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July 24-26, 2015

Coverage here at Speedzone for the Lucas Oil National Open at Mission Raceway is presented by Joey's Place Paint and Restoration. All all the current news and info about one of the premier custom car shops in Western Canada go to his newsletter. Also visit Joey on Facebook.

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The return of the competing Nostalgia Alcohol Funny Car associations, one based out of Canada (The Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Car Assoc) and one out of the USA (NW BB/FC assoc) were back in the spot light at Mission Raceway. The two series both have over a dozen teams competing throughout their season's. The Canadian based group usually race at events in Alberta and BC with a number of the teams heading South in the fall and the spring for events in Bakersfield. The Washington state based group competes in Washington State Idaho and Oregon and many of their group also head South in the fall and winter. Both groups are known for long smokey burnouts and side by side six second runs down the 1/4 mile. The US group compete on a soft 6.75 index (more like a target ET) Their race is determined on Sunday with two rounds of side by side racing the the team that is closest to the target ET after each round with race off in the final for all the marbles.

The Canadian based group run their event at Mission more like a traditional race with their target (or index) et set at 6.80. They qualified on Saturday and then run their elimination's based on an 8 car field with he closest et to the 6.80 getting the #1 spot. Their elimination's are based on a pro ladder.

On Saturday night the teams pair up as a USA vs Canada contest.

There were seven teams competing for team Canada and 8 for team USA (two of the US based teams did not make runs Saturday evening as they did not arrive until later in the day).

Round one Saturday:

Cory Kincaid and Brent Murray were the first pair out, and they showed the wild crazy part of Funny Car racing.

Both cars did strong burnout and pulled forward to stage their 2000 hp beasts. Both started to bring their rpm's up and Cory brought his way up and stage, while Brent was staging Cory left the starting line before the tree was activated and ripped down the 1/4 mile but got no time, It was probably a good thing he left early, as Brent left got real loose and took out the 660 foot foam blocks, they both went flying with parts of the block scattered all over both lanes. Brent moved back in his lane just like nothing happened.

Next pair: Oregon's Todd Swinford in Jeff Dykes 'Photo Op' Datsun 280-Z and Jimmy Fersch's 'Bulldogger' Cuda. Both cars had troubled runs with Jimmy shaking, feeling a vibration and lifting and Swinford getting real loose.

Don Harter and "Wild" Al Weich were left and the weirdness continued. Al was off on a long smokey burnout and when he came to a stop, the car would not go into reverse. He got out of the car just past half track and stepped over the guard rail, while Harter backed up after his burnout. Track officials shut Harter off and they moved Weich's Challenger of the racing surface. Harter then backed into the staging area to get more fuel and cool down his engine.

Shane Reykdal and Jesse Welsh were next and it was side by side Omni's set to tear up the 1320. Shane Reykdal won the battle with a great 6.85/192.00 just .05 off a perfect run. Welsh was just back with a 6.90

Cal Tebb and Greg Howland were next. Greg Ripped off a great 6.77 after doing an awesome 800 foot burnout. Cal did a long smokey one as well, but was behind at the finish line running a low 7.

Joey Steckler and Kim Parker had the best side by side of round one.

After solid burnouts, Joey ran a career best 6.63/212 mph, and Kim Parker was only .01 off the 6.75 index the NWBB/FC goes off of, lighting up the scoreboards with a 6.76/203 mph.

Don Harter came back up after his earlier attempt, and he took on Tyson Wells. Wells did a number of changes over the winter and tested a few weeks ago in his Corvette, but he had a bit of a troubled run. The car left hard and was on a good pass until 800 feet where the car nosed over and he went through the 1320 coasting with a 7.16.

Harter had an okay run but was only 7.30 through the stripe.

That ended round one.

In round two, Howland took on Kincaid and Kincaid was awesome. He was not close to the 6.80 index but he ran a career best 6.57/209. Howland went 6.80 just a half tenth of perfect. He was dialed in as he ran 6.77 in the first session.

The next pair saw Kim Parker take on Jimmy Fersch. Fersch was on a great run but lifted at 900 feet, he crossed the finish line with a 7.2. Kim Parker ran 6.80, so she too was ready for Sunday.

Todd Swinford ran Cal Tebb in round two's third pairing. Tebb took the #1 spot for the Rocky class with a 6.83/193. Swinford was off the gas early and ran a mid 7

Shane Reykdal and Don Harter were next, and Shane went 6.9, I did not get the time for Don on this run.

The final pair was Tyson Wells and Brent Murray. After the burnout Wells had a small fire just as he got to the starting line and was shut off. Murray blasted down the 1/4 mile with a great 6.66/211 mph.

A couple cars did not run in round two. Al Weich wounded the clutch or transmission in the first run and could not make the call. Joey Steckler had a great first run but he wounded the top end valve train on the run and was not able to make repairs and he was done for the weekend.

The NWBBFC teams will random pair round their chicago style elimination's on Sunday and the Rocky Mountain group will be paired up based on qualifying.

Al Weich broke without staging the car and is off the ladder. We will confirm the ladder in the next day or so. I am not sure if they are going to do a soft index or hard index.

Unfortunately the weather came in hard on Sunday morning with steady rain all morining. The call was made around 11:45 am to cancel the event. The Rocky Mountain assoc will complete this event in Edmonton later in the year. They will award the wally at that time.

The BB/FC group did not actually start their chicago elimination's (they were just doing time trials) so the race will likely be run at Woodburn later this year.





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