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September 6, 2012

One of the Performance Parts power brokers in the West hits the track big time on a "Midnight Run".

Jim Bell owner of JB's Power Centre, the chain of Alberta's premier Hi end Performance parts stores has been working with a few of the top Race car builders, tuners and engine builders for the last year and a half to build his dream race car. Well after all the hard work it made its debut this past weekend at Castrol Raceway. And it wasn't done on the sly either, in a private test. The 1st annual Rocky Mountain Shootout, the largest Door slammer race in the North West was the place to be, as two dozen of the quickest door cars from the North West along with a full field of Top Sportsman cars ripped down the IHRA's premier drag strip in Canada. And Jim's plan was to be one of the players at the event. Jim spent the week before picking up the car from Bickel's race shop in Missouri with a planned test session at Milan Michigan. The test there with Steve Petty (Pro Line Engines tuner and tuner for Troy Coughlin and others) fell through and he then hoped to have Pro Line engines builder/owner Eric Dillard, test and drive the car. That too didn't work out, so Jim headed West with an idea of his debut. The fact that Jim and JB's were the organizers of the Rocky Mountain Shootout, was going to tax his time, he decided to call Jim Obalek, who has spent his last few years as a driver for hire or rent, to make the initial runs down the 1.4 mike. "Jim has a lot of experience with a variety of different cars (albeit not a turbo, suspended ride). He is very conscientious, and with not overdrive a car, and that is why I called him", Jim Bell stated.

The car itself is a Jerry Bickel pro mod chassis with a Mike Moran designed 2013 Mustang body. The power comes from a ProLine AJ-481x 526 Wedge. The same motor most NHRA Pro Car RX Pro Mod teams compete with. That being said, the potential for 5 second 250 mph runs down the 1/4 mile are there. Jim's (Bell) car is the first to actually make a run down the 1/4 mile. Mike Moran debuted the body style last winter to rave reviews, and the Canadian businessman was the first customer. Garrett Richards, from Tacoma is the second guy to have one of these built and he hopes to debut his Mustang with Walt Austin Ford power at SCSN in November. Two of the most bad ass cars right here in the West, how cool is that? The approach was to be as conservative as possible this weekend with maybe three or four runs down the 1/4 mile.

In the end they made two hits, with the second one being run to 350 feet. even on that run the car went through the lights at 7.50, coasting for almost 1000 feet. Believe me this car will fly.

The weather at Edmonton was downright nasty, but with the cool weather the corrected air was likely the best you will ever see at the half mile high track. The weekend was not without issues for the team though. With the cold weather the engine was very difficult to turn over. They had to heat up the oil pan to liquefy the 70 wt enough to turn the 3500 hp bullet over. Once they got that down, they took the car to the starting line late Saturday afternoon. After a very mild burnout, remember, Obalek has never run a turbo powered car before, Jim brought the car to the starting line and made his first ever attempt to stage one of these beast. He did a good job, but the turbo did not seem to spool very much (they did have the boost turned way down).

The car launched softly then the turbos started to spool at 60 feet, the cars rpms came up and it started to get a bit loose. Jim wisely eased off the gas and he coasted from 200 feet through the finish line with a 9 second time slip. Run one under their belt.

Sunday was downright nasty and there were no cars down the 1/4 mile. On Monday the skies were clear, but there was still a strong head wind (30km+). Jim and the team found a couple more issues including seats for the waste gates and a dead cylinder. Jim was actually inserted into the 16 car field as an alternate, even though he did not make the field due to a driver having to leave Sunday night. Unfortunately the couple issues did not allow the team to make the call for round one.

A couple hours later, they brought the car back out and Jim made the second hit of the weekend. The burnout was much stronger and he staged the car with little or no issues.

The boost came up and Jim left the starting line with a softish but still solid 1.06 60 foot. Jim got to 300-400 feet this time and the car moved a bit to the left out of the groove (you can see in the bottom picture it starting to black track just before the 330 clocks. He wisely eased off the gas and he cruised down the track with a 7.50 time slip .

Mission accomplished! While it would have been nice to make a full lap, the overall impression from this reporter is that it was a successful debut. The team plans or hopes to run one NHRA Pro Mod event and the Street Car Super Nationals at Vegas in the fall.

The team was thinking of testing one more time and I suggested coming out to Mission September 15-16, as there are a number of fast cars out at the track that weekend. So mission (weather depending) will be the next stop for one of the most bitchin race cars I have ever seen. Wait till you see the paint job on the car.


August 17, 2012

Here is most of the info for the door car race the September long weekend at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton. This event is easily the largfest event of its type in the North West. The Pro Mod portion has over 20,000 in purse and Pro Street has 5500.00 (they are the top 8 non qualiifiers for the 16 car Pro Mod portion). Then Top Sportsman has a double header with 15,000 in total prize money for two days. Email me if you are interested in this event. Entry fee: (Weekend price for Pro Mod Pro Street) Car driver/three crew 300.00, extra crew 25.00 per day . Top Sportsman Fee: Car 125.00 per day (two races). Driver 50.00 Weekend. Crew 25.00 per day



June 12, 2012

West Coast Streetcar Association enjoyed our first outing at Pacific Raceways this weekend! The souls who braved the cold and rainy June weather were rewarded with dry conditions Saturday and sunshine on Sunday after Friday night was rained out.

The staff at Pacific Raceways worked extremely hard all weekend on the new track surface and we thank them for all their efforts. Race tech was handled adeptly by NHRA Safety Tech Mike Stevenson and all seven classes were represented this weekend.

Open Comp racer John Eldridge took #1 qualifying honors with his gorgeous Chevelle and a best reaction time of .054 light. The Open Comp class is allowed to choose their own dial in after qualifying and then that number remains the same throughout eliminations. (The #1 qualifier is decided by best RT.) First round pairings matched designated driver Sherry Rohr in a '72 Chevelle with newcomer Justin Howard and his Luv truck. Justin edged out Rohr and went on to the final but could not chase down Eldridge who took the win light! Justin and Vern Howard will be definite players in OC this year!

Mod Street was short some 10.50 hitters as Wally Friedlander was the only Mod Street racer in attendance. Wally's Nova posted a slightly off-pace 10.80 to qualify himself #1 only to find a slipping 2nd gear in his trans as the likely culprit. Wally limped the car into the final round taking a lonely, but deserved win!

