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Current Drag Racing Headlines

July 12, 2016

This from Zach Liston.

Sad to hear of the passing of Les Petrin. Long time Hot Rod racer at Mission Raceway. He passed last Friday. No confirmed word on the service yet.

July 10, 2016

Our Spokane connection Jamie Clerf got some good karma sent his way after round by round results for the Funny Car last night. Today he went to the finals in Pro Bracket at the Big Bucks race. He took home over 2k for the runner-up.

At Chicago, Ron Capps won Funny Car over Jack Beckman and Antron Brown took the Top Fuel title over JR Todd. Greg Anderson won Pro Stock over Bo Butner and Andrew Hines won PSM over Anglelle Sampey. In TAFC, Shane Westerfield got the double up, after winning TAFC in the Jeg's race yesterday he won TAFC today at the main race. His payday was in the 20k range. Likely the biggest in the Top Alky classes all year long. Joey Severance got the win in TAD today. Chris Demke won yesterday in the Allster race.

July 9, 2016

11:15pm update

Tim Boychuk wins Funny Car at Spokane with a 5.62 in the final round over an out of shape Mark Sanders. Garrett Richards wins Pro Mod with a 6.20 or Dale Pedersen's 6.30. They qualified #1 and #2. Five Pro Mod cars ran at Spokane. In their Blown alky class, Dane Lachelt wins the deal.

9:15 pm update


Doorwarz coverage at SpeedZone is sponsored by JBS Canada.

The complete Top Sportsman event coverage is complete and posted on the Doorwarz web site.


9:00pm update

Not a good finish to the Jeg's Allster team race as Div. 6 finished dead last. If it wasn't for Mick Alley who was the bright spot for the Division with a win in Stock, it would have been real ugly. Brian Hyerstay the #1 qualifier in COmp went .008 red, Mike Shannon lost two races by a combined .003. double break out by .002 in S. Comp and a one thou loss in S. Gas. The combined losses in the rest of the classes for Div six were less than .030. If the West Regional drivers were allowed to be included in the points it would not have looked so bad as the West dominated the Jegs with wins in both TAD and TAFC. Chris Demke and Shane Westerfield took the wins.

Division 5: 1,100
Division 3: 900
Division 2: 800
Division 7: 800
Division 4: 700
Division 1: 600
Division 6: 400


In Pro qualifying, Top Fuel is still lead by Britanny Force, as she earned her second of the season with her Friday 3.692. In Funny Car, the field was set as the quickest ever, lead by Matt Hagan and a 3.882/331. In total 13 cars were in the 3's. Jack Beckman was #2 with a 3.885 at a record breaking speed of 333.25mph. Pro Stock #1 is Shane Gray. His Friday run of 6.578 topped the field. PSM is lead by Matt Smith's 6.842


8:45 pm update

The Spokane semi finals were just complete and what a pair of semis they were. Tim Boychuk rips off a 5.65 to defeat a very game 5.73 by Cory Lee. Then in one of the quickest side by sides ever, Mark Sanders gets a holeshot win over Kris Krabill 5.69 to a much quicker 5.62. What a shocker!!! Krabill is usually one of the quickest on the tree and Mr. Explosive is not know for his reaction time prowess. Good one you Mark and Jake, and congrat's to Tim Boychuk on his best run with Twig tuning the car.


6:40 pm update

At Spokane they are into round one elims and a live report is here: After final qualifying, Kris Krabill laid down a 5.60/255 to nail down #1. Cory Lee went 5.73 (#2), Tim Boychuk #3 with a 5.73, Mark Sanders #4 witha 5.75, Ryan Hodgson #5 with a 5.75 and Tim Nemeth #6 with a 5.78. Robert Townsend #7 The bump spot was a 5.94, held by Wally Glavia.

Chris Davis got in as an alternate and he took on Kris Krabill. Krabill ran a 5.64 to Daivs' 6.11. Cory Lee defeated Robert Townsend the #7 qualifier with a 5.78/251. Mark Sanders defeated Edmonton's Ryan Hodgson 5.82 to a 5.82. Hodgson went red. In the final pairing it was Tim Boychuk taking on the other Tim, Tim Nemeth from Chilliwack. Tim (Nemeth doulbe stepped and went red and Boychuk shook hard but got the win. Second round pairings will be Krabill vs Sanders and Boychuk vs Lee. Thanks to Jamie Clerf for the report.


2:30 pm update


Doorwarz coverage at SpeedZone is sponsored by JBS Canada.

The complete Outlaw DR 275 story from Doorwarz IV is posted at the web site.


9:00am update

Spokane is running their Nitro SummerNationals and Bracket Brawl this weekend, as the North West Coast starts a three in a row for Nitro Funny Cars. First Spokane, then Edmonton's Rocky Mountain Nationals and finishing off with Mission Raceway and their Summer Classic presented by Lucas Oil (25-30 funny cars in total will be at Mission). I got a text from an old SpeedZone Magazine contributor Jamie Clerf who is attending and running in the bracket event. Friday night saw two or three qualifiers and at the end there were three Canadian cars on top. Tim Boychuk with a 5.73, Ryan Hodgson with a 5.75 and Tim Nemeth with a 5.78. Kris Krabill went 5.79. Wally Glavia went 5.94 then wheelstood it big time in round two. Cory Lee went 5.97, Mark Sanders ran 5.98 and Chris Davis went 6.01. Others there (not a complete list, including Dave Benjamin debuting his new Arrow, Rich Townsend, Clint Thompson, Marcus Lawson, Jim Maroney and a few Fuel Altereds. There are a total of 15 fuel cars there. We will try and get a few photos today.






Chicago is the big Route 66 Nationals including the Sportsman Jeg's Allster event. Division Six competitors include some of the who's/who from the NW

:Brian Hyerstay COMP
Brian Weber SS
Mick Alley STK
Mike Shannon SC
Mike Shannon SG
Todd Sims SST
Don Sefton TS
Trevor Ritchie TD

They are also racing those Nitro and Pro Stock classes in case anyone was interested. After Friday, it was Ron Capps leading Funny Car (3.881), Britanny Force leading Top Fuel (3.69) and in the biggest surprise from the Pro Stock class, Shane Gray leads Pro Stock with a 6.578. PSM is lead by Matt Smith with a 6.84 and in TAD it is Rich McPhillips with a 5.272 and John Lombardo with a 5.47 in TAFC.



July 6, 2016

9:30pm update

Doorwarz IV coverage sponsored by JBS Canada

The Outlaw 10.5 story is posted at the Doorwarz IV web site.

Outlaw 10. 5 is finallt showing potential. I am still not convinced that the potential will be any better running 1/8 mile vs 1/4 mile but what do I know. In talking to one of the competitors in 10.5 that has first hand experience with the bad sideof 1/4 mile racing (Mike Walterson) he said he still prefers 1/4 mile as a fan, but he will not race 1/4 mile once his car is rebuilt. He has a serious tire blow out in his car and that was the first run on that set of tires. He does have a heavy car and was likely going around 200 when the tire let go. You do have to take it seriously from a 1/4 fan. It was really unfortunate that three of the competitors who planned on racing did ot make a qualifiyng run. We had 13 cars on the property but Roy Moznik, Dean Branham and Jay Syvertsen not able to make the call. There are a handful of other cars in the NW that we should see in 2017, so the potential looks good. Lets hope so. Man the races are over guick though.



Mission Raceway is pleased to announce that Drag Radial 275 will be added for the "Smoke Fire and Thunder" event August 26-28. Rules will be the same as the Doorwarz event. Basic SCSN weight rules with the Doorwarz chassis rules. There will be at least one qualifier Friday night. We will post more info soon. If you are interested in sponsoring the class please contact me at or 604 302 3907.


Doorwarz IV coverage sponsored by JBS Canada

The complete Pro Mod story from Doorwarz IV is posted at the Doorwarz web site.

It was a wild finish to a pretty crazy day in the Pro Mod class. While there were a number of aborted runs as the Pro Mod teams struggled to manage the track, there was some great overall performances. Richards' made six five second passes, including the top MPH bonus, courtesy Albion Tireland. Gondziola only made two five second passes, but his first one counted as low et for the weekend 5.858/245, and the JBS Canada #1 qualifying bonus. Craig Cawte ran a best of 5.86 and had a number of 5 second passes. A pretty good showing for the first weekend out with a brand new combination. Most of the kudos for that team go to tuner Al Billes. Glen Kerunsky reached a pretty lofty milestone as well as he made a couple five second runs, the first of his racing career. He did it with a NHRA legal 14/71 blower (run at 29% though). Paul Glandon is close to being back to his 6.0 and five second performance level. That team was struggling with chassis set up. Yvonne Lucas, after struggling all weekend made a solid 6.11/234 run and then backed up that with a 6.13 in round one. Hopefully their valve train issue is not serious. The teams will be back here is August for the Smoke Fire and Thunder event presented by SMS/Komatsu-Rents.


The final rounds for all the bracket classes including Super Shifters is on the local headlines page here.


July 5, 2016

11:00am update

Doorwarz IV coverage sponsored by JBS Canada

A great weekend for first time "Fortin's Engines" Canada West Doorslammer finalist Scott Robinson at Doorwarz IV. He did not end up as champion, and had to settle for runner-up, but he was facing one of the best drivers in the class, Kevin Lance. Lance has gone more rounds than any other driver this year, reaching to finals and the semi finals at all four races. His won/loss record is a solid 14-3. He has the point lead heading into the second half of the season.






The Top Sportsman final had all the makings of a few thou stripe at the finish line as two of the best TS drivers in the NW battled. Alberta's James Rutherford went the the final round Saturday (the two combatants Rutherford and Lanz did not get to finish the final due to time restraints and a big oil down near the curfew), and was on a roll heading to the final against Mission's Zak Clarke. The sun was almost set, but it was in both drivers eyes, so their lights were not great but they were within a hundredth of each other. Withthe temperatures cooling off the bite was awesome but the groove was narrow. Rutherford stayed right in the middle but Clarke drifeted to the right and by 200 feet his car was only half in the groove. He had to drive the wheels off the car to stay in the battle, but by the finish line he was close to 3/4's of a car length back, with James taking a .036 finish line stripe. Other than the Pro Mod winner and 10.5 winner james had the third biggest payday of the weekend taking home $4250.00, plus his son Link was the runner-up in Jr Dragster on Saturday.



Drag Radial 275 had all the makings of an epic final round as the #1 and #2 qualifiers battled for the Doorwarz title. Steve Skokin was the defending champion and had a career best et in the semi finals, a great 4.854. Tom Marshall was the #1 qualifier and he ran his career best, a great 4.872 in the final qualifier to be the #1 qualifier. Both drivers rolled through elimination's, making it a Canada vs USA battle. Based on the 4.85 in the semis the defending champion and crew chief Tom were pretty confident. Marshall got a .04 starting line advantage so it would be tough for Skokin's to overcome that. The car was accelerating well, but Steve had drifted outside the groove and his left rear tire straddle the concrete edge at 200 feet. He kept his foot in it (look at the pictures to see where his track was), but the rt deficit and having to drive an extra 10-20 feet was too much. The car also hiccupped around 300 feet, and that was all she wrote. Tom Marshall to the win with a solid 4.892 to Steve's 5.071



July 4, 2016


Coverage sponsored by JBS Canada

Pro Mod

In the Pro Mod final both the winner Mike Gondziola and runner-up Garrett Richards had issues. First it was "Gonzi" who had to pedal the car and get right off the gas he he had traction issues. You can see in picture #2 that he was off the gas completely. He must have seen Richard's have his own issues as he got back on the loud pedal (you can see in picture 3) as Garrett hit the center line. Gondziola is the back to back champion in a hard earned victory.

























Based on the way Paja Agatonovic was running on the weekend it was not surprise he was in the final round. He ran quicker every lap down the track and the end result for him were career bests on five occasions. The shock was the opponent in the other lane. Now Steve has a bad ass car and has won many huge events, but this weekend he struggled on most occasions. He ran a great 4.24 in qualifying but that run was dq'ed when he was found to be 25 lbs light. Then he had issues in the next session and smoked the tires in one more qualifier. He did end up #3 in the field. He waded through elimination's and that included defeating #1 qualifier Ken Sihota. It was more or less Sihota losing more than Steve winning in the semi finals. Steve had a stellar perfect light in the final but Ken did the unthinkable, he left before the tree was activated. The final round was all Paja, as Steve went red and the Oregon driver ripped off another solid pass, a 4.18@181.85 mph.




3:00pm update:

Results from the weekend at MRP (Doorwarz results) are a work in progress. They will be done over the next three days. Go to for all the class elimination's sheets. The final rounds for all the bracket classes including Super Shifters is on the local headlines page here.


1:00am update

Sunday final rounds are posted at




July 3, 2016

All the numbers, qualifying sheets and the Pro Mod recap from Saturday is on the Doorwarz web site.

July 2,2016

9:00am update

All the run sheets from Friday are posted on the Doorwarz web page.

1:00am update



Yes it was explosive action Friday at Doorwarz.

Yvonne made it exciting for the wrong reasons and the Lucas team had two different manifold issues on the weekend. Mike and Mike (and Yvonne) are still scratching their head.


















Mike Gondziola continued his dominance in Nitrous Pro Mod racing with a new career best run of 5.85/245. Unfortunately at the end of this run his chutes did not blossom. The car did sustain a bit of damage and they were workng hard on it so they could continue Saturday,

















Glen Kerunsky was out of the trailer and into a career best. He bettered is old PB by five hundreth's















Ken Sihota does it again, with a Western Canadian record 4.06.
















Steve Skokin proved that the old way still works. The team had to put in their four year old Pro Charger after destroying two new ones.

More results and photos in the morning




July 1, 2016

1:00am update



A decent day to start testing Thurdsay at Doorwarz. Six or Seven Pro Mods made hits including Craig Cawte in his reworked Camaro.










Mike Gondziola made two short hits in his new Corvette.Sub one second 60fts.










Rick Barnhart brought out his Ford BB with Twins under the hood.













Gary Urlacher Did a couple 200 foot runs. Both seemed to go left.














Nick Duda's power came on at 40 feet as you can see by this launch at the 60 feet marker.










Chad Abougoush ran his 10.5 out the back door on a couple runs.















Neil Richards was hazing the tires on both runs I saw.






June 29, 2016

It's about to get real!!!

The biggest door car weekend in Canada and all of the NW is here!

The pits started to fill today for Doorwarz IV. 10 or so Pro Mods are here already, a big handful of Outlaw 10.5. At least a dozen Top Sportsman cars, some as far away as Saskatoon and Grand Prairie, an Open Comp car from Ontario, the the owner has said this race has been on its bucket list since its inception and a handful of Doorslammers. This is going to be good! Huge thanks go out to JBS Canada for sponsoring our coverage here at SpeedZone. They are also a sponsor for the low qualifier for Pro Mod. $500.00 for the #1 qualifier.



Top: Most should recognize this car. It is the one and only Street Lethal Canso. Now owned by Jay Syvertsen and with an entirely different powerplant, a twin turbo bullet with 10.5 tires under the wheel wells.


Craig Cawte is back at MRP with an entirely different look. An Al Billes powered and tuned hemi with screw blower. New paint. Craig's kids Curtis and Kendall love the race track and think daddy will be fast!





Paul Glandon is back to avenge his 1st round ouster at the last WDRL event.


June 28, 2016


Congratulations to Mark Sanders for his win at the IHRA event in Grand Bend. He along with the previous race winner Tim Boychuk will be in attendance at Mission Raceway's Lucas Oil Summer Classic That race is one of the can't miss events on the Summer schedule at MRP. There will be over 25 Nostalgia/Vintage Funny Cars competing that weekend making it one of the largest gatherings outside of the March Meet and Hot Rod Reunion on the West Coast and perhaps the rest of North America. Mark down July 22-24 on your must see event calendar.



A bunch more updates at the Doorwarz web. Close to 16 cars are registered for Outlaw 10.5. Over 20 Pro Mods and Top Sportsman cars and close to 30 Canada West Doorslammers. Check it out.

Even this car makes it long awaited return to competition. The powerplant will be different than the picture shown, but the excitement it brought to the local tracks will be the same we think. Especially when the tire underneath it it way smaller. (Bob Wilson photo)

Important Notice:
Due to Road Racing Thursday till 2:30pm at Mission Raceway, there will be no parking in the second pit area and tech pit area until 3:00pm in advance of Doorwarz IV. Gates will be open from noon until 7pm on Wednesday and will re-open at noon on Thursday. But all those parking in the second pit area and the tech area pit will have to park in the Spectator parking lot until 3:00pm Thursday. Those affected include Doorslammers, Open Comp, and all bracket classes (except motorcycle) will be in the second pit area and tech pit area. Those in the main pit area include Pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 275, Outlaw 8.5, Top Sportsman, and Motorcycle. Tech will start on Thursday at around noon.


June 22, 2016

A number of pages on the Doorwarz IV web site are updated. Check them out.

June 20, 2016

Results from Mission Raceway are posted here (includes final round and a couple winners circle photos).

June 19, 2016

11:00pm update



What day locally at Mission Raceway. Father's day turned into a great day for many dad's. Phil Davis cracked into the 6 Second zone including his best 6.90/210. His daughter Maria and her family and wife Pat were there to celebrate.














Quentin Chambers also hit a milestone. He ripped off a couple 5.90 runs including a best of 5.95/231. He went on to win the race and had two of his daughters, Heidi and Tara there to take in the day with their dad. His other daughter was rodeoing (it that a word?) this weekend.


Kevin McNicol definitely celebrated Sunday as he won the Provincial championship Wally plaque, no doubt it is in Keith Vahle's honor. I'm sorry I missed that memorial Saturday evening but I was visiting my nephew Brandon who has started his slow recovery after the horrific crash early last week.








Ryan Johnston was launching Dad Guy Johnston's Corvette as they add more power to the early model stingray.











Rob Phippen was driving father in law Leo Grocock's Blown alky digger today. He was making laps to earn his license. He ran a 6.91 best.












Side by Side 200 mph wheelstands were the end result of this run Sunday in NW Outlaw qualifying. Dane Lachelt and Norm Mitchell launched the wheels and ran 6.22 and 6.60 respectively.









Scott Robinson was hooking well in the Doorslammer class at Mssion as well. He ran a best of a 7.87


8:00am update

Happy Father's day to all the dads out there.


A huge congrat's to Tim Boychuk on his huge win yesterday in Maryland at the Budd's Creek IHRA event. He won on a holeshot against Mike McIntire Jr. 5.72 to a 5.71. Twig Zeigler had that that car flying this weekend. 5.7's all day long.


The local weather is okay right at this time, hopefully more clearly happens and MRP gets to run today.


June 18, 2016

Unfortunately the weather is changed for the worse this weekend at Mission Raceway. Both Saturday and Sunday are now forecasted to be wet for the better part of each day. Hopefully that is not the case.


Bristol's Thunder Valley Nationals saw Friday qualifying complete with a few rain interruptions but track record runs were produced in Funny Car. Ron Capps set the track et record with a 3.884 in the second session. Del Worsham went 329 mph along with a 3.888 to set the mph record at Bristol. Robert Hight was also in the 3.8 as he ran a 3.897/321. Top Fuel saw the Alan Johnson tuned dragster of Steve Torrence run a 3.744/324 mph. Doug Kalitta is #2 with a 3.767 and Brittany Force is #3 with a 3.773. The Summit cars lead Pro Stock ... again. Jason Line is #1 with a 6.680 and Anderson is #2 with a 6.692. Bo Butner is #3 with a 6.699. Vince Nobile is #4. The Elite team is getting closer as he sits #4 with a 6.700. In Pro Mod, Bob Rahaim is #1 with a 5.796/246 (Nitrous power), Troy Coughlin is #2 with a 5.831/251 (Turbo power). The quickest blown powered driver is Chip King. He is a tenth back with a 5.893 best (#6). Both Canadian cars in the field are outside the top 16 right now, Jim Bell is #19 with a coasting 6.072/217 and Kenny Lang is #21 with a 6.128/238.


June 17, 2016

Two out of the next three days look good weather wise locally, as Saturday is a bit iffy. Hopefully Saturday turns out okay as well as it will be a busy weekend at Mission Raceway. Doorslammers, The NW Outlaws all the bracket classes and Super Combo are scheduled to compete. Also, the NHRA Provincial Championships and Land of the Leader Challenge.

