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Top Sportsman final qualifying


Top Sportsman Elimination's

In Round one, Div Six hittr Mike Ferderer defeated Benji Martin in a close battle. The Ferd took the win by a scant .005 (about a half fender).

Justin Bond defeated a 2 and a half /10ths off pace Rod Boivin.

James Bast got a single when James Rutherford's left rear slick went flat in the staging lanes.

Otto Schulte driving Kirk Lanz (and Stefan Kondolay's) old Cavalier, took the win over Lanz with a stellar 9 thou package.

Darryl Coe defeated Don Sefton by .012

Fort St John's Mike Lucas got by Greg Anderson when Anderson broke out trying tocatch the quicker leaving Lucas.

Terry Wilcox won the closest race of the round when he took out Scott Sandvigen by .003, ( less than half a wheel).

Shawn Herbst defeated Lloyd Flatum with a .019 stripe.

Eddie Plaizier upset the 2017 world champion Mike Williams. Niether had stellar lights (.05's apiece), but Plaizier took another close stripe, this one .005.

The final side by side ended up being a single when Brian Phillips broke giving a single to Lee Goranson.

And Pat McNally the #1 qualifier ran it out for a 6.69 on his 6.66 dial.

Round two



Justin Bond got the win over fellow Camaro driver James Bast. Bast was .043 back on the tree and bond was good on both ends, laying down a .013 package.

Local driver Otto Schulte could not match his .009 package from round one. He was .032 back on the tree and broke out trying to stay out in front of Lee Goranson. There was room, but Schulte took too much stripe going .005 under his 7.43 dial.

Pat McNally took out Shaen Herbst. He had .036 on the tree frocing Herbst under his 7.11 dial by .005.

The Ferd defeated Eddie Plaizier when Plaizier was dead late. Fast Eddie was right on his 7.37 dial by left .069 on the tree.

Round three

Pat McNally stayed solid on the tree with a.014 light. He ran a 6.705 on his 6.79 dial while his opponent Justin Bond was one thou further away from his 6.84 dial, but he was also .01 behind McNally on the tree. The end result as a .011 margin.

Ferderer got the win against Darryl Coe despite Coe's .006 light. His Mustang got loose and he was forced to get off the gas.

The final paring was a strange one that had a real shocking final result. Lee Goranson took on Mike Lucas. Lucas had over a tenth on the tree reaction time advantage and from there Goranson idled off the starting line. They were close in dial, .08 apart, but Lucas failed to look over in the other lane and by the time he was off the gas (about 1250 feet from the finish line) it was too late, and he broke out by .018 (he scrubbed 7 mph). The air had gotten better from he run before and the track had cooled a but as well as a few clouds were covering the sun. Mike will be kicking himself for a while on that one as he had a very good car all weekend and was driving quite well as well (up to that point).

Semi Finals

The 'Ferd' got the odd car bye in the semis and just took the green light.

#1 qualifier Pat McNally got an almost automatic win against Lee Goransen when Lee broke. He was broken in round three but got a lucky win there. You can see the quicker qualifier already off the starting line while Goransen is slowly rolling out of the gate.

It would be the #1 qualifier against one of the winningest drivers in Division Six Mike Ferderer.



The final was over at the starting line when Ferderer went .001 red. Pat McNally wins his first ever championship Wally. And he did it from the #1 qualifier spot.


Top Dragster qualifying and Elimination's

Top Dragster Elimination's

Round one

In the first pairing Jessica Juel took the stripe against Anita Strasburg. The Colorado driver had a great .005 light but was off her 6.47 dial by .063. Juel had a .025 light and was .013 off her 7.08

The second pairing saw second year TD driver Jeff Haven, a multi time Div Six Bike chamion break out against Nick Axtman.

Event runner-up David Boucher got and easy win against Kevin CHambers in his real lice new blown TD. Chambers was over 2/10ths red.

Meghan Lea defeat Mark Simmons when Simmons went .002 red

Clint Giese got an easy win when Dave Kroeker broke just after leaving the starting line.

Fransesca Giroux ran right on her 6.36 dial to defeat a late leaving Darryl Baker.

T. Prokish won a double breakout win over Andy Morris. Prokish had a great .001 light and was 2 thou under his 6.84 dial. Morris was .17 under his 7.39.

Ed Hauer upset Div Six champ Paul Nero when Nero left before the tree was activated.

John Evans got a break after his opponent Darien Provost was over a tenth off his 6.80 dial after a solid .005 light. Later when Provost entered Super Pro, they found an engine issue. (catastrophic damage).

Mark Campbell got a .046 starting line advantage over a usually on time Geordie Castle. It forced Castlel under his 6.10 dial. The good news for Castle is he set a new career best with the 6.09. Campbell was deadly on his run with a .018 light and was only .001 off his 6.98 dial.