Double Index heavy hitter Don Paine brought out his Orange Luv and ran a 9.61 at 129 mph for the top spot here! DI racers also in the line up were Jody Murray in at 9.63 for #2 in the Nova, Jess Dale's Mopar in at #3 with 11.09. Rick Krier brought out his beautifully painted 1954 Austin and put it in the #4 spot with a 9.40 and rounding out the 5 was Action Jackson at 9.33. With a possible 8.60 or 9.60 index most of these racers were working out their game plan as they went into eliminations. Paine had the Bye in first round and made good on that for lane choice in round two. Taking out Dale he moved into the final round waiting for his dance partner to be decided on. On the other side of the ladder Murray took out Jackson and then received a well-deserved Bye into the final. This was a close match up between the #1 and #2 racers and at the stripe it was Don Paine for the DI win!

Hot Street star Chris Kittleson put on a big show for the fans this weekend as he used up most of his lane all weekend! Chris wheeled the naturally-aspirated Nova to a new record in eliminations as well running a hard-charging 8 sec pass in the final round against Pat Hermanson's Nova. (Final numbers for this round are being verified and will be reported later, sorry folks.)

Drag Radial racer Brian Sipe and his beautiful orange Chevy II set low ET and secured himself the number one honors with an outstanding 9.11 at 149mph! Coming in at #2 was driver Craig Castagno who wheeled Rohr's Camaro to an awesome 9.49 at 145. After the Camaro suffered an unfortunate fire in testing late last season, both Rohr and Castagno were thrilled with these early numbers. This car will be sporting nitrous in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more out that team! But not to be outdone this weekend, Sipe throws down a quicker 9.09 for the final round win over Castagno!

Outlaw 10.5 Portland's favorite son Paja Agatonovic brought out his stunning '69 Camaro and charged through the lights at a 7.06 196 mph! Paja's Sonny-powered nitrous engine was singing a tune as he took the #1 medallion. Fellow racer Ron Pease sleek silver bullet lost an oil line in round one of qualifying but no harm was done as he qualifies with an early-lifting 7.43 at 175 mph. Pease and his hard-working team spent some time working with a carb issue on his new 737 Pat Musi engine but the car bogged in the final round again and Paja streaked to another 7.06 for the win!

Pro Street racer Steve Downs wheeled the purple Popeye's sponsored truck to 7.58 at 180mph taking the #1 spot as the only PS racer to get a handle on the track surface in qualifying. Joe Loch's Cavalier was making some early moves forcing some aborted runs. Yvonne Lucas's Camaro was also making plenty of power but was unable all weekend to get the power down to the ground. Three attempts and she went up in smoke all weekend failing to make it passed the 60 ft marker. Worried that he may be hearing a tranny issue, Loch put all fears to rest as he ripped off a career best 6.78 at 202 mph in the final round against Downs. Steve had an outstanding .019 RT but could not hold off the Sonny's power Cav of Loch's!

WCSA enjoyed big fan support and a total of 18 cars for some great racing at Pacific Raceways this weekend! We are looking for more racers to come out and have some fun with this new and exciting heads up group! Come out, win or runner up and take home a paycheck from WCSA! Tell your friends and fellow racers and meet us back here in Kent, WA at our next event scheduled for July 6 - 7th!

On the Island Grant Howell has this very Nice 63 Corvette for sale.

It is good to 6.00 all chrome moly, brand new car, but not quite finished. No expense spared. Set up for Bruno,Lenco, all the good stuff full floater rear, Strange Ultra case, the hood and doors need to be mounted and the windows and dash need to be finished off.

Good for someone 6'4" and under. $26,000 for the roller (I added the parts for the roller alone and they come to over $40,000 no labour) $38k for the car and alcohol injected 555.

Call for more info

250-883-5725 (Grant)


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Sept. 16, 2009

ADRL final eliminations

ROCKINGHAM, NC (September 12, 2009)—The National Guard American Drag Racing League’s (ADRL’s) Flowmaster Dragstock VI lived up to its promise of a great event Sep. 12, delivering record-setting fields, outstanding individual efforts, massive crowds and exciting on-track action.

Before a standing-room-only crowd that packed historic Rockingham Dragway to capacity, Jason Hamstra (left, near lane) won his second Pro Extreme race of the year, Pro Nitrous veteran Mike Castellana scored his second win of the last three events, Chuck Ulsch doubled his Extreme 10.5 win total in record-setting fashion, Extreme Pro Stock racer Doug Kirk won his second of the year and Pro Extreme Motorcycle rider Eric McKinney became the lone first-time winner.

Hamstra, the number-one qualifier in the quickest 16-car field the National Guard ADRL has ever seen, opened with wins over Travis Swearingen, Gaylen Smith and Joshua Hernandez before defeating Pro Extreme newcomer Ken Walsh with a 3.76-seconds pass at 204.73 mph over the Rockingham eighth mile in the final round.

“Our car was driving really smooth all weekend, it didn’t spin the tires even once,” the 21-year-old from Demotte, Indiana, said of his supercharged 1968 Camaro. “Everything just went perfect for us here.”

Flowmaster Dragstock VI also represented the final points-paying opportunity toward securing a qualifying position for the National Guard ADRL’s unique Speedtech Battle for the Belts, which pits the top eight finishers in each of the series’ five pro classes against each other in winner-take-all, championship-deciding playoffs at the 2009 season ender this October in Dallas, Texas. With his win, Hamstra cemented a seventh-place points finish and a chance at a National Guard ADRL championship.

“That was our first priority when we arrived here,” Hamstra said. “Once we won our second round and knew we’d be in the Battle for the Belts we were able to relax a little and just go racing.”

Westbury, NY’s Castellana (right, near lane) knew going into the race he’d be part of the post-season Belts race and will start as the third seed in Dallas. Like Hamstra, he also qualified for the quickest Pro Nitrous field ever in first place at Rockingham before taking out Fredy Scriba, Charles Carpenter, and his own Al Anabi Racing teammates Shannon Jenkins and Burton Auxier in the semis and final round, respectively.

With team owner His Highness Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Thani looking on, Auxier got the jump off the start in the final, but Castellana’s 1970 Camaro quickly reeled him in and posted its third 3.90 pass in a row and won with a 193.16-mph blast.

“I saw Burton get out on me and didn’t think I was going to catch him, but then his car went into tire shake and that’s all it took,” Castellana said. “I’m just glad we could win another one for the Sheik. It was great to get three (of four) cars into the semis and racing my teammates, I was more relaxed than usual because I knew he team was going to get the win, no matter what. Now we just have to turn our attention to the Battle for the Belts and bring home the championship.”

