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August 1, 2018


We're back refreshed after a great 5 days away on Vancouver Island, four rounds of golf at amazing courses. The Island is littered with great courses.

While I was away and did not turn on my laptop, The Sonoma National event took place. Local (even though he lives across the line now) racer Ron MacKenzie was the runner-up in Super Gas. Way to go Ronny Mac!!

A couple other BC and Alberta racers were in attendance including Dan Provost (both TD and TS), Mike Williams (TS) and Ken Mostowich (SG and SC).

This coming weekend has a couple really good events. First up in the 30th NW Nationals at Pacific Raceways. The big show returns for its annual once a year venture in to Div 6. The big boys and girls in Top Fuel, Top Fuel Funny Car and Pro Stock along with TAD and TAFC. Local talent in all the Sportsman categories will be well represented. Shawn Cowie is also looking to solidify his spot atop the TAD standings. Of not the four quickest blown alcohol dragster in North America will be competing in Seattle.

At Mission Raceway, the Langley Loafers Old Time drags will be hosting their second race of the year. This August long weekend event is one of the highlights of the year. The feature class this weekend is PRO MODS. The WDRL Pro Mods will compete for the first time at this event. Close to a dozen cars are expected to compete.

July 26, 2018

An MRP Canadian National Open gallery is posted (courtesy Bill Jeffery)

A second gallery is posted (Robert Hunter photos)

July 23, 2018

Lucas Oil Canadian National Open

..Coverage here at SpeedZone sponsored by..


Nitro Funny Car elimination`s and photos are posted.

Final rounds from Sunday`s and Saturday`s Bracket and Summit classes at the Mission Raceway National Open are posted here.

Jr Lightning

Jr Thunder

Super Gas


Stock - Super Stock Combo

Doorlammer final

All final round results are posted here.


July 22, 2018

Coverage for this weekends National Open at MRP is sponsored by

RAD Torque Systems. RAD Torque Systems.


Saturday final rounds and some winners circle shots.

Jr Thunder and Lightning winners were local (yay)

Colton Morin (Mission) and Adam De Jonge (Abbotsford) took the hard earned victories.

The Austin/O'Brien/Cottrell train keeps a rolling as that team takes the point lead in NFC and looks to earn their first Heritage championship with second year driver Bobby Cottrell behind the wheel.

Cal Tebb get the win in Rocky Mountain action over a early leaving Norm Kolwich. Norm would have got the easy win as Cal was troubled on the run.

Royce Taylor got the win or Greg Howland in NW BB/FC action. It was his first Mission win.

Dan Proovst repeated his Super Quick win from 2018 as he defeated Mark Campbell . Provost was deadly all day long with solid lights and running right on his dial.

Dianne Petitt won the NW Super Comp race over Dale Green. Green has a perfect run in the semi finals, but could not come close to that in the final.

The No Box winner was Amber Rutherford. She defeated Tyson Lowe in the final round. (this is the semi final photo)

The electronics gambler winner was Yeshua Wilcox over Josh Schamke.

604 Top Street was won by Justin Gibson. He defeated Don Murray in the final round.

Lots more to come.

Coverage sponsored by

RAD Torque Systems. RAD Torque Systems.

Bob and Irene Kokotailo are selling the ex-Warren Johnson9-11 tribute car. Would love to see it stay local.

July 20, 2018

Midnight update

Photos in the update are from Friday at the National Open at MRP.

(in sequence from the start of test n tune at 12:30pm to the last Funny Car run at 9:30pm)

Terry Shuflita's two year task of putting together his Pro Stock legal Firebird culminated with a very nice 7.01@ 185 (Grant Klohn driving). There should be a 6 second 200 mph lap Saturday...Great job team!

Bradee Lowe in Justin's TD. She finishes her 6 runs with a 7.02. That girl is plain bad ass!

What an awesome two car flopper team (owned by Ralph Hubbert)

Dan Horan Jr. in a mid day test. Short numbers were all solid

Another cool chick. Haley Christensen in her first ever solo lap in the family truck. How about a .019 rt and a 14.28 time slip!

A final licensing pass for Don Harter's newest driver.

Round one of NFC. Tim had a decent start (far lane), but by 300 feet the bullet's chamber was empty. Engine eaten up! Tim Boychuk in the near lane ran a conservative 5.95/241.

Mr EX went 5.72 and Dan Horan after launching on 7 holes (you can see the dead pipe), smoked the tires

What a beautiful car Shawn Bowen is driving. The Bucky tuned and Bobby Cottrell driven Camaro went 5.69

Hubbert in the 70 1/2 Camaro

Phil Ruskowski making a test lap.

Jr Gamblers final round. Tanner won.

No Electronics gamblers. Andy Closkey won.

Joey and Wild Al Friday under the lights.

Brett Lammers first outing in Mission

Side by Side 5.95's from two of the nicest NFCs around

Bucky had this car hopped up for the final funny car down the track. It was strong for 330 feet then moved toward the centre line forcing Bobby to lift.

NFC Quailfying

Bobby Cottrell 5.69 / 252
Mark Sanders 5.72 / 252
Shawn Bowen 5.81/ 245
Tim Boychuk 5.89 / 241
Dan Horan 5.95 / 237
Tim Nemeth 6.32 / 198



July 20, 2018

Friday schedule for Mission Raceway's Lucas Oil Canadian National Open:

Racer parking: 7:00am - 10:00pm
Test n tune: 12:00pm - 4:30pm
Qualifying for Funny Cars
(two sessions) : 6:00pm and 8:00pm


Thursday evening.


What a great dinner last night. The Iceman/TDN Constructors group annual Fundraiser was a hit.



The Steaks were prime,







the Oysters were great (despite what my face looks like here with Tim Boychuk.







Tim N., Senoir Grekul, Twig, Wally and Tim B all had a great time.



July 18, 2018

The photos and highlights from 275 elimination's from Doorwarz VI are posted.

July 17, 2018

10:00pm update

For all the other classes in DW that don't have their elimination photos posted (275, TS and Open Comp) we are still going to post this stuff. 275 should be up tomorrow)

Lucas Oil Canadian National Open preview

Nitro Funny Car:

Confirmed are seven Nitro Funny Cars and all of them have been 5.60 players over the last couple years.

Local fan favourite Tim Nemeth is looking for past performances with the "IceMan" Funny Car. He ran 5.60's here at Mission a couple years ago, but the best since has been high 5.70's. A sporadic player the last few years due to business concerns, Tim has all the best parts and the potential to go fast. Going fast comes with a big cost though, parts and long hours in the pits after the day is done on the track. I think Tim likes a bit more relaxing time in the pits than a hard thrash these days, but who knows. Good Luck to the team. They are also hosting their 7th annual fundraising bbq Friday night. That along puts Tim and wife Nancy at the top of SpeedZone's fave list.


What can you say about the Austin/O'Brien. Cottrell team. They are just flat out 'Bad to the Bone'. They keep on winning and doing it in dominant fashion. Last final round against Jason Rupert was...just..EPIC! Side by side 5.50's at over 250. The weather this year is forecasted to be hot,hot, the performance level may dip a bit, but I still expect this team to be in the late, late rounds.




Jason Rupert with CC Brad Littlefield two of the baddest hombres in NFC racing. Jason has more race wins in the class than any other driver out there, and he likely wants a shot of redemption after last year's heart breaking loss. If there is a team that can take the wind out of Austin / Cottrell, I would not bet against this team.







Dan Horan Jr. in the 'Digger Dan' Camaro have a win this year at the Beach Bend NHRA race and is easily one of the top 5 in the class. Has run a number of 5.60's This will be his second time here at MRP.








MR Explosive Mark Sanders has had a number of strong results here at Mission. They have run in the 5.60's a bunch of times and both he and 'tuner/son' Jake 'the Snake' like to swing for the moon. Well liked by many up here in Canada, the team not only races hard, but they party hard as well.






Tim Boychuk has a bunch of wins here at MRP back in the Hodgson/Boychuk days with the Troy Lee car and the 'Bubble-up' Firebird. Being a sole team owner and driver has not been easy, but it has also given the team a number of victories, including last weekend at Edmonton. CC Twig Zeigler has made many great runs here and has a bunch of success. Combine the two and they are a serious threat.




This is Shawn Bowen's first foray to Western Canada. He has one of the nicest rides out there, driving the Bartone/Lebor Camaro. Shawn currently sits #1 in the points based on runner-up finishes at both Firebird and Salt Lake and a late round finish at Beach Bend and the March Meet. The car is 5.60 capable and maybe ever quicker. If this team goes to the final round it would not surprise me.

Rocky Mountain Funny Cars

Top to Bottom: One of the winningest drivers in Rocky Mountain Funny Car history Cal Tebb is a fierce competitor, and he has one of the coolest Old School Funny Cars out there. He loves running quick so having their group run on a 6.75 index here at Mission is right up his alley.

(Middle) Joey Steckler in the beautiful Corvette and Norm Kolwich in the 50's Corvette both love racing at Mission Raceway. Joey got a big win last weekend at Castrol (Edmonton) and would like a 'double-up". Norm got his first ever win here a few years ago.

Troy Sitko in the White Trash Duster is a force to be reckoned with. He has the Sitko pedigree of being a quick and fearless driver. The car has not made a lot of 6.70 runs but it has the HP to do it. Troy's RT's give him a few hundredths advantage as well.



Top to Bottom: 'Wild Al' Weich has been a strong runner at his last few races. He qualified dead on with a 6.900 at Edmonton's Rocky Mountain Nationals and he ran a bunch of mid 6's a month and a half ago here at the Old Time Drags. Look for him to be near the top of qualifying.

Middle: The 'Cowboy' Jimmy Fersch missed the Old Time Drag event here at MRP in June because of all things, he got married...Crazy Bugger! Just kidding! Wife Jo-Anne is a cool lady and loves drag racing. John Evanchuk is the tuner on the car and they have run consistent 6.70 and 80's in the past.

Bottom. Ron 'the Viking' Stennes has one of the nicest rides in the association. He has not been in the middle 6's on too many passes, but the great air at Mission should give them a good shot.



July 17, 2018

7:00am update

Here are the Pro winners from the Rocky Mountain Nationals

Tim Boychuk defeated another Edmonton Hitter Ryan Hodgson in the final round. 5.97-6.10

Joey Steckler earned his first Edmonton Rocky`s title

Wade Sjoistrom got the WDRL Pro Mod win over Dean Bettenson.

David Fedorowich ran a career best 4.98 at 255.68 on Sunday. It included a 4.1 1000 foot et. Great job by the Calgary based team.

