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November 25, 2007

Saturday Bracket Nationals


(courtesy PR director John Bisci)

Kyle Seipel of San Leandro, Calif., defeated Pete Biondo of Maspeth, N.Y., to claim the winner-take-all $45,000 Ultimate Gambler. Both drivers posted reaction times of .008.
Funny Car driver "Fast Jack" Beckman finally hit the jackpot on the third day of racing and claimed the $5,000 Super Pro finale at the Las Vegas Bracket Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Beckman, of North Hills, Calif., drove his Land Shark dragster past Russell Prater of Universal City, Texas, for the win.

Bob Moudree of Las Vegas defeated Jeff Farrar for Pro honors.

Jon Irving defeated his father, John, for the Sportsman win. Both hail from Boulder City.

So far, teams from 20 states and two Canadian provinces have entered the four-day Thanksgiving weekend meet.

The inaugural Clark Griswold Trophy (for best pit-area decoration in the Christmas theme) went to the Dennis Evans racing team. Joe Niswonger's team was a close second and both pit areas featured extensive, elaborate holiday decor.

Racing concludes Sunday at The Strip at LVMS.

ULTIMATE GAMBLER ($45,000 winner-take-all) 1/8-mile
Winner: Kyle Seipel .008 4.917 sec./140.42 mph.
Runner-up: Pete Biondo .008 4.872 sec./141.24 mph.

Winner: Jack Beckman 2006 Land Shark dragster .028 7.724 sec./172.81 mph.
Runner-up: Russell Prater 2000 Cameron dragster .013 7.854 sec./165.60 mph.

Winner: Bob Moudree 1970 Nova .014 10.032 sec./127.39 mph.
Runner-up: Jeff Farrar 1971 Dodge Dart .071 11.658 sec./113.05 mph.

Winner: Jon Irving 2002 Camaro .154 13.176 sec./93.00 mph.
Runner-up: John Irving 2006 Corvette .002 13.338 sec./104.64 mph.

Friday Bracket Nationals


The second day of the four-day Thanksgiving weekend Las Vegas Bracket Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway now is history. So far, only one man has repeated his voyage to victory lane: Utah's Scott Parsons.
Parsons defeated Phil Landram in the Sportsman finale to take home his second winner's check of the four-day meet.

Joseph Landavazo of Peoria, Ariz., defeated Bryan Dowling of Glendale, Ariz., to win the $5,000 Super Pro check.

The final race of the night was a strange one: Dowling fouled on the starting line, handing the win to Landavazo. Landavazo's car left the starting line, then broke, and coasted to a stop at half-track. He never crossed the finish line, but won.

Tibor Kadar of Peoria, Ariz., defeated Bob Moudree of Las Vegas for Pro honors.

Saturday's meet features the winner-take-all Ultimate Gambler - and free admission for spectators after 3 p.m.

New Yorker Pete Biondo won the Madcap Ultimate Engine Giveaway Presented By Mike's Transmissions. Biondo defeated Chuck Hawk in the final round, 4.909 sec./133.38 mph to 6.418 sec./104.25 mph (1/8-mile). To reach the final round, Biondo defeated "Fast Jack" Beckman and Hawk beat Brandon Lundeen.

The Nelson Family Racing Team of Peyton, Idaho, kicked off the Thanksgiving non-perishable food drive with a $100 cash donation. Donations of non-perishable food and cash may be made at the announcer's booth in the officials' tower throughout the event. Donations will be distributed to local charities.

Winner: Joe Landavazo (Peoria, Ariz.) 1990 Mustang .031
Runner-up: Bryan Dowling (Glendale, Ariz.) 2005 Yancer dragster -.015 (foul) 10.613 sec./79.12 mph.

Winner: Tibor Kadar (Peoria, Ariz.) 1967 GTO .030 10.990 sec./115.11 mph.
Runner-up: Bob Moudree (Las Vegas) 1970 Nova .047 10.084 sec./131.46 mph.

Winner: Scott Parsons (Monroe, Utah) 1967 Curtlass .037 12.365 sec./106.51 mph.
Runner-up: Phil Landram (Spokane, Wash.) 2006 Dodge Magnum -.007 (foul) 14.734 sec./94.38 mph.

MADCAP Engine Race (win compete Madcap Bullet)
Peter Biondo, Racetech, 4.909, 133.38
Chuck Hawk, Mustang, 6.418, 104.25.

