Doorwarz III

The biggest doorcar event of the season in Canada is this weekend at Mission Raceway. 150+ race CARS will invade the sea level track in efforts to try and become the winners of six different warz. Pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 275, Top Sportsman, Canada West Doorslammer and Open Comp. With super hot weather forecasted all weekend long the evening qualifying sessions will be the time to see potential records set, but likely the weekend will be one of survival, who can manage a 130 degree track through up to 6 rounds of eliminations.


Doorwarz III results from Top Sportsman, Doorslammer and Open Comp are on this page.


Sunday elimination's

Open Comp

43 cars entered the class and 40 ran in round one.

Bt the semi finals there were three cars left and one was an Open Comp regular Keith Vahle. His run ended in the (5th round) semis against Glen Fillingham, Ryan Johnson had the single in the semis.

Final round

In the final round regular bracket racer and past Sportsman bracket champion Fillingham got the win, despite the .02 better light from Johnson.

Top Sportsman

RAD Torque Systems Top Sportsman

For the Sunday Top Sportsman race there were eight cars is competition as a few cars ran the points earning Doorslammer class.

Here is the final qualifying for race #2 and the ladder

Round one had the runner-up and one of the semi finalists from Saturday do battle and it was a great drag race. Rod Hymas was .026 back on the tree against Mike Lucas and Mike had a great launch. Rod had was playing catch up and took a 1/1000ths stripe but borke out by that one thou. If he ran dead on it would have been a dead heat. Wow, what a start! .

Kirk Lanz was late off the tree with a .069 light but tracked Rick Chaisson down, at 1200 feet. He took too much stripe by .001of a second.. Chaisson's Camaro fell off by .07 off his 7.76 dial so Lanz caught him despite the late light. Unfortunately for LAnz the stripe need to be .001 less as he broke out running a 7 239 on his 7.24 dial.

Tony Dreissen's day with his cool nitrous pick-up ended with a .006 red light on the starting line Dale Phillips took the win and ran it out going .013 over his 7.45 dial-in.

James Rutherford was suppoosed to race Dan Provost The the class sponsors car struggled and he did not want to do any damage so that gave Rutherford a freebie.


Semi finals

The semi finals saw four long travelers face off. Two Alberta guys were up first, with Chaisson and Runtherford doing battle. The reaction time difference was only .001 but that was as close as it got as James Probe moved six inches and broke the drive shaft. He could only watch as Rick strolled to victory


The two Northern BC drivers raced next as Mike Lucas and Dale Phillips faced off. Phillips was on his game at the tree with a .015 light, compared to a .038 for Lucas. The two cars were dialed less the a tenth apart to it would be close all the way down the track. By 300 feet Phillips started to fall off the pace and Lucas slowlly extented his lead right through the stripe for a 2/10ths victory.



Both drivers were looking for the win and the 2k winners cheque.

Both drivers have been both good and average on the tree and in the final it was Lucas with the edge, cutting a .012 light compared to a .038 for Chaisson. That was all Mike needed to drive around the Alberta competitor with a 24/1000ths package. CHaisson;s crossed the stripe with a .098 package.


Top Sportsman is a great class and one of the fastest growing classes in drag racing. But for the life of me I can't understand why the USA Top Sportsman driver have not competed at this race. I understand the Alberta drivers this year as they were running a Big Buck race and at least five or six potential competitors were not here. But the US guys seem to only race the NHRA events which have half the payout. It will be interesting to see the decisions made for 32015. Mission was very generous in the payout as well, only prorated the winners cheque in eah race and that cheque was prorated to less than half of what the prorate should have been, good on MRP.


Canada West Doorslammers

The full results for the Doorslammers are posted on their site. Go here for the full results.





Saturday qualifying and Top Sportsman elimination's for race one

Zak Clarke won the Top Sportsman race on Saturday and that gave him a 12-1 record in his last four events. He has won back to back Doorslammer events and only did not reach the winners circle in Top SPortsman iat the Division event.

He got a single in round one when Rod Compton could not make the call. He then defeated Rick Chaisson with a .003 package including a perfect light. He got a bye in the semis and then had a great race in the final round against Rod Hymas.


He was .005 on the tree and in a double break out took the win when Hymas took too much strioe and broke out by .037.


Hymas had a bye in round one, then took out a red lighting Dale Phillips in round two and his second gift when Lucas also red lit.

Semi Finals

Round one races For Top Sportsaman Saturday

Round two




Open CompRTound four (sorry did not get the final time trial sheet for Open Comp)





TS round two qualifying



Top Sportsman preview

The RAD Torque Systems Top Sportsman class for Doorwarz III is a crapshoot as far as entrants in the double header. The Saturday race should have a decent car count as a number of Canada West Doorslammer competitors will race on the Saturday giving an inflated car count. The regular Top Sportsman racers include Division six champion Rod Hymas, Chad Barclay, Zak Clarke, Mike Lucas, Kirk Lanz, Dale Phillips and Ken Orser. A couple strong running Doorslammers regulars in competition include Paul Stretch, Dale Grasdal and Brian Ritchie. There will be somewhere between 13-17 competitors in the class for Saturday but the field will be reduced on Sunday due to teams switching over to Doorslammer.

The odds are strongly in favour of Rob Hymas, Zak Clarke, Kirk Lanz, Dan Provost, Mike Lucas or Chad Barclay going to the late rounds but with a sportsman ladder they could be racing each other in the early rounds.

Odds based on SpeedZone's favourites.

Rod Hymas 4-1 The Defending Division Six Champion is here at his favourite track and has not had a great start to the season. He wants nothing more that to win here this weekend. His six second car in deadly consistent he just needs to be sharp on the tree. Likely he will face on of the other hitters in round two and then it will get interesting

5-1 Zak Clarke: Clarke is on a hot streak this year a in Doorslammer competition but that class runs on a pro tree and basically the delay box is not used. In Top Sportsman Zak can be killer on the tree and his Nova runs 7.59 all day long. He has the home track advantage and knows the track conditions better than anyone. Sometimes he over thinks a race especially against the racers of similar ability. He tries and makes the stripe too cute. If he is on his game he will be in the winner's circle.

6-1 Mike Lucas: Mike is a past Wally winner in the class, he loves racing at Mission and has gone to the later rounds in past events here at Mission.

7-1 Kirk Lanz: He came so close to a double up here in 2013 in both Top Sportsman and Super Gas. His RH built Camaro is one of the most consistent cars around, running between7.18 and 7.25 on almost any track. Kirk is usually better on a pro tree but if he is on his game he could be a late round finisher.

8-1 Dan Provost : Dan is one of the best leavers in Top Sportsman/Top Dragster racing in the NW. His one negative this weekend is that he has not run his firebird yet this year. His qualifying spot this weekend like a number of others will determine how tough or early his first round opponent will be. He will be a middle qualifier, likely in the top half and that should help his chances as he will chase. If he and the crew have the car dialed in he will be tough to beat.

9-1 Chad Barclay: Chad will likely have a tough task early as his spot on the ladder will likely put him against one of the best Top Sportsman competitors in round one. If he gets past round one then he could go all the way.

10-1 Paul Stretch. One of the stronger running Doorslammer competitors. His Nova is deadly consistent and he is good on the tree. If he makes a good transition to a sportsman tree look out.

11-1 Dale Phillips. Dale is another one of the strong racers out of Northern BC. He has a great car and is a decent leaver.

12-1 Brian Ritchie. Beside Zak Clarke and Paul Stretch, Brian as one of the Doorslammer regulars has the a good shot.




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