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Sunday Elimination's



Saturday final qualifying

.....Leach's previous run of 5.622 was still in play and he sat #7 in the field. Greg Sereda was on the bump heading into the final session with an off pace and engine wounding 7 second time slip. Kim ran in the same pairing as Leach and she ran a 5.564/263 to move into the #6 spot. Johnny Ahten failed to improve from his earlier 5.60 so he would end up #7. Gord Gingles ripped off a great 5.336/271, low et for the round , and he moved into the #4 spot in the field. Garrett Bateman also failed to improve in the final round (5.42) but his 5.320 from round two put him #2 in the field. Joey Severance ran a 5.337 in the final session but his 5.324 kept him #3. Shawn Cowie went 5.35 in the final round, but his first round 5.303/272 was the best of the weekend and he was the #1 qualifier. Cowie is set to run John Leach but the damage to the car will likely kept the Gilmour team out of the action. Bateman races Johnny Ahten Severance goes up against Kim Parker and Gingles races McKernan .



Saturday TAFC Final qualifying and elimination ladder

Saturday TAFC did see Chris Marshall and Brian Hough make big improvements to move up in the field. Marshall went 5.72 to sit #3 and Hough ran a 5.73 and that put him 4th

1 747 Mike Doushgounian, San Martin CA, '13 Monte Ca 5.620 257.14 257.14
2 597 Greg Hunter, Castle Rock CO, '11 Monte Carlo 5.684 258.91 258.91
3 676M Chris Marshall, McMinnville OR, '06 Mustang 5.721 250.55 250.55
4 65 Brian Hough, Junction City OR, '15 Camaro 5.733 258.84 258.84
5 6345 Clint Thompson, Klamath Falls OR, '16 Camaro 7.736 180.00 180.00

In the final round it was defending champion Greg Hunter who made the best run, a solid 5.677 but it was not enough to bump him into the top spot. #1 qualifier Mike Doushgonian went 5.701 in the final round but his first round 5.620 was the number that kept him #1. Marshall ran .01 better (5.711) and he ended up #3. Brian Hough stayed in the 5.70's, but he could not improve on his earlier 5.73. Clint Thompson the Topeka National runner-up got 'TRUMPED' literally by the track as his pedalling 7.736 would be all he could muster up. That being said is I am not sure I want that team in round one Sunday. Conditions will likely be pretty cool for a noon faceoff with defending champion Hunter..


TAFC eliminations and final qualifying


Friday qualifying