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June 19, 2003 GoodGuys Pomona Photo Highlights

(courtesy Brian Losness Nitrophoto copyright 2003)

Top to bottom: The Sherriff Jack Harris takes out Jeff Diehl in the final. Pete Kaiser under the lights. Jim Murphy in the WW2 Top Fueler. Howard Haight had a wild launch in the Butch Blair fueler. Bob Hallock is in the Circuit Breaker TF car. Diehl launches hard. (all photos are courtesy Nitrophoto 2003: Brian Losness)






June11, 2003

(story and photos by Dean Murdoch, and are copyright speedzonemagazine.com)

What a great weekend it was at the 'Plex for the Langley Loafers event. Heading up the canyon on Saturday morning in very hot conditions, I wondered what the crowd and car count would be as temperature hovered close to 100 degrees. I did not need to worry as, both the fans (car enthusiasts) and the car owners themselves were ecstatic to have a hot weekend compared to the past few marginal Loafers events held up at the desert facility. A record 220 cars registered this year and a strong crowd both days in the stands on both sides of the track made for a very fun time had by all. The Canada West Doorslammers , one of the features is covered in the doorslammer zone. In the other exhibition class, Pro Mods, Glen

May in the newly painted Ford Ranger (above left) had the best lap as he went 6.61 on Saturday at 211 mph. Trevor Lowe in the Old Dutch 57 Chevy went 6.80 at 205 and change. And Jay Syversten (left) went in the mid seven's in the all new 55 Cameo. Sunday Glen was gone to his daughter's graduation, so Trevor and Jay matched up and they were side by side in round one to the 500 foot mark were Jay got loose and had to click it, and Trevor went through to a low seven at 190+ mph. In their final lap, Jay again got loose and Trevor blew out the burst panels and had a fuel line shear causing a small fire. Brent Harris in his 'A'Gasser Willys and Brent Murray in his 48 Fiat Topolino matched up in the other exhibition pairing. Brent Harris (left) is trying to dial in his Willy's for the big Gasser meet at the Mission Loafers Race and Brent was out for the first time this year. Murray won the two races I saw and in the one single by Harris he got real loose and straddled the center line for 1200 plus feet (right) before pulling the chute and straightening his wild ride out. It was unreal!


In the Outlaw class , 7 cars that included a dragster, two Altereds, a Bantam, two doorslammers and a Jeep Willys faced off and in the end it was Lynn Siemens in the 32 Bantam getting the win over Kevin Duchesne in a 64 Beaumont 9.74/116 mph - 9.96/134 mph. The Street Rod class had three designations, A,B,and C. These classes were reserved for 1949 and earlier cars and trucks. In the 8 car Street Rod A class,( SR "A", the quickest of the Rods), Joe Fisher defeated Loafer Member Ted McCallum 10.52 (10.48 di) to Ted's 9.92 (9.58 DI). In SR "B", 19 cars battled until it was Don Wilson in a 48 Austin up against Chris Mitchell in a 48 coupe. This race went to Wilson as he had a strong package with a .523 rt. and a 11.155 on a 11.12 dial. Mitchell had a .551 rt and a 12.44 of a 12.36 dial in. In Street Rod "C', 15 car were on the ladder and Gerry Baron driving a 38 Chevy Coupe defeated Nick Alexis driving a 29 Ford. 15.58 - 14.21. Street Classic is pre 1965 cars in in the 'A' 8 car division, Eagle regular, Andy Closky driving his 64 Chevelle defeated Bob Schroeder in his 62 Chevy II when Bob red lit away his chance as he went 10.180 on a 10.18 dial. Andy won with a .561 light and 10.93 on a 10.98 dial. In Street Classic 'B', 18 cars and truck faced off in eliminations, and Jerry Brabander, defeated Jim Bailey on a double break-out final. 11.98 (12.07 DI) to a 11.629 (11.75 DI). The 8 car Street Machine 'A' class had Peter Saruga driving his 67 Camaro defeat Terry Shuttleworth on a double breakout final. Saruga went under by only .008 (a 10.832 on a 10.84 DI) compared to Shuttleworth's .07 under (10.63 on a 10.70 dial in). Street Machine 'B' had 23 cars in eliminations and the lone woman winner Patti Hiltz driving a 67 Mustang defeated Roger Hay in a ChevyII . Roger fouled away his chance to Patti as she went 11.37 on a 10.26 dial in. Street Machine 'C' had a huge car count as 68 cars crammed the staging lane for first round of eliminations. The seven round ladder wound up with Peter Palme' defeat Glen Morrison 14.349 on a 14.30 dial in. Glenn was .04 slower at the tree and ran 13.095 on a 13.05 dial in.

The end results were smiling faces for all involved including the Langley Loafers clan and the crew at the Eagle Motorplex. The Saturday afternoon cruise was a great success and the Saturday Night Burnout contest in Downtown Cache Creek was a hoot. Marcy Copley from TCS won the Fan Appreciation trophy for her five minute burnout in the Job Rite "Racing" Auto Parts Ford Pickup. They thrashed the truck as Dave Blew out the Radiator in the first attempt, but some locals supplied Dave and Michelle with another 'rad', and Marcy put on a great show with assistance from her co-pilot Wendy Brulotte. Great job ladies! See you at the next Loafers event at Mission Raceway August 'BC Day' long weekend, when the Double 'A" Gassers invade MRP. Here is a few photos from the show n shine and burnout contest at the 'Plex:
















(Burnout photos courtesy Jan Bobrowski and Julie Crawford)

Even old Apache Chevy's took part in the Burnout contest



Front Wheel Drives got involved as did Motorcycles imports and everyday drivers, Just no Mini Vans



Here Marcy and Wendy look to be having fun.






And above, My Family; Lisa, Little Shelby, Rysha, and Lexie watching the festivities.

June 4, 2003 Langley Loafer Old Time Drags this weekend at the Eagle Motorplex.

This event has become an institution at both the Eagle Motorplex in Ashcroft and Mission Raceway Park for over a decade now. The event this weekend at Ashcroft is one of the most fun laid-back weekends you can have at a racetrack and the extra curricular activities in town on Friday and Saturday night are worth the three hour trip up the Fraser Canyon in themselves. A downtown rod run and the annual burnout contest are just a couple of the events that happen away from the track, which also coincides with "Graffiti Days" in Cache Creek. At the "Plex, Saturday is a day of time trials and show n shine as well as exhibition vehicles ripping down the quarter mile. This year Dave and Trevor Lowe in their fan favorite 57 Chevy Pro Mod take on Jay Syversten's all new 56 Chevy Cameo Pro Mod truck. As well, the Canada West Doorslammers, this weekend presented by "Up in Flames Clothing Company"are at the "Plex for their second of eight events. Brent Harris will be there with his A/GS Willys as well. Come on up to the Eagle Motorplex for a fun time and great racing.

The classes for the Loafers event this weekend are for all cars and trucks 1970 model year and earlier and includes classes such as Street Rod A, B, and C. Street Machine A, B, and C. Street Classic A, B, and C and well as Outlaw. Gate open today (Friday until 10 pm) and the open Saturday morning at 8:00 am with racing starting at 9:30am. Sunday has time trials in the morning until Noon when eliminations start.

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