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Bill Jeffery gallery (includes Doorwarz III photos as well)

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July 24-26, 2015.

Pro Mod Page

Race #3 for the WDRL inaugural season saw nine cars enter but Dal Sangha broke before the first round on qualifying so he was not in the field. That meant eight cars would attempt qualifying. All eight of them were quality cars and three have not raced yet this year. Jay Syvertsen and Steve Horne out of the JS Powersports team were out for the first time this season, and All motor guru Terry Spargo was out for the first time in over a year in his 6 second comp car. The eight car field was expected to be in the 6.50 and quicker range with a couple cars more than capable of running in the low sixes or high five's.

Round one of qualifying got underway at around 4:00 pm Saturday under remarkable Summer conditions. The air corrected to 1000 feet and the track temperature was under 100 degrees. First up was Joe Delehay and Keith Korecki. Both did long burnouts and Delehay's blown Camaro sounded mean. He left hard but had to pedal early in the run and crossed the finish line with a loose 6.207/229. Korecki had severe tire shake and coasted from 200 feet through the finish line. His et was an off the throttle 11.15 @ 75mph.

Jay Syvertsen and Jeff Doyle were next. Both did 400 foot burnouts and were back ready to stage in rapid fashion. At the hit, Steve Petty's tuning assistance paid off big time for Doyle as he shattered his previous PB by almost 2/10ths, running a 6.136 @ 250.34 mph. That is the fastest turbo speed ever laid down at Mission and his first ever 250 mph pass. The et bettered his previous et of 6.31 by a wide margin. The 250 mph speed was only the second car ever in Mission to run that number (Mike Maggio was the first). Jay Syvertsen had an off and on again loud pedal as he battled tire shake (7.355/187) for his first run of the season.

Dale Pedersen and Terry Spargo were next. Spargo was running for the first time in his 717 cu in naturally aspirated Sonny's Hemi and the car was capable of 6.50- 6.60 runs at over 210 mph with no power adders. Both cars left hard with Spargo going 1.0 to 60 feet .

He was ahead till 400 feet when the turbo powered small block took over. Pedersen crossed the finish line with a 6.32/230mph. Spargo ran a very nice 6.57/212 mph, his quickest and fastest run in a couple years.

Here is a very cool shot. Terry Spargo brought out a Jacket he won from the Jacket race back in 1968 at the old Mission Raceway. He won class in Modified Production in D/Gas. That is a true veteran. This year is the 50th anniversary of Drag Racing for the Mission Raceway. It is also the 64 anniversary of BCCCA


Steve Horne and Shane Molinari were next up. Molinari and the team were looking for a high five or low 6.0 this weekend after extensive testing on Thursday and three weeks earlier at Doorwarz. Both cars got staged but Molinari rolled through the beams, and left before the tree was activated.

Horne was soft on the starting line but recovered in the middle of the track he was on and off the loud pedal until he clicked it at 950 feet. He went 7.83.

Here is round one of qualifying

Round two

Pedersen and Korecki were up first. Korecki got in a full pull and tripped the beams with a 6.466/222 mph. Pedersen was consistent, as he ran 6.34/228.60 mph.

Horne and Molinari were next. Molinari got in a great hit as he ran a 6.055/248mph, his quickest and fastest ever in Canada.

Horne was solid with his first full pull of the season a 6.584 with an early shut off speed of 208 mph.

In the third pairing it was Jeff Doyle and Jay Syvertsen again. This time Syvertsen got a decent pass with a 6.119/243mph. Doyle was strong as well, but was a tenth off his earlier run. This time it was a 6.25/248 mph.

The last pair down was Joe Delehay and a no show for Terry Spargo. He was going though the motor after a fresh rebuilt prior to the run. Delehay was strong to 250 feet, and then he had to pedal a couple times he was off the gas early.


Round two qualifying sheet


Final qualifying......... The final session was run at dusk and to say the conditions were perfect is an understatement.

Less than 500 feet of corrected air and a perfect track temperature of 85 degrees. The first pair was Terry Spargo and Dale Pedersen. This was the second time they were paired up together, but the results were not the same. Spargo was off the gas by 150 feet as he rattled the tires real hard. Pedersen was troubled a little further down track and neither improved.


Doyle and Horne were next and Doyle almost repeated his first run. He went 6.14/247.

Horne was strong early but he was off the gas before the finish line.

Delehay ran Syvertsen in the third pairing. Delehay stuck his pass running the quickest he has ever run in Canada, going 5.926/241.74 mph. Jay was on and off the loud pedal and was well back at the finish line.


Molinari and Korecki were last up. Both cars improved from their earlier runs and Shane came 'ohh' so close to a '5', with a 6.008/249.72. Keith ran a 6.436/221mph, which put him #6 in the field.

Final qualifying

Round one pairings:

Delehay vs Horne, Molinari Vs Spargo, Syvertsen Vs Korecki, and Doyle Vs Pedersen.

Sunday morning came and with it heavy rain. By 11.30 am it was still very wet out and the call was made to cancel Sunday's elimination's. The Pro Mods will complete the race in four weeks at Mission during the SMS/Komatsu Smoke Fire and Thunder event. They will race off during qualifying and complete the race. Then they will finish qualifying and race the fourth of the five race series on Sunday.

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