Doorwarz III

The biggest doorcar event of the season in Canada is this weekend at Mission Raceway. 150+ race CARS will invade the sea level track in efforts to try and become the winners of six different warz. Pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 275, Top Sportsman, Canada West Doorslammer and Open Comp. With super hot weather forecasted all weekend long the evening qualifying sessions will be the time to see potential records set, but likely the weekend will be one of survival, who can manage a 130 degree track through up to 6 rounds of eliminations.

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Sunday eliminations

The first round pairings for Sunday: Joe Delehay (bye run), Mike Gondziola vs Brian Macy, Garrett Richards vs Johnny West, Glen Kerunsky vs Jeff Hill, Paul Glandon vs Wade Sjostrom, Dale Pedersen vs Tom Meheden, Kerry Stone vs Glen May, Shane Molinari vs Keith Korecki, Jeff Doyle vs Dal Sangha.

The first pairing up was Glen Kerunsky and Jeff Hill Kerunsky got a huge starting line advantage but shook the tires real hard, they were close at that point until Glen got the Corvette back on track and he cruised to a 6.38 victory.

Paul Glandon then disposed of Wade Sjostrom, when Wade had to pedal the car, and Glandon cruised to a 6.16 easy win.

Jeff Doyle and Keith Korecki were up next and on paper this one should have been the closest, as they were #9 and #10 in the field. Doyle was first off the line and he ran his career best, a 6.31/244 to dispatch Korecki's 6.60/219.


Shane Molinari defeated Dal Sangha on both ends of the track. Shane ran 242 in the victory while Dal had a mid track pedal job and was 4/10ths back at the stripe.

Kerry Stone and Glen May faced off next, and they were close on the tree, but Glen May smoked the tires hard and turned right. Stone ran an off pace tire shaking 6.79, but was still well ahead at the finish line.

Garrett Richards went low for elimination's with a 6.008/246.50. Johnny West ran right on his best qualifier with a 7.04/194, but was well back at the finish line.

Mike Gondziola was right with Richards in performance, turned in a 6.012/242 to take out a slowing Brian Macy.

Dale Pedersen got a single in the round when Tom Meheden did not make the call. Meheden had a rattle in his big inch Nitrous power-plant and could not source it, so he decided to be safe.

Joe Delehay, the #1 qualifier, was last up and he had a bye run, He launched hard but was loose and clicked it early.

Round two.

Round two saw a number of teans much closer in performance as pretty well all top half qualifiers advanced.That being said there likely would be a few upsets. The upsets started right away, as Joe Delehay red lit against Jeff Doyle. Jeff was solid again running a 6.35@ 245.


In the next Glen Kerunsky failed to fire up behind the burnout box, and that gave Kerry Stone a single. He made a great run, a 6.27/237 and was off to the 1/4 finals.

Mike Gondziola to the bye run but he legged it out to a 6.045 at 243. his fastest pass of the weekend.

In the fourth race of round two Dale Pedersen got a minor upset win over PAul Glandon. They were both close on the tree, but PAul got loose in the middle of the run and Dale drove around him for a 6.25 to 6.44 victory.

The big question in the final pairing was whether or not all the testing in the 8 or nine earlier run on the weekend for the Molinari team would translate to a full pull against Richard's. They would need everything they had as Garrett and the team have had the car dialed in all weekend, running their best with the new OD rules. The Bond/Molinari/ Hinrichsen teams have been in test mode all weekend long and they try and sort out the bottom end of the track. Their NHRA legal Camaro, runs real well from the middle of the race track to the finish line but getting their horsepower to the ground early has been the issues they have battled. They had made progress all weekend long pulling more 'G's' on the meter than at any other event. They were within /02 on the starting line and looked to be a good race, but the car got loose at 200 feet forcing Shane to pedal the car. The car responded but by then it was too late and Garrett to another low et for the round, a 6.023/239. By the end of the round their were three upsets out of the five pairings.

1/4 finals

'Gonzi' and Kerry Stone were up first. COuld Stone continue his drive to making this his career weekend. He would need to rip off a major career best to do it or hope Mike had troubles. Neither happened and Kerry was way late giving Gondziola a 6.10 to 6.45 victory

Rookie Pro Mod dirver Jeff Doyle's luck ran out despite his .012 light. He rattled the tires real hard at 180 feet and could not recover. Richards had the odd car bye and he tried to run low et again but at 150 feet he shook hard and was off the gas.

