA, Dragmaster-Ch 7.348 180.62 180.62
5 788 Brett Murphy, Hillsborough CA, Innovative-Ch 7.384 178.35 178.35
6 5050 Kelly Craig, Campbell CA, Sterling-Chevy 7.398 180.38 180.38
7 780 Stacy Paul, Foresthill CA, Uyehara-Buick 7.462 173.78 173.78
8 751N Kolman Johnson, Escondido CA, Meyer-Chevy 7.484 177.44 177.44


March 20, 2003

The Good Guys March meet wrapped up 10 days ago, and it was an event to remember. How about 256 mph for a Nostalgia Top Fueler. Jack Harris runs 5.93 in the first round and loses.

by Mark King

The American Racers Hot Rod Association's inaugural event was held Jan. 11/12 at Speedworld Motorplex in Phoenix Arizona. It was a beautiful weekend, as often happens here, mid 70s and not a cloud in the sky. Cars in the pits included Randy Walls' famed Super Nova Classic Funny Car, Steve Tryon's beautiful blue Vette Classic Funny Car, and Joe Percoco's 56 Crown Vic Classic Funny Car.

There were numerous AA Fuel Altereds in attendance including Mack McCord's Gorilla, The No Mercy Fiat of Jeff Bennett, and the ET and speed recod holders Neese and Knowles, just to name a few. There was an exhibition run by Bob Riggle in the Hemi Under Glass Wheelstander, which only lasted to the far end of the 1320, as the Hemi Under Glass fell victim to transmission problems.

Saturday's action was intermittent with three different wrecks in the left lane. Through the delays ARHRA official Don Ewald's handling of the ontrack situations was impressive, as his first and foremost concern was for the racers. The left lane was closed after the final wreck involving Jeff Bennett of the No Mercy AA/FA. All three racers walked away sore, but okay. It was later determined the three incidents were all the result of parts failure and/or human error. Racing resumed late in the afternoon with single passes in the right lane throughout the evening.

Early Sunday morning the track was scraped and prepped for the coming days activities. Once again, another beautiful sunny day as pre race festivities began. We were treated to another exhibition pass from Bob Riggle in the Hemi Underglass which went off without a hitch. Next up was Mike Boyd in Mousie Marcellus’s Winged Express AA Fuel Altered. There is just something magical about watching the famed Winged Express do one of its long smoky burnouts. Unfortunately, the reverser refused to cooperate on this exhibition pass, and Boyd motored down to the big end.

The racing was fast and furious from that point on, one pair after another. AA/FDs, AA/FAs, Classic Funny Cars, AA Gassers, Junior Fuelers, and a myriad of bracket cars. The people, the food, the atmosphere were great. Were the ARHRA car counts equal to the promotion? No, but some feel they would have done much better had they run this event the first week in February instead and allowed themselves more time to promote this event.

As early in the year as this event was run, many racers just weren’t ready. Were the fans given what they paid for? It appeared the ARHRA did their level best to give the fans the best show possible. Were the racers treated with the dignity and respect they deserve? From all indications, they were. Despite all the delays and pure old bad luck, the ARHRA managed to make this event quite enjoyable. Did the ARHRA have a successful inaugural event? To this writer they did. Hats are off to the fledgling ARHRA Organization and best wishes for a successful future.

Tony Nancy to be honored as Grand Marshal of 44th March Meet, March 7, 8 & 9 at Famoso Raceway

Alamo, CA—Legendary drag racer Tony Nancy will be honored as the Grand Marshall of the K&N Filters/Goodguys 44th March Meet, March 7, 8 & 9, 2003 at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield.

Tony Nancy attended Hollywood High in the early 50's and began his racing career after he got a taste of it at El Mirage Dry Lakes during his formative years. All of his racecars (known for their speed as well as their beauty) were extensively covered by Hot Rod Magazine starting in 1957. Revell, one of the largest model car companies in the world, produced model kits of most of his racecars, many of which are still in production today! He acquired many racing titles over the years and he won the famed March Meet with a front-engine dragster (the last to do so) in the early 1970's, before the rear-engined models took over the quarter mile. In the early 1970's he left drag racing and began focusing his attentions on his well-known upholstery business.

In addition to being one of the most competitive and winning drivers on the circuit, he also became widely known as the "one man show" of building, maintaining and driving his own cars, a trait that earned him the title of "The Loner".

Tony Nancy will be on-hand to meet fans and sign autographs throughout the K&N Filters/Goodguys 44th March Meet, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 7, 8 & 9. For more information on the 44th March Meet, please visit the website at www.good-guys.com or call Goodguys Rod & Custom Association at 925/838-9876.

January 6, 2003

by Dean Murdoch

The nostalgia craze is as strong today as it was when nostalgia wasn’t called nostalgia (it was just drag racing). The sixties and seventies were certainly the formidable years as they introduced us to legends such as Snake, Big Daddy, Cha Cha, Steve Evans, Dave McClelland, the Ace, Steve Woods, Jungle Jim and so many others.

With groups like the Good-Guys putting on huge cars shows and drag racing events, as well as the NHRA hosting events like the Hot Rod Reunion, nostalgia racing is huge.

Combining the technology of today with the cars of the past has brought the performance to the new millennium standards. Five second/250 mph front-engine dragsters and 6 second AA/GS are the norm. At some of the old time events, 20+ fed’s are trying to make the cut.

Now the Funny Cars of the seventies are making a resurgence. Cars Like Bruce Larson’s USA-1, Jungle Jim’s blue Revell Special and the Frank Jonkman’s Nightmare.

A new group has formed at is set to debut is the American Racing Hot Rod Assoc. (ARHRA). After the debacle that was the American Drag Racing Assoc. (ADRA) and all their promises, (Speedzone even had introductory future event conversations will their infamous ex-president Bill Chapman), the ARHRA appears to have the stuff together. They have not made unreal or unrealistic promises.

The first event for this new organization is January 9-12 at SpeedWorld Motorplex in Phoenix Arizona. Top Fuel, Nostalgia Funny Cars, Fuel Altereds, and everything nostalgic will compete. Check out there website @ www.arhra.com.

On the local front, the Langley Loafers have changed their date at Mission Raceway for their annual Old Time Drags. It now runs the first weekend of August instead of the usual second weekend. By changing dates, the Loafer’s race does not conflict with the Sunshine Coast event at Sechelt or the Nightfire Nationals at Boise.

Headlining this years race, are the West Coast AA/GS cars. Names like Steve Woods, Ron Nunes, Howard Anderson, Gary Reniero, and Dale Boomgaarden should be on hand for the first ever appearance in Canada for this group. Back at the old Mission Raceway, Steve Woods was one of the big names back in the seventies in his fabled Austin and his unique Cricket wagon. Bookmark August 1-2, 2003 for what could well be the biggest nostalgia event ever in western Canada.

The Loafers will also be at the Eagle Motorplex June 6-8. This is one of the biggest events of the year at the desert racetrack, and is always a well attended race. The entire city gets involved and organizes a number of things including a burnout contest and downtown cruise-in. The Canada West Doorslammers are one of the features along with exhibition Pro Mods and front engine dragsters.







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