Sept 27, 2010

ADRL Rockingham (Dragstock Vll) results follow Norwalk results.

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Gallerys: PRO Extreme (including a few blown 10.5), Nitrous (including nitrous 10.5), Pro Stock, and Bike/Jr. and exhibition)

Ohio Drags IV

Goforth, Owens’ Double-Win Weekend Highlights Ohio Drags’ Six winners.

Two of the top competitors in the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) showed exactly why they reign atop their respective classes at Saturday’s Summit Racing Equipment Ohio Drags IV.
Extreme Pro Stock driver Cary Goforth and Pro Extreme Motorcycle rider Ashley Owens both won for the second time in two nights to stay No. 1 in their divisions, capping off a memorable double-race weekend at Summit Motorsports Park.
“To get two wins is just really, really awesome,” said Goforth, who won Dragstock VII on Friday. “Awesome won’t even cover it. This is just wonderful. You always dream about something like this, but you don’t always get it.”
Two other drivers got a chance to celebrate for the first time in the ADRL, as Mick Snyder (Pro Extreme) and Jim Laurita (Pro Nitrous) both picked up their first career ADRL wins on Saturday.
Chuck Ulsch picked up his third win of the 2010 season in Extreme 10.5 and Morgan Benfield got the win in Pro Junior Dragster.
In every respect, the Ohio Drags IV was a memorable event, in part because of Goforth and Owens’ continued dominance.
Owens won for an unprecedented eighth time this season and also became the first ADRL competitor in its history to win five straight races.
“You never take any of these for granted,” Owens said. “There’s so much that can happy, you just have to enjoy it.”
In getting his second double-win weekend this year, Owens handed more heartache to Terry Schweigert. Owens went 4.03 in the finals, going a PXM-best 178.28 miles per hour to beat Schweigert in the finals for the fourth time in 2010.
Owens and his Fast by Gast team also had to overcome replacing the motor after the second-round run. It didn’t seem to bother him, as Owens went 4.09 in a semifinal victory.
“I just can’t say enough about our team,” Owens said. “They scrambled to put that back-up motor in and just did an amazing job, every one of the them. I had total confidence in them that they were going to get everything done.”
Goforth was on point all weekend in XPS, reclaiming the points lead after winning Dragstock on Friday. He followed it up by going 4.11 to beat John Montecalvo in Saturday’s final.
Goforth went as quick as 4.05 and was consistently impressive for the second straight day in picking up his third win this season.
“I’ve got a good crew and that’s the truth,” Goforth said. “We had a consistent car, but it was also consistently faster and quicker than anybody out there this weekend.”
Snyder gave the capacity crowd at Summit Motorsports Park a thrilling show in the PX final, as he nearly crossed the center line before blowing a header in an electrifying run against Alex Hossler.
Snyder went 3.95, but couldn’t celebrate his first ADRL win until replays showed he didn’t move into the right lane.
“I wasn’t sure if I crossed or not. I knew I was close and I was waiting for someone to let me know,” Snyder said. “If you’re going to win, you might as well do it in spectacular fashion.”
Snyder went 3.66 in the first round and then had back-to-back 3.68s to reach the finals – including a victory against points leader Joshua Hernandez – ending his rookie season in PX in thrilling fashion.
“How can you do it any better than this?” Snyder said. “It’s pretty amazing and just caps the year. We’ve been having a lot of fun, but we weren’t winning. This win saves the year, really.”
The win made Laurita’s year, which, like Snyder, is also his first in the ADRL.
On a day filled with upsets and the unbelievable – points leader Rickie Smith was one of many top drivers who did not qualify for eliminations – Laurita hung around and went 3.94 to beat Terry Housley in the finals.
“This is overwhelming,” Laurita said. “The Lord just blessed me here today. There was a lot of luck, but I’m just ecstatic. I’ve had a lot of friends help me the last few years and they’ve really stuck with me.”
Laurita did his part as well, going 4.00 in the second round to beat close friend John Decerbo and adding another 4.00 in a semifinal win against Robert Mathis, who upset No. 1 qualifier Pat Stoken in the first round.
That was simply par for the course on a wild day in Pro Nitrous, where the top eight in points changed multiple times throughout the day.
“It was just perseverance,” Laurita said. “We shook on every pass, but we were able to get through it.”
Ulsch got a red-light win against Dan Millen in the Extreme 10.5 final, but he wasn’t about to turn it down after his team worked vigorously to repair his car after the semifinals.
“Everybody was down there. There was probably about 20 people thrashing on the car,” Ulsch said. “But you gotta get up (to the starting line) to win it. I’m just pumped.”
He had every right to be after Millen couldn’t finish off his previously amazing day.
Millen set a new world E.T. record with a 3.78 and consistently ran in the low 3.80s during eliminations.
It was enough to get him into the top eight in the points standings in XTF, but Ulsch was the one with the Minuteman trophy afterwards.
“We were off here and Dan is the cream of the crop,” Ulsch said. “You couldn’t mess with it. But we’ve got (3.80s) in us and now we have a month to find it.”
Morgan Benfield became the first Pro Junior Dragster driver in ADRL history to win three races, as she picked up her third this year by going 8.00 in a red-light victory.
Benfield also moved into the top spot in the PJD points race.
The ADRL closes out the 2010 season with the LenMar Motorsports ADRL World Finals VI, which feature the famous Speedtech “Battle For The Belts.” The top eight in each class qualify for a chance at a world title.
The event takes place on Oct. 22-23 at Texas Motorplex in Ennis, TX.

