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Sunday Elimination's

Top Sportsman




Semi Finals

The 'Ferd" took on Lloyd Flatum in one semi final. Ferder got a .02 starting line advatage an ran a 7.356 on his 7.34 dial in. Flatum was closer to his dial running a 7.528 on his 7.52 dial, but he fell 012 short at the finish line

Rod Andreas got the bye run in the semis and he just took the starting line green. His challenge was to take out one of Division six's winningest drivers.

Final round

Ferderer's opponent was .02 back in the semi finals and it was the same here in the finals. By 1100 feet, Mike had caught Rod and he just eased off the throotle for a .019 finish line margin of victory. The win extended the point lead for the K & N sponsored driver. He has two wins already this year, and is over a hundred points up on Brian Phillips.

Top Dragster

1/4 finals

The 1/4 finals had a couple young ladies battling it out in one pairing. Alberta driver Frankie Giroux took one teenager Megan Molinari. Both racers come from large pedigrees as their fathers are both standout competitors. Frankie had .02 on the tree and ran dead on to the thousandths to advance to the semi finals where she had a bye run. She was going to try and earn her first ever Divisional Wally.

The other pair had another US vs Canada battle. Two veterans faced off as Paul Nero took on Daryl Baker. Daryl jump the gun and went .013 red and he will be kicking himself after that one as he ran dead on his 7.22 dial (7.220). Nero was .044 on the tree and ran 7.081 on his automatic win. He would take on Randy Pressel in the semi.

Semi finals.

Frankie Giroux had the bye run and she ran it out to 1200 feet. Nero took out Pressel when he had .007 on the tree and ran .001 closer to his dial for a .008 margin.


Final round

First time Top Dragster finalist Frankie Giroux was taking on one of the veteran's of the class in Paul Nero. Paul has had success here at Mission, reaching the final round here last year. It was real close at the tree with Nero getting just .004 advantage.

The two cars were dialed just .12 apart, and Frankie held onto her lead right through the finish line finishing four feet ahead as she was .02 closer to her dial running a 7.216 on her 7.20 dial. Nero ran 7.116 on his 7.08 dial.


Comp Eliminator


Semi Finals

In the semi finals, Ryan Warter had the monster task of trying to stop Brian Hyerstay and his .8 under VW powered dragster. The two drivers left with almost identical RT's, and the Little dragster to an easy stripe .47 under his 9.61 index. Warter was only .025 under his 9.32 index, well over three car lengths back.

Bruce Perkin got a break in the 1/4 finals when Terry Spargo's throttle cable broke right at the 2-3 shift. Spargo had a 1/10th advantage on the starting line and had been running well over a tenth faster than his index. The was just Bruce's first break. The winner of that round got a bye in the semis right to the finals. Bruce would stage the car in the semi final and just take the stripe.

Final round

The final round in Comp was a bit of a mismatch as the #1 qualifier faced the #7 qualifier. #7 Bruce Perkin was 4/10ths slower on his index compared to Hyerstay. Hyerstay had a second and a half starting line advantage based on the index's, and he stretched it more as Bruce was late on the tree. Hyerstay had eased off the gas by 1200 feet and took a .3 stripe at the finish line. The win put Hyerstay in second place in the standings three rounds back of Jeff Lane.


Saturday shootout results

Final qualifying








Friday qualifying


Top Dragster



Top Sportsman