February 6-7

SouthWestern Nitro Jam

Tucson Az.

Final qualifying and elims


Pro classes

1. Mike McIntire (Mentor, Ohio) Camaro 5.680 sec./256.38 mph.
2. Tim Boychuk (Scottsdale, Ariz.) Firebird 5.863 sec./231.12 mph.
3. Jason Rupert (Yorba Linda, Calif.) Camaro 5.879 sec./246.17 mph.
4. Kris Krabill (Kent, Wash.) Firebird 6.126 sec./237.17 mph.
5. Roger Garten (Fallbrook, Calif.) Mustang 6.170 sec./229.90 mph.
6. Mark Sanders (Maple Valley, Wash.) Nova 6.213 sec./180.89 mph.
7. Bob Godfrey (Moreno Valley, Calif.) Barracuda 6.240 sec./228.31 mph.
8. Will Martin (Chino, Calif.) Omni 6.344 sec./190.78 mph.
9. Dennis Swearingen (Carson, Calif.) Omni 6.465 sec./231.87 mph.
10. Mike Halstead (Fontana, Calif.) Barracuda 6.946 sec./156.61 mph

In round one MacIntire defeated Will Martin, Tim Boychuk took out Bob Godfry, Jason Rupert defeated Mark Sanders in the only side by side 5 second pairing and Kris Krabill took out Roger Garten.

In round two (semi finals) MacIntire backs up his earlier 5.68 with a 5.708 win over Kris Krabill. Krabill ran his best run of the weekend, a 5.93 and had a huge holeshot but still fell a 1/10th back at the stripe. Jason Rupert defeated Tim Boychuk in theother semi., Boychuk had troubles and Rupert was off pace but he advances.

In the final round both cars were off the gas by 60 feet but Rupert was .033 red giving MacIntire the first win of the season .

6. Tracy Kile (Asheville, N.C.) 6.530 sec./211.33 mph.
1. Jay Turner (Julian, N.C.) 6.578 sec./201.15 mph.
2. Ron Gledhill (Cochise, Ariz.) 6.598 sec./202.48 mph.
3. Lyle Newton (Naniamo, B.C., Canada) 6.763 sec./188.94 mph.
4. Brian Jernigan (Cypress, Texas) 6.854 sec./186.41 mph.
5. Mark Conner (Robertsville, Mo.) 6.9995/ sec./187.03 mph.
7. Rickey House (Humble, Tex.) 10.397 sec./88.32 mph.
8. Randal Andras (Amelia, La.) 13.483 sec./57.71 mph.

The #8 qualifier made it to the final round and fell just short of defeated #2 Jay Turner. It was a 6.36 - 6.40 win by Turner.

1. Cary Goforth (Holdenville, Okla.) Camaro 6.385 sec./218.48 mph.
2. J.R. Carr (Pasco, Wash.) Camaro 6.387 sec./218.09 mph.
3. Kevin Bealko (Bridgeport, W.V.) Chevrolet 6.400 sec./210.15 mph.
4. Brad Waddle (Salina, Kans.) Mustang 6.406 sec./216.31 mph.
5. Scott Hintz (Odessa, Tex.) Mustang 6.409 sec./219.05 mph.
6. John Montecalvo (Center Moriches, N.Y.) Camaro 6.427 sec./218.37 mph.
7. John Deflorian Jr. (Arnold, Mo.) Camaro 6.434 sec./217.14 mph.
8. John Konigshofer (Otterville, Ontario, Canada) Ford 6.459 sec./216.27 mph.
9. Dean Goforth (Holdenville, Okla.) Camaro 14.641 sec./52.50 mph

Cary Goforth got the first Pro Stock win of the season as he defeated #7 qualifier John DeFlorian Jr in the final round. His 6.345 was low et for the weekend. DeFlorian ran a solid 6.40 to earn runner-up points.

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