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Round 1

Sorry I missed the firt three round one races in 275



What a close call between Justin COllins in the Mustang and Mark Jakab in the Grand National. Mark crossed the finish line first by .012. but was in the marbles by the guard rail when he did. as he crossed the stripe the car moved hard to the left sideways and crossed right behind Justin. Because he damaged the car too much he bypassed the scales giving the win to Collins.

A few said it was only a couple feet/ Based on the finish line differencial it they were

Round 2

Semi Finals


Final round to be determined

Limited 275

Saturday final qualifying

Steve Skokin made the hightlight reels Saturday evening in the final qualifier. He launched 'Whitely' for 150 feet. Ubnfoertunately when the 'Stang hit the ground he damaged the bottom end a bit and could not made elimination's

Neil Richards could not improve on his earleir 4.62 but stayed #1

Daniel Rodrigue and "Bu stayed #2 running his career best in qualifying, a great 4.75, making him the quickest locally built car.



Friday day one qualifying


275 Limited



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