July 16, 2018

Woodburn`s annual HOT HOT LODRS took place this past weekend. Shawn Cowie took out Joey Severance in the final round in TAD. Jay Payne won TAFC over Jirka Kaplan. Besides Cowie other repeat winners from the earlier MRP Divisional were Ryan Warter in Comp, Ryan Carlson in Top Dragster and Daniel Wargnier in Top Sportsman. Paul Nero extended his National point lead in Top Dragster with a runner-up to Carlson. Full results from Woodburn are here.

At Edmonton Tim Boychuk won NFC over Ryan Hodgson 5.97-6.10. Joey Steckler won 6.90 Funny Car, Wade Sjostrom won Pro Mod over Dean Bettenson. Wade has a solid point lead heading to Mission in three weeks. We will see the Funny Cars winners at MRP this coming weekend for the National Open. It will be the largest gathering of Funny Cars in the NW this year with 24-30 in attendance. The Nitro Funny Cars expected include series point leader and three time winner this year Bobby Cottrell, Tim Nemeth, Edmonton winner Tim Boychuk, Kentucky winner Dan Horan Jr, multiple NFC winner Jason Rupert, Mr. excitement Mark Sanders, Shawn Bowen all the way from Indiana in Tony Bartone`s NFC are the seven I know about.

July 14, 2018

Just a couple days away at Mission Raceway is the Lucas Oil Canadian National Open..........Along with the biggest Funny Car race in the NW is the 7th annual Iceman Racing fundraiser BBQ for Canucks Place hospice.

July 12, 2018

The Outlaw 10.5 eleimination's and qualifying report is posted including photos from Doorwarz VI

On that page are two short video`s of Ken Sihota`s brush with the wall as well as Paja`s spin out.

July 11, 2018

The Doorwarz VI Outlaw 10.5 qualifying photos and sheets are posted


July 10, 2018

Sunday photos and results from the final rounds at Mission Raceway are posted.

July 9, 2018

The Pro Mod results from Doorwarz VI eliminations and the qualifying photos and results are posted.

July 8, 2018

10:00 pm

A pretty cool racing moment today at MRP. Peter Dray, long time BCCCA club member and volunteer at Mission Racing drove Gerry Waterman`s Super Spro dragster to the win today, just one week after renewing his racing license. He cut teen and better lights almost all weekend long. Gerry, Joyce and Laura smiling in the winners circle.

Dan Provost and some of his RAD team in the winner`s circle after taking race /2 in the NW Outlaw series. His other car the TS Camaro shown was driven by Steve Horne and he got taken out by Dan in the final. The Jr shown, driven by Willy Oliver (another RAD team car) took the win in Jr Thunder.

Rod LeClaire got the win in Doorslammer. It was ghis first ever drag racing win, and it comes five years after his first Doorslammer race.

MRP weekend final round results are posted here. Photos will be added Monday and Tuesday.

July 8, 2018

8:00 am

A late start to Saturday`s racing at MRP. The Canada West Doorslammers and the NW Outlaws are competing as well as all the bracket classes and Super Shifters and Super Combo.

The DS class and the Outlaws both ran their qualifiers and the Brackets completed race /1

July 7, 2018

Friday Pro Mod qualifying is posted from Doorwarz VI


July 6, 2018

We have posted Doorwarz qualifying results for the Canada West Doorslammers here

July 6, 2018

We have sorted and logged 95% of the photos from Doorwarz VI. We will start posing the photos to go with the elimination's sheets we have psted over the next few days. Keep checking back.

We are also at the track (MRP) this weekend for the second NW Outlaw race of the year and the CW Doorslammers fourth race.

July 4, 2018

Spending the evening logging the 3800+ photos I took on the weekend for Doorwarz VI. We will start posting photos along with the story that goes with them tomorrow. Be prepared for the most galleries SpeedZone has ever done for a single race.

Below are just few that describes the craziest Doorwarz weekend ever! keep checking back.

This sequence of the first round in DR 275 between Justin Collings and Mark Jacob was to say the least ....close!!! Some times it loooks like two cars that come close are actually 20-50 feet apart, in this case Jacob in the Grand Nationals was less than 10 feet from what would have been a disaster. Jacob's actually crossed the finish line firrt before he flat sided his ride.

I have more than 30 shots of what is the wildest fire I have witnessed. Yvonne is a tough lady and the Lucas team will be back. The actual damage mechanically was not real serious, but the body will need a bunch of tlc.

This round was a real close one. Joe Delehay lost the transmission on this run against Rick Distefano and legged it out in second gear, reach unheard of RPMs before the engine said, 'enough already'.

Steve Skokins stepped it up big time this weekend and 'Whitey' loved (or hated) the traction on the weekend. Unfortunately on this run, he banged the bottom of the pan and could not make repairs in time for elimination's

Dave Springman, one of the new comers and a weekend sponsor of the DS class ripped off some of the wildest 6 second laps ever. His supercharged Corvette has some top end traction issues (lack of downforce at 180 mph+). When they get the car stuck to the racing surface on the top end it will be a 6.50 player

Steve Horne had his best Pro Mod weekend ever. He reached the semi finals and had the lead until the left side valve cover loosened and then Steve had a bunch of oil spray on the windshield. He was blind for the last 300 feet and had to get off the gas.

Jason Field had cool 'designer' nitrous spray under the evening lights. A few leds while he was purged the nitrous, way cool!!!!


This was the type of flame the Lucas Pro Mod team wanted all weekend long.

That is the wrong kind of rear wing Rhys!! Severe tire shake casued the truck lid to exit its mounts. I have 8-12 shots of this run, soon to be released.

July 3, 2018

All Doorwarz Class results are posted on the links below. bbbbbbbbBracket results are here.


Top Sportsman results are here Doorslammer results are here 604 Top Street results are here Open Comp results are here


Pro Mod elimination sheets are posted

July 2, 2018

coverage sponsored by Elite Belts, GOS Motorsports Graphics and Van Ink

11:00am update

Doorwarz VI....what a weekend!

It will surely go down in history as the most memorable Doorwarz event ever. So many great performances throughout the weekend, so many surprises as well.

Where to, the first most obvious, the weather. I really need to have a job as a weather forecaster, because as everyone witnessed, any 2 year old can make predictions like we had and be totally so far out in left field, but still be paid to do that job.

Secondly, arguably THE most obvious aspect of the weekend...the on track happenings. Anyone who knows the nature of this type of racing knows the risks and the rewards are a real fine line. Some of the most dedicated racers with many years of experience had huge highs and unfortunately lows to go along with their highs. Hi speed door car racing in itself is a risky business because of the horsepower and the short wheelbase. Add in a very small tire and in some cases the lack of a wheelie bar and you have the potential for...well you know the answer. That is the attraction for most who race in this type of drag racing.

What I am getting at in general and you can't look at the end results on the bad side and say what the hell did MRP do to cause so many on track accidents and incidents and oil downs etc. What they did was hire one of the best track prep persons in the business in Kurt Johnson and his company 'Total venue Concepts'. Along with Kurt two of the best Division Six track people in Dean and Darren Kauffman as well as George and his starting line crew and Mission Safety staff.

What they had to deal with was cold temperatures that are not inherent to the end of June beginning of July. Moisture that lingered all week and weekend long including a huge downpour every night and Sunday morning. All the delays meant we were racing late every night under the most difficult conditions as huge horsepower was being produced by the cool moist weather and that horsepower has not been seen by most of the competitors in attendance, particularly those from out of town. Corrected air at most race tracks around the NW as well and North America are between 2000-3000 feet over 80 percent of the time. This weekend it did not get above 500 feet corrected and was belwo sea level for half the weekend.

In the end the incidents looked to overpower the achievements made, but that would be incorrect. I counted nine or ten on track incidents, and four mechanical incidents (that is maybe off by a couple). But I also counted 25+ personal best by just the drivers in Doorwarz classes (not including Open Comp and 604 Top Street)

Where is the line and where do these small tire classes go from here. I say keep it up push the envelope and let's see what happens at the next race.....I love everything about the excitement of fast door car drag racing and team pushing the envelope and taking it to the edge. Obviously the crashes are hard on the teams, no one likes to see a car get folded up, but no one was hurt and cars can be repaired. The teams and drivers make the conscious choice to drive their cars on the ragged edge, and the fans love the excitement of it all... I can wait for 2019!

Now let's talk about performances of the weekend and career performances by many drivers.

I have three or four that really stick out.

Nick Duda in Outlaw 10.5..... He did what he has tried to do since he made the crazy choice to race Outlaw 10.5.... and that is to become legit! He did it in spades! He is running a combo that is not the norm, but it is a combo that he can afford. A small block 23 degree head with one big turbo charger. He did buy a proven 6.0 chassis car (albeit one that has had many hard hard runs on it. It was previously the most famous promod in history, when it made the first ever five second run).

He struggled all of 2017 with intermittent power loss. He did not give up and found the issues, and after testing a couple times he did what every racer wants to do. Prior to this weekend his career best was a 4.34 I think. Run better and better as the weekend goes one, run career bests and win a race with a great payout. To see his face when he got the cheque was priceless, and well earned. As far as NW Outlaw 10.5 racers go, he is now the fourth quickest out there, running his five career bests this weekend, including a 4.17 in the final round against a tire smoking Jay Syvertsen. His closest competitor was a tenth back (Duda over Steve Nicholson in the semis, a 4.18 - 4.27)

Another outstanding performance was brought to the forefront by Daniel Rodrigue. The Abbotsford driver ran four or five career bests as well, culminating with a final round against heavy hitter Neil Richards. Unfortunately their final was washed out in the second to last scheduled run of the weekend Sunday night at 10:00pm.

Daniel started the weekend with a career best of a 4.9. He ended qualifying in the #2 spot with a 4.84 and then improved all race day improving to a 4.73 and over 152 mph. Now he was still a tenth back of Neil's best run of the weekend, but hopefully the two complete their final round later this year and we see who comes out on top.

Dean Branham is another 10.5 racer who made great strides this weekend. He took last year off due to business priorities after struggling in 2016 with his new Hemi/Turbo combo. This weekend he became a serious player improving by close to 2/10ths to a 4.25 at 183.

There is so much left in his deal as well, but his issues in the end were convertor transmission failures. When he gets that stuff sorted he will be in the 4.0's.

Jordie Lazic drove the wheels off the JS Powerpsorts 10.5 Camaro running a 4.6 best with powerstands on almost every run. The kid is fearless.

