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November 30, 2015


The Mission Raceway Banquet was last Saturday and it was a fun time,

Lots of Awards, a decent buffet and great bench racing

Jim Behnke was the big winner earning the Pro Bracket Championship and the first annual Stefan Kondolay award. This new award in memory of MRP and NHRA racer Stefan Kondolay (endorsed by Stefan's family) will be awarded annually to the most dominating racer during the season. Thanks to Dave Jung for his initiative. It was certainly an emotional night. Thanks to Shantifor being out here as well.


Sydney Jung was the Jr Thunder champion and also the JR. Dragster rookie of the year. Scott Sikora won the Jr Lightning championship.


James Winter was runner-up in Jr Thunder and Willy Oliver finished 3rd.


Darien Provost was runner-up in Jr Lightning and Emily Girard was the 3rd place finisher.

Greg DOughty is the Super Pro champion and he was also awarded the very cool champion's quilt donated by donated by Yvette Jacobsen.


John Tabak (with wifr Connie) repeated as the Sportsman champion Jerry Byfield is the Hot Ros Champion.

Missing is Al Omond who won the Motorcycle championship.

Martin Rachel is the 2015 Super Combo champions and Scott Winterbottom is the Super Shifter champion.

Bradee Lowe won the bracket class rookie of the year, (Brother Baillie accepted the award.)

Tammy Pigeault was the MRP hidden hero award recipient

Yvette Jacobsen and Sylvia Hoogstins were both recongnized for their efforts in both the fundrasing and setup for the banquet as well as Team Mission fundraisers.

Craig Johnson organized the "practice tree nationals" and it raised close to 500.00 for Team Mission. John Tabak won the Top Bulb race going trip-zip in the final and Ted Miller won the Bottom Bulb.

October 4, 2015

2015 Mission Raceway season champions were decided this weekend.

The Jr. Lightning season champion is Scott Sikora

The Jr. Thunder season champion is Sydney Jung

The Pro Bracket champion is Jim Benhke

The SPortsman season champion is John Tabak

The Super Pro season champion is Greg Doughty

The Motocycle season Champion is Al Omond

The Hot Rod season champion is Jerry Byfield

The Canada West Doorslammer season champion is Zak Clarke

The NW Outlaw season championis Dane Lachelt

The Super Shifter season champion is Scott Winterbottom

The Super Combo season champion is Martin Rachel

Mission Raceway final Summit ET race weekend double header.

Here are Saturday results

Saturday Jr. Thunder final

Saturday Jr. Lightning final

Saturday Motorcycle final

Saturday Sportsman final

Saturday Super Pro final

Saturday Pro Final

Saturday Hot Rod final

"King of the Track" Wally race


Gamblers Team on a Mission final



Here are Sunday results


Sunday Motorcycle final

Sunday Hot Rod final

Sunday Jr. Lightning final

Sunday Jr. Thunder final

Sunday Pro Final

Sunday Sportsman Final

Sunday Super Pro Final

September 28, 2015

Mission Raceway Sunday final rounds (Saturday was weathered out)

Jr. Thunder

Jr Lightning

Hot Rod


Super Shifter


Super Pro



Open Comp



September 14, 2015

Mission Raceway Sunday results

Sorry no photo




Mission Raceway September 12, 2015 Saturday results

August 17, 2015

Sunday August 16th results


Saturday August 15th results

August 2, 2015

Laofers final round summary.

Full weekend results and photos are posted here


July 27, 2015

Canadian National Open sportsman results from Mission Raceway are here.


July 24, 2015


Results from Ashcroft's race last weekend July 18th. Saturday was a Wally race. There was no racing on the 19th as the timing systems crashed.


July 19, 2015

Pro Mod elimination's from Edmonton

July 12, 2015

Mission Raceway weekend results

Photos to come

July 11, 2015

July 5, 2015

Doorwarz weekend bracket winners. The full story with elimination numbers will be posted on Monday

Super Pro

Warren Jacobson over Al Quigley


Ross Walker over John Tabak


Gerald Patzer over Veronica Hodgson

Hot Rod

Lester Baranuik over Len Kemp

Jr. Thunder

Sydney Jung over James Winters

Jr Lightning

Emily Girard over Scott Sikora


June 29, 2015

Scott Sikora won the JR Dragster challenge at the Plex on Saturday

Ashley Clarke won Jr. on Sunday. (Sorry no photo)



