BC Old Time Drags August 3-5, 2018

WDRL Pro Mods

Elimination's (Qualifying is at the bottom of the page)

Round one Elimination's

As you can see from this photo, Ray Layton had dead holes on the right side. They did clear up and he advanced to round two with a narrow win over Tim Vogt as Tim had .07 on the tree.

Sjostrom got the #1 qualifier bye in round one with 15 cars in the field. He parlayed that into a strong and career best 6.10/232. He looked to be tough to beat.

Not to be outdone, Kerry Stone ran close to his best ever, with a 6.11/239 victory. Phil Davis found close to 3/10ths but was well back at the finish line.

Delehay had to pedal his way to victory with a 6.34/235 over a 6.77/218 for Skocylas.

Roy Lazic had a huge lead over Dal Sangha, and held that lead for 600 feet. But Dal ran his best run of the weekend and top speed with a 6.36/240 to get the win.

This was a great drag race between Kowalski and Meheden. Tom took a small holeshot, but Dave was wicked to 60 feet and held a half car advantage through half track. The nitrous Beretta started to real him in and at the stripe he had a 100 foot win.

You can see the two cars were neck and neck at 1000 feet.

Springman could not make the call in round one against Syvertsen. Lucky for Jay as he spit out the blower belt right at the hit.

Fireworks took place for Jeff Hill in round one against Deen Bettenson. He had a nitrous boomer and did not leave the starting line. Bettenson was toubled as well as the set up was not quite right with the new transmission. He would head back to the pit with the lucky win, but also 90 minutes to get the setup dialed in... (they did in spades).

round two

Sjostrom took a 2/10ths win over Meheden. He was on a solid 6.20 pass, but was off the gas by 1000 feet.

Layton ran his best of the weekend, but the 6.31 was well off Bettenson's new low et for the weekend, a solid 6.09/237

The upset of the day went to Dal Sangha. He got the automatic win when Kerry Stone unexpectedly went .010 red.

Joe Delehay did a bad job of going red, going trip zip (.000) in his promod. But he was perfect and Jay was way late. Syvertsen was on his best pass of the weekend, likely a 6.10 or better (based on a 4.0 to half track), but his belt spit off the blower pully at 900 feet and he coasted the last 400 feet. He would have needed a 5.9 run to get the win but you know he and the SLR team would have gone home happy with a 6.10 or better run. Jay had five belts go south on the weekend.

Semi finals

In the semis, Delehay got a huge break when Sjostrom's car would not go into reverse after the burn out. Joe rattled the tires (look at the slicks below) pedaled and ran a 6.64 to go to his first final round of the year.

With a solid transmission driving the car forward, Bettenson tuned up the car even a bit more and got a huge win over Sangha. Low et of the weekend, a 6.06/238 to a 6.42/232

Final round


With Bettenson's tune-up moving forward, Delehay had to find some more gas in his tank. He had blower issues forcing him to put on an older 14/71 for the final qualifier. He had not run that blower for a couple years. It was a good blower, but could he sort out the fuel system enough to find a tenth or two. He also needed his a stellar light.

Joe did run his best et of the weekend, and had another great light, but he fell .03 short of the win light, even with a great .017 light. Bettenson repeated his earlier 6.06/238 to take a fender and a half win, his first in a Pro Mod. Joe went 6.22/237 in a game effort.

The win put Dean into second place in the standings just two rounds back of Wade Sjostrom. The final two races of the year will be a battle to say the least.

Saturday qualifying

Greg Feal below and Kelly Madore (not shown) both failed to make it as far as qualifiying Saturday as they both broke dring Friday testing.

Round one

Ray Layton made his first appearance to MRP in his 57 Chevy (no it is not the ex-Glen Kerunsky 57) . Dave Springman entered the class for the first time in his 63 Corvette. Layton went 6.38 and Springman ran a 7.03.

Kerry Stone below ran 6.37/231

Dean Bettenson was #1 after round one with a solid 6.25/230. Phil Davis decided to sign up for the class as well and he ran 7.45 in round one.

Wade Sjostrom the point leader and David Kowalski took to the track in the next pairing. Wade was off the gas early running a 6.79/160 and Kowalski was real soft going 6.59/204

Tom Meheden in the orange Beretta shook hard and was off the gas early and Joe Delehay was off the gas by 1000 feet. He went 6.29/192. It easily would have been a 6 teen pass if he was able to run it through the full 1/4 mile.

Jake Skocylas in the Twin Turbo Dakota tried 'Big Tire" racing for the first time this past weekend, and his first official full pass was an easy 6.83/214. Tim Vogt, keeping the Vogt name in Pro Mod out there (brother Dan in the red 63 Corvette is trying to get ready for the final two events of the year) shook and lifted early as he moved hard toward the centre line.

Dal Sangha is battling the twin hemi combo and has only one or two real solid runs in the car (at SCSN last fall he went 6.04). Managing the hemi power i a lot different than the small block. Roy Lazic in the black 'Stude' was out for the first time. Both cars had troubled runs.

Another local running with the Pro Mods was Jeff Hill. He went a respectable 7.0/190 in his first run.

17 cars were here in total. 2 broke on Friday and Jay Syvertsen was not ready for round one, meaning 14 made first round laps.

Round two

Both Tim Vogt and Dal Sangha made full runs in round two. Sangha was in the tiop half with a 6.44/233 and Vogt ran close to his maximum, a 6.73/210.

Tom Meheden made his best run in a year with a 6.51/211. Tom said that the car has a 6.20 in it, they just have to inch away at it. The 6.50 run is a good baseline.

Wade Sjostrom found a sweet spot in his tune-up as he went 6.26/232 and was #3 in the field after the round.

Kowalski stayed soft in round two and ran a 6.68

This shot shows a sold launch and one that was way too agressive. Layton in the 57 smoked the tires and rattled toward the wall, pedellaed and ran it through to the tune of 226 mph, while Stone picked up the front end and motored down broadway for the new #1 et, a 6.22/237.

Jay Syvertsen's first lap was a pedal fest that saw the local driver on and off the thrOttle at least three times. But it was good enough to nab #4 with a 6.28 at only 209 mph

Roy Lazic was off the charts happy as he ran a career best 6.65/213. He came into the race looking to get a handle on his combinatin and hopefully run well into the 6's @ over 200. He did that in spades.

Springman failed to improve from round one.

Jake and the Dakota also failed to improve.

Delehay, Davis, Bettenson and Hill all failed to improve in round two.

Round three

Kowalski found a half a tenth in round three but he was hoping for at least a tenth improvement.

Meheden did not improve in the final session.

Niether did Sangha, Delehay Layton, Springman or Hill.

Skocylas was close to his earlier 6.83 but no improvement. Dean Bettenson did not mae the final session as he was suffering ith transmission issues. Luckily Jay Syvertsen and JS Powersports had a spare one that they left him use for Sunday. It would be a late thrash for the Bettenson crew Saturday night.

Wade Sjostrom got his car tuned in the right direction as he took over the #1 spot with a 6.19/231. Lazic failed tof ind more than his earlier 6.65.

Stone launched hard but had to pedal the Camaro down track and that cost his a couple tenths. Syvertsen had to pedal a couple times early in the run (you can see his butterflies are mostly closed here) and he did recover and ran it out the top end. He matched his earlier 6.28 but has 30 more mph on this run.

One thing to note was the hot conditins and a track temperature reaching 130 degrees. Sunday's weather looked to be the same.








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