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December 17, 2017



Sad news today as Drag Racing legend Bob Glidden passed away. He and wife Etta and sons Billy and Rusty were synonymous with NHRA and Pro Stock racing. He was a winner of 85 National events and ten World titles in the class. He will be missed by millions of Drag racing fans worldwide.


November 30th, 2017


RIP Terry McHardy


His two most famous cars, the 'Hikida/MacHardy' BB/A at the old Mission Raceway above and the record setting Gasser below at Seattle. (Archived photos)



Sad to hear of the passing of BC racer and all time great guy Terry McHardy. Terry was a huge part of the drag racing scene in the Lower Mainland from way back in the 70's. He was a long time Vancouver cop who sidelined in the racing game. He was partnered with Mas Hikida in the Mikida/McHardy Willys Gasser in the 70's. He did many shows/displays at High Schools throughout the 80's and 90's, convincing kids to not drink and drive and to stay off drugs. He and partners built a new Gasser in the late 80's, but he had a spectatular crash at the Eagle Motorplex with it in 1991. His next car was a 6 second blown Altered. He also raced a Raodster, and Bracket Dodge and Bill Visser Blown Cuda. In 1998 he was named the Vancouver Police officer of the year. (Joe Webber and SpeedZone Magazine photos)



November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US friends. Have a great weekend.

November 20, 2017


Missing from my list below was a big oversight as Rob Flynn another Albertan (Edmonton) was inducted was well. Flynn has been a part of a number of Nitro teams over the last four decades. He started in drag racing back in the early 80's and he was a tuner for the likes of Terry Capp, Whit Bazemore, Dale Pulde, Jerry Toliver, Ed McCulloch, Larry Minor, Don Prudhomme, Bob Veandergriff and over the last few years Kalitta Racing.


The Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame held their annual induction ceremony and Gala this past weekend. No BC racers or builders were inducted this year, but there were a number of prominent Western Canadians. Gary Beck, while born in Seattle lived most of his adult life in Edmonton where his wife was born. He was part of the fabled Beck and Peets Top Fuel team that was so dominant in the late 70's and early 80's, is probably the most well known Top Fuel driver to come up North. He was named #24 in NHRA's "Top 100" drag racers of all time list. Gord Jenner, partner with Ron Hodgson as well as a team owner/tuner/builder in many top running fuel teams, and even track manager (Edmonton and Calgary). Bob Papirnick, another Ron Hodgson team-mate, was a car owner/driver in the 70's and 80's, and crew member with Hodgson throughout the 90's and into the new millennium. He is an intricate part of this years NFC championship team. Ray Peets, part of the Beck and Peets World Championship Top Fuel team in the 70's. Greg Obuzko , while not a drag racer per se, his name has been on most of the biggest names both in Canada and the US. Greg is the owner of GOS Motorsport design and VA Ink, designer of many race shirts, logos and race car designs. He also prints many of the shirts in the motorsport industry. Greg has been the guy behind Mission Raceway's Doorwarz designs. Other Canadian racers you may recognize are All Billes and Herb Rogers. The full list of inductees and profiles are here.

November 19, 2017


Team Canada again at Street Car!!!!!

Greg Henchell smoked the tires in the 275 final against Brian Brooks and could not repeathis win from last year.

Henschell, above brought the wheels up big tim in his semi final win.

Bob Snyder photos (above and below)

Four Canadian based teams in the finals and two winners.

Steve Nicholson wins in Outlaw 10.5 shattering the SCSN et record as well as his own record. going 3.94/183 to defeat Guiseppe Gentile who went a 3.98. The quickest side by side on the West Coast ever. It was Steve's third final round at Street Car. He won in 2013 against Ken Sihota and then in 2015 he was in the final when the curfew was called before they could determine the on track winner. What a performance for the Surrey based team. Others in the class were Roy Moznik who lost in round two. Ken Sihota broke in qualifying and could not make round one. Kyle Merriot from Kelowna got the single win as he was pairied with Sihota.

With the win today it means that the Canadian teams have won six 10.5 races, including 4 of the last 5.






In DR 275 Greg Henschell smoked the tires against Brian Brooks. Both Drivers were in the 4.40's Neil Richards ran an awesome 4.48 in elimination's as well with his wheels up in a huge powerstand at 250 feet. He lost due to tire smoke in round two. Justin Gallant ran 4.8's on a couple of occasions in his Mustang. He is now one of the players in the class in the NW.













Okanagan driver Manfred Ketterer won Pro Bracket (Non electronics) today as well. He is stepping up big time in the next year or two with a supercharged advanced ET car. Hoping to run mid 6's or so when that car is complete.











Carl Steven's Jr, driving Jim Bell's (Edmonton) Camaro went to the final on equal terms against one of the hottest drivers in Pro Mod, Mike Bowman. Both drivers were in the 5.70's for most of the weekend. Bowman won the World Series race this year in Denver and also won this race last year. Steven's might have been the slight favorite due to his 5.69 in the semi finals, and he got a couple hun on the tree, but his car slowed at 900 feet and Bowman drove around him for the win.






Gentile won the Big tire shoot-out to appease his pain of loosing 10.5.













Eric Dillard won outlaw Pro Mod over John Stanley.



November 18, 2017

midnight update



Shot of the day from "Big "Bob Snyder. Rachel Yee, one wheel and a bumper.


24 cars were in the field in (legal) 'sic' Pro Mod, and only a handful in Outlaw Pro Mod. By the end of qualifying in the 'legal' class, 10 cars were in the 'fives'. For us NW fans the most notable runs were career bests by Paul Glandon who finally went into the 5.80's with his Camaro. He ran a strong 5.86/254 to end up #6. He got a single in round one, and was off the throttle early in the run. Shane Molinari could only muster up a 6.00 in qualifying and he took on fellow NW racer Dal Sangha who ran a career best 6.04 in the final qualifying session. Sangha had a trouble run in round one whil Molinari got his tune-up dialed in with a 5.77 to advance to round two. Rick DiStefano won hsis round one race with a 6.04. Carl Stevens Jr driving and tuning Jim Bells Camaro, got in the 5's in his final 'Q', with a 5.79/258. He won his round one race against Scott Gemigmani. Yvonne Lucas broke her transmission in round one but had a lucky single also she just took the tree. Dean Bettenson took on Jay Diedrich and made his best run of the weekend but was in the gas at 900 feet. He ran a 5.60 but was sent on the trailer.


!0.5 five never changed at the top in the final qualifier, but in round one Ken Sihota was wounded and could not make the call, giving Kyle Marriot a freebie. Roy Moznik won his pairing as did Steve Nicholson.

Greg Henschell improved his #1 ET with a 4.71/167 mph




5:00pm update










SCSN ended early Friday night as Scott Loomis in his Turbo Pro Mod went into the catch net. The car was extensively damaged and Scott suffered a few injuries and was transported to hospital. with non life threatening injuries. That ended qualifying for the night. Most of the legal Pro Mod session was canceled. They start qualifying this morning at 10:30am. So far, a few NW locals in the class have run well. Paul Glandon is in the top 6 with a 5.94 best. Shane Molinari went 6.00 and Rick DiStefano ran a 6.02. Leading the way is Tom Bailey in his very cool Oldsmobile. He ripped off a 5.75. Mike Bowman went 5.77 at booming 270 mph last night just before the Loomis' run. Yvonne Lucas went 6.15 off the gas early. Dal Sangha is out for the first time in two year. He has all new twin turbo hemi power under the hood of his Mustang. His best is a 7.50 so far. Dean Bettenson has made two runs so far in his waaay cool 57 Chevy. Both were part passes.



























































In 10.5, Mike Keenan leads with a 3.98. then Robert Costa and Mark Woodruff. Ken Sihota is #4 with a 4.06 and Steve Nicholson is #5 with a career best 4.07. Roy Moznik is #6 with a 4.17. Paja Agatonovic is down to the #15 spot (4.52). Kyle Marriot from Kelowna went 4.99.












In 275, local Greg Henschell leads with a career best and West Coast record 4.66/165. Neil Richards ran a career best 4.61/163. Justin Gallant is down there as well with his reworked Mustang. He went a 5.01 best. He actually ran a 4 in testing Wednesday.


November 17, 2016

Look for this cool ride up here in the NW in 2018 Dean Bettenson is making his debut this weekend as SCSN. It will be a test weekend for the screw charged 57 Chevy.

This run was not a test as the PLR team laid down a run. Eric Dillard in the 'stang

Some decent runs in 275 and 10.5 as well. Also noteable is Dal Sangha out for the first time in his new BAE turbo Mustang

November 11, 2017

10:00pm update


Autoimagery photo

Ron Lewis photo

Congratulations to all the winners today at Pomona. In Top Fuel, Brittany Force takes the win over Shawn Langdon with another 3.6 run. A 3.668, Langdon smoked the tires. She was 20 points back to start the weekend, but took a bunch (8) qualifying points and then the 150 for the win, overtaking Steve Torrence (who was a bit of a chump on this day). She won the championship by 81 points over Torrence. Robert Hight lost in the final of Funny Car to Tommy Johnson Jr., but he still won the title by 98 over last year's champion, Ron Capps. Bo Butner did the unexpected and won Pro Stock in the 3rd Summit car over Greg Anderson. Butner beat Anderson in the semi-finals but still need the win in the final to earn the championship. He defeated Tanner Gray in the final. Gray had his third or fourth pouting match of the year in the loss. Butner won the title by a mere 7 pts over Anderson. The Summit team finished 1,2,3 in the final standings. Harley teammates Andrew Hines and Eddie Krawiec faced off in the PSM final. Krawiec had already wrapped up the championship by qualifying for the event. In the final it was Hines defeated a slowing Krawiec, 6.85 to a 6.93. Krawiec had the lead for most of the race but Hines needed the win to jump into second place in the standings. By some miracle, Krawiec slowed at just the right time to hand the teammate the win.

