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2013 Loafers Old Time Drags at the Eagle Motorplex final round results




Sorry no photo of the Street machime B final round





September 24, 2012


Final weekend at the Plex.

2012 Eagle Motorplex Track Champions


1st. Darryl Toews

2nd. Brian Barby

3rd Al Quigley

No Box

1st. Andy Closky

2nd. Stephen Closky

3rd. Tom Cook

4th Marty Parsons


1st. Michael Toews

2nd. Bailie Lowe

3rd Bradee Lowe

Top Eliminator

1st. Dallas Wagner

High School (sorry no photos)

1st. Dusty Copeland

2nd. Ryan Ross

Track Awards

Bracket racer of the Year- Brian Barby
Most Improved Driver of the Year- Tom Cook
Rookie of theYear- Carrie Ware
Hard Luck of the Year- Al Mackay-Smith
Managers Choice- Rick and Sherilyn Given
Crew Chief of the Year- Darrel Toews


Saturday results

Box final

L Tom Cook 1X44 11.08 -.034 11.174 120.78 (red light)
R Nathan Wieler 891 13.16 .112 13.247 106.10

No Box final

L Andy Closkey GX46 10.23 .024 10.234 130.85
R Brian Barby 6X6C 8.15 .012 8.128 157.31

Jr final

Michael Toews 994 7.90 -.142 7.900 83.370

Top Eliminator final

L Rick Limb 630R 7.87 .039 7.916 173.24
R Tyson Wells T673 8.58 .017 8.627 156.22

High School final

Bruce Vander Meer 451M 0.00 -.097 12.478 103.95



ET Summit finals at Castrol

Eagle had a solid weekend at Castrol finishing third in the standings and taking home on e on the big wins on Saturday. Brian Barby won Box (Top eliminator class), and is headed to the Summit Super Series finals at Memphis. On Sunday Al Quigley was in the Box final but went red.

Full results are below.


2012 Summit Series finals Castrol Raceway

Castrol Raceway hosted the Division 6 Border Bandits Summit Team Finals presented by AMSOIL and Moser Engineering over the weekend welcoming eight teams to the Alberta facility. Castrol Raceway Team 2 won the overall team standings, while Brian Barby (Top) from Eagle Motorplex, Steven Breitkreuz (Mod) from Northern Lights Raceway and Kaden Bergos (Junior) from Hi Line Dragway all qualified for the Summit SuperSeries World Championship race in Memphis later this year. Below are the complete results from that event.


1. Castrol Raceway 2 - 31 points
2. Castrol Raceway 1 - 27 points
3. Eagle Motorplex - 17 points
4. Hi Line Dragway - 13 points
5. Gimli Motorsports Park - 9 points
6. Alaska Raceway Park - 7 points
7. Thunder Mountain - 6 points
8. Northern Lights - 6 points


SUMMIT SUPERSERIES RUNOFF TOP ET - Brian Barby (Eagle Motorplex) 7.709, 159.80 def. Barry Kozicki (Castrol Raceway) 9.883, 135.62

SUMMIT SUPERSERIES RUNOFF MOD ET - Steven Breitkreuz (Northern Lights) 10.291, 127.10 def. Kalim Menzel (Castrol Raceway) 10.549, 125.15

SUMMIT SUPERSERIES RUNOFF JUNIOR - Kaden Bergos (Hi Line) 8.944, 73.14 def. Taylor Makarowski (Castrol Raceway) 7.891, 79.15


Main Event Top (Box) ET - Darren Ursel (Castrol Raceway) 9.440, 142.36 def. Al Quigley (Eagle Motorplex) FOUL

Main Event Mod (No Box) ET - Gary Mathwich (Hi Line) 10.690, 124.82 def. Randy Koop (Hi Line) FOUL

Main Event Junior - Chevy Reeves (Castrol Raceway) 8.061, 79.72 def. Reed Thomas (Castrol Raceway) 9.468, 68.47

Friday Gamblers Top ET - James Pahl (Castrol Raceay) 10.230, 130.87 def. Andy Preston (Eagle Motorplex) FOUL