Mike "Bucky" Stewart in his 10 second Chevy II is undefeated this year. He has won the two Super Pro racers he has entered here at Mission, including the one Sunday. He also won 604 Top Street Sunday and he has won two or three races as well up at the Osoyoos. He is undefeated this year, with something like a 30-0 won loss record.

Finally the most dominating performance of the weekend below

Doorwarz final rounds.

Pro Mod


This is easily the most dominating performance of the weekend ......Garrett Richards was an absolute bracket car and the quickest car of the weekend, going 5.9's all weekend long (seven runs), and then putting an exclamation mark in the final round against Wade Sjostrom with a 5.891 to Wade's slowing 6.628.

Garrett defeated Yvonne Lucas (actually a single as Yvonne had that bad fire Saturday), then an odd car bye, then Rick Distefano before Sjostrom in the final round. No other driver could run more than one five second run. What a performance. he had a few tenths of every competitor he faced.

Outlaw 10.5

Look at the first performance above. Nick Duda.....He qualified #3 with a 4.22, then defeated Brian Sipe in round one, John Guglietta in the 1/4 finals then the three time SCSN 10.4 winner Steve Nicholson in the semi finals before defeating Jay Syverten in the final round with his new career best 4.17/172.66

Drag Radial 275

To be this was one of the most anticipated final rounds of the day, the you knew the rain was coming. They tried to speed up the last 40 minutes of racing as much as possible, but an oild down at 8:30 was the nail in the coffin. We were close but needed another five minutes. The two teams had just fired up and done their burnouts with a couple rain drops coming down. It got heavier and the obvious call was made. Both Daniel Rodrigue and #1 qualifier Neil Richards wanted this bad. Richards had to be the favourite, but they were only a tenth apart in best runs and only .04 apart in their semi final wins. It would have been and hopefully still is a great final round sometime later this summer.

Limited 275

The totally bitchin race chick Vanessa Richards took the win in Limited 275. She was the #1 qualifier and was the only 5 second car in the seven car field. She defeated local driver Bobby Ehlers in his wheel-standing Mustang 5.88 to a game 6.17.

Top Sportsman

This class was not without its drama. Two veteran Top Sportsman drivers crashed their cars at the finish line. First Ray Bollinger hit the wall just after the stripe in qualifying Friday. Then Mike Lucas, the Division Six champion and runner-up from two weeks ago at the LODRS crashed just past the finish line in his win in the final round Saturday night in race one. On Sunday, it was John DeJonge earning the win over Rick Limb. In getting the win though, John's engine let go 200 feet before the stripe.

Canada West Doorlammer

The final three in Doorslammer are three of the best in the class. Paul Stretch lost in the semi finals to Mike Bedworth. Otto Schulte had the bye run. In the final round Otto Schulte got his second win of the year against a red lighting Mike Bedsworth. The performance of the weekend though in Doorslammer had to go to sponsor and rookie in the class, Dave Springman. He qualified #2 in the field in just his second race and ran career bests all weekend long culminating with a 6.74/213. He lost to Mike Bedsworth in the third round.

Open Comp

Glenn Fillingham got his second Open Comp title at Doorwarz events. He won back at Doorwarz III and was the runner-up one other year. This year he defeated Don Murray in the final round with an .023 light. Glenn was the #1 qualifier.

604 Top Street

Mike Stewart as stated above in the 'weekend performances' section took the win in Top Street. He defeated Rob Munroe in the final round.

A whole bunch more to come over the next few days including, photos stories and features.


In all there were

July 1st, 2018

Happy Canada Day

What explosive and wild action Saturday at Doorwarz VI.

A bunch of the news from Satuirday is posted right now ar (you will want to see it)

Here is a small sample of what's to come.



June 30, 2018

Friday qualifying

Pro Mod Friday

It was a long day Friday that did not have a lot of promise at the start of the day. But by mid afternoon the weather started to look a bit more promising and the track personnel lead by Total Venue Concepts Kurt Johnson went to work. By 5:00pm we were pretty much ready the the words from Johnson were, this is looking a tight as it can get.

The first cars down the track were the Open Comp class then Top Street and Top Sportsman. The feature class, Pro Mod took the stage and it was an interesting session. 14 cars took the stage and a number of them did not manage the tight track and they under powered the surface rattling the tires. First up was Kerry Stone and........(More here)



Outlaw 10.5 hereas Mission has the largest field on the west coast other than scsn events. A ful 16 car field has entered but after the first two rounds only 14 cars have made runs. Art Raz and Jaysyvertsen have not made any runs yet. After round one four teams were......(more here)

275 Drag Radial

What started out as close to a full field has been reduced to 12 cars due to on track testing mishaps. The track friday night was so tight and many teams that dont even lift the front wheels were having to deal with looking at the sky. Leading the way after two rounds of 275 Drag Radial is...........(more here)

Top Sportsman and Doorslammers

Top Sportsman got in thewir two Friday qualifiers and the Doorslammers had a time trial test run. Dan Provost from RAD Torque systyems the title sponsor for the class is the #1 qualifier with back to back 7 teens at over 190 mph. Unfortunately one of the drivers, Ray Bollinger had an on track incident at the finish line. His chutes had deployed before the finish line and when he lifted off the throttle and applied the brakes his car made a hard move into the left side guard rail. Ray was not injured but his beautiful 69 Camaro built by Blake Foster took a relative hard hit to the left front side. Go here for the qualifying results.

June 27, 2018

Doorwarz VI parking is underway today and a number of prominent teams are already here. In Pro Mod, Gary Urlacher, Steve Horne, Joe Delehay, Rock De Stefano, Dave Kowalski, Keith Korecki, are among the quickest doorcars on the planet on the grounds. In 10.5, Ken Sihota, Steve Nicholson, Nick Duda, Jay Syvertsen and Chris Gould are here and ready. In 275, Wally Friedlander, Daniel Rodrique, Justin Gallant and a few others are already there. In Top Sportsman, Division champ Mike Lucas, Dan Provost, Brian Ritchie, Doug Hesch, John DeJonge are on the grounds. A whole bunch of Doorslammers are at the track already as well. It is going to be good!

We are proud to add GOS Motorsport Graphics and Van Ink as event coverage sponsors here at SpeedZone Magazine. They will be the coverage sponsors of Outlaw 10.5, both 275 classes Doorslammer and Open Comp.

We are saddened to hear that Tom and Cathy Meheden and their bad ass Pro Mod will not be attending the race this weekend. They are dealing with family health issues and need to be in Calgary. They are sorry to miss all their racing friends and family and look forward to seeing everyone in 6 weeks are the Old Time drags.

June 19, 2018

Doorwarz VI is just a couple days away.

Below is a public service announcement:

If any guys are looking for slicks in time for DoorWarz, Paja Agatonovic (10.5 winner from 2017) will bring them up on Thursday. Hoosier and or M/T. Contact me or Paja at 503 329 7968.



A couple gallerys from the BC Nationals are posted

Bill Jeffery gallery

Robert Hunter gallery

June 22, 2018

Elite Belts is back!!!!

They will be the sponsor of the coverage here at SpeedZone for everything Pro Mod at Doorwarz VI. THanks Cathy and TOm.

Elite Belts is a Calgary based company specializing in quality, high end custom built safety equipment. We manufacture SFI 16.1 and 16.2 Camlock and Latch Safety Restraints, (options; 5, 6 and 7 point, pull up, pull down, dragster style, wraparound, bolt in, fire retardant, 2?, 3?, black, red or blue webbing) Lap Seat Belts, SFI 27.1 Window Nets, Wheelie Bar Nets, Engine Sling Sets, Ratchet Straps, Arm Restraints, Combination Axle Straps, Oil Filter Diapers, Shock Extension Limiters, Soft Straps, Tow Straps and Spreader Bar Wheel Nets.

All custom built to your specifications using only North American aircraft components. No off shore hardware. Canadian company, Canadian funds. Why spend $50.00 plus on shipping your belts back to the US for recertification and then pay shipping costs to return them to you? Then there is the added turnaround time. Some manufacturers no long recertify their product, but Elite Belts recertifies their own product in a timely manner. All this saves you money in the form of shipping, duty and taxes, not to mention the US dollar exchange.

Built by racers for racers. Not the least expensive, just the best. What is your safety worth?

We ship anywhere in Alberta, British Columbia or Saskatchewan for $20.00 with Canada Post Express.

Proud sponsor of Speedzone Door Warz Pro Mod coverage two years running, three counting this year.

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All final rounds are updated with a story behind each win.

Sunday June 17, 2018

A great day to finish off the LODRS double header at Mission Raceway on this Father's Day in June.

What they were all playing for.

Below are all the final rounds from the Sunday race.


Chris Marshall defended his 2017 title with solid 5.50 weekend. Brian Hough gave it a game effort running a quicker leaving 5.62. Marshall defeated Tyson Parker in round one and Hough took out Johniese in the opening round.



Shawn Cowie also defending his 2017 win this year, defeating last year's runner-up, Kim Parker 5.31 to 5.34. Not having Joey Severance here to battle Shawn was a bit of a disappointment, but with the sponsorship from Whiteley family, and them being a strong supporter of the Bandimere track (where Severance raced this past weekend), is was understandable. The battle with last year's two finalists this past weekend at Mission was still a good one and they were back and forth all weekend long battling for supremacy. They ran within a few ticks of each other on almost every lap down the track, so it really was anyone's race. Kim got to the final round with a bye in round one then she got a break in the semi final as well, as her scheduled opponent Rookie Mike Quayle could not answer the call.

Shawn to to the final round with wins over a tire smoking Ken Webster (Shawn ran a 5.26) and then a good gun fight with Garrett Bateman (5.30 - 5.41). The win puts Shawn back near the top of the world and regional standings. He sits 10 pts back of Denver winner Joe Severance nationally and 32 back regionally.

Every once in a while I get lucky with a decent shot (below). A little help from Bill Jeffery with settings as well.


Comp Eliminator saw familiar drivers facing off Sunday, the end result was different from Friday though. Ryan Warter got the slight upset win on Friday, but the perennial Division Six champion Jeff Lane got back to the winners circle on Sunday with a fender length win. Lane was the #1 qualifier with a .63 under qualifying effort while Warter was 6 ticks back tied for second with Ralph Van Paepeghem. Lane defeated a tire rattling Terry Spargo in round one then had a bye to the final. Warter defeated Dino Kost then a red lighting Van 'Paep' in the semi finals. The final saw Jeff take a .02 starting line advantage and then maintain that edge through the 1/4 mile for the close win (below). The two racer leave the double header with the same differential in the points as when they arrived.

