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July 15, 2017

Final eliminations Sportsman classes

Jr Lightning

Jr Thunder

Top Dragster

Top Sportsman

Super Stock


Super Gas

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Sportsman Qualifying and Eliminations for race #1 Saturday

Top Dragster final qualifying.....

....... and round one ladder

Rd two elims, round three pairings

Castle, Ritchie, Ferstl, Vanderkooi, Michuad, Gareau, and Hearn all adacned to the 1/4 finals in Top Dragster.

In round three

Ferstl defeated Ritchie, Vanderkooi took out Michaud, Gareau defeated Hearn and Castle had a single.

In the semis

Gareau defeated Castle and Ferstl defeated Vanderkooi


Semi Final sheet and final round pairing

Top Sportsman


Rd two Elimination's

James Bast Graham Foster, and Gary Miserva all advanced to the semi finals of Top Sportsman.

Semi Finals

In Top Sportsman, James Bast defeated Graham Foster and Gary Miserva had a single bye run putting him up against Bast in the Top Sportsman final round.

Super Gas

Super Comp

Super Street

Thursday and Friday Preview

con't from home page

After rumours of things changing at Castrol Raceway last fall and the self-inflicted implosion of the IHRA's National events, Rob and Kimberly Reeves did the expected and switched over to the NHRA. While it does not mean Canada will see a National event (that won't happen even if pigs fly), it does mean the NHRA will see the largest spectator count for a non-national event at any race track not called Summit Motorsport park (Norwalk) . Throughout the NHRA, an NHRA event like a LODRS or Nat'l Open would be deemed an overwhelming success if 5,000 - 10,000 fans are in the stands for a weekend. Castrol will see upwards of 30,000+ fans this weekend for the Mopar Rocky Mountain Nationals presented by JB's Power Centre. The reason for the huge crowds are two-fold: 1. Other than Southern California, no other geographic area of North America has more history in the sport than the Province of Alberta.
Names like Bernie Fedderly, Dale Armstrong, Gary Beck, Gordie Bonin, Ron Hodgson, Terry Capp, NHRA's very own second in command, Graham Light, Les Davenport, Rob Flynn, Ray Peets, George Sitko, Bob Mageau, Roger Bateman, Bob Reynolds and Geoff Goodwin are just some of the names who have made a mark in Drag Racing's history.
All those guys are who's who in the sport and all got their start racing in the province of Alberta.
2. The fans in Alberta remember the past and are a part of the history, and they are the legacy that keeps Edmonton a hot bed for the sport
When The Rocky Mountain Nationals started 14 years ago the IHRA gave Castrol Raceway (Budweiser Motorsport Park at that time), an offer they could not refuse, and for over a decade that race was THE race in the IHRA eyes, even if a number of East Coast racers did not like the travel aspect. The fans kept on coming. Clay Millican and Bruce Litton were regulars and both put on fantastic shows. Local Terry Capp, a legend from back in the 70's even returned to the sport, and ran 320 mph here a dozen years ago.
But with all the changes the IHRA has undergone in the last five to seven years it was apparent that the second largest sanctioning was on life support 'big show' wise. The loss of corporate sponsors, the Evan Knoll debacle have all lead to the restructuring of the "I".
Through all the turmoil Castrol Raceway had maintained their spot as the "top event". I have said many times that the Rocky Mountain Nationals could survive without any association sanction because of the passion the fans up here have. Plus it helps to have an owner who is willing to take risks and literally do it "his way".
Now under the NHRA sanctioning, Mr. Reeves continues to run this race the way he wants to.
My guess is, the success will continue and in all likelihood will be even better. There are no less than seven feature classes this year starting with big show Nitro. While there will not be any full time NHRA big show cars competing, long time veteran Bruce Litton will make his 15th appearance, Gary Densham, will be bring his 4 second Fuel coupe (would love to see a four second Funny Car pass, but he likely is in test mode for Sonoma and Seattle so it might be 1000 foot shots). David Fedorowich a veteran of Top Fuel racing for a couple decades will bring his car to compete against Litton. Top Fuel Harley's will be out in Force. Many of the full time NHRA Top Fuel competitors will be here including National event winners Jay Turner and Mike Scott. There should be close to a dozen in attendance. At least six Nostalgia Fuel Altered's will be here as well. Cars include the Hough family 'Nanook', Ron Hope's 'Rat Trap', Randy Bradford's 'Fiat', Nick Davies and 'Havoc' (all the way from England), Tom Padilla's 'Dragon' and Mike Hilasbeck's 'Arizona Thunder' . Likely a couple Alberta big 'pump' Fuel Altered's will also attend. The Nostalgia Nitro Coupes will compete as well with five confirmed including four local cars including NHRA record holder Ryan Hodgson, Multi time IHRA and NHRA heritage winner Tim Boychuk, Heritage winner Steven Densham, Local favourites Nathan Sitko and Jay Mageau (with a new look). The complete contingent of 6.90 Funny Cars from the Rocky Mountain floppers and the IBAA will start off each professional session (one session Friday evening and two sessions Saturday evening). Also expected are a couple NHRA A/Fuel dragsters including the NHRA National speed record holder Don St Arnaud, and a couple Manitoba competitors Gord Gingles and Doug Doucette. Greg Sereda will also likely compete. One car missing this year is the Geoff Goodwin TAFC. Geoff after years competing sold his car and has retired from competitive racing. One of SpeedZone Magazine's favourite classes are the Pro Mods. The WDRL will be at Castrol with a dozen or more fast door-cars competing in an 8 car field. Canadian nitrous and overall record holder (5.796) Mike 'Gonzi' Gondziola headlines the group along with multi event winner Garrett Richards from Washington, '5' second Alberta performer Paul Glandon Twin Turbo Camaro, Rick Distefano and his new 1970 Twin Turbo Camaro are just a few of the guys set to do battle.
Of course every night will close with Jet cars and this year Rick Kopp with his Jet truck will put on a show. Wheelstanders will likely be there as well.
Of course being an NHRA National Open all the sportsman classes including Stock, Super Stock, Super Comp, Gas, Street, Top Dragster and Top Sportsman as well as the bracket classes including Super Pro, Sportsman, Pro and Bike/Sled will chase the NHRA National Open points. Jr Dragsters three different classes and Jr. Street will round out the NHRA Summit Bracket classes. The National Open series has events at three Canadian tracks including Castrol, Medicine Hat and Mission Raceway as well as a handful of North West Division Six tracks in Washington, Montana and Oregon
Looking at the feature cars alone, it is no wonder the place is packed for all three days.
SpeedZone Magazine.com will have daily coverage and photos all weekend long as well as their facebook page. We will have no less than three reporters/photographers on site to bring you all the news. No other racing web site will come close to the coverage we will offer.
We want to thank the Top Eliminator Series and Ebert's Racing for their sponsorship of our coverage throughout the weekend.


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