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Sunday Elimination's

Round 1

Round 2

Semi Finals

Final Round


Saturday qualifying


Saturday round three

A number of cars moved up in the field on Saturday.


Round four





Friday round one qualifying

The first airing out for ROund one of Doorwarz Pro Mod was Kerry Stone and Steve Horne. Kerry was running a new version of his previous combo (481-x with some Cutting Edge tweaks) and Goodyear rear slicks.

Steve Horne has a bunch more power this year with a new supercharger and other engine changes. Steve Horne had a solid .97 60 foor but only went 150 feet before he was off the gas. Both cars struggled on the run and both were off the gas early, turning in seven and 10 second time slips.

Dean Bettensen was making his first runs in Canada with his new Screw blown 57 Chevy. The car is absolutely bitchin' with the retro look. He was along side Rick DiStefano who was out earleir in the year in the NHRA Pro Mod series in Gainesville. The team is still working out their Hemi Turbo combo and his new RH built 70 Camaro.

Bettenson did the burnout but the car could not go into reverse and he was forced to drive down the track and try and regroup for round two. DiStefano Made a solid luanch going .98 but he drove int tire shake and coasted from 500 feet to the finish line with an eight scond time slip

Gary Urlacher and Keith Korecki were next up but only Urlacher made a run. Korecki had a miss communication backing up from the burnout and rolled back into the water box. They shut off the car and Urlacher had the best run so far but he too had to pedal the car a couple times. He was on the gas at the stripe and ran the first 'six' of the day, a 6.65/215. There is still over half a second Gary has to find as he has run 6.0's.

Joe Delehay and Paul Glandon were next. Both have run numerous '5's in the past. Joe left strong but overall it was a bit soft and he crossed the finish line with a 6.13/235. Glandon shook and lifted early and coasted with a 9 second time slip.

Yvonne Lucas and First time Pro Mod racer Greg Feal took the stage and Feal was looking for a career best run. He has gone 6.60's and was looking for a 6.50 run. He had to pedal the car once but still ran a solid 6.78/205. Yvonne has done some testing the week prior and had decent half track numbers.

She launched real hard but by 200 feet she was off the gas and coasted with an 11 second time slip.

Wade Sjostrom took on Dal Sangha in the next pairing. Both drivers had issues as well and both were off the gas before 400 feet. Dal earlier, coasting with a 14 second time slip to Wade's 8 second run.

The final pairing was the only full pass for both drivers. Defending champion Garrett Richards showed he knows Mission's track, ripping off the first of many 5's for the team, going 5.92/245. Tim Vogt was running Pro Mod for the first time as Mission in a decade. His combo is a very small motor (750 cubic inches). With two kits of nitrous TIm went 6.64/213. His quickest run in a number of years.


Pro Mod Friday qualifying, session two.

The final round of qualifying saw improvements from a number of drivers. Richards failed to improve from his first run, but he was within one hun going 5.93.


Paul Glandon ripped off an awesome 5.944@ 252 mph.

The fastest pass of the weekend. Joe Delehay looking for a five was still down on his potential, as he ran a 6.12 on the run. Gary Urlacher picked up 2/10ths going 6.421 but he was off the gas before the finish line only going 205 mph.

Steve Horne had another solid 60 foot and he legged it out to 1100 feet going 6.769/205. Tim Vogt ran within a tenth of his first run

Wade Sjostrom got slightly further down track, but had to pedal at half track before getting back on the gas for the first 400 feet. But still did not get into the 6's, running a 7.02/223 mph.

Kerry Stone also was on and off the gas for most of the run, but he had his foot in it at the stripe running 213 mph (7.50 et). Yvonne Lucas made it to half track but the car was moving toward the guard rail and she had to lift by half track. Yvonne had a 7 second time slip.


Rick DiStefano could not get any further down track than he did on his first run and stayed in the bottome half of the field.

Dean Bettenson was still having reverser problems but he got the car backed up and made a short hit before getting off the gas. Keith Korecki also got to launch his Mustang, but he like many drivers had to lift early.

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