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Sunday elimination's

Super Stock Semi finals and finals.

In a great semi final between Troy Olsonawski and Cody Lane, Olsonawski took the stripe by .012 with a .011 light and a 11.228 on his 11.22 dial. Lane was .023 on the tree and ran 8.688 on his 8.68 dial. The other semi was not close as Steve Schwab missed the tree big time (.347 rt) handing an east win to Olsonawski.


Olsonawski took a couple hun too much stripe in the final round against long time sportsman driver Joe Sorenson.



Semi finals and finals

Brad Burton got a semi final bye and was coasting at the finish line. Ryan Warter defeated a too quick Brian Seaberg. Warter was way off his dial but Seaberg must have seen it too late and ended up .038 under his 14.44 dial

In a double break out final round with two Firebirds and two very strong competitors, Brad Burton the world champion in 2014 and #6 in the world last year defeated Ryan Warter who also went to the semi finals in Comp.

It hard to beleive these two veterans missed the starting line by so much, but it did make for a fairly even race. Burton ended up .007 under his 10.97 dial while Warter was .011 under. Warter have some room to play with at the stripe but he breaked a few feet to late.


Super Comp

Marc Heritage had a semi final bye and ran 8.908. Teenager Yeshua Wilcox defeated Veteran Ed Hauter when Hauter went .011 red.

The final was all Heritage as he produced a 7/1000 package. Wilcox tried to take the stripe but his .039 light did not allow him to play catch-up


Super Gas

Rob Willis defeated a too quick Gary Culp in the first semi final pairing. In the second semi final it was a double break out race between Steve Laskowske and Curtis Geise. The two drivers were separated by .011 on the tree with Laskowske having the edge. Geise took the stripe by a mere .004 but it was .005 too much as he was .035 under. Laskowske was .020 under the 9.90 index.

In the final round Willis got a .021 edge on the tree but Laskowske drove around him, unfortunately for him he took too much stripe by .012. A 9.902 would won him the race, but he was a hundredth under the 9.90 index (10.890)

A real close final, but when you are under the index and your opponent isn't you lose.


Super Street

Martin Jackman defeated Gary Erickson in one semi final in Super Street. based on reaction time difference Gary was dead unless Jackman was to go under the dial further than he did. That did not happen, as Martin took the win running 10.921. Josh Dalrymple went 'trip-zip' in his semi final bye run.


In the final, Dalrymple had a great .005 light and caught Jackman just before 1280 feet. he was off the gas right at the stripe, but broke out by 1/1000ths of a second. Jackman had a solid package going .024 on the tree and ran a perfect 10.900 for his first win in the super classes.

You can see the nose on Dalrymple's Camaro drop right at the finish line as he tried to scrub et at the finish line. He came close, but local driver Jackman got the win.



Doug Schumann defeated a too quick Coutney Smith in the semi finals of Motorcycle. Cody Cumpton had problems down track with his bike against 2015 series champion Jake Havens. The two riders had identical RTs but Havens took the easy win.

In the final round, both riders had .02 lights and were real close all the way down the track. At the stripe, it was Havens getting the win by .012.

Super Pro

Dan Provost defeated Gord Baxter in his semi final with a 40/1000package, taking a 3/100 stripe. Baxter was 76/1000 overall. Zachary Liston was .007 too quick in his semi final agaisnt his opponent Kevin McNicol, driving in memory of his buddy Keith Vahle who was tragically killed a few days ago ran way too quick running .04 under his 10.02 dial handing the win to Liston.

In the final round, Zachary Liston had a .044 package against Provost but was 1/1000ths shy of the RAD team owner who was .043 overall. He took a .001 stripe.

Hard to believe Dan Provost could catch Zack Liston sitting six feet back with only 15 feet to go, but it did happen as Provost got a 1/1000ths stripe (about six inches).



Semi finals and finals

Rick McKinney lost to Jim Behnke despite his .05 starting line advantage . He took over a tenth too much stripe in the loss. John TAbak got the bye run in the semis.

In the final round, Tabak was .014 too quick on the tree and then ran way too quick as well. (11.706 on a 11.77 dial) John had a 11.70 on his dial last round but ran an 11.760. Jim was late in the semi final win and got away lucky, he was solid on the tree in the final going .016 and drving it out the back door with the automatic win. These two have faced off a number of times over the last couple years and are pretty much even in the win/loss dept.

In the final round

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