(Lane) 0.060 8.063 158.84 (Warter) 0.090 8.827 153.53

Nitro Harley.

Four bikes were in attendance but one was licensing right through the weekend. Chip Wilson was also licensing but he got his done in time for Sunday elimination's. He took on Jim Schellenberg in round one and Jim lit both bulbs. Wilson got timed out , possibly did not know the rule. Schellenberg made his best ever lap, a 6.83/202 to advance against #1 qualifier Nate Gagnon. Schellenberg got the quicker start and looked well on his way to the win and Gagnon smoked the tires early. Schellenberg then has his own issues, and NAte got back on the throttle and feathered his way (albeit it after a couple aggressive wheelstands) and caught a surprised Schellenberg right at the lights.

Top Dragster

Top Dragster world runner-up Paul Nero likes this place he always seems to perform well at MRP and Sunday was no exception. Qualifying in the top half of the field he defeated Cody Scheu, Nick Axtman, Ryan Carlson then Dave Jackson in the semi finals before defeating Kacee Bootsma-Morris in the final round. Morris defeated Tom Prockish, Jeff Havens, then had a bye in the 1.4's before taking out Bernie Plourd in the semis.

Both drivers had double '0' light in the final round but Kacee took three thou too much stripe going .016 under her dial. Nero was .013 under but that differential gave him his second or third win at MRP. The win extends his Division Six point lead as well as the national lead.

(Nero) 0.008 7.067 186.18 (Bootsma-Morris) 0.004 7.414 182.11

Top Sportsman

2017 Division Six Top Sportsman champion Mike Lucas had a long trek back from Chicago a week ago for the Allstar race (lost in the semis there), and got to the final in race #2 Sunday. He did not get the win but Rookie Rian Hayward shocked the field with consistent lights and a consistent 7.50 performance all day Sunday. Rian just got his license two weeks ago here at MRP, entered his first race on Thursday but did not get past round one. Sunday everything came together. He defeated some game players as well, in Dan Provost, Doug Bracey and Pat McNally. Not sure if he will have the success next time out, but you can bet he will not forget his first weekend of competition. Lucas sits #2 in the Division standings with his final round and third round placing from Thursday's race. Mike had a chance in the final as Hayward was .029 off his dial but he pushed the stripe a bit too hard.

(Hayward) 0.001 7.549 181.41 (Lucas) 0.022 7.375 184.53

Super Stock

Two familiar teams squared off in Super Stock on Sunday. Method Racing and Alley racing are two of the winningest teams in the NW and they both made it through 30+ others to square off in the final. The race was over on the starting line, as Todd Haste driver in the Method Nova, went .022 red. He was impossible to beat throughout elimination's going .002, .008, 000, and .006 before turning on the red light. Jackie Alley, past world champion went .006 twice in the early rounds, and then better than .04 in the rest. Jackie sits #3 in the divisional standings with at least one fewer race than the two above her.

(Alley) 0.033 9.380 141.73 (Haste) -0.022 10.697 120.72


Jody Lang and Larry Peterson wound their way through elimination's Sunday to reach the final round. There is was Jody Lang earning his 34 title in the class. He was .01 on the tree compared to .052 for Peterson. The win puts Lang just a couple rounds back of Cal Method with one fewer race.

(Lang) 0.010 12.117 101.19 (Peterson) 0.052 11.806 106.01

Super Comp

One of only two drivers to reach the final round in both races, Randy Beck capped off a dream weekend with back to back wins Sunday. A 19 thou package in the final round, Len Mayer would have beeded a '90 with an '0' to get the win. Both were in their first finals this weekend. Beck is 2-0 and Mayer is 0-1. The final round appearances put the two driver atop the Division Six standings.

(Beck) 0.011 8.908 168.00 (Mayer) 0.019 8.887 172.18

Super Gas

Casey Plaizier and Phil Gilbert has a great final round Sunday. They were both double'0' on the tree, and phil took the stripe but did not dump enough, forcing him under the 9.90. Caset got his third SG title. He also won the Shoot-out on Saturday for two great paydays. The win moves Casey intot he Div 6 point lead a couple points ahead of Cam Mc Pherson

(Plaizier) 0.007 9.914 153.60 (Gilbert) 0.005 9.879 169.87

Super Street

It was a realatively easy win for Matt Kielman in the Super Street final. Tom Brown after wading through five round of earleir elimination's and scoring two double'0's had an untimely .098 light. Kielamn, having .02 lights or better all day went .011 on the tree, forcing the "Wooly Bully" driver inder the 10.90 dial.

(Kielman) 0.011 10.913 121.83 (Brown) 0.097 10.872 146.50


Both Don DePeel and Miles Hauer were in Friday's final round as well. And the results was the same both races. Don DePeel earns the close win. Neither had stellar light but they were within .004 of each other. At the finish line DePeel was .010 closer to his dial. The two wins put DePeel way out in front of the Motorcycle standings.

(DePeel) 0.044 8.509 152.15 (Hauer) 0.040 8.609 147.71

Super Pro

Two of the yound guns in Division Six dualed in the Super Pro Final round. Both Darien Provost and Bradee Lowe are Jr Dragster track champions here at Mission Raceway. The final round saw Darien get a pretty good starting line advantage forcing Lowe .023 under her dial. Darien took the stripe and was also under his dial, but only .008. This is Darien's second Super Pro win of the year at the track. THis one though earned his a really special 25th anniversary chrome 'Wally'.


The pro final had two MRP veterans squaring off in the final round. John Tabak, moving up full time into the Pro Bracket class with a new 10 second bracket engine, has only been to three races so far this year, but he is still perfect. He is now 17-0 in elimination's after the five round win here. Sunday he did it being the slower guy off the tree in all five rounds. What that means is he is a deadly stripe racer.

(Tabak) 0.030 10.706 119.03 (Walker) 0.017 10.185 128.82

Much more to come over the next few days.


Saturday June 16, 2018

Mission Raceway Lordco BC Nationals

Final TA qualifying and shoot-out results

In The final session of qualifying three of the top four teams in improved in TAD but all four made strong runs.

Go to these three pages for sportsman results from the entire weekend.


Mike Quayle and Don St Arnaud sat out the last round of qualifying. Ken Webster was first out in the last session but the Ken GIlmour owned and tuned blown dragster did the same thing as Saturday's first session, they blew the tires off. So they will stay #7 and get the daunding task of facing Shawn Cowie in round one. Don St Arnaud is #6 and Mike Quayle is #5.

Making improved runs in both of Saturdays qualifiers were Casey Grisel and Garrett Bateman. Grisel went 5.44 in the early run and then ran a 5.41/265 in the final round to end up #4. He will race Mike Quayle in round one. Bateman and the Rick Henkelman owned and tuned A/Fueler made bigger improvememnts Saturday then went 5.44 in the first session, a tenth quicker than Friday's run and then leaped into the 5.30's with a 5.32/274 in the final round to end up #3. He will take of Don St Arnaud in round one. The track was very hot Saturday with track temperatures over 115 all day.


Kim Parker blew the tires off in the early Saturday round but came back with a strong 5.31/274 in the final session along side Shawn Cowie's 5.24/275. Shawn fell 1/100th short of the #1 spot and will face Ken Webster in round one. Kim Parker, by virtue of her 5.23 Friday will get the first round bye.

In TAFC, rookie Tyson Parker ran a career best in LODRS compeititon 5.93/241 to end up #4 in the field. He will race the #1 qualifier Chris Marshall. In the near lane Robert Johneise went 5.72/257 to end up #3. He will race Bran Hough who went 5.57 in the final round of qualifying.

Hough made a great lap in the final qualifier with a strong 5.57. Chris Marshall smoked the tires in that final session.

...But in the first round Saturday, Marshall layed down a 5.53/269 to end up #1 in the field.

In Saturday's shootout finals.............

Sorry for the not so great shots in the shootout finals as lighting was really difficult

Dave Jackson defeated Dane Lachelt in the Top Comp shootout. Dane rarely competes at Divisional events but he is a dark horse for Sunday elims.

Allen Macham won Super Street over Dustin Martin

Casey Plaizier won the Super Gas Shoot-out by 3 thou

Division champ Justin Cooper won the SC shoot-out

In possibly the most entertaining race of the weekend, a "Grudge" match with Craig Johnson. This battle has been a two or three race ongoing friendly or not so friendly war of words and on track battles, mostly initiated by the young gun Craig. He is a very fierce and serious competitor (numerous track titles) but also a great supporter of the bracket classes. Jim is much more laid back and his results speak for themself, as a multi time track champion. Overall this year, Craig is on fire in Sportsman, going undefeated so far in 4 races (16-0 record). He is also a strong Pro bracket racer but he was schooled by Jim a few weeks ago, the battle spilled over onto facebook and hence the t-shirt Jimmy is wearing. Well in one of the last runs down the track Saturday they put up some cash (I heard) and Jim got the win ...again. It was not the classic 2-9 thou stripe as both the starting line (sunlight) and the stripe were not really close. But Jim get the bragging right this time.....and Craig will wait for his next opportunity...and you know it will come!

June 15, 2017

Brian Hough leads the four TAFCs in attendance with a 5.66/266. Chris Marshall had a troubled first run.

Robert Johnesse hugged the far wal in his first lap He went 5.9 Rookie Tyson Parker went 6.01 in his first TAFC competition lap.

Kim Parker leads TAD with a 5.23/273. Shawn Cowie went 5.26/277 to sit #2.

Rookie TAD pilot Mike Quayle went 5.56 in his first lap in the class.

Don St Arnaud went 5.7 and Ken Webster slowed after a solid launch

Casey Grisel went 5.53 and Garrett Bateman smoke the tires


Saturday sportsman results from the first double header.

Comp, Top Dragster and Top Sportsman results are posted here.

Super Stock, Stock and bike results are posted here.

Super Class and bracket class results are posted here.


Full results and photos posted Saturday morning

June 14, 2018

Coverage of the Lordco BC Nationals here at SpeedZone presented by Top Eliminator Edmonton

Weather again played a prominent role today for what was supposed to be a full day of three qualifiers for each class Thursday. In fact the racing did not get going until later afternoon after extensive track drying and prep. All the classes got in one hit today ending at 7:15pm.

Jeff Lane led Comp. Six or seven cars are all that fills the class these days.

Top Sportsman saw two dozen cars make laps. Joe Loch leads the field with a solid 6.60. The first pair out in TS saw a side by side six second pairing with Pat McNally and Don Sefton ripping off solid numbers. Six cars are in the '6' zone. A few more are expected.

