The 25th anniversary event at the Eagle Motorplex

Photo highlights

Troy Clayton's FED it very cool. Old style canards smoke in the drivers face, awesome!

The future of all racing.

Only at the 'Plex would you see this! I love it.

This is a kick ass Chevelle. Mark Thompson

Absolutely awesome!

Two regulars and long time supporters, Ray Bollinger and Chris Stone

Gary Christopher on one of the real bad azz rides. 6 seconds @ 200mph

Floppers and the 'Plex

Old and new style diggers

NW Outlaw final round. New style had it won, but went too fast

Sleds still come ut to the 'Plex

A Top Fuel car at the Plex, who da thunk it?

The Wagner family and their cool PT Cruiser is a regular at the 'Plex

Jim Fersch's and his awesome Cuda did not have the results he was hoping for.

Jim Obalek and Twig Zeigler, it was cool!