Semi Finals

The semi finals were down to three cars and Dale Pedersen had the single. He just staged the car and took the green saving parts for the final round. The side by side would see Garrett Richards battle Mike Gondziola in a blower vs nitrous battle. Two of the tree 5 second performers on the weekend and if all went to plan the winner here would be the 2/10ths - 3/10ths favorite.

Both cars did solid burnouts and were ready to battle. When the lights turned green, there was only one green light as the red light lit in Richard's lane. A very unfortunate finish for the TPR team as he made a strong run going 6.09/243 while Gondziola shook real hard at 70 feet and was off the gas ear;y. The TPR team was celebrating big time as they saw Garrett streak away, and the sun was shining down on the tree so it was hard to see the red light. Dejection was next while the Extreme Racing team were shocked to see the win line on their side of the Scoreboards.

A bit of controversy occurred after as the teams were back in their pit area. Word was out that Gondziola did not weigh at the scales to the MRP staff investigated and found they did in fact stop at the scales and get weighted as well as get their time slip. There will likely be a more distinct protocol for future events when it comes to scaling the cars after their runs.

Final round

All three different power adders made it to the semi finals, so that could mean the the new rules put forth are close to working, but the final round did not have two of the top picks. It had the favourite according to our story at the bottom of the page and the #6 choce in Dale Pedersen. Pedersen has been famous for going late into elimination's at a number of recent events, mostly due to the fact he almost always gets from 'a' to 'b'. If both cars stuck here though it would take at least a tenth and a half more performance.

Dale got .025 on the tree to help his cause, but Gondziola have more than enough in the tank, chasing him down and ruinning a 6.14/240 to defeat a game 6.42/231 .


In the end the Pro Mods put on a great show. There were no major incidents on track except for Glen May's 'Sand Box' trip, but the carnage was down to a couple engine boomers and a couple track clean-ups. While the car count was down from what was hoped for, the quality of racing and the perseverance through extreme conditions bodes well for the future of the class. This was the first points race for the all new WDRL series, and they have four more races on the schedule. Two here at Mission and two in Edmonton. The class races next in 12 days in Edmonton and then they are back here July 24-26. They will be part of the Lucas Oil Canadian National Open. Nitro Funny Car, Nostalgia Alcohol Funny Cars and Pro Mods. What could be better??


Pro Mod qualifying Final Saturday

Saurday round two (Q 4 overall)

Saturday round one (Q 3 overall)

The hot conditions are back Saturday for the last day of qualifying. Luckily there are two session starting at around 7:00 pm then the final one at 9:30pm. In the Saturday heat of the day afternoon session Joe Delehay continued to show his dominance with an engine blowing 6 flat at 222 mph. the car was on a 5.92-5.95 pass at around 246,but at 1100 feet it went boom big time. The right side head was torched so he is thrashing to make sure he gets at least the final session in at 9:30pm. .Glen Kerunsky bracket raced as he ran a 6.19 in the session. Garret Richards improved his speed by one mph but could not run any quicker than a 6.21. Dale Pedersen in the #4 spot did not run, Paul Glandon improved a bunch to a 6.234/243.90.

Kerry Stone improved too a 6.26/236. Mike Gondziola made his first run of the weekend and after ignition and timing issues on Friday. He laid out a solid 4.040 660 and clicked it off early to a 6.631/167. Jeff Hill made his first run and it was a soft 7.13/194. Dal Sangha also made his first run and went an early off the gas pass of 9.642. And finally Glen May debuted the CC Thunderbird and was off the gas early as he got real loose at 350 feet.


Friday round two qualifying

Kerunsky was the quickest in round two running a 6.13/238 to sit #2 after two rounds. The first session will not likely see much improvement on Saturday but the second and third rounds will hopefully see all 18 cars make it down the track with two or three guys bumping into the '5's'.

Paul Glandon was on a rip in round two but with the wheels up he drifted to the wal and had to get out of it by 400 feet.

Brian Macy was making progress in the brand new small block 76 mm turbo 'Stang.