Ryan Carlson leads TD with a 6.14/224.


Who the heck is this stranger...good to see you Larry


Qualifying sheets for day one are posted here.



June 13, 2018

Wow, what a storm today in the Lower Mainland. No cars went down the track at today's scheduled test n tune at Mission Raceway. The storm was so intense that a few teams brought in sump pumps to suck out the water in their pit area. Luckily the crazy weather is not supposed to stick around. A small chance Thursday morning then clear skies the rest of the weekend.


SpeedZone Magazine welcomes Edmonton's Top E series and AFD racing for sponsorship of this weeks LODRS coverage here at SpeedZone.


Mission TA Entries for this weekend


Shawn Cowie
Ken Webster
Don St Arnaud
Casey Grisel
Garrett Bateman
Mike Quayle
Kim Parker

Brian Hough
Robert Johnesse
Jirka Kaplan
Chris Marshall
Russ Parker



June 11, 2018

Arguably one of the top 10 drag racing icons in history passed away yesterday. Tom 'The Mongoose' McEwen, (right, obviously) legendary Funny Car driver and close friend to rival to Don 'The Snake' Prudhomme. He was 81 years old.

June 11, 2018

The biggest NHRA weekend ever for Mission Raceway starts tomorrow.

The Lordco Parts BC Nationals, has parking starting Tuesday and then a TnT Wednesday. This is a two race event, the first time ever in Canada the LODRS series has run a double header in the great white North.

Race one goes Thursday and Friday and it includes all the NHRA sportsman classes. The Top Alcohol (TAD and TAFC classes) will start their qualifying on Friday for their race which on the weekend.

Entries in all the classes are expected to be larger due to travel expenses being reduced.

We'll have a preview to this race starting Monday night.

This past weekend the NHRA was in Virginia for the first time in 10 years. With the cancellation of the national event at Englishtown, Virginia was the logical place. Since new owner Tommy Franklin took over the track he has been trying to secure a NHRA Mello Yello event.

The race did not disappoint, as it was a sell out on Saturday and both Friday and Sunday has solid crowds as well. Courtney Force won Top Fuel Funny Car and Steve Torrence won Top Fuel Dragster. Tanner Gray won Pro Stock, Mike Janis won Pro Mod and LE Tonglet won Pro Stock Motorcycle.

June 3, 2018

The Special edition Langley Loafers Old Time drags held this past weekend at Mission Raceway turned into a Friday test n tune and a two day weekend race condensed into Saturday only due to the rain forecast for Sunday. It was a good call as the weather was ugly pretty early in the day. It gave me the opportunity to hit the golf links out in Harrison early and get most of the 18 holes in before the heavy rain hit by 11:00am.

The Funny Car feature class that included four Rocky Mountain cars and two NWBB/FC car put on an incredible exhibition show with five of the six cars running well under the usual 6.75 index. Norm Kolwich, Cal Tebb, Joey Steckler, 'Wild' Al Weich and Robert Johnesse all ran in the 6.50's at over 210 mph. Their runs included long, long smokey burnouts.

Full final round results for all the loafers classes are posted on this page link.

Go here for a great gallery from long time SpeedZone photographer Bill Jeffery.

'Wild' Al Weich in the 'Rapid Fire' Challenger. With an incredible color/chrome paint job their are many different shades to this car.


These two shots give a great example of the difference.


Norm Kolwich far lane and Joey Steckler near lane had a great side by side here, running side by side 6.50's

On Cal Tebb's first run, he was trying for a 6.75. He came close to nailing it with a 6.71. Brent Murray in the 'Damn Yankee' Mustang had a few struggles as he was sorting out a complete different engine combo with less compression and fuel system. His best was a 7.00.

Robert Johnesse went as quick as 6.51/216 with John Evanchuk tuning the car. They will be back here in two weeks (Lordco BC Nationals) with Robert's TAFC Camaro.

This 6.56 run by Al Weich was his career best.

This run was a side by side 6.93 for both Norm and Joey.

Cal's quickest was a 6.55. He then ran Johnesse at the end of the day and they had one of the closest side by sides at the finish line as well. A .073 rt for Robert and a .077 rt for Cal. At the finish line it was a 6.642 for the 'Judge' driver and a 6.655 for the 'Quarter Horse' pilot. The margin at the stripe was .0097 for Cal, about a foot.

The Pro Nostalgia class had 10 cars in attendance and it was Kacee Pitts defeating veteran Ray Hadford in the final.

You can also go to this nostalgia page for more photos from the weekend.

Lastly, don't forget to go to this page for a great gallery from long time SpeedZone photographer Bill Jeffery.

Here are a few more photos from the other classes.

Jordan Lazic came down hard in the JS Powersports 10.5

A real clean blown Altered out of Oregon only made one lap.

Ray Hadford was the quickest Pro Nostalgia going 6.74

Keith Korecki was out testing his beautiful nitrous Mustang

Wheels up for Lazic. He clicked it real early on this run going 7.79.


A real nice clean Nova.

Kash Sandhu and Terry Langdon Davies were two of the 7 or 8 DS cars racing.

A blown front engined dragster driver had a wild run in round one as he brushed the left wall pretty hard and spun around in the centre of the lane, before sliding along the other wall before finally ending up in the middle of the track. No injuries (except to the pocket book).

Bill Boult and Al Morin battle in Outlaw.

June 2, 2018

An update on Scott Blake, he is okay other than a few broken ribs. Very lucky....

June 1, 2018

Prayers go out to Red Deer Alberta Pro Mod (Nitrous) driver Scott Blake as he had a hard crash today at the PDRA event at US 131 Dragstrip in Martin Mich. Scott was in the left lane and got out of the groove close to the wall in his lane. Right at the stripe the car veered hard right and hit the right side guard rail before going back across the track hitting the left side wall. He crossed the finish line going 190 mph with a 3.86 et. He was airlifted to hospital, and was alert. We will update this as soon as we hear anything more. Prayers sent Scott.

May 31, 2018

This weekend is the first of two Old Time Drags Hosted by the Langley Loafers at Mission Raceway in 2018.

The weekend is loosely based around a Ashcroft Reunion. The two feature classes include the Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Cars and the Pro Nostalgia class based out of Oregon. At least 6 Funny Cars will put on a show and the nostalgia class will have close to a dozen teams competing.

The Jegs All tar weekend is on tap this weekend at Route 66 in Chicago. Division Six will be represented by Ryan Warter (Washington) in Comp, Paul Nero (Oregon) in Top Dragster, Mike Lucas (Fort St. John) in Top Sportsman, Ken Mostowich (Calgary) in Super Gas, Justin Copper (Washington) in Super Comp, Tom Gaynor (Washington) in Super Stock, Joe Sorenson (Oregon) in Stock and Josh Dalrymple (Washington) in Super Street. Joey Severance and Kim Parker will represent the West Regional in TAD. The TAFC class will be rrepresented by two California cars, Doug Gordon and Shane Westerfield.

May 28, 2018

Full Sunday results from Mission Raceway are posted here.

More photos and words from the weekend over the next few days.

This coming weekend the Langley Loafers will race their first of two events at Mission Raceway. The Rocky Mountain Funny Cars and the Pro Nostalgia class are the feature classes. It should be a great weekend.

May 27, 2018

Weekend two action from Mission Raceway.

Saturday final round results and most final round photos for the Summit bracket classes as well as Super Shifter, Super Combo and Hot Rod are posted here.

Dan Provost's new Sonny's Hemi powered TS Camaro ran a 7.19 best @ 192. It was Dan's fourth pass in the car. It will be a 6 second race car.

Chris Stone ran a 9.79 on this run. Unfortunately he went .001 red and lost in the first round.

A couple cool Wheelstand sequences.

The first one here in NW Outlaw qualifiying action. Dave Kroeker wheelstood his Chevy powered Superharged Dragster. This run saw him leg it out past the 60 foot marker and run a strong 6.41

Rob Phippen in the near lane had a calm 6.65 lap.


Al Morin went to the sky on two laps as well in his low 8-high seven second Chevelle Doorslammer. .


May 22, 2018

The NHRA was in Topeka this past weekend and the race did not complete until Monday due to lousy weather throughout the weekend. Clay Millican, Courtney Force, Deric Kramer, were the Pro Winners. Rickie Smith won Pro Mod and Shawn Cowie took the win in TAD. The win put Shawn back into the point lead. Shane Westerfield won TAFC.

This weekend is a bracket double header at Mission Raceway as well as race two for the doorslammers, Super Shifters, Top Fuel Harleys and Super Combo and race one for the NW Outlaws. The weather looks pretty decent for the local racers.

May 19, 2018

Does the face look familiar...It should it is jr standout Emily Girard in her first laps in the all re-worked family altered. She made a couple hits in the car and did solid burnouts and then ripped off a 900 foot 8 second lap then a great driving, cone missing second lap. The altered should be a solid 7 second performer at over 170 mph.

May 15, 2018

Photos are now posted along with the weekend's final rounds from Mission Raceway.


May 14, 2018

The action was hot, not only on the track this past weekend at Mission Raceway Park.

Temperatures in the low 30's kept performances for many cars to summer like numbers, but solid car counts in Sportsman and the three Jr classes as well as S. Shifters and Doorslammers made the action on both days very exciting.

Three racers won both days and they were perennial top runners and classes champions Al Omond (above) and Craig Johnson, as well as Shelby Dawson (below) in Jr. Street.

Darien Provost and Peter Lacahas battled in the first Super Pro final of the eyar. Both are Jr Dragster alums.


The Feature class was the Canada West Doorslammers and it was Washington driver Mike Bedsworth taking the title over Island driver Paul Stretch.

Full weekend results from Mission Raceway are posted here. Final round photos are posted as well.

May 13, 2018

A strong first day at Mission Raceway for their first Summit sereis Bracket race as well as the Canada West Doorslammers, the BC Super Shifters, the NW Super Class Series and the West Coast Nitro Harley series.

Dave Kowalski Lead the Doorslammers with a testing 6.35/215 lap. The all new Sonny's Blown Hemi (very few if any of this combo out there). The other expected low 6 second performer, Kerry Stone was testing a new combination in his Twin Turbo Camaro, but was off the gas early on all three runs, running a best of a 7.07. Once they get this new combo sorted out, it will be very strong. This opening weekend will have more six second cars than ever possibly. Others in that rarified position include Greg Feal with a 6.75/212, Tony Driessen with a 6.88/189, John West with a grouping of 6.93's @ over 190. Joe Mellof and Rod Leclaire are also likely six second racers coming Sunday morning's final session.

