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Sportsman coverage is here

JULY 22-24, 2016

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Rocky Mountain Funny Cars

Nine cars competed this weekend in the Rocky Mountain Funny Car group. Darrell Webb, in his first time back in 7 years, was the #1 qualifier with a 6.801 on the 6.80 index. The #5 qualifier Courtney Mageau broke and it might have been smart to make the field an eight car show, but the ladder was left as a 9 car field. There would be the #1 qualifier bye run for Darrell Webb and he ran a 6.911 and advanced to round two.

Jimmy Fersch would also get a single since Mageau could not make the call. He ran a 6.900 and he was dialed in for round two.

Cody Anstead got the win against Joey Steckler with a 6.961 to a 6.798. Joey was .02 too quick but based on the RT differential even a perfect run (6.800) he would have fell .005 short of a win. Cal Tebb defeated Norm Kolwich with a 6.99.

Kolwich slowed a bunch from previous runs, and it looked like he left in third gear. The final pairing saw Scott Bourdin defeat Shane Reykdal 6.90 to a too quick 6.710. Shane was well off the gas scrubbing 15 mph off at the finish line but he was still .09 too quick.

Round two

In round two, Cal Tebb got the bye run and he went a solid 6.891/201.

Jimmy Fersch was deadly on the tune-up going 6.824/205 to defeat Webb's even better dead on 6.800/205.

Darrell was late, a tenth back in reaction time. Scott Bourdin defeated Cody Anstead 6.929/196 to a 7.020/195.

Semi Finals

Scott Bourdin got the semi final bye run and he just took the starting line stripe saving his parts for the final.

Cal Tebb took on buddy Jimmy Fersch in the only semi final pairing. Fersch and crew chief John Evanchuk must have hopped it up a bit or the air and track got better as he crossed the finish line first but ran too quick going 6.748 on the 6.80 index. Tebb was strong going .083 on the tree and went 6.907/198 to get the win. A 6.80-6.866 to have gotten the win for Fersch.



Final round

The final round would see Scott Bourdin racing for his first ever Wally while Tebb has been to a few finals over the last 10 years.

Tebb got a huge. 097 holeshot and kept out in front, extending his lead right through the finish line going 6.932 to a 7.004. He took the stripe for the Road Hammers racing team by a tenth and a half.

It was a good race for the group with the only issue I saw was not turning the race into an 8 car ladder instead of a nine car ladder due to the broken car. It would have kept four single runs out of the event and had side by sides in all rounds and in all pairings.


NWBB/FC Elimination's



The double 'B' boys run a 'chicago style' race on Sunday's and the way it works is the driver who runs the closest to their 6.70 index (above or below) in each round gets to race in the third round final. In the final they can run as quick as they want the first to the finish line earns the Wally. Saturday night is an optional deal for them and they use it to try and get close to the 6.70 number.

Round one

In round one, Greg Howland was in the first pairing and he went .021 under the 6.70 index with a 6.679 Brent Murray was in the third pairing and he went 6.645 (.055 away) . Jess Welch was very close as well going 6.724 (.024 away) .

Robert Johnseine ripped off a career best 6.463/216. While very happy with the run he was .247 away from a number to put him in the running. Kim Parker was the only other close. She went 6.863/206. Greg Howland was in the final .003 closer than Welch.

Round two

Nine of the 11 made runs in round two, and 7 of the 9 were all around the 6.70. Royce Taylor was first and he went 6.840.

Greg Howland was right there again (but you can't win both rounds or you would have no dance partner in the final).

He was the closest though, going 6.746. Kim Parker ran daughter Stephanie and she went 6.647 .053 away.

Stephanie ran her best ever, a 6.775 (.075 off). But in the end, leading the way was Brent Murray from Vancouver Island.

His 6.751 was .006 further away than Howland's but Greg earned the final round birth in round one.

Robert Johnseine slowed his car down a bit, but his 6.588 was still over a tenth too quick.

Canada VS the USA in the final as Howland would face Murray.


Final round

The final was a very good race. Greg Howland got a .037 starting line advantage and looked real strong. Murray was a bit behind. but at half track the two were almost side by side. Howland still had a slight edge.

By the 1000 foot mark Murray had inched ahead and held that through the finish line. He took the stripe by .084 seconds, around 10 feet.

The Washington/Oregon group keeps getting stronger with more quality cars competing. The future of both Nostalgia Alcohol Funny Car groups looks good.


Final qualifying


Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny CArs

After final qualifying'

1. Darrell Webb Edmonton AB 1970 Cuda 6.801/205.52
2. Cal Tebb Edmonton AB 1969 GTO 6.897 200.5
3. Coidy Anstead Edmonton AB 1969 Camaro 6.905 198.01
4. Scott Bourdin Calmar AB 1970 Acadian 6.973 198
5. Jimmy Fersch Dryton Valley AB 6.768 204.68
6. Shane Reykdal Edmonton AB 1979 Omni 6.750 204.34
7. Joey Steckler Edmonton AB 1069 Corvette 6.735 207.70
8. Norm Kolwich Edmonton AB 1053 Corvette 6.622 200.71
9. Courtney Mageau Edmonton AB 55 T-Bird 7.025/172.54

NW BB/FC In the one time trials most of the member ran Saturday evening Royce Taylor was the closest to their 6.70 soft Index. He went 6.722. Brent Murray was next with a 6.733 (he and Ralph Hubbert were the only two drivers who ran on Saturday's final session). They run a Chicago style event and Saturday is only used as a tune-up for Sunday, so most of the teams save their parts for the BIG day.


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