The NHRA is in the middle of one of its toughest stretches of the season, the third of four weekends in row stretch with Bristol's "Thunder Valley Nationals". The three professional classes and the J&A services Pro Mods will highlight the weekend.

Northern BC has Fort St John's Northern Lights Raceway running this weekend with their second race of the year. After heavy rains in the North earlier this week, the weather should be a lot better for the weekend.

Edmonton's Castrol Raceway was supposed to host their IHRA Pro Am last weekend and qualifying was completed both days. Unfortunately rain kept elimination's from starting and the race was postponed until July 14-16.


June 15, 2016

9:30 pm update

Prayers go out tonight for my nephew Brandon. He was hit head on by a driver coming into his lane today. He was airlifted to Royal Columbian in critical condition and has been in surgery since noon today. Multiple broken bones and major lacerations. No major head trauma (at this point) and the spine appears okay. Please keep Brandon and my brother and family in your prayers.



5:30pm update

MRP is proud to announce that the Open Comp class for Doorwarz IV will be called the "Keith Vahle Memorial Open Comp" class. Dont forget Keith will be remembered this Saturday at Mission Raceway after racing (between approx 6:30pm in the Max Fox Building).



June 15, 2016

9:00am update

This weekend looks to be a good one locally at Mission Raceway. The NW Outlaws will battle in their first race one the year (their first scheduled race was rained out three weeks ago), and the Canada West Doorslammers are feature classes. We may see a few Pro Mods and small tire cars compete as well, with Doorwarz IV only two weeks away.

Up in Edmonton a couple weeks ago a couple prominent cars were testing and upgrading:

Serge Dion was getting a handle on his A/Fuel car and ran a career best by a mile 5.47 / 265 (previous best would be around a high 5.90 or low 6.0). A Doug Nichol video.



Gary Urlacher is close to the numbers he is working toward as he ripped off a career best (by almost 2/10ths) 6.12/227 in his Nitrous Corvette. Doug Nichol video




June 12, 2016

Saw Roy Moznik's time slip on his career best 6.352/212 at Seattle. A killer .997 60 foot and 2.71 to 330. His 1/8 mile was 4.099 @ 177.72 mph. That is getting after it Roy! The Canadian cars are kicking ass performance wise. Dean Branham did not make the race and his car is on the verge of flying as well.275 saw three Canadian cars in the 4's and likely three more (as Steve Skokin struggled and is a solid 4 second car, Scott Schulhauser, the two time champ at Doorwarz and Alex DeWolf weren't there). Doorwarz should be epic. Hopefully the weather for Doorwarz IV is similar conditions to this weekend at Seattle and Woodburn, relatively cool temperatures make for a track with bite.


The Rocky Mountain Funny Cars held their first race last weekend the results are posted here.

It looks like Eric Peterson won Outlaw 10.5 at Seattle this afternoon. I would say that Steve Nicholson was the runner-up based on the ladder but I am not positive. Eric was the #5 qualifier with a 7.07 but did improve in round one to a six second pass. not sure all the numbers in the later rounds. Most of the teams struggled in the early rounds with traction issues as Peterson was the only driver to make a six second pass in the round. Congrats, now if we can only talk him into heading North for Doorwarz. He is not a big 1/8th mile fan though. Greg Henschell looked to be facing another local in the 275 final round, Daniel Rodrigue. In Woodburn, Nick Duda broke his driveshaft in the final qualifier. He remained #2 in the field but could not return for elimination's. We will try and get word on elimination's.


In Englishtown, it was Greg Anderson winning again in Pro Stock, the Summit streak continues. Steve Torrence won Top Fuel and Ron Capps won Funny Car. Troy Coughlin won Pro Mod over Billy Glidden. Angelle Sampey won Pro Stock Motorcycle. It was her first win in the class in nine years (2007). She along with Alexis DeJoria, Leah Pritchett, Courtney Force and Brittany Force have all won this year in the professional classes. Erica Enders and Karen Stouffer are the two full time females that have not won yet this year. Stouffer could have a chance but Erica and the Elite Dodge teams are miles away from being competitive.


The guys were flying yesterday at Seattle for the 10.5 and 275 shoot-outs. Ken Sihota ripped off his best run up in the NW (he has been quicker at SCSN 6.22) with a stellar 6.244 at a career best speed 223.28. Unfortunately for Ken he hurt his transmission in qualifying. I have not heard if he was able to make repairs or found a replacement. Roy Moznik shattered his career best with a 6.352@ a soft top end speed of 212 mph. Steve Nicholson was also very stout as he went 6.433 at only 204. His may have been a 6.40 if he ran it through the 1/4 mile. Paja Agatonovic is #4 with a 6.69. Brent Van Vliet is still sorting out his rebuilt turbo Camaro and was in the 7.30's.

In Outlaw 275 at Seattle, local driver Greg Henschell is on top with a 4.643/162. Alberta's Neil Richards is #2 with a 4.787/160. Tom Marshall from Salem (expected here for Doorwarz) is #3 with a 4.954. Chris McGraa is #4 with a 5.166 and Sherry Rohr is #5 with a 5.37. Round one happens around 11:00am.

At Woodburn Eric Halverson leads with a 4.35/165. Nick Duda is the only Canadian in Woodburn and he sits #2 with a solid 4.50/163. They have one more qualifier at Woodburn before elimination's start just after noon.

Go here for the full qualifying sheets from both Woodburn and Seattle.

At Martin Michigan for the PDRA event, both Mike Gondziola and Scott Blake failed to improve on their earleir qualifying times in the final session Saturday and then in elimination's both failed to advance. Gondziola had issues with his transbrake and was real late on the tree in his round one race against John Camp. He had a shot and the ets were 3.85 for Camp and 3.86 for 'Gonzi'., but his light was a 2 something. Blake had a bit of a troubled run and was off a couple thenths from his earleir qualifier. He face the always tough Steve Jackson. Barry Daniluk lost in round one of Top Sportsman when he broke out by 4/1000ths. Gondziola is tabled in for Doorwarz, so we should see some stellar runs by the Saskatoon native in his new Corvette. He likely will be well into the 5.80's (or.....). Blake has yet to confirm his entry but we are hoping.

At Englishtown for the Summernationals, Steve Torrence was #1 in Top Fuel, Ron Capps led Funny CarJason Line is on top in Pro Stock and Eddie Krawiec led Pro Stock Motorcycle. In Pro Mod, Danny Rowe was #1 with a 5.82/249 and Rickie Smith was #2 (5.84/250).


June 11, 2016

8:00am update

PDRA qualifying is into the final round and in talking to Mike Gondziola last night he is confident they can run even quicker this morning they are set up for 1/4 mile racing so are not nearly as aggressive as the full time 1/8 mile teams.









A number of Canadian teams are in Salt Lake this weekend for the Heritage Funny Car race. Ryan Hodgson, Tim Boychuk and Nathan Sitko are all in attendance. All three are currently in the field heading into race day.

Steven Densham and Kris Krabill lead the field with 5.8 runs each.

There is one more qualifying session today at 1:00pm then they go into elimination's late this afternoon.

The rumored teams planning to attend Mission's Heritage race include Krabill, Horan Jr., Sitko, Boychuk, Hodgson, Don Hudson, David Benjamin, Jay Mageau, Mark Sanders, Clint Thompson, G-men racing and possibly a couple others. To go along with at least 16 BB funny Cars and we will have a huge event.



1:00am update

A couple big events are up this weekend on the West Coast. Plus two events from two of the major sanctioning bodies back East. This weekend at Seattle is the West Coast Shootout. This race features Outlaw 10.5 (Paja Agatonovic's effort) racing the 1/4 mile and Outlaw 275 running 1/8th mile. Hopefully the weather improves for Saturday and Sunday. At Woodburn, there is also a small tire event. It is the Summer Series event put together by Greg Hindman. The 10.5 race is 1/8 mile in length.

The PDRA is back racing after a month off. A few Canadian's are competing. Mike Gondziola ran career bests in the second and third qualifiers Friday in Pro Nitrous. After an early season nitrous booker at the first race he attended, he laid down a 3.83/194 best shot to qualify in the middle of the pack. Scott Blake ran a 3.86 for his best effort on Friday. He is also running Pro Nitrous. Barry Daniluk is running in Top Sportsman and he ran a 4.05 best.

The NHRA is in Englishtown this weekend for the biggest NHRA event in the North East. Beside the Pro Classes, Pro Mod is there. Danny Rowe leads with a 5.823/249. Rickie Smith is #2 with a 5.843/250. Canadian's are there competing as well in Pro Mod and Eric Latino tops the 'North of the Border gang". He ran a 5.941, good enough for the 12th spot in the field. Jim Bell and Kenny Lang both struggled Friday.


June 10, 2016

11:50pm update

Go here for a tribute page for Keith Vahle. If you would like to add your memories of Keith please send them to us at

June 9, 2016

9:50 pm update

Go here for the tribute page

There will be a celebration of life for Keith (NOPI) Vahle Saturday June 18th at Mission Raceway at 6:30. If any racers and friends would like to email us we are putting a few photos and words together for a memorial page for Keith. Send your stories and photos to

Go here for the tribute page


All the sportsman classes including TD, TS and Comp have semi finals recaps and photos on their pages below.

The eliminations recaps and photos for the Lordco BC Nationals are posted:


Here is an update on the injured crew guy Mark Larson after Saturdays unfortunate top end incident. Firstly, the Ken Gilmour TAD left before the tree was started and in talking to driver John Leach, the reason that happened was because he saw the starter point with one finger. He thought that meant he was on a single. When if fact the starter was holding his hand out to keep him from moving further forward as the car in the other lane was being checked over by their crew chief. Being a new driver and likely being very amped up for what would have been his first run against a racer in the other lane probably contributed to the starting line issue. According to Leach on the top end when his car was rounding the second turn-off the car felt like it hit a bump and sort of jumped sideways. That is when it rolled over and slid into Lloyd Flatum's pits. The crew guy hurt was Mark Larson ex Super Comp racer. He had just turned over his car to his daughter Amanda but he and Amanda were crewing this past weekend. When the car slid on its side it struck Larson. I had reported that he was taken to the hospital and then released but in fact he did not go to the hospital. When he returned home to Washington State, he did get medical attention. From Amanda, "He went to the doctor Monday to find out that his upper arm has a subdural hematoma with a potential muscle impact hematoma. They did x-rays for his upper body and found out that he has a compression fracture on his T4 vertebrae and will be getting an MRI for further information". Hopefully the MRI turns out to be not too serious and we wish Mark well and hopes he is back to the track soon.

9:00am Update

The Rocky Mountain Funny Car assoc from Edmonton had their first event of the year this past weekend and for the first time in a decade (other that the Rocky Mountain Nationals), The group will run their Edmonton events with the IBAA and the "ACE" blown alcohol group. In the Final it was veteran Funny Car driver Joey Steckler and hired shoe Troy Sitko in the Ace Altered. Sitko took the win in a close final.

We're posting the Beckman video from the NHRA Epping event (New England Nationals) last Saturday only because this is one time when you might not say, " day at the track is better than a any day at work"




June 8, 2016

11:30 pm update:

Sorry but there will be a bit of a delay in in the Top Alcohol, Comp and TS/TD classes write-ups and photos. Look for them on Thursday.

4:00pm update

More photos and semi final and final round write ups are added from the Sportsman (Super Stock, Stock, the Super classes, Bike and Brackets) final rounds at the Lordco BC Nationals. Go here to see top end photos. Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, Comp and Top Alcohol photos and late round write-ups will be posted Wednesday evening as well as an update of the TAD top end crash incident and injury update to the pit side crew member Mark Larson.

June 7, 2016

Final round photos for all classes are now posted from the Lucas Oil event at Mission Raceway. Click on the page links below for all the starting line photos. Semi finals and top end final round shots will be posted Wednesday.

June 6, 2016

Photos for final rounds included.

The eliminations Sheets for the Lordco BC Nationals are posted:



June 5, 2016

10:00pm update. Mission Raceway's Lordco BC Nationals.


I guess Clint Thompson did not get TRUMPED by the competition. He got the last say in this crazy weekend in the TAFC class. Clint gets the win almost unopposed as Mike Doushgounian was off the throttle by 300 feet in the final round. Thompson slowed substantially in the final ( 5.77/256) compared to his 5.60 in the semi finals. But he was more than half a track length ahead at the finish line.



And in what was almost a perfect ending for all the Canadian fans of Shawn Cowie, he wins pretty much without a battle as well, when Joey Severance goes up in smoke in the final round. Severance was clearly the favourite in SpeedZone Magazine's eye's, after low ET in each of the first two rounds. Severance even went almost 275 mph in his round one win. Shawn's car did all it could to give the team fits in both round one and two. If there was an opponent for Shawn in round one we would not be having this conversation. Shawn's car broke on the starting line in round one. In round two Gingles went up in smoke and Shawn was done by 590 feet. We are having this conversation simplly because the Mundies team overcam adversety and they had luck on their side. For that I say good on them, they deserve to win in front of their home fans.



Three drivers living within 10 miles of the track took home bracket wins. Jim Behnke won (Red Light) Pro Bracket over Maple Ridge's John Tabak.







Dan Provost won his 3rd race on the weekend. It wasn't Top Dragster or Top Sportsman like he wanted, but he got the win in Super Pro over an always tough Zack Liston.








And in Super Street, Martin Jackman got his first Wally in an NHRA Sportsman class. he defeated multi -time Divisional winner Josh Dalrymple.


Francesca Giroux got her first win in Top Dragster when she defeated past Divisional champion Paul Nero. "Frankie" had four feet on her opponent at the finish line.


Brian Hyerstay won going away as Bruce Perkin was well back at the finish line. The Perkin team had a great run as they got by much quicker teams to reach the final.

Taylor Cowie, the wife of Shawn Cowie, the TAD winner, got to be in the winner's circle twice as her dad Marc also won on Sunday. He took the Super Comp Wally over Yeshua Wilcox with a 7thou package.

Multi time winner Mike Ferderer won Top Sportsman over 'Grandpa' Rod Andreas. Brad Burton won Stock over Ryan Warter and Joe Sorenson won Super Stock over Troy Olsonawski. Finally in Motorcycle, Jake Havens defeated Doug Schuman. The full report will be a work in progress over the next couple days.


3:45 pm update

The BC Lordco Nationals are almost down to the finals in all classes the full report will be posted over the next couple days but for now it is Shawn Cowie and Joey Severance in the final round of TAD. Joey has the big advantage going into the final as he has made two flawless runs including a 5.28 at a whooping 274.97. Shawn has had two troubled runs but is in the final and will be the overwhelming fan favourite. In TAFC, it is Mike Doushgounian and The TRUMPSTER. Clint Thompson found some magic starting in round one when the defending champion Greg Hunter went .003 red. In the semi finals, Thompson got the bye run and turned his weekend around performance wise with a stellar 5.60/260. Will he TRUMP the field in about 45 minutes we will see. In Top Sportsman is is Mike Ferderer Lloyd Flatum and Rod Andreas left. In Comp it is local Bruce Perkin with a bye to the final round and Ryan Warter against Brian Hyerstay battling. More to come soon.

11:00am update:

A tough opening round for a number of local racers in a number of classes. After back to back wins in TD and TS shootouts Saturday Dan Provost was first round fodder for John Chitwood and Lee Goransen. Zak Clarke was a first round duck as well as he lost to Daryl Hemley. Kirk Lanz lost in Top SPortsman as did Joe Mellof. All four of the local drivers were solid favorites to reach later rounds. Mission Point leader Bradee Lowe lost in Super Pro. Provost did come back and win round one in Super Pro. In other Top Dragster round one news Kelowna's Dane Lachelt a regular NW Outlaw competitor ran too quick and is gone and John Evans had starting line isses and he to is a first round runner-up.

In Comp Eliminator, Bruce Perkin got a freebie and advanced and Terry Spargo also advanced with his win over Dino Kost. The big upset in round one was seeing Brandon Huhtala go red against Ryan Warter.

9:00am update

The Elite Belts WDRL Pro Mod Friday and Saturday qualifying and elimination's story is posted. All the photos for the Pro Mod part of the weekend's race will be posted later Sunday. Thanks to SK Auto, Rocko's Diner, Herd Haven Games and Doyle Racing.

June 4, 2016

11:45 pm update

A very hot and wild day at Mission Raceway was completed by 8:30 pm with all the shootouts determined and ladders set for round one of eliminations ready to go. There were not too many delays just the usual 10 minute ones here and there and one unfortunate scary one that luckily did not end up with any major injuries. In the final TAD qualifier John Leach fresh off his licensing the day before got a little rattled on the starting line bringing up his RPM's and launching his car before Kim Parker was even staged. He left one what likely was a solid 5.50 pass or even better but of course got no time, In the shutdown area he had too much speed and tried to make the second to last turnoff carrying way to much speed. His car went sideways and turned on its side in a sportsman pit area, striking a crew member as it came to a rest. People in the area, turned the car back onto its wheels and then tended to the injured person (a member of Lloyd Flatum's TS team). Leach also needed to be looked at but was released by ambulance crew. The injured person was taken to the local hospital but was released with a few decent cuts and contusions. It was a lucky ending on what could have been way more serious ending.
For the rest of the weekend that exit will be barricade off and probably the same for future event where that area is necessary for pit usage.

Shawn Cowie Leads Top Alcohol Dragster with a 5.30/272.












Greg Hunter is # 2 in TAFC witha 5.67. Mike Doushagonian is the leader with a 5.62/259


Getting to the action In Top Alcohol, being we had a bump spot in TAD......go here for the Top Alcohol story.



Local driver Dan Provost showed his ability with local track knowledge as he took both final round wins in the Shootouts Saturday. He defeated Joe Mellof in the Top Sportsman shootout and Gordie Castle in the Top Dragster shootout. Mike Shannon won the Super Gas Shootout (triple zip in the final) over Ken Heard, John Dalrymple won in Super Street over Steve Laskowske and Tom Clarke won Super Comp over Ed Hauter. In Comp, Brian Hyerstay is the #1 qualifier with an .813 under best Brandon Huhtala is #2. Terry Spargo is the best local, going .59 under and running a 6.633 best. Quentin Chambers stayed #1 with his 6.011 from Friday. Dane Lachelt was the quickest BC driver, as he went 6.354 in round four, the first session on Saturday. There are a total of 18 cars in the 6's in TD and it is the biggest field Mission has ever had in the class. Mike Williams is the best in Top Sportsman. He ran 6.9's all weekend and his friday run of 6.909 topped the 17 car field. Only two cars ran in the 6's. All the Comp, Top Dragster and Top Sportsman numbers are posted here.

In Super Stock, the field is lead by Cody Lane. He ran a 1.06 under 8.58. Sean Cour is #2. The leading Canadian is Red Deer's Caitlin Setters. Mission's Jim Isherwood leads the BC drivers with a .9 under 9.28 in his Hemi powered Belverdere. Billy Aiken leads Motorcycle with a .001 reaction time. GO here for all the Sportsman class action.



For the Pro Mod Action presented by Elite Belts, it was Garrett Richards earning the win against Ken Sihota. All three top qualifiers were ousted in round one. The full stary will be posted on the Pro Mod pgae before noon Sunday.


12:30 pm update

Mission Raceway BC Lordco NAtionals Friday qualifying sheets for Comp Eliminator, Top Dragster and Top Sportsman is here. Friday qualifying for Top Alcohol dragster and Funny Car is here. Qualifying for Stock, Super Stock, and Motorcycle is here. Elite Belts WDRL Pro Mod coverage is here.

!:00am update

It was a pretty good start for the official first day of the Lordco BC Nationals on Friday. Shawn Cowie leads TAD with a 5.30/272 and Mike Doushgounian leads TAFC with a 5.62/257.

Gerry Frechette photo

Quentin Chambers ran 6.011 in TD and Mike Williams is on top in TS with a 6.90. In Comp it is Brian Hyerstay on top at .812 under. a Couple brushes with the wall today as Howie Stevens scrapped the right side of his Mustang and in a weird one Glen Iggulden brushed the Christmas tree base (photo above) when his car went hard right. The full report and photos Saturday morning.

In real sad news locally, long time starting line assistant Al Starchuk passed away.


