November , 2011

(Bob Snyder photos)

Just some of the wild action at SCSN

Rod Burbage blew a transmission line on this burnout and too no surprise fluid got on the tires and he went for a ride.

Rick Van Unen got real loose in his Nova

Steve Nicholson had a nitrous explosion on the launch in his third qualifier. He was in the field, but could not make round one

Garrett Richards went cone hunting in round one

Ya the bite is always good at Vegas, but Wheelie bars would help.


SCSN 7 Sunday eliminations

(con't from home page) ......... 3 spot got the win in Pro Street over #1 qualifier Mike Maggio, running a 6.005/232 to a slowing 6.73@205.

In Outlaw 10.5, Billy Glidden got the win as the #1 qualifier and had low et for the weekend. He defeated #2 qualifier Mike Murillo in the final round. Murillo broke in the semi final win and could not run in the final.


Number 1 and 2 were also in the Outlaw 8.5 final round but it was #2 Eric Gustafson who took home the money as he defeated a much quicker but late leaving Manual Figuerio 5.38 to 5.25, ouch!

Mike DeMayo, the Hot Street #2 qualifier, defeated #3 Don Bowles 8.11 to 8.14.


#1 qualifier Kyle King got the win in Wild Street over #2 qualifer Jeff Young 7.61 to a slowing 9.13.

The Street Challenge winner was #3 Rick Hatch over #2 Anthony Smith 9.56 to 9.60.

Number 10 qualifier Doug Crumlich defeated a red lighting but #1 qualifier Paul Weichman in Super Street.

Mustang Madness winner was Justen Spencer. The runner-up was Cal Gordon.

In Open Comp Ron DeHoop got the winners check over Doug Carter.


In the Double Index final, Hank Oliver defeated Jay Schmidt.


Edmonton's Jim Low defeated Johnny Calvert in Bracket one.


Sunday highlights ....... Lots to talk about from Sunday with more on track incidences, some great side by sides, and historic barrier breaking runs.

Starting with history, Brad Brand did what a number of teams tried to do and that was be the first to run a five second et with 10.5 tires. He managed the feat in eliminations after a many teams tried (in vane) to do it in qualifying. Brand came about as close as you could come to running the number in qualifying running a 6.001@233, but he managed the feat in round one.

Brand the # 6 qualifier took on Canadian Scott Blake who ran a career best 6.359 to end up #27. The race was over early as you could see Brand was on a run from 200 feet on. The car continued to pull hard and he turned on the scoreboard with a 5.970/232. Blake had another solid pass running a 6.46, but it was no match for the Turbo Mustang. Sean Renteria ran 5.721/242, easily the quickest Pro Street pass on the West coast in his Valient.

He defeated Shannon Jenkins who went 6.05. Now, not to be a party pooper, but based on the incrementals on the run and the fact the RT was 3/10ths slow (.391) and the 60 foot was 3/10th quick (.697). The run was three tenths quicker than Sean has gone before. Likely it was a 6.00-6.04. The speeds Troy Coughlin was running were unreal as he was over 250 on four of his runs including a top speed of 255 and change. New Yorker David Hance struggled big time in his Pro Street Turbo 57 Chevy after running 5.70's a few weeks ago. His best was a 6.08 (his engine expired at 1100 feet on that run). On two or three runs he suffered engine damage. In his Extreme Drag Radial Mustang he ripped off a 213 mph blast that had to be the fastest ever in the class. John Mihovetz ran real close to his back breaking Comp runs a week earlier at Pomona. His best was a 6.08 at Pomona and here he went 6.12 in 2500 more feet of air. After running 5.70's in testing Friday, Mike Maggio with extra weight for the actual event ran a best of 5.91/250 in his screw powered Hemi. He was solid throughout eliminations, but shook and was forced to lift before the finish line as Gonzalez got the Pro Street win.


Gonzalez ran his best number in round two when he defeated Canadian and first to the fives (in West Canada) Joe Delehay. Jose went 5.94 to Delehay's 6.11. Joe went 6.04 in round one, and was the only North West driver to advance past round one. Round three had the quickest side by side ever in Pro Street as Jose Gonzalez defeated Brad Brand. Both cars had identical 5.942 ET's. Jose had 13/1000ths at the tree and that was the difference. Marc Meadors wasted a 5.960 in round three against Rod Burbage. Burbage shook and lifted but Meadors went .007 red.

In the semi finals all four Pro Street cars were loaded for bear, and it cost two of them as Clint Hairston driving the the ex Coughlin Turbo, shook and overpowered the track losing to a 6.03 by Maggio, while Burbage had a great .010 light against Gonzalez but he was loose down low, pedaled his Vette but by then the Turbo GTO in the other lane was off to another five second et. A great 5.966/248! The final round (a 6.005) was the only run in eliminations by Gonzalez that was not in the "fives".

In all there were 13 drivers from Washington, BC and Alberta entered in the Pro Street class. In Outlaw 10.5 there were five cars from that neck of the woods.


Extreme Drag Radial saw #6 Rich Hoyle take out #35 Chris Groves 7.42 - 8.14. Groves got in got as an alternate after #13 qualifier Eric Pederson could not return. Pederson had that wild incident Saturday when the throttle stuck on his Firebird after hitting the wall. That crazy crash (video link is here) put the end to qualifying. Chris struggled in qualifying but got the break he needed and went all the way to the final. John Wall, another alternate in Extreme Drag Radial likely wished he didn't run eliminations as he had a real hard crash(below) in round one against Dana Cook. After getting loose at 300 feet he turned into the left wall seriously damaging his Mustang.

Roy Moznik got his El Camino sorted out for round one of Outlaw 10.5, but did not get the win as he was late off the tree.

He ripped off a career best 6.63/208. His opponent was #2 qualifier Mike Murillo. Murillo went 6.58/218 in the round win.

That was the quickest side by side in the history of the class at SCSN. Brother Dale also lost in round one, his worst finish at the event. Dale is a two time champion in Outlaw 10.5.

Todd Fleck from Medicine Hat, a first time competitor at SCSN in Outlaw 10.5 went to the third round. Todd shook the tires against Bill Glidden who went low for the weekend, a 6.402 on the third round win.


Saturday final qualifying..................................

What a day at Vegas, as final qualifying saw plenty of movement and the quickest 32 car field of fast doorcars anywhere. Plus someof the on track action was shocking. Plenty of fast cars are outside the field and eventhough there are a half dozen 5 second cars, the guys at the back of the field are only 3/10ths back and, as usual at this race, don't count anyone out.


1. Mike Maggio
2. Marc Meadors
3. Jose Gonzalez
4. Shannon Jenkins
5. Troy Coughlin
6. Brad Brand
7. Dan Nicholson
8. Aaron Wells
9. Steve Matusek
10. Rod Burbage
11. Joe Lepone Jr
12. Clint Hairston
13. Sean Renteria
14. Joe Delehay
15. Randy Adler
16. John Mihovetz
17. Brett Williamson
18. Randy Walker
19. Lee Smith
20. Randy Kay
21. Monte Berney
22. Guiseppe Gentile
23. David Hance
24. Mike Bowman
25. Dale Pedersen
26. Scott Bailey
27. Scott Blake
28. Tommy Johanns
29. Garrett Richards
30. Dan Vogt
31. Yvonne Lucas
32. Jeremy Hanger


Dan Myers
Trevor Lowe
Scott Oksas
Dal Sangha
Rob Moore
Wade Maggio
Greg Seth Hunter
Kelly Bluebaugh
Mark Campbell
Toni Moretto
Don Wilk
Rick Blaisdell
Tony Marino
Glen May
Matt Rhoades
Steve Goddard
Larry Larson
Karl Wilson
Mitch Chamberlain
John Scialpi
Blake Housely
Joe Barry
Jim Knight







Outlaw 10.5

1 5 Bill Glidden, Whiteland IN, '10 Mustang 6.543 193.10 193.10
2 1 Mike Murillo, San Antonio TX, '93 Mustang 6.571 206.39 206.39
3 64 Chris Alston, Elk Grove CA, '64 Nova 6.653 210.57 210.57
4 765A Ron Weems, Riverside CA, '07 Gto 6.786 203.12 203.12
5 357 Ray Jaso, San Antonio TX, '69 Ford Mach 1 6.834 219.44 219.44
6 6987 Dale Moznik, Merrit BC, '68 El Camino 6.856 202.39 203.92
7 690E Todd Fleck, Medicine Hat AB, '06 Gto 6.866 202.03 202.03
8 628 Paja (pie-ya) Agatonovic, Beaverton OR, '69 Ca 7.000 196.22 196.22
9 62 Chris Kephart, Simi Valley CA, '62 Impala Ss 7.034 203.28 203.28
10 P156 Arnie Fisher, Brighton CO, '02 Chevy 7.035 196.04 196.04
11 3 Dwayne James, Albuquerque NM, '03 Cobra 7.122 195.00 195.00
12 5999 Mike Sasina, Henderson CO, '03 Mustang 7.178 189.47 198.50
13 D628 Mike Dowling, Clancy MT, '67 Camaro 7.215 192.14 192.14
14 7101 Bill Chaffin, Woodland Hills CA, '87 Grand Nat 7.260 205.88 205.88
15 751 Chris Storlie, Oregon City OR, '55 Chevy 7.371 183.52 194.94
16 2799 Jeff Andre, Parker CO, '71 Camaro 7.397 183.27 192.36
17 G664 Ron Pease, Port Orchard WA, '70 Nova 7.436 186.12 186.12
18 6057 Kevin Delap, Bozeman MT, '70 Nova 7.655 177.65 177.65
19 K686 Steve Nicholson, Aldergrove BC, '63 Vette 7.891 150.85 178.21
20 10 Scot Slotten, Henderson NV, '01 Grand Am 8.314 121.02 121.02
21 2000 David Rogers, Winnipeg Manitoba , '00 Camaro 8.363 202.76 202.76
22 21 Greg Orr, Pueblo CO, '85 Corvette 8.397 164.21 177.79
23 715 Kris Lauffer, San Marcos Ca, '54 Vw Bug 8.403 159.53 159.53
24 5368 Sheldon Root, Winnipeg manitoba , '62 Arcadian 9.092 178.38 178.38
25 6226 Roy Moznik, Langley BC, '68 El Camino 15.885 65.00 65.00