Six - eight Nitro Harleys (including a couple Pro Dragster made qualifying runs on Saturday and Nate Gagnon lead the pack with a 6.9 lap. His Bike has a supercharged twin. We' ll have full results posted from all the weekend's racing over the next few days.

May 11, 2018





It's hard to tell what was the coolest 1st day out for SpeedZone this 2018 season at the Friday test n tune at Mission Raceway.











Seeing Tony Driessen out in one of the most legendary race cars (or trucks) from the province, and running a career best by almost one second. He ripped off a 6.88/196 in his final lap Friday with the same motor he ran in his farm truck last year. It sure helps to have 1000lbs less. Very Cool. He now wants to put what he calls a real motor in it (meaning 900 cubes or more) and get way down into the sixes or dare we say ...fives!



















...........Or seeing John DeJonge out in his new Corvette. This is one of the nicest rides I have seen in the Top Sportsman/ Doorslammer ranks. It has a 1300 hp 630+ BB Chevy and he dropped his career best by half a second (7.44). His other ride (the Camaro) has a puny 400 inch SB Chevy. Scott Robinson gets to drive the 'Vette this weekend.



















The Okanagan 'Punisher' transformed to a bad ass Chevelle (it used to be a Duster) with twin turbos under the hood. This beast was built by RH (Ryan and the boyz) and and the power put together by Cutting Edge (Kerry and Daryl). Kelly Madore is the next Pro Mod/Pro Street driver to make some noise. This the fourth hit on the car turned in a 1000 foot 6.56 @ only 198 mph. He then improved during the street legals and ran a 6.41/220. Look for a low 6 and 240 tomorrow.

















I missed Dave Kowalski's laps today, buthe apparently went 6.5 with a .97 60 foot, as he gets the first runs with the new Sonny's Hemi at Sea Level. This car will be a low 6/hi 5 second performer this year.













The Mopar street legal beast (Drag Pak), 350 supercharged Cubes, very cool.





May 9, 2016

It looks like local racing will happen finally this weekend as Mission Raceway opens their season. They were scheduled in April but weather played with us locally. The Canada West Doorslammers open their eight race schedule. They have a new title sponsor for the 2018 season

Winter Harbour Marina and RV, a Henry Zacharias company is the new series sponsor. This weekend is presented by Artex Barn Solutions. With good weather forecasted, it is expected there will be a strong turnout. The bracket classes should be out in force as they will compete for points for the first time this season. There is also a Test n tune Friday and the Mopac Street Legals Friday night.

May 8, 2016

This past weekend the first Division 6 LODRS took place at Boise. No TA cars, but they did run the Heritage Nitro Funny Cars. Jeff Arend won over Shawn Bowen. Tim Boychuk was the only Canadian in the field. He lost in round one.

A number of BC drivers competed and the best showing was put in by Al Quigley. He runner-upped in Super Street. Al was deadly on the tree with a .003 light, but he took too much stripe and broke out.

Here are final round results courtesy NHRA

BOISE, Idaho – Justin Cooper took home not one but two trophies as he pulled off the double in the NHRA Lucas Oil Series while Jeff Arend out ran Shawn Bowen for the Nostalgia Funny Car title in the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series and the 48th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Ignitor presented by Peterson Chevrolet Buick Cadillac at Firebird Raceway.

Cooper, Medical Lake, Wash., knocked out Mike Hiatt, Fallon, Nev., in Super Comp running 9.159 seconds at 161.56 mph with Hiatt posting a 9.171, 161.56. In Super Street, Cooper met up with Al Quigley out of Aldergrove, B.C. Cooper’s ’67 Chevelle covered the quarter mile in 11.140, 129.79 to Quigley’s 11.114, 140.91 in his ’98 Mustang.

Arend qualified on top and beat out Jon Rice and Bobby Cottrell in rounds one and two before meeting up with No. 3 qualifier Bowen. Arend, La Verne, Calif., ran a 5.741 second pass at 249.76 mph as he slowly pulled away from Bowen at 5.866, 224.62.

Jeff Lane and Norman Lapointe joined Cooper at the top of the Lucas Oil Series winners list. Lane, North Bend, Wash., continued to rack up wins in Comp Eliminator as he held off Ralph Van Paepeghem in his ’10 Cobalt with a lap of 8.143 seconds, 159.70 mph to Paepeghem, Garden Valley, Idaho, at 7.414, 177.49 in his ’32 roadster.

Lapointe, out of Sherwood Park, Alb., won over Idaho racer Joe Turner from Lewistown. Lapointe crossed the finish line at 9.883, 132.33 with Turner right behind at 10.856, 119.00.

Jake Neibauer and Craig Blaisdell took home the trophies in the JBS Top Sportsman and RAD Top Dragster respectively. Neibauer outran Dan Lafferty going 6.978, 191.84 in his ’63 Corvette and Blaisdell posted a 6.869 at 155.78 in his ’18 dragster to beat out Dave Jackson.

Other racers taking home wins in the Lucas Oil Series were Darrick Ellam over local racer Mick Alley of Eagle, Idaho, in Stock and John Dalrymple put Jason Heard on the trailer in Super Gas. Rick Newport rode his ’95 Suzuki to the win in Sportsman Motorcycle over David Wood of Eagle, Idaho.

In Summit Racing Series categories, it was Juliet Barnhart leading the way in Super Pro taking the win over Chris Jaggers. Levi Burlile out drove Carl Youngstrom in Pro and Rex Petersen out dueled Zak Pedraza in Heavy. Tanner Theobald won the Super Pro Consolation.

The following are Sunday's final results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Northwest Division 48th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Ignitor presented by Peterson Chevrolet Buick Cadillac:

Jeff Arend, La Verne, Calif., '78 Firebird, 5.741, 249.76 def. Shawn Bowen, Goodrich, Mich., '69 Camaro, 5.866, 224.62.

Jeff Lane, North Bend, Wash., '10 Cobalt, B/SMA, 8.143, 159.70 def. Ralph Van Paepeghem, Garden Valley, Idaho, '32 Bantam, A/EA, 7.414, 177.49.

Norman Lapointe, Sherwood Park, Alb., '08 Cobalt, GT/GA, 9.883, 132.33 def. Joe Turner, Lewiston, Idaho, '67 Camaro, SS/HA, 10.856, 119.00.

Darrick Ellam, Ridgefeild, Wash., '76 Pinto, W/SA, 16.737, 78.30 def. Mick Alley, Eagle, Idaho,
'69 Camaro, A/SA, 10.626, 123.59.

Justin Cooper, Medical Lake, Wash., '06 Undercover, 9.159, 161.56 def. Mike Hiatt, Fallon, Nev.,
'17 TNT, 9.171, 161.56.

John Dalrymple, Sunnyside, Wash., '04 Corvette, 10.161, 160.18 def. Jason Heard, Battle Ground, Wash., '86 Mustang, 10.152, 153.37.

Justin Cooper, Medical Lake, Wash., '67 Chevelle, 11.140, 129.79 def. Al Quigley, Aldergrove, B.C., '98 Mustang, 11.114, 140.91.

Jake Neibauer, Billings, Mont., '63 Corvette, 6.978, 191.84 def. Dan Lafferty, Wendell, Idaho, '69 Camaro, 7.081, 184.07.

Craig Blaisdell, Anderson, Calif., '18 Miller, 6.869, 155.78 def. Dave Jackson, Poulsbo, Wash.,
'14 Mullis, foul.

Rick Newport, Bluffdale, Utah, '95 Suzuki, 8.309, 149.73 def. David Wood, Eagle, Idaho, '16 Arctic CAT, 9.173, 132.91.

Juliet Barnhart, '00 Soran, 7.604, 173.85 def. Chris Jaggers, '02 Soran, 7.962, 166.11.

Tanner Theobald, Saint George, Utah, '14 Trick, 9.247, 161.11 def. James Warden, Santa Ana, Calif., '04 Worthy, 9.311, 151.10.

Levi Burlile, Nampa, Idaho, '63 Falcon, 10.289, 127.70 def. Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell, Idaho, '70 Trans Am, foul.

Rex Petersen, '99 Corvette, 12.542, 111.15 def. Zak Pedraza, Boise, Idaho, '89 Chev S10, 12.395, 98.59.

Mike Shannon, Kelowna, B.C., '15 American, 9.179, 164.93 def. Justin Cooper, Medical Lake, Wash.,
'06 Undercover, 9.133, 168.85.

Steve Laskowske, Tigard, Ore., '63 Corvette, 10.177, 161.98 def. Chris Cannon, Bothell, Wash., '63 Corvette, broke.

Todd Sims, Puyallup, Wash., '66 Nova, 11.163, 134.64 def. Christopher Northup, Boise, Idaho, '68 Camaro, 11.136, 132.75.

April 21, 2018

Had to show the TAD qualifying from Virginia Motorsport park at the Division 1 LODRS from Friday (courtesy Drag Race Central)

1 1482 TA/D Richard Bourke, Old Tappan NJ, Hadman-T 5.161 277.66
2 1211 A/FD Justin Ashley, Plainview NY, Meyer-BAE 5.177 277.66
3 7 A/FD Dan Page, Hampstead NH, Page-BAE 5.179 282.60
4 11 A/FD Josh Hart, Ocala FL, Dragster-BAE 5.230 274.66
5 35 TA/D Jared Dreher, Clinton IN, McKinney 5.240 273.27
6 325 TA/D Troy Coughlin Jr., Delaware OH, Hadman- 5.252 278.23
7 8002 A/FD Julie Nataas, Santa Barbara CA, Copelan 5.265 278.29
8 1301 A/FD Doug Foley, Mooresville NC, DSR-BAE 5.265 269.56

------------ Not Qualified ------------

9 765 A/FD Duane Shields, Boulder City NV, Hadman- 5.277 273.27
10 726 TA/D Jordan Vandergriff, Brea CA, MLR-TFX 5.278 275.56
11 176 A/FD Jeff Veale, Stoney Creek ON, McKinney-B 5.297 281.48
12 1011 B/AD Dan Dietrich, Glen Arm MD, BOS-NRE 5.342 260.51
13 1128 A/FD Karen Stalba, Hammonton NJ, Hadman-BAE 5.344 270.48
14 118 B/AD Frank Schuster, Chesterfield NJ, Keir-B 5.475 263.41
15 183 B/AD Tom Fox Jr., Shamong NJ, Hadman-BAE 5.626 254.47
16 17 A/FD Dan Mercier, Saint-Michel PQ, Page-BAE 8.750 94.83

A 5.26 bump with three drivers in the 5.20's outside the field.