Sept. 26, 2010

Rockingham Friday (from Norwalk)

Tutterow Family Claims Two of Six Wins at ADRL Simpson Dragstock VII

NORWALK, OH (September 24, 2010) — Just moments after watching his son, Ty, win in Pro Junior Dragster at the completion of the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) Simpson Dragstock VII on Friday, Todd Tutterow had only one thought before his Pro Extreme final.
I just knew I needed to do my job,” said Tutterow, the 2009 World Champion.
Tutterow followed suit, beating Joshua Hernandez with a 3.85 in the Pro Extreme final at Summit Motorsports Park to give the Tutterow family two memorable wins in one night.
“This is wonderful,” Tutterow said. “It is very special when you got your family with you for something like this.”
Other winners at Dragstock VII, which was completed on Friday after rain postponed the event two weeks ago in Rockingham, included Doug Riesterer (Pro Nitrous), Spiro Pappas (Extreme 10.5), Ashley Owens (Pro Extreme Motorcycle), Cary Goforth (Extreme Pro Stock) and Ty Tutterow (Pro Junior Dragster).
The fantastic day of racing served as an ideal prelude to the finish of Saturday’s Summit Racing Equipment Ohio Drags IV, which will be the last chance for drivers to qualify for a top eight spot at next month’s LenMar Motorsports ADRL World Finals VI.
Tutterow might have punched his ticket after starting the day eighth in points in PX.
But he put forth a yeoman’s effort on Friday, beating No. 1 qualifier Frankie Taylor, teammate KH Al-Thani and points leader Hernandez in consecutive rounds to earn the win.
Taylor went 3.67 in their second-round matchup, but Tutterow cut a .005 light and went 3.73 to earn the holeshot win that spearheaded his title run.
“I knew I had to get Frankie at the line,” Tutterow said. “We made some good runs and had some lucky runs. The main thing was just getting down the track.”
Riesterer knocked off his own share of big names in Pro Nitrous and went 4.09 to beat Stan Allen in the finals.
“We came out here hoping to go a few rounds and have a chance to get into the ‘Battle For The Belts,’” Riesterer said. “I never expected this in a million years. When I won, it didn’t even hit me that I won Dragstock. It’s a dream to win this race.”
Riesterer beat No. 1 qualifier Shannon Jenkins in the second round and 2009 World Champion Khalid Al-Balooshi in the semifinals, moving to 10th in the points with Saturday’s race remaining.
“We made some good calls and we did way more than I could have hoped for,” Riesterer said. “We just need to keep winning.”
Pappas was just glad to get back to his winning ways for the first time in 2010.
The 2009 Extreme 10.5 World Champion had his share of difficulty through a trying summer, but he proved he’s back in the mix by going 4.15 to beat surprise finalist Brad Brand in the title round.
“We are finally on the right track,” Pappas said. “We did some testing and we’re back where we need to be.”
Pappas earned his second career win and denied Brand his first ADRL win even though Pappas pulled back on the power during the finals.
“We really backed off on the engine and it paid off for us,” Pappas said.
Brand had a major upset in the semifinals, getting a holeshot win against Billy Glidden, who went a career-best 3.96 during the run.
Owens continued to be bulletproof in Pro Extreme Motorcycle, beating Kim Morrell for the second straight race, this time by going 4.05 to once again deny Morrell her first ADRL win.
“The bike felt good and everything felt smooth out there,” Owens said. “I thought it might go a little faster, but it was a good smooth day.”
The win is Owens’ seventh in eight races during 2010 and it is also his fourth straight victory. Should he win on Saturday, he would become the first ADRL driver to win five straight races.
But Owens, who also backed up his world E.T. record of 4.02 on Friday, is more concerned with reaching another mark.
“I would love to get that 3.99 out of the way,” Owens said. “We’re so close and I think if we have good track conditions, we have a chance.”
Goforth re-took the points lead in Extreme Pro Stock, beating Cale Aronson on a holeshot in the finals. Aronson went 4.09 in his second straight finals appearance, but Goforth went .009 off the line and finished with a 4.10 for his second win this season.
“In my mind, I should have 2-3 more wins this year,” Goforth said. “In St. Louis, I was late off the line against Brian (Gahm) and I really steamed about that. I really made an effort to drive like I can.”
Goforth was consistent all day and that was key in avoiding the upsets that knocked John Montecalvo and Brian Gahm out in the second round. As a result, Goforth moved past both drivers in the points standings.
“We had three 4.11s in a row and that’s just a tribute to our team. The car fell out of the trailer running fast,” Goforth said. “We had the car to beat all night.”
Ty Tutterow went 8.03 to earn a red-light win against Trevor Wilson in Pro Junior Dragster.
Owens is the lone winner from Friday who is also the top qualifier in his class for the Ohio Drags. The rest of the top qualifiers through three rounds include Alex Hossler (3.67, Pro Extreme), Pat Stoken (3.86, Pro Nitrous), Dan Millen (3.89, Extreme 10.5), Jeff Dobbins (4.10, Extreme Pro Stock) and K.J. Nowling (Pro Junior Dragster).
The fourth and final qualifying round for the Ohio Drags takes place at 9 a.m. on Saturday. The first round of eliminations is slated to begin at 1 p.m.