Outlaw 8.5

1 1 Manuel Figueroa, Moorpark CA, '10 Mustang 5.296 136.29 136.29
2 7385 Eric Gustafson, Vernon CA, 5.419 133.26 133.26
3 21 Mike Orban, Santa Maria CA, '68 Camaro 5.431 137.05 137.05
4 69 Krusty Ramsey, Lasalle CO, '78 Buick Coupe 5.527 130.81 130.81
5 68 Dj Reid, San Jose CA, '68 Camaro 5.559 129.53 133.82
6 50 Ben Davidow, San Mateo CA, '95 Mustang 5.640 135.89 136.36
7 14 Thomas Daugherty, Lakewood CA, '90 Mustang 5.662 130.38 130.38
8 13 Richard Shelly, Glendale AZ, '81 Merc Capri 5.664 124.88 124.88
9 16 Tony Politano, Lancaster CA, '91 Mustang 5.673 125.96 125.96
10 12 Jason Kenzevich, Pahrump NV, '90 Mustang 5.772 121.84 122.09
11 732 Deron Grove, N Las Vegas NV, '55 Chevy 5.787 127.91 127.91
12 8558 Eddy Ruesga 'reska', San Antonio TX, '93 Cobra 5.806 122.36 122.36
13 5799 Darcy Laws, Casper WY, '85 Olds 5.824 125.00 125.56
14 66 Gordan Saiki, Long Beach CA, '66 Corvette 5.829 124.41 124.41
15 15 Mark Everhart, Aurora CO, '94 Camaro 6.101 126.06 126.06
16 777 Jack Avetisiam, Van Nuys CA, '85 Buick 6.261 118.35 118.35
17 578V Aaron Ginn, Cheyenne WY, '70 Nova 6.303 130.09 130.09
18 188 Anthony Dickson, Albuquerque NM, '61 Ford 6.429 98.14 98.14
19 4 Mike Pillen, Peoria AZ, '90 Mustang 6.447 84.97 84.97
20 89 Bill Kincade, Glendale AZ, '89 Mustang 6.662 113.33 113.33
21 72 Mike Saiki, Long Beach CA, '72 Corvette 6.821 100.61 100.61
22 2 Mark Washington, Hawthorne CA, '85 Mustang 8.438 62.28 62.28

Extreme Drag Radial

1 00 Roger Holder, Bakersfield CA, '00 Camaro 7.088 203.77 203.77
2 443 Josh Lindsay, Wagoner OK, '04 Mustang 7.239 196.93 197.80
3 600W Sandi Wold, Camas WA, '00 Mustang 7.320 192.93 192.93
4 72 Al Jimenez, Sylmar CA, '68 Camaro 7.349 197.51 197.51
5 3 Allen Stewart, Palmdale CA, '68 Camaro 7.513 185.41 185.41
6 63 Rich Hoyle, Palmdale CA, '63 Nova 7.516 180.69 180.69
7 1 Dave Bowman, Fremont CA, '02 Camaro 7.619 203.86 203.86
8 9553 Angel Padilla, San Antonio TX, '87 Mustang 7.621 188.04 188.04
9 55 Bobby Frye, Los Angeles CA, '00 Camaro 7.644 200.23 200.23
10 5368 Sheldon Root, Winnepeg Manitoba , '62 Acadian 7.731 192.99 192.99
11 15 Levi Hanna, Montclair CA, '00 Camaro 7.747 189.52 189.52
12 73 Brent Campbell, Amarillo TX, '67 Camaro 7.754 154.44 154.44
13 600 Eric Petersen 'wildman', Enumclaw WA, '69 Fire 7.771 182.90 182.90
14 11 Danny Topol, North Las Vegas NV, '70 Nova 7.821 177.67 177.67
15 9 Walter Grosse, Gales Creek OR, '99 Mustang 8.026 180.96 181.64
16 V566 Vance Hewitt, Rifle CO, '76 Nova 8.047 188.07 188.07
17 L769 Jeff Longden, N Las Vegas NV, '10 Camaro 8.105 169.49 169.49
18 277 David Hance, Inwood NY, '93 Mustang 8.165 132.63 136.23
19 5412 Thea Zancanella, Aurora CO, '03 Cobra 8.194 181.03 181.03
20 50 Steve Deyoung, Yucaipa CA, '68 Camaro 8.356 178.24 178.24
21 5X30 Brant Palmer, Petersfield Manitoba , '00 Camaro 8.370 169.32 169.32
22 65 Rob Allen, Palmdale CA, '67 Malibu 8.393 165.70 165.70
23 17 Terry Barkley, Los Angeles CA, '70 Nova 8.588 127.11 127.11
24 1969 Rob Barrios, Woodland CA, '69 Nova 8.742 144.41 144.41
25 1970 Mark Meiering, Albuquerque NM, '07 Shelby 8.745 158.48 160.06
26 14 Kelly Henry, Lancaster CA, '94 Mustang 8.747 168.77 168.77
27 19 Ronald Johnson, Los Angeles CA, '94 Camero 9.091 126.86 126.86
28 21 Johnny Coleman, Ontario CA, '69 Camaro 9.361 130.99 133.86
29 M644 Art Raz, Ridgefield WA, '91 Mustang 9.372 164.53 164.53
30 67 Walt Brock, Ventura CA, '67 Chevy Camero 9.896 97.57 97.57
31 702 Dana Cook, Mesa AZ, '05 Mustang Gt 10.596 90.59 90.59
32 22 Slim Assad, Needles CA, 10.753 99.47 99.47

------------ Not Qualified ------------

33 7677 John Wall, Wildomar CA, '88 Mustang 11.446 138.80 138.80
34 820 Mike Keenan, Albuquerque NM, '68 Camaro 16.270 63.18 63.18
35 23 Chris Groves, Albuquerque NM, '88 Mustang 17.000 50.00 50.00

Hot Street

1 23 Robbie Blankenship, Hudson FL, '04 Mustang 8.126 165.40 165.40
2 117 Michael Demayo, Butler PA, '95 Mustang 8.168 166.09 166.09
3 2 Don Bowles, Madisonville KY, '05 Mustang 8.237 165.07 165.07
4 1 Vic Brum, Peoria AZ, '70 Chevelle 8.334 161.65 163.08
5 9 Rod Dewild, Henderson CO, '64 Chevy Ii 8.341 160.71 160.71
6 8 Craig Gustafson, Encinitas CA, '66 Nova Ss 8.380 163.83 163.83
7 7230 Randy Jones, Monarch Beach CA, '05 Cavalier 8.409 164.93 164.93
8 7 Tony Aneian, N Hollywood CA, '68 Camaro 8.427 162.25 162.25
9 769 Daniel Bott, Carefree AZ, '98 Mustang 8.433 160.79 160.79
10 72 Al Alguire, Las Vegas NV, '68 Barracuda 8.451 161.30 162.16
11 4 Anthony Valentino, Downey CA, '90 Mustang 8.461 159.70 159.70
12 3148 Ben Meas, Petersburg MI, '91 Mustang 8.508 161.85 161.85
13 19 Doug Broaddus, Anaheim CA, '68 Camaro 8.675 158.19 158.67
14 28 Darrell Shaffer, Apache Junction AZ, '87 Musta 8.679 160.08 160.08
15 G638 Pat Hermanson, Wa 0, '66 Nova 8.709 155.10 155.10
16 7225 Brad Udell, Irvine CA, '67 Nova 8.885 152.49 153.72
17 B683 Ryan Bell, St Albert AB, '76 Corvette 8.916 149.70 150.95
18 18 Chris Plankenhorn, Phoenix OR, '79 Malibu 9.304 145.31 145.48