Friday Gamblers Mod ET - Andy Closkey (Eagle Motorplex) 10.280, 122.29 def. Kevin Klaus (Calgary) 11.370, 116.08

Friday Gamblers Junior - Michael Toews (Eagle Motorplex) 8.100, 80.53 def. Mackenna Ochitwa (Castrol Raceway) 13.002, 48.11

Team Captains Race - Greg Blaine (Eagle Motorplex) 17.239, 81.18 def. Keith Peterson (Northern Lights) 15.235, 83.51

Sunday Gamblers Top ET - Courtney Mageau (Castrol Raceway) 7.868, 170.77 def. James Pahl (Castrol Raceway) 10.329, 129.92

Sunday Gamblers Mod ET - Chris Melnyk (Castrol Raceway) 10.582, 126.63 def. Allan Kestner (Calgary) 12.617, 108.70

Sunday Gamblers Junior - Shawn Hagen (Northern Lights) 8.057, 73.87 def. Jenna Michaud (Castrol Raceway) 9.050, 72.50

Sunday Run For the Money High Rollers - Rick Spargo (Castrol Raceway) FOUL

Sunday Run For the Money Top ET - Barry Kozicki (Castrol Raceway) 9.873, 135.21

Sunday Run For the Money Mod ET - Chris Melnyk (Castrol Raceway) 10.596, 126.13

Sunday Run For the Money Juniors - Chevy Reeves (Castrol Raceway) 8.035, 81.24


Best Appearing Open Bodied Car - Mike Lucas (Northern Lights Raceway)

Best Engineered Open Bodied Car - Rick Spargo (Castrol Raceway)

Best Appearing Full Bodied Car - Mike Mihalka (Alaska Raceway Park)

Best Engineered Full Bodied Car - Warner Wagner (Eagle Motorplex)

Best Appearing Junior - Kaden Bergos (Hi Line Dragstrip)

Best Engineered Junior - Ethan Ochitwa (Castrol Raceway)

Best Team Spirit - Eagle Motorplex

Best Appearing Sponsor Banner - Eagle Motorplex

Best Appearing Team - Thunder Mountain Raceway

The 25th anniversary event at the Eagle Motorplex

A photo highlight gallery is here

Yes, 25 years ago the Eagle Motoplex opened their staging lanes to much fanfare and optimism province wide, as it was the first major race track to host events since the closing of the old Mission Raceway in 1978.

Rae Caswell was the first driver to go down the track back in 1987 and he was the first this weekend Saturday morning.

The facilty has seen almost ever type of race car go down the track and was BC's first 5 second track back in 1993 when Ted Gord ripped off a 5.97.


We start our coverage with the Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Cars

It was a wild weekend for the RMNFC racers at Ashcroft. The elevation here at Ashcroft is basically the same as Edmonton but the grains of water are so much better that many teams running the tune-up based on elevation were way to quick on Saturday's first run. Most of the cars ran 6.90, a tenth quicker than the 6.99-7.00 they were looking for.

The first pair out Saturday were Ron Sekura and Cory Kincaid. Ron was doing double duty, racing the Camaro and the Chevy II as brother Corey could not make this race. Ron (Camaro) ripped off a 6.905 with the chutes out @ 194 and cdory Kincaid got in a real good first lap, a 7.084/191 to take the early lead in the closest to 6.99 'Chicago' shoot-out event.

One of the new guys, Jim Fersch in his new Big West Dodge backed '71 Cuda ran a 7.13 just over a a tenth off the number. Norm Kolwich shook real hard and was forced to lift early.

Cal Tebb was up against rookie Shane Reykdal. Both cars were way too quick, with Shane blasting off a 6.90/199. and Cal going 6.93/204. Joey Steckler was up next against Ron in the Chevy II. Joey made his best lap of the year with a oh so clase 6.890/196. Ron went 7.105/192 That put him #2 on the list.

The final car was Hank Weultjes and his very nice 41 Willys. Hank has had an exciting (in the bad way) couple weeks, as he was real close to disaster at a match race.