Sept. 11, 2010

ADRL Rockingham

Saturday washed out

Inclement weather forced the unfortunate postponement of the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) Simpson Dragstock VII on Saturday at Rockingham Dragway.
The ADRL's biggest and most prestigious race will now be completed at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH, which will also be the site of the Summit Racing Equipment Ohio Drags IV on Sept. 24-25. Both events will be completed during the weekend.

A sudden and steady rain interrupted the final round of qualifying on Saturday, causing ADRL President and CEO Kenny Nowling to postpone what had already been a record-breaking event.

"Nobody wanted to finish Dragstock at Rockingham Speedway more than myself, but unfortunately we have to call the event," ADRL President and CEO Kenny Nowling said. "There's no way the cars can run after all the rain. Our track crew is the best in the business, but this is just unfortunate. There's not a lot we can do."

Final qualifying was completed in Extreme Pro Stock, Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Extreme 10.5 and Pro Nitrous before rain halted the fourth round of Pro Extreme qualifying.

Before that, the capacity crowd at Rockingham Dragway was on its feet for most of a record-breaking afternoon.

After Frankie Taylor set a world E.T. record in Pro Extreme on Friday, becoming the first ADRL driver to reach the 3.5s (3.596), Shannon Jenkins (Pro Nitrous) and Dan Millen (Extreme 10.5) followed suit in their respective divisions. Jenkins was incredibly impressive in a loaded Pro Nitrous field, which fielded an ADRL-record 40 cars.

The "Iceman" went 3.813 on Friday night and then backed that up with his pass on Saturday to stay as the No. 1 qualifier and set a new world record.

"This is a good car," Jenkins said.

It was also a standout and record-breaking Pro Nitrous field that became the quickest in ADRL history, as John Bartunek qualified in the No. 16 spot with a 3.95, making it nearly .05 quicker than the previous best field.

Several talented drivers like Charles Carpenter, Dan Stevenson, Johnny Pilcher, Pat Stoken and Terry Murphy were left out, though Steve Vick snuck in with a 3.93 on his last try to put him in at No. 15.

Currently ninth in the points race, Vick needed that qualification to keep hope alive for a top eight spot at the LenMar Motorsports ADRL World Finals VI in October.

"It kept us in the chase. If we had not qualified, we would have been done," Vick said. "I figured the field would be around a .96, so I was pretty close."

Dan Millen's magical stretch continued on Saturday in Extreme 10.5, as he went 3.858 at 203.09 mph to set a new E.T. world record.

Chuck Ulsch held the mark for all of one day after going 3.90 on Friday, but Millen responded with his fourth straight run in the 3-second range, all of which were better than the previous pass.

"We're real happy right now," Millen said. "We need points like it's nobody's business."

Five drivers reached the 3-second mark in XTF, but Millen continually marveled the overflow crowd at Rockingham during qualifying.

Ashley Owens did much of the same in PXM and remained the top qualifier after his run of 4.022.

He opted to not take a fourth qualifying pass, but will have a chance to back up his 4.022 in Norwalk to set a new E.T. record. As has been the case all year, Owens was in command of his Fast by Gast bike.

"Once I crank the bike, I'm not thinking about anything," Owens said. "That's when I get the most relaxed."

Brian Gahm remained the top qualifier in XPS after going 4.062 on Friday, while Taylor remained on top in Pro Extreme with a good portion of the field yet to make their final qualifying run.

Joshua Hernandez was in the No. 2 qualifying spot after going 3.658 in PX and said he'll be prepared for the ADRL's third double-race weekend of the year in two weeks.

