Smoke Fire and Thunder

August 28, 2015

Pro Mod Preview


The inaugural season for the WDRL comes to a close next weekend at Edmonton. But there is a bunch of racing do to between now and the labour day race.

This weekend at Mission Raceway, the annual SMS Komatsu/K-Rents Smoke Fire and Thunder event is being held. Part of this weekend's excitement will be a double header of sorts for the WDRL Pro Mod class. They are completing the rained out event from the National Open a month ago and then running the complete race #4 in the 5 race series. The completion of race #3 will see an eight car eliminator based on qualifying from the July event. This weekend's race 4 could see as many as 16-20 cars trying to qualify for a 16 car field. A number of teams that could not compete at the July rce will battle it out. Weather could play a role this weekend, but if the race does go off there should be great performances as cooler weather is here. The race runs throughout Saturday into the evening with qualifying for race 4 and and the eliminations will run at the same time.

The eight qualified cars from the national open are #1 qualifier Joe Delehay, #2 Shane Molinari (the BMH team will not make the race as they are on their way to the US Nationals), #3 Jay Syvertsen, #4 Jeff Doyle, #5 Dale Pedersen, #6 Keith Korecki, #7 Terry Spargo and #8 Steve Horne.

The favorite going into the completion of the race has to be Joe Delehay as he had close to a 1/10th on the field. Jay Syvertsen, always a consistent low six second performer and Jeff Doyle are the other two who could challenge in the late rounds. Dale Pedersen also has a good chance as he is strong on the starting line and his car could run in the low sixes.

Race # 4 will really be interesting. Unfortunately weather will likely play a factor again.
With close to cars expected and an equal mix of Supercharged Turbocharged and Nitrous assisted racers, it could be anyone's race.

Delehay should continue his strong performance and his biggest challenge should come from Garrett Richards. That team is hot after back to back wins in the West Coast Outlaw Pro Mod series. He is just a few points back of the point lead in that series after running high 5' s at Sonoma and low 6's at Boise. He could be in the 5's here. They race 5.90's at Mission's Doorwarz race. Glen Kerunsky is knocking on the 5 second window with his blown Corvette, and Paul Glandon is right at the 5 second barrier as well. He has run in the 5's at Las Vegas.

Rick Di Stefano is one of the big unknown's as he competes at Mission for the first time in over five years. His 70 Camaro is now turbocharged with a BAE hemi between the frame rails. He has gone in the 6 teens already and will test extensively today and Friday to fine tune his car.

The Nitrous cars will be represented by three solid cars and three that are still looking for mid 6 second numbers. Yvonne Lucas is making her second attempt at competing at Mission. Her first effort ended in internal issues and they headed home for a complete rebuild. They are back and are ready for battle. If testing goes well they should be in the 6.20's for sure and likely even the 6 teens or 0's. Keith Korecki ran 6.30's earlier this year and now is looking for 6.20's and Tom Meheden wants to better his 6.4 career bests.

Dale Pedersen Jeff Doyle and Kerry Stone cannot be counted out in the race and all three are capable for lo 6's.

We did well picking the winners at Doorwarz, running the table in Pro Mod, 10.5, 275 and Top Sportsman. picking the finalists in all four classes.
For this race here is what we are expecting:

Race #3: Joe Delehay and Jeff Doyle will battle in the final with Delehay getting the win.

Race #4.
3-1 Joe Delehay
7-2 Garrett Richards
5-1 Jay Syvertsen
7-1 Rick DiStefano
9-1 Jeff Doyle
10-1 Dale Pedersen
11-1 Kerry Stone
12-1 Yvonne Lucas
13-1 Glen May
14-1 Keith Korecki
15-1 Tom Meheden
16-1 Terry Spargo