It was on an airport track in Alberta and his car got in its own oil and spun around. While it turned sideways the car clipped a cone that was weighted down with a metal plate. The cone tore up the nose of the Willys and the plate went through the driver's door and actually into the drivers compartment. Hank got bruised up real bad, but was not seriously hurt. He made the fiberglass repairs to the car fixed the oil issue and made it to Ashcroft. He just installed a new Veney hemi this year and was looking for his first 7.0 or 6.9 time slip. On his first check out run he went 7.69 at a slowing 130.

After run one, Cory Kincaid was the leading guy to go to the final and Ron Sekura was next closest with one more run to make.

Run two. Saturday late afternoon....Jim Fersch ran a single and he failed to improve, running a 7.15 this time around.

Joey and Cal were next. Joey broke on the burnout (input shaft) and Cal slowed a bit but still went too quick running a 6.965/188. Cory Kincaid and Norm Kolwich were next up.

Norm got loose again and had to lift, and Cory broke his tranny on his 1300 foot long burnout. Hank raced Ron and is was a close race. Ron went 7.14 but slowed on the top end or he would have been real close.


The final driver out was Shane Reykdal. He saved the best for last getting the #1 spot with a great 7.05/196, but he made the top end a bit exciting as he did a four wheel drift in the second to last turnoff. "

I did not think I would make the final turn off as I had slowed so much but when I started to make the turn at the turnoff the steering wheel slipped out of my hands and the car went into the brambles and soft dirt. No damage was done other than a bit of dust throughout the car. It was a dumb move on my part and I will make sure I get to the final turnoff next time". The good news was he was off to the final with no damage. His second race in a row.

Final Saturday run......... The seven cars not running close enough to the 6.99 ran off first with the finalists battling at the end. Unfortunately for Kincaid he could not get his transmission fixed in time (he was ready to go Sunday morning), so Ron as the #3 guy got in a 1st alternate.

The first pair out in the consolation round saw Ron get in the Camaro against Jim Fersch. Jim had consistency on his side as he went 7.13 (his third 7teen of the day. Ron went a great 6.980 just off the number.

Cal slowed to a 7.32 against Norm (who struggled again). He was great to 200 feet but the car moved to the centre line and he had to coasted on the top end to an 8 second time slip (in the end he found out that his new tire gauge was out by 2.5 lbs. He used a differnet one and Sunday the car ran the way it was supposed to).

Hank was supposed to run Joey, but the Corvette driver could not make repairs (he or none of the other teams had a course spline shaft). Hank let it all hang out running a career best and very impressive 7.001/186.

It would have been around a 6.97 but the belt came off at 1200 feet.



Chicago final round...... Reykdal vs Sekura, Chevy Vs Dodge, Hemi vs big block. The Chevy driver got a slight hole-shot .046 to .072 but Shane caught Ron by half track (Shane was .007 ahead) and the two were side by side the rest of the way down track. At 1200 feet Ron stayed on the gas but pulled the chutes just before the stripe. Having the chutes deploy before the finish line may have cost him the race as Shane kept his nose in front for a half car length win. A 7.027 to 7.104 victory for the rookie. It was a great Day Saturday and the teams had one more run to make on Sunday. With no index to worry about it was likely a number of teams would let the tune-up go on the more aggressive side.

Sunday bonus run.

(photos from Sunday later on Wednesday)

At Noon on Sunday the teams came out and made a bonus lap and most of the teams let it all hang out. Joey was the only guy not to make the run, as he was on his way to Edmonton to get his transmission fixed.


Norm got his car sorted out with the proper tire pressure and it responded with an almost perfect 7.027 to a 7.034 for Ron in the Chevy II in the first pair. Shane showed his victory was no fluke as he went 7.003


(the second 7 flat by the group on the weekend. The other guy who went 7. flat was Hank Weultjes on Saturday). Sunday Hank went 7.07 alongside Shane for a great side by side.

Ron was alongside Cory Kincaid and they opened the HP up a bit.


Ron went 6.89 and Cory went 6.97, getting Ron to the finish line first. The final pair was one of the best side by sides of the weekend but it also had a crappy end to it.


