Mission Raceway National Open July 24-26, 2009

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July 30, 2009

IBAA and BB/FC coverage is here

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July 29, 2009

Pro Street and the CPSA

Despite the tough economic times at the present, the decade and a half running CPSA series seems to have a head of steam. There are based on the current car counts well over a dozen in the Pro Street class. This past weekend, a number of notables (Brian Lane, Garrett Richards, Don Murray, Dal Sangha, Rash Dhaliwal, Kerry Stone and Darryl Stone) were not in attendance (Dhaliwal was there, but had electrical issues that prevented him from competing). There were still 9 strong running cars in attendance.

The group was one of the lucky bunch who got in a qualifier before the rains hit Saturday evening. That along with the Sunday session, gave them two hits to position themselves for elimination's. Mark Wolfe and Frank Tamez were the two cars to keep and eye on, as both had run sub 6.50's in the past, but would the HOT weather keep them from the hallowed numbers. Round one of qualifying, saw Wolfe lay down a great 6.503@220 mph. Tamez was not far back with a 6.58@ 215 mph. Dale Pederson finally is close to sorting out his cool Regal, as he dipped well into the 6's with a 6.83. Ken Sihota the winner from race one back in June, ran a conservative 6.80. Roy Moznik was the last of the 6 second performers, he blasted off a respectable 6.84/202. Dave Magee was out for the first time this year and he was real soft but would improve throughout the weekend, and he sat #6 with a 7.38. Barry Daniluk from Red Deer, should have been in the mid to high 6's with his mountain motored Camaro, but his is either real quick or he struggles off the line. In qualifying, he struggled to the tune of a 7.51. Jay Syvertsen with Spike Gorr calling the tuning shots, also struggled in qualifying, but in elims, he would lay down a shot or two. Yvonne Lucas in her gorgeous McAmis Camaro, also had issues in qualifying, and had to settle for the #9 spot in the field.

In round one, Lucas was the beneficiary of a single due to Frank Tamez having valve train issues and he opted out of elimination's. She got her car to hook up and ran a 7.00/197 (a career best, but she is still looking for the 6's). Mark Wolfe got the odd car #1 bye run, but he let er rip to the tune of another 6.5 et.

Ken Sihota took on Jay Syvertsen, and the big guy got his ducks in a row with a great 6.60 blast to trailer Sihota who ran a 6.70. Dale Pederson ran his fastest run ever a whopping 213 mph blast, but he was on the loosing end in his race against Barry Daniluk, who picked a great time to run a career best, 6.66@ 206. Pederson was just a tick back with another 6.8, this time a 6.84.

Dave Magee got a single when Roy Moznik had engine woes.

In Round two, another single for Lucas (the Pro 9 car ladder gives her or the #2 qualifier, which ever wins round one), and she went another low seven to advance to the semi final.

Jay Syvertsen could not repeat his earlier 6.60 as he was very loose. Barry Daniluk was on his game again with another 6.60 et.

Mark Wolfe was really the odds on fav, as he went his slowest run of the day, a 6.61 but it more than covered the 7.0 by Magee.

Semi Finals........They were anticlimactic, as Yvonne Lucas shut off on her burnout, after hearing an odd sound (turns out she was spot on, as she did kick a rod out). Wolfe not wanting to go easy, ripped off his fourth 6.50 at over 219 mph. Barry Daniluk had the bye run and he went to the line and just staged the car.

That set up a pretty good final round, as the cars were only a tenth apart. It was real close. Both drivers were solid on the line (less than .005 apart), Daniluk had a big edge to half track, but you could see the Turbo Thunderbird start to reel him in.

By 1000 feet, Wolfe had caught the big inch Camaro, and took the win with a 6.57 to Daniluk's 6.68. A real good showing, with this season proving (four different finalists in the first two races) it will not just be one or two cars who battle. There are counting the no shows, eight or nine capable of advancing the the winners circle. Hopefully a number of others make their final event of the year, in four weeks time.


Outlaw 10.5 ..............Not a big field, but the three cars (Troy Pike would have been the fourth but he discovered engine issues Friday), were good ones. Kurtis Tamez was the one everyone was looking at as he had a new 673 Sonny's bullet between the Cobalt's frame rails. Would we see the first 6 in the CPSA outlaw class. It did not take long to find out, as he went 6.96@198 to qualify #1.

Dale Moznik's El Camino has the potential based on the 195 mph speed he routinely runs, but getting the power off the starting line is his issue. Steve Nicholson can be counted on to run in the mid 7's on every pass. Kurtis got the bye run and Dale defeated Steve to set up the final round. It was all Tamez as he went 7.02 to defeat the 7.55 by Moznik.



July 27, 2009

A jammed packed Sunday that started at 9:00am and ended at 8:00pm, was highlighted by Tim Boychuk upsetting the red hot Garrett Bateman in Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car.