Super Street

1 7673 Paul Wiechman, Torrance CA, '85 Olds 8.613 8.60 0.013
2 7865 Jaclyn Generalao, Las Vegas NV, '23 Ford R 8.617 8.60 0.017
3 68 Ron Oddo, Lancaster CA, '67 Camaro 8.619 8.60 0.019
4 D706 Dick Krieger, Las Vegas NV, '3t Altered 8.637 8.60 0.037
5 7741 Theodore Logan, Las Vegas NV, '02 S-10 8.653 8.60 0.053
6 7608 Randy Kersey, Moreno Valley CA, '79 Cutlass 8.671 8.60 0.071
7 7 Artis Houston, , 8.680 8.60 0.080
8 710B Ken Phillips, Las Vegas NV, '69 Amx 8.686 8.60 0.086
9 788D Doug Crumlich, Irvine CA, '96 Corvette 8.732 8.60 0.132
10 765K Kevin Stokesbery, Hesperia CA, '71 Chevelle 8.906 8.60 0.306
11 5368 Not on File, , 9.930 8.60 1.330
12 B692 Dave Walters, Brighton CO, '69 Chevelle 7.666 8.60 -0.934
13 820 Mike Keenan, Albuquerque NM, '99 Camaro 7.313 8.60 -1.287

Street Challenge

1 10 Ron Shaw, Upland CA, '84 Mustang 9.144 158.74 158.74
2 2 Anthony Smith, Hawthorne CA, '89 Mustang 9.414 150.30 150.30
3 3 Rick Hatch, Riverside CA, '89 Mustang 9.683 151.77 151.77
4 24 Scott Bieschke, Henderson NV, '88 Mustang 9.788 157.82 157.82
5 007 Matt Sendejas, Inglewood CA, '84 Mustang 9.799 127.87 127.87
6 1 Steve Fulgham, Laguna Hills CA, '03 Corvette 9.850 151.73 151.73
7 100 Jeffrey Cagle, Carson CA, '65 Mustang 10.086 140.71 140.71
8 22 Cameron Hensley, Fair Oaks CA, '02 Camaro 10.303 131.86 131.86
9 7568 Bryan Broadus, Yorba Linda CA, '71 Vega 10.703 135.71 135.71
10 7044 Steven Crain, Barstow CA, '72 Vega 11.795 139.83 139.83

Mustang Madness

1 704G Cal Gordon, Hesperia CA, '86 Mustang 0.000 0.000
2 K719 Chuck Keehne, Las Vegas NV, '87 Mustang 0.003 0.003
3 1 Scott Dool, Newbury Park CA, '95 Mustang 0.006 0.006
4 7189 Sergio Felipe Crespo, San Francisco CA, '65 Must 0.008 0.008
5 777J Daniel Marciano, Alta Loma Ca] , '86 Mustang 0.017 0.017
6 7284 Mark Capps, Madera CA, '89 Mustang 0.021 0.021
7 8565 Steven Buck, Bullhead City AZ, '65 Mustang 0.037 0.037
8 4 Justin Spencer, Las Vegas NV, '00 Roush Mustang 0.038 0.038
9 5 Paul Huizenga, San Diego CA, '04 Mustang 0.041 0.041
10 68 Dan Akre, West Hills CA, '02 Mustang 0.073 0.073
11 7670 Paul Fercho, Valencia CA, '06 Mustang Gt 0.098 0.098
12 B477 Kevin St Clair, , 0.113 0.113
13 22 Stephen Porcho, Bakersfield CA, '11 Mustang 0.114 0.114
14 116 Justin Keller, Surprise AZ, '87 Mustang 0.139 0.139
15 V706 Carl Gagnon, Las Vegas NV, '07 Mustang 0.159 0.159
16 2730 Bo Kenney, Manassas VA, '07 Mustang 0.163 0.163
17 89 Greg Montoya, Camarillo CA, '65 Mustang 0.180 0.180
18 7327 Briant Wiltz, Anaheim CA, '65 Mustang 0.198 0.198
19 690 Doug Wiens, Stony Plain AB, '89 Mustang 0.238 0.238
20 11 Suresh Shrestha, Las Vegas NV, '02 Mustang 0.341 0.341
21 100 Alex Masci, Las Vegas NV, '00 Mustang 0.738 0.738
22 737G Greg Monroe, Downey CA, '01 Ford 2.351 2.351

Open Comp

1 45 John Kindred, Lancaster CA, '74 Vega 0.002 0.002
2 V217 Steve Spears ?, Las Vegas NV, '64 Nova 0.003 0.003
3 788D Doug Crumlich, Irvine CA, '96 Corvette 0.003 0.003
4 1C Ron Dehoop, Bellflower CA, '67 Chevelle 0.005 0.005
5 777J Dan Marciano, Alta Loma CA, '95 Mustang 0.006 0.006
6 7167 Steve Westlund, Las Vegas NV, '69 Camaro 0.006 0.006
7 713D Doug Carter, Henderson NV, '69 Camaro 0.008 0.008
8 32 Jay Schmidt, Smith Center KS, '32 Ford 0.008 0.008
9 7741 Theodore Logan, Las Vegas NV, '02 Chevy S-10 0.010 0.010
10 T724 Ty Ishibashi, Las Vegas NV, '67 Camaro 0.011 0.011
11 4 Justen Spencer, Las Vegas NV, '00 Roush Mustang 0.013 0.013
12 14 Hank Oliver, Dana Point CA, '64 Nova 0.014 0.014
13 G748 George Mattie, Las Vegas NV, '74 Camaro 0.014 0.014
14 637B Not on File, , 0.016 0.016
15 765K Kevin Stokesbury, Hesperia CA, '71 Chevelle Ss 0.018 0.018
16 5140 Andy Pressimone, Las Vegas NV, '62 Nova 0.019 0.019
17 725 John Guinn, Fontana CA, '02 Camaro 0.019 0.019
18 25 Mike Matranga, Lakewood CA, '65 Nova 0.020 0.020
19 7196 Jim Marino, Upland CA, '66 Chevelle 0.020 0.020
20 6163 Patrick Nereu, Yakima WA, '63 Tempest 0.020 0.020
21 K719 Chuck Keehne, Las Vegas NV, '89 Mustang 0.022 0.022
22 6 Shawen Bevers, Las Vegas NV, '70 Camaro 0.023 0.023
23 118 Greg Scott, Gardena CA, '67 Malibu 0.025 0.025
24 P378 Earl Garczynski, Longmont CO, '64 Nova 0.030 0.030
25 767V Ken 'dak' Spears, Las Vegas NV, '54 Chevy pickup 0.033 0.033
26 J780 Jim Israel, Torrance CA, '66 Nova 0.035 0.035
27 7564 Michael Hadtrath, North Las Vegas NV, '05 Cavali 0.036 0.036
28 1963 Kelly Mclearran, Oro Valley AZ, '63 Falcon Futura 0.038 0.038
29 47 Jimmy Golden, Pinon Hills CA, '65 Nova Ss 0.038 0.038
30 8565 Steven Buck, Bullhead City AZ, '65 Mustang 0.045 0.045
31 J781 Ryan Johnston, Las Vegas NV, '85 Camaro 0.047 0.047
32 P649 Curt Milledge, Helena MT, '66 Nova 0.051 0.051
33 00 Roger Holder, Bakersfield CA, '00 Camaro 0.056 0.056
34 704G Cal Gordon, Hesperia CA, '85 Mustang 0.060 0.060
35 701K Paul Wolfe, Hemet CA, '67 Mustang 0.082 0.082
36 Z302 Tom Kuenzi, Menifee CA, '71 Vega Wagon 0.085 0.085
37 R667 Ron Pister Jr, Yakima WA, '69 Nova 0.101 0.101
38 M730 Sidney Mcdaniel, Albuquerque NM, '66 Dart 0.103 0.103
39 766G Gary Giessen, Escondido CA, '65 Skylark 0.109 0.109
40 7610 Jerry Snow, Cherry Valley CA, '67 Camaro 0.121 0.121
41 P622 Ron Pister, Moses Lake WA, '72 Vega 0.134 0.134
42 B529 Don Bolton, Thornton CO, '98 Camaro 0.161 0.161
43 29 John Sayler, Henderson NV, '57 Chevy 0.184 0.184
44 7230 Randy Jones, Monarch Beach CA, '05 Cavalier 0.202 0.202
45 10 Gary Mynhier, Las Vegas NV, '67 Camaro 0.289 0.289
46 G731 Jim Hastings, Moreno Valley CA, '70 Camaro 0.313 0.313
47 7771 Neil Pressimone, Las Vegas NV, '87 Volvo 0.362 0.362
48 66 Rachel Yee, Las Vegas NV, '02 Harley F150 0.391 0.391
49 110 Not on File, , 0.601 0.601

