Jr Shoot-outs Jr. Shoot-outs


Jr Dragster Shoot-Outs.

JR. Thunder and JR. Lightning will both battle for cash this weekend at Smoke Fire and Thunder.

Scheduled as a Double Header, with a race Saturday and Sunday.

$250.00 to win for each class both days, $100.00 runner-up and a $50.00 Cineplex gift car for the semi finalists.

also each day a JR. is selected as the cleanest and best appearing and will win a $100.00 detail package.

A few of the competitors include April Bond and Nick Bond, Adam DeJonge, Sydney Jung, Coltin Morin, Beau Dickie, O'Reilly Benda, Emma De Bree, Willy Oliver, Abigail White, Lexi Winterbottom, Bailey Benda and Ceil Gagnon to name a few.

Saturday Jr Thunder

Nick Bond wins cleanest car on Saturday

Round one

Abigail White Got the round one bye in Jr Thunder Saturday

In the first side by side it was Ciel Gagnon taking on Coltin Morin. Coltin went .007 red giving the automatic win for Ciel.

Jackson Dew defeated April Bond in this round one pairing. Jackson had the reaction time advantage and was closer to his dial giving him a car length win at the stripe.

Emily White was later on the tree than Lexi Winterbottom but was closer to her dial. At the stripe the margin was only .008 about 12 inches or less at the finish line. You can see how close it is in the picture above.

Nick Bond won the final Thunder race in round one. He took on Josh Closky. Josh's car fell off a half second from his qualifying runs and could not make up the different on the top end giving Nick a 2 1 /2 car lengths victory.

With the rain delay late in the day on Saturday and the later start in the morning due to wet conditions the rest of Saturday's race was finished on Sunday.

Round two

The White sister's battled each other in round two Sunday. The veteran Abigail and the rookie Emily. Abigail was sharp on the tree with a .020 light. Emily took the stripe though, but she was way under her 14.35 dial giving the double break-out win to her big sister.

Ciel Gagnon had a round two bye run. had a .140 package.

Jackson Dew got a break in round two when Nick Bond could not race on Sunday. Jackson singled and then got a bye in the semi finals right to the final round.

Semi Finals

Jackson had the bye run and ran .032 under his 11.89 dial.

Abigail took on Ciel in the other semi and got the with with a great dooble '0'4 light. Ciel took the stripe but was way under her dial in.

(Stock photos, missed the semi final runs)

Final round

In the final round Abigail took the win over Jackson

Sorry no times for the final round


Saturday Jr Lightning

Round one

Beau DIckie defeated a red lighting Jenna Hadden in the Lightning round one pairing.

Cody Plewes got a .07 holeshot and was .02 closer to his dial in, for a 3/4 car stripe at the finish line.

Adam DeLonge and Emma Debree did not have great lights in their pairing, but Adam was over a tenth better on the tree. He took the stripe, easing off the loud pedal for a one car victory at the finish line.

Semi finals

Plewes got a .08 starting line advantage forcing Adam under his 8.0 dial, and COdy was off to the semi finals.

Beau got the semi final bye run and was going to the finals in race one.

Final round

The Interior's Cody Plewes and Mission's Beau Dickie in the Lightning final . Both drivers had great sub .05 lights, with Dickie a .014 advantage. At the finish line, Beau ran a 9.561 on his 9.51 dial. Cody ran a 9.087 on his 9.00 dial in. The margin of victory for Beau Dickie was .050, less than a half car length


Jr Shoot-out Jr. Shoot-out

Sunday Jr Thunder

Round one

After a quick turn around and going into the second race after one time trial, the field field for race two was one less that the Saturday race. The Bond kids could not make race two (prior commitments) but the Benda Kids showed up after a race Saturday at Pacific.

In round one the White girls had to race each other for the second day in a row. This time it was in round one. Again Abigail got a starting line advantage, but it not enough to overcome (.05). Emily took the stripe over her sister, but took too much running a 14.155 on her 14.35 dial. Abigail was .144 off her dial, which gave the rookie a chance but fender racing when her opponent had 30 mph on her is tough. She still did a good job on the weekend, and she will get lots of chances over the next couple years to beat her sister.

Colton Morin took on Bailey Benda, and Bailey got the rt advantage but could not hold off Coltin who drover around him for a .07 stripe at the 660 mark.

Lexi Winterbotton got a 1/10th finish line stripe despite a .125 disadvantage on the starting line. Josh's dragster could not run the number in round one.

Ciel Gagnon won her round one match-up against Jackson Dew when Jackson went red.

Round two

Colton took the semi final win against Abigail with a starting line advantage (.051). Abigail went under her dial by .05 crossing the finish line first, but she took too much stripe

Ciel Gagnon took the other semi final win as she got a big starting line advantage over Lexi Winterbottom.

Final round

The final round was close between Colton and Ciel. They were .029 apart on the starting line, with Colton having the slight edge. At the finish line he was also closer to his dial running a 9.168 on his 9.15 dial. Ciel was no slouch, running a 9.033 on her 9.00 dial. The finish line stripe was 4/100ths of a second.

Sunday Jr Lightning

Cody Plewes won the "cleanest car" on Sunday

Round one

Seven cars competed in race two Sunday. In round one Adam DeJonge defeated Emma DeBree with a holeshot. He was off the gas early, dumping close to 10mph.

Jenna Hadden defeated a red lighting Coby Plewes. Too bd for him as he ran a 9.059 on his 9.05 dial

Beau Dickie got the win the same way as Jenna. His opponent Caleia Slanisky went way red.

O'Riley Benda got the first round bye run based on his best rt in the time trial

Round two

Dickie and Hadden had a great race in the semi finals. They were .019 apart on reaction time with Jenna having the small advantage. She could not run her dial in though, going 8.119 on her 7.95. Dickie was closer to his 9.52 dial in, going 9.618.

A great pairing of two of the best drivers at MRP in the lightning class. Adam had a strong .028 light to O'Riley's .055. Adam has a new bullet in his car and the team is still trying to get it dialed in. He could not run the number he dialed, a 7.95 going 8.071. O'Riley went 7.987 on his 7.96 dial for a .08 stripe.

Final round

In the final round, Beau lost the chance to double up the two races going .002 red. Both drivers drove it out the back door, with Beau taking the strippe running 9.587 on his 9.55 dial in. O'Riley went 1/1000ths under his dial going 7.949 on his 7.95 dial, but the win light was already on in his lane.

Jr Shoot-outs Jr. Shoot-outs





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