Dan Provost went .008 on the tree and took the win afainst Dave Senio.


Dave Jackson won a huge battle in his round one match-up against Division leader Trevor Ritchie. Both had teen lights and Jackson ran his 7.08 number with a Zero. Ritchie took the stripe but was .019 under his 6.58 dial.

Tom Koenen got a feebie against Ryan Carlson. Carlson broke in qualifying. And finally, Quentin Chamber got the round one bye due to his #1 qualifying effort. he was off the gas early.




Comp Final qualifying

#1 qualifier Ralph Van Peapeghem 75 under the 7.91 A/EA index. He reset the national record on this run.


Round one Elimination's

Van Paepeghem got the #1 qualifier round one bye with only 9 cars in the field.

He ran it out to 1000 feet and coasted for the automatic win.

Lucky Snyder (#6 qualifier) in his first appearance at Mission Raceway took on the #2 Brian Hyerstay. Snyder left .006 too early and he was done and had a long trip back to COlorado, to think about .006 of a second. Ouch!

The next pairing saw Sean Cour in Ken Reich's C/SMA take on Howie Stevens. Stevens struggled in qualifying not making it past the starting line on his two attempts. In the race Cour got a big starting line advantage and launched hard.Steven's index was .8 later but he was .18 late on the starting line. Cour was off to his best run of the weekend and he lifted near the finish line and also was on the brakes to save his index. From there all hell broke loose. The car moved the the left close to the wall and he tried to keep it off the wall, but he scrapped the driver's side then impacted the turn off opening barrier head on. The car smashed the barrier and then got airborne and flew across the track into the other wall at over 100 mph. When he hit that wall he was upside down and it spun the car backward where it tumbled (rolled) a couple time breaking apart with parts and medal and fiberglass flying when it finally came to a stop the car was on fire. (Go here for a sequence of the crash,h it isn't real clear as it was taken from the starting line). When the car crossed the track into the other lane it just missed Howie's car. The safety crew got there real quick but the fire was basically out on its own. Sean was unconscious and was taken out of the car. Luckily there was a ALS ambulance at the track already and was only a couple hundred feet from where the accident happened. The word it is he suffered a number of broken ribs and a bunch of scrapes and cuts. Obviously he will be very sore for a while but will make a full recovery.

The clean-up took quite a while due to the barriers on either side of the track that needed to be replaced. When they got back to racing it was Warter vs Donaldson. Craig only managed one 3/4 track run and went 7.85 The car is capable of low 7 second runs for sure but it has been a long time since it went down the track and Donaldson has been out of the seat for a long time as well. Warter got a huge starting line advantage and stayed in front through the finish line. Donaldson lifted early when he saw he was not going to catch him. He was on a decent run though, and it likely would have been a 7.20 pass or better.

The last pairing was supposed to be Kost vs Lane but Dino was a no show. Lane just took the green light.

Round two elimination's

Round two only had one pairing and two singles due to Sean Cour's round one crash.

In that one pairing Ryan Warter took on the #1 qualifier VanPaepeghem. Ralph got the better light, and was well on his way to catching Warter, but just past half track his car was a bit loose and he could not make up the handicap. Warter stayed out in front and took the win, running 53 under.

Hyerstay launched on his single and eased off the gas at 1000 feet and took the win going 47 under.

Jeff Lane did the same as Hyerstay but he lifted even earleir and coadt past the finish line going just 18 under.

Semi Finals

Ryan was taking on Brian and this one should have been a win for the little VW powered digger. It turned out to be an easy win for the H/A driver as Hyerstay was way late at the tree and had no chanc to play catch-uo. He was .55 late on the tree. Not something you expect out of the world's #2 driver.


Lane had another single (actually this one was the three round bye). Guess what he just took the green again. Three singles to reach the finals, guess it is his day. Lane and Warter in the final.

Final round

Lane and the Warter's have battled in the division on many occasions. First it was Jim Warter, now it is Jim's son Ryan. I think Jeff has won over 40 Wallys in Division six. And the Warter family has a 46 (Jim has 34 and Ryan has 12) as well.

Both drivers left within .002 of each other, with Warter having a .6 index handicap. Lane was hot on his tail and rapidly catching up. By half track he was only a couple car lengths back. He caught Ryan by 1000 feet and eased off the gas. The hp that the Hancock and Lane car have is only matched by one or two cars in the Division. That is why he is a top ten NHRA national competitor year after year. He did cross the line .61 under the index but was 15 mph down on speed. It was pretty close, only .027 separated them at the finish line. It was Jeff's third win of the season and it has him leading Division 6 and he sits #2 in the National standings. Ryan has two runner-ups in two races so far this year.