Double Bracket

1 7284 960 Mark Capps, Madera CA, '67 Mustang 9.600 9.60 0.000
2 767V 960 Ken (dak) Spears, Las Vegas NV, '54 Chevy 9.601 9.60 0.001
3 45 1060 John Kindred, Lancaster CA, '74 Vega 10.601 10.60 0.001
4 32 960 Jay Schmidt, Smith Center KS, '32 Ford Sed 9.602 9.60 0.002
5 1C 1060 Ron DeHoop, Bellflower CA, '67 Chevelle 10.606 10.60 0.006
6 715G 960 Glen Copley, Las Vegas NV, '68 Camaro 9.614 9.60 0.014
7 25 1060 Mike Matranga, Lakewood CA, '65 Nova 10.620 10.60 0.020
8 7189 1060 Sergio Felipe Crespo, San Francisco CA, '6 10.623 10.60 0.023
9 14 1060 Hank Oliver, Dana Point CA, '64 Nova Ii 10.629 10.60 0.029
10 637B 1060 Ken Goldade, Medicine Hat AB, Mustang-Kass 10.641 10.60 0.041
11 49 1060 Lori Dodes, Moorpark CA, '97 Chevy S-10 10.652 10.60 0.052
12 118 1060 Greg Scott, Gardena CA, '67 Malibu 10.655 10.60 0.055
13 6 960 Shawn Bevers, Las Vegas NV, '70 Camaro 9.667 9.60 0.067
14 P622 960 Ron Pister Sr., Moses Lake WA, '72 Vega 9.672 9.60 0.072
15 6163 1060 Patrick Neven, Yakima WA, '63 Pontiac 10.676 10.60 0.076
16 7053 960 Craig Yakubesan, Henderson NV, '66 Plym Be 9.689 9.60 0.089
17 G748 1060 George Mattie, Las Vegas NV, '70 Camaro 10.691 10.60 0.091
18 1273 960 Paul Cambria, Manassas VA, '08 Cobalt 9.697 9.60 0.097
19 7564 960 Michael Hadtrath, North Las Vegas NV, '05 9.701 9.60 0.101
20 V69 1060 Michael Berger, Las Vegas NV, '69 Camaro 10.710 10.60 0.110
21 J781 1060 Ryan Johnston, Las Vegas NV, '79 Camaro 10.721 10.60 0.121
22 R667 960 Ron Pister Jr., Yakima WA, '69 Nova 9.730 9.60 0.130
23 6006 960 Eddie Prenevost, Lapine OR, '59 Anglia 9.745 9.60 0.145
24 P700 1060 Dave Meigide, Running Springs CA, '71 Cama 10.747 10.60 0.147
25 G768 1060 Neil Evans, Las Vegas NV, '73 Duster 10.807 10.60 0.207
26 B731 1060 Steve Bushey, Las Vegas NV, '79 Firebird 10.989 10.60 0.389
27 7423 960 Rick Van Unen Sr., Ripon CA, '70 Nova 10.024 9.60 0.424
28 7372 960 Dave Eichorn, Beaver UT, '96 Corvette 10.099 9.60 0.499
29 69 1060 George Mitchell, Perris CA, '72 Camaro 11.245 10.60 0.645
30 164 960 Jim Lemond, Yorba Linda CA, '64 Chevelle 10.447 9.60 0.847
31 725 1060 John Guinn, Fontana CA, '02 Camaro 10.467 9.60 0.867
32 8195 1060 Stoney Stonebreaker, Litchfield Park AZ, ' 10.519 10.60 -0.081
33 P649 1060 Curt Milledge, Helena MT, '66 Nova 10.504 10.60 -0.096
34 33 960 Geoffrey Warner, North Las Vegas NV, '84 M 9.368 9.60 -0.232
35 10 960 Jason Ayers, Las Vegas NV, '69 Chevelle 8.831 9.60 -0.769


SCSN 7 Friday qualifying....................................As per usual the SCSN event had excitement in day one. Firstly the weather started off cold with temperature starting out in the high 40's it did warm up to the low 60's by the end of the day and the wind picked up later in the afternoon as well.

One of the Hitters in both 10.5 and Pro Street Rick Snavely had a real bad crash in his turbo Mustang as he went over the wall at the 800 foot mark and the car rolled several times. Rick had to be cut out of the car and was transported to hospital. An MRI was done and he has two broken arms and possibly leg.

There is swelling in and around one eye that they are concerned about, but according to a crew member most reports say he should be okay.

Qualifying is led by the tnt leader Mike Maggio. He went 5.78 in testing and in qualifying he leads with a 5.91.

Jose Gonzalez is #2 with a 5.955.

Marc Meadors rounds out the 5 second cars with a 5.99.

Troy Coughlin has top speed so far with a 253 mph blast. Four of the top five are turbo cars including Bad Brad Brand driving his 10.5 Mustang.

A few are trying to be the first in the fives with the 10.5 tires and he came close with a 6.026. John Mihovetz in his 280 cu in Turbo Stang went 6.136. NW drivers faired so/so, with Joe Delehay leading the crew from Canada.

He turned in a 6.12/237.95. The quickest nitrous driver is none other than Shannon Jenkins. He is #6 with a great 6.031. Scott Blake leads a trio of NW drivers in the 6.30's. He ran a career best 6.359/214mph.

Garrett Richards in right behind Blake with a 6.387 and

Dale Pedersen is next with a 6.397. They sit 20-22. Trevor Lowe is driving Jay Syvertsen's new Willys and he is #27 with a 6.483.

Dal Sangha made his best lap inhis rebuilt Mustang. The turbo small block turned in a 6.54/224 in the second round Friday. Rounding out the top 32 after two session is Mark Campbell in the Cambell Automotive Turbo 37 Chevy. He ran a 6.627.@220mph in the first round and did not improve in round two.

Yvonne Lucas, Dan Vogt, Wayne Hofer and

Don Wilk are outside the field so far.


The ADRL has their own page now. Go here for all the results

September 20, 2011

Remembering Bert Jackson

O’FALLON, MO (September 16, 2011) – Cale Aronson was thankful for one last moment with Bert Jackson last Friday at Rockingham Dragway.
Aronson shared a conversation with Jackson in the staging lanes, just minutes before the fatal accident that claimed Jackson’s life.
Their conversation wasn’t anything remarkable, just the normal ribbing and joking Aronson came to expect of a man he admired a great deal.
It’s the final memory Aronson will have of the 51-year-old Glen Allen, Va. native, but one that is consistent with the type of person Aronson excitedly grew to know over the past few years.
“I got to cut up with him in the staging lanes right before his last run, and I have never been so glad I talked to someone at one particular time as I am about that,” Aronson said. “He was an honest competitor who was thoughtful, courteous and always going above and beyond what was expected of him.
“Saying he will be missed is not even the beginning of how we all feel. He was willing to sacrifice so much to be there. He was beloved by all in the pits and nobody ever said an ill word of Bert Jackson, because he was nothing but pure gold.”
Jackson truly left an indelible impression on everyone in the American Drag Racing League (ADRL), but especially so in the incredibly close Extreme Pro Stock class.
His good nature, talents as a driver, and dedication to his family was noticeable to anyone who came into contact with Jackson.
His character was undeniable to anyone who got to know him, which simply made what happened last Friday all that much harder to swallow.
During the third qualifying session at Dragstock VIII, Jackson lost control of the car, resulting in a high-speed fatal crash.
It instantly left everyone in the ADRL shocked and saddened after the sudden loss of a man who meant so much to so many.
“Bert was a great guy. What I always liked about him is when you buckled in to run him, whether he won or lost, he was always the same person,” XPS driver Brian Gahm said. “He was the same guy all the time. He always had a smile on his face and he was a first-class guy.
“This just leaves you with a big hole in your heart.”
Gahm wasn’t the only one who was left permanently impressed with Jackson’s unwavering and uplifting personality.
When asked to talk about what they remembered most about Jackson, a man of deep faith and strong family values, others in the XPS class shared similar sentiments.
“Out of all the racers I’ve ever known and watched lose, some might get quiet and some may go so far as to throw their helmets, but Bert was the only one I knew to smile every time, win, lose or draw,” XPS driver John Montecalvo said.
“I beat him at Virginia on my way to the finals and the media wanted me for an interview after our run. I looked over and Bert was rolling up my parachutes for me, waving me to go on over to the interview. He was just that kind of guy.
“I always enjoy seeing all of our competitors at the events, but especially Bert. He will be terribly missed. But there’s no doubt that Bert Jackson was a winner in more ways than we realize. He will be long remembered in drag racing."
That character and demeanor will keep his memory alive forever.
His laugh and his personality had a unique way of drawing people in, which helped form incredible friendships within the class.
In turn, everyone within the class became his fans, creating a memorable scene during Jackson’s runs and his successes.
“Bert was always the same person, smiling and happy to be racing at the track and with his friends,” Aronson said. “He started really running well last season, and everyone in our class was very glad to see that and enjoyed his success with him.”
As a driver, Jackson was an outstanding talent.
He drove a striking purple 2007 GTO owned by Enoch Love, who shares with Jackson the strong family values that made the team so admirable.
Jackson and Love were committed to an entire ADRL season in 2011 and were sixth in points before the tragic accident.
Jackson had plenty of success before 2011 as well, advancing to the 2006 IHRA Spring Nationals in Rockingham.
In the ADRL, Jackson was having his finest season to date in 2011.
He was a consistent competitor and advanced to two semifinals, including one at his hometown track, Virginia Motorsports Park.
At the Speedtech U.S. Drags IV in August, Jackson was beaming all weekend, enjoying his run as the crowd favorite in a memory the entire team will surely hold close to them.
Earlier in 2011, Jackson showed his driving prowess at the Spring Drags in April at Palm Beach International Raceway.
He knocked off current points leader Cary Goforth in the quarterfinals, a rarity in a class where Goforth has been so strong on the starting line.
Even in defeat, it’s a memory that Goforth will always remember.
“He got the last laugh here, but I will get him back when I see him again,” Goforth said.
Goforth continued, marveling about a man he said he was privileged to know.
“Bert was a unique guy; a wonderful human being who made anyone he was close to a better person by being their friend,” Goforth said.
XPS driver Trevor Eman was in the opposite lane during Jackson’s fateful crash.
Like so many others, he was deeply saddened by the turn of events.
“This turned the entire Extreme Pro Stock class upside down as I’m sure it did for all of the ADRL,” Eman said. “We are all deeply saddened by this loss. He was a great competitor and friend, always smiling, always a wonderful person to be around.
“He will be missed. Bert may not line up beside me again, but there’s no doubt that he’ll be with all of us every time we race.”
The following morning after Jackson’s passing, the ADRL held a touching memorial service that honored a man respected by everyone.
Moments after the service was completed in front of a huge gathering of friends, family, drivers and others, the XPS class held their own special dedication for Jackson.
With Eman leading the way, the entire XPS class staged a “missing man” formation with a towed procession down the track.
The moving and emotional tribute struck a chord in everyone who saw it, all because of the type of person Jackson was.
“It just doesn’t seem real. I can still see his trailer 20 feet from ours and it seems like he should walk around the corner,” Montecalvo said. “There wasn’t a dry eye here all weekend. Bert was a guy that everyone wanted to have around. With him, family was first and racing was second. That was his passion.”
It was a passion he carried out exceptionally well, creating a legacy that will always be remembered.
His passion behind the wheel earned him respect as a driver, while his kind-hearted and compassionate nature made him special as a friend, father and husband.
The memories of him will always live on.
“We will never, ever forget him, I can promise you that,” Gahm said.