Riding on relatively narrow 10.5-inch-wide rear slicks presents its own set of challenges, but since his debut of a new supercharged, Hemi-powered ’68 Camaro three races prior to Dragstock VI, Ulsch (left, far lane) has mastered the Flowmaster Extreme 10.5 class. After starting from the number-two slot with a 4.02 at an incredible 204.01 mph, the Clarksville, Maryland-based driver downed fellow Belts contenders Todd Moyer, Spiro Pappas and Jeff Paulk before facing off against top qualifier Gary White and his turbocharged, six cylinder 2007 Scion.

Ulsch left with a .045 holeshot and never looked back, running another 4.02 and increasing his speed to a whopping 206.39 mph. His qualifying speed becomes the official class record, however, since it’s not within the required one percent to back up the higher speed.

“This Vanishing Point car just continues to impress me. It’s working so perfectly and to see the kind of numbers we’re running now is really kind of unbelievable,” Ulsch said. “I’ve been at this a long time, but it doesn’t seem so long ago when we were running fives (seconds) at 140 miles an hour and to be running over 200 like this is just awesome.”

Following a seventh-place qualifying effort, Kirk (right, far lane), from Lenore, West Virginia, raced through Jason Collins, number-one starter Dean Goforth, and Elijah Morton before reaching his close friend, Brian Gahm, in the final round.

Prior to racing, Kirk and Gahm arranged with National Guard ADRL and Rockingham Dragway officials to stage a unique show for the thousands of fans on hand, swapping lanes while backing up from their burnouts.

“It’s something we’ve talked about doing for at least 10 years, but either no one would let us do it or it just wasn’t the right time to ask. We felt with the ADRL’s willingness to do things a little differently and the atmosphere and reputation of Dragstock as a unique race that this was the perfect opportunity. I hope the fans liked the show because we sure did. I especially liked the ending,” Kirk said after making his best pass of the weekend, a 4.09 at 176.12 mph, in the final round.

Starting from the number-three spot on the Pro Extreme Motorcycle qualifying list, McKinney (left, far lane) ran through Coodee Thomas, Ashley Owens and Monte Campbell to reach the final against Travis Davis. Mckinney’s race with Owens produced the first side-by-side passes in the 4-teens for the class, with McKinney taking a holeshot win with a 4.19 that beat Owens’ then-record 4.18 pass.

In the very next pair, Davis stepped up with a 4.16 to beat Lance Hines, then ran another 4.16 in the semis against Speedtech Battle for the Belts points leader Scott Gray to officially set the elapsed-time record.In the final, Davis left first, but his bike’s engine expired before reaching the finish line and McKinney rode his ’09 Suzuki to a 4.21 win at 170.60 mph.

“Oh man, it feels so great to get the win,” McKinney said. “This crowd is just amazing to race in front of. But this a team sport and I have to thanks so many people, but especially my dad and mom and my girlfriend; without them I couldn’t be out here.”

In the National Guard ADRL’s only non-heads-up and non-professional class, Manchester, Kentucky’s Tyler Allen (right, near lane) earned his first Pro Jr. Dragster victory, running a final-round 8.33 at 75.84 mph against an 8.30 dial.

The Speedtech Battle for the Belts will take place Oct. 23, on the first day of the LenMar Motorsports ADRL World Finals V at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Texas. The televised broadcast of Flowmaster Dragstock VI will be on Sep. 27, at 3 p.m. on the Versus network.

Sept 12, 2009

The ADRL is at Rockingham this weeknd and in day one qualifying records were reset.

Rockingham Reputation Reinforced by Record-Setting Fields for Flowmaster Dragstock VI

ROCKINGHAM, NC (Sep.11, 2009) — Rockingham Dragway has a well-deserved reputation as a fast track and racers at the National Guard ADRL’s Flowmaster Dragstock VI reinforced that reputation Friday night with some of the quickest and fastest fields in series history.

Pro Extreme qualifying climaxed with a stellar 3.71-seconds pass at 205.10 miles per hour over the Rockingham eighth mile by Jason Hamstra in his supercharged ’68 Camaro, representing the quickest and fastest pass ever by a torque converter-equipped car. It marks the first time Hamstra has ever officially led a National Guard ADRL qualifying round.

“We stepped it up a little bit at night, but it was far from a perfect pass,” the 21-year-old driver from Demotte, Indiana, said. “It moved around quite a bit out there. Our computer shows it pulled 2Gs lateral movement at one point. My teammates pointed out I missed my shift point a little and I told them that was because I was kind of busy driving!”

Dwayne Watkins currently holds the 16th and final qualifying position with a 3.91 at 193.63 lap, just nine-thousandths of a second off making it the quickest Pro Extreme field ever, and a record nine cars of the 35 entries have already topped the 200-mph mark. With one more qualifying session left for Saturday and several highly ranked drivers and cars still seeking inclusion, both records seem likely to change.

Pro Extreme qualifying also was interrupted by two significant engine explosions and fires, but fortunately, Frankie Taylor and Tommy D’Aprile escaped unharmed in both cases.

Mike Castellana of Westbury, NY, leads a similar situation with his 1970 Camaro in Pro Nitrous, which already has set a record as quickest field in National Guard ADRL history, bookended by Castellana’s record-setting 3.86 at 185.23 and Ted Smith’s 4.01 at 182.72 mph in the 16th position.

“The car drove toward the wall, out of the groove about 500 feet out. I felt the car drift and knew I was taking a chance being that close to the wall, but luckily we didn’t crash,” Castellana said.

Only two cars separate Pro Nitrous from featuring its first all-three-second field, and again, several non-qualified contenders from the 38 entries may well step up and help create history in Saturday’s lone qualifying session.

Qualifying for the Flowmaster Extreme 10.5 class is presently led by New Market, Alabama’s Gary White with a 4.00-seconds pass at 181.45 mph in the turbocharged, six-cylinder Titan Motorsports ’07 Scion. Close behind White at 4.02 seconds is Chuck Ulsch, who went an incredible 204.01 mph on the relatively narrow 10.5-inch-wide rear rubber on his supercharged ’68 Camaro.

Like Pro Nitrous, just two cars separate the Flowmaster Extreme 10.5 class from producing its quickest field ever, with R.B. Smith currently on the bump spot with a 4.62 time.

Thirty-nine riders entered Pro Extreme Motorcycle at Rockingham and after two qualifying rounds Ronald Procopio from Wake Forest, North Carolina, is on top with a 4.22 at 169.13 mph aboard his ’07 Suzuki. After the opening session, the National Guard ADRL’s two-wheeled warriors had already established the fifth-quickest field in series history, but after two shots at the track they made up the quickest field ever, locked in with a 4.33 by Derrick Holloway.