Thursday Bracket nationals Vegas

Priddy, DenBoer, Parsons score Thanksgiving Day Bracket Nationals wins
at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

LAS VEGAS - Ryan Priddy, Willie DenBoer and Scott Parsons scored
final-round wins on the first day of the sixth annual Las Vegas Bracket
Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Priddy, of Chino, Calif., defeated Paul Snell of Sandy, Utah, to
win the $5,000 prize in the Super Pro class. Priddy also won a $300
gift certificate from Jeg's.
DenBoer, of Lincoln, Mont., defeated Kent Wilson of Boise,
Idaho, to claim Pro honors. Both racers drove 1963 Chevrolet Novas.
Scott Parsons of Monroe, Utah, defeated John Irving of Boulder
City to win the Sportsman class.
Racing continues each day - Friday, Saturday and Sunday - at 7
a.m. Saturday's agenda features the Ultimate Gambler event - a
winner-take-all race with a $1,000 entry fee. (Last year's winner scored

Winner: Ryan Priddy (Chino, Calif.) 2006 Beckley dragster .020 7.191
sec./182.95 mph.
Runner-up: Paul Snell (Sandy, Utah) 2001 CNE dragster .035 7.254
sec./182.33 mph.

Winner: Willie DenBoer (Lincoln, Mont.) 1963 Nova .052 11.686
sec./93.55 mph.
Runner-up: Kent Wilson (Boise, Ida.) 1963 Nova .137 11.140 sec./82.91

Winner: Scott Parsons (Monroe, Utah) 1967 Cutlass .064 12.369
sec./104.37 mph.
Runner-up: John Irving (Boulder City) 2006 Corvette .051 13.198
sec./106.22 mph.

Sept. 9, 2007

Team Woodburn leads winners at NHRA Northwest Division Summit Racing Series Finals

WOODBURN, Ore. - Nearly 700 of the best racers from across NHRA's Northwest division converged on Woodburn Dragstrip this weekend for the NHRA Summit Racing Series Division Finals. The top points-earning drivers from participating tracks came seeking individual and team honors and a chance at a share of the $11,300 purse. In the end, the team from Woodburn Dragstrip took home the team title.

The Super Pro final was a battle between Vancouver, Wash., residents. Devon Hilton wheeled his '76 Vega to the win over the dragster-driving Jeremy McGhee. In Pro, Bremerton, Wash., racer Sean Kennedy drove his '69 El Camino around Buhl, Idaho's Larry Hale in his '60 Studebaker. Sportsman class winner Jody Lang, Puyallup, Wash., was behind the wheel of his '79 Malibu when he earned the win over Dustin Ward, Renton, Wash., in a '67 Dart. In the Motorcycle/Sled final, two motorcycles squared off. Leeland King, Shelton, Wash., rode his '97 ZX7 to the win against Jan Cook of Kamloops, B.C., aboard a '75 Kawasaki.

For the first time, the NHRA Northwest division had a Sport Compact class compete at the NHRA Summit Racing Series Division Finals. T.J. Hooker of Bend, Ore., wheeled his '81 VW to the win over Dan Bullis, Vancouver, Wash., in an '04 VW.

Saturday's action included the Race of Champions, a race within a race where the best of the best run off in head-to-head competition. In the Super Pro Race of Champions, Tim Schroedl of Bremerton, Wash., got the win over Wade Hall of Butte, Mont. The Pro Race of Champions winner, Ken Stevens, Springfield, Ore., beat out Nicholas Shepherd of Tigard, Ore. Justin Saxe, Oregon City, Ore., scored the Race of Champions win in Sportsman. He earned the win over Phillip Marvetz of Bellingham, Wash. Mark Canty, scored the Race of Champions win as he rode past Jim Funderburg, Burien, Wash., in the final.

Winners of the Race of Champions will compete at the NHRA Finals in Pomona, Calif., for a national championship. They will run for a winner-take-all payday of $5,000. Each racer will also receive $3,500 for competing at the NHRA Finals.

The following are the final round results for the NHRA Northwest Division Summit Racing Series Finals:

Devon Hilton, Vancouver, Wash., '76 Vega, 9.841 seconds, 134.18 mph def.
Jeremy McGhee, Vancouver, Wash., dragster, 7.890, 167.41

Sean Kennedy, Bremerton, Ore., '69 El Camino, 11.977, 109.40 def.
Larry Hale, Buhl, Idaho, '60 Studebaker

Jody Lang, Puyallup, Wash., '79 Malibu, 13.981, 97.50 def.
Dustin Ward, Renton, Wash., '67 Dart, 12.869, 107.16

Leeland King, Shelton, Wash., '97 ZX7, 8.647, 148.09 def.
Jan Cook, Kamloops, B.C., '75 Kawasaki, 8.991, 135.07

T.J. Hooker, Bend, Ore., '81 VW, 13.704, 94.97 def.
Dan Bullis, Vancouver, Wash., '04 VW, 14.377, 89.65

August 23, 2007

Eagle Motorplex Zimmer/Wheaton event (August 18)

Pro ET Champion L344 Reno Pahl 5 0.003 12.285 109.11
Runner Up Y606 Chris Stone 6 0.012 10.641 108.95
# 1 Qualifier P605 Glenn Parkinson 0.007 11.516 116.05