September 13, 2011


Frankie Taylor found the perfect birthday present for his wife - an American Drag Racing League (ADRL) win at Rockingham Dragway on Saturday.
The defending Pro Extreme world champion wrapped up Dragstock VIII in thrilling fashion, going 3.622 at 210.47 miles per hour to knock off Jason Scruggs in the finals of the ADRL's biggest annual race.

That it came on his wife Cindy's birthday made it all even more special.

"This just became a very happy birthday for my wife now," Taylor said. "This makes her day."

Saturday started with a special and poignant memorial service for former Extreme Pro Stock driver Bert Jackson, who was killed in a tragic race accident during qualifying on Friday.

Racers, friends and teammates paid tribute to Jackson and XPS racers staged a grounded "missing man formation" before racing started at the historic track.

Following the touching tribute, the ADRL's standout performers shattered several track records, delivering a number of memorable moments in front of an energized overflow crowd.

Joining Taylor in the winner's circle were Stan Allen (Pro Nitrous), Dan Millen (Extreme 10.5), Billy Vose (Pro Extreme Motorcycle), Scott Hintz (Extreme Pro Stock) and Travis Harvey (Summit Racing Equipment Top Sportsman).

It was Taylor's first win at the track and his Jeffers Pro Cars Corvette delivered all weekend. He was the No. 1 qualifier with a 3.597 and then took out points leader Jason Hamstra in the finals before knocking off the red-hot Scruggs, who won last month in Virginia.

"This is the biggest race to win and to get it, words can't describe it," said Taylor, who also credited CN Blocks for the win. "The last couple races, Scruggs has been kicking butt, so to beat him when he's doing that, it's amazing. To beat him at the Rock, it's an honor. He's the man."

Stan Allen picked up his second career ADRL win, but this one will undoubtedly hold a special place in his heart.

Allen went 3.876 at 192.82 to beat a red-lighting John Decerbo in the finals and instantly knew the magnitude of the victory.

"To win at the Rock, it's just amazing," Allen said. "Of all the races to win, this is the place. The competition in this class and at this race is just so intense, to get this is just phenomenal."

Allen's new '68 Camaro from David Janes Race Cars is just three races old but it rounded into shape at Rockingham, going as quick as 3.845, which came in a thrilling semifinal win against No. 1 qualifier Khalid Al-Balooshi.

"Round after round, the car just worked," Allen said. "The car just felt good."

It took some time for Dan Millen's 2011 Jerry Bickel Race Cars Mustang to round into form but everything quickly changed after a quick call to the builder after the first round of eliminations

Millen was dynamite from that point, running a 3.867 in the semifinals before turning it up with a track-record time of 3.855 in the finals against Chuck Ulsch.

"I had been going left for a while, so I gave Jerry Bickel a quick call and he gave me a couple things to try," Millen said. "It's probably something I shouldn't have tried at that point in the race, but it worked out.

"It was just great of him to do that. He's just a great guy."

Millen further cemented his points lead in XTF, but it took another brilliant showing against Ulsch in the finals for the second straight race.

"Anytime you race Chuck you have to be ready," said Millen, who has now three of the past four races. "We had it as aggressive as we could."

Billy Vose pulled off what was arguably the biggest win of the event, as he ended Ashley Owens' perfect mark in PXM with a holeshot victory. Owens went 3.999 in the finals, which served as the back-up to his record run of 3.964 from the semifinals, but Vose had a .018 reaction time and claimed his first win of the year.

Owens had won every event he entered in 2011, but Vose put an end to that by claiming his second Dragstock victory.

"This feels great," said Vose, who went 4.05 on the run. "We've had two races with the bike and there's still a lot we can improve on. But the great thing about this is winning for (bike owners) T.T. and Angie Jones. They've done so much for this class, helping everyone out.

"I just had to do my part and I did my job on the tree."

Scott Hintz also did his job on the tree, as his Jerry Haas Race Cars Ford was quicker off the line against John Montecalvo, making his 4.108 stand up against the defending world champion's 4.08 in the Extreme Pro Stock finals.

After the win, an emotional Hintz dedicated the win to Bert Jackson and his team.

"This feels great, but I'm just glad I was able to do this for Bert. He was a great friend and competitor and he meant a lot to all of us," Hintz said.

"This win will always hold a special place. It was one of the saddest things I've ever experienced. It was horrible and very tragic, and I'm just happy to get this win in Bert's honor."

Hintz won for the second time in 2011 with an outstanding performance at the starting line. He posted reaction times of .002 and .003 in earlier wins and delivered a .023 reaction time against Montecalvo in the finals.

"John's a great competitor and you just have to go up, do the best you can do and see what happens," Hintz said. "We're getting (to that elite level). We're making some gains, but we like flying under the radar."

Racing in Summit Racing Top Sportsman for the second time in 2011, Travis Harvey had a weekend to remember.

Driving an '06 GTO, Harvey, who lives less than 90 minutes from the track, put on a show in front of family and friends, knocking off Dylan Stott in the finals with a 4.247 at 146.34 mph.

"This was great from the start. I had a lot of friends and family here, and I just owe this to the team owners, Jeff Miller and John Lassiter," Harvey said. "It was a little nerve-wracking, though. I had never raced in front of that many people."

In Pro Junior Dragster, Ryan Crews knocked off Shannon Bell, running 7.914 at 82.61 mph.

The ADRL returns to action on Sept. 23-24 with the Summit Racing Equipment Ohio Drags V at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. It will be the final race for ADRL competitors to qualify for the "Battle For The Belts" shootout.

August 15, 2011

DINWIDDIE, Va. -- Speedtech US Drags IV

Speedzone Photos from Virginia are here

The 2011 American Drag Racing League (ADRL) season has been the most frustrating of Jason Scruggs' highlight-filled career.
But that tune changed in a major way on Saturday at Virginia Motorsports Park.

One of the pioneers and most successful drivers in the ADRL's Pro Extreme class, Scruggs struggled like never before this season, but that only made his performance during the Speedtech U.S. Drags IV that much sweeter.

Scruggs wrapped up a thrilling weekend with a career-best 3.63 at 206.70 miles per hour, knocking off Mick Snyder in the finals of what immediately became one of the most memorable weekends of his career.

"We've won two championships and a lot of races, but we've never struggled this bad. After knowing how it felt to struggle that much, to win this race after all of that feels better than those championships," Scruggs said. "It was the most exciting win I've ever had."

It sent a huge VMP crowd home happy and they had plenty to cheer about on Saturday.

The winners list also include Mike Castellana (Pro Nitrous), Dan Millen (Extreme 10.5), Ashley Owens (Pro Extreme Motorcycle), Dean Goforth (Extreme Pro Stock), Glenn Teets Jr. (Summit Racing Equipment Top Sportsman) and Mike Janis (Pro Modified).

World records were set in two classes as well, and the largest ADRL field in 2011 turned in one of the finest performances of the year in front of a delighted and energetic VMP crowd.

Scruggs provided the final highlight of Saturday's fast-paced action, knocking off Mick Snyder with his best pass of the weekend. He went 3.66 or better in every run during eliminations - finally finding a rhythm with his converter combination - knocking off points leader Jason Hamstra in the semifinals with a 3.64.

"We've had so many guys helping us and we just appreciate all of it. I have to thank Speedtech and Hoosier Tires, Garrett (Race Cars) for sticking with me the whole time, and, of course, my dad, my crew, my wife and my kids," Scruggs said. "It felt like we had a good hot rod out there this weekend."

Burton Auxier set a new world record in Pro Nitrous, destroying the old mark with an unbelievable 3.746 during the first round of eliminations.

But his car broke in the semifinals against the consistent Castellana, who went 3.82 or 3.81 in every elimination round to pick up his third win this season.

The Al-Anabi Racing driver then strengthened his points lead in the competitive PN class, going 3.827 at 196.19 mph to beat Jeff Naiser in the finals.