Molinari was on a 6.0 pass until 700 feet where he car went snakey. he lifted and ran a 6.66. Kerry Stone ran a 6.31/235

Wade Sjostrom had all four wheels off the ground at 100 feet.

Friday qualifying session 1





Doorwarz III preview (Pro Mod)

Pro Mod Preview

The number of quality Pro Mods in the North West continues to expand and Mission Raceway expects 20 or more this weekend for Doorwarz III. With the introduction of the new WDRL series in the North West including Mission Raceway and Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, it is expected to continue to grow over the next number of years. This year's favourites for the event include all three different types of Pro Mods. The newest Pro Mod combo seems to have the biggest numbers with five of the top dozen, as the twin turbo engine combination is becoming a force to reckon with. But at the top of the list in SpeedZone Magazine's opinion is Saskatoon's Mike Gondziola. The Nitrous assisted 69 Camaro was the first car with that power adder to make a '5' second run in competition in all of Canada last year at Doorwarz II, and Mike does not sit on his laurels. He keeps trying to go quicker and will take delivery of an even bigger engine early this fall. His 5.92/243 is the Canadian benchmark for Nitrous cars and no one has even come close to it. He tested extensively all spring with different clutch combos and gear ratios in his attempt to find even one or two hundredths of a second. With his new bullet he may even go with a convertor set-up.

Here are SpeedZone's picks and the reasons why:

4-1 Mike 'Gonzi" Gondziola: He tops the list mainly due to his consistency and if the weather cools enough Friday Night or Saturday night we could see him lower his mark.

9-2 Garrett Richards: Garrett and his team out of Seattle including Brent Naggy and the Austin brain trust are the top pick for a Screw blown car. The team will likely be a bit slower than last year as the OD allowed this year is low to 96% OD for 121% OD, but a number of teams have already shown they can run well into the fives with the reduced overdrive.

5-1 Joe Delehay: Calgary Joe and the PM Motorsports team has the first Roots combo in the top five. Joe has won more in the NW than any other Pro Mod driver. He also won at SCSN in 2013. HIs BAE combo with a DMPE 18-71 blower makes serious HP, and Joe could be the guy in the winner's circle

6-1 Paul Glandon: Paul possibly should be the actual favourite for this weekend as his turbo combination will not have the boost controller installed, meaning his boost could reach 50 lbs. If the redo on the repairs all pan out Paul could be solidly in the '5's all weekend long. He did real well at SCSN last year running a best of 5.92 in 3500 feet of air.


13-2 Shane Molinari: Shane and two partners (Ryan Hinrichsen and Justin Bond) have a big advantage of most teams as they have raced extensively this year already. They likely have close to 50 hits on their car running both the NHRA Pro Mod series (the toughest series in the world) and the PDRA series. 5.90's or even 5.80's (if boost controller is off) are their goal. Later this summer, starting the end of August they are back in the NHRA series to finish off the year. The next race here at Mission they will have Steve Petty in their corner (Petty is the premier tuner for Pro Line Engines). Note: They are locked on 43 LBS boost, NHRA legal so the car will be about 1/2 a tenth or tenth off maximum performance but their goal out here is to dial it in for the NHRA series.


The top five all should be in the later rounds and really if any of those guys win no one will walk away saying upset, but the next half dozen guys are really a half tenth to 1/10 back in performance.
Here is the next bunch

7-1 Dale Pederson: Dale made headlines last year when he ran a 5.98/237 with his small block twin turbo combination at Street Car. While the sea level track here should give him more power and performance the hot weather this weekend will like keep him from improving his career best. But who knows, he may have found more power over the winter and rip off some more 5 second ets. Dale is very consistent and that could put him in the late rounds.

8-1 Glen Kerunsky: Glen is a '5' waiting to happen. His BAE combo with Roots blower has been all over the 6.0 range and his early number to 1/2 track have shown five second capability. Another year on the car and Glen could find his sweet spot.

10-1 Dal Sangha: A two number jump up here for our eighth pick in the top ten. Dal Sangha has the power in his small block Ford with Twin Turbos, but the consistency factor seems to evade him on race day. The car is easily capable of 6.0's based on the mid track numbers (he has a career best of 6.12) , and if he finds the right tune-up this weekend he could go a few rounds.

