Smoke Fire and Thunder


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August 31, 2016

Results up to the rain Sunday are posted the story with photos later today and tomorrow

WDRL results for Pro Mod and Top Sportsman


Pro Mod qualifying

This past weekend's second to last WDRL had the makings of a real battle as a good 8 of the 12 cars in attendnance were capable of 6.0's or better. The favorites had to be Mike Gondziola, Garrett Richards and Joe Delehay as all three of those cars have run in the 5.80's. Gonzi won the Doorwarz event and Richards won The Mission rain out race and Spokane. The Edmonton ROcky Race had not been completed and will be the Labour Day weekend. There would be four qualifiers before elimination's with one on Friday night and three Saturday.

A few cars rented the track on Thursday to try and get a bit of a tune-up but the track was a bit hot and tricky and none could make representative runs. Friday afternoon before qualifying a few more test runs took place, mostly have track efforts. The track was still really hot Friday but by the time qualifying happened at 7:00pm it had cooled and tightened up a far bit allowing teams to be more aggressive. The first pair, Kerry Stone and Dale Pedersen made solid runs going 6.24/237 (Stone) and 6.36/229 Pedersen.

Garrett Richards and Jeff Doyle were next and they also made good runs. Richards got the first five. with a 5.98/242 and Doyle went 6.28/243

The next pair were new Corvettes driven by Mike GOndziola and David Kowlaski. Both had good launches and were on solid runs through 330 feet. Just past there 'Gonzi' made a move to the center line and he made a small adjustment to get it back into the center. Right at that time all his timing came back in and the car made a hard move right. Mike managed to straighten out the car just before he hit the wall, but it made a hard slap tearing up the whole right side of the body. It did not look like there was any chassis damage, but the rear slick took a hard hit as well. and he was done for the weekend. The car was on a mid 5.80 run based on the early numbers, which made it a tougher pill to swallow. Kowalski shut off at half track. This was the first weekend he added a bunch of boost to the car and he had to work on the heads after every run as they did not like the extra boost.

200 feet all is good

here the car is straight as an arrow at around 330 feet but just after this shot the car got away from Gondziola

Yvonne Lucas and Paul Glandon were next and both were off the gas early. Lucas was solid to 400 feet as you can see by the header flame, Glandon was off the gas by 150 feet.

Joe Delehay was last up and he ripped off a 6.09/233.

Saturday qualifying

Glen Kerunsky, Jay Syvertsen and Keith Korecki were all ready to hit the track Saturday making it 12 cars vying for the weekend win. Kowalski and Sotne were first up and both improved from Friday Night. Stone went 6.23/239 and Kowalski went a career best 6.39/213.98. Pedersen and Korecki were up second and Dale improved by a couple numbers and Korecki shook and was off the gas by 600 feet. Syvertsen and Lucas were next and neither made solid runs. Syvertsen went 6.54 and Yvonne was coasting early again. Glen Kerunsky and Paul Glandon were next and Kerunsky made a great run as the socreboard lit up to a 5.88. Unfortunately for Glen the Diaper dragged off the starting line causing the timers to stay off for a tenth of a second. Likely the run was right around a 5.95-6.00. Glandon was again troubled and coasted down with an 8 second pass. Delehay and Richards was next and it was a great side by side. Joe ripped off a 5.99/241 and Garrett went 6.04/241. Doyle was the last car and he doubled down from his Friday pass, going 6.281/243, only .007 different from the Friday pass.




Saturday third round qualifying

The third session was run under the lights and the track was good.

First pair saw Korecki and Doyle face off and both had strong launches. Korecki ended up off the gas by 200 feet while Doyle was on a good rip. He lit up the scoreboard with a 6.14/245. and moved into the #4 spot.

Lucas had a single when Syvertsen could not fire. She was on a great pass but at 700 feet the transmission let go and she coasted to a 6.6 pass. big flames out of the Camaro.

Stone and Richards were next and both made great runs. Richards imporved to a 5.95/243 and solidified his top spot. Stone went 6.19/240.

Dale Pedersen also improved with a 6.24/230.

Delehay and Kerunsky were next and both were side by side right down the 1320. Delehay went 5.98/240 and Kerunsky went 6.03/240.

The final pair saw Kowalski and Glandon end the session. Kowalski improved his career best to a 6.36/216. Glandon had a real good leave but again was off the gas early.

Final session

10:00pm was the time for the final session.

Paul Glandon made it to half track the the scoreboard read 7.47 but was still well over a second off. Syvertsen failed to improve on his early run as well.

Delehay and Kerunsky had a great race and it was Kerunsky getting his first legit '5'. He went 5.99/238. Delehay went 6.01.

Pedersen agian improved. He made his biggest jump going 6.191/233. Stone sat out the session.

Doyle and Richards were side by side and it was Richards taking the stripe with a 6.05/242 and Doyle improved again, this time a 6.12/246.

That wrapped up qualifying with some great side by sides and the top six making solid runs throughout the four session's


They revised the ladder for final qualifying and disallowed the 5.88 by Kerunsky



Sunday elimination's

There were a few broken cars after the final order as 'Gonzi', Stone, Kowalski and Lucas all failed to make the call for round one. They paired up the singles and had four races with six cars advancing.