Holdenville, Oklahoma’s Dean Goforth came through with a 4.08 at 176.77 mph on Friday night to become the provisional Extreme Pro Stock pole sitter. Goforth’s elapsed time is less than three hundredths off the official class record and his speed falls short of the official mark by less than one mile per hour.

As the National Guard ADRL’s only non-heads-up class, the Pro Jr. Dragster division for drivers aged 8-17 qualifies based on quickest reaction times and Taylor Weatherford currently holds the lead over the 16-car field with a .007 light after two hits at the tree.

Flowmaster Dragstock VI resumes Saturday, Sep. 12, with a third and final round of qualifying for all classes beginning at noon, with elimination rounds to follow.


ROCKINGHAM, N.C. -- Results Friday after qualifying for the ADRL Flowmaster Dragstock VI atRockingham Dragway, Ninth of 10 events in the National Guard American Drag Racing League.Qualifying will continue Saturday for Saturday's final eliminations.

Pro Extreme -- 1. Jason Hamstra, Chevy Camaro, 3.715, 205.10; 2. Cody Barklage, PontiacFirebird, 3.718, 203.25; 3. Mike Janis, Firebird, 3.745, 202.48; 4. John Stanley, Camaro, 3.765,202.06; 5. Tommy D'Aprile, Camaro, 3.765, 200.08; 6. Todd Tutterow, Chevy Corvette, 3.766, 203.89;7. Jason Scruggs, Camaro, 3.778, 205.47; 8. Gaylen Smith, 3.778, 201.43; 9. Wes Johnston, Corvette,3.789, 206.39; 10. Ken Walsh, Chey corvette, 3.792, 197.71; 11. Brian Daniels, Corvette, 3.802,185.89; 12. Kelly Martin, Chevy Belair, 3.821, 197.42; 13. Travis Swearingen, Willys, 3.827,183.94; 14. Neal Wantye, Ford Mustang, 3.865, 195.36; 15. Joshua Hernandez, Chevy Bel Air, 3.905,171.08; 16. Dwayne Watkins, Chey Belair, 3.914, 193.63. Not Qualified: 17. Andy Beal, 3.923,187.83; 18. Quain Stott, 3.935, 192.80; 19. Doug Winters, 3.943, 184.65; 20. Von Smith, 3.955,160.73; 21. Tim O'Hare, 3.969, 184.02; 22. Tim Tindle, 4.007, 187.26; 23. Troy Jackson, 4.008,183.17; 24. Cody Rabon, 4.028, 193.54; 25. Terry Leggett, 4.041, 177.77; 26. Dan Bandish, 4.095,184.35; 27. Danny Blankenship, 4.099, 180.00; 28. Frankie Taylor, 4.113, 184.60; 29. Mike Bell,4.158, 168.07; 30. LJ Wood Jr, 4.224, 172.25; 31. Brad Personett, 4.376, 136.77; 32. BennieMcDonald Jr, 4.559, 126.54; 33. Kevin Mayer, 4.697, 116.70; 34. Bobby Baucom, 5.107, 100.79; 35.Bubba Stanton, 7.389, 89.92.

Pro Nitrous -- 1. Mike Castellana, Chevy Camaro, 3.861, 185.23; 2. Jim Halsey,Camaro, 3.867, 194.21; 3. Burton Auxier, Pontiac Firebird, 3.906, 193.29; 4. Shannon Jenkins,Camaro, 3.926, 190.24; 5. Doug Riesterer, Camaro, 3.941, 185.77; 6. Greg Godwin, Chevy Corvette,3.942, 186.28; 7. Johnny Pilcher, Corvette, 3.956, 185.97; 8. Charles Carpenter, Chevy Bel Air,3.958, 186.25; 9. Dale Brinsfield, Ford Mustang, 3.964, 185.49; 10. John Bartunek, Camaro, 3.978,185.97; 11. John Deflorian Jr, Corvette, 3.982, 185.84; 12. Randy Weatherford, Camaro, 3.987,185.38; 13. Khalid Al-Balooshi, Camaro, 3.990, 189.26; 14. Fredy Scriba, Corvette, 3.999, 187.96;15. Thomas Myers, Corvette, 4.009, 186.90; 16. Ted Smith, Camaro, 4.014, 182.72. Not Qualified:17. Travis Harvey, 4.014, 182.33; 18. Stan Allen, 4.015, 188.23; 19. Lee Adkins, 4.025, 178.87; 20.Bob Rahaim, 4.038, 179.92; 21. Keith Baker, 4.078, 181.01; 22. Robert Mathis, 4.088, 182.90; 23.Josh Chester, 4.088, 179.64; 24. Ed Burnley, 4.088, 178.99; 25. Terry Housley, 4.106, 179.04; 26.Pat Stoken, 4.118, 137.54; 27. Jim Teachman, 4.135, 180.48; 28. Matt Guenther, 4.181, 181.37; 29.Terry Murphy, 4.209, 167.26; 30. Chris Patrick, 4.499, 145.96; 31. Dwayne White, 4.947, 124.33; 32.Halvor Hansen Jr, 5.055, 118.52; 33. Steve Vick, 5.656, 88.37; 34. Jason Harris, 5.959, 78.85; 35.Pat Bennett, 6.395, 73.75; 36. Danny Perry, 6.749, 78.31; 37. Randall Haynes, 6.983, 74.94; 38.Kenny Rucker, broke.

Extreme 10.5 -- 1. Gary White, Toyota Scion, 4.009, 181.45; 2. Chuck Ulsch, Chevy Camaro,4.027, 204.01; 3. Jeff Naiser, Pontiac Grand Am, 4.040, 179.85; 4. Billy Glidden, Pontiac GTO,4.048, 173.56; 5. Jake Carlton, Grand Am, 4.091, 176.84; 6. Jeff Paulk, Camaro, 4.115, 178.12; 7.Jeff Dickey, Camaro, 4.128, 183.02; 8. Craig Miller, Grand Am, 4.226, 184.14; 9. Kenny Doak, ChevyChevelle, 4.301, 180.74; 10. Tony Wilson, Chevy Monte Carlo, 4.351, 167.59; 11. Michelle Wilson,Pontiac Firebird, 4.360, 171.64; 12. Jerry Bridgeforth, Ford Mustang, 4.409, 165.03; 13. MichaelNeal, Chevy Ii, 4.419, 175.09; 14. Ric Fleck, Camaro, 4.419, 169.91; 15. Joel Bayless, GTO, 4.457,171.64; 16. RB Smith, Chevy Corvette, 4.622, 161.52. Not Qualified: 17. Sandy Wilkins, 4.676,158.00; 18. H.T. Wilson, 4.683, 152.02; 19. Luis Cornjo, 4.754, 157.06; 20. Todd Moyer, 4.886,127.23; 21. Bubba Turner, 4.913, 131.43; 22. Spiro Pappas, 5.941, 94.59; 23. David Lambert, 6.600,84.25; 24. Rod Houck, 6.886, 82.84.