Castellana also watched No. 1 qualifier and teammate Mahana Al-Naemi crash hard into the wall during semifinals, though he went 3.812 moments later to move to the finals.

"You have to be fast, but you have to be consistent, too," Castellana said. "We just didn't want to do anything crazy. This is great. Winning never gets old."

In Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Ashley Owens and his Fast by Gast bike made history in two major ways.

Not only did he pick up his 13th career win, which is a new ADRL record, Owens also became the first rider in PXM history to reach the illustrious 3-second mark.

He did it first in the quarterfinals, going 3.989, and then followed it up with a new world record pass of 3.977 at 179.42 mph in the finals.

"That was the culmination of two years of work," team owner Paul Gast said. "We never could have dreamed to have this much success, but with the work and effort we've put in, it really feels good. After so many 4.01 and 4.02s, we felt like it had to happen."

Owens also needed every part of that 3.977 in the finals, as Casey Stemper nearly won due to a .007 reaction time. Owens barely tracked him down, edging him out by just .003 in a spectacular final round that came after the class had its quickest qualifying bump in history (4.21).

"He was out there on me. I thought I was going to run out of track," said Owens, who has four wins in 2011. "I'm just happy to get the win light. We put in a lot of work and to get two 3s and win, it's a great weekend.

"I can't thank Paul enough. This bike is just unreal and we needed every bit of it."

Dan Millen used every bit of power from his Jerry Bickel Race Cars 2011 Mustang, going 3.883 at
The time broke a track record and it was just enough to edge out No. 1 qualifier Chuck Ulsch, who went 3.897 in the championship round.

The victory, which is the second in three races for Millen, also allowed him to pass Billy Glidden for the points lead.

"We had it all hanging out there. The car was maxed out," Millen said.

"Compared to the beginning of the year, this stretch has really brightened our season. The middle part of the year has really put us in a much better position. Our goal coming in was to get ahead of Billy and we did that."

Dean Goforth celebrated his second career win and first since 2009 when he went 4.095 at 174.91 to slip past defending world champion John Montecalvo.

Goforth's Jerry Haas Race Cars-built GXP was quicker off the line, leading to an emotional celebration in the winner's circle.

"This means a lot to me, but my crew is awesome and they won this race. They made it all possible," Goforth said. "This is just wonderful.

"Jerry has really given us a good car. I really think it's the best one he's every built, and (Sonny's Racing Engines) has given us great horsepower, too."

In Summit Racing Equipment Top Sportsman, Glenn Teets Jr. went 4.373 at 161.04 mph to knock off Sandy Wilkins in the finals.

Wilkins had a perfect reaction time of .000 in the semifinals to slip past No. 1 qualifier Ronnie Davis, but Teets had a great .015 reaction time in the finals to celebrate a win in a big and wildly-competitive Summit Racing Equipment Top Sportsman class.

"This was great. I've never felt anything like that," Teets said. "Just the atmosphere and the fans, this was like heaven. This is the kind of racing that I love."

The debut of Pro Modified in the ADRL was also a rousing success, as the eight-car exhibition featured a number of standouts runs.

None could top Janis in eliminations, however, as he put together back-to-back runs of 3.914, including one in the finals against Khalid Al-Balooshi. The holeshot win on Saturday also comes 10 years after Janis' first victory at VMP.

"This track has always been good to us and just to win, period, is special," Janis said. "We saw a lot of encouraging things and it was just a great weekend."

In Pro Junior Dragster, Trevor Wilson ousted Tia Tutterow in the finals, going 7.979 at 80.94 mph to get the win.

The seventh stop on the nine-race 2011 ADRL Tour - Dragstock VIII - takes place on Sept. 9-10 at Rockingham Dragway.


May 10, 2011

ADRL Maple Grove:

ADRL Gets Record Performances At Penske Truck Leasing Inaugural Northeast Drags At Maple Grove

David Smith photos

MOHNTON, PA (May 7, 2011) – There were world records set in two American Drag Racing League (ADRL) classes in the league’s first trip to Maple Grove Raceway.
But due to a four-hour rain delay and the track curfew, the Penske Truck Leasing Inaugural Northeast Drags did not crown winners in its five professional classes (Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous, Extreme 10.5, Pro Extreme Motorcycle and Extreme Pro Stock).
Per the policy in the official ADRL rulebook, the event is considered complete and competitors will be awarded purse and points up to the finished point in the race.
Extreme Pro Stock, Pro Extreme Motorcycle and Extreme 10.5 concluded its semifinal matchups, while Pro Extreme and Pro Nitrous completed their quarterfinal rounds before the event was called due to the track curfew.
Steady rains also delayed racing more than four hours during the afternoon.
When racing was able to resume, the ADRL and Maple Grove Raceway worked diligently to get as much of the event completed as possible.
“We were working at a record pace trying to get these last rounds in,” ADRL Director of Competition Tom Grooms said. “The competitors did a great job getting ready to race quickly and the track and prep team did a great job getting the track ready.
“We still had a lot of great times and had an incredible show. It was also very impressive the amount of fans that stuck it out.”
Even in its shortened state, the Penske Truck Leasing Inaugural Northeast Drags included numerous memorable moments as several competitors shined in the ADRL’s first visit to Maple Grove Raceway.
Frankie Taylor again had the final say in Pro Extreme, at least when it came to records.
During Saturday's final qualifying session, Joey Martin backed up his 3.584 from Friday with a 3.596, giving him the ADRL PX record of 3.584.
Martin had the record for a mere six hours, as Taylor ended back on top, going 3.60 in the first round of eliminations, good enough to back up his incredible 3.581 from Friday. That makes Taylor the record-holder, something he is always shooting for.
"We had a good time," said Taylor, who was sponsored by Nitro Fish for this weekend's race. "It's a great facility."
Martin suffered more rough luck when his car wouldn’t start before the first round of eliminations.
Taylor fell in the quarterfinals to Todd Tutterow. Other Pro Extreme semifinalists included J.R. Todd, Alex Hossler and Mick Snyder,

who has advanced to the semifinals in all three ADRL races in 2011.
In Pro Nitrous, Khalid Al-Balooshi is once again the class’ quickest and fastest driver in the ADRL.

Al-Balooshi kicked off the first round of eliminations in fine fashion, driving his Speedtech Camaro to a blistering 3.786 at 200.53 miles per hour on a solo run.
The incredible speed is backed up by Friday’s 200.38 mph - the first 200 mph PN run in history - and the 3.786 became the world E.T. record after Mahana Al-Naemi couldn't back up his 3.776, giving him both ends of the record.
"He's comfortable in the race car and confident in the team," crew chief Brandon Switzer said.
Other Pro Nitrous semifinalists included Bob Rahaim, who made his first semifinal appearance in the ADRL, Fredy Scriba and Steve Vick.
In Extreme 10.5, Chuck Ulsch and Dan Millen were the two finalists. Ulsch was the No. 1 qualifier and had the quickest and fastest run of the event in the class, going 3.89 at 204.94 mph.
Millen advanced to the finals with a 3.90.
Ashley Owens and Eric McKinney both advanced to the finals in Pro Extreme Motorcycle. Owens was his usual dominant self, running an incredible 4.02 in the semifinals. McKinney had his best run of the day come in the semifinals when he went 4.12.
In Extreme Pro Stock, Cary Goforth and Brian Gahm were the final two drivers.

Cary Goforth went a weekend-best 4.05 to beat his father, Dean, in the semifinals, while Gahm used to holeshots to move to the finals.
Pro Junior Dragster was the lone class to be completed. In the final, Eric Bardekoff beat Morgan Benfield, running an 8.00.
“Maple Grove was a great experience for us,” ADRL Executive Vice President Jeff Fortune said. “The crowd really enjoyed the show the ADRL drivers put on all weekend.”
The fourth stop on the 2011 ADRL Tour comes on June 17-18 at Heartland Park Topeka in Topeka, Ks. for the Independence Drags V.

