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Drag Radial 275 Elimination's

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One of the best in the West Greg Henschell took on one of the new comers to the class, #19 qualifier Doug Coppendale. Henschell got the dominating win running a 4.80/149 to a 7.35/93 mph.

Tyler Levy got a break in round one when his opponent Ron Pease wounded his bullet and could not make the call.

Miguel Foitinho got the first big upset in the class when he defeated a tiresmoking Mark Campbell 5.55 -5.96. Campbell did recover from the tire smoke, as he was 10 mph faster than Miguel, but he ran out of race track.

Jason Field got a break much like Levy did, as Nick RIchards could not make the round one call. His monster wheelstand Saturday caused a bit of pan damage so he will make repairs and try and make his own sponsored race in two weeks at Thunder Mountain.

With only a part qualifying hit Parm Jawanda took on #1 qualifier Neil Rchards, and almost shocked the entire field and the fans. Parm got a big leave off the starting line and huge advantage when Neil shook and smoked the tires early on. Parm was accelerating very strong but at 300 feet his fuel pump belt came off and Neil drove around him and got the win. 5.84-6.96

Wheelstands are common place in 275 racing and Scott Schullhauser had one of the most famous ones by a WC driver. Back a few years at SCSN, both he and his opponent Eric Gustafson bumpered their cars in an epic side by side.

In Round one, Scott launched hard and went into a pretty good powerstand. He did ease off the gas then hit the loud one again, it hooked back up and ran a great 4.79/153. He defeated Keith Degato.

Brent Van Vliet ripped off his best run of the weekend, a 5.06 to defeat a game 5.46 by Adam Berard.

Daniel Rodrigue took on Kerry Poirier and the black Malibou driver took the win with a 4.96. Poirier never left the starting line.

JR Lazic defeated a broken Bart Lawrence. They were agressive and smoked the tires, so Jordie lifted early. (no photo)

In the final pairing, Steve Skokin defeated Jason Berkenbos 4.88 to a 6.20

Round two

In the first pairing the track and air must have been just right as Richards went 4.69 to defeat Levy's 5.59. (trying to source photo)

Henschell. not wanting to outdone, ripped of a Mission Raceway best (He did run a 4.60 at the Mission Divisional testing, not in competition) and Doorwarz record 4.623/162. Brent Van Vliet smoked the tires, as he and Jake got a bit aggressive after their 5.02 from the first round.

Miguel kept up his upset theme in round two when he defeated the #3 qualifier Scott in round two. Scott smoked the the tires at the hit, pedaled in a bunch of times but could not get the car to hook up until 300 feet, he did get close on the top end but his 5.75 was not enough for the big block's 5.528 .

Jordie Lazic defeated his twin car (one of three 70 style Nova's in 275) driven by Jason Field. Field's car went a low 5 in testing earleir in the week, but he has real issues managing the HP in his nitrous powered beast. It was a 4.83 to a 5.30.

The final pairing was the closest match of the round with Steve Skokin defeating Daniel Rodrigue 4.89 - 4.96.

Round three

While not a major upset, Skokin took out a tire smoking Henschell. Steve got the starting line advantage by .05 but he was sill a couple hun back in performance this weekend. But when your opponent smokes the tires in a short 1/8 mile race there is not a lot of room to recover. He started smoking the hides by 100 feet and lit them upf or more than 200 feet trying to get the Micky's to hook up.

Neil Rihard's got the third round bye run and he went 4.74. Back to back full pulls in the heat made RIchards feel confident.

The final pairing was a real exciting race. The 'Radial Flyer' got its name likely from the powerstands the car has done over the last couple years and in this third round it did it again. Jordie carried the wheels for a couple hundred feet and still ran a 4.99. Miguel's 5.52 was well back at the final line.

Semi Finals

Neil Richard's run of strong runs ended in the semi finals when he blazed the tires against friend and past business partner Jordie Lazic. Lazic git a big starting line advantage and extended it through the 1/8 mile going 4.862 to a slowing 5.69/102.

JR would take on Skokin who got the semi final bye run. Steve just staged the car and coasted down the track


Final round

In the final round Lazic got his third starting line advantage of elimination's with his second .02 light.Skokin was .11 at the tree so he would need to run a career best if Jordie ran a low eighty. By 200 feet Lazic was extending his lead. Steve was drifting toward the centre line but he kept his foot on the pedal.

The Nova did not powerstand this race and he kept on pulling ahead right to the finish line while Skokins kept on moving toward the centre line.

He crossed the finish line in his own lane but was aound 2/10ths back when you factor in the RT difference. For a first outing this year and only making it to the track late Friday it was a pretty good showing for Steve Sokin. The JS motorsports Nova was just too much on this day.. A 4.83/151 to a 4.90/142 was the final results.

It was a great weekend for the class and when you consider there were a handful of cars absent, it is fast becoming one of the most exciting classes on the West Coast.

Special mention to Kevin Ness for his hard work in organising the teams and getting the whole class ready to race. Now if he could get his own car on the track!!!!!

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