June 19, 2015

Langley Loafers old Time Drags results from the Eagle Motorplex

Street Machine A
Winner: Jason Gibson
Semi's John McCartney

Street Machine B
Winner: Tim Gibbs
R/U Brandon Jansen
Semis Kevin Jansen

Street Machine C
Winner: Ray Bollinger
R/U Mark Thompson
Semis: Andy Closkey Phil Wentzel

Street Classic A
Winner: Dustin Hunter
R/U Cal Barnes
Semis: Len Kemp Gary Schley

Street Classic B
Winner: Darrell Tippe
R/U Paul Karr
Semis: Jerry Brabander

Street Rod A
Winner: Larry Rhodenizer
R/U Howard Williamson
Semis: Ray Murphy

Street Rod B
Winner: Alan Clarke
R/U Peter Friesen

Nostalgia Gas
Winner Klaus Scherbeck
R/U Rod Rimmer
Semis: Randy Kuryk Terry Denomme

Winner: Bill Boult
R/U: Brody Belsham
Semis: John Kohn


June 14, 2015

Pacific / Outlaw 10.5 Shoot-out elimination's

May 31, 2015














Chad Abougoush was out with the family Cuda


Phil Davis has more power and a reworked chassis for 2015


Amanda Bollinger smoke her pops in the semi finals


Dane Lachelt had the wheels up in qualifying


The NW Outlaws included Jim Attwell and Marty Zazula


Vanessa Richards has way more power in her 275 Mustang for 2015


Rck MacLeod Sr was out with his Savoy




May 24, 2015

Here is the crash video from Robert Fedyk and Reaction Time from Saturday at Mission Raceway.




Final round results from Mission for all six Summit classes and Hot Rod, Super Combo and Canada West Doorslammers.


Jr. Thunder James Winter .077 11.136/49.07 def. Sydney Jung .279 20.179/40.45 mph


Jr. Lightning Darian Provost .021 8.398/69.80 mph defeated Dakota Rangers .128 9.326/68.19 mph



Sportsman Tom Brown .339 15.799/88.39 mph def. Walter Johnson .091 12.017/108.90


Pro Bruce Flodin .068 12.593/99/05 def. John Barichello /093 11.364 116.71


Super Pro Craig Johnson .012 11.604/105.49 defeated Fred Hoffman .052 10.072/130.52


Motorcycle Daryl Storzuk .171 9.10/141.95 def. Al Omond (Broke)


Hot Rod Randy Hermsen .204 13.373 102.35 def. Jerry Byfield .031 11.443/117.32


CW Doorslammers Zak Clarke .033 14.23 37mph (coasted) def. Rob Charlton .021 red 7.891/171.07


Super Combo Steve Lowe .020 10.918 def. Martin Rachel .031 10.884/127.69



Few shots from the weekend:










Jr. Lightning Darian Provost .021 8.398/69.80
Super Pro
Hot Rod
Super Combo


Jr Thunder


May 23, 2015

Friday test n tune and Street Legal at Mission Raceway

Top to bottom left to right:

Brent Van Vliet was out Friday with his turbo 10.5 Camaro. A new powerplant and turbo's will net the Island team 6 second laps. Dyan Lover brought out her new camaro. A few bugs on Friday, but her and Ron will get it sorted out.A real night 275 Nova. The first Hell-Cat down the track. I saw a low 11 time slip at 120+ mph. The AMG also ran 11's. There were a bunch of Mustangs at the Street Legal. 190 Friday Night racers were in attendance and one of the biggest crowd I have ever seen for a Friday Night. the main parking lot was 3/4's full.



May 18, 2015


Full Sunday results are posted on the Boise Div page.

A solid weekend for a couple of BC Racers at Boise's Ignitor season Opener Division Six Lucas Oil event. Abbotsford Dan Provost repeats as the Top Dragster champion as he goes .001 in the final against John Chitwood. Kelowna's Mike Shannon wins Super Comp over Katie Nelson. Shannon has a .025 package in the final round. Steven Densham wins Nitro Funny Car over Roger Garten Alberta Driver Tim Boychuk goes out in round one after a #3 qualifying effort. Kris Krabill also is a round one loser. He qualified #2. Densham takes a big lead in the Heritage points standings after back to back wins in Boise and Bakersfield.