Shawn Cowie capped off his season with two wins in a row over the last two weekends. He defeated #1 qualifier Julie Nataas with a 5.27 to a 5.42 (her slowest run of elimination's). John Lombardo Jr won TAFC on a holeshot (5.42 - 5.41) over Annie Whiteley. They finished #2 and #4 in the final world standings.

Other winners were: Dan Fletcher (Comp), Robert Cruzen (Super Stock), Austin Williams (Stock), Bobby Dye (Super Comp) and Steve Parsons in Super Gas.


In the Summit bracket championships. Three Division Six racers made the final rounds and two of them took home the title. In SPortsman it iwas Troy Johnson from Washington state taking home his first ever world title. Alberta's (Medicine Hat) Riley Toth got the Motorcycle win with a 15 thou package. Mission Raceway Regular Dale Green (Washington racer) lost in the final of Super Pro to Todd Martin (Div 1). Martin had an 11 thou package. In Pro Bracket, Jason Patterson (Div 4) defeated Butch Weinreich (Div 1). photo



2:00pm update

Very sad to heard of a Jr Dragster driver dieing as a result of an on track incident. Anita Board from Australia died from an on track crash at Perth Motorplex on Saturday. Out deppest condolences to her family.




Britanny Force and teammate Robert Hight both win Nitro championship today.


November 11, 2017

7:00pm update..

Remember I was applauding Emily Girard for representing Div Six this weekend at Pomona. Here she is with a couple dudes signing...way to go girl!!!!

Thank you to all the veteran's for their service in all the world conflicts over the last 120 years. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Pomona and the World Finals are up this weekend at it is looking to be great final with all four pro titles up for grabs.

PSM is pretty much guaranteed with Eddie Krawiec only needing to qualify for clinch his fourth title.

In Pro Stock, it is the Summit Racing team Battling for the championship. Greg Anderson leads by 40 over Bo Butner and 76 over Jason Line. There are 150 points plus bonus qualifying points available so it is relatively wide open.

Funny Car is going to be good with Robert Hight leading by 15 over Ron Capps. Technically Courtney Force has an outside shot. But Hight would have to fail to qualify for the race and she would have to win and Capps would have to be out in round one. In a perfect world, Hight and Capps will face-off in the final with the winner taking home the championship.

Top Fuel is also neck and neck. Less than one round also separate first (Steve Torrence) and second (Brittany Force). Doug Kalitta is three rounds back so he has an outside shot as well.

After Friday qualifying, Brittany Force (TF) gained three points with a track record 3.66 lap. In Funny Car Hight is currently outside the field and Capps is in the middle of the pack. Pro Stock sees Anderson and Line #1 and #2 and Butner #7. Eddie Krawiec Is #1 so his title is clinched. The other 16 riders behind him are not going to surpass the Harley rider.

In the TA classes, Aussie driver Julie Natasse ripped off the quickest TAD pass under the modern rules (90%), the quickest in over ten years. Bill Litton ran a career best 5.21 and Shawn Cowie is #3 with a 5.24. In TAFC John Lombardo Jr is #1 with a 5.40 and Annie Whiteley is #2 with a 5.41.

A quick update in Super Gas as Division Six driver Chris Cannon needed to advance to round three to win that world title. He unfortunately lost in round two by just a couple thou.

The champions are crowned in the Lucas Oil Championships: TAD, Joey Severance. TAFC, Shane Westerfield. Comp, David Rampey. Super Stock, Justin Lamb. Stock, Justin Lamb. Super Gas, Super Comp, Austin Williams. Super Gas, John Labbous Jr. Top Sportsman, Jeff Barker. Top Dragster, Lynn Ellison one and a half rounds ahead of Oregon's Paul Nero.


Lots of other news throught the weekend.

November 9, 2017

I dont care what anuyone says this is way cool!!! Major credit to Competition Plus.


Force is a marketing machine. He has done more to bring drag racing to mainstream people than any other owner. There is lots of hate for him partly due to his team aspect, and doing whatever it takes to get one of their team to the top. While I also like DSR, the marketing skills are off the hook here.

November 6, 2017

The Las Vegas Divisional is complete and a number of very good results for Division six racers.

Firstly, a huge Congrats to Shawn and Ron Cowie for their win in Top Alcohol Dragster. With the solid win over a tire shaking Joey Severance, Shawn wins the Western Regional championship (won tiebreaker). He came close in the world title battle as well, but Joey did earn that title, the week before (his third in a row) at the National event. This is a battle that likely will continue over the next few years as well. Shawn and Joey battled all season long with Joey getting the edge, 5-2 (if my math is correct). They competed at nine or ten of the same events.

The two drivers below had a great season divisionally. Congratulations to Fort St John's Mike Lucas (far lane) for winning the Division Six Top Sportsman title.

A little more luck at National competition and he would have been a top five competitor at the National level. Alberta's James Rutherford (above near lane) finished in second place in the Division and Alberta's Mike Williams was third. Three Canucks dominate Top Sportsman. Edmonton's Casey Plaizier won Super Gas at Vegas. He finished in the top five in the Division. Other Division Six Vegas winners were Daryl Hemley in Top Sportsman, and Todd Sims in Super Street. Sims wins the Super Street title in Division Six. Brian hough runner-upped to John Lombardo in TAFC.

November 2, 2017

Calendar mode has started here at SpeedZone. The Canada West Doorslammer version will be going to press in the next week. Then a Top Dragster/Sportsman one will be next and Pro Mod and possibly a Nostalgia Funny Car.

This weekend is the largest LODRS and final one for 2017. Many Northern based team will invade Las Vegas for their final kick at the can, and many will stay there and a bunch more will head down to Vegas in two weeks for Street Car Super Nationals.

In speaking with racing schedules, Mission Raceway will have a very busy mid June as they will have for the first time a LODRS double header. Thursday/Friday is race one and then Saturday/Sunday is race two. The second race is where the Top Alcohol cars run. I have been push for them to try this for a few years in hopes the running two events will cut down on travel costs etc. Many South based teams want to compete here but costs have been a factor. After last year's performances here at Mission, maybe a few more TA teams will make the trek up here as well.

We would like to Congratulate Joey Severance for his three - peat in TAD. World championship in TAD for the last three seasons, in what was his toughest year. Congratulations to Shawn Cowie as well as play a mean game trying to get the title. He game a couple rounds short in the end. He and Joey can still earn points next weekend at Pomona, but there are not enough throw-aways for Shawn to catch Joey. Megan Meyers finishes third two round back of Shawn. Shane Westerfield is the 2017 TAFC champion. He had a close battle with Doug Gordon, Annie Whiteley and John Lombardo Jr. He did it with three races left on his total.

Paul Nero finishes only 14 points back in Top Dragster. Lynn Ellison win s the title. Jeff Barker (Div 2) finishes first in Top Sportsman. Last year's champ, Mike Williams is #10 right now and Mike Ferderer is #11. Fort St John's Mike Lucas is #14. Williams with a win this weekend could go as high as 5th.

More stuff coming.


October 25, 2017

More good news and bad news the last couple days. First the good news is hearing that Emily Girard will be representing Division Six and of course Mission Raceway at the World Finals at Pomona in her Jr Dragster. Emily won the Division Six Jr Lightning Championship this year as well at the Mission Raceway Lightning title. She had an amazing won/loss record this season, her last in the class. She will soon be behind the wheel of a very cool doorcar.

Real sad news for a major car collector from the Lower Mailland. Garry Cassidy Owner of Legends Tank Lines lost one of the largest classic car collections in Canada today. Fires struck his car museum and unfortunately most of the vehicles were destroyed. I saw his collection a decade ago and it was very impressive back then. Here is the link to the story.

Mission Raceway will never look the same after their transformation this week.

After a few years of large branches falling including the huge storm two years ago, where many branches came down on race cars, trailers motor-homes and people. An arborist was brought in and informed the track they were a definite hazard. While personally, I am very sad to see them gone, not only aesthetically, but also potential performance may be lost, because those massive trees produced a whole bunch of pure oxygen. But in reality it was likely only a matter of time before one of those beasts came down, possibly on a race car or racer or fan. Hopefully when new ones are planted they grow quickly and the shade will be back.

October 23, 2017

This is the longest ever without any updates here at SpeedZone. While I do apologize for that, the fact is I have been up to my eyeballs in my other job. Well over 220 hrs in the last month on two deadline construction jobs. The busiest time is almost up, so expect updates to resume this coming weekend.

The only updates I will give you right no are both awesome and very sad, and both happened this past weekend at the CHRR. Huge congratulation's go out to the Hodgson/Papernick Funny Car team with Ryan Hogoson behind the wheel, as they clinched the 2017 NFC title. For Ryan it is in his second full year of driving a Nitro Funny Car. For his dad Ron and Bob Papernick it is over 40 years on love for the sport and this is the ultimate reward. Congrats to Bucky Austin and the Austin/O'Brien with Bobby Cottrell in the seat as they win the CHRR over Matt Bynun. Bucky tuned the car to an awesome 5.52/261 in on his way to victory.

The sad part of this update is the passing of Brett Henry, driver of the "Iron Mistress" Fuel Altered. He succumbed to his injuries after a horrific top end crash Friday.

Final round results from Bakersfield

September 25, 2017

CMDRA race results are posted.


September 24, 2017


Thinking of my buddy, friend and contributor Robert Hunter as he gets much deserved recognition today at the 'Greater Vancouver Motorsports Society" Induction ceremony. He recieved the Sandy LoveLace Memorial award in recognition of the “person or persons who have made an outstanding contribution to the preservation of this history of motorsport in British Columbia”. Robert has been at a track in the NW for 50 years including oval, sprint, Motorcycle and Drag Racing. Congrat's and well deserved.


I would have loved to be there and had planned on it, but the final doorslammer race of the year (SpeedZone is the official media for the CWDS group.



Canada West Doorslammer series champion is Otto Schulte. Four wins out of the eight races. One of the most dominant season's in the association's history.

