In a great round one pairing it was almost David taking out Goliath. Yvonne Lucas who had not come close to making a full pull, ripped off one of her best runs and included a tenth advantage on the tree. Garrett had the power to overcome his disadvantage though and drove around his fellow Washington driver with a 5.90/246 to 6.10 234

The next pairing was almost the polar opposite but equally exciting. Kerry stone was quicker in qualifying running a career best 6.11 to qualify #2. Paul Glandon suffered the same fate as Lucas. He failed to make a full run in qualifying. Glandon brought in one of PLR's top tuners and finally in round one he got in a great run. He went 6.08/251 to Kerry Stone's slightly off pace 6.22/248. Unfortunately for Glandon, he was real late on the tree and Stone's starting line advantage was more than enough to get the win and advance to the semi-finals.

Jay Syvertsen struggled all weekend as well. He is running a new convertor combo this year and the starting line was not kind to the local team. He ran a very consistent Dale Pedersen who made three runs between 6.15 and 6.24. This round one pairing went to form as Pedersen won with a 6.19/229. Syvertsen was off the gas early.

In the final pairing it was #4 vs #5 with Distefano the quicker car in qualifying with a 6.22 to a 6.30 for Vogt. Both cars only made one run in qualifying as both had issues after their runs and were in re construction mode the rest of the day Saturday. In this final pairing it was obvious that Distefano could not make full repairs as he just staged his car and coasted down the track. Vogt shook and pedaled and took the win with a mid 6.

Round two (semi finals)

The Stone Pedersen looked to be the closest race and it was a pretty good match-up. Stone's were hoping for a run similar to their qualifying run where they went 6.11 but were off the gas by 1100 feet. The incrementals showed it would have been around a 6.05 or better. The two cars left together, but the big block was showing its beast mode and was pulling away at every increment. Just before the stripe Kerry's Camaro sneezed a head with a flash of flame but he had enough power to take the win with a 6.02/242 to a close 6.23/228. Unfortunately for Kerry and the Cutting Edge crew, the head was torched and they could not make the call for the final. They bypassed the scales giving the win to Pedersen on disqualification. A true showing of sportsmanship.


The other pairing was not close as Richards stormed to a 5.96/246 to a 6.78/218 win. The Vogt Corvette simply did not have the power today to compete with the big blown Ford.

Final round

The big question was, could the small block turbo car compete with the much more powerful screw blown Ford. Almost 200 cubic inches separated the two cars, but sometimes the lighter weight combo (Pedersen's car is 300 lbs lighter can prevail).

Pedersen took a shot at the tree but went red handing the automatic win to Richards. The series champion from 2017 is off to a good start. He ran another 5.9, going 5.93/246 to a bracket like 6.24/229