April 20, 2018

At the 'Fling, Al Quigley made it to the semi finals where he took on Luke Bogacki. It was Al's worst light of the day, an .057, that spelled the end of his day. Bogacki went .011 to advance. In the final ogacki took the win with a .008 light to Lane Dicken's .021. Still a great day for 'Quig'. John DeJonge went five rounds on Thursday.

Today is the big day, with a minimum of 200K up for grabs for the winner.

Houston is up this weekend in the Mello Yello NHRA series. Pro Mods are competing this weekend as well as usual other pro classes. No TA this weekend.

Also up this weekend is the BC Custom and Classic car show at the TRADEX. Calgary's Fedorowich family with their big show Top Fuel dragster will fire up all three days with a big load of Nitro.

April 19, 2018

Happy Birthday to both my brother Darren and sister Debbie this week.

The Spring Fling is this week and a few local are there competing. John DeJonge went six rounds Wednesday. He also picked up his new race car, a 53 Corvette. Scotty Robinson is behind the wheel for John in the new car and he went a few rounds as well. The car looks great and it will be wrapped similar to the Camaro when he gets back.

Lsst week was the Vegas Divisional (#1). Over 600 cars were entered. Local BC racers competing included Shawn Cowie, Dan Provost, Rick McKinney, Dave Kowlaski, Rick Pike, Greg Marshall, Stephanie Pike, Mike Lucas Brody Belsam and Rod Belsam. There were a couple handfuls of Alberta racers as well. Unfortunately, no Canadians went to the finals or later rounds.

Idaho's Dan Lafferty won Top Dragster and Washington's Daryl Hemley was the Runner-up in Top Sportsman.

Final round results.


April 7, 2017

Our hearts to out to the Humbolt Broncos Jr Hockey team and their family and all of the residents Humbolt Saskachewan. All Hockey fans around the world and all of Canada are saddened by this tragedy. 15 of the 29 people (including the driver) were killed when struck by a semi- tractor Friday evening. It appears it was a senseless tragedy. God Speed

Here is a link to the story including a biography of all on the bus.


This weekend the newly named and newly renovated Las Vegas Denso Spark Plugs 4-Wide Nationals are up this weekend. The Drag Racing world appears split on this unique format. We will have full results over the weekend.

March 22, 2018

Sad to hear of the sudden passing of one of the legends of Nitro racing Steve Plueger. The West Coast Funny Car fraternity will not be the same with Plueger turning the screws. He was an innovator, builder and everything in between and he was one of the guys that got the Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car class off the ground 15-20 years ago. Austin is one of the guys who learned under Steve. He got his start with him as well. Steve will be sadly missed.

March 13, 2017


Mission Raceway's schedule and Poster for 2018

The Mission Raceway Poster above goes to print in the next couple days.

We will also be producing for the first time in a decade a Langley Loafers poster as they hold two events at MRP in 2018. They will feature Nostalgia Funny Cars in June and Pro Mods at the August event.

The schedule above and below is now complete. Mission Raceway will be distributing them to all sponsors, vendors, and speed shops throughout the Lower Mainland and around BC.

March 4, 2018

A busy weekend on the West Coast as The Bakersfield March meet took place and the first LODRS in Division Seven in Phoenix was on the docket.

At Phoenix local driver Shawn Cowie took the big win in TAD, defeating friend and rival Joey Severance in the final round.

Severance struggled at Pomona a couple weekends earlier but was the #1 qualifier running a 5.19 at a booming 281 in qualifying. Both he and Cowie advanced through eliminations running 5.20's, until the final round where Shawn went 5.26. Severance was off pace and slowed to a 5.66. In TAFC, Shane Westerfield defeated Nick Januik.

Other winners

Clint Neff def. Ross Wilson

Ed Niquette def. George Stassi

Brian McClanahan def. Mike Cotten

Paul Nero def. John Taylor Jr.

Bryan Warr def. Dave Slatten

Parker Theobald def. Evan Kowalski

Aaron Kinard def. Marko Perivolaris

Mark Yeager def. Ryan Giacone

Anthony Vanetti def. DJ Martin


March 4, 2018

Funny Car

Bobby Cottrell wins the March Meet in his first race at the fabled event in Nitro Funny Car.

Ryan Hodgson reaches the final round for the second year in a row. He runner-ups to the Austin / O'Brien Camaro.


February 25, 2018


NHRA video.

Another wild weekend for Team Force at race 2 of the Mello Yello Series in Phoenix. For the second race in a row, team leader John has a huge car explosion, and this time the end result was the opponent in the other lane suffering as a result. Jonnie Lindberg was in the other lane and well back when Force had his engine let go at the stripe. His car went into the other lane bounced off the wall just in front of the Jim Head owned car. Force's car then bounced off the wall and the rear tires landed on the windshield of Jonnie's Camry. From there the two cars got tangled up in each other's parachutes and spun around a couple times before coming to a stop in Force's lane. Lindberg was uninjured and Force was taken to the local medical center for evaluation. He was released and got back to the track in time to watch daughter Courtney get the win in Funny Car over Tommy Johnson Jr. She ran a 4.83/337 in the Victory (Johnson was off the gas early). There likely will be a number of safety conversations and potential changes to the nitro classes in light of what has gone down in the first two races of 2018. Top Fuel was won by Steve Torrence (3.72) over Scott Palmer (he had issues in the run). Chris McGaha won Pro Stock over Jason Line with a 6.52 - 6.53. Tii Thorpe won Nitro Harley over Jay Turner.

In the Sportsman classes, North West drivers had great results. Oregon's Paul Nero won Top Dragster Idaho's Trever Harkema won Super Comp and Jody Lang from Seattle won Stock. Richmond's Rick McKinney lost in the Semi-finals of Super Stock by 11 thou to Lamb. Lang went to the semis in Super Stock as well for two solid results.
Justin Lamb won Super Stock, David Kiesel won Super Street, Todd Barton won Super Gas (Casey Plaizier went to the ¼'s), and Brian Warr won Top Sportsman. Next weekend the racers return to Phoenix for the first West Coast LODRS. We expect to see a bunch of North West racers there as well.

On the East Coast, they held their first LODRS of the season and the RPM Pro Mods were there testing as well in preparation for the 2018 Pro Mod season. Carl Steven's Jr, driving Jim Bell's Pro Mod qualified #1 with a strong 5.76/255. He lost in round two though. Shane Molinari was a top half qualifier and the quickest car in elimination's running a 5.78. He went to the final round but lost to Jeremy Ray. Molinari was off the gas early in the final.

February 21, 2018

In an unprecedented move, Norwalk (Summit Motorsport park) has upped the anti for the Top Alcohol classes at their LODRS regional event in May, (see below).

SUMMIT MOTORSPORTS PARK Turns up Division 3 Pro-Alcohol Racing
$11,600 for Top Alcohol Qualifiers at Cavalcade of Stars in Norwalk
Summit Motorsports Park is putting up a total of $11,600 for drivers qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car and Top Alcohol Dragster at the 12th Annual Cavalcade of Stars presented by Budweiser, May 18-20, 2018 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

In Top Alcohol Funny Car, which features 270-plus mph vehicles, and Top Alcohol Dragster, which features 285-plus mph vehicles, the payout for qualifying includes $1,000 for first, $900 for second, $800 for third, $700 for fourth, $600 for fifth, $500 for sixth, $400 for seventh, $300 for eighth and $150 for ninth through twelfth place qualifiers.
That’s in addition to an already plentiful payout in those categories — the quickest and fastest of the event which traditionally welcomes the largest audience on the annual NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series North Central Division tour — as winners will receive $2,500, while runners-up will receive $1,5000, semifinalists will receive $1,000 and quarterfinalists will receive $750. All of that pushes the total purse to close to $30,000.

“The last time I checked, a 260-plus mph dragster or Funny Car is damn exciting to watch,” said Bill Bader Jr., president of Summit Motorsports Park. “Our Top Alcohol classes are critical to our long-term sustainability, and the additional $11,600 is money well-invested.”

February 18, 2018

One of the biggest small tire drag races is on this weekend SGMP (Valdosta Georgia), Lights Out 9. The Lazic's (Roy and Jordie) made the trek again this year. They have a 959 Sonny's bullet in the family Firebird this year. Jordie qualified real well running a best of a 4.38 in qualifying. He made it to the 1/4 finals and faced off against hitter Josh Klugger. Klugger ran the first ever "3" in Pro 275 Racing. In the 1/4's Krugger took the win with a 4.14/183 to a very game and quicker leaving 4.29/173 by the Gen III team. Great effort Jordie and Roy. The car will be a beast on the West Coast.


February 17, 2018


Sad news to hear of the passing of Canadian Drag Racing legend Geoff Goodwin. Geoff has been a part of Western Canada Drag Racing for over five decades. Based out of Alberta, he was a track operator (Edmonton) team owner and sponsor. He was inducted to the Canadian Drag Racing hall of fame as well as the Canadian motorsport hall of fame. He was instrumental in the development of Edmonton International Speedway in the 60's and was the president of the CCHRA (Capital City Hot Hod Assoc.). Two and a half decades later he was a huge part of the current Castrol Raceway development as an investor and getting others to invest. The last 15 years he was the owner of the Renegade Top Alcohol Funny Car team. The team was very successful in the NW and held many track records and won a number of IHRA and NHRA events with a few different drivers including Greg Hunter, Jason Rupert, Ken Webster and Ken Kraus.

Always a friendly face and fierce competitor, I worked with Geoff on a number of promotional projects throughout the last two decades. He was as passionate and committed to the sport as anyone I have ever met and will be sadly missed. RIP Geoff




February 11, 2018

A wild weekend at Pomona for Team Force as Both John and Brittany have on track incidents. John had a huge blower explosion Friday at the end of his second qualifier. The team brought out a new car for Saturday and qualified in the top half of the field. Today in round one of eliminations, Brittany lost traction and in her recovery process, she hit the wall hard and then crossed back into her lane where the car tore apart. She was okay, pretty badly bruised and battered. She spent the night in Hospital. The two week break should give her enough time to heal up. Pro winners were Doug Kalitta in Top Fuel over Tony Schumacher. In Fuel Funny Car it was Matt Hagan over Robert Hight 3.82 over 3.86, both drivers were over 335 mph. In Pro Stock it was Bo Butner defeating Jason Line.