11-1 Brian Macy: This one is a shot in the dark as the car is really untried. Prince George's Darrin Meroniuk just got the car finished a month ago and he made a couple short squirts at the Eagle Motorplex.. This weekend he has EFI guru Brian Macy behind the wheel to offer tuning assistance and an experienced driver behind the wheel. They are really here to sort out the bugs in the ca, but if they test today and Friday morning they could have a handle on the car come qualifying late Friday. The car has a bigger motor than Dale's and Dal's, and he last the latest chassis set up from RH Race Cars, so all the good stuff is installed. Who Knows!!!!

12-1 Jeff Doyle: His new car, an awesome 68 Firebird, just like Darrin Meroniuk's just came out of the RH Stable, and Jeff only has a handful of down low numbers. The car has one of the bigger Pro Line engines, a 670 cu in with Twins on top. The car has serious power and the biggest challenge will be to get the first 330 feet under control. He they get that sorted out then by the end of qualifying he could be at or near the top. This is a car to watch out for and maybe should be in the top seven, but the lack of runs puts him down in this spot.

13-1: Gary Urlacher: Edmonton's Urlacher is the second Nitrous assisted car owner/driver on the list. He does not have the 5.3 combination many nitrous guys are installing but he does have a very good piece in his '63 Corvette. The engine has been in the low 6's (maybe even high '5's'), before, but Gary just does not have enough track time to dial in the combo. He has tested a couple times so far this year in Edmonton and his early numbers are encouraging. He is mainly looking for career bests which are low 6.20's or better. Gary will compete at all of the WDRL events (this is the first one) this season as he is looking forward to supporting the new NW series. This reporting is really rooting for the " Dad's Gone Racing " team.

14-1 Glen May: Here is a fan favourite from the past. Glen is back with a bit of old and new. He will be competing with the Cranberry Connection #2 car that last ran in the late '90's. His kids found the car and bought it back for him a couple years ago (it was Glen's favourite race car). RH reworked and updated the chassis and Glen installed a new Ford Hemi power-plant and a screw blower. If he and crew chief Mike Titleborn can sort out the new power and the updated 20 year old CC II, he could instantly be a contender.

15-1: Kerry Stone The Kelowna two car team sees Kerry has two twin Turbo machines. Kerry Drives the one with the most potential, as he drives a 69 Camaro with an AJ 481-x twin turbo combo. His brother Darryl and runs a similar combination but his bullet is between a 67 Nova (much less aerodynamic. Kerry has been in the 6.30's a number of times and is looking for the next step in performance. There could be a 6.20 this weekend at close to 240mph.

Rounding out the top picks is,

16-1 Keith Korecki: Kelowna based Keith Korecki made huge strides last year as Doorwarz II, shattered career bests (6.38) by a tenth and a half. He went to round two in that race and had the lead at half track against Shane Molinari till the turbo car took over. For part time racers the goal always seems to be to improve on previous career bests. Likely that is Keith's goal this year and he will try for low 6.30's or 6.20's . He should be right in the middle of qualifying and will have a closely match opponent for round one. A win there and who know what will happen as attrition starts to reel in a few of the racers.

The rest of the competitors this year in order of projected finish are:

Tom Meheden, Wade Sjostrom, Perry Thyr, Jeff Hill and Johnny West

The field overall looks to be similar to last year with just over 20 cars in attendance. While the car count for this weekend is just over half of what the overall numbers of Pro Mod cars in the West total, the stability of this race as well as the debut of a new series could bring the totals up by the end of the season with back to back races in Mission and Edmonton the last weekend of August and first weekend of September.

Late scratches for this year's event include: Rick DiStefano (not satisfied with testing results), Jay Syvertsen (work commitments), Steve Horne (work commitments), Terry Spargo (ailing back), Simon Kingsley (crew chief not getting passport in time), Dan Vogt (injured foot) and Yvonne Lucas (motor issues). These guys will all be out in soon.

The other list of racers we expect to see out later in the year include, Steve Goodard (nitrous GXP), Garry Weslosky (nitrous 68 Camaro), Scott Blake (nitrous Camaro), Toni Moretto (nitrous 55 Chevy), Ross Hogenson (Nitrous Corvette), Tom Reithmayer (Blown Mustang) and Lee Smith (blown Mustang).

If only all the teams ducks were in a row, what a field we would have.


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