We begin the coverage with Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car.

Qualifying..................Due to the crappy storm that blew through the Mission area Saturday evening, the decision was made to have a single qualifier Sunday at high noon, and then start eliminations between 2 and 3:00 pm.

That one qualifier was a great one, as all 8 cars in attendance had no issues what so ever with full pulls through the 1/4 mile. Tim Boychuk was up first and he made no mistake he was ready to play in his first ever Nitro Funny Car race. This lone qualifier was also his final licensing pass, so it was a single for the Hogeson/Boychuk Trans Am. The new car was on its fifth ever run, and Tim laid down a superb 5.92@ 246 that gave no doubt it was good enough to complete his license requirements. He even had to pedal the car 300 feet into the run.

The second pair was Andy Beauchemin "The Duo Nitro Driver" in Tim Stevenson's Mustang and Twig (of Pizza Haven fame) Zeigler in his retro Satellite. This one was a plain ole side by side battle, that ended with a 6.23 wheels up launch for Beauchemin and a 6.21 for Zeigler. The 6.23 got their first as Andy had a slight holeshot.

The next pair saw Mark "Mr. Explosive" Sanders in his "Jake the Snake" tuned Nova take on the 'Pirate', Todd Lesenko in the Jolly Rogers 73 Camaro. These two pit together and are great buddies, but they both want to kick each others butts on the track. Sanders laid down the second '5' of qualifying with a great 5.96@238 and Lesenko took top speed of the pairing with a 241 mph shot initiated by a 6.04. Advantage the dynamite guy.

The next pairing saw The "Hitter" Bucky Austin driving the Austin/Plueger take on nitro rookie Tim Nemeth in his new 'Stang. This was Nemeth's second run only in the Nitro Coupe but he is no rookie behind the wheel. Not much is needed to be said about the "Hitter" more NW wins in Funny Car than anyone. His Nitro partnership with Plueger has netted dividends right from the start. Austin laid down a soft on the top end but low end blast that netted a 5.857/233.

Last up was team mate Garrett Bateman the hottest driver in Nostalgia Funny Car. A rookie in a flopper this year, he has dominated with multiple wins already. His lap was a qualifying best 5.856 at a soft top end speed of 233 as well.

Final qualifying order:

Garrett Bateman Tacoma Wash 71 Mustang 5.856 233.03
Bucky Austin Fife Wash 79 Arrow 5.857 233.40
Tim Boychuk Edmonton Ab 78 Firebird 5.924 246.64
Mark Sanders Maple Valley Wash 70 Nova 5.961 238.15
Todd Lesenko St. Albert Ab 73 Camaro 6.048 241.15
Twig Zeigler Ferndale Wash 73 Satellite 6.211 232.19
Andy Beauchemin Sherwood Park Ab 71 Mustang 6.230 231.24
Tim Nemeth Chilliwack BC 69 Mustang 6.276 230.53

The Tachman car owned by Tim Stevenson suffered push rod issues in the qualify session, could not make repairs in time for round one so Bucky got the bye in round one and he laid down the run of the weekend a very quick 5.81/236 in the heat of the day (3:00pm).

Sanders took on Lesenko in round one and this one went to Sanders, as he went 6.0 to Lesenko's engine damaging high 6. Tim Nemeth had the task of taking on Garrett Bateman, and unfortunately for Tim his clutch linkage gave him issues not allowing him to put the car in reverse.

Once the car got pushed back to the starting line, it had issues going forward as well, so Nemeth was forced to shut the car off. To make matters worse, his opponent smoked the tires right at the hit and he had to lift. An opportunity to take out the toughest guy in the class this year went down the tubes. Too bad for the local team Bateman would advance, but not get lane choice.

Tim Boychuk had Zeigler in round one and this one was all Boychuk, as he went 6.0 to a 6.3 by Zeigler.



In the semi finals, I was at the end of the track taking chute shots, but it was a great vantage point to see these car haul the mail to the finish turn off 4500 feet down track.

The first pair was Bateman and Sanders. It was real close for the first 600 feet but the Plueger tune up paid dividends and Bateman raced to a 5.88 victory. Sanders went an engine damaging 6.0 in the loss. In one of the best battles ever witnessed at Mission Raceway,

Tim Boychuk got a holeshot win over Bucky Austin with a margin of victory of less than .004. Boychuk had a .12 light to Austin's .16 light. From there, Austin slowly started to real in the Edmonton driver but needed another 25 feet of race track. The end numbers were 5.90 for Boychuk and 5.86 for Austin.

That set up a final round for two Nitro Funny Car rookies. One with as weekend's worth of runs and the other with five races worth of experience. This one was a great race and the two were within .022 at the tree and at half track they were less than 1/2 a car length apart.