"We'll be ready to go in Ohio," Hernandez said.

The Ohio Drags will be the final race before the World Finals in October.

Friday Qualifying (Rockingham)

It was a record-breaking day on Friday at Rockingham Dragway, as several drivers did their best to rewrite history at the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) Simpson Dragstock VII.
None, however, did it better than Frankie Taylor, who re-established his place as the fastest man in the ADRL. The "Madman" had hoped to become the first Pro Extreme driver to run in the 3.5s, and his bold prediction leading up to the race came true, as he went a blistering 3.596 at 210.64 miles per hour to jump to the No. 1 qualifying spot through three qualifying rounds on Friday.

"It felt good. To do it with the sun out was pretty cool," Taylor said. "I wanted to be the first in the 50s, so that's pretty cool, too. I'm very happy and this is pretty exciting."

With a record-entry Pro Nitrous field that also became the quickest Pro Nitrous field in ADRL history (3.97), several other drivers stood out en route to qualifying in the top spot after one day.

In Pro Nitrous, Shannon Jenkins went 3.813 to climb to the top, while Dan Millen (3.882 in Extreme 10.5), Ashley Owens (4.022 in Pro Extreme Motorcycle), Brian Gahm (4.062 in Extreme Pro Stock) and Janna Vogler (Pro Junior Dragster) were all top qualifiers.

Jenkins, Millen and Owens all ran the quickest times in ADRL history in their respective classes and they will become world E.T. records if they can back it up on Saturday.

Taylor accomplished that by going 3.61 in his first pass. He topped that on a solo run on his next trip, bringing the huge crowd at Rockingham to its feet.

The only thing left for Taylor is picking up his third ADRL win.

"It's just about winning (Saturday)," Taylor said. "If I go .61, .59 and .60 tomorrow and cut some good lights, I'll be good."

Joshua Hernandez went 3.65 to qualify second, while Jason Scruggs went 3.66 in his third pass to move to the third position.

Jenkins dropped to the No. 2 position momentarily after Jim Halsey went 3.84 in Pro Nitrous. But the "Iceman" responded like he usually does, going 3.813 at 198.38 mph to bump Halsey back to second.

"I saw Jim go .84 and just said 'Here we go.' I just got mean with (the car)," Jenkins said. After driving teammate Mike Castellana's car to a win in St. Louis in August, Jenkins looked impressive in his own car, which was back in Jenkins' hands for the first time after his crash in July.

The amazing thing is Jenkins thinks it has more potential for Saturday.

"It was soft on the clutch," Jenkins said. "It would have gone .78 or .79 easy and probably 200 miles per hour, too. We'll just have to get it tomorrow and save the best for last."

Millen had a day to remember in Extreme 10.5, making three 3-second passes, the first of which made him the fifth and final member of the Mickey Thompson 3-Second Club.

The Al-Anabi Racing driver celebrated that moment, but then finished the day even better, going 3.882 at 203.09 mph to take the top qualifying spot.

"I wouldn't care if it was three 4.00 runs or three in the 3s, we haven't had this much success since we started racing this car. We're very happy," Millen said.

That last run was Millen's first going more than 200 mph, but the current E.T. record - at least until Millen can back his up - goes to Chuck Ulsch, who went 3.90 at 202.97 mph to sit in second.

Five drivers (Millen, Ulsch, Gary White, Todd Moyer and Spiro Pappas) all had 3-second runs on Friday, but Ulsch and Millen could be on a collision course for the finals.

"I think things would work out nice if we can see him in the finals," Ulsch said.

It wasn't a record-setting field in Pro Extreme Motorcycle, but Owens did his best to wow everyone at Rockingham Dragway. Making just the third pass on a new motor that debuted for this race, Owens and his Fast by Gast bike went 4.022 at 177.44 mph, which is currently .12 better than No. 2 and No. 3 qualifiers Terry Schweigert and Kim Morrell.

"I was happy with a 4.02, but I'm always trying to go a little better," Owens said. "You always have to try to do a little better. I think there's room for improvement."

Owens went 4.07 during his second qualifying run and then blew everyone away - Paul Gast included - with his run of 4.02. He'll try to back that up Saturday to re-set his world E.T. record, but a 3-second run might be possible.

"It's possible, but we want to win first and foremost," Gast said.

Gahm didn't waste any time carrying over his momentum from winning the Hardee's Gateway Drags III in August in Extreme Pro Stock.

On his first pass, the Ohio native made the top run of the day, going 4.06 at 175.89 mph. Gahm was certainly happy to have the No. 1 qualifying spot after Friday, but he was just as pleased with the consistency he displayed.

"It's a good way to start. We made a good call and it seemed like it worked well," Gahm said. "We actually made three good runs. The car is working really well."