Brian Ritchie won the final race of the year and moved up from 5th to 3rd place in the standings. Congrat's on the win, and best wishes to Brian's daughter Amy who is in Children's Hospital. Not serious, but Amy and wife Cannice were unable to be at the race to see his victory.

Joe Mellof makes his debut this weekend with the doorslammers. The new ride is simply gorgeous, and is real quick. He will be a 6 second runner next year.

#1 qualifier Rick Limb went a career best 6.77/205

A great launch and career best by Greg Feal as he goes deep in the 6's at over 210 mph.

How about this bitchin' shot of Nate Gagnon. Wheel way up and flames exploding out of the pipe!

September 17, 2017

Shakedown at the Summit was on this weekend and Canadian and two time Doorwarz winner Mike Gondziola was in the final against John Decerbo. It was close as the two nitrous cars ran within .004 of each other. Decerbo left first and got the 40k win. Still a great job by the Canadian.

Jim Bell and the Steven Extreme racing team got their act together as well at this race as the Bell owned and Stevens tuned and driven Camaro ran 5. 70's at 259. He lost to 'Gonzi' in the 1/4 finals. The Turbo car jumped the tree while staging.

We likely will see Bell's Camaro at the couple remaining NHRA Pro Mod races and should be competitive as they stated they were running NHRA legal at Shakedown.

At Charlotte NC, the first countdown race is complete and in Pro Mod Shane Molinari qualified #1 but was a bit late on the tree in round one and was upset. He is likely kicking himself as the two guys in front of him in the standings were out early as well. Shane Gray won Pro Mod in his nitrous burner. In Funny Car is was an all Force final round with Robert Hight taking home the Wally and the point lead. Courtney Force was the runner-up. In Top Fuel it was Doug Kalitta earning the win over Ritchie Crampton. Tanner Gray defeated Greg Anderson in Pro Stock and Eddie Krawiec won Pro Stock Motorcycle. In TAD it was local Shawn Cowie getting the win. He defeated Corey Michalek in the final (I am guessing Michalek was in a BAD as well.) Andy Bohl won TAFC over John Lombardo. With the win Cowie moves closer to Megan Meyers who is in 2nd place.

At Woodburn, the final Division 6 LODRS saw Joey Severance (who is in 1st place) took on Garrett Bateman in TAD, and Joey gets the holeshot win. Shane Westerfield and Sean Bellemeur were in the TAFC final, and Westerfield got the victory. Maple Ridge BC driver Mark Downing won Super Street over Todd Simms. Richmond BC driver Rick McKinney was in the Super Stock final. He was defeated by Justin Lamb who doubled -up in Stock as well. Cody Lane won Comp over Brian Hyerstay. Mike Williams lost to Daniel Wargnier in Top Sportsman and Ryan Carlson got the win in Top Dragster over Tom Koenen. In the other Super classes, it was Justin Cooper (Super Comp) and Phil GIlbert Jr in Super Gas getting the Wallys. Don DePeel won Motorcycle.

This next news is one I should have posted a couple weeks ago, but the racing news has been a bit on the back burner this last couple months.

Of course we all know the Sitko Family Nitro Funny Car and driver Nathan Sitko had an unfortunate top end incident that pretty much destroyed the Arrow Flopper.


With that news the family has decided to go back a decade or so and resurrect their Arctic Traveller brand. With it comes a new Mustange Body and graphics and art work done by none other than Ex-Alberta resident Greg Ozubko. Greg is one of the most well know artist in the motrosport industry. We had had him do all the art work for the Doorwarz brand here at MRP.

As of September 2017, the team has decided to switch to a 1967 Mustang body and is going to get even more nostalgic, and they are going back to their roots by naming their car the Arctic Traveller. The Sitko's ran the Arctic Traveller name on their dragsters in the 80's and 90's. These cars won many events, and even a National championship. Putting a name on the side of a race car makes the car more identifiable to fans and gives them someone to cheer for. The Arctic Traveller is well known all across North America, and its revival will bring a lot of press and fan allegiance.

The Arctic Traveller, in Top Alcohol Dragster form, won the ADRA World Finals in 1983 and 1985, as well as the Coors Nationals in Palmdale California, culminating in the 1985 American Drag Racing Association World Title. It also finished second in the NHRA Division 6 points chase, held many track records and held the Canadian record for elapsed time in 1996.

This spectacular rendering, done by Artist Greg Ozubko, has already received rave reviews by fans and fellow racers, and is making its way into magazines at this moment. Joey Steckler of Joey's place will expertly apply the paint for 2018. We are proud to announce that JB's Power Center will continue its partnership with the Sitko Race team, as well as Pro Stock Performance and Ace Manufacturing. There are still prominent spaces available for signage, and the team is confident that the car will run as fast as it looks.



At 32 years of age, Nathan Sitko has driven race cars for 3/4 of his life. The NHRA started the Junior Dragster program in 1991 when both Nathan and his brother Troy Sitko started driving their home built version in 1993. They continued in the class for 9 more years on the local race scene in Alberta, Canada. The next step was a big one, as Nathan stepped into a 230 mile per hour Top Alcohol Dragster at 16 years old. Two years later in 2004, the Sitko's were enticed by The IHRA sanctioning body coming to their home track in Edmonton to field a funny car for the first time in Top Alcohol trim. The team made the jump to Nitro Funny Car in 2010 when Harold Parfett of ACE Manufacturing started the team off with a Plueger chassis and a very cool 1977 Plymouth Arrow body. The team has been running the Arrow with the ACE trademark red and white paint ever since along with a host of local business supporters.

Through the 1980's Nathan and Troy's Dad, Ken Sitko drove a Top Alcohol Dragster named the Arctic Traveller. Owned by Brad Ennis, it was a very competitive car, winning the AHRA World Finals in 1983 and 1985, as well as the Coors Nationals in Palmdale, California in 1985, culminating in the World Title that year. Tragically, Brad passed away in 1986, but Ken and his team continued with the Arctic Traveller through 1996 with driver Bryan Davidchuk (1990-1996). Currently, Sitko Family Racing is comprised of Ken Sitko (crew chief), car owners Nathan and Troy Sitko, their wives Irene, Carla, and Shelley Sitko and the rest of our super team: Mike & Ed Grekul, Dave '2-Step' Wilton, David & Paige Hollman, and Eddy Mitton.

The announcement today is that the Sitko's intend to resurrect the Arctic Traveller banner on their Nitro Funny Car, along with a new nostalgia body, a 1967 Mustang. We have been discussing the move back to the name for a couple seasons now, but wanted to wait until the time was right and we had a program together that would do the name justice. That would have been the extent of the announcement, except that recent events have forced the team to field a new car as well, as a parachute and brake failure in Spokane, Washington only a few weeks ago resulted in their Plueger chassis being destroyed. Nathan was un-injured, and he and the team are looking forward to campaigning a new chassis as well as the new Arctic Traveller Mustang body in the Nitro Funny Car class in the North West United States and Canada.


September 11, 2017

Mission Raceway's second to last Summit Bracket race as well as the NW Outlaws season finale (Tony Krause Memorial race), and the 7th of 8 Doorslammer race results are posted.

Wheels-up weekend last Sunday as Bo Jack, brings up the Chevdelle front end up on three or four different occasinons. I think he had fun.

Rob Phippen had a blast last weekend as well, as he and Father in-law Leo Grocok made their first full pulls in the ex Ken Remple TAD. He ran a 6.46 best whith a strong wheels up launch clicking it early (only 199mph), and then went on to win the NW Outlaw season finale against a previous undefeated Dane Lachelt.

Keith Winterbottom also had the Nova's wheels way up while pulling gears.

Terry Spargo was out getting an early start on 2018, as he plans to run a bunch of Divisionals. His car is bad-ass (6.57/212)

Brian Kikel went to the dark side as he swapped cars with a dragster guy no less. He wants to go into the 6's and will easily be a 6.80 runner.

Fresh wheels for John Tabakgave him a solid weekend going to the final round in Sportsman and putting him one round back of Veronica Hodgson with one weekend to go. He would have taken the lead with the win here, but he took .002 too much stripe.

Gord Merkley had some real good launches in his 'stick' Super Stocker.




































September 8, 2017

604 Top Street shoot-out final round results and photos from their last shoot-out race of 2017 is posted.

Mission Raceway is up this weekend. The Canada West Doorslammers are on the schedule and a double header NW Outlaws Season Finale. The double header weekend last race for the doorslammers is posted on their site. The double header includes the 1st Annual Tony Krause Memrial race. Tony was a long time photographer primarily in Ashcroft and Kelowna but he was a big fan of the Outlaw group. That race will be held on Saturday and then a BBQ Saturday night. Then the final race of the year on Sunday.

September 3, 3027

The Division Six ET finals were on this weekend and we are still waiting for final results from Sundays team race. Yesterday, Craig Johnson went to the final in Sportsman. He was 3 better than his opponent (Troy Johnston) in the final but took too much stripe and ended up under his dial by .012. Still a great job Craig. John Tabak lost in the semi finals to the winner Saturday. Chris Stone came close again in Pro Bracket Saturday. Unfortunately for the Mission driver he was .015 too quick on the tree. In Jr. Street local (MRP team driver) Kassie Tippe won the gamblers race on Friday. Jan Christensen also went deep on Saturday. He also won best Engineered this weekend.

We had two great winners today. Sydney Jung won Jr Thunder today in the team race (she was the r/u last year). Tyler Dobson won Jr Street today as well.

A number of other team members went long. Craig Johnson again was solid as he went to his second final in a row in Sportsman. He did come out second. Andy Closky also went to the final. He was in Pro and finished as the runner-up.


August 31, 2017

Smoke Fire and Thunder Round by Round Elimination for Outlaw 10.5, and DR 275 are here. 604 Top Street qualifying and elimination results are posted here. (photos to come)

August 29, 2017

The Saturday final rounds from Mission Raceway are posted. Sorry no run sheets were available.

