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Sunday Elimination's

Outlaw 10.5


Outlaw 10.5 has three of the bests in the class with Ken Sihota, Paja Agatonovic and Roy Moznik on top of qualifying and all featuring monster Nitrous power. All three did struggle a bit in qualifying with 4.teens through 30's being the best numbers. Their best number in the past range from a 4.03 to a 4.13 . Darryl Stone was racing 10.5 for the first time as was Steve Horne, Kyle Marriot and Jacob Skocylas. With four new teams and three or four not able to attend, not to mention the new big best Steve Nicholson and his 959 that they just finished Saturday (he made one short q attempt but they do need to do up some finishing touches on the Corvette and then they get serious. The class does look like it is pretty solid.


In round one, Ken Sihota got a bye run as the #1 qualifier and he went 4.281 to advance to the second round.

Nick Duda struggled all weekend with ignition, fuel, trans, electrical, and likely a few other things until they finally made a decent qualifying hit in the final session. He took on Kyle Marriot in round one, but Marriot was a no show as he wounded his motor in the final qualifier. Nick went 4.60 to advance.

Chad Abougoush in the only naturally aspirated entrant in the field took on one of the favourites, Roy Moznik. Moznik got a slight advantage on the tree but he was up in smoke almost immediately and Chad was off to the finish line. He got the upset win running a 5.050. Wade Bulych got a single when Steve Horne could not make the call. They wounded a turbo in the final qualifier. Bulych was off the gas by 500 feet and ran a 5.15.

Paja Agatonovic took on the very cool Ford Fairlane owned and driven by Rick Barnhart. Barnhart struggled a bit in qualifying but the car does have potential to lay down a number. The race was all Paja as he ran low et of the weekend (so far) with a 4.15/179. Barnhart ran a 5.33/150.

The final pairing saw Darryl Stone get the hole-shot win over Jake Stocylas. Jake was waaay late and Stone had big issues down track but he held on with a 5.13 to a much quicker 4.86.

Round two

Sihota got a lucky break in the opening pair when Bulych failed to make the call. He singled and was very solid running a 4.190/178, a number within .04 of Paja's earlier run.

Abougoush was up against Duda in the next pairing and this one was won on the starting line. Duda was waay late as he had starting line issues (much like other runs earlier in the weekend). Chad ran a 4.956 for the win. He was off to the semi finals.

Agatonovic ran Stone in the final pairing. The drivers were within .03 of each other off the starting line but both drivers had issues. Stone in turbo Nova and to pedal the car a bunch of times while Paja was real loose. The nitrous driver recovered the quickest and took the finish line stripe with a 4.89/162.

Semi finals

Chad Abougoush's underdog out ing ended in the semi finals against Ken Sihota. Sihota ripped off another silid pass going 4.25/180 to easily defeat Chad's 5.05.

Agatonovic got the bye run and he left the starting line real strong but by 200 feet he was off the gas trying to keep the car straight . He coasted through the finish line with a 5.46.

Final round

It was the expected final round with two of the best in the West ready to do battle. They are the only two NW drivers to run a 4.0 and this weekend both have run 4.1's this weekend. The burnouts were done and they both staged the nitrous beasts.

At the green Paja was off while Ken's Firebird sneezed a bit and came to a stop 10 feet off the starting line.

Agatonovic ran it out and went 4.160/179.67. It is his third win out of the five Doorwarz races.



Saturday final qualifying






Friday qualifying

Outlaw 10.5






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