All was a starting line official at Mission Raceway, Eagle Motorplex and Port Alberni over the last two decades. He had a great sense of humor and was a real hard worker on the front line. Al will sorely be missed.


une 3, 2016



A pretty interesting test day yesterday for the Lordco BC Nationals at Mission Raceway. The on track activity did not get underway until 2:00pm due to early wet conditions but when it did get underway the track was a bit loose. by 4:00pm the scenario turned into a very fast tight track. The only weird aspect is that the Top Alcohol teams struggled with the track conditions. Defending champion Greg Hunter ad the Synoil team had it figured out as they ripped off a 5.60/261, easily their best ever effort in Canada. I believe that is the team's best ever speed as well.









John Leach driving Ken Gilmour's TAD is finishing off his licensing this weekend and he went 5.80/233. He has one more run I believe (and then he become a new player in the series.








Possibly the biggest story in Top Alcohol this weekend though comes from the Greg Sereda 'Canadian Tire' TAD team. Beside the big news that Jeff Johnston is tuning the car this weekend, Jeff had great success tuning Hugh Ridley's TAD to one of the quickest ever for a blown combo, a 5.263/270. Greg and wife Elaine put son Shelby in the car this spring. He made a few hits in Edmonton, and Thursday ripped off an early shut off 5.89 at only 183 mph. If all goes well today Shelby will have his license and will compete against some of the best in the class. Oh ya, he just turned 17 two days ago, and was driving a Jr Dragster last year. We are planning a feature this weekend on Shelby. Going from the very young to a true grizzled veteran of Top Alcohol racing, Roger Bateman is into his second season as the tuner for Brian and Mindy Hough's top notch TAFC. Roger has been doing this for at least 40 years and is one of the best in the business. He will give the other end of the racing spectrum with our second feature story this weekend.

The Top Alcohol stories do not stop there though. With nic=ne cars entered this weekend we will have a bump spot and the potential for it being quick are pretty good. Five of the cars are Alfuel and four are the Blown variety. All are capable of 5.40's or better. Kim Parker and the Parker family racing team add to the TAD story as she will be behind the wheel of an A/Fuel car. The Rick Henkelman team with GArrett Bateman as the primary driver have added a second car (an ex Duane Shields car). Kim Will be competing in A/Fuel for the first time. The family did build a car with an A/Fuel combination a couple years ago, but it did not get to the point where it was a competitive venture.


All our coverage of the Lucas oil classes this weekend's will be sponsored by Edmonton's Top Eliminator series.

Top Alcohol coverage is here. Comp, Top Sportsman and Top Dragster coverage is here. The rest of the classes are covered here.



Paul Glandon was the only Pro Mod to make a hit Thursday and both of his results in tire shale.

Pro Mod coverage is sponsored by Elite Belts.

The coverage for the Pro Mods is here.


Comp Eliminator will have a number of solid teams in attendance but it is not the way it was e ven five years ago. 10-15 teams will be competing and local talent Terry Spargo made agreat lap in his A/AP Cavalier. He ripped off a 6.56/211 putting him .663 under the index.












Brandon Huhtala was the best under the number as he went .7 under with a 7.23/190. Top Dragster saw over a dozen guys and gals hit the racing surface, the same with Top Dragster. There should be close to 18-20 TS cars and hopefully over 30 in the TAD class.











Finally we end Thursday's short recap with a very cool photo. Kelowna's Mike Shannon is ready to try and improve on his 2015 season as you can see there is only one spot he can go if he infact was to better his season last year. The very nice #2 on his scopp. Good Luck Mike, it won't be easy.


Top Alcohol coverage is here. Comp, Top Sportsman and Top Dragster coverage is here. The rest of the classes are covered here.

Pro Mod coverage this weekend is here.


June 2, 2016


Wednesday at MRP saw a handful of cars testing and/or completing licensing. Justin Bond in his new Top Sportsman Camaro was the main player as he made his first hits in his RH built ride. Justin and his company JBS ltd. are the title sponsor of the class for the 2016 season. He made three or four runs and ran soft mid to high sevens. It will be a six second player when all is sorted out.

Crew member Cole also made a few runs in the team Top Dragster. Cole ripped off a 7.06 best.




Chris McGraa was also out for the first time in his new small tire 275 Mustang. It's hard to believe a car looking so stock has the ability to run in the sevens. Chris made a number of short laps getting a handle on what the twin turbo car can handle. His last run was a 800 foot 8.55 at 145 mph. if he was on the loud pedal to the stripe it would have been a low 8 at well over 170 mph.


Rusty (forget his last name) completed his licensing in his Procharged Top Dragster. His best was a 7.10. Today will see a couple hundred cars enter the facility as well as a full test day if the weather is good. The overall forecast is for awesome weather Friday, Saturday and Sunday with real warm temperatures, but today sees a couple showers as the ridge of high pressure starts to build.

A few of the eight car field Pro Mods will be testing today as well as a bunch of the Alcohol Funny Cars and Dragsters. The Dragster field is the best in close to a decade as there are five or six cars that have run in the 5.20's. Two more have been or are capable of 5.30's so we should have a record bump spot. Funny Car has a handful of 5.60 cars or better. The Divisional story here at SpeedZone does have a title sponsor and it will be announced later today.

The entire Pro Mod story will have its own web page this weekend and all the coverage for the Pro Mods is sponsored by Elite Belts. The Sponsors for the Pro Mods are SK Auto, Rocko's Diner, Nerd Haven Games and Doyle Racing.



June 1, 2016


Today is the first parking day for the Lordco BC Nationals. Parking begins at noon, but a number of team have already filed in. We will start our weekend preview tonight with Top Alcohol and Pro Mods.


May 31, 2016

10:00pm update


Sad news today as local racer Keith Vahle died suddenly yesterday. Keith was a huge racing fan and a solid competitor. He was particularly drawn to heads up small tire racing and was a avid competitor Friday nights at the Street legal events and had competed regularly and was a strong proponent of the Open Comp class. His wheelstanding S-10 Blazer was one of the most exciting local race cars to watch. RIP Keith.


9:00am update

Despite the economic isses throughout Canada and the US, and dwindling numbers at Race Tracks all over, there is a bunch of new builds even in our area. As posted below the new cars for Chris McGraa and Ken Christensen, plus two or three that were debuting this past weekend (before the rain hit) for the Canada West Doorslammers, new car builds seem to be solid. Another new one that will be out comes from a past local racer Mike Enns: Here is the exclusive first look of the project to Speedzone Magazine,

I am sending you the exclusive first sneak peek of the final rendering of my new Street Legal Chevy S-10 Xtreme stepside truck. Scheme & Design by Stu Wotypka. It has been a long 5+ year build and is nearing completion. It is going out for final paint/powdercoat etc and then reassembled ready for the street and track this summer.

A little about the truck;

I was inspired by the early pro-mod trucks of Glen Kerunsky, Joe Delahay, Rick Distefano, and of course Glen May. My goal was to have a street legal truck (always had cars & wanted a truck) that I could drive to the track, local car shows & cruises. It was primarily built to run events like HotRod drag week, WestCoast drag weekend and local Northwest drag race events. Initially, I started to build this truck to try and lay claim to the fastest street legal truck at drag week, but was up-ended last year when Larry Larson brought out his 5s truck. So I’ve lowered my expectations for now to maybe lay claim to Canada’s fastest truly street legal truck title. My objective is to run low 7’s at 200mph in a truly street legal truck that would offer some of the comforts and performance of a muscle car with all the creature comforts (power windows, cruise, tilt, adj.suspension, elect.overdrive, stereo, custom adj. race seats etc).

It has been a collaboration with Blair Gehman of Gehman Chassisworks in Chilliwack. He has designed a custom suspension that will adequately manage track duties while having the ability to give me a very good street ride (including corners). We managed to get chassis inspection without the typical truck bars through the back windshield. Current power comes from a 1,700hp 572 cid fuel injected, w/water-meth and 2 stages NOS, typical TH400 gear vendor for street duties. Eventual plans are to swap it out for a big inch Proline w/twins and to get into the 6’s after the first season or two of driving.

It has been a long time since I frequented the track with my first ride (a brite yellow super pro Monte Carlo SS), and then my pro-mod chevy Beretta back in the late 90’s, I’ve spent the last 15 years working on my business (Crown Door), So it is now timae again! I expect to hit the streets sometime this summer, and make it to the track shortly after. I will compete in some CWDS events (look for me to drive-in, qualify well, compete, & drive home), & Street/Doorcar events at and maybe some Fri nite street legals at MRP, and of course Hot-Rods Drag Week event.


May 30, 2016

Dept of Corrections: Sorry for the incorrect post about the Pro Mod elimination's (posted below) at this weekend rescheduled Pro Mod event, they are on Saturday not Sunday. The Pro Mods expected include Joe Delehay, Jay Syvertsen, Garrett Richards, Kerry Stone, Darryl Stone, Jeff Doyle, Craig Cawte, Dale Pedersen, Paul Glandon, Glen Kerunsky and Keith Korecki. We are proud to have Elite Belts on board as the Official sponsor of all our coverage of this weekend's WDRL Pro Mod race. Cathy and Tom Meheden are regular competitors in the Pro Mod class, but with all the changes they are making for the 2016 season, the car will not quite be ready. The Sponsors for the Pro Mods are SK Auto, Rocko's Diner, Nerd Haven Games and Doyle Racing.

Elite Belts is a Calgary based company specializing in custom built safety equipment. We manufacture SFI 16.1. and 16.2 Camlock and Latch Seat Restraints, Lap Seat Belts, SFI 27.1 Window Nets, Wheelie Bar Nets, Engine Sling Sets, Ratchet Straps, Arm Restraints, Combination Axle Straps, Oil Filter Diapers, Shock Extension Limiters, Soft Straps, Truck Box Nets, Tow Straps and Spreader Bar Wheel Nets. All custom built to your specifications. Canadian Company, Canadian Funds.

Why spend $50.00 plus on shipping your belts back to the US for recertification and then pay shipping and recertifying costs to return them to you? Then there is the added turnaround time and border crossing. Some manufacturers no longer recertify their product, but Elite Belts recertifies their own product in a timely manner. All this saves you money in the form of shipping, duty, taxes not to mention the US dollar exchange.

We ship anywhere in Alberta, BC or Saskatchewan for $15.00. Check out our complete line of products on FaceBook. Website coming soon. Contact us at, (403) 453 2822 or (403) 277 0121.

News on another front has the Division Six event this weekend at MRP looking like a full field of Top Alcohol Dragsters and close to a full field of Top Alcohol Funny Cars. This will be the first time in a half decade or more we have a full field of cars for the "Lordco BC Nationals". The list for TAD include Local hero Shawn Cowie, He is very solid this year with a Season Opening win at the Winternationals. He currently site #5 in the world standings. World Champion Joey Severance is leading the points again this year and he has two National wins and a divisional win (and a runner-up) already this year. Garrett Batemen has run low 5.20's this year and been to two semis finals. Winnipeg's Gord Gingles returns after a three or four year lay off from West Coast competition. He ran career bests (at the time) when he was here at Mission and he also run low 5.20's, Johnny Ahten is scheduled to return to Mission His car is a bit hit and misss but when it is on, he is bad-azz. Meghan McKernan has not confirmed her entry, but I did hear Mission was on the team's list. Kim Parker is back after a few years away from TAD racing. she is rumored to be in an A/Fuel car now, as a team mate to Garrett Bateman. Greg Sereda is one of Canada's hope, and he usually runs a new career best every time he races at MRP. Kenny Gilmour has a new driver for 2016 and it is John Leach. The Calgary based TAD can fly when their tune-up is on. John will complete his licensing at Mission on Thursday and Friday. There are even a couple others that could be here. In TAFC, the list includes Defending two time champion Greg Hunter. He ran career best numbers earlier this year. Clint Thompson, who should have won at Topeka two weekend ago ran low 5.50's and will be looking to regain his dominance he had hear five years ago. Brian Hough is always a threat and is looking for his first win in Mission in a number of years. Randy Parker (or brother Russ) will compete, Mike Doushgounian (California based) is one of three cars racing at Mission for the first time. He has one of the baddest cars in the country. It is an ex Frank Manzo car but he runs MBR power and has been in the 5.40's. Chris Marshall (Oregon based) is in his second year in TAFC (his own car is a blown Altered and he has competed here at the Old Time drags) and has been in the 5.60's. The final newcomer is Chip Beverett also from California. He has been in the 5.60 as well. I will have a complete prognostication later in the week.

May 29, 2016

Well it was not the weekend all racers and fans had hoped for. Precip affected all three days and in the end a returning shower hit the track just as the Jrs. were set to run down for their first time trial. The ugly weather did stop, but the drying would have continued until at least 3:00pm which would have been way to late for a race to run a qualifier and then eliminations. Too bad, as there were a bunch of real cool cars out this weekend including a handful of 275 Small Tire cars including Chris McGraa's new Mustang, and Daniel Rodrigue's rework Chevy, the old Joe Delehay Chevy pick-up Pro Mod (new owner Ken Christensen), A ProCharged RED from Fort St John, and a few others.

The good news is: The Pro Mods will return next weekend and will compete as part of the Lordco BC Nationals. Their qualifying will take place on Friday and then elimination's on Saturday. This weekend the fans get a huge bonus. The NW Outlaws will re-schedule their race as a double header at one of their other scheduled events, likely in August. The Doorslammers will likely drop the event and make it a seven race schedule.



May 28, 2016

Locally the weather does not look all that great for this weekend's WDRL Pro Mod event at Mission Raceway. Sunday looks quite a bot better than today, but lets try for some Sun Karma. This season MRP and the WDRL would like to thank a few sponsors for their support in hosting the Pro Mod events at MRP. From right here in Mission, Rocko's Diner, From Abbotsford NERD Haven Games, Simon Kingsley from Sechelt and a couple other to be announced soon.



Kudos go out to JBS (Justin Bond and Sons) for their sponsorship of the NHA Division Six Top Sportsman class for the 2016 season. Justin is close to debuting his new TS Camaro.



May 25, 2016

This weekend is the first of what will be a very busy two months at Mission Raceway. The Schedule sees the first of three Pro Mod events at MRP as the WDRL starts its second season. There are a total of six races that also include two stops in Edmonton and one at Spokane, the series first foray into the US. This weekend there are close to a dozen Nitrous, Turbo and blown cars looking to get their first hits on the race track.


The Canada West Doorslammers have their second stop in their eight race schedule. Over 20 cars are expected. At the first race Kirk Lanz got the win over Terry Langdon Davies.

The NW Outlaws open their four race season this weekend as well. This series includes Front Engined Dragsters, Funny Cars, Pro Mods, Rear Engined Dragsters and Altereds. All the cars have some sort of power adder, including Blowers nitrous and turbos. There are even a few nitro powered machines rumored to be attending this year.

Following the race this weekend Mission hosts the largest NHRA even in Canada, The Lordco BC Nationals next weekend. One of six Divisional series events in the NW and the only one in Canada. July sees three major events making the next eight weekends the busiest in Mission Raceway History.

Last weekend Norwalk results



National Champion Jonnie Lindberg raced to victory in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series North Central division Cavalcade of Stars presented by Budweiser event at Summit Motorsports Park. The Swedish racer was behind at the tree but took the win at the stripe in 5.580 seconds at 267.37 mph, earning the trophy over local racer Tony Bogolo of Hamilton, Ohio. This is Lindberg’s second win of the season, his first being at the Circle K NHRA Wineternationals in February.




Brandon Booher, Urbana, Ill., was awarded the win in Top Alcohol Dragster over Brandon Greco, Roscoe, Pa. Both racers were even at the start, as Booher gained the lead and held off Greco’s late run to capture the win with a 5.413 second lap at 268.76 mph to Greco’s 5.442, 264.49.




The NHRA Harley-Davidson Drag Racing Series was also in action this weekend with Jason Pridemore winning in Top Fuel Harley. Pridemore, Garretsville, Ohio, ran in the mid six second range all weekend including a 6.496 second pass at 179.30 mph to defeat Tracy Kily, Ashoville, N.C., in the final. Full final round results are here.


May 24, 2016

Mission Raceway made the big decision today for the Doorwarz IV event. The Outlaw 10.5 class will now be 1/8 mile. The entire class has learned towards 1/8 over the last few years, and with the top end tire issues (including one of our regular competitors Mike Walterson at last years SCSN event) and the SCSN event had way bigger numbers in 1/8th vs 1/4. Most of the teams in the NW prefer that length as well. There are a few teams that will be or are disappointed with the decision but MRP is hoping you all understand the reasoning. There is one more 1/4 mile 10.5 event and that is in 18 days at Seattle. Paja Agatonovic's West Coast Shootout.

May 22, 2016

The Spokane LODRS was rained out today without any cars hitting the track for elimination's. The race will be completed at Seattle in August the Thursday before they host their Divisional event.

Topeka completed their event this weekend with a number of repeat performances. Doug Kalitta won in Top Fuel (third win in a row) over Antron Brown in a pedal fest. The same thing happened in Funny Car, where Matt Hagan got the win [pedaling the car for the 1320 against his team mate jack Beckman. It was Hagan's second win in a row.

In Pro Stock, it was team 'Summit' again sending two cars to the final round, where it was Jason Line again earning the victory over his team mate Greg Anderson. He is on the way to getting the most wins in a season. His win/loss record this year is an outstanding 29-3. In TAD, Joey Severance won for the second time this year. He defeated Megan Myers in the final round. Jeff Jones won in TAFC over Clint ("Let's make America great again") Thompson on a huge holeshot. Clint was a bit tardy on the tree and despite his 5.57, he could not catch Jones who ran a 5.67.

10 -12 Pro Mods are expected next weekend at Mission Raceway for the first WDRL event of the year. Drivers from BC, Alberta and Washington state are expected to compete.

May 20, 2016

11:00pm update

Wow what a day for the fuel cars at Topeka. Favorable weather and an obviously good track lead to HUGE numbers in Funny Car and a new record in Top Fuel as well. Matt Hagan was on a tear Friday as he set both marks with an outstanding 3.862/at 335 mph. Seven Funny Car went faster than 330 mph and six were quicker than the old ET record. Jack Beckman and Tim Wilkerson also ran in the 3.86 zone with Courtney Force and Alexis DeJoria just a tick back with 3.87's. In Top Fuel Brittany Force shattered the et record with a 3.676/325. Only one Top Fuel car ran 330 or faster and that was #2 qualifier Doug Kalitta (3.701/330.88).

In Pro Stock it is Jason Line on top with a 6.578/210mph. Bo Butner and Greg Anderson are #'s 2 and 3. Chris Demke leads TAD with a 5.28 and Nick Janiuk leads TAFC with a career best 5.49.

At Spokane, Brian Hyerstay leads Comp, Quentin Chambers leads Top Dragster and Daryl Hemley leads Top Sportsman.

At Norwalk Jared Dreher is on top in TAD and no numbers from TAFC yet.

At Dallas the PDRA finished Friday qualifying with less than stellar numbers in all the classes as the forecasted weather is not was welcomed by the racers Friday. It was much more humid. No Canadians are in the Pro Boost or Nitrous classes. Terry Schwiegert from Abbotsford is the lone Canuck. He sits $5 after three rounds of qualifying.

Most of the updates will be done on Sunday as Saturday I will be out of town and without internet.

8:00am update

This weekend has drag racing in the PDRA as that association hits Dallas for their third race of the year. Weather is forecasted to be cool but decent so the cars should fly. The NHRA is in Topeka for the Kansas Nationals. The Lucas Oil Divisional series is also busy with the Spokane Divisional this weekend and the famed "Cavalcade of Stars" event at Norwalk's Summit Motorsport park. This is THE biggest Divisional event in the 44 race schedule and it routinely packs the 40,000 seat facility. Admission is only 9.95 for adults and kids are free. Besides all the LODRS classes, Nitro Harleys and Jet cars highlight the weekend. And did we mention the fireworks. Speedzone will be covering both the LODRS events this weekend. Here are all the details for the Norwalk event.


The Spring Fling tradition continues this week on the East Coast at Bristol Tenn. In the Tuesday opener where the winner and Runner-up both win RED's, Sean Serra and Michael Paschal faced off in the final round. It was Paschal getting the win and the Racecraft Dragster while Serra got the American Race Cars dragster.

On Wednesday, the Yukon Gear & Axle 15,000 race reached the quarterfinal round, seven drivers remained. Tommy Cable by virtue of his reaction time was the recipient of the bye run. Jeremy York defeated Larry Ericksmoen. Kevin Brannon took out Joe Gary. Jeff Serra lit the redlight to advance Johnny Ezell to the semifinals.