Jay Syvertsen had a troubled run and so Did Dale Pedersen. They ran side by saide as their oppenents Kowalski and and Stone were broke. Dale went 6.5 and Jay coasted.

Kerunsky and Doyle were next and this was two singles as well. Doyle was a bit slow to stage and Kerunsky was on the revs for a long time. Both launch solid but Doyle shook and he went 6.30/243. Kerunsky again dragged the bottom end ballistic bag, this time for 4 tenths as his timer said 5.57/240. But since it was a single it did not matter. Even if it was not a single he got to the stripe first so the run would have counted.


Keith Korecki upset Joe Delehay as Joe was right near the center line all the way down before he had to give up the race. Korecki made his best lap, a 6.54

Richards made a great run against Paul Glandon and but his timers were a bit off as he recorded a 5.84 (should have been a 5.90 or so). A low diaper is likely the culprit or perhaps the timing beam is a bit high???.

Unfortunately the rains came just before the cars were set for round two.

Edmonton was up next for the season finale.


Top Sportsman Saturday qualifying and elimination's


Sunday qualifying Top Sportsman



Day one of time trials and qualifying for the SMS Smoke Fire and Thunder event at Mission Raceway began under hot conditions Friday. The track was a bit greasy and most of the feature class cars including Pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5 and 275 made short or tire smoking runs early on. In a real cool feature warm up run , Mike Gondziola and David Kowalski in matching 2015 Corvette blasted off. Both cars were of the throttle at 600 -660 feet. Kowalski ran a career best to half track a solid 4.10 (would be around a 6.22-25 if legged out), unfortunately Dave had a bit of engine damage in the car as he is pregressively turning up the boost the Schmidt bullet lifted the heads and he needed to do a bit of repair. "Gonzi" went 3.97 which would have been a 5.99 or so.

A few 275 cars ran mostly to get initial tune-ups and a couple were finishing off their licensing.







At 7:00pm half way through the street legal evening the feature classes took to the track after somem scraping and glue lay down. The first pairing was a couple twin turbos. Dale Pederen and his small block and Kerry Stone in his big block. Both made conservative decent runs, 6.3 for Dale and 6.2 for Kerry. The next pair saw Garrett Richards rip off a ragged edge 5.98/242 and Jeff Doyle go 6.28/243. Pretty good considering the heat on Friday and a good sign that maybe the traction was there.




The optimism waned in the second pairing when Gonzi took on Kowlaski for the second time. Both left hard and looked to be on decent runs. Kowlaski was off the gas at half track as he wanted to make sure repairs were working. 'Gonzi' was on a real tear with a .973 60ft and a 2.64 330ft. But near half track he started to move left a bit still within the groove but when he corrected the car took a real hard right and just before he smoked the wall he got the car turned parallel witht he track and he flat sided the wall. He bumped it about about 100 foot further down but got on the chutes and got the car off the track. The right side of the car from the front nose to the back of the rear quarter scraped hard doing extensive body damage down the whole side. The cars incrententals to 600 feet were on par with the 5.85 he ran at Doorwarz. A real tough break for the Saskatoon team. When the two runs (DW and this one) were overlayed they were identical to 3.20 seconds. When all the timing came back on (the timing was soft to make sure the car got a good start), the car rattled the tires causing it to make the move left. Hopefully the overall repair is not to expensive but for sure it will be well in excess of 25k.

Ouch, we really feel bad for the team with the quickest car in Canada.






Yvonne lucas and Paul Glandon were next. Glandon had an issue right off the launch, and yvonne looked to be on a good riip but she was off the gas by 400 feet.








Joe Delehay was the last guy (Glen Kerusky, Keith Korecki and Jay Syvertsen did not make a run) to make a run and he layed down a solid base line, turning on the scoreboard with a 6.09, slowing to 233 mph. He was 4.00 to the 660.















Four Summit Custom Brokers NW Outlaws made runs and Dane Lachelt went a wheels up 6.45, Dan Provost ran 6.75 and Norm Mitchell went 6.62. Alvan Behar had issues and coasted across the finish line.








Outlaw 10.5 has five cars in attendnace and all are local BC cars. Nick Duda and Brent Van VLiet went side by side with Brent going 4.47 and Nick going 4.60. Brent also testing a full 1320 earlier in the day and ran a career best 6.77/218 mph. Ken Sihota showed all the teams he will not take it easy as he went an awesome 4.12/179. Steve Nicholson ran a slowing high 4 second et. Roy Moznik did not make a run.











Last up was Outlaw 275 and they had the best conditions. The track had cooled off nicely and was tighening up. THey despite the 1500 less HP that the Pro Mods need the tightest track as their tire is half the size. The first few pair made solid runs in the 5.50 range. Chris McGraa ran a strong 5.00 and beside him Darren Desrocher rode the rear wheels hard to 90 feet and then the car came down hard. Hopefully not too much damage. The sparks did fly out.









Greg Henschell showed what big HP can do as he went a great 4.84/155. The only guy close was Steve Skokin as he ended the session with a 4.95


Hopefully the forecasted cooler Saturday will produce even better numbers. Most of the feature class qualifying goes in the evening starting around 6 or 7.