The two drivers Cal Tebb and Jim Fersch decided to let it all hang out and they did side by side 6.8 runs. Cal got a slight hole-shot (.035 advantage) but at 60 feet Jim had caught and past Cal by .006 Jimmy held that advantage and extended it to .02 at half track.

By 1000 feet the advantage was .04 and the two cars were glued together with that differential through the finish line. At the stripe, the scoreboards read 6.811/204 for Jim in the Big West Dodge Cuda and Cal's read 6.886/207 in the Home Style Construction GTO. Both cars got off the gas and pulled the chute levers.

Cal's deployed fine but Jim's chute did not open he started to get on the brakes but as he started to slow, a fitting came of the oil return tube and oil started getting under the tires. the car was real slow to respond and his speed was still real high. Cal knew that Jim was in trouble but could only watch as the blue Dodge crested the hill and down the final 700 feet until the sand track. Jim had a decision to make in a hurry and because there were other cars on the turn out and because he was still going close to 70 mph, he aimed for the sand.

He was at a bit of an angle, and the soft material in the trap pulled the car at the angle he was heading into the burm on the right side of the trap. the car was slowing quickly but he hit the tires on the right side and the car dup into the pea gravel. The car nosed down and went end over end down a slow knoll and car to rest without the body upside down in the soft dirt. Jim unhooked form the harness and got out of the car. A bunch of the other teams raced down to the site and helped Jimmy and rolled the car over on its wheels. He was okay, just shaken up and bruised.


The body was trashed but the chassis looked to be easily repairable and the engine was okay, just dusty. It was certainly a wild ride for the ex Rodeo Cowboy. But after getting checked out by the local hospital and getting ready to head home, he and crew chief Serge Dion were already making plans for being back in a month's time.

That is no surprise if you know Jim and you know all the teams will rally around him helping in whatever way they can.

It was an exciting (but no so great) finish to a very good weekend at the Eagle's 25th.

North West Outlaws


Real close racing and cars running way quicker than expected in elimination's highlighted the third race in the NW Outlaw series at the 25th Anniversary event at the Eagle Motorplex.
The Peck Racing machine is on a role as Mike Sr. wins his second race in a row and takes the point lead by a bit less than one round.
Six cars made the trip to the 'Plex as a couple guys are still waiting for parts to arrive. Steve Kendall is just days away from being back but he fell just short of putting his new 540 inch bullet together.

In the first round of qualifying Dane Lachelt got the #1 spot with a 6.592/212 mph blast.
Brent Murray went 6.67 Troy Clayton ran a 7.60 Simon Kingsley left before the tree was activated Mike Peck went 7.0 and Unfortunately Marty Zazula broke on the launch and was done for the weekend.

In the third round Kingsley went 7.221/196, a career best Mike Peck ran a 6.98/200. Troy Clayton improved to a 7.53.
In the final round of qualifying Brent Murray took over the #1 spot with a 6.585/219 lap. Troy Clayton improved to a 7.376/195.

Final qualifying

Brent Murray Nanaimo BC 6.585/219 mph
Dane Lachelt Kelowna BC 6.592/216 mph
Mike Peck Woodinville Wa. 6.912/201 mph
Simon Kingsley Halfmoon Bay BC 7.221/196 mph
Troy Clayton Castlegar BC 7.376/ 196 mph

First round pairings.
Brent Murray bye, Dane Lachelt vs Simon Kingsley, Mike Peck vs Troy Clayton

In round one Murray had the single and just took the green light Mike Peck took on Troy Clayton in a battle of FEDs.

Troy got a huge holeshot, but his car has problems at half track and slowed, Mike Peck caught Clayton and took the win light by .08 about a car length. Dane Lachelt faced Simon Kingsley and Kingsley got a .026 holeshot he held the lead until 1100 feet when Lachelt drove around the lone Door car in the field. Unfortunately for Lachelt he went way under his 6.59 dial-in, running as 6.529.

Kingsley ran a 7.295 on his 7.25 dial based on the rts for both drivers, A perfect run for Lachelt would have still left him .001 short of the win light. Kingsley had a bye in the semis to the final round.