The first half of the semis involved dragster (Cable) against Brannon’s door car with Cable taking a tight win. The second half also involved another dragster versus door car, this time with Gary defeating Ezell.

For $15,000 to win, York started it off with a .008 reaction time advantage over Cable, but when you run dead-on the dial with a zero, it was tough to beat Tommy Cable. Cable was last year’s points champion and he is quickly becoming a part of Spring Fling lore.

Yesterday's race was bumped up to $50,000 to win due to impending weather and they decided to combine the Thursday and Friday races. They were sponsored by FTI and Optima Batteries. At the round of eight, the racers left were NHRA Super Comp champion Kevin Brannon, Bruce Combs, Aaron Vail, Tom Dauber, Allen Byrd, Adam Bochon, Marie Muller, and Chris Reynolds, with Combs and Vail all driving actual door cars and Brannon in his Super Gas roadster. For the quarterfinal, Vail and Brannon squared off to end the hopes of one door car which happened to be Brannon, moving Vail on to the semifinals. Combs kept the door cars alive with a win over Byrd. Dauber defeated Reynolds and finally Muller took the win when Bochon redlighted.

In the semifinals, Combs defeated Muller and Vail took out Dauber. Over 300 racers took to the track today with roughly 30-percent of them being door cars. Odds always seem to be in the favor for dragsters, but Combs and Vail are taking exception to that and will be racing for $50,000 to win with their door cars.

In the final, both racers were stellar on the Christmas tree with only .001 separating them. But it was Combs’ closer to the dial that scored him his biggest win in 48 years of racing.

“This is unbelievable,” said Combs. “To score one for the door guys and the old guys is pretty cool. I know one thing, forget Disneyworld; I’m going to the Spring Fling Million next year!”

May 17, 2016

Kudos go out to Dan Provost and the RAD team for helping the BMH Pro Mod team with repairs after the unfortunate incident Friday at Atlanta. Hopefully the car is back soon and Shane recovers quickly so the team can get back to the action. I don't think there is a tougher class to compete in or a tougher car to drive period.


May 16. 2016

Matt Hagan got a long waited win in Funny Car at Atlanta. He defeated an up in smoke teammate Jack Beckman. Courtney Force hold onto the point lead with a semi final finish. Beckman jumped into second place and Tim Wilkerson dropped down to third. The race in Funny Car is epic. Doug Kalitta defeated his team mate JR Todd on a holeshot The actual margin of victory to the 10,000's of a second was a dead heat, .0000 The winner had to be determined to the 100,000ths of a second. The margin is the closest in NHRA history. That makes back to back wins for Kalitta and the lead in the points standings. Antron Brown is second and Brittany Force is third. The points lead has gone back and forth this season and is one of the closest battles in a number of years. In Pro Stock, the Summit team again dominated the event and Jason Line defeated Greg Anderson in the final on a holeshot. Anderson appeared to be a bit soft on the tree today and was lucky to get past round one against Kenny Delco who would have defeated Anderson but went .007 red. The extra HP the team is making is making up for any starting line deficiencies this year though. Line has almost double the closest racer (Drew Skillman) not running Summit power. Will the Elite team and others have their stuff tuned up by the Countdown, if not the season is already done. Eddie Krawiec defeated Jerry Savioe in the PS Motorcycle final round. Krawiec is already six round ahead of his nearest competitor, team mate Andrew Hines just three races into the 2016 season.

Rickie Smith defeated the #15 qualifier Kevin Fiscus in the final round in Pro Modified. Smith has been dominant so far this year, racing in all three finals and earning two victories. He is more than doubled his nearest competitor in points (Danny Rowe sits in second place).

This coming weekend is the Spokane Divisional up here in the NW then the following weekend Mission Raceway hosts the WDRL for the for their first Promod race of the season. The Canada West Doorslammers and the NW Outlaws are also competing in two weeks at MRP it should be a great weekend up here just across the border.

May 15, 2016

In round one from Atlanta, all the winners in Top Fuel and Funny car came from the right lane except Del Worsham. He won (as the slower qualified car in the left lane against point leader Tim Wilkerson. All the winners made 3 second ets. The top fuel winners were all 3.76 or quicker. Pro Stock and Pro Stock motorcycle winners were split between lanes.

May 14, 2016

This weekend at the Summit Nationals at Atlanta the NHRA made four draws for the Summit ET finals. In those drawings, an extra competitor in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman and Motorcycle to fill 8 car fields (instead of the previous 7 cars field). Division Six was drawn to field the extra Super Pro competitor. That competitor will come from the winner of the Sunday team champions race in the Super Pro class.

Final top qualifiers in the Pro classes were Jack Beckman (his 3.939 from Friday held up), Matt Hagan and Courtney Force are #2 and 3. In Top Fuel, Doug Kalitta remained on top, as his Friday run of 3.736 stays as the best run. Richie Crampton and JR Todd are #2 and 3. In Pro Stock, Greg Anderson is #1 and his team mates Jason Line and Bo Butner are #2 and 3. In Pro Mod Rickie Smith remained on top after his 5.781. Troy Coughlin is #2 with a 5.806 and Khalid al-Balooshi is #3 with a 5.816. Canadian's Kenny Lang and Eric Latino made the field. Edmonton's Jim Bell failed to improve in the final session as he rattled the tires. His 6.08 best was good enough for the #18 spot. In round one Pro Mod action, Smith was the only driver who ran in the 5.8's in the round and he advanced to round two. Kenny Lang won his race against Von Smith, Erica Latino lost. Doug Winter, Balooshi, Steve Matusek, Pete Farber, Kevin Fiscus and Michael Beihle also advanced.

May 12, 2016

Not good news out of Atlanta today as the Molinari/Bond/Hinrichsen Pro Mod team were in an unlucky situation in round two of qualifying. Shane was alongside Steven Whiteley and had to pedal the car around 250 feet. He got back on the throttle but was a bit behind Whiteley when Whitely had issues at the stripe, his car was real loose and crossed into Shane's lane with the chutes out. There was quite a bit of smoke coming from Whiteley's car and Shane got hard on the brakes trying to avoid him. The shutdown is quite rough at Atlanta and the car bounced hard turn right with the chutes out and Shane hit the wall. It looked like a glancing blow, but the hit was hard enough to do a bunch of damage and the impact also caused a couple broken ribs. There is a video on Facebook posted by Josh Givens (watching the FS1feed). Here is the link. It is too early to say what the team is going to do, and luckily Shane was not hurt too bad. The car will need serious mending if in fact that is what they decide. One thing the team does want to do is thank RAD Torque Systems, Artek Barn Solutions, their many other sponsors, and the fans for all their support and well wishes. Here at Speedzone are here for your team Shane. Get well, cars can be repaired or replaced.

Rickie Smith leads the class with a 5.78 and three Canadian teams are currently qualified. Eric Latino Kenny Lang and Jim Bell are all in the field after two rounds of qualifying.

Top Fuel is lead by Doug Kalitta. His 3.73 tops the field. Only 15 cars have made attempts so far. In Funny Car, it is Jack Beckman on top with a 3.930. 16 cars have made qualifying runs. Pro Stock has 14 cars and the Summit team is on top again. Greg Anderson and Jason Line are #1 and #2. In PS Motorcycle, Angelle Sampey is on top with a 6.865. Andrew Hines is #2.

May 9, 2016

Full weekend final round results from Mission Raceway are posted. Final round photos are included

May 8, 2016

9:00pm update

Kirk Lanz wins the first Doorslammer event of the year on a great weekend at Mission Raceway. Terry Langdon Davies is the runner-up. In the sportsman ranks, John Tabak wins in two different classes over the weekend. He takes the Pro win over 2015 champ Jim Benhke on Saturday and then takes the Sportsman win on Sunday over Randy Hermsen. Martin Rachel wins Saturday in Super Pro over Kevin McNicol and Bradee Lowe wins Sunday over Zack Liston. Sydney Jung was in the final both days in Jr Thunder as was Ceil Gagnon. Both won one race. The only undefeated driver so far this year is Darien Provost. In three races he has three wins. Way to go buddy! Other winners this weekend include Al Omond, Matt MacKay Smith, Pat Byron, Emily Girard, Kevin McNabb, Ross Walker, Ron Clarke and Larry Rhodenizer. Full results and final round photos from both days will be posted Monday.

7:00am update

Mision Raceway Saturday action:







Ciel Gagnon earned her first trophy with a runner-up in Jr Thunder.Way to go Ciel
















Sasha Mercer debuted her Jr Thunder Dragster this weekend. Good luck this season!










Quentin Chambers has his Blown Top Dragster ready to go for the 2016 season after a 6.06/228 Saturday.









Kirk Lanz has his Camaro back from after a redo. Thanks to Tony and Jay. What a nice new look!!













Rod Leclair leads the Doorslammers with a career best 6.82/202










Katie Brown is the new Social Media director for Mission Raceway. Get the MRP name out there Katie!





May 6, 2016


Apparently Wally Duperon was messing with me when I asked him who would be the new Division Six starter.He said would know at Bremerton this weekend at the National Open. In fact he was named as the starter for Division Six. Congrats Wally.



May 5, 2016

10:00pm update

This weekend looks to be a good one locally, as the Canada West Doorslammers compete at their first points race of the year. Notable for the Doorslammer series is they will allow racers to double up on Sundays and compete in two classes. A few Pro Mod teams are rumored to be testing this weekend as well. I heard that Rick DiStefano has tested already and gone 260 mph. With three Pro Mod races at Mission this year, it will be an exciting doorcar season.

6:00pm update

As expected by everyone up here in the NW, Division Six produces the second Official Starter for the NHRA Mello Yello series. Mike Gittings was annouced todayas the guy who gets to fill Mark Lyles shoes. They are huge shoes to fill.

Congratulations to Mike they picked a very good starter to take the job left by the sudden passing of Mark Lyle.


May 1, 2016

A wild weekend at Houston comes to a close with the season's fourth win by a female in the Nitro ranks, as Courtney Force takes out the most dominant racer in the class over the last two races. Tim Wilkerson ran low et every round until the final, where the Force juggernaut pulled a rabbit out of its arsenal. In Top Fuel, a massive fireball in round one by Terry (can't I ever catch a break) McMillen against Tony Schumacher highlighted the day, and then Doug Kalitta went on to win the race over #1 qualifier Steve Torrence. The Summit team won again, Greg Anderson got his third of the season. Their two drivers have been in a combined nine final rounds out of the first six races and Jason Line (this weekend's runner-up has been in all six finals.

Here is McMillen's wild ride:


In Pro Mod, the wild weekend continued into the final round, with the third crash of the weekend happening to a veteran of the class Rickie Smith. It was so wild the winner Jim Whiteley stopped on the track (at half track) as he watched Smith cross back and forth from one wall to the other right in front of him. In TAFC, the winner also got no time, Steve Gasparelli did not even have to stage the car as the guy he should have raced against in the final, Brian Hough, have his car die on a single in the semis during the burnout. In TAD it was a first time winner for a long time veteran Lee Callaway. He defeated world champion Joey Severance, who's car died before half track.


At Boise it was Bucky Austin ripping off 5.60's in all three rounds Sunday including a 5.69 in the final against Dan Horan Jr. Horan slowed to a 7 second time slip after a 5.67/259 in the semis. Ryan Hodgson lost to Horan in that semi final. The other semi finalist was Don Hudson.

BC racer Steve Lowe won Super Street with a solid .020 package. He defeated Steve Laskowske. Jeff Lane defeated a red lighting Ralph Van Paepegham in Comp. Brian Phillips won Top Sportsman over Bryan Warr. Warr defeated Mission's Zak Clarke in the semis. After winning the shoot-out Saturday Dan Provost went red in round one. Clarke went .003 red. In Top Dragster it wasn't a three peat for DAbbotsford's Dan Provost, he went .001 red in round one. The winner was Div 6's Ken Nelson. In Super Stock the Wally went to Terry Anderson over Sean Cour. In Stock it was Bill Bushmaker taking the win over Brad Burton. Super Comp was won by Tanner Theobold. Super Gas Wally winner was Ray Cordeiro, and finally Motorcycle was won by Doug Schumann over a red light Travis Patridge.


April 30, 2016

Qualifying is complete at Boise and the Saturday Shoot-outs are also complete. Dan Provost won the Top Sportsman shoot-out in his new S-10 Pick-up. He defeated Mike Williams in the final round. He is qualified #19 in the 23 car field and races Ken Ratzloff in round one. Zak Clarke races Jake Neibauer in round one. In Top Dragster Provost finished seventh in qualifying and races Idaho driver Jim Tattersall in round one.

In Comp Jeff Lane ended up #1 followed by Adam Bowdish driving Edmonton based Ken Reich's Cobalt. Locally Jim Isherwood From Mission is #9 and Richmond's Rick McKinney is #12. Darrell Dietz from Medicine Hat is #1 in Super Stock. Stock has California's Chuck Rayburn on top. Black Creek resident Jim Mantle is #7.

In Nitro Funny Car, Steven Densham is #1 with a 5.725. Right behind him is Edmonton driver Ryan Hodgson. He ripped off a 5.755. Tim Boychuk ended up #9 out of 12 cars and failed to make the field pending any breakage.




No changes on top in the Pro classes after final qualifying Saturday. Despite the threat of bad weather all the qualifying was completed. Tim Wilkerson leads Funny Car with a 3.89. Alexis DeJoria and Courtney Force sit 2 and 3. In Top Fuel, Steve Torrence held onto the top spot with a 3.724. Doug Kalitta and Clay Millican are 2 and 3. Greg Anderson and Jason Line are one and two in Pro Stock. World Champ Erica Enders is #6. In Top Alcohol Dragster, the teams went right into elimination's and Local favorite Shawn Cowie won his round one race with a 5.32 and faces good buddy Joey Severance in round two.

Pro Mod saw a wild final session of qualifying and Shane Molinari qualified for the first time in the class with a solid 5.93/250. He took on heavy hitter Von Smith in round one and got the win when Smith slowed. Molinari had a troubled run as well, but have enough momentum to get the win. He takes on Jim Whiteley in round two. Jim Bell was on a mid 5.90 pass but inadvertently clicked the car off early turning in a 6.003 at only 232mph. He likely was not too happy with himself. It was the quickest field in history.


April 29, 2016

Houston is on tap this weekend on the Mello Yello circuit and it was not a good day for a couple Pro Mods teams and drivers. Both Sidni Frigo and Johnny Gray had top end accidents. Frigo's was way more serious as his car left the track flying over the wall after crossing the centre line then it came back into his lane before turning backwards and launching over the wall. He was airlifted to hospital but was reported to be fully conscious and alert.

Gray had a tire let go right past the stripe and that turned him into the wall in his lane. The left rear of the car is in a shambles and the right side of the car took a decent hit to the wall. He got out of the car under his own power. Canadian teams and drivers did not have a banner day, but if the weather hold then they have one more shot Saturday. Shane Molinari ran two low 6.0's including a 6.00/249. He is #21. Kenny Lang went 6.05/241 and Jim Bell's best was a 6.18/212.

Here is the video of Frigo's accident.


For the Pro's it is two females trailing Four-Wide winner Tim Wilkerson in Funny Car. Tim ripped off a career best 3.89/327. Alexis DeJoria and Courtney Force are two and three with a 3.91 and 3.92 respectively. Steve Torrence is #1 in Top Fuel with a 3.724/329. Doug Kalitta and Clay Millican are two and three.

In Pro Stock there are only 13 cars (the lowest car count in a long time). The field is lead by the Summit team for the sixth race in a row, The three cars with Summit engines are 1,2,3 with Greg Anderson leading with a 6.58.

Boise ran their opening day today for the first LODRS in Division Six, Here are the top 10 in TS, YD, Comp Stock and Super Stock as well as the eight cars that ran in Nitro Funny Car: Nitro Funny Car


13 cars were pre-entered but only 8 made timed runs on Friday. The usual suspects are at the top with Cory Lee leading, But two teams went off the track on the top end when their chutes dis not open. Don Hudson had the most damage but it was all cosmetic body damage and they will have the repairs made so they can continue racing tomorrow. Tim Boychuk did the same thing but his new body had minimal damge and they too will be ready to go.

1 13 Cory Lee, Oceanside CA, '78 Trans Am 5.922 245.85 245.85
2 732 Kris Krabill, Bellevue WA, '78 Firebird 5.996 229.12 229.12
3 666 Tim Boychuk, Edmonton AB, '69 Camaro 6.031 239.02 239.02
4 616 Ryan Hodgson, , '69 Camaro 6.072 233.48 233.48
5 743 Wally Giavia, Klamath Falls OR, '79 Challenger 6.100 211.20 211.20
6 756 Don Hudson, Atascadero CA, '79 Pontiac 6.109 237.55 237.55
7 6470 Chris Davis, Spokane WA, '77 Arrow 6.173 229.04 229.04
8 7900 Richard Townsend, Oakdale CA, '69 Camaro 7.353 127.22 127.22


Facebook photo



A few more cars are in attendance this year in Comp, but this is historically the weakest field in Division Six.

1 6857 A/EA Ralph Van Paepeghem, Garden Valley ID, '3 7.435 8.10 -0.665
2 4 C/SMA Jeff Lane, North Bend WA, '10 Chevy 8.273 8.92 -0.647
3 6060 G/D Brian Hyerstay, Eugene OR, Frameworks-VW 9.331 9.97 -0.639
4 66 D/SM Ryan Warter, Olalla WA, '05 Grand Am 8.723 9.26 -0.537
5 618 B/DA Dino Kost, Auburn WA, '97 Swindahl 7.151 7.62 -0.469
6 562 F/A Lucky Snyder, Longmont CO, '62 Sunbeam 8.425 8.85 -0.425
7 604A E/EA Tom Kirkman, Pocatello ID, '32 Bantam 8.914 9.17 -0.256
8 6311 E/A Michael Cherry, Hermiston OR, '81 Monza 11.075 8.54 2.535
9 6660 B/SMA Adam Bowdish, Vancouver WA, '10 Colbalt 19.683 8.80 10.883

Top Sportsman:

Greg Anderson in the second weekend with his new 69 Camaro leads the field with a 6.87. The car should be a 6.60 car at sea level. BC drivers Zak Clarke (7.65) and Dan Provost (7.82) made solid runs. One or two more rounds will play out of Saturday before elimination's Sunday.

1 6968 Greg Anderson, Snohomish WA, '68 Camaro 6.872 200.65 200.71
2 6646 Mike Williams, Tilley AB, '09 GXP 7.058 194.44 194.44
3 6206 Jake Neibauer, Billings MT, '63 Corvette 7.085 194.94 194.94
4 2 Ed Olpin, Pleasant Grove UT, '68 Camaro 7.135 193.40 193.60
5 6134 Shawn Herbst, Selah WA, '68 Firebird 7.310 189.07 189.07
6 605 Mike Ferderer, Buckley WA, '06 Grand AM 7.326 187.36 187.36
7 76 Ken Ratzloff, Idaho Falls ID, '53 Studebaker 7.360 187.60 187.60
8 7134 Bryan Warr, Riverton UT, '04 Corvette 7.480 182.11 182.11
9 710F Craig Blaisdell, Anderson CA, '09 Grand AM 7.500 179.95 179.95
10 6182 Lee Goranson, Gresham OR, '97 Cutlass 7.562 183.42 183.42

Top Dragster:

Ryan Carlson leads the field and five Canadian drivers are in the Top 10 including BC's Dan Provost who ran a 6.795.

1 6915 Ryan Carlson, Maple Valley WA, '10 RCF 6.428 213.13 213.13
2 X605 Derek Baxter, Bashaw AB, '16 Maddox 6.473 210.11 210.11
3 6077 Chuck Glanz, Myrtle Creek OR, '12 Spitzer 6.501 210.05 210.24
4 6541 Paul Snell, Sandy UT, '15 Saramento 6.623 205.41 205.41
5 6 Trevor Ritchie, Sherwood Park AB, '15 TNT 6.730 202.42 204.51
6 6115 Mike Quayle, Red Deer AB, '11 Mullis 6.760 198.52 198.52
7 65 Dan Provost, Abbotsford BC, '13 M & M 6.796 198.64 198.64
8 6748 Murray Hawker, Canmore AB, '06 Spitzer 6.856 200.20 200.20
9 620T Jake Neibauer, Billings MT, '32 Bantam 6.880 195.70 195.70
10 6667 Ken Nelson, Hayden Lake ID, '15 M & M 6.900 199.76 199.76
Super Stock:

Local Race Jim Isherwood sits #8 after Friday qualifying.