He'll need that consistency in a field that is packed tightly, with Pete Berner right behind in No. 2 at 4.077. Cary Goforth follows in third (4.079), but Gahm will be focused for his second straight win.

"If we can be consistent like that, it's going to be good for race day," Gahm said. "We'll go back, make some changes and decide if we want to step on it."

Vogler became the top qualifier in PJD after posting a reaction time of 0.003. Ryan Crews is right behind at .004 and K.J. Nowling is third with a .005.

The fourth and final qualifying session for Simpson Dragstock VII begins at 11 a.m. at Rockingham Dragway, with the first round of eliminations set to begin at 3 p.m.


ADRL (St, Louis)

August 6-7, 2010

Alex Hossler's first American Drag Racing League (ADRL) win 10 months ago ended with the Pro Extreme driver crossing the finish line with his car on fire in one of more memorable ADRL finishes.
In Hossler's eyes, however, the Canton, IL native topped himself on Saturday during the Hardee's Gateway Drags III at Gateway International Raceway (GIR). With more than 100 friends, family and co-workers looking on, Hossler was never better and it paid off with his second career ADRL PX win.

His '71 Camaro went a Saturday-best 3.69 at 203 miles per hour, beating Gaylen Smith in an entertaining final before a massive overflow crowd at GIR. "(The 3.69) put quite the exclamation point on the coolest win I've ever had," Hossler said. "I don't know how I could have made it any better. "There is no race I would rather win. This is definitely the highlight of my ADRL career. This has been great, to share this experience with all the people I care about."

Joining Hossler in the winner's circle was Shannon Jenkins in Pro Nitrous, Chuck Ulsch in Extreme 10.5, Ashley Owens in Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Brian Gahm in Extreme Pro Stock and Alexander Oppen in Pro Junior Dragster.

The capacity crowd soaked in the record-breaking weekend, as track E.T. and speed records were broken in every class over the two-day stretch.

Ulsch capped his amazing day with one more record, as his 3.99 run in the finals against Billy Glidden came at 206.55 mph, giving him the new world speed record in XTF. That it came during a finals victory was simply icing on the cake for the Clarksville, MD native.

"I saw the win light and that's all I needed to see," Ulsch said. "This was real cool because I lost this race (in the finals) last year. Anytime you can win, it's great."

The location added plenty more for Hossler, but how he did it was also meaningful. After qualifying fifth, Hossler went 3.74 in the opening round and then knocked off Frankie Taylor a round later with a 3.76 at 204 mph.

That gave him KH Al-Thani in the semifinals and the buzz at GIR in preparation for that race was palpable. But it was Hossler who prevailed, denying Al-Thani of his second win in two days with a 3.75 to set up his terrific finals run. "Anybody that tells you don't get jacked up for something like that, you're lying. You do get jacked up," Hossler said of his semifinal matchup against Al-Thani. "You just have to try to block that out and do what you always do."

After wrecking in Houston two weeks ago, Jenkins has been driving the car of teammate Mike Castellana in Pro Nitrous. It was a lethal combination on Saturday, as Jenkins went 3.88 at 193 mph to deny Randy Weatherford of his first ADRL win. Instead, Jenkins picked up his class-best ninth - and it still felt as good as his first. "This is why I still do it," Jenkins said in the winner's circle. "Winning is all I dream and think about."

Before that, though, Jenkins had to overcome the crash in Houston and some difficulty on Friday with Castellana's car. But after staying up until 2:30 a.m. correcting the problems, Jenkins went 3.93 in the final qualifying session to set the tone for the day. He got better in each round, going 3.92 to beat Burton Auxier in the second round and 3.91 to top Stan Allen in the semifinals. "We're just racing for Mike," Jenkins said. "We came out with that .93 in qualifying and it felt like a different car. After that, we knew we could win."

Ulsch's path to the finals was eerily similar to a year ago at the track, as he met Jeff Naiser and Gary White in the second and third rounds, respectively, for the second straight time. He had passes of 4.03 at 205 mph and 4.02 to reach the finals, and this time he got the better of Glidden, who cut a perfect .000 light but shut the car off shortly after.

"Hopefully this puts us back in the mix. Every little bit helps," Ulsch said. "We made major changes before every run and we threw some stuff out there. We got where we want to be."

It was the same old dominant story for Owens, as the Decatur, AL native made it a double-win weekend after also qualifying first.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg for the "Fast by Gast" driver, who went 4.09 at 174 mph to beat Kim Morrell's 4.16 in the finals.

Morrell was making her first finals appearance, but had to relent to Owens, who now has a remarkable six wins in seven ADRL races.

"It's hard to keep this going," Owens said. "All the little stuff and there's so many things that goes into this, it's just unreal. It's been a wonderful thing."

Owens cut a .013 light in the finals, which is simply par for the course in the 2010 season. His '07 Suzuki went 4.11 in the first round, a weekend-best 4.08 at 175 mph in the quarterfinals and a 4.10 to put him in the finals, where he remains perfect on the season.

