May 5-7, 2015

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Comp Eliminator

(Story and photos by RG Hunter)

Dan Barton of Post Falls Idaho, driving a 2005 Cavalier running in F Super Modified Automatic defeated Brian Hyerstay from Springfield Oregon to capture Competition Eliminator at the 2015 LORDO BC NATIONALS at Mission Raceway Park.

Hyerstay was driving a tiny rear engined Volkswagen powered G/Dragster, and drew a redlight in the final; he left just 0.001 seconds too early. Hyerstay was low qualifier at 9.00 seconds, which is indeed "slow" in Comp, in a class full of quick door cars, so slow that Hyerstay's dragster has rear view mirrors to judge his opponent's closing rate near the finish line!

The Comp field was a bit slim as 12 cars qualified, and 11 ran as contender Brandon Huhtala had serious mechanical gremlins and loaded up. Local standout Bruce Perkin broke a valve in Friday's qualifications but effected repairs and answered the bell on Sunday.


Five of the twelve entrants were Canadians. Perkin, and both Dale and Garth Giroux went out in the first round. Grant Klohn and Dave Richardson lost in the second round, and both were driving for others, Klohn for for Howie Stevens (C/Altered Mustang) and Richardson for Bob Marshall (C/Altered Automatic Pontiac GXP) respectively. Only two cars were open cockpit cars, Hyerstay's dragster and the A/Econo Altered of 70 year old Ralph Van Paepeghem; we'd like to see a few more.

Strong contender Jeff Lane and the Hancock and Lane team were in some sort of controversy as it is our understanding they changed engines, to a smaller one, but didn't report this to the NHRA tech officials leading to ruffled feathers and a "Protest" from another competitor. Leading a sheltered existence, I haven't been aware of a "Protest" since Ray Stonehouse's "Wolfe-Hound" Camaro was protested on Vancouver Island circa 1969, but we digress. In any case, Lane uncharacteristically went out in round one when he lifted early (possibly due to engine issues).


Top Dragster

Paul Nero reached the final round for the second year in a row, and unfortunately for him it was the same runner-up result in 2015. And he lost the same way, via the red light. Last year he was way red, but Sunday he was red by the smallest of margins, .001. Event winner Andy Morris is one of the favorites in 2015 after a late round finish in Boise. He started the day Sunday with a .012 package over Gerald Davenpeck and followed that up with a .10 light against Wes Garvin then a .006 against Quentin Chambers. In the 1/4's he defeated Alberta's Stan Essery and then had a bye in the semis. Paul reached the final by having a perfect light in round one and only .01 over his dial against Kevin Chambers, then he defeated Randy Pressel in round two. In the third round he defeated Francesca Giroux with a .012 package including a double '02' light. His victim in the 1/4's was Boise runner-up John Chitwood in his wheelstanding dragster. Both Driver were under their indexes. Alberta's Gordie Castle was his opponent in the semis and Castle took too much stripe going under his dial by .017. The win for Morris puts him in second place in the standings He has two races in hand over point leader Gordie Castle.



Top Sportsman

Darryn O'Connor got his second TS win of the season and has the Division Six point lead after just two races. The second through fourth place drivers in the class have all raced four events and are well back. O'Connors first win was in Las Vegas against many of the top racers from the South, and this weekend he picked his home geographic area to wade through five rounds of competitors. In the final round he defeated 2013 Division six champion Shawn Herbst. It was a relatively easy win as Darryn had .05 on the tree and he took a coasting .04 stripe. To reach the final round and get the win, he defeated local rival Zak Clarke in round one with an 18/1000ths package. The 'Farm Truck" driver from Abbotsford, Tony Driessen was next. Driessen's truck has no electronics in it and was really good in time trials cutting a couple double '0' lights. But he was way red in round two. In the 1/4's O'Connor defeated Lloyd Flatum with a .03 package and a .03 stripe. Division Six Super Class hitter Mike Ferderer was Darryn's victim in the semi finals. Darryn was .002 off his dial (7.22) and had a .020 package for a .015 stripe. Herbst had a single in round one (Ken Sihota was a no show), Then took .02 stripe against Lee Gorenson and past Division six champion Robert Matthews to reach the semi finals. He had a bye in the semis.Unfortunately for Shawn, he was off his game in the final round.



Saturday final qualifying elimination ladders and Shootout results

Jon Riedel got the electromics gamblers win Saturday evening defeating Trevor Ritchie in a close final. Riedel had .009 on the tree and ran right on his 7.09 dial. Ritchue was .01 off his 6.78 dial.


Comp Eliminator.

Brian Hyerstay driving his VW powered Dragster nailed down the top spot in the field with a .650 under 9.000. Brandon Huhtala and Dale Giroux battled for #2 and in the end they were separated by only .001 of a second, with that edge going to Huhtala. His C/A Pontiac ran a best of 7.273 on the 7.97 index. Canadian Giroux ran a best of 6.924 tieing his National record set in Boise. The 12 car field had four C/A or C/AA competing with three of them coming from North of the Border. Dave Richardson is the new driver for Bob Marshall in the TCS Pontiac GXP. He ran a 7.389 best in C/AA trim. Marshall hopes to have his other car out, one with the B/AA combo in it later this year. He may compete with both cars on occasion later this year. Plan plan is too actually not travel as much and race more locally likely in the doorslammer series and other doorcar events. Grant Klohn was also in a new car for the first time. Howie Stevens gave him a call and asked if he would like to jump into his C/A Mustang. Klohn jumped at the chance and ran a best of 7.355. He ended up # 8 in the tightly matched field. The other C/AA car was driven by Garth Giroux he qualified #7 with a 7.347. We will have a full Comp story posted later today courtesy of Robert Hunter.





Friday qualifying









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