Semi finals... During routine maintenance, the Kingsley crew found they dropped a valve and they could not make the semi final. A tough break for the team. That meant the winner of the Murray/Peck race who have a single in the final round. It was a wild semi final as Peck was real late at the tree, giving the quicker Murray a tenth to play with on the top end. Murray's car is a laydown style chassis and Brent could not tell for sure he had caught Peck and drove it out the back door. Unfortunately for Murray he was on his best run of the weekend and broke out by over a tenth and a half, running a 6.423@212 (he did lift early but not enough) on his soft 6.63 dial in. Peck could not believe his luck as he crossed the finish line with a 6.908/ 201 on his 6.87 dial.
They win by Peck vaulted him into the point lead with one race remaining.
The final race of the year is September 8-9 at Mission Raceway.

Nitro Nitro Nitro

Jim Obalek was out with Twig Zeiglers Nitro Funny Car and they made two runs on Saturday. On the first run Obalek went 6.60 clicking it off early as he was edging close tot he center line. On the second run they rattled the tires hard and clicked it off at 120 feet.


Mike Schewe came out to play with his old style rear engine Top Fuel car. It was an ex Sand drag rail and had a late 80's early 90's type dual lug fuel motor in it. It likely produces close to 4500 hp, but Mike's goal was to fire it a few times and do a couple burnouts and launches. He did make one decent burnout (a bit high on RPMs) but during the burnout, the oil puke tubes came off, putting oil on the back of the engine and on the track. They managed to get the car shut off with very little on the track. Unfortunately for Mike and the Hicks crews they could not get the clutch back together properly to make another hit.

It was a pretty cool deal to see two fuel cars at the 'Plex.

Top Eliminator.

Only four cars were in competition for Top Eliminator, the second race in the series. Lots of talk on the Eagle Forum about wanting to have this type of class at the 'Plex. They ran a doorslammer and quick series in previous years. So the track did put something together and got sponsors to support the series, unfortunately there is a line drawn in the sand for 5/10ths or pro tree and the numbers seemed to show a slight majority to pro tree. So that was the decision made. Know I do understand the issues involved, but guys if you want something to grow at least give it a chance to. To not run it because the tree is not what you want it just plain selfish. The track wants to grow and get more cars yet, the racers sit back and only look at their own program not the program that will improve the tracks bottom line. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

Anyway, Dallas Wagner won the race over a too quick Mike Munden. Tyson Wells and Bill Boult were ousted in round one.

Top Eliminator: Dallas Wagner .122 rt 11.740 (7.93 dial) defeated Mike Munden .047 rt 8.561 (8.58 dial)


Bracket results.

Eagle Bracket results 25th anniversay race

Saturday Box: Al Quigley .018 RT 9.527 (9.58 dial) defeated Andy Preston .006 red light 9.833 (9.86 dial)
Semis (3rd place) Brian Barby

Sunday Box: Rae Caswell (.051 rt 9.667 (9.62 dial in) defeated Paul Karr .013 rt (11.892 (11.90 dial in
Semis (3rd place) Al Quigley


Saturday No Box: Charles Sidden .053 rt 11.736 (11.70 dial) defeated Riley Nairn .063 rt 11.801 (11.76 dial)
Semis (3rd place) Al Stefiuk

Sunday No Box: Keith Vahle .185rt 9.823 (9.81 dial) defeated Charles Sidden .064 rt 11.599 (11.60 dial)
Semis (3rd place) Tim Gresbrecht


Saturday Jr.: Baillie Lowe .064rt (8.190 (8.18 dial) defeated Brooke Roth .050 red 8.642 (8.60 dial)
Semis (third place) Kaelyn Bollinger

Sunday Jr.: Bradee Lowe .046 rt 7.921 (7.90 dial) defeated Baillie Lowe .049 rt 8.019 (8.04 dial)
Semis (3rd place) Michael Toews










The 25th annual Langley Loafers event at the Eagle Motorplex.