August 28, 2017

10:00pm update

All Final round results from Smoke Fire and Thunder including time sheets and photos are posted here. All our coverage for Smoke Fire is sponsore by

Justin Gallants new Turbo/EFI HP is showing its teeth as Justin does a great job of handling this big powerstand. He brought it down fairly soft and kept his foot in it running a 5.3/135? on the run. Awesome Dude!

Syvertsen ran top speed in 10.5. This was only his fourth or fifth pass with thesmall tire set-up.

August 28, 2017

Mission Raceway's Smoke, Fire and Thunder was on this weekend and it was a long but fun weekend.


In the 604 Top Street final Don Murray got the hard fought win over Rob Munroe. A full report later this week.

The Jets put on a decent show with Richard Smith going 296 and 298 in the Incinerator Dragster. Unfortunately the scoreboards did not light up the final run as the vibration's from the Jet dislodged the power cords.

Smith also drove the Warped Speed Funny Car and he went 274 in the first run.

Derek Snelson in the War Hawk ran the Afterburners in his first run and the sun was so bright, smoking out the entire facility. It was kind of cool. The second run he went over 250 mph

2017 Jr Lightning track champion and the National Open series and Jr Dragster challenge leader Emily Girard is getting ready for next weeks Summit ET finals. She is one of the favorites.

Ken Sihota was dominant in winning 10.5 Sunday He was #1 qualifier with a 4.14 and went as quick as 4.10/178. Jay Syvertsen was out playing in the class as well and he went 181 mph in his screw blown 57 Chevy. If the JMS team decide to take the class serious he could be a player. It was only the second outing for Steve Nicholson with his new Sonny's 959. He went as quick as 4.35 but smoked the hide here in the final round.




The 275 class put on a great show with over a dozen cars competing. The final saw Greg Henschell (far lane) defeated first time Mission competitor Ryan Hoskins. In what I called the "Badassery" Wagon. This car is just 'too cool for school'. The wagon was loaded with nitrous but he could not quite get all the power to the ground in the final round. He came into elimination's as the #2 qualifier with a 5.02. Only Henschell could manage the four second zone is what was a hot hot track that coud not hold the small tire most of the weekend. Four or five cars were in the 5.0 range. Jordie Lazic's Nova had a brand new bullet in it and Justin Gallant debuted his new Turbo charged powerplant in his 'Stang. He went as quick as 5.16. The car will be a solid contender down the road.








Dane "Superman" Lachelt continued his wiing ways in the NW Outlaw series. He is undefeated in the series and took out Marty Zazula in the final round. Zazula ran great, going 6.50's on back to back runs. Their season finale is in a couple weeks and it is a double header. The double header does include the 1st Annual Tony Krause memorial race.












The Doorslammers ran two races this weekend (one was the completion of the rained-out June race.) Otto Schulte won Saturday night over Brian Ritchie and then on Sunday Paul Stretch got the win. He was up against Ritchie as well as the Port Coquitlam racer went to both final rounds.


August 20, 2017

A long time between updates here at SpeedZone Magazine. A bit of a holiday (and other work). A fair bit to update, and we will start with this weekend at Spokane:


The first thing to mention is how safe SFI race cars are. At Spokane last night Nathan Sitko's parachutes on his NFC Arrow failed and he went off the end of the track. The car was extensively damaged as well as the body so a complete rebuild is likely in order. Knowing the Sitko family, they will rebuild but is going to be expensive. If there are any sponsors or investors out there and are interested in helping in a great family race team with decades of experience they are a great team to be a part of.

Finishing off at Spokane, Bobby Cottrell defeated Mark Sanders in the final round going 5.62.

The Pro Mods are also in Spokane racing in the WDRL. Unfortunately it is a week 4 car field. Garrett Richards tops the field with Yvonne Lucas #2.



Seattle is home to the second to last Division 6 LODRS event of the year this weekend. Shawn Cowie leads the field in TAD with another teen, this time a 5.185/276. Eight Dragsters are in the field. Seattle National winner Kim Parker struggled in qualifying with a 5.70 best. Nick Janiuk leads TAFC with a 5.48. Only seven funny cars are in the field. Top Dragster and Stock are the two biggest fields with 40 and 41 cars respectively. Both ran round one Saturday night. Local rookie and teenager Darien Provost won round one with a 9 thou package. He also was the runner-up to Shawn Herbst in the Shootout Friday night. Trevor Ritchie and Daryl Baker were the other Canadians to advance to round two in TD. Darien's father Dan, went .001 red in round one. In Stock, Alf Wiebe defeated the NW's winningest Stock/Super Stock driver (Jody Lang) in round one. Lang won the last two races (Woodburn and the Seattle National) he competed at. Local John Buczynski fresh of the runner-up at Woodburn a month ago won round one yesterday as did Greg Marshall.

Cowie's biggest rival in TAD, defending world champion Joey Severance is in Brainerd this weekend. He is #2 in the field with a 5.29. Both he and #1 qualifier Gord Gingles (from Manitoba) won their round one races Saturday night in Brianerd. Bigger news from Brainerd were the two records set by the two nitro classes Friday. History was made in the Funny Car class when Robert Hight made the first 3.7 pass, a 3.793/338. Along side Hight was Matt Hagan who went 3.807/336, making the side by side the quickest in history. In Top Fuel Leah side went 3.640/330 mph. Brittany Force is #2 with a 3.68. Tanner Gray led Pro Stock with a 6.60. He is getting in the good graces of the fans are a first half on spoiled child antics. He and Shane Gray were performing 200 foot burn-outs and dry hops in qualifying.

Next weekend at Mission Raceway is the big fire weekend with the SMS Smoke Fire and Thunder event. Jet Cars, Wheelstanders and small tire outlaw classes are featured. As well the Doorslammers and Outlaws will be in attendance.


August 7, 2017


Good buddy Tony Driessen got a big win yesterday at The Langley Loafers race. He won Outlaw non-electronics class against BCCCA club member Bill Clifford. Real happy for you Tony, lots of breakage this year and it was good to see.




Full Loafers results are here.








It was really cool to see Bob Kokotailo out with the "Kokomotion" Henry-J. His ride is easily one of my favourite all time doorcars. A good shot of Nitrous or a Sonny's Hemi in it making it a six second ride would confirm it as my all time favourite Doorcar. It is a work of art. Someone out there sponsor Bob.




Congratulations to Dave Kowlaski for being awarded best engineered car at the NW Nationals. An RJ built Corvette, Rick Jones and Rick jr were there to witness their achievement.


Thanks to Dyan Lover we will post final rounds from Seattle either late tonight or tomorrow.


August 6, 2017

Not much else needs to be said from Seattle this weekend. Kim Parker wins TAD. It is her first ever Wally and it is in the biggest race that you can ever earn one in, A National event. Just two weeks ago she was in the NWBB/FC final at MRP and could not get the her first. A month prior to that she was in the TAD final at the MRP LODRS and could not get the win. I am guessing if she had a choice, she got the one she wanted most. She took out the World #1 in Joey Severance in the final round, and she did it from the #1 qualifying spot, also her first ever in TAD. Way to go Kim, Randy, Stephanie, Steve, Traci (Car owner) and the rest of the team.

Other winners include Jay Payne in TAFC, Robert Hight in Funny Car, Drew Skillman in Pro Stock, Antron Brown in Top Fuel, Brian Hyerstay in Comp, Jody Lang in Stock, Don Sefton in Top Sportsman, Andy Morris in Top Dragster, Jeff Lane in Super Stock, Dan Davis in Super Gas, Randy Beck in Super Comp, Tom Brown in Super Street and Kevin Boyer in Top Fuel Harley.



Mike Bowman wins the 100k World Series of Pro Mod race held Saturday at Bandimere. He defeated Steven Whiteley in the final round. Shane Molinari lost to Bowman in the semi finals.

Scott White runs a 6.49/213 in the final of the AA/Supercharged race at the Langley Loafers event this weekend. It was a strong finish for White in a race that could only be called anemic, pitiful, embarrassing, they all fit. Only Four cars from the association showed up for the event and two of those who showed are not actually real gassers. Only White and Joel Matton were true gassers. Their schedule poster shows 13 cars in the association and of those nine looked like gassers. Where were the rest. Hopefully next year the Loafers look long and hard at who they want to feature at their event.

In general the event always has enough to make it one of the funnest races of the year, lots of great nostalgia cars, a great car show and lots of old time bench racing and this year was the same, with the exception of the fowl taste the AA/Supercharged group put in my mind.

The full final round results from tall the classes on Monday.



August 3, 2017

The Canada West Doorslammer recap from the MRP National Open is posted. Super Quick results from the same race are also posted.


This weekend is a pretty busy one not only in the NW but as well as for Pro Mod afionado's. The only Mello Yello stop for the NW is this weekend at Seattle. Big Show Funny Cars and and Top Fuel along with Pro Stock and Top Alcohol. Top Sportsman and Top Dragster for the first time are also part of the action. It will be hot there so stay hydrated!!!!

At Mission Raceway, its the annual Langley Loafers Old Time Drags. Pre 1972 cars are invited to compete. The AA Supercharged Gassers and the NW Nostalgia series based out of Oregon are also competing as well as the straight Axel Class known as Nostalgia Gas. The Langley Loafers are one of the oldest car clubs (started in 1957) on the West Coast and have been a huge part of the racing and show scene for 60 years. They started racing in 1993 at Mission, and through their efforts, have raised thousands of Dollars for local high schools.