From there it was all Boychuk, as the Roland Leong top end horsepower (and 70 more cubic inchs) extended Boychuk's lead to the finish line culminating with a 5.839@ 247.52 mph. Bateman was right there if Boychuk faltered, as he went 5.88@230 mph. Only his second loss all year long. He has been to the final round at every event he has competed at and now has a record of 3-2 in finals. His round won/loss record is an amazing 14-2. Boychuk is now 3-0. His next race is likely the Boise Night Fires, as he will be in Martin Michigan next weekend for the IHRA National event competing in Top Fuel.

The next event for these nitro coupes is next weekend at Spokane for the revamped Nitro Fest Nationals.

The rest of the "Open" story this evening.


Saturday qualifying

What a lousy day it would up to be as only sportsman qualifying and one round of Pro Street and Nitro Harley got completed. Just before Mission's 'Night of Fire' was set to begin a huge Lighning, Wind and rain storn blew through the Fraser Valley lasting long enough to end any chance of runny under the lights. A major bummer as the evening could have been a record breaker for the Nitro Funny Cars.

Friday test n tune

Dawson Creek's Dale Pederson going a career best 6.85/205

The number of Funny Cars on the MRP grounds grew every hour Friday, and by 6:00 pm there were 7 nitro floppers, 9 IBAA teams and 4 of the new NWBB/FC team's present. For as good as the funny car show will be, I expect the Pro Street deal to be one best ever.

Roy Moznik and Ken Sihota

Mark Wolfe wounded his rear end on the launch on this run.

The record bump spot for the Pro Street class is a 7.30 or so, but with Dale Peterson, Roy Moznik, Frank Tamez, Mark Wolf, Barry Daniluk, Rash Dhaliwal, race one winner Ken Sihota, Yvonne Lucas, Dave Magee and Trevor Willms in attendance is should be a tough field to qualify for. Too bad the other NW drivers are not able to make it, because if Garrett Richards, Dal Sangha, Brian Lane, Don Murray, Kerry Stone and Darryll Stone were all here it would be a field for the ages. Maybe the race the end of August will be the record breaker.

The quickest Nitro pass of the day went to Mark `Mr. Explosive`Sanders in his cool Nova. He ripped off a solid 5.95 at 241. The dynamite guy put notice to everyone he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Tim Boychuk is finishing off his cross over licensing in a new totally buff Trans Am. Troy Lee (Troy Lee designs) of Extreme sport fame designed the very gnarly paint scheme, and Joey's Place in Edmonton applied the ink. He is partnered with Ron Hogeson of Bubble Up fame. The Bubble Up car is currently in hiatus with the status for the future undetermined.

Todd Lesenko went 700 feet and clicked it early. He went 5.9 at Seattle last weekend, for his first '5. Andy Beauchemin in Tim Stevenson's Tachman went 700 feet as well. Tiki Man Ron Huegli in the NW BB Monza went 6.86@199. Nitro Harley's and of course the full gamut of NHRA Sportsman racers will fill the lanes all day Saturday. NHRA runs the event through 5:00pm, but after that it is all Mission staff and the feature cars letting it rip down the 1/4 mile until dark. If the track is tight and the weather cools enough Saturday evening look for record breaking numbers. Could we see 5.70's or better, don't bet against it, but the wild card is that the nitro funny cars are racing three of the next four weeks, so parts attrition will play into how hard they run.



What a weekend in store for the fans in the NW as the Canadian National Open at Mission Raceway Park is upon us this weekend. If you like Funny Cars and fast Doorcars this race is for you. Close to 30 (maybe as many as 32) FUNNY CARS will entertain the fans Saturday and Sunday.

Three different groups of Floppers including the big bad NITRO coupe from the early years. 10 of the fire belcthing beast win try for the 8 car field and one thought is on all the competitors mids except two (the two in question) .... Can I knock on the Plueger/Austin two car team. That team has not lost yet this year and have run low et at every event. This could be the weekend where we see a 5.60. The always entertaining IBAA makes its return to Mission with a bunch of new cars and drivers. And the new drivers want to put on a show. I saw this group three weeks ago at Edmonton and three of the cars were doing full 1/4 mile burnouts. Awesome!!!!!. Plus they will index their cars quicker than they have ever gone. The newest assoc. to hit the NW is the NW BB/FC group. They run very similar body styles to their nitro cousins, the big difference is they run on methanol. They are a second slower but they do something that has not been seen at a race track since the 70's....... want a hint............after the burnout they make a bit of noise before their run. Wait till you see it, very cool!!!!

The CPSA will be back and this could be their biggest field ever. Pro Street will be a battle. Nitrous, big inch (I mean monster inch), Blowers and Turbo's with a pile of different body styles. This could be the race where we see an all 6 second bump spot, with maybe a couple in the 6's not making the field.

Nitro Harleys cap on the show/exhibition classes and the field will be tough.

Will be back to you Friday with some testing previews.

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