Final Qualifying

Pro Extreme

1 1 Frankie Taylor, Dickinson TX, '05 Corvette 3.581 210.11 210.11
2 2007 Joey Martin, Milton FL, '55 Nomad 3.584 207.11 207.88
3 99 JR Todd, Indianapolis IN, '57 Bel Air 3.641 210.08 210.08
4 6 Alex Hossler, Canton IL, '71 Camaro 3.659 210.60 210.60
5 23 Jason Hamstra, Demotte IN, '70 Duster 3.664 209.23 209.23
6 3 Quain Stott, Columbus NC, '63 Corvette 3.680 206.67 206.67
7 381 Mick Snyder, Demotte IN, '63 Corvette 3.690 207.56 207.56

8 7 Todd Tutterow, Yadkinville NC, '68 Camaro 3.704 206.42 206.64
9 2377 Von Smith, Oak Ridge TN, '68 Camaro 3.708 208.75 208.75

10 1065 Mike Janis, Lancaster NY, '70 Duster 3.767 200.62 200.62
11 167 Mike Recchia, Roselle IL, '67 Camaro 3.844 194.86 194.86
12 2 Joshua Hernandez, The Woodlands TX, '57 Bel Air 3.856 195.45 195.45
13 277 Terry Leggett, Pinetown NC, '09 Mustang 3.884 188.67 188.67
14 7721 Jay Diedrich, Firebaugh CA, 3.952 188.46 188.46
15 51 Tommy Gray, Baltimore MD, '06 GTO 4.003 192.77 192.77

16 7238 Bret Williamson, Campbell CA, '68 Camaro 4.009 192.17 192.17

------------ Not Qualified ------------

17 1130 John Stanley, Hagerstown MD, '68 Camaro 4.093 191.65 191.65
18 8 Jason Scruggs, Saltillo MS, '63 Corvette 4.598 134.35 134.35
19 89 Elliott Thompson, Horsham PA, '53 Corvette 5.387 118.38 118.38

Pro Nitrous


1 14 Mahana Al-Naemi, Tuscaloosa AL, '69 Camaro 3.776 197.71 197.71
2 1 Burton Auxier, Dixie WV, '68 Camaro 3.804 196.30 196.30

3 44 Mike Castellana, Muttontown NY, '69 Camaro 3.822 198.64 198.64

4 327 Khalid Al-Balooshi, Dubai UA, '68 Camaro 3.823 200.38 200.38

5 75 Rickie Jones, Galesburg IL, '69 Camaro 3.829 195.00 195.00
6 369 John Decerbo, Canfield OH, '68 Camaro 3.834 190.35 190.35
7 360 Bob Rahaim, Grosse Point MI, '69 Camaro 3.838 194.60 194.94

8 1994 Ed Burnley, Pasadena MD, '67 Camaro 3.898 192.14 192.14
9 4 Jim Halsey, Havre DeGrace MD, '68 Camaro 3.923 194.18 194.18
10 1311 Joe Dunne, Wolcott , '68 Camaro 3.933 191.78 191.78
11 1916 Fredy Scriba, Abingdon MD, '63 Corvette 3.943 187.03 187.03
12 4069 John Hall, Coral Spgs FL, '68 Camaro 3.946 188.75 188.75
13 6 Randy Weatherford, Danville VA, '68 Camaro 3.952 188.17 189.82
14 7 Stan Allen, New Iberia LA, '68 Camaro 3.957 187.52 187.52
15 1087 Jim Laurita, Morgantown WV, '70 Camaro 3.980 183.84 183.84
16 8 Steve Vick, Mocksville NC, '68 Camaro 4.023 188.02 188.02

------------ Not Qualified ------------

17 103 Todd Fontana, Fair Lawn NJ, '68 Camaro 4.082 178.85 178.85
18 1401 Matt Guenther, Livonia NY, '41 Willys 4.098 180.62 180.62

19 151 Dan Stevenson, Bolingbrook IL, '70 Camaro 4.132 157.78 157.78
20 21 Pat Stoken, Eureka MT, '68 Camaro 4.156 154.23 154.85
21 237 Chris Patrick, Stockbridge GA, '41 Willys 4.179 178.19 178.19

22 1118 Ted Smith, Smithfield PA, '68 Camaro 4.356 169.89 169.89
23 1112 Vinny Budano, Hicksville NY, '68 Camaro 4.698 105.85 105.85
24 420 John Bartunek, Pearl River NY, '09 Camaro 4.881 109.26 109.26

Extreme 10.5

1 4 Chuck Ulsch, Clarksville MD, '68 Camaro 3.912 202.61 202.61
2 9 Dan Millen, Dearborn Heights MI, '11 Mustang 3.931 200.56 200.56
3 5 Billy Glidden, Whiteland IN, '10 Mustang 3.972 184.67 184.67

4 77 Lamar Swindoll Jr., Baytown TX, '04 Cavalier 3.993 197.42 197.51
5 1040 Andy Jensen, Nescopek PA, '68 Camaro 4.092 180.91 180.91
6 69 Frankie Taylor, Dickinson TX, '05 Corvette 4.143 200.32 200.32
7 50 Jim Widener, Batesville IN, '00 Cougar 4.169 175.46 175.46
8 3 Todd Moyer, Passadena TX, '63 Corvette 4.342 163.24 177.42


------------ Not Qualified ------------

9 8 Kenny Doak, Pipersville PA, '70 Chevelle 4.345 169.91 183.87
10 2007 Bill Devine, Lake Worth FL, '01 Mustang 5.957 146.61 157.43

Extreme Pro Stock

1 151 Dean Goforth, Holdenville OK, '10 GXP 4.064 177.88 177.88
2 2 Pete Berner, Crete IL, '09 GXP 4.069 177.91 177.91

3 1 John Montecalvo, Center Moriches NY, '09 Cobalt 4.074 177.14 177.14
4 5 Elijah Morton, Jacksonville NC, '07 ZX2 4.078 176.56 176.97
5 4 Cary Goforth, Holdenville OK, '09 Cobalt 4.082 177.95 177.95
6 397 Tony Gillig, Wauconda IL, '08 Cobalt 4.091 176.35 176.35
7 3 Brian Gahm, Lucasville OH, '07 Mustang 4.094 176.65 176.65
8 983 Steven Boone, Waeverville NC, '06 Cobalt 4.095 176.49 176.49

9 444 Richie Stevens Jr, New Orleans LA, '09 Mustang 4.096 176.10 176.10
10 290 Trevor Eman, Pos Chiquito AW, '11 Mustang 4.098 176.40 176.40

11 683 Brad Waddle, Salina KS, '08 Mustang 4.102 176.44 176.44
12 197 John Pluchino, Commack NY, '06 Escort 4.109 175.71 176.24
13 171 Larry O'Brien, Lakeshore ON, '10 Avenger 4.123 175.11 175.89
14 1152 Tony Pontieri, Ontario ON, '07 Cobalt 4.126 175.64 175.64
15 6 Bob Bertsch, Willis MI, '07 Mustang 4.128 175.37 175.37
16 1320 Bert Jackson, Glen Allen VA, '07 GTO 4.129 175.62 175.64

------------ Not Qualified ------------

17 7 Cale Aronson, Chillicothe MO, '10 Mustang 4.138 175.71 175.71
18 1594 Kevin Bealko, Bridgeport WV, '11 GXP 4.180 171.71 171.71

19 26 Richard Penland, Gastonia NC, '10 Mustang 4.239 172.32 172.32

20 431 Lester Cooper, Laurinburg NC, '09 Mustang 4.886 110.74 110.74

Extreme Motorcycle

1 2 Ashley Owens, Decatur AL, '10 Hayabusa 4.054 176.10 176.10
2 4 Eric McKinney, Hamersville OH, '09 Suzuki 4.136 168.89 170.47
3 5 Ronald Procopio, Raleigh NC, '10 Suzuki 4.139 169.10 169.27
4 730 Terry Schweigert, Abbotsford BC, '09 Suzuki 4.143 170.64 170.64

5 81 Carlos Wilkerson, Broxton GA, '11 Suzuki 4.151 165.23 165.23
6 11 Matt Smith, King NC, '10 Bagger 4.155 171.73 171.73

7 22 Dave Vantine, Hamilton NY, '10 Suzuki 4.166 170.82 170.82
8 1134 Casey Stemper, Upper Marlboro MD, '08 Suzuki 4.172 169.64 169.64
9 133 Paul Gast, Grand Island NY, '99 Suzuki 4.174 169.96 173.83
10 109 David Norris, Bryans Road MD, '11 DNR 4.208 166.33 167.57
11 1 Kim Morrell, Palm Beach FL, '10 Hayabusa 4.216 165.19 167.95
12 7919 Robert Hunnicutt, Hughesville MD, '10 Suzuki 4.222 166.52 168.37
13 208 Larry Berg, Arthur WV, '00 Suzuki 4.302 163.08 163.08
14 518 Billy Vose, Buck Mountain PA, '99 Suzuki 4.312 163.99 163.99
15 77 Angie Smith, King NC, '10 Buell 4.451 159.01 159.01

Top Sportsman

1 100H Tyler Hard, Harrisburg PA, '68 Camaro 4.316 164.03 164.03
2 33 Glenn Butcher, Doylestown OH, '68 Camaro 4.337 163.12 163.12
3 193 Ronnie Proctor, Harpers Ferry WV, '02 Mustang 4.379 163.55 163.55
4 333 Marco Abruzzi, Warren OH, '68 Camaro 4.379 161.30 161.30

Extreme Jr Dragster

1 251 Anthony Stanco, Richmond VA, Halfscale 0.000 0.000
2 2 Alexander Oppen, Kenosha WI, Hercules 0.001 0.001
3 1904 Tayler Weatherford, Danville VA, Racetech 0.001 0.001
4 1269 Bryan Bardekoff, Commack NY, Halfscale 0.008 0.008
5 1447 JC Gloyd, Mt Airy MD, Halfscale 0.012 0.012
6 2348 Morgan Benfield, Virginia Beach VA, Motivat-Whal 0.016 0.016
7 505 Kendall Thiesse, Montreal MO, HalfScale-McGee 0.028 0.028
8 3 Kyle Dvorak, McHenry IL, Spitzer 0.032 0.032
9 203 Shannon Bell, Chesapeake VA, Mike Boss 0.047 0.047
10 1409 Eric Bardekoff, Commack NY, GMS 0.049 0.049
11 5 Tia Tutterow, Lewisville NC, Halfscale-HalfScal 0.066 0.066
12 3170 Trevor Wilson, Battle Creek MI, Hardens-Blossom -0.135 -0.135