For the Pro Mod lovers there are two big races. SCSN St. Louis is this weekend and a bit of an odd race and location for Pro Mods, as Bandimere SPeedway host the Inaugural World Series of Pro Mod event. Huge dollars are involved in this invitation event. 14 cars are guaranteed a spot racing for 100,000 and then one spot is earned by winning the Friday shoot-out and finally one wild card vote in spot is won for the 16 car field. This race is the brain child of Wes Buck from Drag Illustrated. While I like some ideas of the race (like the prize money, a few other aspects are a bit suspect IMO. Shane Molinari was at first entering the shoot-out on Friday to earn a spot, but one car backed out leaving a spot open for the main show. The Bond/Molinari team got that invite,... Good on them. Noticeable is the complete lack of Nitrous cars. (10,000 corrected elevation likely. Also having the race on the same weekend as the SCSN race is a bit odd, especially when there are six weekends in a row in the summer when most of the entrants aren't racing the NHRA.

July 30, 2017

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Gamblers results and qualifying are posted on the pages.



The Top Street report from The National Open at Mission is posted.


July 28, 2017

The Lucas Oil Canadian National Open Rocky Mountain Funny Cars and the NW BB/FC results and photos are posted.

July 27, 2017

The Nitro Funny Car Elimination's are posted with the round by round sheets and photos.

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There is also a dedicated 604 Top Street page here.

Gamblers results and qualifying are posted on the pages.



July 26, 2017

The nitro Funny Car qualifying story from the National Open at MRP is posted

July 24, 2017

8:00pm update

All final rounds final round photos and winners circle pictures from the National Open are posted.

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8:00am update

Great BBQ put on by Grimms Fine Food and the Grimms girls (Pat McNally sponsor) was part on the weekend's festivities at Mission Raceway. It was delish!!!

What a great weekend at Mission for the Lucas Oil Canadian National Open. Monster records set in Nitro Funny Car with the quickest side by side as well as the new ET record.

Bobby Cottrell and Jason Rupert put on an awesome final (5.53 - 5.53), as well as the rest of the funny cars. The sportsman classes, the Canada West Doorslammers and the

604 Top Street class made it an exciting weekend. Racing was done by 4pm Sunday with winners circle pictures done by 5. Then went to my sister in laws birthday party out at the lake,

a great end to a fantastic weekend. The final round sheets for both Saturday and Sunday are posted at this page (Local news), click on this link. Full results including hundreds of photos will be

posted over the next four or five days. Keep checking back. The Jrs will have their own page up as well and will have a large gallery.

Congrats to Daniel Rodrigue for his big win at Kelowna's small tire shootout. (facebook photo)

The NHRA at Denver saw Robert Hight, Antron Brown, Drew Skillman, Eddie Krawiec take wins in leg one of the Western Swing. They all hit the track on Friday in Sonoma for the second of three.


July 23, 2017


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Enough said


Bobby Cottrell takes the Heritage Nitro Funny Car race over Jason Rupert atMRP with the quickest side by side ever in Drag Racing History

Al Weich wins his first Wally against Troy Sitko in a wild final round with the Rocky Mountain Funny Cars.

Kim Parker could not win her first wally against Greg Howland. He won for the first time in a long while with a great side by side. Parker went a bit too quick.

Sydney Jung won the Wally Saturday night over Kyler Skjonsberg. She ran on her 9.19 dial with a '4'. It was an emotional win after her on track incident a couple weeks ago. Good on you Sydney

Josh Schmanke defeaed Zach Gaertz in Jr Lightning

604 Top Street saw Jason Gibson defeat Steve Wilson in a close final.

Two RAD sponsored cars were in the Super Quick final. Zak Clarke defeated Greg Doughty in a heads up race, both ran 4.820 on thir 4.80 dials. Clarke had the holeshot.

Al Quigley won the Super Street shootout against Todd Sims. "Quig" was only 2 thou off the 10.90 dial. He makes a mean Brisket as well. Well down A!!

July 22, 2017

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Saturday morning 10:00am update

Setting a new track speed record and almost a new ET record, Bobby Cotrell went 5.64/261 in the opening qualifying round of Heritage Nitro Funny Car. His opponent, the current et record holder

Tim Nemeth ran a solid 5.87 in his opening lap and first run since the March Meet. The Bardahl team skipped the final session when no other car could run quicker than their 5.64.

Nemeth improved to a 5.806/244. He is #5 in the fast field.

Friday was a long drawn out day with no less than 4 rain delays. There were to extending showers that hit the track but by later afternoon there were positive signs that the rain would leave the area.

Throughout the day the heat and humidity kept the rain that hit the track to a minimum drying time, and there were a few hits early. By 5:00pm, the final drying and track prep were underway and just

after six the three gambler's races (Gamblers Electronics, Gamblers Non - Electronics and Gamblers Jr. Dragster) were underway with their one and only time run. 604 Street Legal Top Street was out

for their biggest event of the year (Wally race) and they were also making two qualifying runs Friday night. The schedule had the Heritage series Nitro Funny Cars making two qualifiers Friday, The Rocky

Mountain Funny Cars doing the same and the NWBB/FC group making optional test passes Friday (Their events are one day races chicago style).

Tim Boychuk ran a solft 6.06 and Nathan Sitko blazed the tires at the hit. He returned to run a blower belt breaking 6.20. The car to 900 feet was on its quickest run ever, likely a low 5.70 when the belt

shreaded. Boychuk imporved to a 5.92 in the second session.


Ryan Hodgson went 5.78 in run #1 and Jason Rupert went up in smoke. In run two, Rupert jumped up to #2 with a 5.72/251. Hodgson did not improve and will sit #3. Mark Sanders ran a 5.801 best and is #4.

The Rocky Mountain guys had eight cars show up and they are running this year on a 6.75 index. Al Weich ran a 6.68 best but will be in the bottom half of the field (based on his run

#2 which was a 7.12, when Elimination's start this evening.


Joey Steckler is #1 with a strong 6.77, he backed that up with a 6.78 in round two. Cal Tebb's 6.71 like Weich was also a bit too quick. I am not sure if their index is a hard or soft one.

If it is soft he is #3, if it is hard he will be #7 based on his 9 second, 2nd run.

Jimmy Fersch ran a 6.78 good enough for #2 in the field. Norm Kolwich went 6.99 which should put him #3 if they are running a hard index. Cory Kincaid had two troubled runs as did

Troy Sitko and Ron Stennes.

Troy Sitko drove a trashy bucking bronco on both laps Friday night


The NWBB/FC group made test hits Friday night. Greg Howland went 6.68 below and Royce Taylor went 6.93. Justin Taylor ripped off a way too quick 6.53 and the .........

....Parker girls went 6.66 and 6.73.

Don Harter was the only BB/FC driver to run in the second session Friday, and his car looked awesome under the lights.


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Gamblers results and qualifying are posted on the pages.



Results pages

Nitro Funny Car
Nostalgia Alcohol Funny Car
Canada West Doorslammers
Sportsman classes
604 Top Street

Click on the links by the links above to go to the results from qualifying and time trials as well as the gamblers results on each specific page.



July 21, 2017

1:00pm update

On the grounds at Mission Raceway and the fields are prettyfull for the three funny car classes. a full eight Rocky Mountain floppers are here as well as a full field of NW BB/FC cars.

It looks like the final number of Nitro funnys will be seven as a couple we hoped would attend are not going to make it.

9:00am update

Speedzone Magazine would like to welcome Artex Barn Solutions and Artex Racing for their support and coverage of this weekend's Canadian National Open.

John DeJonge and his team are competing in the Doorslammer class and the Super Quick 1/8 mile class this weekend.





The Canuck Place BBQ last night at Mission Raceway hosted by the Iceman Niro Funny Car team was a great success. So good that Gary Densham took time out from his holiday to attend with his awesome wife Joanne. Wish his team and two cars were on the grounds. Maybe next year. The Snake (Jake Sanders), was leading the way. 7 of the expected eight nitro coupes were already on the property including Mr Explosive, The Pacemaker, Happy Hour, Iceman, The NW Hitter, Sitko Family Racing, and Rupert/Littlefield. Eight RMNFC teams are here as well including Steckler, Tebb, Wild Al, Kincaid, Fersch, Kolwich, Stennes (Mad Viking) and Canadian White Trash. The NW BBFC were just starting to roll in when I left. Up to 10 of that group is expected. Nitro Harleys, the Canada West Doorslammers and all the sportsman classes will also compete. Friday night is the schedule start of Nitro Qualifying with their elimination's Saturday night.


July 20, 2017

This weekend at Mission Raceway.


The Lucas Oil Canadian National Open. The largest Funny Car race in Canada. Close to 30 will be in attendance plus Nitro Harleys, the Canada West Doorslammers and the Super Quick series. A full preview Thursday night. SpeedZone Magazine is looking for a presenting sponsor for all our coverage of this event. Email us if you are interested in extensive coverage. Tonight is the Annual "Iceman Racing" fundraising dinner in support of Canuck Place Hospice. Below is the menu. Totally awesome!




July 17, 2017

Final thoughts regarding the NHRA's first big event in Alberta in a long long time. We will post a couple Rocky gallerys in the next couple days.

All in all it was a pretty good race with 210 NHRA cars and 55 feature class cars in attendance. The crowd Friday was smaller then past Rocky races, and Saturday's

crowd was maybe a bit smaller as well. The Sunday crowd because of the threatening skies was also light.

The biggest issue that I see for the future of the race is: "where does it fit in the big scheme of things NHRA wise". Woodburn Dragstrip held their annual LODRS the same

weekend and the future of the Division Six LODRS schedule does seem to lean toward that date remaining on Woodburn's schedule. It has been there for well over three decades.

If their is to be an increased schedule for the NHRA in Edmonton will it also include a LODRS event in that part of Canada. The car count would be solid for a few of the classes,

but would Comp, Super Stock, and the Super classes make the trek? That does not even include having Top Alcohol in the mix. Rob Reeves has been pretty creative in the past

enticing features cars to attend the event, but it would likely have to include some kind of appearance money which the NHRA has not been keen to endorse in the past.

Dates would be critical for the success of the event as the weather in Edmonton has a much shorter window. A double header would cut down travel costs for the guys

South of the border, But would that be enough. Do they even need an NHRA Divisional in Edmonton. Have two races at both Woodburn and Seattle this year lends to the

conclusion that this division does lack locations. Spokane has tried as has Acton, but with limited success.