Despite all the doom and gloom weather wise leading up to the 25th Langley Loafers event at the Eagle Motorplex, most racers who know the track and location know the forecast's for that area when it comes to rain, are not accurate. In all my years of attending events there, I don't recall a two or three day wash out. Normally there are showers and then within an hour or 90 minutes the track is dry and ready to go again. Well, we never even got the showers throughout the weekend. There were a total of 25 minutes of delays for weather over three days. The only inconvenience we had to deal with was wind. Gusts as high as 25 mph in every different direction were prevalent throughout the weekend. There were a total of 26 exhibition cars in attendance including the Canada West Doorslammers, four Pro Mods and four NW Outlaws.

I have loaded up videos from the Loafers event. They are not professional but over the next while I will have more up and the quility will get better (less shake).

Here is one. Click on the link above for more.



Starting line traction (the first 150 feet) was not really an issue according to the West Coast quickest Pro Mod driver, Joe Delehay. He actually struggled with getting enough wheel speed off the starting line.

Down track, the surface was a bit looser. The first couple hits Delehay did rattle the tires pretty hard, and then when he got through the first 400 feet he got real loose at half track. On his fourth try, he made it from point 'a - b' and laid down a 6.57/223 (track record???), Duane Grosart, in his 470 in. BAE powered 55 Chevy, Wade Sjostrom in his 526 in Wedge powered 57 Chevy and Dave Warren in his Miner Bros 560 in powered 57 Chevy were the other drivers in attendance.

Grosart made three solid laps including two 6 second 200 mph laps. His other was a 7.0@ 195.

Dave Warren ran his car for the first time since buying it over the winter. He went 7.0 on his first run then got loose in run two and was on a 6.70 pass in his final run, but he had engine failure at 800 feet and coasted through with a 7.3 second ET.

Wade Sjostrom struggled most of the weekend, but he did turn in a best of 7.01@204 Sunday noon. All four cars will be at MRP July 5-7.

The NW Outlaws were also featured, but only 4 cars were in attendance.

Weather on the coast (for a couple BC drivers) and a road slide in Golden BC (for a couple Alberta drivers) kept a handful of cars away. Mike Peck, who won the opening event in 2011 and won the title last year, took the final round over Dane Lachelt who won race one at MRP a month ago.

Simon Kingsley was out with his new blown 68 Camaro and ran a best of 7.38/194. He lost in round one. Marty Zazula broke his bullet in qualifying, so Mike Lucas in his cool altered came in as an alternate and he lost to Lachelt in round one as well.

Lachelt was a mid '6' machine running 6.49, 6.50, 6.53 and 6.51 on his four laps. Peck went 6.83, 6.83, 6.84, 6.86 and 7.01 on his five runs. There full results are posted on their web site.

The Canada West Doorslammers saw their biggest field of the year try and qualify for the 8.99 minimum.

17 cars made the cut, only Grant Howell who should have been in the 7.70's, broke on Saturday and could not make repairs. Kamloops driver Phil Davis was the event winner, as he defeated Nick Duda in the final round. The two drivers have stellar lights in the final, .010 and .020 respectively, but Duda's Mustang slowed from half track on as he fell off over a tenth form his normal .860 dial. Davis was a 7.5-7.6 machine and had double '0's and teen lights throughout eliminations as he got his first win. Kevin Lance was the #1 qualifier, his second honor this year. Three brand new drivers debuted on the weekend and five others were out for the first time this season.

Their next race is this coming weekend at MRP. Go to their web site for the full weekend results.

The Loafers classes competing over the weekend included two Street Rod classes (earlier than 1948), two Street Classic (1949-1964), and three Street Machine (1965-1972) claases. They also ran an 'Outlaw' class and a cool 'Straight Axel' class (below).

A major part of the event is the show n shine held on the track Saturday afternoon. 200 cars were on display and then a number of them head into Cache Creek for a cruise-in and other activities.

A full pit is always the norm at the Loafers race.

Most of the show n shine cars were on the spectator side

Below are all the final rounds from the 25th Loafers event.

Street Classic 'A' winner Tony Driessen

Show n Shine on the track then the cars (above and below) left the track and headed to Cache Creek

Looking at the track (below) from the new Moto-x track

Street Classic class

Street Machine class

Street Rod Class

Outlaw class