"There's quite a few people that stepped up and we were just trying to get that win light," Owens said. "There's a lot of tough people out here, but everything went good and the bike was real consistent."

Consistent was also what Gahm kept coming back to en route to picking up his second win of the year. He didn't put up monster numbers - though his 4.11 in the finals was strong - but he never went worse than 4.15 on Saturday. Gahm went a 4.13 at 173 mph to beat Cary Goforth in the semifinals, and Cale Aronson, making his first finals appearance, timed out on the starting line in the finals.

"We ran consistent all day," Gahm said. "We weren't the fastest but we were right there. The guys did a great job of reading the track all day."

Aronson reached the finals by knocking off red-hot John Montecalvo, denying Montecalvo the chance to become the first ADRL driver to win five straight races.

That opened the door for Gahm, who gladly took advantage on a productive Saturday. "We're always ready to win, but (Montecalvo's) Chevy has been hard to deal with," Gahm said. "We're very happy. It was a great weekend."

In Pro Junior Dragster, Oppen picked up the win, getting a red-light victory against Kyle Dvorak. Oppen, a Kenosha, WI native, had a reaction time of .057 and went 7.93 at 80.96 mph.

The ADRL returns to action on September 10-11 for the ADRL Simpson Dragstock VII from Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, NC.

Saturday's final results from the ADRL Hardee's Gateway Drags III at Gateway International Raceway. The race is the Seventh of 10 in the American Drag Racing League:

Pro Extreme -- Alex Hossler, Chevy Camaro, 3.696, 203.89 def. Gaylen Smith, Chevy Bel Air, 3.715, 204.85.

Pro Nitrous -- Shannon Jenkins, Chevy Camaro, 3.884, 193.13 def. Randy Weatherford, Camaro, 3.957, 191.10.

Extreme 10.5 -- Chuck Ulsch, Chevy Camaro, 3.997, 206.35 def. Billy Glidden, Ford Mustang, 7.783, 59.18.

Pro Extreme Motorcycle -- Ashley Owens, Suzuki, 4.095, 174.68 def. Kim Morrell, Suzuki, 4.168, 169.89.

Extreme Pro Stock -- Brian Gahm, Ford Mustang, 4.115, 174.98 def. Cale Aronson, Mustang, DQ.

Pro Junior Dragster -- Alexander Oppen, Hercules, 7.937, 80.96 def. Kyle Dvorak, Spitzer, foul.

ADRL (Topeka)

(Completed at Gateway)

Only Pro Extreme Motorcycle rider Travis Davis had never previously visited a National Guard American Drag Racing League (ADRL) winner's circle, but that didn't make their victories in the ADRL Hardee's Gateway Drags any less thrilling for Mike Janis (Pro Extreme), Mike Castellana (Pro Nitrous), Billy Glidden (Extreme 10.5) or Brian Gahm (Extreme Pro Stock).
Janis, from Lancaster, NY, steered his supercharged 1968 Firebird past Brian Daniels in the opening round, then made a remarkable string of unopposed passes to secure his second win in the last three ADRL national events. Both Wes Johnston and finalist Jason Scruggs damaged their car's engines beyond repair in previous passes, while Cody Barklage suffered the heartbreak of a $20 fuel fitting breaking on the starting line following his burnout for the semis.

"We did run into some unfortunate opponents and I feel bad for those guys, I really do, but I think we also ran well enough to show we would've had something for them anyhow," Janis said after covering the eighth mile at Gateway International Raceway in 3.86 seconds at 195.59 miles per hour in the final round.

Teammates Castellana and Khalid Al-Balooshi faced off in the first-ever, all Al-Anabi Racing final, with the veteran taking out the rookie with team owner Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Thani of Qatar looking on. Pro Nitrous legend Shannon Jenkins and Burton Auxier also drive Al-Anabi cars and "Tricky Rickie" Smith serves as crew chief for Balooshi, who qualified in the number-one position.

"It was great to have the Sheikh here this weekend and especially to see all of his cars do so well," Castellana said after defeating Terry Murphy, Lee Adkins, Johnny Pilcher and Balooshi for his third ADRL event title. "This team is on a roll now and it feels great to get a win and be part of it."

Reigning Flowmaster Extreme 10.5 World Champ Glidden started from the third qualifying spot, then ran his Ford-powered '06 GTO past Todd Kitchen, Jeff Paulk and Gary White to reach polesitter Chuck Ulsch in the final round. Ulsch was coming off a semi-final appearance that set the drag racing world on fire with its first-ever three-second pass (3.98/197.88) on the relatively narrow 10.5W rear tires, a feat widely considered unattainable just a couple of years ago.