One thing proven over the last couple decades is Reeves is not afraid to take risks at Castrol. The LODRS risk is pretty big.


Coverage at Speedzone Magazine Presented by.......


10:30 pm update

The Saturday final qualifying story from Edmonton is posted (words by Robert Wilson and Dean Murdoch). It also includes the round one 6.90 Pro Funny Car class elimination`s

as well as the Harley elimination`s, and the two pairs of Pro Mods that got their run in before the rain came.

5:00pm update

Shawn Cowie makes the quickest and fastest run by a Blown Alcohol TAD in NHRA history. He goes 5.165/280.54 mph. His incrementals were. .909 60ft , 2.326 33ft, 3.426 660@ 226.07 mph,

4.365 1000ft, 5.165/280.54. Very awesome! Shawn's test run at Mission a month and a half earlier (at the Mission LODRS). was actually quicker to half track than the 5.165. He went 3.414.

Joey Severance went 5.200 in round one as well. Those two will battle all season long.


4:30 pm update

Unfortunately the rain halted the event Sunday just after the Pro Mods hit the track. A very long oil down by a bracket car caused close to an hour and a half delay to start the day.

Likely all the Professional classes would have run first round if not for the delay. Also after the race was called, the rain stopped within an hour and did not return despite an overwhelming

ugly forecast for the rest of the day. The event will be completed labour day weekend with the Pro Mods completing their race (and running their finale the same weekend), The Pro 6.90

funny cars as well as the Nitro Funny Cars. Two of the five entered will not return though.

They finished round one of 6.90 Pro Nostalgia, Pro Dragster Harleys and Top Fuel Harleys. They ran two pairs of Pro Mods including a win by Mike Gondziola over Jay Syvertsen and the low

et of the weekend (6.10/229) by Gary Urlacher in his win over Dan Vogt. Garrett Richards and Paul Glandon were getting ready to stage after their burnouts when the rain and major wind

touched down. The Nitro Funny Cars, Pro Mod and the 6.90 pro nostalgia classes will be back the September long weekend to complete their racing as well as all the sportsman classes.

Joey Steckler went too quick in round one against Jimmy Fersch. His opponent was almost perfect in the race as he left first and ran a 6.91 for the win.

Norm Kolwich and Cory Kincaid paired up in round one even though they werent pairing up on the sheet. Both their opponents broke in qualifying. Cory had his 55 Chevy hauling the mail as he ran 210+ on three runs.

Jay Turner defeated an out of shape Nate Gagnon in their first round pairing.

Kevin Boyer and Andy Beauchemin had a real good first 200 feet pairing. But by 400 feet the ' Joker' was out of it heading towards the foam blocks. He hit a couple.

Gonzi had to pedal the Corvette just after the launch in his win against Jay Syvertsen.

Gary Urlacher was on a pass in his win over Dan Vogt. His 6.10/229 was the best run of the year for him and low et up to that point for the event.

Coverage at Speedzone Magazine Presented by.......


11:30 am update

Totally different weather this morning here at Castrol Raceway for the 15th Rocky Mountain Nationals, this year under the NHRA banner. Much cooler, way windier and an

hour long oil down to start the day. The Profession class cars start their elimination's at 1:00pm mountain time. One round of qualifying for all the sportsman classes are underway.


Looking at the Woodburn LODRS qualifying results show TAFC was stellar with a 5.585 (by Doug Gordon) bump spot. Mission #1 qualifier Brian Hough struggled and did not

make the field after running 5.50 there. Shawn Cowie and Joey Severance are in a tight world title battle with only a few points separating. Both are within hundredths of

each other on the ladder as well with Cowie leading with a 5.20/278. Severance ran a 5.22/278.

9:00am update

Coverage at Speedzone Magazine Presented by.......

Final qualifying at the Rocky's for Pro Mod, NFC, Pro 6.90, Nitro Harley and Pro Dragster Motorcycle are posted.

Final elimination's for the Sportsman classes from Saturday race one are posted.

Final session qualifying Saturday night under the lights.

Top Fuelvs Funny Car

Gary Densham and Bruce Litton lit up the skies for just over 1000 feet and both make solid laps.

Ryan Hodgson ran a 5.736 best in round two. In the night session he ran a 5.77. Steven Densham is #2 with a 5.86

In this shot Don St Arnaud went 5.507/258, he did run 263mph earlier. Serge Dion in the near lane had a best of 5.79/260. Gord Gingles was the quickest with a 5.429/263

#1 qualifer in Pro Mod is Garrett Richards. He went 6.159/235. Below has the #2 and #3 qualifiersMike Gondziola and Gary Erlacher lay down their best runs.

A surprisingly small field of four Nitro Harleys are in attendance. Jay Turner leads with a 6.431. Beside him, Nate Gagnon struggled all weekend long. He disintegrated a motor a few weeks ago at Mission Raceway

Cal Tebb was at the top in Pro 6.90. Seven of the eight top qualifiers were all from the Rocky Mountain Funny Car.

Nathan Sitko had a wild ride in round two of qualifying. In this final round shown here against Tim Boychuk, he sorted out his car and went 6.06, good enough for #4. Tim Boychuk ran his

best run of the weekend, a 5.91/244 to sit #3.


July 15, 2017

Top Sportsman and Top Dragster qualifying for race #1 is posted, (the Super classes final qualifying as well).

Coverage at Speedzone Magazine Presented by.......


Friday Pro qualifying sheets and words are posted.

Bruce Litton had his blower exit the manifold right at the hit.

July 14, 2017

5:00pm update

Coverage at Speedzone Magazine Presented by.......



Event Preview courtesy of Bob 'Northern Thunder" Wilson

Tom Padilla (Red Dragon Fuel Altered) had a harrowing and frightening experience just a few clicks from the track (story by Robert Wilson)

Noon update

We are at Castrol for their first NHRA sanctioned major race in over 15 years. They raced the Rocky Mountain Nationals event under the IHRA banner until 2016. It is a busy

weekend for the NHRA in the NW, as the LODRS event in Woodburn Oregon is also on the schedule. Next year the hope is to have the two events on different weekend's so

racers do not have to choose. On the property there are close to 20 top Sportsman cars, and likely a few more Top Dragsters. The Pro classes see four TADs, two Top Fuel

dragsters, one Top Fuel Funny Car, ten Pro Mods, five Nostagia Nitro Funny Car, 10 Top Fuel Harleys, eight Pro Dragster Nitro Harleys, the Jelly Belly Wheelstander, the Pyro

Jet semi, 16 Pro Nostalgia Funny Cars and five or six Fuel Altereds.

Doucette family racing arrives with their cool vintage Semi (Peterbuilt?) and their A/Fuel dragster. Three nitro burners and one BAD driven by teenager Shelby Sereda will battle it out.

Testing continues this afternoon until around 4:00pm and then qualifying and time trials begin. All the pro classes make one run tonight (evening). The NHRA classses make a run

tonight and then their real qualifying is Saturday. NHRA Division Six director Matt Levonas is here under seeing the biggest NHRA event in a decade and a half in Alberta.

It will be a good show for sure.


July 13, 2017

Division Six has two large events on tap this weekend. The Rocky's as previewed below and the Woodburn LODRS. If NW racers are not at Edmonton they will be in Woodburn Oregon for sure.

I wonder how this conflict will be resolved down the road when Castrol gets a Divisional (LODRS) event.

July 12th, 2017


SpeedZone Magazine's coverage for the Rocky Mountain Nationals is sponsored by AFD acing and Top Eliminator Edmonton.

The NHRA is back to Alberta's Premier Drag Strip.

After rumours of things changing at Castrol Raceway last fall and the self-inflicted implosion of the IHRA's National events, Rob and Kimberly Reeves did the expected and switched over to the NHRA. While it does not mean Canada will see a National event (that won't happen even if pigs fly), it does mean the NHRA will see the largest spectator count for a non-national event at any race track not called Summit Motorsport park (Norwalk) . Throughout the NHRA, an NHRA event like a LODRS or Nat'l Open would be deemed an overwhelming success if 5,000 - 10,000 fans are in the stands for a weekend. Castrol will see upwards of 30,000+ fans this weekend for the Mopar Rocky Mountain Nationals presented by JB's Power Centre. The reason for the huge crowds are two-fold: 1. Other than Southern California, no other geographic area of North America has more history in the sport than the Province of Alberta.

((various motorsport web page photos and Gary Beck Facebook page)

Names like Bernie Fedderly, Dale Armstrong,
.....con't here


July 9, 2017

The Doorwarz V Canada West Doorslammer elimination's results are posted.

Spent the day at the lake with the wife, daughter step-daughter and three grandkids. Loved it. But I did miss today's racing at MRP. Glad to hear Sydney Jung is okay after her

incident on track in Jr Thunder today. I am sure Daddy Dave was more upset and scared then Sydney was. Chris Stone won in Pro today while John Tabak won Sportsman.

Have not hear the rest of the results. Will try and post them tomorrow.

At Chicago, Megan Meyer defeated Joey Severance in the TAD final (Joey came close to a double up after winning the Jegs race Saturday). Sean Bellemeur defeated Shane

Westerfield in TAFC. Steve Torrence won Top Fuel over Antron Brown, Drew Skillman defeated Erica Enders in Pro Stock and it was an all DSR final in Funny Car with ROn Capps

earning the win against Tommy Johnson Jr. LE Tonglet defeated Hector Arana Jr in PS Bike. Perhaps the biggest news was Dan Fletcher winning his 100th NHRA National event Wally.

He has reached 150 final rounds.