Pro Extreme Motorcycle -- 1. Ronald Procopio, Suzuki, 4.228, 173.67; 2. Scott Gray, Suzuki,4.234, 169.76; 3. James Helton, Suzuki, 4.249, 165.86; 4. Eric McKinney, Suzuki, 4.250, 167.09; 5.Matt Prophit, Suzuki, 4.270, 175.41; 6. Travis Davis, Suzuki, 4.278, 149.15; 7. Mimmo Marciano,Suzuki, 4.282, 164.25; 8. Ashley Owens, Suzuki, 4.290, 170.99; 9. Carlos Wilkerson, Suzuki, 4.292,162.00; 10. Lance Hines, Suzuki, 4.296, 167.30; 11. Monte Campbell, Suzuki, 4.308, 165.46; 12. EricDelisle, Kawasaki, 4.313, 168.75; 13. Jack Young, Suzuki, 4.318, 163.12; 14. Pumpatina Gilbert,Suzuki, 4.321, 166.83; 15. Coodee Thomas, Suzuki, 4.331, 161.96; 16. Derrick Holloway, Suzuki,4.337, 169.08. Not Qualified: 17. Japel Heard, 4.337, 167.45; 18. Ricardo Knights, 4.346, 168.20;19. Mantez Thompson, 4.350, 167.28; 20. J P Mattox, 4.358, 150.95; 21. Casey Stemper, 4.363,165.78; 22. John Collins, 4.364, 166.05; 23. Robert Hunnicutt, 4.383, 160.48; 24. Benard Cannon,4.394, 165.23; 25. Charlie Prophit, 4.413, 162.10; 26. Billy Vose, 4.415, 161.92; 27. Tyron Lemons,4.431, 162.06; 28. James Rester Jr, 4.438, 158.13; 29. Larry Berg, 4.452, 159.70; 30. Brian Carr,4.464, 164.29; 31. Darryl Holmes, 4.491, 163.16; 32. Craig Rosenberg, 4.500, 157.96; 33. Ron Clark,4.521, 156.57; 34. Mike Thyen, 4.525, 155.70; 35. Richard Holder, 4.704, 149.36; 36. BrunsonGrothus, 4.749, 125.00; 37. Kim Morrell, 4.762, 155.38; 38. Baybay Yarbrough, 4.791, 147.99; 39.Broderick Jackson, 6.478, 70.35.

Extreme Pro Stock -- 1. Dean Goforth, Pontiac GXP, 4.084, 176.77; 2. Matt Hartford, ChevyCobalt, 4.094, 175.23; 3. Brian Gahm, Ford Mustang, 4.103, 176.01; 4. Elijah Morton, Mustang,4.110, 176.10; 5. Robert Patrick, Mustang, 4.113, 175.11; 6. Doug Kirk, Mustang, 4.126, 176.03; 7.Cary Goforth, Cobalt, 4.128, 174.82; 8. Jason Collins, Cobalt, 4.137, 175.30; 9. Bert Jackson,Cobalt, 4.143, 174.14; 10. Jeff Dobbins, Mustang, 4.145, 173.72; 11. Steven Boone, Cobalt, 4.156,174.64; 12. Ron Miller, Pontiac Grand Am, 4.166, 172.28; 13. John Bartunek, Cobalt, 4.175, 172.56.

Pro Junior Dragster -- 1. Tyler Weatherford, Racetech, 8.002, 80.05; 2. Janna Vogler,Halfscale, 8.030, 79.72; 3. Brandon Pottorff, M/T, 8.018, 80.77; 4. Zach Pauley, Mike Bos, 7.953,82.84; 5. Ty Tutterow, Halfscale, 8.093, 81.46; 6. Makayla Wilson, Halfscale, 7.993, 80.44; 7.Patrick Weatherford, Racetech, 8.031, 80.53; 8. Ryan Crews, Halfscale, 8.032, 82.53; 9. RobertVogler III, Halfscale, 7.961, 81.80; 10. Tyler Allen, Halfscale, 8.298, 75.87; 11. Tia Tutterow,Halfscale, 8.519, 74.13; 12. Maxx Hyatt, Barrs, 7.974, 82.15; 13. Kendall Thiesse, Halfscale,8.026, 79.66; 14. KJ Nowling, Boss, 8.159, 82.50; 15. Timmy Cliffton Jr., Strike Force, 7.897,82.68; 16. John Moretz, 7.871, 80.94.


Flowmaster’s product line includes exhaust products for Performance Street, Muscle Cars, Trucks, Street Rods, RVs, Motorhomes, and all types of race applications. With more than 400 different muffler models, 370-plus exhaust systems and numerous exhaust accessories available, Flowmaster offers the choice to fit your specific vehicle needs, or your sound preference from "wild to mild." For more information on Flowmaster, visit


The National Guard is the oldest component of the Armed Forces of the United States and one of the nation’s longest enduring institutions. The National Guard operates in all 50 states, three territories (Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands) and the District of Columbia. For more information on the National Guard, visit


Based in O’Fallon, Missouri, the American Drag Racing League is the nation’s premier sanctioning body for the sport of eighth-mile drag racing. The professional categories featured in the ADRL are Extreme Pro Stock, Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Extreme 10.5, Pro Nitrous, and Pro Extreme, the quickest doorslammer class in all of drag racing. The 2009 National Guard ADRL series consists of 10 national events run throughout the United States. For more information on the ADRL, visit

August 3, 2009

West Coast Pro Mods Spokane Washington

Round 1
Dennis Radford, .059, 6.351, 221.82 def.
Rod Pearce, .098, 6.594, 215.68

Lee Smith, .039, 6.548, 217.21 def.
Ross Hogenson, .083, 10.708, 78.33

Joe Delehay, .112, 6.269, 228.07 def.
Wayne Hofer, -.231, 6.537, 207.05

Dan Vogt, .074, 6.505, 215.20 def.
Vern Mills, .156, 6.571, 209.46

Round 2
Lee Smith, .026, 6.537, 217.42 def.
Dan Vogt, .093, 7.847, 130.38

Joe Delehay, .117, 6.256, 227.80 def.
Dennis Radford, .085, 8.604, 104.08

Joe Delehay, .114, 6.251, 228.61 def.
Lee Smith, .020, 6.668, 197.48

Final qualifying order (just a guess, based on the eliminations and Friday #'s)