1 670 GT/AA Alan Falcone, Olympia WA, '05 Cavalier 9.423 10.35 -0.927
2 6396 GT/CA Sean Cour, Brush Prairie WA, '09 Cobalt 9.742 10.66 -0.918
3 6655 FSS/D Darrell Dietz, Medicine Hat AB, '10 Musta 9.233 10.15 -0.917
4 67 GT/FA Tom Gaynor, Battle Ground WA, '05 Cavalier10.156 11.07 -0.914
5 5820 GT/GA Brad Burton, Snohomish WA, '91 Firebird 10.328 11.17 -0.842
6 6019 SS/ES James Caughlin, Woodburn OR, '96 Escort 11.646 12.45 -0.804
7 6027 SS/AH Mike Booker, Davenport WA, '68 Barracuda 8.728 9.53 -0.802
8 6827 SS/DA Jim Isherwood, Mission BC, '67 Belvedere 9.665 10.45 -0.785
9 626 SS/H Dave Barcelon, Bremerton WA, '67 Chevrolet10.011 10.76 -0.749
10 6002 SS/LA Rick Mc Kinney, Richmond BC, '84 Cutlass 11.008 11.74 -0.732


Vancouver Island's Jim Mantle driving his 77 Pacer is #8 in the Stock field.

1 7446 AA/SA Chuck Rayburn, Castro Valley CA, '64 Belv 9.847 10.86 -1.013
2 6736 D/SA Terry Hembree, Ammon ID, '69 Camaro 10.850 11.84 -0.990
3 624 A/SA Don Little, Westley CA, '70 Challenger 10.299 11.27 -0.971
4 6636 A/SA Mick Alley, Eagle ID, '69 Camaro 10.306 11.27 -0.964
5 608 J/SA Ryan Warter, Olalla WA, '75 Pontiac 11.803 12.76 -0.957
6 611 H/SA Cal Method, Kennewick WA, '68 Nova 11.504 12.45 -0.946
7 6001 F/SA Norm Lapointe, Sherwood Park AB, '67 Cama 11.215 12.15 -0.935
8 68 V/SA Jim Mantle, Black Creek BC, '77 Pacer 14.987 15.88 -0.893
9 6360 I/SA Bill Bushmaker, Auburn WA, '76 Roadrunner 11.720 12.61 -0.890
10 6052 K/SA James Boyce, Sultan WA, '88 Mustang 12.080 12.96 -0.880

April 27, 2016

Sad news today here in the NW as after almost 30 yrs of operation the Eagle Motorplex had close up shop. After dwindling car counts over the lasts ix or seven years, the band decided the cost to maintain and upgrade to current standards was too cost prohibitive. This is really too bad, but the entire drag racing scene in general is suffering with regard to mainstream Drag Racing. Youth is not as involved as it should be. Heads up and Outlaw type racing is growing, but up here in this area it is in its infancy and does not yet have legs. In a year when the ET finals are right year the thought was the Eagle Motorplex may have a come back year. I think this would have been a good year to see if there could be a come back at the 'Plex.

What will the future be?


On a better note, Division Six gets underway this weekend with the first LODRS at Firebird in Boise ID. The "Ignitor" is one of the longest running events on the West Coast and i the feature cars are Nitro Funny Cars. The second Heritage event of the season will see 10-16 floppers in attendance.



April 22, 2016

Locally, Mission Raceway is scheduled for their second race of the year on the 1/4 mile. It includes a Test N Tune and High School racing today and Mopac Street Legal this evening. Then the weekend has a Summit ET series single header and a Super Combo race (8.90, 9.90, 10.90), and the first Land Of The Leader challenge races. Weather looks iffy, so it might be a long weekend of racing. A number of Northern BC drivers are at the track as they make their way home from the Spring Fling.

April 21, 2016

The NHRA had a three week break but they are coming into a busy time with four races in the next five weeks with stops in Charlotte (the 4-Wides this weekend), Houston next weekend, then Atlanta and Topeka. The Four-Wides this weekend are going to have some of the Sportsman classes experiment with the Four Wide format. Up to now it has only been the pro classes competing four abreast. While the experiment is only for time trials, the comments from those classes should be interesting.


With the Spring Fling in the books last weekend we want to acknowledge all the competitors from the NW who competed. Over 110 competitors were from Division Six and that included 32 Drivers from BC and Alberta. Those Western Canadian drivers were:

Erin Phillips
Dale Phillips
Zak Clarke
Al Quigley
John DeJonge
Mike Lucas
Dave Kowlaski
Bill Boult
George LeBlanc
Trevor Ritchie
Peter Saruga
John Tiegen
Dan Bold
Casey Plaizier
Francesca Giroux
Eddie Plaizier
Bob Halina
Braden Halina
Jason Padd
Curt Smith
Mike Quayle
Rob White
Eric Golden
Stan Essery
Mike Ferstl
Len Meyer
Brent Long
Kristen Groves
Kalim Menzel
Brad Spilak
Derek Baxter
Gordon Baxter



April 17, 2016

Here is a Spring Fling Saturday Gallery

Other day's gallerys

Friday gallery is posted

Thursday gallery is posted

Wednesday Gallery is posted


April 16, 2016


The first Outlaw heads up race of the season in the NW got underway today at Woodburn Dragstrip. Outlaw 275 and 10.5 were two of the classes competing. Paja Agatonovic, one of the sponsors and organizers of the 10.5 class had a brush with the wall today. He was not injured, but the car suffered some front clip damage and minor front end damage. I expect the car will be repaired and back on the track by the next event at Seattle in June. We will try and have full results from the event in the next couple days.




10:45pm update


The Spring Fling is complete.

It was an incredible week long event that saw life changing results for one unassuming Atlanta driver, Solid results from a Professional Top Fuel driver and a Pro Stock driver. Some of the biggest names in the sportsman ranks of drag racing competed and won. Close to 70 hrs of racing took place since Tuesday and a whole bunch of money and prizes were earned and won. Close to a million dollars went through the gates by way of entry fees and buy backs. Very little carnage and no real incidents to speak of took place on track. In the pits,.....well what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


On Saturday Division Six racer Paul Nero (who had a great week overall) defeated Shawn Langdon in the 1/4's but Langdon had an ace in the hole (a second entry), and won in his other car. Both of those drivers were defeated in the semi finals though when Steve Casner defeated Langdon and Dean Karns took out Nero. In the final round, it was Karns getting the win and 20K in his pocket after a .012 light and a .027 package. Casner had his worst light of the day, a .047, and could not catch Karn's even if he had a dead on his 4.540 dial (he was close with a 4.546).

The wrap up is posted here.




8:30 am update

A Doorcar rules at the Spring Fling Million Friday. Joe Verdi, travels from Atlanta wins a raffle draw for the entry and takes home the prize.

The best Canadian results on Friday was a fourth round finish for Trevor Ricthie. He was a bit late on the tree and could not play catch-up. For BC driver's Kelowna's Bill Boult went to round three and lost by .005. Abbotsford's John DeJonge went out in round two when he was timed out and Mission's Zak Clarke was late in the same round and ran .004 under his index. Zak had inconsistent RT issues all week so far and found the issue after that loss to be a low hanging belly pan or diaper. He got that fixed and is hoping for a good run today.

The full wrap up is here.


A Friday gallery is posted


April 15, 2016

Happy Birthday to my brother Darren. Hey bro, you going to Denny's for the 8.99 senior's dinner....It's pretty good.

Today is the big day at the 'Fling.... The big purse, lwith the total entries the winner's purse could be in the 250,000-350,000 range. Good luck t everyone and particularly to the couple handfuls of Canadian competitors and the NW Racers. One to watch for is Washington state's Dustin Hengtes. He has been solid throught the week so far.


Multi time sportsman winner and two time world champion Luke Bogaki wins Thursday's 20K race.

John DiBartolomeo photo

The Thursday wrap up is posted.

A Thursday gallery is posted.

April 14, 2016

10:30 pm update.

Round six was the last round Division Six racers were a part of. Mike Lucas went .016 but took too much stripe against Tommy Dutcher. He had a bit of room, but most of the races in this event are a couple hun apart and in the 1/8 mile that is a couple feet or less. Not a race for the weak.

They are down to the six racers as round eight is coming up. Justin Lamb, Luke Bogacki, JR Lobnar, Lane Dickey, Dean Karns and Tommy Dutcher are left.

8:13pm update.

Abbotsford's John DeJonge and Fort St. John's Mike Lucas are off to round four. Alberta's John Tiegen is also going to the fourth., as are a couple other Albertan's, Peter Saruga and Curt Smith.


Tough day for Zak Clarke as he breaks out by .003 in round one. With the Million race tomorrow and a 15 hour race day yesterday he opted to no by back in today's race. A total of 210 round one losers bought back at a cost of 160.00 each. Talk about die hard serious racers. Kyle and Peter are putting on an awesome show.



John Dejonge is getting the electronics thing sorted out as he is off to round three after a solid .009 light and a package.








Al Quigley lost a real close tough battle in round two. He was .006 on the tree and had a 13 thou package, only to lose to am 11 thou package. Five inches!!!!




April 14, 2016


Condolences to the Ballance family, as long time West Coast Pro Mod team owner Irvin Ballance has passed away. He was one of the original Pro Mod owners from the West Coast, and the Ballance racing team was a family affair. He leaves behind his wife of 50 years Linda, sister Faye and five sons, Bryan, Chris, David, Mark and Lance. Irvin was just days short of his 76th birthday.


The Fling is just underway and today there are no time trials, they go right into elimination's.


A Wednesday Photo Gallery is posted.

April 13, 2016


11:30pm update. It is an all dragster final round and no Division Six racers are left as Shayne Haeffer and Rob Asbury were both ousted in the semi finals. Division one's Tim Markoglu and Division Four's Allen Wickell battle it out for the 10k on Wednesday. Unfortunately for Wickell he went red in the final round by .01 allowing Markoglu to take the easy win and 10,000.00. The Wednesday wrap up is here.

10:30pm update



They are getting down to the last three rounds at Vegas for day two of the Spring Fling. The Canadian racer who went the furthest today was Mission's own Zak Clarke. He advanced to round six. He was a bit late on the tree, going .044 and could not get the win light. Yakima's Rob Astbury took the stripe by .0185. Oregon's Paul Nero in a RAD sponsored dragster is off to the 1/4 finals after his win in round six with a .032 package. Vancouver Washington's Gene Heaton also fell in the sixth round. Steve Hannawacker from Spokane is also onto to round seven. Shayne Shaeffer from Boise is another Div six racer off to the 1/4's. Mike Coltrin (past Div six SG champ) lost in round six as well. Seven out of 16 racers in round six were from the NW "Land of the Leaders".


Part of the Kidd family race team.



Other notables from Canada on Wednesday included Al Quigley who lost in round four. He had .035 on the tree but took too much stripe going under his dial by .024. Northern BC racers Mike Lucas and David Kowlaski raced each other in round one (that sucks) and Lucas took the win. He went .011 red in round two. Alberta's Stan Essary lost by .007 in round four.












7:00am update

The Spring Fling Million is underway.


After a weekend that saw over two-inches of rain fall on The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway forcing the cancellation of the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, the sun shined bright for the opening day of the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries.

Today’s schedule calls for the free test and tune session sponsored by Yukon Gear & Axle followed by the Poulson Trailer Shootout whereby 32 pre-entered racers will contend for a brand new trailer valued at $20,000 and the runner-up receiving an entry to the 2017 K&N Spring Fling Million race. Semifinal losers won’t go home with empty pockets as they will receive free entry into the 2017 ‘Fling support races.

By the time the gates were closed on Monday night for parking, over 450 racers had entered to compete in the three support races to be held Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Friday is reserved for the Spring Fling Million Dollar race which will definitely change the life of one lucky racer. By close of day on Tuesday, close to 500 racers took part in the Yukon Gear & Axle Test and Tune.

This is also the official rollout of the new TruSTART Worst Red-Light system, a product of Compulink and the Spring Fling. It settles the debate once and for all where the person with the worst red-light loses regardless of his dial-in, leaving first or last. The first reversal of fortune came early in the first round of the Poulson Trailer Shootout when Bob Halina came up against Vinny DiMino. Halina was dialed a 4.66 against DiMino’s 4.74. With DiMino getting the head start, he red-lighted by .005 which would have normally given him the Lose ticket, but Halina lit the red bulb by a worse .018 handing the win to DiMino.

In the Poulson Trailer Shootout, four remained in the semifinals; Former Spring Fling winners Peeps Pennington and Scott Lemen, along with Dustin Hentges and Cecil Hankins.

At four cars, Hentges used a .006 reaction time and a .005 over his dial to turn back Hankins. In the other half, Lemen turned Pennington away with a .005 reaction time.

With racers from roughly 35 states in the union including two other countries (Canada and Mexico) the final round for the Poulson trailer was Tennessee (Lemen) versus Washington state (Hentges).

With both drivers wearing matching dial-ins of 4.78, Hentges left with the better reaction time but gave up the finish line early to hand the win to Lemen.

Week long results from the Million will be posted here.


April 12, 2016

This past weekend's press from Jim Bell racing at Rockingham is posted.


April 11, 2016

A huge Top Fuel annoucement from Bob Vandergriff Racing as the team is shutting down operations effective immediately. The news was reported at Competition His two drivers, Leah Prichett and Dave Connolly are out of their rides along with a couple dozen crew members. This is not good but it is the reality of a class(es) (along with Funny Car), that sees costs out of control and purse money that is in a word, inadequate.

April 10, 2016

In a sad update to yesterday's news of the Ronnie Davis crash, Ronnie passed away less than an hour ago due to his injuries. He will be missed by many.

The Top Sportsman class that he competed in was dear to his heart. He was one of the racers who begged and pleaded with the NHRA to add to the association. He was one of the drivers who ran exhibitions for the NHRA and a year later was added to select races. His love of the class spilled over to the defunct ADRL (where he was the Sportsman director) and the PDRA now in their third year. Ronnie won the PDRA Top Sportsman championship last year.

I chatted with Ronnie less than a week ago about politics of all things. As most who know him know, he was a strong republican party supporter but he despised Trump. So me being the person I am had to get in the debate even though I am a Canadian, He had quite a laugh at a Canuck knowing a lot more about the American political scene than many in his area. Don't think he would have let me live it down that I was goading him with Trump propaganda, all in good fun. His spirit and dedication will live on in Top Sportsman, as it is alive a well in all sanctioning bodies.

David Smith and facebook photo


Here is the update from Wes Buck (Drag Illustrated) regarding photographer Ian Tocher

UPDATE: Ian Tocher is in stable condition at UNC Medical Center's Trauma Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and is currently sedated. He has serious injuries to his lower extremities as well as some severe lacerations. His wife, Sue, and son, Robert, are both with him currently and report that he "looks just like Ian." We ask that you keep Ian, Sue and Robert in your thoughts and prayers tonight and in the coming days. Sue was flattered to know the outpouring of care and concern the drag racing community has offered up today. Again, I will do my best to keep everyone updated. Thank you on behalf of Ian, Sue, Robert, and all of us here at Drag Illustrated for the innumerable calls, texts and emails. We will not soon forget it. - Wes Buck


At Las Vegas it was the third ugly wet day in a row and they got two cars down the track before weather hallted and finally ended the event. It is postponed to November.

Weather is supposed to be better (starting this afternoon actually) right through the Spring Fling. Go here for the latest news.


Up here in the great white North we had none of the isues the desert did, and racing was complete by 3:00 pm. For the complete wrap up go here. The final round results are up on the local headlines page.

April 9, 2016



A bit of a crazy opening couple days at MRP. Friday a High School student had a brush with the wall (a really nice 38 Cuda) after the rear end apparently locked up (not confirmed though). She is okay but the right front end suffered a bunch of hurt. Friday night saw a huge spectator count for the Mopac Street Legals. Around 150 cars were out in force as well. The line up to get in the gate Friday night was out to the main road for a couple hours. This bodes well for the Friday night racing.

On Saturday in early time trials a rear end let go spilling synthetic oil down the right lane which causes a fairly lengthy clean-up. Synthetic sure makes cleanup a tough task. Then a little later in the day a 70ish Nova wheelstood then hit the left wall, not to serious but a bit of a hit for the driver. On a high note, a few drivers got new cars and were upgrading their licenses.



Scott Sikora started his licensing in this new RED.









Bradee Lowe had the Camaro hanging the front wheels.








Jon Jenkins has a wild FED, that reportedly pulled the wheels Friday and then with wheelie bar attached launched hard and ran in the 8's. It could be a 7 second performer.










Jessica May Armstrong completed her crossover licensing in her RED.








A new Jr. Dragster racer was debuting his new car as well (will get his name tomorrow) .








Dan Provost made his first runs locally with his S-10. It ran 7.60's. His lone lap in the blown RED netted him a 6.60/202.









'Big" Willy Oliver will compete full time at MRP in the Jr Thunder class.







His two big opponenets will be Sydney Jung and James Winter who is debuting a new dragster (ex Darien Provost dragster).








Justin Bond went 7.0's in his new digger, the ex Meghan Molinari rail. He will likely debut his new TS car soon.








Daryl Starzuk has a new look for his Motorcycle.




At the LODRS in Vegas it was day two of ugly, ugly, ugly, as weather canceled racing for the second day in a row. Sunday does not look great either. For local drivers. Shawn Cowie is #3 in the TAD field and Don St Arnaud is in the field (only 8 cars) despite blazing the tires on the launch.









Jirka Kaplan (Alberta) is #8 in TAFC with a 5.679 (the Synoil Funny Car ended up .004 out of the field).







In TS, Zak Clarke ran 7.60 in the only qualifier. Mike Lucas is in the field as is Dave Kowlaski. TS and TD has a couple handfuls of Alberta drivers competing. Al Quigley is competing in Super Street.



On a sour note, Ronnie 'The King' Davis was critically injured in a horrific crash at Rockingham NC. Running in Top Sportsman, his car was quite loose, and right in the lights it made a hard right right in front of his opponent. Ronnie's car turned backward and went airborne over the rail where is rolled and tumbled a number of times. Photographer Ian Tocher was also seriously injured in the crash as debris hit Tocher. Despite rumours that Davis did not survive, he is in fact alive. He was transferred to Chapel Hill Level 1 Trauma center l after initially being airlifted to Pinehurst Medical Center.

They ended qualifying after the incident and ended the day as the authorities spent the rest of the day investigating. Elimination's will take place on Sunday. Alberta racer Jim Bell failed to qualify, after struggling in the first three rounds. After extensive testing and the three failed qualifying attempts the team they found chassis issues 0(including a cracked 4 link bar and one recently placed bar that did was found to be hitting the wheeliebar on the launch not allowing enough rear squat. The car will go to Jerry Bickel's shop where repairs will be made.


April 8th 2016

Two divisionals are on the schedule this weekend. Belle Rose Louisiana in Division 4, and the Vegas Divisional on the West Coast. 500-600 cars are expected. Many of them will be staying over for the Spring Fling Million.

And speaking of the Million........

THE LATEST from the 2016 K&N Spring Fling Million

As the excitement ramps up leading up to what is going to be a huge event, co-promoters Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel are excited about the vibe, “I talk with racers every day and I can sense this event is going to be huge” said Seipel, “and with the progressive purse on Fridays Spring Fling Million, that means we are going to pay life-changing money to the winner”.

Racers that have attended previous Spring Fling events realize that a huge part of the Spring Fling brand is the fun and fairness associated with it. Peter Biondo, Kyle Seipel and the entire Spring Fling staff are constantly working hard to achieve this. In 2016, the Spring Fling will introduce the long awaited TruSTART (worst red), to the 2016 Spring Fling events. Lastly, and to ensure a level playing field, there will be a new Spring Fling Vehicle-Check Team. Peter Biondo explains “In an effort to make sure we have a level playing field, we will have tear-down/ vehicle checks.” The final four vehicles each race will be looked at (along with random vehicle checks throughout the event).

Live race results will be posted on along with live video and audio starting Wednesday on

For latest info and updates visit

Race it. Experience it. April 12-16 at The Strip in Las Vegas.