Mission Raceway's Saturday results including the Les Petrin Memorial Hot Rod race and the BC Super Shifters 1st annual Stick Shift Nationals. included is a few Shifter wheelstand shots, it was more like the Wheelstand Nationals


Jegs Allsters (Chicago)

In a thrilling, down-to-the-wire battle, the host team from the NHRA North Central Division (Division 3) claimed the overall team title during the JEGS Allstars competition at

Route 66 Raceway on Saturday. The Division 3 squad welcomed new Division Director Jeff Conley with an overall victory that was fueled by wins from Brian Browell (Comp),

Andrew Hill (Stock) and Mark McDonald (Top Sportsman). It was the eighth time the Division 3 team has won the prestigious title, including a four-year unbeaten streak from 1996-99.
The other champions from the special event included Joey Severance (Top Alcohol Dragster), Andy Bohl (Top Alcohol Funny Car), James Antonette Jr. (Super Stock), Nick Folk (Super Comp),

Ken Mostowich (Super Gas), John Dalrymple (Super Street), and Steven Furr (Top Dragster).

The JEGS Allstars is a unique competition that features 80 of the best sportsman racers from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series. Racers qualify for the event by earning points in their

home division during the previous year. Champions are crowned in ten different classes and there is also an overall team champion.

The alcohol portion of the show was decided early when the Western Region put four racers into the second round which officially clinched the title. Severance, the winner of the last two

national championships, defeated Mia Tedesco in the Top Alcohol Dragster final, 5.258 to 5.342. In Top Alcohol Funny Car, Chris Marshall appeared to be ahead of Bohl in the final until his

chutes deployed prematurely. Bohl, with his car bouncing and bordering on the edge of control, slipped by for the win with a 5.553.

In the overall team competition, the opening round decided almost nothing as the teams from Divisions 3 and 4 finished tied with 500 points and the Division 1, 5, and 7 teams were close

behind at 400 points. After the second round, the points picture was not much clearer with the Division 3 team holding a slight one-round lead against Divisions 5,6, and 7.

In the final rounds, the Division 6 team managed to tie their Division 3 rivals for the lead in the first final when Dalrymple defeated Jonathan Anderson in an amazingly close Super Street final.

The Division 3 team retaliated in the next pair when Hill stopped Division 7 racer Tibor Kadar in a double-breakout Stock final. Nick Folk, fresh off a double in Norwalk, kept the Division 5 hopes

alive with a nearly perfect run in the Super Comp final against Trevor Larson. The win became official when McDonald drove to the Top Sportsman title over blocker J.J. Heber. When Browell

stopped Division 6 ace Brian Hyerstay in the Comp final, it provided icing on the cake.

The final score had the Division 3 team with 900 points followed by a three-way tie for second between the Division 5, 6, and 7 teams with 700 points.

Each member of the Division 3 team shared in a $20,000 bonus provided by JEGS Mail Order. If any of the champions from today's event can duplicate that feat in the final round of tomorrow's

Fallen Patriots NHRA Route 66 Nationals, they will earn a double-up bonus from JEGS.

JEGS Allstars Final Points Standings

West 700
North Central 500
Central 100
East 100

Division 3 (North Central) 900
Division 7 (Pacific) 700
Division 5 (West Central) 700
Division 6 (Northwest) 700
Division 1 (Northeast) 600
Division 4 (South Central) 500
Division 2 (Southeast) 400

AllStars Final round Results

Top Alcohol Dragster Allstars -- Joey Severance, 5.258, 267.75 def. Mia Tedesco, 5.342, 268.01.

Top Alcohol Funny Car Allstar -- Andy Bohl, Chevy Camaro, 5.553, 263.00 def. Chris Marshall, Camaro, 5.839, 177.79.

Competition Eliminator Allstar -- Brian Browell, Dragster, 7.136, 186.36 def. Brian Hyerstay, Dragster, 8.868, 144.46.

Top Sportsman Allstars -- Mark McDonald, Mustang, 6.629, 206.26 def. J.J. Heber, Mustang, Foul - Red Light.

Top Dragster Allstars -- Steve Furr, Dragster, 6.168, 223.91 def. Phil Unruh, Dragster, Foul - Red Light.

Super Gas Allstars -- Ken Mostowich, Corvette, 10.069, 135.96 def. Dave Kelly, Firebird, 10.880, 102.52.

Super Stock Allstars -- James Antonette, Grand Am, 9.822, 125.51 def. Jeff Dona, Firebird, 9.746, 133.95.

Super Comp Allstars -- Nick Folk, Dragster, 8.904, 171.64 def. Trevor Larson, Dragster, 8.897, 164.89.

Stock Allstars -- Andrew Hill, Camaro, 10.697, 119.69 def. Tibor Kadar, Fairlane, 9.990, 128.20.

Super Street Allstars -- Josh Dalrymple, Camaro, 10.886, 152.18 def. Jonathan Anderson, Sunfire, 10.886, 119.75.

July 8, 2017

The Doorwarz V Canada West Doorslammer qualifying results are posted.


The Seattle NFC show put on by the UNFC saw eight cars make runs. Mark Sanders did not make a lap.

Here is the Friday night ualifying numbers.

#1 Mike Peck 5.885/250.78
#2 Steven Densham 5.927/203.06
#3 John Weaver 5.936/214.66
#4 Danny Gerber 6.123/228.98
#5 Tim Boychuk 6.123/236.26
#6 Bobby Cottrell 6.223/181.69
#7 Chris Davis 7.230/124.56
#8 Geoff Monise 9.229/92.91
#9 Bill Windham 18.266 53.91


July 7, 2017

604 Street legal Top Street coverage from Doorwarz V is posted.


July 5th, 2017

8:00am update


The Top Sportsman double header at Doorwarz V is posted.



July 4th, 2017

A sad passing in the world of drag racing today ...(Con't here.)

The Rocko's Diner

275 class story from Doorwarz V is posted.



July 3, 2017

11:30 pm update

The Outlaw 10.5 story with photos is posted.

10:00pm update

The Doorwarz V Pro Mod story presented by Elite Belts is now posted.

10:00am update

Final round results for the bracket classes including final round photos for Doorwarz V Saturday and Sunday are posted here. We are working on the stories fro Pro ZMod 10.5 275,

Top Sportsman and Doorslammer. 604 Top Street will also be featured.

July 2, 2017

8:30 pm update

A couple great battles in the final rounds

In what can only be called a solid upset, and biggest win of his career, Garrett Richards gets the best of Shane Molinari in the Pro Mod final round. Richards had a teen light

and ran a 5.93. Molinari went .06 on the tree and ran a 5.92. This was easily Richard's and the TPR teams biggest win. Congrat's to the local NW team. The win in my opinion

legitimizes NW Pro Mod racing. The teams are strong and they can battle.

In Outlaw 10.5, Paja Agatonovic got his second win here defeating local hero Ken Sihota. Sihota had a bad ignition right at the hit, his Firebird backfired a bit and the car went nowhere.

Agatonovic was solid all day Sunday running a 4.16/179 in the final round. He had a couple teens on race day.

Jordie (JR) Lazic earned the hard fought battle in DR 275. He defeated a game Steve Skokin. 4.831 to a 4.906. JR went in deep and never trailed for the win. The Lazic 'Radial FLyer"

team thrashed all weekend replacing head gaskets pistons and everything in between. All with a crew that should be on social security.

In Top Sportsman, it was Calgary's Darren Williams doubling up, taking both Top Sportsman wins. He defeated John De Jonge in Saturday's race and last year's champion James Rutherford on Sunday.

In Open Comp, Young Gun Craig Johnson defeated veteran Open Comp competitor Jason Gibson depite Gibson having .04 on the tree.

(sorry no photo till Monday)

In Canada West Doorslammers it was Paul De Bree Jr. defeating long time DS racer Grant Howell. Both racers were double "0" on the tree

More stuff through-out the dsa tomorrow.

5:00pm update

The Pro Mod final will see NHRA hitter Shane Molinari against the h holeshot king GArrett Richards. Both semi finals were epic WIth Richards taking out two time defending champion

Mike Gondziola by .003 (less than a foot). In the other semi Molinari defeated Paul Glandon 5.90 to 5.99.

In 10.5 Ken Sihota defeated Chad Abougoush and Agatonovic got the odd car bye.

In 275 the final will see #4 and #6 qualifiers battle. Jordie Lazic took out the #1 qualifier Neil Richards and Steve Skokin had the bye run.



4:30 pm update

In 275 it was Richards, Skokin's and Lazic advancing to the semis.

3:30 pm update

In Pro Mod it was Molinari with a bye into the semis, He will take on Paul Glandon who defeated Wade Sjostrom. Wade ran a career best 6.16 (would have been a mid 6.0 but the car was

coasting for the last 250 feet. Mike Gondziola defeated Jay Syvertsen with a 5.93 and Garrett Richards took out Kerry Stone with a 5.96. They will face off in what was the final round battle last year.

In 10.5 Paja Agatonovic will have a single and Ken Sihota will take on upstart Chad Abougoush in the all motor Cuda.

Outlaw 275 has Greg Henschell, Neil Richards, Steve Skokin, Miguel Foitihno, and Jordie Lazic. Richards has the bye run.


This is what the drivers are racing for this weekend, and of course a bunch of cash.

In round one of Pro Mod, Shane Molinari, Mike Gondziola, Garrett Richards, Paul Glandon, Jay Syvertsen, Wade Sjostrom (career best 6.21), and Kerry Stone all advanced.

Paja Agatonovic, Ken Sihota, Darryl Stone, Chad Abougoush, Wade Bulych, and Nick Duda all advanced in 10.5.

In 275 it is Greg Henschell, Neil Richards, Daniel Rodrique, Steve Skokins, Scott Schullhauser, Tyler Levy, Miguel Foitinho, Jordie Lazic and Brent Van Vliet advancing.





Speedzone Magazine is proud to announce we will be the official media outlet for the new 604 Top Street Class. We will be posting the results from their first race here at Doorwarz over the next couple days.

Their first winner was Jay Graw in his SL Camaro.