1. Joe Delehay
2. Dennis Radford
3. Dan Vogt
4. Lee Smith
5. Ross Hogenson
6. Vern Mills
7. Rod Pearce
8. Wayne Hofer

Friday Qualifying

Pro Mods
1. Joe Delehay, 6.240, 229.43
2. Dennis Radford, 6.417, 213.10
3. Dan Vogt, 6.492, 216.06
4. Ross Hogenson, 6.555, 166.68
5. Lee Smith, 6.627, 220.22
6. Rod Pearce, 6.669, 212.33
7. Tom Meheden, 6.759, 206.61
8. Perry Krinitt, 6.965, 201.85
9. Perry Thyr, 7.070, 148.35
10. Vern Mills, 9.349, 97.99
11. Tim Mann, 11.582, 76.60


May 31, 2009

Tindle Takes Topeka!

TOPEKA, Kan. (May 31, 2009) - Pro Mod racer Tim Tindle found his way through the uncharted fields of Heartland Park Topeka all the way to the winner's circle in the Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge presented by ProCare Rx.

Marking the first time the Challenge has visited the O'Reilly NHRA Summer Nationals, the drivers and teams were greeted with full stands of fans and treated them to a show of fast runs and close races all under the sunny skies of Kansas.

Tindle made good on his purpose when he said at the beginning of the race "I'm here to win" by besting Chip King, Danny Rowe and even number one qualifier Joe Baker en route to the final-round matchup against Jay Payne. Payne had beaten Mike Knowles and then single-handedly took out the nitrous-burning teammates Burton Auxier and Mike Castellana to earn his berth in the money round.

In the final, it was all Tindle and his Quain Stott-tuned ‘67 Mustang, as he led from wire to wire and won the race, 6.059/235.47 to 6.095/237.30.

"This was just awesome," Tindle said as he clutched the Get Screened America Warrior at the finish line. "Somehow, I just knew it was our weekend. We came out here with the purpose to be the first winners at this event, and sure enough, we did it.

"Quain got this ole' Mustang running so well in the heat of the day, and we were able to get down the track consistently while the other guys were just trying too hard and smoking the tires. Of course, in that last lap against Jay it was a great race -- he's always tough, but this one was just ours."

Also on a tear this weekend was Matco Tools-driver Joe Baker who earned his first No. 1 qualifying position and set Heartland Park Topeka track records for both fastest speed at 241.76 MPH and quickest ET at 5.971 seconds in his Mike Ashley Racing '68 Camaro. He was the only driver to break into the sub-six second zone all weekend.

Mike Castellana had another great performance and stayed second in the points standings, while his teammate, Burton Auxier, managed to hold on to first place despite a second-round exit.

Next up on the schedule is the June 11-14 United Association NHRA SuperNationals at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey.

Current Points Standings (after five of ten races)

1 Burton Auxier 382
2 Mike Castellana 376
3 Roger Burgess 320
4 Joe Baker 295
5 Danny Rowe 272
6 Jay Payne 271
7 Tim Tindle 270
8 Brad Personett 227
8 Raymond Commisso 227
10 Rick Stivers 200
10 Taylor Lastor 200
12 Mike Knowles 179
13 Harold Laird 155
14 Kenny Lang 140
15 Chip King 67
16 Andy McCoy 63
16 Kirk Wilmes 63
18 Rickie Smith 52
19 Billy Gibson 42
20 Tommy Gray 10
20 George Landis 10


Topeka Saturday Wrap-up
Baker's dozen down to seven as Pro Mods sizzle in Topeka

TOPEKA, Kan. (May 30, 2009) -
The field was full of excitement and competition was sizzling in the heartland as the Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge presented by ProCare Rx raced the quarter-mile Saturday in the O'Reilly NHRA Summer Nationals at Heartland Park Topeka. At the end of qualifying, Matco Tools driver Joe Baker was on top and a model of consistency, advancing to the second round of eliminations, having a bye in round one.

"I'm just thanking the Good Lord that we're doing so well here this weekend. With all the changes we've made on this car, I'm really excited to be running so consistently and quickly. We knew we had the car, but just couldn't get it dialed in - and now we're right where we knew we should be," Baker said.

Also advancing into the second round was No. 2 qualifier Mike Castellana who dispatched a struggling turbo-powered Brad Personett 6.087/234.53 to 6.714/177.81.

Personett said, "We had to make some big moves with the setup because we weren't having a lot of luck with what we were doing, and I guess we just found out what not to do next time. I'm not discouraged, though, we have a great car, and we've really got a lot of things working together well."

Castellana will have a bye round two and advance to the semi-finals.

Number three qualifier Roger Burgess' 67 Camaro took a hop and a jump when he faced off against points-leader Burton Auxier, landing Burgess on the trailer early and giving the leader an easy lap.

Auxier said, "We've been having a little trouble since we won Bristol, and I'm just starting to get things figured back out. These nitrous cars are touchy, and I think we've got things set for tomorrow. We dodged a bullet on that round, because I'm not sure what we would have run if Roger hadn't lifted, but a 'W' is a 'W' and we'll take it however it comes."

Knowles Enterprises and B&J Transmissions-backed Mike Knowles dropped a close race to former World Champion Jay Payne, giving up the win at the starting line despite having the quicker time. After qualifying No. 9, Knowles ran a 6.167/236.22 to Payne's slightly slower 6.169 235.97 but gave up almost six hundredths of a second in reaction time, .141 to Payne's .085.

R2B2 Racing-backed Raymond Commisso had a psychic .013-second reaction to slap a holeshot win on Taylor Lastor, 6.142/238.13 to the quicker-but-losing 6.080/237.21.

Lastor said, "You can't win when you give up almost a tenth on the tree. I can usually cut a really good light, but I must have gotten distracted or been sleeping, and he just had an amazing light."

Also advancing into round two were Tim Tindle who had a single run when Chip King failed to make the call due to a broken linkage, and Danny Rowe who took out rookie Kirk Wilmes, 6.100/238.72 to 6.257/230.45.

Eliminations will conclude Sunday beginning with round two action where Baker will take on Commisso, Rowe will face Tindle, and Auxier will meet Payne.

