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JULY 21-23, 2017

Nostalgia Nitro Funny Cars

Heritage series race #3

Saturday Elimination's



Semi finals




Final round




Friday qualifying

Seven cars were in attendance for this year's Heritage Nitro Funny Car event.

All of the seven cars have been well into the 5's and the field included six cars that have been in the 5.50's and 5.60's.

NHRA point leader Ryan Hodgson has been behind the wheel of a truly bad ass Flopper all year with the opening event win at the March Meet. Jason Rupert has set the standard in NFC racing for a decade and has run many 5.50 passes. Bobby Cottrell might be a rookie behind the wheel of a nitro flopper, but the car he is driving is owned and tuned by Bucky Austin. The previous driver won the series title last year, and that car has run in the 5.50's. Tim Boychuk has won more races at Mission than any other driver and he has won many of the biggest races in the class. Mark Sanders has been well into the 5.60's and is always near the top at Mission. Rounding out the field is one of the longest running family's in the sport. The Sitko's have been in the sport for over four decades, and the driver of the car, Nathan Sitko is just a natural born driver.


In round one, Nathan and the Sitko car blazed the tires right after the hit and he coasted down track. Beside Nathan was Tim Boychuk and he ran a soft 6.06.

Mr. Explosive was next up with a single. He was hard to halftrack then coasted the back half of his run, running a mid six.


Local favorite Tim Nemeth was up next. He would battle Bobby Cottrell in the Austin/O'Brien Camaro. Both drivers left hard and they pulled all the way down track. The header flames were very visible in Cottrell's car all the way down track. The scoreboards lit up with a booming 5.649/261.24 for Cottrell and a strong 5.87/242 for Nemeth.

Cottrell's run was only .013 off the Canadian and track NHRA record set by Nemeth five years ago. Ryan Hodgson went 5.78 to throw the final volley in the last pairing alongside Jason Rupert. Rupert was like Sitko, blazing the hides at the hit.

Session two was run well into darkness at close to 10PM.
Sitko went solo in the final session and he was off just past halftrack, he was coasted the second half and lit the scoreboards with a 6.202/148.

The car was on its quickest lap ever, going 3.79/200+ at halftrack. It would have been a mid to low 5.70 if the belt had not of exited the blower pulley. Rupert was up next alongside Mark Sanders. Both were looking for an improved run from their earlier shot. Both got what they wanted a solid baseline for elimination's Saturday. Rupert ran a 5.729/251.88, and Sanders went 5.801, he was coasting going just 227.15 at the stripe.

Up next were the two Edmonton rivals. Hodgson vs Boychuk. Both had tall header flames for the entire 1320, Boychuk improved by over a tenth running a 5.929/244

, but it really was not what they wanted, they were looking for a low 5.80 or better. Boychuk also failed to improve. His earlier 5.78 topped the 5.79 in run two. The final pairing was going to be Nemeth vs Cottrell like the first run, but the Austin/O'Brien backed car pulled from the lanes giving Nemeth a solo run. He improved from run #1 going 5.804/244.83. Tim was looking for a 70 on that run, but fell just short.

Cottrell backed out of the last run since none of the other drivers improved enough to better their earlier 5.64.

Pairings for round one Saturday evening would be: Cottrell bye run, Rupert vs Sitko, Hodgson vs Boychuk and Sanders vs Nemeth.




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