Perhaps the coolest run of the weekend with two of the best 10.5 drivers on the West Coast. Paja had the wheels way up on both runs Saturday. This one was epic. Unfortunately both drivers were

off the gas early. My shot here is cool, but Matt Levonas and Dyan Lover nailed them (he was way higher). Hope to have those shots here in the next couple days.





Final Pro Mod qualifying sheets are posted.

Two 4.6 runs in 275 on Saturday. Greg Henschell went 4.644 and then in the last session Neil Richards went 4.641. Very cool. Local Daniel Rodrique went a career best 4.91 as well.

In Top Sportsman, Darren Williams got the win.

Final 10.5, 275, Top Sportsman, Open Comp qualifying sheets are posted.



July 1, 2017

8:00am update

Doorwarz V Friday Pro Mod qualifying is posted.

Outlaw 10.5, 275, Top Sportsman and Open Comp is posted here.

!:00am update


Two rounds are complete and anyone that has been watching Pro Mod cars from the North West will not be surprised who the leaders are. Shane Molinari takes the early top spot after his second round 5.79. He failed to leave the starting line in the first session. Mike 'Gonz'" Gondziola is #2 , also with a 5.79. Garrett Retards is #3 with a strong 5.93.












Ken Sihota benefited from the clock malfunction in the final Friday session. The MPH looked legit but no way was the t right so he and Kyle marriot got to rerun after the final Pro Mod session. A cooler tighter track produced a 4.18/178 for Sihota and a 4.75 for Marriot in his new Camaro.













275 looks to be very competitive with 5 cars in the 4's and three more stepping on the doormat. Neil Richards leads with a strong 4.71/160. More to come after a short night sleep




June 30, 2017


4:30 pm update

Testing is complete for Doorwarz 5 and it was hot!! the small tire guys started to see traction issues as the track temperatures reached the 125-140 range. The first couple go arounds were very

entertaining especially for the 275 class. There are 20 cars in the class and it looks to be a 3-8 car battle once elimination's begin. Greg Henschell, Scott Schulhauser, Neil Richards, Nick Richard's,

Brent Van Vliet, Steve Skokins, Jordie Lazic and Ron Pease will be near the top and there are a couple others off the top of my head that I can't remember that will also be contenders.

Garrett Richards was the quickest in Pro Mod again today with a 5.98/245. Mike Gondziola had the best short numbers. Paja Agatonovic looked to be the quickest for the 10.5 class.

Greg Feal, a regular Doorslammer competitor ran his first ever 6 with a strong 6.94/209. Johnny West went a career best 6.85/199.

New 10.5 player is Jake Skocylas. Twin Tubos on a RH Chassis and Dakota body. The truck looks really good.



11:30 am update


Testing is underway Friday and bunch of quick cars have already hit the track. Nick Duda completely changed ignition overnight and went with a grid system because his car was shutting off intermittently at different parts on the track. His first lap looked pretty good but the car was off the gas at 450 feet. But at 300 feet the cars power grid came is again and his wheels were in the air.

Scott Schulhauser and Greg Henschell, two of the 2017 favourites paired up for a side by side test run. They were close but it looked like Greg got to the finish line first.

Also one of the biggest news for the weekend has track prep guru Kurt Johnson (Total Venue Concepts) here at MRP looking after the traction so all the classes can run the numbers we expect and hope. Kudos toMp for bringing him up.



une 30, 2017

Thursday at MRP for Doorwarz V

A dozen Pro Mods were on the property Thursday includiing Shane Molinari, Mike Gondziola, Garrett Richards, Dale Pedersen.... (more here)


The two Outlaw classes (10.5 and 275) saw hits from a handful from both classes. There are 8 10.5 cars on the property and Nick Duda, Rick Barnard (pictured below), Ken Sihota, Steve Horne, and a new Camaro out of Kelowna ran. Others at the track included Roy Moznik, Darryl Stone and a new Dakota TT truck. Most of the runs were in the low 5's or high 4's as all were early shutoffs.

275 saw a bunch of guys make hits including Greg Henschell, Neil Richards (pictured below), Daniel Rodrigue, Taj Sangha, Jordie Lazic, Mark Campbell, Charlie Eden and Jason Field. A bunch of others including two time winner Scott Schulhauser and Ron Pease arrive late. A number of low 5 second runs were seen Thursday.

(more here).....




June 29, 2017

( photo)


One of the toughest secrets to keep for a media person is totally to do with what we do..... Letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak! I was held to strict confidence

two weeks ago about The RAD Torque sponsored Pro Mod team making the long 2000 mile trek for Doorwarz V. Dan Provost, owner of New World Technologies and

RAD Torque ponied up serious sponsorship to get the latest NHRA Real Pro Mod Assoc. winner to his and co-owner Justin Bond's home track for the biggest Pro mod race in the NW. They have arrived.

Obviously their entry to the event makes them an instant favourite, but we can not count out two of the winningest NW drivers, Garrett Richards and two time Doorwarz champion Mike Gondziola.

All three cars have run 5.80's or better and all three will be loaded for bear. Of course we can't forget the others entered as there will be 16 car (or more) trying to win the "TREE".

Testing for Doorwarz V begins today

June 28, 2017

Doorwarz V this weekend with all the coverage here sponsored by Elite Belts and GOS Motorsports Graphics

Elite Belts was the brain child of Calgary's Cathy Meheden. Cathy and husband Tom race in the Pro Mod class and have done so for over a decade. Three years ago after the local

safety supplier got out of the business, there was a desperate need for someone to fill the gap. Cathy stepped in and the their new company 'Elite belts' has taken off. Supplying

RH Race Cars, Cutting Edge Performance and a number of other race shops in the NW as well as th racers directly the company has grown dramatically since 2013. They are proud

to serve the Pacific North West and are proud to be part of BC, Alberta, Saskachewan and Manitoba's Drag Racing scene.

GOS Motorsports Graphics and VA Ink are the companies that have produced the T-Shirts and Hoodies and Hat for all five Doorwarz events.

Greg Ozubko is the man behind GOS and VA Ink and he got his start right here in Canada (Edmonton).

Greg started GOS Motorsport Graphics in Edmonton in the early 80’s. Over the next 10 years he built it into the leading designer of paint schemes in drag racing for racers in Canada,

the US and in countries across the world. Continuing to this day, I still design paint schemes for racers worldwide and in many different forms of motorsports. In conjunction with the

design aspect of the business, I got immersed into the apparel side of motorsports and have built VA Ink into one of the main suppliers of apparel to racers throughout North America.

We have 12 and 16 color screenprinting capability as well as embroidery machines all in house here in Alpharetta, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. This allows me to offer racers the ability to

have their paint scheme designed, shirts printed and even uniforms produced all with one call. Our quality sells itself but I also strive to be a service friendly company as well.

Every year SpeedZone has looked forward to seeing new car designs over the winter and into the spring and in most cases Greg's designs are the best. He seems to capture what the

racer is trying to achieve with his or her new race car or older race car looking for a new look. Many locals have used Greg in the motorsport graphics including all of Bob Marshall's TCS

cars over the decades. Being a Canadian and obvious hard core drag racing fan, he was the logical choice to approach when Mission first wanted to do T-Shirts for Doorwarz. We (MRP)

along with Speedzone Magazines photos and graphics ideas brought the 'Battle and War' theme to Greg and he basically put a story right on the shirts. They are one of the most sought a

fter souvenirs at Mission Raceway and sell out every year. In keeping with the Canadian theme, Greg still plays hockey right in Atlanta. Why would'nt MRP use him as the designer?

Here is the T-shirt design for Doorwarz V. Mike Gondziola, two time champ is the head liner car. Right side is Ken Sihota's Firebird. One of the baddest Outlaw 10.5 cars on

the West Coast, left back is Kerry Stone, this car is plain bad ass. Built by RH Race Cars, and refined over the last five years by Cutting Edge Performance. Kerry ran an awesome

6.11 last race out. Look for this car to touch on a possible '5' this weekend. We will have a huge announcement on one of the cars attending tomorrow. This one is big. One of the

hottest Pro Mods in North America.

Front chest.

June 26, 2017

Seattle LODRS results for Canadians

Two Alberta guys were in the TS final, as James Rutherford defeats Eddie Plaizier for his first ever Wally. James was solid on the tree with three double '0's and a teen light. BC driver Steve Lowe went to the semi finals in Super Gas. Chris Cannon won the race. Richmond's Rick McKinney was a semi finalist in Super Stock. Jody Lang won. Aldergrove's Al Omond went to the semi finals in Bike. Don DePeel won.

In other classes, Cal Method took the win in Stock, Michael Dalrymple won in Super Comp, Jeff Lane won Comp over Ryan Warter (that is getting to be a theme). Steve Beggerly won Super Street. Paul Nero won Top Dragster against Ryan Carlson.


June 25, 2017

Norwalk NHRA Pro Mod

They have arrived........

The RAD sponsored S&T/JBS Pro Mod owned by Justin Bond and Shane Molinari and driven by Shane won their first NHRA Pro Mod event. After two years of sorting out cars,

engine programs, mishaps and everything in between, this year has steadily gotten stroner and stronger.

Two runner-ups in the last five races and now their first win puts them on notice as a team to fear..... They moved solidly into 3rd place in the standings and now get to have a

bit of a break heading into the second half of the season. They also have a huge announcement to make which will be coming in the next three or four days. Way to go Shane, Justin, Brad and the whole team!!!!!

June 21, 2017


SpeedZone Magazine is proud to announce the presenting sponsors for our coverage for Doorwarz V. Elite Belts (Cathy and Tom Meheden) are back to sponsor the Pro Mod coverage for 2017. We are excited to have them on board. They are THE choice for all your safety equipment for your race car new builts and yearly recerts.

The second announcement is for the Sportsman coverage as well as Outlaw 10.5 and Outlaw 275 for Doorwarz.

GOS Motorsport graphics and VA Ink Apparel. Greg Ozubko is the guy behind these companies and he has a long history of graphics in the motorsport industry. We will have a complete bio on all the sponsors coming up soon.





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