This weekend's Lordco BC Nationals WDRL "Unique Concrete" Pro mod race coverage here at Speedzone is sponsored by Elite Belts.

The event sponsors for this weekend are Rocko's Diner, SK Auto, Nerd Haven Games and Doyle Racing.

The battle in the First WDRL Pro Mod event had every competitor black and blue as the event made every racer literally hot under the collar.


All the photos will be posted later Sunday


Yes a bit of a play with words as the heat was substantial for the re-scheduled race #1. Temperatures in the 90's on Saturday and high 70's and low 80's on Friday had every team worn out by the end of elimination's. The 'black and blue' part is easy. All the teams worked hard to get their cars in some sort of race ready conditions to start the season, and there was some attrition and long nights, but in the end there were six cars, four were 'blue' and two were 'black'. In qualifying, Paul Glandon took the early lead with a first round 6.241/235. He was the only racer to test on Thursday and it paid off in round one. Jay Syvertsen was #2 in the round, he ran along side Glandon and ran a soft 6.43/224. All the other four cars had problems with starting line traction. Ken Sihota was the best of the bad with a half track coasting 8.70

In round two Kerry Stone made a big move running a 6.28 at 218 mph. Paul Glandon failed to improve from his first round 6.24. Jay Syvertsen broke on the burnout in the second session and had to thrash big time to get the car ready for round three. Garret Richards got his screw blown Mustang to hook for most of the run as he tripped the timers with a 6.62/217. Sihota picked up a half second but the run looked real strong to 700 feet. His half track timers saw a 4.28 come up on the reader board.

Round two qualifying

1 601V Paul Glandon, Stony Plain AB, '69 Camaro 6.241 235.10 235.10
2 6682 Kerry Stone, Lake Country BC, '68 Camaro 6.289 218.71 218.71
3 6122 Jay Syvertsen, Mission BC, '57 Chevrolet 6.430 224.15 224.15
4 6472 Garrett Richards, Tacoma WA, '12 Shelby 6.627 217.18 217.18
5 K6681 Ken Sihota, Langley BC, '00 Firebird 7.132 119.84 119.84
6 698 Joe Delehay, Calgary AB, '68 Camaro 10.156 89.67 89.67

In the final session, Glandon stayed on top with his earlier 6.24. Stone picked up a bunch of speed on the final run going 235 mph. He also ran .01 faster, going 6.27. Syvertsen, had a couple issues again as he spit the blower belt off and had a couple other mechanical issues. They would be thrashing all night. Garrett Richards improved to a 6.44, but was coasting on the top end going just 204 mph. Joe Delehay got his blown Camaro some what hooked up, as his half track numbers were decent but he was coasting at the finish line going 6.77 at only 150 mph. Sihota again struggled.

Final qualifying

First round pairings saw Glandon take on Sihota, Stone face Delehay and Syvertsen face Richards. All the higher qualified cars in first round were gone. Ken Sihota, who struggled through qualifying got his 10.5 car sorted out as he was strong from the starting line through the finish line running a 6.49/217. Even with that ET, Glandon should have been able to track down the Nitrous Firebird, but his turbo charged Camaro struggled from 300 feet on and Sihota stayed in front for an easy win.

Joe Delehay made his best run of the weekend and low et so far with a solid 6.19/238. Stone in the turbo Camaro was game for the first 300 feet but the big blown Camaro kept pulling away to earn a semi final birth.

In the final pairing, it was the closest battle as the two screw powered hemis of Richards and Syvertsen faced off. Richards got a .03 starting line advantage and ran his best of the weekend, a 6.293/234. Syvertsen was close as he went 6.455 at 236.


Second round, semi finals

Ken Sihota got the bye run in the semis after defeating the #1 qualifier. He just took the green light on the starting line to save his car for the final. The semi pairing of Delehay and Richards had the makings of a good one. Both cars had decent round one runs and were ready to get the win. Delehay was a hair too charged up as he went one thousandths red, handing the automatic win to Richards'. Richards ran low et for the weekend with a strong 6.13/238. Delehay ran a 6.35/233

Final round

The final was a mismatch on paper but Sihota has run as quick as a 6.teen in competition. He had to have a perfect race though. Ken got a slight starting line advantage but by the time the two cars were at the 60 foot clocks Richards was already ahead and pulling away he ran a strong 6.303/234 to get the first win in the opening race of the year.




The event sponsors for this weekend are Rocko's Diner, SK Auto, Nerd Haven Games, Elite Belts and Doyle Racing.


Unfortunately a few of the teams entered from last weeekend's race could not return this weekend for the rain date. There will be 6 or 7 cars in attendance and they are all strong running cars. Jay Syvertsen, Joe Delehay, Garrett Richards, Kerry Stone, Paul Glandon and Ken Sihota are confirmed for sure. Qualifying will begin around noon today with elimination's set for Saturday.