Other winners include, Jeff Lane (Comp), Mark Faul (Super Stock), Scott Burton (Stock), Mike Coltrin (Super Gas), Jake Neibauer (Top Sportsman), Becky Lindsey (Super Street) and Rick Newport in Motorcycle. Full Sunday results are posted on the Boise Div page.



May 17, 2015

Boise qualifying is posted.





May 6, 2015




Congratulations to Willy Oliver, (Zak Clarke's young prodigy as he was a winner and a runner-up in the 1st weekend at the 'Plex and his first weekend ever racing. A real good car count was on hand with over 100 race cars. That is the first time a car count over 100 has been seen at the 'Plex for a regular event in a number of years. Hopefully it can continue. The event turned into an 1/8 mile affair and there were a few timing glitches past half track.

Winners were:

Race 1 Class Race 2 Class

Willy Oliver

Ray Bollinger

Al Quigley

Gerald Patzer

Matt MacKay Smith

Julie Ross

Jr Dragster

Pro Bracket

Super Pro



High School

Scott Sikora

Riley Niarn

Al MacKay Smith

Kaelyn Bollinger

Dale Rose

Julie Ross

Jr Dragster


Super Pro



High School

Their next race is May 29-30th. It will be a regular bracket double header as well as the North West Street Outlaws. (Drag Radial class), and the NW Outlaws (Blown Alcohol Six second race cars).



March 26, 2015

Schedules for NW tracks are as follows.

British Columbia
Prince George (waiting for schedule)
Thunder Mountain no schedule posted yet



March 20, 2015

Pacific Raceways is running a test n tune on Sunday as well as a NHRA chassis cert. A number of local cars will head south including a debut for Jessica Armstrong in a dragster. Good luck to all the locals.


Locally Mission Raceway is working on Concrete issues and hope to have their plans announced by the end of next week. A couple notable changes are worth mentioning including the Langley Loafers event will see Saturday night qualifying for the first time ever. The Double A Gassers and up to four Nitro burning Fuel Altereds will be featured. Very Cool!!!!

A new Pro Mod series will debut this season with two or possibly three races at Mission, the Western Drag Racing League (WDRL) will compete at both Mission and Edmonton, with Pro Mods, Top Sportsman and Open Comp (both tracks) as well as JB's ultimate Shootout at Edmonton. The shootout includes three different 1/8 mile classes. More info coming very soon. The series is the brainchild of Castrol announcer Rome Awde and Joe Delehay. Any Pro Mod racers wanting more info contact Joe Dehehay.


The 7.0 winner was Jess Adams over a red lighting Kenny Buzdas. Mike Peck lost in the semi finals to Buzdas and Joey Steckler will be kicking himself as he went red but ran an awesome 7.03 in the 1/4 finals. His opponent ran a slowing 7.30. Ouch Joey, I feel for you, but a good weekend anyway. Jimmy Fersch lost in the second round as he was a bit late on the tree.

Mike Peck went to the semi finals.



March 7, 2015


A tough day for #4 qualifier Tim Nemeth in round one at the March Meet. He took on #13 Brad Thompson who ran a 5.96 best. Tim and Brad Left within .01 of each other and it looked like Tim was on a good lap, but at 400 feet the car moved around a bit and it seemed to lose some power. Thompson drove around Tim by 700 feet and won with a 6.05 to a slowing 6.24.

NW Driver Kris Krabill took out Cory Lee in round one,


#1 qualifier Dan Horan barely beat Spokane's Chris Davis. Davis ran a career best 6.00 to qualify #16 in the tough 31 car field. Davis got a .04 holeshot and looked to be well on his way to victory and a career best when he started to move around in his lane and he had to slow in the back half. That allowed Horan to drive around him at 1000 feet.



March 5, 2015


7.0 pro saw One Canadian qualify in the top half and one run too quick. Joey Steckler went 7.07/197 to qualify #7 Thursday. Jimmy Fersch went way too quick running a 6.80/205. And Mike Peck was off pace with a 7.31.


The shot heard 'round the NFC camps was John Hale's 5.66/244 in the brand new "One Bad Texan Camaro". Chilliwack's Tim Nemeth was off the throttle early, as the scoreboards lit up to a 10 second et. Only one of ther car was in the '5's. That was Cory Lee. He ran a early shut-off 5.98/205 In the 'Back in Black' GTO.


March 4, 2015

Wednesday test session

Below left is Drayton Valley's Jimmy Fersch in the Pro 7.0 class. Below right is Kris Kraill in the Austin/O'Brien NFC. They are one of the favorites.

