September 23rd

Jr cash shootout at the CMDRA event. 1000.00 in prize money up for grabs with 750.00 to the winner.

Kyler Skjonsberg was the #1 qualifier in the nine car event.

The Benda boys had to face each other in round one, A similar result to the last cash race here at Mission, the veteran O'Riley took out younger brother Bailey when Bailey broke out trying to stay ahead of his older brother.

Colton Morin was almost a tenth back of Ciel Gagnon in theor round one race, but both drivers were way quicker than their dial, and Colton was closer, handing him the win. Ciel had a great .013 light in a losing effort


Another double breakout race in the third pairing as Adam DeJonge took on Lexi Winterbottom. Lexi had a slight holeshot but she went further under her 9.11 dial (9.024). Adam went .043 under his 7.90 dial. He got the bye in round two.


Cole Dickoff got the holeshot against Kassidy Smith and got an easy win when Cassidy was way off her12.30 dial (13.532). Cole was coasting to a 8.556 on his 7.92 dial in.


Kyler had a .015 light in his round one bye run.

Round two


A really good race in the first pairing of round two when Cole took on Kyler. They slight edge went to Cole with a great .011 light to Klyer's equally great .021. They were side by side all the way down track with Cole taking the stripe. Unfortunately the stripe was two feet too much as he broke out by .021 on his 7.91 dial. Kyler went 7.917 on his 7.90 so he was off to the semi finals. and would face Adam DeJonge who had the round two bye.


Colton Morin raced O'Riley Benda and it was an epically close one at the stripe. Coltin had an awesome .007 light to O'Riley's solid .056. Down the track Coltin kept his starting line advantage and took the close stripe by less than one foot. He got the win with a .059 package . O'Riley's package was .060. It was a 1/1000th stripe for Coltin. The actual margin at the stripe was about 4 inches

Adam took the round two bye and would face Kyler in the semi finals.

Semi finals

In the semis, the two Lightning drivers, Adam and Kyler were only one thou apart at the tree. They were neck and neck right down to the finish line and both drivers were wacking the throttle as they crossed the stripe. Adam took the win, running a 7.959 on his 7.90 dial. Kyler went 8.018 on his 7.90.


Coltin had the single and went 9.14 on his 9.13 dial. It would be a lightning driver (Adam) taking on a Thunder driver (Coltin).


Final round

Just average lights for the two drivers, as niether wanted to go red. Adam had a slight edge (.018)

He had lots of catching up to do as they were separated by 1.2 seconds in their dials. Adam was hard on the gas and at the stripe, he crossed .05 ahead of the younger Coltin going 7.906 on his 7.90 dial. Adam taking the win in the $1000.00 purse event.

Huge thanks to Ty for all the hard work getting the sponsors for the race.


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