This weekend is the opening of the Drag Race season for Canada. Mission Raceway is on tap including today's opening laps down the track with a test n tune and the BC High School Drag Racing Series. Tonight is the Mopac Street Legal's first event as well. Then tomorrow is the opening Summit Bracket Race. That series all leads up to the Division Six ET finals to be held at Mission Raceway the September long weekend.

The PDRA's second race of the year is this weekend in Rockingham. Huge fields of Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, Pro Nitrous and Pro Boost are expected. The Pro Extreme class should see a number of 3.40 hitters. NW racer Jim Bell is on attendance in Pro Boost, Pro Motorcycle rider Terry Scheigert from Abbotsford is also competing.

April 3, 2016

Las Vegas is in the books. It is the first race over the last 100 or so without Mark Lyle holding the switch. Division 6's own Mike Gittings took the helm and did a great job.

In the Pro classes, it was Antron Brown defeating surprising finalist Troy Buff. I think it was Buff's first final round in Top Fuel racing for Bill Miller. In Funny car, teammates Alexis DeJoria and Del Worsham faced off. It was a real close one with DeJoria earning the win 3.96-3.98. It was her fourth win. Jason Line won Pro Stock over a red lighting Bo Butner. Line's teammate Greg Anderson won the Pro Stock K&N Challenge on Saturday.

Also doing a great job this weekend were a number of Division Six racers. Starting with world champion Joey Severance, he took the TAD title over 2014 champion Chris Demke. In TAFC, Alberta's Jirka Kaplan had his best Vegas outing and runner-upped to Terry Ruckman. In the semi finals he defeated Greg Hunter, driving the Alberta based Synoil Funny Car. That was Hunter's best ever finish. Also Greg ran his career best, a 5.59/260 in round two. Congratulation's to Greg, team owner Geoff Goodwin and the whole Synoil TAFC team. Alberta's Ken Mostowich won Super Gas over John Labbous Jr. Mostowich had a .024 package in the final round and was even more deadly in the semis with an .008 package. He had a perfect 10.050 in the 1/4 finals. Ken had the index dialed in on race day, earning his 4th National event Wally. Washington's Cody Lane won Super Stock over Spring Fling organizer Kyle Siepel. Washington state Stock 'hitter' Brad Burton runner-upped to Leo Glasbrenner. Alberta's Casey Plaizier lost in the 5th round in a real close heads up battle with race winner Glasbrenner.

In the other classes, Alan Ellis won Comp over Tony Madella, Dan Fletcher won the title in Super Comp, his first in the class and it was the fifth class he has won a Wally in National Competition. Not sure how many hold that distinction, but it was his 96th Wally overall. J.R. Lobner defeated Denny Hills in Top Dragster. Alberta's Trevor Ritchie lost in the semis. No doubt he was racing for his friend Scotty Taylor. Another Division Six racer Paul Nero, also lost in the semis. In Top Sportsman, it was Don Meziere defeated Ed Olpin. Alberta;s Mike Williams lost in the 1/4 finals.



At San Antonio and the IHRA Texas Nationals, Jason Rupert won Funny Car (far lane over Shawn Bowen. Rupert ran a 5.66.











Ontario's John Konigshofer (far lane) won Pro Stock in a great side by side over Trevor Eman . He had .03 on the tree and it gave him a .02 stripe. 6.25 - 6.24.














Billy Harper (far lane) won Pro Mod. He ran a record 5.842 over a troubled Ruben Tetsoshvili.









Jay Turner (near lane) won Nitro Harley over R. House.











Alberta Funny Car driver Tim Boychuk (near lane) went to the semi finals before he was defeated by Shawn Bowen. Ryan Hodgson was ousted in round one by Mike McIntire Jr.


April 1, 2016

Have a good fools day everyone, I saw a few, Tim McAmis' was pretty good. A busy few weeks for racing starting this weekend. The Denso Nationals in Las Vegas, the IHRA is in San Antonio this weekend for their second National Event. A few Canadian and NW teams are competing including Tim Boychuk, Ryan Hodgson and Mark Sanders. Next weekend is the Vegas Divisional and also the first Western Canadian Race Track opens next weekend, as Mission Raceway is ready to rock. The bracket year should be a good one locally as the Division 6 Et Finals are hosted by MRP. Then don't forget in two weeks is the BIGGEST bracket Big Dollar event ever. The Spring Fling Million. We have full coverage of all events (minimal for Vegas this weekend as our photog is at San Antonio).

March 31, 2016


A shout out to good friend Ken Sitko as he is on his final work day after 34 years as a Mechanical Engineer. In Ken's retirement he is going back full time to work in what he is possibly best suited for, race car repair fabrication and engine building. Below are all the details.

Sitko Engine Services
10721-151 street
Edmonton, Alberta
ph. 780-257-9677

Engine Assembly
- specializing in hemi's
Block and Head Repair
Tig Welding
- aluminum, magnesium, steel, stainless steel, titanium
For hire for tuning blown alcohol or nitro
General welding and machining
Funny Car and dragster chassis repairs
Supercharger re-builds
Jr. Dragster and cart motor repairs and assembly

Good luck Ken in your new future endeavours. There is no one I can think of that I would recommend more for this line of work.

March 30, 2016

Some happy news to announce as Nathan and Carla Sitko have a new addition to the family. Their second child (another daughter) was born a couple days ago weighing in at a healthy 9 lbs 8 oz. Audrey Jo Sitko is her name. Congrat's you two, see you in the summer.


Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter Shelby. 17 and full of attitude (mostly in a great way). We love you baby girl


March 28, 2016

12:15 pm update:

Shocked to hear this morning that NHRA chief starter and past Division Six starter Mark Lyle passed away suddenly while on holiday in Mexico. He was helping a friend in distress in the water, but failed to survive the ordeal.

He was a fixture in the NW and was well liked by all. A fair but stern starter, he always had time to chat and assist racers and track staff. When Rick Stewart retired, everyone on the West Coast know that Mark would be a logical choice to become the new Chief Starter. He will certainly be missed. God Speed Mark.

The NW's current starter, Mike Gittings will be the chief starter for this weekend's Las Vegas Denso Nationals.


9:00am update:

A bit of racing action this weekend locally as Pacific Raceway ran a test n tune on the weekend. A few locals headed South including Nick Duda. He got in a couple solid runs and went hi 6's at 200 mph. Jessica May Armstrong made a few laps in the family RED as well. Mission is only two weeks away from the first weekend of racing including testing Friday then Saturday and Sunday they get right into the bracket points. Likely, if the weather co-operates there will be a bunch of cars testing as well.




Starting next weekend in Vegas the action is hot for three weeks in a row. First the National (Mello Yello) event, the "Denso Spark Plug Nationals". Top Fuel Funny Car, Pro Stock, the Top Alcohol Classes, TD/TS and Comp as well as the regular Sportsman classes will compete. Nitro Harley is also competing as part of the Harley Davidson ten race series.



Then the LODRS is on tap the week after, and that also includes the Top Alcohol classes, TD/TS and Comp along with the other six Sportsman classes that make up NHRA Sportsman racing.



....... Then the event with possibly the biggest car count and it includes only one class. The Spring Fling Million event presented by Optima Batteries. North America's largest and richest Electronics class event. Friday Night there could be upwards of 350 cars vying for a huge payout. Already a handful of Western Canadian teams have won entry to that race through the raffle including Mission's Zak Clarke and there could be as many as 30 Canadian teams trying to be the big winner. My guess is the winner's purse will be over $300,000. Speedzone will have all the coverage for the Fling. The Fling page is here.


Here is a video from the Gators of qualifying session for the Pro Mods. At the 8 minute mark you see the Shane Molinari brush with the wall.




March 25, 2015

Have a good Easter Holiday weekend.


Here is a bit of a gallery for "Fast Car Friday" A few Pro Mods from Gainesville (David Smith photos).



Steven Whiteley has one of the baddest Blown Pro Mods in NHRA Drag Racing. He qualified #13 and was ousted in round one by eventual winner Rickie Smith.








Doug Winters came close to qualifying as he is running power from Mike Janis in 2016. His best was a 6.049, his career best in NHRA Pro Mod.









Shane Molinari's debut in 2016 ended with a brush with the wall. Repairs should be made in time for Houston.










Robert Patrick looks to be a strong contender this year as he ran a career best 5.850/242. He lost in round one to runner-up Danny Rowe.










Michael Biehle was #11 with a 5.88. He lost to Bob Rahaim in round one.










Jim Bell had a tough weekend at Gainesville. He was planning on running his Mustang this season in the NHRA Pro Mod class but had a brush with the wall in testing He came to Gainesville with very little test time on the new hemi powerplant. In the last session he was on a good run but mechanical issues hit the team and he coasted on the back half to a 6.50 run.









Sidnei Frigo had a great qualifying effort sitting #1 with a 5.839/240. He ran even quicker in round one, a 5.810/254. His weekend ended in round two on a holeshot loss to Chip King.






March 23, 2016

Pre entry details for Doorwarz IV are posted at the Doorwarz web site. The Outlaw 275, Outlaw 8.5 and Top Sportsman classes need teams to pre enter prior to June 1st. That is the cutoff for determining class participation in the event. For 275 we would like 12 or more cars. We have had over 16 teams state their intention but pre entries confirm it. 8.5 need number so pre entry is critical. Top Sportsman pre entries determine whether or not we will do a double header, or just a single race. A minimum of 16 cars is necessary for a double header.

March 22, 2016

10:00pm update

Press notes From Jim Bell at Gainesville are posted.

10:00am update

Western Canada NHRA Chassis certifications

April 2 9am Mission, BC : Mission Raceway Park 1 877 826 6315

April 2 9am Edmonton, AB: Y-Welding/Ebertz Racing Saturday, 780-477-7354 to RSVP

April 3 9am Kelowna, BC: Pendozi Machine Sunday, 250-300-5571 to RSVP

April 23 Vancouver Island. Matt will be in Victoria, Naniamo, Courtney and Port Alberni on Saturday all four locations:
Victoria contact: Bill Jamieson @250-888-0053 his email is , Gary Schley in Nanaimo at 250-741-4100, email, Bill Leong in Courtney @250-338-6441 email and Dyan Lover in Port Alberni: 250-731-9898.

So just for clarification Matt will be travelling to those four places if the numbers are there.


8:30 am update:

A big correction on the repairs to be made to the BMH Firebird after the Gatornationals incident. There is some damage to the left quarter and door and obviously the front wheel damage. All will be easily repaired. In talking with Justin on the weekend I had assumed (mostly when I saw the picture on comp plus) that there was more front end damage but in fact there was not. Apologies go out to Justin and the team. They will be back out soon.

March 20, 2016

The Gators wrap up with four non winners in the semi finals of Top Fuel. That meant for the second race in a row, a new winner would be crowned. Brittany Force, Clay Millican, Dave Connolly and Terry McMillen were the semi finalists. It was McMillen and Force advancing to the final round and Brittany Force gets her long awaited first win. It was also McMillen's first ever final. Her team mate Robert Hight wins in Funny Car over Chad Head. Greg Anderson won Pro Stock over Jason Line. Eddie Krawiec won Motorcycle over rival Hector Arana Sr. In Pro Mod it was 'Trickie' Ricky Smith defeating West Coast favorite Danny Rowe. Canadian Kenny Lang qualified with a 5.926 (#14) and took on #3 Johnny Gray in round one but could watch his solid 5.91 get crushed by the world's quickest Pro Mod pass (NHRA) in history, a 5.751 by Gray. Other Canadian's Eric Latino and Jim Bell failed to make the field.

Update Tuesday March 22:

Talked to one of the partner's on the BMH Pro Mod team, Justin Bond, after their smack with the wall Friday, while it looked like the hit was relatively hard, it will not keep the team down for long. The car is on the way for repairs and will get left side work and will hopefully back on track at the next NHRA Pro Mod race six weeks from now in Houston.


Shane Molinari and the BMH team have some work to do after their brush with the wall Friday during qualifying Friday. The car should be ready to go by the end of April.


At the PDRA, cool temperatures got the best of the event Saturday and most of the semi finals and finals will be finished off at the next one or two events. Top Jr Dragster, Extreme Motorcycle were completed. The Top Sportsman and Top Dragster classes will finish in Houston and the rest of the classes will be done at Rockingham. Scott Blake qualified with a 3.926/189 and won round one with a career best 3.873/192. In round two he lost to Jay Cox 3.746/197 - 3.897/186. A good effort from the Red Deer team.

Mike Gondziola did get his new Corvette back on track for the final qualifier. His nitrous explosion Thursday was extensive, but the engine was pieces back together while the scoop on the car was damaged beyond repair. He tried to make the last session of qualifying but the car would not stay running after the burn out. He will likely be back ready to go for the next race.

Hopefully the new car will come back looking like this after the big nitrous explosion on what would have been a 3.80 pass in Tulsa.



March 18, 2016

A busy weekend at both Gainesville NHRA Mello Yello) and Tulsa (PDRA). Huge performances at Tulsa and Funny Car track record at Gainesville. Unfortunately not a good weekend at either race for Canadian and North West racers. Shane Molinari, driving the new BMH Firebird hit the wall hard in the second qualifying session. The car made a hard move to the left wall (the front wheel broke) causing pretty good front end and body damage. They will send the car off for repairs, but will unfortunately miss the rest of this race and possibly a couple other events. The next NHRA Pro Mod event is a month and a half away though and they will try to be ready for Houston April 29-May 1.

Jim Bell is not in the field yet after two aborted runs. Kenny Lang is in the field (#15) with a 6.00.

Britanny Force (3.74), Jack Beckman (3.91) Jason Line (6.59) and Eddie Krawiec (6.80) lead their respective fields. In the TA and Pro Mod classes, the leaders are John Lombardo Jr. (TAFC 5.48), Mia Tedesco (TAD 5.21) and Sydnei Frigo (PM 5.83).

At Tulsa and the season opening PDRA event, Mike Gondziola debuted his new Corvette and had a couple promising early shut off runs, but in his third he had a big nitrous explosion at 400 feet (after a .97 60 and a 2.58 330. The explosion did cause a bunch of body damage to the front clip. Hopefully he is back out soon. Scott Blake is also in attendance in his nearly new 69 Camaro. He ripped off a couple mid 3.90's and is solidly in the field with a 3.95 best. In Pro Extreme there were two 3.40 runs. One by Jason Scruggs ( 3.492/220) and one by Brandon Snider (3486/219). In Pro Nitrous, three drivers ran 3.60's including a side by side with Tommy Franklin (3.686/203.34) and Stevie 'Fast' Jackson (3.697/203.83) and then the next pair down the track saw Tim Savell go 3.687/200. Pro Boost is lead by Kevin Rivenbark (3.753/199).

March 16, 2016

Gondziola picking the car up at Bickel's shop in Missouri heading to Tulsa. Good Luck!

March 15, 2016

Sad news to report today out of Alberta as one of that province's most well known racers passed away suddenly. Scott Taylor from Peace River was well known in the Alberta Drag Racing circle over the last two decades. A Super Class and Top Dragster racer, he was one or the original racers in the Top -E club racing at Castrol and was the series champion a couple times in the first few years. He won a number of Iron Man Trophys at the Rocky Mountain Nationals over the last decade and a half as well. Always there to help a racer and to coach and mentor as well, he will be sadly missed. Scott leaves behind his wife Sheila, and children Brittany, Dallas and Kaitlyn. Funeral services to be announced.


Well the doorcar season begins this weekend in the NHRA and the PDRA. Locals Jim Bell, Shane Molinari and Mike Gondziola will all be competing. Gonzi debuts his new Bickel built and Sonny powered 2016 Corvette in Tulsa at the PDRA event. The early season racing for Mike will be mainly testing sessions as he work out the new car with a huge 960 inch five system bullet and an Automatic with a lock up convertor.

The car looks bad ass! Once the bugs are sorted out the car should be a 3.70 or 3.80 car. That converts to a 5.70 time slip in the 1/4 mile.

Jim Bell will be back in his Camaro after banging the wall in his Mustang a few weeks ago. Both he and Molinari will be in Gainesville. The Hemi was put in the Camaro and Brad Personette will be tuning up the turbocharged beast. Shane competes for the first time in the NHRA with a "legitimate" car and engine combo. After getting the testing bugs sorted out the team really is "ONE TO WATCH"

March 10,2016

A final March Meet gallery is here.


A Saturday and Sunday gallery from the IHRA event in Orlando is here.


This year's date for the Big Bucks race at Castrol Raceway is July 2 - 3. Always a great event. Web info is here.

The Small tire action in the NW looks to be growing legs and a few NW tracks are taking notice and getting involved. In Canada Mission Raceway is hosting their 4th annual Doorwarz event July 1-3 and that event includes Outlaw 10.5 (1/4 mile for 2016 again and upwards of 10-14 cars), Outlaw 275 (1/8 mile event for the first time in the NW and there could be 16-20 cars) and Outlaw 8.5 (the newest class to run at Doorwarz, 1/8 mile and hoping for 10-16 cars for year one) for small tire competitors. Of course Pro Modified is the main big tire class, and it looks to have the potential to be the biggest Pro Mod race ever in the NW. There could be upwards or 30 cars for the 2016 event. Top Sportsman, CW Doorslammer and Open Comp are the other classes. Mission Raceway has not confirmed yet but there is a more than 75% chance of hosting a second Outlaw 275 event August 26-28 as part of the Smoke Fire and Thunder event. Kelowna's Thunder Mountain has a really cool small tire event called Kelowna's "Fastest Street Car Shootout". It is July 22-24. Tire sizes are as follows: 28x 10.5-15 slick, 28 x 11.5 - 15 DOT and 275 x 60-15 Drag Radial. Edmonton's Castrol Raceway has their WDRL series races including 8.5 and Extreme street. Their racing schedule is May 7-8, Sept 3-4. Other Alberta tracks include Medicine Hat May 28-29 (WDRL 8.5 and Extreme Street) and the South Alberta 'Fastest Street car shootout' September 10-11. Central Alberta (Rimby, close to Red Deer) June 18-19 and August 14, and August 13 there is a 'No prep Grudge" event. Seattle hosts the WDRL June 11-12 including Pro Mods and Top Sportsman, They also have the Outlaw 10.5 class and Outlaw 275. Woodburn has the West Coast Shootout April 16. Further South is the No Excuses event at Sacramento. It is just around the corner March 19-20. It is 5 k to win for 275. Then in the late fall it is SCSN for all classes.

(click on track link below for rules except for SCSN rules, go to their web site for their rules) Doorwarz rules are here (note: O/L 275 and 8.5 are SCSN rules with a couple chassis mods. All confrmed changes for 2016 will be posted within 10 days from today on the doorwarz web site.

Mission Raceway BC July 1-3: Doorwarz, PM, O/L 10.5, O/L 275, O/L 8.5, Open Comp. August 26-28: PM, (OL 275 To Be confirmed)
Kelowna's Thunder Mountain BC July 22-24 Street car shootout (28.5 x 10.5 slick and 275 Drag Radial)
Castrol Raceway Ab. May 7-8 (WDRL), Outlaw 8.5 and Extreme Street. September 3-4 (WDRL event including PM, 8.5 Extreme street, Open Comp, Top Sportsman)
Medicine Hat Ab. May 28-29 (WDRL) , September 10-11 S. Alberta Street Car shootout.
Central Alberta, Rimby Ab. (Red Deer) June 18-18 (WDRL), August 13 "No Prep" (No Prep rules are here), August 14 (WDRL)
Pacific Raceway, Seattle Wa June 11-12 (WDRL Pro Mods, Outlaw 10.5 (Doorwarz rules), Outlaw 275 (SCSN rules)
Woodburn Dragstrip, Or April 16 (O/L 275, SCSN rules) June 11-12 O/L 10.5 (west coast series rules), July 28-30 O/L 10.5, Sept 24-25 O/L 10.5
Sacramento Raceway, Ca March 19-20 ('No Excuses' event includes O/L 275, SCSN rules)
Las Vegas, NV November 17-20 Street Car Supernationals


March 6, 2016

9:00pm update:

It was the final everyone was hoping for in Nitro Funny at Bakersfield. The two quickest cars all weekend faced off and it was a great race. Kris Krabill got his first March Meet victory in the Austin/O'Brien Bardahl Firebird. He ran the national champ Steven Densham that was literally a 5.60 machine all weekend. Only one run was not in the 5.60's for the son of the veteran 'Teachers Pet' driver. Krabill goes 5.58/256 to Densham's 5.64/254. Both drivers left at the same time so it was a .06 victory. Even Bucky had to leave with a smile on his face.