Bob Snyder photos

Shane Harter in Washintgon's 'Nasty Dave' Benjamin's Fuel Altered.

Qualifying starts today with all classes except the three nitro classes.

March 4, 2015

SpeedZone Magazine is proud to have JB's Power Centre on board as the title sponsor of SpeedzoneMagazine.com. JB's is one of Canada's leaders in providing High Performance automotive products. It is also the home of BFR, Bell/Fiscus Racing, one of NHRA's leading Promod teams. Jim Bell one two of N. America's toughest Pro Mod events in 2014, "Shakedown at the Summit" and "Anarchy at the Arch". Kevin Fiscus finished #7 in the NHRA series last year. Kevin will debut the revamped 2012 Mustang that Bell drove to start last year and it will have brand new Pro Line Hemi power, one of only a few teams to run the 2015 Pro Line Hemi. We will have more on the team as well and a brand new top banner for the web site in just a few days. We are less than 10 days away from the first NHRA Pro Mod event of the season.


March 1, 2015

Final round results from the Phoenix Divisional:

In TAD, Joey Severance picks up almost a tenth from his earlier best run with a strong 5.239/271. He could of just launched in the final though as Chris Demke, breaks on the burnout and is shut off. It had the makings of a good final round though as Demke ran a 5.27 in the semis. Shawn Cowie lost a close one to Severance in the semis. It was a 5.30 for Joey to a 5.34 for Shawn. In a notable non sighting, no Don St. Arnaud at Phoenix after his solid race at Pomona. From what I heard Don will compete for the world championship this year, as he will run up to 17 events.

Canadian and Division Six competitor results from the Phoenix Divisional.

Comp Eliminator In a round one heads up race, Justin Lamb driving Edmonton Ken Reich's Cobalt ran Jeff Lane. They are two of the best B/SMA competitors in the NHRA. Lane got a .03 holeshot and held on to win with a 7.979 to a quicker 7.956. Lane went on to win the event over a red lighting Idaho's Ralph Van Paepeghem. Division Six gets the win at back to back NHRA events at Phoenix.
Top Sportsman

Round two was the furthest any Canadian driver went in Top Sportsman. Mike Ferderer lost in round four and Shane Molinari lost in round three.

Here Alberta's Rod Hymas defeated a red lighting Graham Foster (from BC) in round one. (Snyder photos) Hymas lost in round two.

Dean Bettenson's new TS Camaro. He shut off early in a round one loss.

Top Dragster

Phoenix National winner Trevor Ritchie below, (from Edmonton) had the best result of NW drivers, losing in the 1/4 finals.

Super Stock

Tom Nolan from Alberta went to the semi finals. He lost to the event runner-up Andrew Durham. The other 10 Division Six and Alberta drivers were gone by round three.

Last weeks Nat'l runner-up Don Thomas was gone early this weekend.

Stock Alberta's Norm Lapointe lost in round three and Washington's MArk Faul lost in round four.
Super Gas No Div 6 Super Gas competitors went past the 1/4's. Ken Mostowich lost in round one as did Bobby Halina. Victoria's Ed Hutchinson went to round three. Division Six's Don Anderson lost in round five (1/4 finals).
Super Comp Dick VanderMeer lost in the semi finals to Steve Williams. Alberta's Scott Taylor and Ken Mostowich lost in round one.
Super Street Division Six's Doug Jones, Gary Erickson and Jim Mabry lost in round one.

Final round results:

Jeff Lane, North Bend, Wash., '10 Cobalt, B/SMA, 9.815, 93.37 def.
Ralph Van Paepeghem, Garden Valley, Idaho, '32 Bantam, A/EA, foul.

Andrew Durham, Monrovia, Calif., '11 Challenger, FSS/E, 9.216, 146.00 def.
Mike Graham, Tempe, Ariz., '00 Mustang, GT/HA, 10.454, 126.39.

Jimmy DeFrank, Thousand Oaks, Calif., '69 Camaro, B/SA, 10.690, 122.23 def.
Steve Wann, Modesto, Calif., '62 Fury, A/SA, 10.281, 127.78.

Jimmy DeFrank, Thousand Oaks, Calif., '69 Camaro, B/SA, 10.690, 122.23 def.
Steve Wann, Modesto, Calif., '62 Fury, A/SA, 10.281, 127.78.