Qualified Reaction ET MPH
Sportsman Champion 891 Nathan Wieler 5 0.080 13.337 101.83
Runner Up 05 Dale Nagy 3 0.048 14.133 94.59
# 1 Qualifier 445 Stacey Keeler 0.021 14.139 91.67

Qualified Reaction ET MPH
Super Pro Champion G646 Andy Closkey 12 0.068 10.602 123.54
Runner Up 604B Al Quigley 11 -0.006 10.807 122.96
# 1 Qualifier H689 Dave Friend 0.002 8.726 156.57

Qualified Reaction ET MPH
Snow Bike Champion 6196 Dave Copeland 1 0.044 10.457 111.01
Runner Up 6500 Jan Cook 2 0.057 9.345 141.35
# 1 Qualifier 6196 Dave Copeland 0.010 0.010 127.85

Qualified Reaction ET MPH
Jr. Thunder Champion Kaelyn Bollinger 3 0.03 10.944 57.79
Runner Up Justin Gibson 4 -0.02 9.267 71.25
# 1 Qualifier 6111 Holly Clarke 0.016 9.423 69.64

Qualified Reaction ET MPH
High School Champion 430A Amelia Mackay-Smith 3 0.166 12.409 101.08
Runner Up 430C Chad Riley 2 0.045 12.60 101.61
# 1 Qualifier 438A Alison Bloome 0.055 13.019 105.11

Qualified Reaction ET MPH
Sports Compact Champion 413C Levi Neudorf 6 0.105 15.827 86.11
Runner Up 892 Vern Wieler 2 0.134 18.499 75.94
# 1 Qualifier K601 Mike Whitaker 0.006 13.030 93.71

Qualified Reaction ET MPH
Outlaw Top Comp Champion 6826 Dallas Wagner 2 0.055 8.735 143.76
Runner Up 601M Mark Stephens 4 0.070 9.349 142.38
# 1 Qualifier 6578 Lane Wooley 8.107 167.53

Qualified Reaction ET MPH
Lordco Super Champion 6259 Ken Orser 3 0.016 10.063 137.06
Combo Runner Up 6130 Steve Lowe 6 0.028 10.99 122.11
# 1 Qualifier 6505 Terry Langdon Davies 9.913 144.04

Exhibition Cars
Tavis MacDonell 23 T Roadster 7.278 ET
184.12 MPH

Tom Reithmayer 71 Mustang 7.180 ET
200.26 MPH

Neil Lachelt Lachelt 6.546 ET
217.33 MPH

Dave Magee 66 Valiant 7.698 ET
179.46 MPH

Mattias Hane 73 Mustang 7.173 ET
191.44 MPH

Lane Wooley 86 Olds 8.079 ET
167.41 MPH

Gord Smith Pro Mod Bike 7.29 ET
187.33 MPH


April 28-29, 2007

Eagle Motorplex Sunday results

Close to 100 cars were out for the season opener at the newly managed Plex at Ashcroft. A large field of Jrs. and the new street legal class were out in strong numbers. The Gamblers race was run on Saturday and the event was run with four time trial both days. A great start to season for the NEW Eagle Motorplex!

Super Pro

Peter Bereditsch 1st
Jim Behnke 2nd
Jason Gibson 3rd

Sports Compact

Geno Reda 1st
Levi Neudorf 2nd

High School

Cody Scott 1st
Thomas Matthias 2nd
Hailey Moore 3rd

Snow Bike

Dave Copeland 1st
Andrew Kern 2nd


Trevor Mathis 1st
Dianne Jackman 2nd
Michael Wilson 3rd


George Hill 1st
Michael Inkin 2nd
Chris Stone 3rd


Holly Clarke 1st
Natasha Ray 2nd
Taihler Barby 3rd
Brady Champoax 4th

Street Legal on Saturday

Tyler Couston (Best ET)
Katrina Ruff (Fastest Import)
Tyler Couston (Fastest Domestic)


Eagle Motorplex Saturday results

Super Pro

Winner - Brian Barby
R/UP - Al Quigly
3rd - Andy Closkey
4th - Simon Kingsley


Winner - Cory Thompson
R/UP - Bill Welton
3rd - Jamie Clerf
4th - Erik Pearson


Winner - Martin Dykstra
R/UP - Dave Copeland
3rd - Trevor Mathis
4th - Michael Wilson


Winner - Dave Copeland
R/UP - Andrew Kern

Sports Compact

Winner - Gino Reda
R/UP - Levi Neudorf

High School

Winner - Thomas Matthias
R/UP - Cody Scott

Jr. Thunder

Winner - Taihler Barby
R/UP - Holly Clark
3rd - Natasha Ray
4th - Amanda Bollinger

Sunday results

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