In Top Fuel it was #6 qualifier Rick Williamson defeating #8 Adam Sorokin with a second career best run of the weekend. He went 5.57/245. Sorokin wheelstood the Champion Speed Shop FED for the third time and by the time his wheel were on the ground Williamson was long gone. Adam tripped the lights with a 6.70/170.

As talked about below it was Roger 'Radar' Lechtenberg defeating Dan Hix 6.08 to 6.13 in AA/FA.

In A/Fuel, Drew Austin earned his biggest win ever in the Austin Family Pro/Max Ford powered dragster. He took out the 'big man' Kin Bates. Under the lights and on a cool track Bates could not keep his car in the center of his lane while Austin was strong until 900 feet where he started to drift to his wall. He crossed the line first with a 6.40/220 to a slowing 7.58.

In Pro 7.0, Mike Peck was trying to earn another win in the class and start off his defense of the title in a good way. He got all the way to the final against Errol Sharron, but unfortunately took too much finish line stripe and broke out running a 6.92 on the 7.0 index. Sharron was right on the number going 7.00.

4:00pm update

What a crazy round of semis in both Funny Car and Top Fuel. Tony Bartone crossed into Rick Williamson's lane at 230 mph at 800 feet and just avoided his opponent. The automatic win was there for Williamson but he still ran a solid 5.63/234. In the other semi final, Adam Sorokin got a wheelstanding win against a red lighting Jim Murphy. Sorokin vs Williamson in the final.

In Funny Car, Kris Krabill kept the hits coming with a career best and a Heritage record 5.552/261.62. His opponent Dan Horan was off the gas by 200 feet. Steven Densham was off to the final round (his second in a row) at the March meet. He ripped off a great 5.65/253.75 Matt Bynum ran a consistent 5.74/248.89. Krabill looks for his first ever March Meet win as he takes on the defending event and series champion Steven Densham.

In Fuel Altered with the breakage from round one, Dan Hix ran Roger Lechtenberg in what would be a two round final. It was real close as Hix got a .03 holeshot, and was on the chutes by 1200 feet only to have Roger drive around him at 1280 feet for a four foot victory 6.09/209 to a 6.13/202. It was close.

2:00pm update

Round two was awesome in all the nitro classes at Bakersfield. Kris Krabill ran a career best 5.63/254 to take out Richard Townsend 5.77/250. Steven Densham ran a 5.66/253 to take out James Day's 5.86/241. Dan Horan went 5.74/261 and despite Tim Nemeth's holeshot, his 5.94/238 was well back. Tim had to pedal the car at 800 feet as he moved toward the guard rail in his lane. Matt Bynum upset Cory Lee in the final round two pairing with a 5.76/252. Lee went 5.84/252.

In Top Fuel it was upset and "holeshot" city in their round one pairings Adam Sorokin had a huge task taking on #1 qualifier Rick White's 5.50 machine. White went in the 5.50's again this time a 5.54/243 but Sorokin's career best 5.63/242 aided by a 1/10th holeshot was enough to take a three foot victory. Rick Williamson from the #6 spot also ran a career best 5.615 to defeat two time MM winner Jimmy Young's 5.74. Tony Bartone from the two hole did get into the 5.50's win a 5.57 victory over Dusty Green. That was the only non upset in the round. In the final pairing it was Jim Murphy squeezing out Bill Dunlap 5.77 to a 5.78.

In Fuel Altered it was all 'Transformer" style Altered advancing to the semis, Jim Holtz narrowly defeating the Pure Hell driven by Brian Hope 6.08/209 to a hard charging career best 6.19/230. Holtz had issues on the run and could not make his semi final. Dan Hix got his act together after qualifying struggles and defeated Shawn Van Horn 6.04/225 to a 6.45 193. James Generalao had a bunch of excitement in the shut down area against Tom Padilla. After a 6.23/196 win against a wall tapping 6.40 for Padilla Padilla's chute never opened and he got into Generalao's chutes forcing both cars to off course near the end of the track. He could not make the call for the semi final. Roger Lechtenberg defeated Bryan hall 6.08/204 to a slowing 7.86.

With the breakage in the round the two cars left Dan Hix and Lechtenberg would run for all the marbles.


At Wild Horse Pass Motorsport Park, the first Division Seven opening Lucas Oil race completed Sunday. Joey Severance got the win in TAD in a pedal job over Chris Demke. Both drivers were in the mid 6's on their runs, but Joey managed to get his dragster to hook up first. Local fan favorite Shawn Cowie lost a close one to Megan McKernan 5.30 to 5.36 in round one. In TAFC, it was Doug Gordon winning over Shane Westerfield 5.53 to 5.62. Alan Ellis won Comp over Jeff Lane, Mike Ferderer won Top Sportsman over David Armstrong, John Lobnar got the Top Dragster win over Phil Unruh, Mike Hiat was the Super Comp winner over Sarah Moldenhauer, Mike Decarolis won Super Street over Keith Downing, and Brad Pierce won Super Gas over Val Torres. In the Stock class it was Tibor Kadar over Division six's Bob Gullett. Andrew Durham won Super Stock over Kyle Rizzoli. And finally in Sportsman Motorcycle Denny Alves defeated Dan Nielsen.



Orlando is complete and there were a couple upsets based on the qualifying positions after Saturday. In Funny Car, both the #1 and #2 qualifiers Jason Rupert and Mark Sanders made stellar runs in their round one wins over Tim Boychuk and Bruce Litton. Rupert went 5.559/261 to take out Boychuk (6.09) in round one then lost traction in round two against Shawn Bowen and Bowen was in the final round. Sanders ran a career best 5.616 to easily defeat Litton's 5.77. But in his semi final against Mike McIntire he was a tenth slower on the tree that round one and he lost as both drivers ran identical 5.715's. McIntire has .09 on the tree. In the final it was Bowen getting the win with a engine expiring 5.79. The 'MacAttack' driver was off the gas by 500 feet. In Pro Stock the #1 and #2 qualifiers were out in round two and it was #4 Cary Goforth defeating the #7 qualifier with an easy 6.35. In Nitro Harley, it was Randall Andras taking out Jake Stordeur with a 6.36. Pro Mod saw its best event since the re introduction to the IHRA. Adam Flamholc defeated Jerico Balduf in a battle of blower cars. Flamholc went 5.90 while Balduc had to get off the gas as he was loose by 300 feet.

Click on this link or the poster below to see all the details regarding the Spring Fling, It is just over a month away.

March 5, 2016


A Friday gallery is here


7:00pm update:

In round one:



Local driver Tim 'Iceman' Nemeth found a couple more hun and defeated Brad Thompson 5.84/233 to 5.96/238. Ryan Hodgson lost on a holeshot to Rich Townsend 5.840/255 to a 5.810/249. James Day in the 'Pedaler' defeated Rich Rogers in the 'Fighting Irish' with a 5.87. Rogers tapped the wall.












'Hollywood' Kris Krabill defeated Chris Davis 5.75 to 6.09 Davis crashed last year at this race and bought Mark Hentges Arrow. He qualified with a career best 5.92. Cory Lee in the 'California Hustler' got the best of Pete Pederson 5.74 to 6.00. Marc White in the 'Crop Duster' Monza could not get around Dan Horan. Horan ripped off a 5.71 to a game 5.87. Matt Bynum defeated Don Hudson 5.79 to 5.96 and the #1 qualified Steven Densham ripped off a wheels up 5.66/251 to easily dispatch Rian Konno's slowing 7.62.





Tim Nemeth has improved every run so far this weekend and he will need that Sunday as he takes on Dan Horan in round two. Horan is not great on the tree so if Tim runs a 5.77-5.80 he has a great chance of advancing.









In Fuel Altered, the 'Pure Hell'driven by Brian Hope vs 'Pure Heaven' piloted by Jeff Bennett is stuff of legends. Both cars had a wild run and at the end of it both were in the top eight. Unfortunately it did not last and Bennett lost his spot )he ran a 6.72 in that qualifier), but Hope did make the field with a 6.42.


2:00pm update:




Qualifiying is complete at the March Meet in all the pro classes and they are just about to run round one of Funny Car and Top Fuel.



The weekend did not end well for Chris Morel in the Little City Cuda. Right at the hit fluid got on the left tire and the car hooked across into the other lane right at 60 ft and flipped up on its lid. A fire did start but was quickly put out. Chris is okay other than a couple burns on his hands and a bit of heat in his face area. The body is trashed but the car should be repair fine.








Two Floppers ran in the 5.60's and the field is led by Steven Densham. His 5.63 tops the 22 cars in attendance. Kris Krabill laid down a 5.67/254 in the final session to sit 2.










Canadian drivers include Tim Nemeth who ran a 5.86 best and Ryan Hodgson who was one hun quicker with a 5.85.














In 7.0 pro Joey Steckler is in the middle of the pack with a 7.13. He lost in round one to Ronnie Lennon 7.05 to a 7.11.










Mike Peck is the #1 qualifier. His FED is for sale, as rumors of him close to having a nitro coupe ready to run.











In A/Gas, James Rutherford ran a 7.72 and was also in the middle of the pack. He lost in round one of elims this afternoon.











Top Fuel is lead by "not Tony Bartone". Rick White ripped off a career best 5.56 to sit #2. The field is 8 cars this year and 13 cars attempted to make the field. Bartone is #2 coasting across the line with a 5.62/233.










Drew Austin ran his career best, a 6.21/225 but he sits #2 behind the godfather of the class, Kin Bates (6.16)











James Generaleo Jr leads Fuel Altered with a 6.06. The bump ended up to be Washington driver Tom Padilla, who went 6.43.



All the qualifying sheets are posted here.

A Friday gallery is here.




A Friday IHRA gallery is here









At Orlando, it is Jason Rupert leading the way in Nitro Funny Car. He went 5.63 Friday. Mark Sanders ran a career best 5.65 Saturday and is #2. Tim Boychuk really struggled this weekend as he could only run a 5.96 best. He is in the field in the #8 spot.






















Pro Mod has their best field so far including last year. 10 cars tried for a spot in the top 8 and it is Billy Harper who ended up #1. His 5.87 was the only 5.8 run. Five cars are in the 5.90's and bump spot is a 6.7. Last year's IHRA champion Dina Parise failed to make the field. Kevin Fiscus is #3 with a 5.95






















Pro Stock and Nitro Harley are also featured classes this weekend. Washington Pro Stock racer JR Carr held the top spot after final qualifying with a 6.23. Canadian John Konigshofer is in the top half (#3 with a 6.25) of the field and Larry O'Brien is #6 with a 6.35.


A Friday IHRA gallery is here



In Phoenix only seven TAD's are running this weekend. The TAFC is solid with 13 cars. Local driver Shawn Cowie is #3 with a 5.33. He runs Megan McKernan in round one. Three blower cars are the top three and Chris Demke leads with a 5.255. Joey Severance is #2 with a 5.288/ Doug Gordon ran low 5.50's in qualifying and is #1 with a 5.503. Shane Westerfield is #2 with a 5.558.

Comp is weak with only 8 cars. Ray Martin and Jeff Lane are the only two Div six cars competing in Comp. In Top Dragster seven Division six cars are competing in the 40 car field. Dan Provost is #18 and he ran Jeff Taylor in round one and had .013 on the tree for an advantage but took too much stripe (took a .044 stripe) and broke out by .013. Ouch, a tough loss in round one.

March 3, 2016

This weekend is the March Meet (actually gets underway today). A number of NW teams are competing in a number of different classes. From Washington state, Tom Padilla in Fuel Altered and Kris Krabill in Nitro Funny Car to name a couple. From Alberta, Joey Steckler is in Pro 7.0. Amber and James Rutherford will both represent the Ford contingent. James in his 51 Ford in A/Gas, and Amber in C/Gas. Ryan Hodgson will compete in Funny Car and is trying to double up at the 'Patch. He won the CHRR in October. From BC it is local favorite Tim Nemeth in Nitro Funny Car. We have a photographer down there to get all the shots and will report every day.

Another West Coast event is the Phoenix Divisional. Shawn Cowie goes for two in a row in TAD, and a bunch of TS and TD teams try to better their early exits from last weekend's national.

Also up this weekend is the IHRA's first event of the year. They are competing in Orlando Florida. Tim Boychuk will debut his new Camaro, and should be a top three contender this year. The car has already gone 5.7's a number of times. Washington's Mark Sanders will also be there.

Here is a great video of BMH Racings career best 5.82 from last weekend at Palm Beach. Shane Molionari did a great drivng job from half track on when the car went toward the center line.


Shane Molanari testing at PBIR

MBE Customer Shane Molinari runs new personal best with new Promod 5.82 @ 252 MPH

Posted by MBE Cylinder Heads and Manifolds on Monday, February 29, 2016


Congratulations to Leah Pritchett on her first Top Fuel win last weekend in Phoenix. For only the second time in Top Fuel history it was two female drivers in the final round. The race was a great side by side and Leah got the holeshot win over Brittany Force. They both ran 3.77's. Tim Wilkerson defeated John Force in Nitro Funny Car and Jason Line defeated Chris McGaha in Pro Stock.

February 29, 2016

Here is a video of Jim Bell's contact with the wall from Sunday afternoon at Palm Beach. Jim is okay and told SpeedZone's reporter videographer that he will have the Camaro out for the Gatornationals in two weeks. Go wide screen on this.


2016 Jim Bell Crash 1920x1080 01 from Pat Welsh on Vimeo.

February 28, 2016

It's early in the season but there is a bunch of Drag Racing action this weekend. The NHRA Mello Yello season has race 2 happening at Phoenix this weekend. Ron Capps Doug Kalitta and Bo Butner lead qualifying in the three pro classes. The three 16 car fields (48 cars total) had 45 cars competing. Only Funny Car was full (barely). Top Fuel had 15 cars and Pro Stock sees 14 in the field for Sunday.

Not what NHRA wants in what is a transition year that they hope will see improved fields.

There are a few BC and Alberta competitors in Top Sportsman, Top Dragster and the other sportsman classes at Phoenix. Abbotsford racer Dan Provost competed in Top Dragster and qualified in the middle of the pack. He went .009 red in round one, as did Trevor Ritchie. Mike Lucas from Fort St John also went red in round one (Top Sportsman). Ray Martin from Alaska won his round one match-up in Top Sportsman. In the Super classes, Idaho's Trevor Harkema is off to round four in Super Comp. Cal Method and Brad Burton are also off to round four (in Stock).



Division Four opens the LODRS season this weekend in Houston (Baytown). TA is not competing there, so Comp, TD and TS are the feature classes.


In Palm Beach NHRA Pro Mods were out for the first time in 2016.



Johnny Gray was in the Precision Turbo Camaro for the first time and he lit up the scoreboard with a 5.75/255 best. He was off to the final round against Steven Whiteley on the roots blown Cadillac. He ripped off 5.7 runs most of the weekend as well.






It was not a great weekend for the couple Canadian Pro Mods teams in attendance, but progress was made for one team. A couple expected teams were not there to test (Kenny Lang and Eric Latino), but Jim Bell and Shane Molinari were both out there. The BMH team (Shane Molinari driver) debuted their new Firebird and they had very promising early runs Wednesday and Thursday. They including short times of 9.8 and .97 60 foots and sub 4 second half track. They struggled a bit on Friday and Saturday (qualified #16) and sourced their issues to a bad transmission (which they are replacing today and testing hard the rest of Sunday and possibly early in the week).






Jim Bell also had his struggles and they manifested themselves Sunday. Jim was driving his Mustang for the first time since it was repaired. (The car was into the wall at Rockingham in 2014) Last year Kevin Fiscus drove the car in the second half of the year. Jim is back to a one driver team this year and he hired one of the best known Turbo tuners in the business Brad Personett to lead the team. The team did have struggles on Thursday through Saturday and failed to qualify for elimination's. He did get inserted as an alternate Sunday morning but shook in round one. He came back for a test run at 11:00 am our time but in the shutdown area after a 6.1 run the car got loose (it looked like the chutes got tangled up but I am not sure), He hit the wall and ended up in the middle of the other lane by the time he came to a stop. The damage does not look serious but they will take a good look at the car before repair decisions are made. He does have his Camaro sitting in the race shop as well.











12:00pm update. With the new transmission installed Shane Molinari and the BMH team laid down their career best 5.82/252 a few minutes ago. They will likely make one more hit today and tune it up a bit. Congrat's team, you will be a solid competitor this year if you can continue with that kind of performance.








Doug Winters has new power this year from Mike Janis. He used that power to run a career best 5.82/251. Unfortunately he lost his chutes and ended up in the trap after that run. He did make repairs and won round one today going 5.91



February 22, 2016

One major event was on this weekend and for many drag racers it was not on their radar.

Maybe it should have been!!!!!!!!

Donald Long is the race promoter and he is one of the leading entities producing bad ass small tire events. This one was huge. There are three independently produced small tire events that catch those racers attentions. Two of them are Duck-X (Long's company) Productions. "Lights Out" is the biggest one, He also produces No Mercy. Monty Mihko is the other behind the other "Big 3" event Yellow Bullet Nationals.

While "Small Tire racing" might be considered a "niche" market for drag racing purists, don't kid yourself that it is not a factor, it is!!!!. This weekend's Lights Out race had close to 500 cars in attendance, it shut down the highways in and around South Georgia Motorsport Park and had the largest online presence I have witnessed in my drag racing career. The March Meet, CHRR and SCSN usually have a substantial online presence watching their events through Motormania or Bangshift. All three combined did not match the 25,000+ daily attendance Light out saw. It was incredible. Saturday they had to close the gates at the track by 1:00pm. This type of racing is relevant and tracks better pay attention. The big class was "Radial vs the World". It had a $55,000.00 winners purse (the richest in history), 57 cars in attendance and record runs throughout the weekend. 12 cars ran sub four second ets in qualifying and a few more did it in elimination's. It was wild. In the end it was Keith Barry outlasting Steve Jackson He took the win on a holeshot 3.934 to a quicker 3.896. Crashes, wheelstands, explosions and record runs were witnessed throughout the weekend. Pro 275 Was the other major class. It was also huge with close to 60 cars, and believe it or not there was a 4.11 et on a 275 tire. The final saw Barry Mitchell defeat Steve Drummond 4.207 - 4.271 Local racer Greg Henschell arguably one of the top three based on the West Coast 275 racers could only land in the #15 spot in the x 275 field, and #22 in the Pro 275 field. He had one of the most memorable round one match-ups on the weekend. Facing off against Shawn Ellington in the "Murder Nova" (Street Outlaws fame) Ellington took a real close stripe with his front tires three feet in the air. To see it on the feed was incredible. Likely the handful of local racers who traveled South to watch the race went wild.


February 16, 2016

Ray Bobrowski photo

Sorry for no updates from Pomona elimination's. Was extremely under the weather (still am). Congratulation's to two Canadian teams in the Top Alcohol Dragster final round. The #1 qualifier Don St Arnaud took on the #10 qualifier Shawn Cowie. In a surprising upset it was Cowie taking the win. He was a tenth back all weekend long, but in the final St. Arnaud fell off a tenth while Cowie ran right on his usual low 5.30's. He took the stripe by a slim .0073 (about three feet). He goes to back to back finals (R/U in 2015) at the Winternationals. TAFC was also a close final. This time it was the #1 and # 2 qualifier doing battle. Jonnie Lindberg and John Lombardo were the class of the field making over a dozen 5.40 runs throughout the weekend. In the final it was World #1 Lindberg going 5.42 to Lombardo's 5.45. Pro Stock saw Greg Anderson get the first win under the new Pro Stock rules. The Summit team was the most dominant all weekend long and Anderson defeated Jason Line in the final round on a holeshot, 6.617 - 6.609. Steve Torrence got the win in Top Fuel. Torrence was the #1 qualifier and he defeated the #2 qualifier Doug Kalitta. It was another close battle with Steve running a 3.73 to Doug's 3.75 (the margin was .0044). Funny Car saw Ron Capps earn the win. He was the #2 qualifier and he took out the #5 qualifier Del Worsham on a holeshot in one of the closest FC finals in history. Capps' .052 light and 3.981 was .0008 better than Worsham's .071 activated 3.962. Less that five inches.