Bobby Mirizio, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., '15 Spitzer, 8.939, 164.11 def.
Steve Williams, Beaumont, Calif., '14 TNT, 8.966, 164.41.

Peter Zak, Torrance, Calif., '27 Ford, 9.917, 144.44 def.
Steve Williams, Beaumont, Calif., '63 Corvette, 9.923, 170.67.

David Kiesel, Desert Hills, Ariz., '76 Vega, 10.929, 125.22 def.
Robert Pancer, Mesa, Ariz., '55 Chevrolet, 10.942, 135.43.

Ed Olpin, Pleasant Grove, Utah, '68 Camaro, 7.308, 180.72 def.
Doug Bracey, Vallejo, Calif., '99 Monte Carlo, 7.640, 176.07.

Jesse Adams, Yuba City, Calif., '02 Davis, 6.132, 225.90 def.
Jr Lobner, Gardner, Kan., '08 Mullis, 6.748, 194.58.

Mike Burkhart, Huntington Beach, Calif., '97 Suzuki Gsxr, 8.158, 160.18 def.
John Coburn, Mesa, Ariz., '96 Buell S1, 10.812, 119.38.

February 28, 2015

The First West Coast NHRA Divisional event is this weekend at Phoenix. A huge car count in both Top Dragster and Top Sportsman includes no less than 8 NW driver in Top Dragster including last week winner Trevor Ritchie and four other Albertans, and 8 Top Sportsman drivers including 6 Albertans. Comp Eliminator has 16 in the field including 6 from Division 6. Debuting in Comp Eliminator is Ray Martin (Ex Hugh Ridley TAD driver) driving an all new Blown 53 Corvette Pro Mod. BC Driver Shawn Cowie sits #6 in TAD with a 5.36/269. Martin is doing double duty, driving both Team Maddern's second TAD and driving his brand new Pro Mod. Martin sits in third in the TAD, but he had issues with the Pro Mod.

Bob Snyder photos

11 Super Stocks from the NW are in attendance including 7 from Alberta. Eight Stockers traveled south from the NW and 5 are BC or Alberta drivers. The Super classes have a bunch of NW racers and we will have the names when round one info is posted.

They are trying to bump up the race to finish today due to bad weather forecasted for Sunday.

Qualifying results are posted.


February 25, 2015

Here is the official announcement on the Eagle Motorplex rejoining the NHRA.

The tear down is complete. 2 1/2 months is not a lot of time, hopefully the band is prepared to work around the clock to get the new tower ready.


One of the coolest notices I have received in a long time regarding Mission Raceway is the announcement from the Hot Rod class that the legendary Hairy Canary Willys will be back on the track in 2015. This was oe of the most famous local cars from back in the 60's and at the old track.

(submitted photo)

Hairy Canary which has not raced since 1968 at Mission raceway previously owned by Bert Straiton with a 301 injected Chevy has been restored by Dave Love and will be racing periodically with the Hot Rod Racers Association

Join this nostalgic fun with the H.R.R.A as there is an annual general meeting on March 7 at noon at Mission Raceway tower, 2nd floor.

Also HRRA is hosting a fundraiser at "Kennedy's Pub" on March 14 starting at 11:30am
11906 88 avenue Delta BC.
There will be a complimentary burger with participation and Texas Mickey draw as well as a 50/50 draw.
Thanks hope to see you there!


February 23, 2015

Final updates for Canadian and NW racers at Phoenix (Earlier round results are in February 22 headlines).

Comp Eliminator Ken Reich (car owner from Edmonton) and Justin Lamb (driver from California) is proving to be a good combination and Lamb gets the win in Comp or the Pomona winner Alan Ellis. That is two wins in the last two races the two have combined in. Dale Giroux lost in round two. Jeff Lane (Washington) lost in round three. Ralph Van Paepeghem (Idaho) lost round one. Aaron Strong (Washington) lost in round one.
Top Sportsman Both Graham Foster and Mike Williams (BC and Alberta) advanced to round three, but could not get to the 1/4 finals.
Top Dragster Trevor Ritchie made it to the final round where he got the big win over Division 1's John Taylor.
Super Stock

Alberta's Don Thomas defeated Washington's Mark Faul in round three in a heads up race and Thomas advance all the way to the final where he was defeated by Kansas' Phil Unruh.

