In Memory of Keith Vahle

Keith was tragically killed in a car accident May 30th on the Coquihalla HWY 8 km South of Merritt.

A celebration of life will be held at the track on Saturday the 18 of June at 6.30. There will be memorial decals available at the memorial.

Keith on the far right shown with his buddys at ther track including Mike Stewart, Kevin McNicol. Mandi Brookes, Mike Hawkins and Doug Ludwig.

I didn't know Keith at all until I took this shot. I was just ready to pack up my camera gear when I saw his car pulling into the staging lanes. At that time he was pulling the wheels up pretty high on every pass, and this particular run, the air was pretty cool. Something told me to just hold off and take one more shot - I just had a feeling it was going to be good. Well, it was. This was the first and last time I ever caught a car with all four off the ground. Keith was riding the bumper hard (both Robert Hunter and I captured the moment - Robert from the side and me from the front). It certainly made for a great photo opportunity but I know it hurt the car and forced Keith to put his racing on hold while he made the necessary repairs.

That is when I met Keith. I had to show him the shot and he was over the moon that I captured it. Of course he wanted several copies of it and I had it made up into a poster for him. His enthusiasm was nothing short of contagious. I never got to know him well, but my sense was that he loved the sport and was very popular with everyone at the track. This past weekend I noticed that several cars had his name on their windshields in memory of him. That says a lot.. RIP Keith.

Bill Jeffery,
Speedzone Magazine

Here is another video in tribute to Keith. This one was put together by Ken Noakes



Keith was first and foremost a racer. He loved the track and everything about being at a race track. He was very passionate about the street legal racing and was one of the first guys involved in the Open Comp class. We had many debates regarding different racing issues but primarily the pOpen Comp class. He always made sure I knew the rules and they were enforced properly. His S-10 Blazer was legendary for its huge wheelstands. It was a consistent 9 second perofrmer and he was at almost every Friday Night Street Legal event. He also competed in the Pro Bracket cass and won events in various classes at Mission and the Eagle Motorplex.

Here is a cool vid put together by Robert Fedyk.







































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