February 13, 2016

Pomona and Winternationals finished day 3 today and both the Funny Cars and Top Fuelers were flying. Jack Beckman leads Funny Car with a 3.88, teammate Ron Capps is #2 and Robert Hight is #3. Steve Torrence is on top in Top Fuel while Steve Torrence is #2 and Tony Schumacher is #3. Pro Stock is about .08 slower than last year. The new EFI will take some time. The Elite Dodges are in middle of the pack while team Summit leads. In TAD, Don St. Arnaud ended up #1 in a repeat of the Finals three months ago. He went 5.18 again at 285 mph. Shaw Cowie ended up in the middle of the field with a 5.300. Both he and St. Arnaud won their round one match-ups. Joey Severance won as well. Jonnie Lindberg and John Lombardo Jr ran mid to low 5.40's in TAFC. Ray Bobrowski photos

Ray Bobrowski photos



Brittany Force ran well and sits #6 with a 3.755 best














Courtney Force is in the top half (#6 as well) with a 3.946.











Erica Enders is in a Mopar thanks to the new major sponsorship. They are not quite on top of their game yet, and are .06 back of the Summit team.










Greg Anderson, Jason Line (and Bo Butner) are the only 6.50's cars in the field.













Division Six's Aaron Strong made his best ever qualifying effort sitting #12.










Shawn Cowie failed to run a 5.2 by 1/1000ths of a second. He is off to round two though. He takes on Manitoba driver Gord Gingles in round two. Quite possibly for the first time in recent memory two Canadians were on top of TAD qualifying.











Australian Steve Ham is the owner of the ex Red Wolf Funny Car (previously owned by John and Ruth Evanchuk. He ran a very impressive 5.56 in his second North American race (lost in round one though).


Ray Bobrowski photos









The BMH Pro Mod is ready to hit the road. The car was completed Friday and their initial fire-ups are complete. Now the 3000 mike trek to Palm Beach Florida and the first laps on the new car. The car is awesome and the team is stoked to see how they match up against NHRA's best Pro Mods. Good luck Shane, Justin and Ryan and the whole team.


February 9, 2016

Testing is on for the Pro Stock teams. They began yesterday at Phoenix and continue today and tomorrow in advance of the Winternationals this Friday. One notable not there is Larry Morgasn. He was informed early last week that his 2015 sponsor 'FireAde' would not be back. They decided on aligning with Bob Vandergriff Racing and Leah Pritchett on her Top Fuel car. Larry still hopes to be racing this season.

Tim Boychuk was out in his brand new Camaro Funny Car Sunday and Monday at Wild Horse Pass. He made a handful of five second runs including a few low 5.70's. They just have to get the car to paint to have it ready for the 2016 IHRA season. His best included a .979 60 foot and a 3.751/205 to the 660. If the car had all the candles lit in the final 300 feet it would have been well into the 5.60's, (it ran a 5.704/233). Congrats Tim and CC Twig

As rumored last week, Mike Dunn has been named the president of the IHRA. Here is their official release.

The Mission Raceway Hot Rod Racers Association will be having an annual meeting and we are looking for a big turn out as we will be voting on raising the year of car eligibility from 1963 to 1966.

February 13
12 pm
Second floor of the tower

February 6, 2016

This morning local TAFC hitter Brian Hough completed his licensing ripping off a great 4.01/321. The Best from Saturday including the quickest Funny Car run in history:

3.721, 319.07 – Brittany Force
3.739, 288.87 – Clay Millican
3.745, 325.53 – Doug Kalitta
3.748, 319.22 – Richie Crampton
3.768, 297.88 – Antron Brown
3.770, 316.08 – Shawn Langdon
3.802, 325.69 – J.R. Todd
3.839, 272.72 – Leah Pritchett
3.916, 256.75 – Terry McMillen
3.929, 255.00 – Troy Buff
3.935, 306.05 – McMillen


3.874, 318.47 – Tommy Johnson Jr.
3.885, 329.34 – Robert Hight
3.890, 323.89 – Courtney Force
3.914, 327.35 – John Force
3.919, 320.66 – Ron Capps
3.962, 326.79 – Matt Hagan
3.972, 320.51 – Alexis DeJoria
3.983, 320.81 – Del Worsham
4.008, 273.94 – Cruz Pedregon
4.015, 316.01 – Brian Hough
4.153, 252.24 – Jim Campbell

On Friday........


.........It was Tony Shumacher. First he launched the blower on an early run, then are making repairs and adjustments he laid down an awesome 3.683/325. A number of others teams also made hot laps.























Brittany Force went 3.72, and a number of 3.70's on the day.













Jack Beckman went 3.88 and Courtney Force went 3.90.


The Best runs from Friday from each driver were:

3.683, 325.37 – Tony Schumacher
3.714, 330.15 – Dave Connolly
3.716, 327.35 – Doug Kalitta
3.721, 318.54 – Brittany Force
3.731, 326.48 – Steve Torrence
3.746, 298.34 – Antron Brown
3.772, 299.13 – Richie Crampton
3.787, 281.01 – Shawn Langdon
3.821, 252.52 – Clay Millican
3.825, 273.39 – J.R. Todd
3.941, 284.15 – Troy Buff
3.955, 246.53 – Leah Pritchett
4.531, 172.43 – Terry McMillen
6.681, 96.35 – Morgan Lucas

3.880, 325.77 – Jack Beckman
3.904, 318.54 – Courtney Force
3.912, 324.20 – John Force
3.913, 326.16 – Robert Hight
3.927, 323.43 – Tommy Johnson Jr.
3.938, 319.52 – Chad Head
3.958, 316.23 – Ron Capps
3.963, 290.26 – Alexis DeJoria
3.982, 316.30 – Del Worsham
3.988, 316.30 – Tim Wilkerson
4.141, 251.30 – Cruz Pedregon
7.977, 84.05 – Matt Hagan



Rumors are out there that Mike Dunn may be the new IHRA president. They apparently do have an announcement on the 8th or 9th regarding their choice. This could be interesting. What I am wondering is what are his actual credentials to run the second largest drag racing association. His history is all based around his driving a Nitro Car and one of NHRA's media leaders with ESPN. Not sure he has the credentials, but if in fact he is named "President", there will be a bunch of exposure.

One announcement that was made today is the return of Austin Coil to JFR His role is not a full time one, he is there though to help right the JFR ship.


February 5, 2016

The future of bracket racing and the entire red light debate is about to make a huge change starting this Spring (at the "Fling")........Go here for this historic change.

Testing is underway at Phoenix in advance of next weeks Winternationals.


Notable is Brian Hough trying to license in Tim Wilkerson's Funny Car (made four laps but smoked the tires on a couple and caught a cone on another) ...
















and Troy Coughlin Jr getting licensed in the DSR Sandvik/Red Fuel Top Fuel Dragster.









Brittany Force ran a couple 3.70's in her all new Alan Johnson powerplant supplied and tuned monster TF Dragster.










Leah Pritchett went in the '70's as well. Beside Quaker State she also secured FireAde as a major sponsor. They will be the main provider on select events in 2016.




Steve Torrence was quickest so far in Top Fuel with a number of low 3.70's and a few sub 3.00 660 ft incrementals.


The new Bond/Molinari/Hinrichson Pro Mod is close to complete. The wiring and small details are whats left. They plan on testing in a months time in South Florida. John Dejonge photo



January 31, 2016

Major Drag racing is less than two weeks away. The NHRA's Winternationals is February 11-14. This coming week is the only official test session for the 2016 Mello Yello season and it is back where it all began a few decades ago. For years Phoenix was the home to the Pro test session. The last decade and a half have seen it move from Phoenix to Las Vegas then to Palm Beach Florida. At times in the late 90's and 2000's there has been as many as two or three different sessions. The last couple years Phoenix has been totally left out of the mix as Palm Beach became THE place to test. The economy and other factors have played a role in the test traveling to the West Coast to get in their opportunity to get the bugs out prior to the season opener and Phoenix is the choice for 2016. A number of Pro Stock teams have been getting their new EFI combos up to par and early results show the Summit team is on top with low 6.50's (last year those runs would have been mid 6.40's). The big absence so far has been Elite racing and their four cars. The two Mopars (Enders and Coughlin) were short of their main components and only have things together in the last few days. They were said to be testing in Texas this weekend. They will then head to Phoenix for final preparations. John Force has Alan Johnson in his Top Fuel Dragster corner this year complete with all AJ components. Funny Car has no real huge happening as all the top 10 will be back to try and defend or improve on last year's placing's. You can bet that John Force will try and improve on that teams worst overall showing in probably 2 decades
. We will be in Phoenix for the test starting Wednesday.


TO ALL DOORWARZ SMALL TIRE COMPETITORS. THE 275 CLASS AND 8.5 CLASS. We will be having a meeting February 25th at Jimy Macs Pub in Langley (Port Kells) 200th exit, 96th ave, at 7:00pm. We invite all racers interested in those two classes.. All others are welcome but this gathering is to welcome all racers in those two classes to Doorwarz (and possibly other events). As stated on the top of the Doorwarz web site both classes will be 1/8 mile and SCSN rules (Possibly a few mods to accommodate local racers). Everything will be discussed. The main thing is to get commitments for both classes and to go over Small tire classes and their future in the NW. We need strong car counts to make it happen. Please email me at to confirm your attendance at the meeting. The pub would like to know a rough head count. Please reply back to the email. or
Thanks and see you there.


January 20, 2016

The IHRA has named Skooter Peaco as the interem president of the Association. Skooter has been the guy in charge of race operations for the last decade and a half. They also announced that Cordova and Baton Rouge were dropped from the National schedule. No surprise regarding Cordova as that track was or is still owned by Scott Gardner. Here is the short form of their future plans: They have a three-year plan, through 2019 to create a media providing series for tv with a bi-weekly show. They will be paln to add Top Fuel for 2017 and will continue with NF/C, Pro Stock and Harleys. (not sure about Pro Mod). They will continue to run 1/4 mile.
Ultimately they want to have 12-16 events.

January 18, 2016

For a week there has been rumours abound regarding happenings in the IHRA.


What we know for sure is that president Scott Gardner is gone, Royce Miller is gone (COO of IRG Motorsports), and the head of Corporate affairs Steven Cole is no longer employed (He is back with JFR). They are not answering calls regarding the issues at hand. Last week, I did try and contact Castrol Raceway (which hosts THE most important National Event in the IHRA), to try and get some info but I have not received a return call yet. While we have have major issues regarding the media with the IHRA over the last few years, the importance of what the IHRA is trying to do for the racer is very evident, and can't be discounted. Most that race in the "I" love it. They do have serious issues IMHO regarding the way they race their National Events, particularly their entry platform and that has turned off many competitors. In the end the rumoured problems do not sound good, and for the good of the sport I hope the IHRA can get back on track.


January 17, 2016

This weekend at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Phoenix, the first Heritage race of the year was on the schedule. All classes except the nitro classes competed. Veteran and the winningest driver in A/Fuel Kin Bates won A/Fuel over Bill Wayne in side by side 6.20's. Full results are here.

January 16, 2016

The latest and greatest from RH and paint by Todd Zeller and Chris Cadle from Todds Extreme paint. "Have Gun will travel". More shots here.

January 15, 2016

The latest and possibly greatest video by Les Mayhew and "Nitro America" is up now. It is a 75 minute production of the 2015 March Meet. Check it out. It is awesome!

News at the IHRA includes the top guy Scott Gardner gone! Apparently a few more changes are coming down the pipe.


January 14, 2016

SpeedZone is proud to be the official "Canadian" media site for the Spring/Fling Million. We have put together our own Canadian web page that will highlight Canadians in the event as well as all the results for the race in April. Go to the page and see all the raffle / million winners so far, and they are close to filling raffle #32. All the details and links for everything "Million" are here. (or click on the banner below).

January 12, 2016

Congratulation's to Dave Wren and Gary Beck for induction to the "NW NHRA Hall of Fame" at the NW Division 6 Awards banquet on the weekend. Linda Schulz earned the "Gracious Lady" award for her selfless volunteer work. Also receiving special awards were Dylan Hough (Junior Driver of the Year), Matt Keilman (ET Driver of the Year), Lane Cavar (Rookie of the Year), Mike Shannon (Super Class Driver of the Year), Jeff Lane (Sportsman Driver of the Year), Joey Severance (Top Alcohol Driver of the Year), Chris Cannon (Super Class Mechanic), and Ken Lantz (Sportsman Mechanic). The division champions are"

Lucas Oil Series Champions

Joey Severance – Top Alcohol Dragster

Jeff Lane- Comp Eliminator

Mark Faul – Super Stock

Brad Burton – Stock Eliminator

Mike Shannon - Super Comp

Mike Shannon – Super Gas

Todd Simms – Super Street

Top Dragster

Top Sportsman


Northwest Division National Open Champions

Carson Campbell – Junior Thunder

Yeshua Wilcox – Junior Lightning

William Nitta – Bike/Sled

Gerald Patzer – Sportsman

Peter Oliviero – Pro ET

Mark Campbell - Super Pro

John Appleby – Super Street

Darrel Smith – Super Gas

Kurt Schultz – Super Comp

Peter Oliviero -Stock/SS Combo

Top Comp – Terry Wilcox

Land of the Leaders ET Challenge Champions

Ramon Vincent – Junior Storm

Dylan Hough – Junior Thunder

Zach Toth – Junior Lightning

Terry Holloway – Bike/Sled

Brian Thompson - Sportsman

Jason Thomas – Pro ET

William Vest – Super Pro

More info on this past years banquet is here on the Div 6 NHRA page.


January 10, 2016

This weekend was the Div 6 awards banquet in Seattle. Robert Thoresen put together a great intro video (edited by Wayde Samuel) highlighting all six Divisional events.



January 7, 2016

Bad news from Bakersfield as part of the tower and a number of pieces of track equipment was burned on early Wednesday morning. The main tower did not get hit that bad and they are going to work already to make repairs and have everything ready to go for the March Meet. There is a " go fund me " page set up if you want to donate.


Great news from the Erica Enders and Elite racing camp as Erica is honored as the first ever "Autoweek Driver of the Year".

January 2, 2016

Speedzone Magazine hopes all our readers had a great holiday season including a "Happy New Year". It will be a busy 2016 world wide in the sport of Drag Racing and the NW is no exception.

We have just added the Doorslammer calendar to the paypal page. Click on the sample below or here to go to the page. All three different calendars are available there.

December 28, 2015

Sad losses to report over the last couple weeks including a huge loss just yesterday. Likely one of the top three or four most recognizable Jet Car racers Roger Gustin passed away December 15th. Veteran Nitro (Top Fuel and Funny Car) racer Jim Nicoll died last week. He was famous for a couple huge explosions that ripped his Top Fuel car apart. Then after the switch to Funny Car had a real bad fire that caused the "Snake" to proclaim he was done racing (of course he did not retire). Comp Plus had a great story on Nicholls a few years ago. Susan Parks the wife of Frank Parks, one of the top Chassis builders through the last five decades died a week ago. Then just a couple days ago it was reported that Henry Gutierrez, owner of the bad ass "Jungle Jim" tribute Nostalgia Nitro Funny Cars was found murdered in his home....


....And late last night I got the news that Gary Meadors, the founder of the Good-Guys organization passed suddenly and of natural causes. Here is the Good-Guys web notification. Also a great tribute posted by Chad Reynolds of Bangshift.




December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all SpeedZone's family, friends and fans. We will post links for the 2016 SPeedZone Calendars later today. The price will be $13.95

12:00 pm update

Calendars are now available for purchase. Click here or on the calendar samples below to got to the paypal page. You can also buy multi packs at startsaving at two calendars. Buy a five pack you you end up paying for 4 only. Save $15.00 (on five), and $35.00 (on an order of 10).

December 22, 2015

The first two Calendars will be ready for Shipping by Thursday of this week. A Pro Mod and a Top Sportsman/Top Dragster combo calendar are both just having their finishing touches put on them at the printer. Both are bitchin! The Doorslammer calendar just went on the press today and will be ready early next week.




















































Big news out of the Jim Bell Racing camp has Jim returning to a single driver (himself) for the 2016 season. "The cost was incredible in 2015 racing two cars at around 20 races is like four seasons of NHRA Pro Mod. While it was a great time and Kevin Fiscus is one of the best out there (no one wants to race more than Kevin), I have to step back a bit. Jim has two quality cars and will race one in the NHRa and the other at PDRA and other events in 2016.

SpeedZone wishes both racers a great 2016. Both of Bell's Pro Mods are featured in the 2016 Pro Mod Calendar.


Still rumors abound regarding John Force having Alan Johnson in his brain trust for the 2016 season.

Locally the 2016 schedules are up at both the Mission Raceway web site (which will be undergoing a facelift for the 2016 season) and the Eagle Motorplex web site. A SpeedZone Magazine picture is the main picture on the web site right now. It is the awesome shot taken by Robert Hunter from the last weekend of September with the Dave O'Hara boomer.

Ya this shot.



December 12, 2015

Congratulations to Edmonton Pro Mod racer Jim Bell for this major award this evening at the PDRA 2015 banquet. Well deserved.

In the NHRA silly season, it was announced just the day after we reported it that Leah Pritchett has signed on wuth a team for 2015. It was with Bob Vandergriff Racing and she will replace Larry Dicon. Quaker State has come on as a makor sponsor to the team. Larry will remain with the team.

DECEMBER 10, 2015



Two pretty major oversights by the dumbass editor (me) from the SCSN at Vegas. One of the local teams who are regular competitors in the Doorslammer class at MRP, and have stepped up their program over the last year and a half is Rod LeClaire and his team from Victoria. This season was a short one for Rod as they had engine issues early on and were delayed in parts arrival. They managed to get out in August and September and then headed South for the first time at Street Car. They did not have huge expectations heading down to the race, they were more interested in fine tuning their mild Nitrous setup and were hoping for high 6.80's or low 6.90's at right around 200 mph. The only class they fit in was Pro Mod for heads up racing (they have never run a small tire or 10.5 tire). They ran a best of a 7.01 and had Various issues come up throughout the weekend. They raced Garrett Richards in round one and while Richards had issuers in the round Rod coasted after rattling the tires. Richards advanced. Rod and the team will add a bit more power for 2016 and hope to be a consistent 6 second performer. (Bob Snyder, Steve Carlton and Paul Fercho photos).

Secondly here are galleries promised from Street Car:


Thursday and Friday gallery

Saturday and Sunday Gallery



December 9, 2015

The new look for Elite Racing.

In what has been rumored (and known) for more than a month, Elite Performance confirms that Mopar will be the main sponsor for Elite Racing. The long time sponsor for Allen Johnson Racing has switched alliances with the most dominant Pro Stock team over the last two years. Erica Enders and Jeg Coughlin will fly the Mopar colors with the new EFI under the Dodge Dart bodies. The team will still have a Chevrolet presence though as Vince Nobile and Drew Skillman will have Chevrolet power and Camaro Bodies. Elite Performance with the Freeman family, the Jones family, Nick Ferro, and crew chiefs Brian Self and Mark Ingersoll.


Shawn Langdon has signed on with DSR full time for 2016. The means all three Top Fuel cars in the team have past and current world Champions behind the wheel. That signing could mean the Alan Johnson may be on his way to John Force Racing. No major sponsor is on the horizon for Johnson and JFR did let go Brittany's crew Chief Todd Smith. Could be a big game changer for Force. Leah Pritchett is also rumored to have found a home in Top Fuel, after Dote Racing announced they were suspending operations for the foreseable future. It is said to be on an established two car team. The current two car teams are: Dixon-Connolly, Kalitta-JR Carr, Torrence-Torrence and Crampton-Lucas.....hmm!

December 4, 2015

Here is Spring Fling 1,000,000.00 details. Click on the poster or the S.F. logo above to go to the event web site. Right now they are holding raffles for entry into the Million.

Event schedule

Tuesday April 12 free test n tune and dragster shootout.

Wednesday April 13 $10k to win.

Thursday April 14 $20k to win.

Friday April 15 Spring Fling Million Main Event.

Saturday April 16 $20k to win.

Sunday April 17 Racer Travel Day.

*This will be a one class event (s/pro only).


December 1, 2015

Here are all the champions for 2015 at Mission Raceway (Al Omond is missing). The full story and photos are here.

Jim Behnke won the "1st annual Stefan Konodoly Memorial Trophy" for the "Racer of the Year" at MRP. Well deserved. The full listing is here.




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