Ulsch's supercharged '68 Camaro lost traction in the final, however, allowing Glidden's nitrous-assisted ride to blast through for the win in 4.07 seconds at 176.74 mph. Afterward, the man from Whiteland, Indiana, expressed surprise at earning his fifth National Guard Minuteman trophy after seven ADRL races this year.

"It's nothing I did," Glidden insisted. "If they hadn't had trouble over there, there's no way I can run with the kind of horsepower they're making. So yeah, I'm kind of surprised to win here."

Despite qualifying number two, then taking out current class champ Billy Vose, Keith Dennis and Monte Campbell, Davis also admitted to a little surprise at prevailing with a holeshot over Ron Procopio in the final round. Both riders carded 4.26 elapsed times, but a .052 advantage off the starting line made the difference for Davis.

"I knew Ronnie was a good leaver and I had to be on top of it, but I think he had his worst light of the day and that helped me, too," Davis said. "But my bike has been running real good lately and I'm feeling good on it, so hopefully this is just the first of many (wins) for us."

First-round Extreme Pro Stock action was marred by a scary, top-end rollover accident involving Matt Hartford. Fortunately, the third-place qualifier emerged uninjured, but his 2007 Cobalt sustained serious damage.

"It just started to haze the tires, then took a sudden, hard right into the wall. I probably stayed in it longer than I should have," Hartford admitted after the first wreck of his career. "But when you're trying to win these races you have to go for it."

Meanwhile, points leader Gahm continued his dominance of the naturally aspirated class, racing through Brad Waddle, Steven Boone and John Montecalvo before ending the hopes of Dean Goforth with his fourth event title this year. Gahm set low E.T. of the meet with a 4.13-seconds blast in the final, while Goforth suffered a flat, left front tire halfway into his run that threw his '09 Pontiac GXP across the center line, where it hit the finish line markers.

"I hate to see that. We already lost one (car) today and don't need our guys tearing their stuff up out here," Gahm said. "That was a good run for us and it's great to keep the momentum going toward the championship."

The National Guard ADRL returns to racing in two weeks, Aug. 21-22, with the ADRL Summit Racing Equipment Ohio Drags III at National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio.


Pro Extreme -- Mike Janis, Pontiac Firebird, 3.863, 195.59 def. Jason Scruggs, Chevy Camaro, broke.

Pro Nitrous -- Mike Castellana (near lane), Chevy Camaro, 4.579, 118.45 def. Khalid Al-Balooshi, Camaro, LBT.

Extreme 10.5 -- Billy Glidden (far lane), Pontiac GTO, 4.076, 176.74 def. Chuck Ulsch, Chevy Camaro, 4.336, 187.47.

Pro Extreme Motorcycle -- Travis Davis (far lane), Suzuki, 4.268, 168.98 def. Ronald Procopio, Suzuki, 4.265, 168.45.

Extreme Pro Stock -- Brian Gahm (near lane), Ford Mustang, 4.137, 174.17 def. Dean Goforth, Pontiac GXP, DQ.

Pro Junior Dragster -- Ty Tutterow (near lane), Halfscale, 7.942, 81.91 def. Trevor Haisma, Spitzer, 8.005, 81.36.

Friday qualifying

Mike Castellana was simply looking for one good run in Pro Nitrous on Friday at the ADRL Hardee's Independence Drags IV at Heartland Park Topeka.
When that came on his very first run, Castellana delivered in an even bigger way to cap his evening under the lights. Castellana and his '69 Camaro wowed the energetic crowd with his third qualifying run, staying in first after three sessions with a pass of 3.89 at 192.28 miles per hour.

It was significant that Castellana had two in a class where most drivers struggled to get one on a day where track conditions proved difficult to solve.

"I think we had a better handle on things," Castellana said. "It was kind of hit-or-miss for a lot of people, but we've got a good handle on this car. When you got something good going, you don't want to change too much."

Other top qualifiers after Friday's three sessions include Frankie Taylor in Pro Extreme, Ashley Owens in Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Pete Berner in Extreme Pro Stock and Todd Moyer in Extreme 10.5.

Castellana's solid performance on Friday gives him some breathing room heading into Saturday's final qualifying session as well.

"(Saturday's) session won't be as good with the conditions, so we should be able to stay on top," Castellana said. "We feel pretty comfortable."

The Al-Anabi Racing driver should after Friday. Shannon Jenkins shot up considerably in his final pass, going a 3.92 to move up to second overall.

But he says everyone is trying to keep up with Castellana this weekend.

"Mike's car was good today," Jenkins said. "He had pretty good control of it. The track conditions cooled off and the thing stayed hooked up."

Castellana wasn't the only one who got better under the lights in the cooler conditions. After shooting to the top on his first qualifying run, Taylor went back up to the top on his final pass on Friday.