Topeka Friday qualifying

Joe Baker Tops Pro Mods in Topeka after Day One

TOPEKA, Kan. (May 29, 2009) - If first impressions are everything, the drivers of the Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge are very impressed. The skies were sunny and clear and the stands were full for the O'Reilly NHRA Summer Nationals in Topeka, Kansas, marking the first time the Challenge has raced at Heartland Park Topeka. A baker's dozen of cars took to the quarter-mile and Matco Tools driver Joe Baker took the provisional bragging rights for the class.

"This is an awesome facility," Baker said as he reveled in his number one spot. The 2008 Rookie of the Year blasted to a 5.995/241.76 in the first round and backed it up with a 5.974/241.63 in round two, with his crew chief Chuck Ford breathing a sigh of relief.

"We've struggled a lot in the recent races, and we changed everything on this car except the body. Clutch, tires, engine, blower - everything. We weren't really sure what we were going to get, but it's definitely working.

"I knew I was on a great run that first lap - so I just held on and punched it, and we ran some really good numbers. I can tell you this - I feel a lot better we backed it up. We'll see what happens tomorrow," Baker said.

R2B2 Racing's Roger Burgess took the provisional No. 2 with a 6.036/240.38, while Tim Tindle grabbed No. 3 with a 6.048/234.90.

Tindle said, "We really like the hot conditions, and with the track temp around 110, we really made a good pass. I know we have to make a move this weekend in the points, and I'm here to win - period."

Jay Payne made a solid run for the No. 4 spot, Gainesville winner Mike Castellana landed fifth, and Raymond Commisso sits sixth.

Current points leader Burton Auxier struggled during the first round, limping to a 6.414/220.69 with a flash at the end of the track. With his engine needing repair, Auxier sat out the second session and landed at No. 12, with Brad Personett riding lucky 13.

Qualifying is scheduled to conclude at 11:00 a.m. Saturday. Eliminations are slated to begin at 1:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon and conclude Sunday.


1 Joe Baker 5.974 241.63
2 Roger Burgess 6.036 240.38
3 Tim Tindle 6.048 234.9
4 Jay Payne 6.08 236.09
5 Mike Castellana 6.12 233.56
6 Raymond Commisso 6.155 239.61
7 Danny Rowe 6.169 237.92
8 Chip King 6.21 230.72
9 Mike Knowles 6.255 235.15
10 Taylor Lastor 6.266 193.29
11 Kirk Wilmes 6.351 229.63
12 Burton Auxier 6.414 220.69
13 Brad Personett 8.664 123.59

May 29, 2009

Topeka Kansas

Burgess and Commisso look to jump up the ladder in Topeka

TOPEKA, Kan. (May 27, 2009) - Teammates Roger Burgess and Raymond Commisso have torn up the competition in the Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge presented by ProCare Rx so far this season, scoring a win for Burgess in St. Louis and a runner-up for Commisso in Bristol, Tenn. The pair, under the watchful eyes of legendary tuner and driver Al Billes, has succeeded in becoming a force to be reckoned with and in setting numerous personal and class-best speeds and times.

This weekend, at Heartland Park Topeka in the O'Reilly NHRA Summer Nationals in Topeka, Kansas, Burgess and Commisso both plan to jump up the ladder in the Pro Mod Challenge.

"I have to say, as a teammate and a team owner, Roger is an amazing person, but more importantly to me, he's become a personal friend and mentor," Commisso said.

"We've grown a lot together in the past several months - going through testing, our amazing performances together, his win, and my runner-up last week in Bristol. I guess it's just a brotherhood that comes from racing - and something that changes your life," he said.

Burgess, currently ranked third, won the Get Screened America Pro Mod event in St Louis, and Commisso, ranked ninth, won the IHRA event in San Antonio along with taking second in Bristol a week ago.

Burgess said, "For a new team, we've really come together well. Al is a great leader, and Ray is an incredible person and a great driver.

"We're having a lot of fun with what we're doing and I'm confident we're going to continue positioning ourselves in the Challenge. The drivers are the very best, and NHRA has done an awesome job giving us a great place to race.

"We're looking forward to racing in Topeka this weekend, and once again competing with the very best drivers and teams around," he said.

Qualifying in the fifth of ten Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge events is scheduled for 3:30 and 6:00 p.m. Friday and 11:00 a.m. Saturday. Eliminations are slated to begin at 1:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon and conclude Sunday.


April 12, 2009

ADRL Saturday eliminations

CECIL, Ga. -- Upset victories, first time winners, record-breaking performances and another overflow, record-setting crowd highlighted the ADRL Hardee's Georgia Drags at South Georgia Motorsports Park.
Jason Hamstra (Pro Extreme), Jim Halsey (Pro Nitrous), Billy Glidden (Flowmaster Extreme 10.5), Matt Prophit (Pro Extreme Motorcycle) and Brian Gahm (Extreme Pro Stock) were winners in their respective classes.

It was the first career ADRL victory for Hamstra, Prophit and Gahm.

Final round results for the ADRL Hardee's Georgia Drags V at South Georgia Motorsports Park, round two of the ten race National Guard ADRL tour.

Pro Extreme - Jason Hamstra (3.801 seconds, 197.45 mph) def. Jason Scruggs (5.128 - 91.73)

Pro Nitrous - Jim Halsey (3.9201 - 191.00) def. Steve Vick (3.953 - 187.57)

Flowmaster Extreme 10.5 - Billy Glidden (4.091 - 176.03) def. Spiro Pappas (4.161 - 178.80)

Pro Extreme Motorcycle - Matt Prophit (4.238 - 170.39) def. Charlie Prophit (11.476 - 34.14)

Extreme Pro Stock - Brian Gahm (4.085 - 177.09) def. Cary Goforth (4.136 - 175.18)

ADRL Valdosta Friday qualifying


CECIL, Ga. -- Drags V Frankie Taylor (Pro Extreme); KA Balooshi (Pro Nitrous); Jeff Naiser (Flowmaster Extreme 10.5); Broderick Jackson (Pro Extreme Motorcycle) and Robert Patrick Jr. (Extreme Pro Stock) led their respective classes after the first round of qualifying at the ADRL Hardee's Georgia Drags V at South Georgia Motorsports Park.
Taylor's 3.762 second run at 202.09 miles per hour was also a career best for the Texas-based racer.

"We knew that there was a 200 in it," said Taylor. "We ran nearly that fast last week in testing."

Taylor's 3.76 was even more impressive considering that there were five cars that clocked elapsed times in the 3.80s and that it was also his only run of the day for Taylor. "We never did get to make a practice run," added Taylor. "Maybe it's a good thing. We might have wasted that run in practice."