In Lucas Oil Racing Top Alcohol racing Shawn Cowie defeated Garrett Bateman in TAD to take the first race of 2018. Obviously the goal for the Mundies team is to go one spot further in the standings then they did last year. Shawn ran as quick as a 5.21 on the weekend. In the final he ran a 5.33 over a tire smoking Bateman. In TAFC, it was Shane Westerfield defeating Ulf Leanders 5.42 - 5.50.



February 8th, 2018

On the eve of Pro qualifying for the Lucas Oil Winternationals......

A very interesting read written by one of the most knowledgeable Drag Racing experts I have ever met, Bret Kepner. Facebook does have its cool parts and this post by Kepner is one of them. For those that haven't heard NHRA is doing away with win lights during qualifying at National events.

In Sportsman qualifying , Shawn Cowie leads TAD with a 5.227/275 and Duane Shields is #2 with a 5.24/274 blast. Joey Severance was off pace with a 5.504. In TAFC, Doug Gordon is on top with a 5.45. Division Six racers Brian Hough and Chris Marshall are #2 and 3 with 5.458 and 5.473.

A number of Division SIx and Canadian racers are inattendnance in the other sportsman classes. Mike Lucas, defending Div 6 TS racer is there, John Tiegen (TS), Brian Ritchie (TD), Grant Durie (TD), Graham Foster (TS), Rick Pike (Super Stock), Darrell Stobbe (Super Stock), Rick McKinney (Super Stock), Darcy Clarke (Super Stock), Norm LaPointe (Super Stock) and Don Thomas (Super Stock) . The Super Classes will also have a number of Canucks in attendance. Nitro Harley will compete this weekend as well and I epect a few Canadians competing as well.

February 4, 2017

We are back..........

After over a month away from local and North American Drag Racing news, partly due to deadline projects for my other job and partly due to internet and power outages between Christmas and New Year's. We are slowly getting back to form here.

What the format will be and how much time overall here at SpeedZone depends on a number of factors.

For now we hope everyone had a great holiday season and are getting primed for the new season. The NHRA big show is only a few days away. A number of changes have been announced for the 2018 season by NHRA. Included but not limited to are: 1. Pro Stock, any motor (Chevy, Ford, Mopar) can be used with any body style from 2009 and later. Funny Car will have a rev limiter similar to what is used by Top Fuel (in hopes of keeping speeds well below 330mph.

The biggest news from the NHRA is the closure of Old Bridge Township Raceway (Englishtown NJ) for Drag Racing events effective immediately. National events have been held there for almost 50 years and it was one of the Premier events in the NHRA. The Rapp family received an offer (lease) that was too good to turn down. Virginia Motorsport Park is now back on the schedule and will host the VirginiaNationals. That track's new owner Tommy Franklin (Pro Mod standout) is very excited to host an NHRA National event. The race will include Pro Mod.

Pre-season testing is at Wild Horse in Phoenix and by the looks of testing all top teams are right where they left off last year. One notable team, Mike Salina's 'Scrapper Racing' will run full time in 2018 and he is right near the top in testing, running a career best 3.731. Doug Kalitta lead all drivers with a 3.68 best.

Here are Friday's best TF numbers.

3.688, 331.12 - Doug Kalitta
3.699, 323.35 - Brittany Force
3.718, 332.10 - Tony Schumacher
3.718, 331.45 - Steve Torrence
3.731, 319.07 - Mike Salinas
3.755, 284.09 - Blake Alexander
3.760, 287.35 - Leah Pritchett
3.921, 239.87 - Antron Brown
3.937, 225.75 - Billy Torrence

Saturday's best saw Leah Pritchett run the fastest speed in the 1000 foot era. she ripped off a 3.664 334.73. Brittany Rorce was #2 with a .3.692 327.43


Funny Car.

Saturday saw Matt Hagan and Robert Hight run the best numbers. Hagan went 4.843/332.84 and Hight's best was a 3.880/332.02

The Funny Cars are led by Courtney Force with a best of 3.83 on Friday. The Funny Cars mandated lower RPM this year has still shown 300 mph is still in their wheelhouse.

3.839, 329.99 - Courtney Force
3.851, 330.72 -Matt Hagan
3.884, 326.16 - Tommy Johnson Jr.
3.893, 328.62 - Ron Capps
3.894, 314.90 -John Force
3.904, 320.05 - Jonnie Lindberg
3.904, 313.73 - Chad Green
3.911, 324.05 - Shawn Langdon
3.920, 329.34 - J.R. Todd
3.949, 290.26 - Robert Hight
3.969, 305.77 - Cruz Pedregon

Shawn Langdon is behind the wheel of a Kalitta Flopper this year as he replaces the retiring Alexis DeJoria. NFC racer and past TAFC driver Robert Townsend will race in big show Funny Car this year, no word on whether is will be a West Coast based season for the Californian or a more extensive schedule. Chad Green was driver Tim Wilkerson's Floppe

Pro Stock Saturday, Pro Stock saw the rest of the Summit team show up alongside Bo Butner. Erica Enders topped the list with a .572 at 208.97 in her Melling Performance / Elite Motorsports Camaro. Greg Anderson ran 6.595 at 209.20 in his Summit Camaro.

Pro Stock is usually much more under the radar as a couple of the top teams (Summit and Gray) usually test for at least a month during the off season at various southern tracks. Erica and the Elite/Melling Camaro, the Jegs/ Elite Camaro are at Phoenix as is the Elite/Gas Monkey Camaro and Chris Mcgaha. The World Champ Bo Butner, is the only Summit team at Wild Horse. Vince Nobile after taking off the Countdown last year will run full time as will V. Gaines in 2018. V. will have Chevy Power.

Local racer Shawn Cowie is the as well and he will testing today through early in the week before heading to Pomona in hopes of moving up one spot in the standings by the end of 2018. Pro Mod will be a bit different this year with a few notable new names on the NHRA list, and it is Female strong. Erica Enders will compete with Elite Turbo power, Lizzy Musi will also be in the NHRA this year. Melanie Salemi will compete as well. Three strong women representing all three power adders.


Locally, here is an update to the Terry McHardy celebration of Life has been changed to Saturday April 14, 2018 1:00-4:30. at the Quality Inn Conference Centre
2nd Floor
36035 North Parallel Road
Abbotsford, B.C.

Tributes to start at 1:30pm


Mission Raceway will have an entirely different Look this year as all the tall Cottonwood trees that lined the staging lanes and return road were removed in late October. The monster trees were decaying at a rapid rate and there was big concern for damage to race cars support vehicles and of course racers and fans.

Mission Raceway's Schedule has a few major additions this year as well. They added a second Old Time Drag Race. They will host the Eagle Motorplex Reunion race in June, something I have fought for for a number of years, and it includes the Rocky Mountain Funny Cars. Two weeks later in the middle of June they will host for the first time ever in Canada a Double Header LODRS event. Race one will begin Wednesday the 13th with a test n tune and then Thursday and Friday Race one (without Top Alcohol competing in race #1, but they will begin qualifying for their weekend event Friday). Then race two, Saturday Sunday race #2 will complete. Having a double header will hopefully attract a few more US based teams have stayed away over the last decade due to rising travel costs.

Then the last weekend of June will see the start of Doorwarz VI. Every imaginable class of fast doorcars will compete headlined by Pro Mods of course. The third weekend of July has the return of the National Open and the Funny Cars. Three different Funny Car classes.

The Pro Mods are back the BC Day long weekend at the 26th annual Langley Loafers Old time Drags. Then the end of August has the SMS/Komatsu 'Smoke, Fire and Thunder" race. Jets, Wheelstanders, Pro Mods for the third time this year, and Nitro Harleys.

Pro Mods three times, a double header LODRS, two Loafers Old Time Drags and the Nitro Harleys competing five times (possibly six) at MRP in 2018.


The Division Six awards were held a few weekes ago and here are the special award winners:

Paul Dickey - Mark Lyle Hidden Hero

Claudette Dickey – Janet Lang Gracious Lady Award

Joey Severance – Top Alcohol Driver of the Year

Paul Nero – Sportsman Driver of the Year

Charis Cannon – Super Class Driver of the Year

Troy Johnston. – Mel Bresaw Memorial ET Driver of the Year

Cooper Chun – Don Rhyne Memorial ET Driver of the Year

Chris Barton – Rod Hoerner Rookie of the Year

Steve Cooper – Super Class Mechanic of the Year

Hal Sorenson – Sportsman Mechanic of the Year

Derek Snelson - Promoter of the Year

2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

Cal & MaryAnn Method

Brad Hadman

Tom Turner

Ray Hadford.

Division Six champions

Lucas Oil Series regional TAD Champion: Shawn Cowie. Lucas Oil Series champions: Jeff Lane- Comp Eliminator, Jody Lang - Super Stock, Jody Lang - Stock Eliminator, Justin Cooper - Super Comp, Chris Cannon - Super Gas, Todd Sims - Super Street, Rig Rentals Top Dragster Champion-Paul Nero, JBS Top Sportsman Champion-Mike Lucas, Sportsman Motorcycle presented by Harley Davidson-Don DePeel.


2018 Chassis Inspection Seminar Dates/Locations

Location Date Times Contact

Cascade Truck Body & Trailer
Saturday, January 27 By Appointment 541-342-5317
Eugene, OR
Woodburn Dragstrip Saturday, March 3 9am - 3pm 503-982-4461
Woodburn, OR
(Expo Idaho) Boise Roadster Show
Saturday, March 10 9am -2pm 208-938-8986
Boise, ID
Bremerton Airport
Saturday, March 10 9am - 12pm 360-674-2280 to RSVP
Bremerton, WA
Pacific Raceways Sunday, March 18 9am - 1pm 253-639-5927
Kent, WA
B&B Sales Saturday, March 24 9am 406-491-0403
Missoula, MT
Medford Dragstrip Saturday, April 7 9am 541-788-0861
Medford, OR
Spokane County Raceway Saturday, April 7 9am 509-244-3333
Spokane, WA
Madras Dragstrip Saturday, April 14 9am 541-788-0861
Madras, OR
Mission Raceway Park Saturday April 14 8am-12pm 877- 826-6315
Mission, BC
Pendozi Machine Sunday, April 15 By Appointment 250-300-5571 to RSVP
Kelowna, BC
Y-Welding/Ebertz Racing Saturday, April 21 By Appointment 780-477-7354 to RSVP
Edmonton, AB
Vancouver Island Chassis Day Saturday, April 28 By Appointment 253-446-6594
Vancouver Island, B.C.



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