The "Wild Man" pushed it hard in the nighttime air, going 3.70 at 202.58 mph. He went 3.73 earlier in the day, giving him a good base for eliminations.

"The .73 earlier today is probably what we'll baseline tomorrow off of," Taylor said. Joshua Hernandez and Jason Scruggs overtook Taylor on the second run, going 3.733 and 3.734, respectively.

They moved back to second and third on Taylor's final run, with KH Al-Thani sitting in fourth after going 3.74.

Taylor knows where he has to improve on Saturday in what was a 30-car field on Friday.

"I've got to get on the tree a little bit more," Taylor said. "It's been acting a little funny on the two step, but we'll get it taken care of tonight, we'll put a few plug wires on it."

Moyer was another driver who put together two impressive runs on Friday, bolting back to the top with a 4.00 at 195.85 mph run under the lights.

"(My crew) told me it was going to be a .99 so I was a little disappointed," Moyer said. "We were going to smoke the tires or we were going to go real fast."

They clearly went fast, something that was the theme for Moyer and his '04 Cavalier on Friday. He was first after the first qualifying run, but moved back to second after Gary White, winner of two straight ADRL races, went from 15th to first with a run of 4.01.

That didn't last long as Moyer went back on top moments later, taking momentum into Saturday. The Seabrook, TX native knows that doesn't guarantee anything in XTF.

"They're all 4.0 cars or 3.99 cars," Moyer said. "It is going to be hot and it's going to be an issue, but I think we know how to do it right now."

Berner was consistent all day, with his 4.14 from his first run putting him at the top in XPS. Berner went 173.54 mph in a blistering pass and the Summit Motorsports driver couldn't be happier with how the day went.

"We're tickled to death. With the conditions we had on the track, this is pretty awesome. We had three great runs and hopefully we'll keep it going," Berner said. "The crew is making exceptional calls for these conditions. We've got a great car."

Berner had great reaction times all day, and his car was clearly dialed in despite the hot and sticky conditions.

That's where this car has thrived, something Berner is banking on heading into final eliminations.

His '09 GXP had good power coming into the weekend and that was evident throughout the day. Berner, though, has his mind on one thing.

"One of those days we want one of those trophies. Hopefully it's this weekend," Berner said. "Consistency is what's going to win. In this class, you have to be on your game for every run." John Montecalvo, who won in Michigan last month and was also the No. 1 qualifier, jumped to second in his final run with a pass of 4.160. Bob Bertsch is right behind after a 4.169 in his first pass.

Owens continues to appear untouchable in PXM, needing only two runs to take command. After running a 4.19 in his first run, Owens passed on his second run and then came back at night to put up an impressive run of 4.16.

"It's kind of the pattern we've developed and we've stuck with it," Owens said of making only two passes on Friday.

"We're making less passes and it's less wear and tear on the bike. I feel good about (Saturday)."

There's plenty of good reason for it as the Fast by Gast team shoots for its fourth straight win.

The No. 2 qualifier, Charlie Prophit, is .09 behind Owens in qualifying and the nine-bike field appears a step behind Owens and his '07 Suzuki in Topeka.

Owens joked he's under pressure this weekend because owner Paul Gast did not make the trip to Heartland Park Topeka.

"Paul left me with the bike this weekend, so we have to do good," Owens said with a chuckle. "We can't do bad. It won't look good."

Sporting an incredible .001 reaction time, Cody Jeffs was the top qualifier in Pro Junior Dragster.

The fourth and final qualifying session starts at 11 a.m. on Saturday. Final eliminations are slated to begin at 3 p.m. at Heartland Park Topeka.

2010 ADRL Schedule

March 19-20 ADRL Universal Technical Institute
Dragpalooza VI Presented by Safety-Kleen Houston Raceway Park
Baytown, Texas
April 23-24 ADRL Hardee's
Georgia Drags VI South Georgia Motorsports Park
Cecil, Georgia
May 21-22 ADRL Speedtech
U.S. Drags III Virginia Motorsports Park
Petersburg, Virginia
June 11-12 ADRL Ford Drive One
Summer Drags VI U.S. 131 Motorsports Park
Martin, Michigan
July 2-3 ADRL Hardee's
Independence Drags IV Heartland Park Topeka
Topeka, Kansas
July 23-24 ADRL Inaugural
Texas Drags Houston Raceway Park
Baytown, Texas
August 6-7 ADRL Hardee's
Gateway Drags III Gateway International Raceway
Madison, Illinois
September 10-11 ADRL Simpson
Dragstock VII Rockingham Dragway
Rockingham, North Carolina
September 24-25 ADRL Summit Racing Equipment
Ohio Drags IV Summit Motorsports Park
Norwalk, Ohio
October 22-23 LenMar Motorsports
ADRL World Finals VI Texas Motorplex
Ennis, Texas

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