In Pro Nitrous, K A Balooshi also ran a career best run in his Shannon Jenkins-tuned Al Anabi Racing '68 Camaro.

Jenkins, the veteran Pro Nitrous campaigner is sitting out as a driver this weekend and wearing his crew chief hat in order to focus on getting Balooshi in the top of the field. His efforts paid off.

"I wanted to put all of my energies towards making his car get down the track," said Jenkins. "He has really improved as a driver and we needed to do was give him a fast car. We knew the car was capable of that kind of run."

Balooshi's 3.870 at 196.33 mph run was not only a career best for the young driver from Qatar, but the mile per hour mark was faster than the current world record (194.13) held by Jim Halsey. Balooshi needs to back up his run within 1% during the weekend to claim the record.

Jeff Naiser's 4.106 at 179.59 mph wasn't a record breaker (4.100 - Billy Glidden), but it was quick enough to put the Texan at the top of an extremely tight Flowmaster Extreme 10.5 field. Glidden qualified number two with a 4.113.

The Pro Extreme Motorcycle field of 41 bikes is the largest in National Guard ADRL history as well as being one of the most competitive.

Names like Matt Prophit, Coodee Thomas, Brunson Grothus and Billy Vose are on the outside looking in as is Matt Smith riding George Bryce's 2009. Bryce's Star Racing is making its ADRL debut at this event and the venerable motorcycle innovator is still working the bugs out of his PXM combination.

It took an elapsed time of 4.230, which is quicker than the current world record (4.237 - Charlie Prophit) for Georgia native Broderick Jackson to claim the number one qualifying spot. Jackson's 176.90 mph speed was also faster than the current record (173.61 - Nikie Corley). "We've been expecting (a run like that) all year," said Jackson. "(Crew chief) Walter Robinson has been working hard to give us the kind of power that could produce a run like that." Robert Patrick paced the Extreme Pro Stock field with his 4.072 second at 176.07 mph qualifier. Both the ET and speed are potential new XPS world records.

"This was a better motor than we had in Houston," said Patrick, referring to the National Guard ADRL season opener last month. "We could have run quicker, but we were afraid the track wouldn't hold it."

In Pro Junior Dragster, Neal Williams of Thomasville, Georgia led qualifying with a stellar .003 reaction time.

Feb 27, 2009


ADRL testing from Houston.

photos courtesy ADRL

The big talk was all about Don Wooton. Forget about Jim Halsays 3.84. I wouldn't forget about the Pro Nitrous as he and the Al Anabi team as well as the Radford/ Harper duo and Pat Stoken will lay down a few stout runs which will rival the Pro Extreme class. The one exception in this debate will possibly start to play out this weekend as Don Wooton makes history in doorslammer racing. He debuts the first ever injected Nitro Pro Mod in Houston. They was much anticipation all day long and Wooton was the last car to attempt a run in what was an off day for the fledgling ADRL competitors. Most struggled with tire shake as all wanted to make a statement. Wooton along with tuner Joe Monden and consultant Tom Conway were last to head down the 660 Friday. The car was lit and the burnout was complete. As the car rolled to the staging beams in died.

They will try again Saturday. What was the issue, why did it die. They did not have enough fuel in the tank!

ADRL Web site is here

West Coast Pro Mod web site is here.

Canada West Doorslammer web site is here.

PSCA web site is here

WCOPMA web site is here.

January 4, 2009

WCPM 2009 schedule

March 5-6 WCPM Tucson, Ar
May 9-10 WCPM Billings Montana, (subject to change)
May 16-17 WCPM, Spokane Raceway, Spokane WA
May 23-24 WCPM Medicine Hat, AB
June 13-14 WCPM Castrol Raceway, Edmonton
June 20 WCPM Salt Lake Rocky Mountain Raceway (subject to change)
June 27-28 WCPM Mission Raceway
July 31-Aug 1-2 WCPM Spokane
Aug. 14-16 WCPM Boise Nightfire Nationals
Aug. 22-23 WCPM Denver Bandimere Speedway
Sep 5-6 WCPM Billings Montana (subject to change)

December 20, 2008

2009 ADRL schedule

March 6-7 ADRL
Dragpalooza V Houston Raceway Park
Baytown, Texas
April 10-11 Inaugural ADRL
Florida Drags TBD

May 22-23 ADRL Hardee's
Georgia Drags V TBD

June 5-6 ADRL Pizza Hut
Summer Drags V U.S. 131 Motorsports Park
Martin, Michigan
June 19-20 ADRL
Gateway Drags II TBD

July 3-4 ADRL Shelor Motor Mile
Independence Drags III Motor Mile Dragway
Radford, Virginia

July 24-25 ADRL
U.S. Drags II Virginia Motorsports Park
Dinwiddie, Virginia

August 21-22 ADRL
Gatorz Ohio Drags III National Trail Raceway
Hebron, Ohio

September 11-12 ADRL Flowmaster
Dragstock VI Rockingham Dragway
Rockingham, North Carolina

October 23-24 LenMar Motorsports
ADRL World Finals V Texas Motorplex
Ennis, Texas

PSCA 2009 schedule

***Special Event***
January 24 - 25 / Las Vegas, NV. (Non Points Race)
PSCA Winter Warm-Ups Test Session & Bracket Race

***2009 Season Starts***
February 6 - 8 / Phoenix, AZ. (Day Race)
Hughes Performance Arizona Nationals

March 13 - 15 / Fontana, CA. (Day Race)
Orme Bros Inc. Spring Break Shootout

April 17 - 19 / Las Vegas, NV. (Day Race)
K&N Filters Las Vegas Nationals

May 15 - 17 / Fontana, CA. (Day Race)
Borla Performance Exhaust California Nationals

June 19 - 21 / Las Vegas, NV. (Night TnT & Qual, Day Elims)
PSCA Father's Day Nationals and Classic Car Show

September 4 - 6 (Night) / Las Vegas, NV. (Night Race)
Chris Alston?s Chassisworks Labor Day Nationals

September 18 - 20 / Fontana, CA. (Day Race)
Accufab West Coast Shootout

October 16 - 18 / Las Vegas, NV. (Day Race)
Mickey Thompson Tires Fall Nationals

November 6 - 8 / Fontana, CA. (Day Race)
Edelbrock World Finals

***Special Event***
November 19 - 22 / Las Vegas, NV. (Day Race)
Chris Alston?s Chassisworks Street Car Super Nationals V

2009 ADRL results are here:




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