ADRL To Feature Four-Car Top Sportsman Exhibition For Penske Truck Leasing Inaugural Northeast Drags At Maple Grove

O’FALLON, MO (May 3, 2011) – The world’s premier eighth-mile drag racing league will offer even more racing this weekend.
The American Drag Racing League (ADRL) announced on Wednesday that it will run a four-car Top Sportsman exhibition at Friday and Saturday’s Penske Truck Leasing Inaugural Northeast Drags, which takes place at Maple Grove Raceway.
The four-car Top Sportsman exhibition will feature Tyler Hard, Marco Abruzzi, Glen Butcher and Ronnie Proctor, all of whom are recognized standouts in the widely-popular Top Sportsman class.
Top Sportsman is a popular class for full-bodied cars, with competitors running in a dial-in E.T. format.
“We’re thrilled to have these top sportsman competitors coming to Maple Grove Raceway,” ADRL Director of Competition Tom Grooms said. “Many of our drivers came up through the Top Sportsman ranks and it’s only natural for our organization to expand to get back to the grassroots of our sport.
“The ADRL is responding to the wishes of the fans as well as the racing community with a class and format that is an excellent fit to our fast and exciting show.”
Currently, this special exhibition is only scheduled to run at Maple Grove, but its inclusion at the Penske Truck Leasing Inaugural Northeast Drags sets up the possibility of adding a new ADRL class in the future.
The Penske Truck Leasing Inaugural Northeast Drags at Maple Grove Raceway is the third stop on the nine-race 2011 ADRL Tour.
“There are literally hundreds of these cars sitting in shops looking for a place to race, and the ADRL may be the place to provide them an opportunity to race and compete,” Grooms said. “Top Sportsman provides great racing and I’m sure ADRL fans will love the diversity it brings to our program.”

March 12, 2011

Kenny Lang debuts his new Camaro at the Gatornationals

Pat Welsh, SpeedZone Magazine photo/journalist got a chance to sit down with Kenny as he was getting ready to debut his all new McAmis Camaro.

SZ-I guess it is nice to get away from the cold of Grande Pointe Manitoba.

KL- It sure is

SZ-So you have a new car. Must be hard to go away from a car that you had so much success with?
KL- Yes it's a new car. It's a little bit of a change but I think the car will be quicker and handle a little bit better. It's a little bit more aerodynamic. It's going to be a big change but it's a good change in the right direction. It will take a little bit of adjusting to but we have a bunch of test laps already and we feel comfortable so we're ready to go.

SZ- Is the new car a McAmis as well?
KL- Yes it's a Tim McAmis car.

SZ- Is it the same power as last year though, still a BAE hemi?
KL- Yes still Brad Anderson. A few motor changes that we did over the course of the winter and we're developing some new things. A few changes but basically the same powerplant.

SZ- Are you getting help with the initial set up on the new car (IE Tim McAmis)?
KL- Yes we have some basic guidelines to start out with then we went out and did some testing and made a bunch of changes on our own at the racetrack to make things a little bit better. And now we're where we need to be with it.

SZ- How about the tuning aspect is it all in house now, or is Al Billes doing any consulting?
KL- No everything is in house so we're doing it pretty much all on our own.

SZ- How's that working out?
KL- So far it's working out really well.

SZ- You have a fairly substantial sponsor of the car, with Summit Racing Equipment. How did that come about?
KL- Through a friend of mine John Waldee. He's friends with some of the guys at Summit and kind of talked into developing some things going into the early part of the winter. And finally we came to an agreement with it to make something work and we're looking forward to it. Great sponsor to have on board. It's going to help us out a bunch and it's should be a great year working together.

SZ- Is this arrangement long term?
KL- For right now it's just for this year and we'll develop it and hopefully see where it will go a little bit later.

SZ- I guess the plan is to race the full season in the GSA again this year?
KL- Yes that's right we're doing the full season again.

SZ- There are a lot of miles from Manitoba to all the GSA events, do you keep the car in a central area and just fly in to races.
KL- The first few races it will be going back and forth. Once it's in the US and there's consecutive races close we will leave it in the US but the first three or four it's going back and forth. It will go Gainesville back to Winnipeg, then to Vegas, back to Winnipeg, go down to Houston then it will stay down going in to Atlanta and then heading on to the east coast.

SZ- Where are you going to keep it in the states?
KL- Depending on what cities that we have friends in and where we can keep it.

SZ- What's it like competing in the series compared to the IHRA series a few years ago?
KL- I mean a few years ago the IHRA was real competitive and was a great series to run. Over here the tracks are prepared a little bit better. There's a lot more people. It's obviously really great to race over here. A lot of tough competitors. All the competitors are here so it's about as serious and tough as you can get but I mean overall comparison we like it over here. Just awesome facilities. Awesome racetracks. So it's a great place to race.

SZ- With the blossoming of the turbo cars is there any thought of switching over?
KL- We've definitely thought about it. I think we're going to go a few races into this year and see how things go and see if there's any real changes and just see how the parity is between the two and see if the turbo cars are that much further ahead which they probably can and will be right now. And if things stay the same and there's no real changes and they're out there by a bunch. We've definitely thought about it and considered it we just haven't done anything with it yet. We will try it for a few races like this.

SZ- Did you sell the 53 Corvette?
KL- No we still have it for now.

SZ- Is it a backup car?
KL- For right now it will be a backup car and who knows if it will be a candidate for twin turbos. We're not really sure what we're doing with it yet.

SZ- Where do you think the class is going in the near future?
KL- I think the class is getting bigger and better as time goes on. I think the fans love the class. They love Pro Mod's. They like the different paint jobs, engine combinations, and it's just a wild car to drive and watch. I think with NHRA making it a real class as of last year I think the class is going to go nowhere but forward and get bigger and better in the next couple of years.

SZ- Where do you think the cars and chassis and power they make are heading as in the safety factor for a suspended chassis?
KL- I think all the safety rules they have in place I feel 100% safe and comfortable in the car. I mean every year they're adding a couple of things that they need to put in there. Safety wise I think we have everything in there. So I mean whether they're going to probably restrict our class on I mean whatever rule changes they make I don't think they're…a lot of things get carried away with speeds, overdrive they always…it was 29 over, then down to 25, 20, 16. So I mean these cars can go 270 if they let the rules get away on us. But the way they have them going right now I think it's going to kind of keep it around the same mile an hour we have now.

SZ- The cars really seem to be on the ragged edge right now. There have been a good number of crashes in the class.
Are drivers just pushing the limits or driving to far into a situation?
KL- I think there's both scenarios. The cars are on the edge all the time so there's a fine line between making it down and not making it down and you do have to make a split decision on whether you can finesse or you just get out of it and be safe with it. That is where you draw a fine line between a driver that can do it or can't do it but on the other hand sometimes you get a driver that is fully capable of doing something and it just takes the smallest little tweak, or the car hangs a little bit to the left unexpectedly and then accidents can happen with the best of drivers.

SZ- Is there any interest in a team like your self to head east to Qatar and try out the Arabian drag racing, if you were invited would you do it?
KL- I would definitely yes. I would definitely consider going there if we were invited. Yes we've always talked about that the last couple of years and if the opportunity was there for us to go do something like that we would definitely consider it.

SZ- What about their involvement, buying companies, buying tuners and teams and owners in both Pro Mod and Top Fuel, is it good for the class and the sport in general?
KL- Umm, in some ways there's some good aspects of it and in some other ways I mean it has it's pros and cons so going both personally….

SZ- It's providing opportunities for racers to race?
KL- Yes that's right so there's a lot of positive sides of it and it definitely opens up the door for a lot of things to happen. So there's a few negatives as well so I'm a little in the middle with that.

SZ- How do you manage to compete so well in a class with competitors running close to million dollar budgets, no high paid crew chief or multiple testing days?
KL- We're all just I mean my dad comes with me and a couple buddies from home, I mean no one on my crew is paid. Not one person is paid. We all do this because we love to do it. And just to even have the funding to compete at this level is extremely hard to do and I don't have a real huge business at home so we have to run everything as tight as we can dollar wise and try and compete the best we can with what we have. We just do this because we love to do it and enjoy doing it. And we try to do the best with what we have and we've done really well with it the last couple of years.

SZ- What's your business back in Manitoba?
KL- Auto body shop.

SZ- What are your long term plans racing wise or do you just take it race by race or year to year?
KL- I don't go race by race. I mean financially you have to make sure that stuff's in place to go further with it. But I mean we're here to do the whole year and going into next year obviously continuing on forward unless something happens that would limit me to not go further with it. But I've been racing since I was 18 or 19 years old and haven't really missed a beat with it in the last twenty years.

SZ- How old are you now?
KL- 42, so I don't foresee stepping out or getting away from it in the next few years unless there's some reason to make me do that but I'd like racing to get bigger and better and continue on more with it and I love doing the series.

SZ- You're happy in Pro Mod?
KL- Yes, I mean I'd always loved to have the opportunity to run a Top Fuel car or a Funny Car but budget wise this is what we're going to do and we'll stay with it.

Thanks for your time Kenny and good luck for the 2011 season.

SZ- Oh ya, my editor Dean from says hi.
KL- Say hi to him for me.


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