Stock Calgary's Bob Gullet lost in the 1/4 finals.
Super Gas No Div 6 racer made it past round two.
Super Comp Alberta's Bobby Halina lost in a double breakout round four race.

In the Pro classes, It was Tony Schumacher winning in Phoenix as he defeated a game Doug Kalitta in the final round of Top Fuel. The 'Shoe' ran a career best 3.720/326 to Kalitta's 3.758/325. Matt Hagan doubled up winning back to back races to start the 2015 season. He defeated Del Worsham in the final round of Funny Car. He ripped off a track record 3.975 to Worsham's quicker leaving but .03 back 4.010. Hagan also ran 324.83 mph in the win. Roger Brogdon defeated team mate Erica Enders Stevens in the Pro Stock final round.

February 22, 2015


Local X 275 drag racers Nick and Vanessa Richards are down at "Lights Out 6" in Georgia this weekend, and having a blast.


Final qualifying from Phoenix is posted.

NW including BC, Washington and Alberta racer results from Phoenix after Saturday are as follows:

Comp Eliminator Dale Giroux (Alberta) qualified well (#6) with a 6.95 and won round one. Jeff Lane (Washington) qualified #4 and won round one. Gary Anderson (Washington) lost in round one. Ralph Van Paepeghem (Idaho) lost round one. Aaron Strong (Washington) lost in round one. Justin Lamb in Edmonton 's Ken Reich Cobalt qualified in the top 4 and is off to round two.
Top Sportsman A number of Alberta drivers are competing this weekend including Div 6 champ Rod Hymas. He qualified in the top half but broke out by .007 in round one. Mike Lucas lost in round two. Both Graham Foster and Mike Williams (BC and Alberta) have advanced to round three. Ray Martin (Alaska) lost in round two.
Top Dragster Three Alberta drivers in TD. Keri Ebertz failed to qualify but Gordie Castle and Trevor Ritchie made the 6.98 bump. Castle lost in round one and Richie is off to round three. He had a .008 package, including a perfect light in round two.
Super Stock Six BC and Alberta drivers and 4 Washington drivers are competing. Only Washington's Mark Faul and Steve Schwab are racing Sunday. Abbotsford's Darrell Stobbe lost in round one.
Stock 3 Washington and 3 Alberta Drivers are in Stock this weekend including the #1 and 2 qualifiers. Brad Burton and Ryan Warter lost in round three and Calgary's Bob Gullett is off to the 1/4's.
Super Gas Will Yakimetz (Alberta) is the only WC Canadian driver to reach round two. No Washington drivers made it to round two. Dianne Anderson (ID) is in round
Super Comp Albertan's Len Mayer, Scott Taylor and Bobby Halina made it to round two. Halina made it to round four but lost a double breakout.


February 20, 2015

A number of changes coming in the next couple weeks, formatting, features etc. SpeedZone will look and read different.

The Auto Zone Nationals at Phoenix are on this weekend.

Courtney leads after Friday in Funny Car, Tony Schumacher is #1 in Top Fuel and Erica Ender leads Pro Stock. This is the first National race for Top Sportsman and Top Dragster as well, with the 2015 season being the first for a National title in those two classes.

NHRA stirred up some controversy this week when it sent out letters to participants (or actors whatever) of the Discovery Channel TV show 'Street Outlaws'. Due to the nature of the show, the NHRA had threatened any licensed NHRA racers that compete on the show with losing their NHRA licenses. Seems fair to me. We will have more on this when the new look is debuted later this weekend.

The NHRA is also in the rumour news that they are actively pursuing a buyer for the top three professional classes.

One of the premier race tracks in Georgia got into and conflict with the NHRA and they switched over to IHRA in the last week. The track had undergone financial issues over the last couple years and a new owner did come in to take over the facility. They were working diligently to try and get the track ready for the NHRA LODRS event in early March, but NHRA felt the track would not be ready. After a number of weeks of talk between the two, the track decided to drop the sanctioning and make the switch to the "I". They will likely get a Nitro Jam in 2016 for sure but maybe even the end of this year.

"Lights Out IV" from SGMP is also on. Cool temperatures at South Georgia (in the 35-50 degree Fahrenheit range) have greeted the racers and fans.

Jim Bell and Kevin Fiscus are a two car pro mod team for the 2015 season.

Edmonton, Alberta - BELL / FISCUS RACING (BFR) is the newly-created partnership between two highly successful and talented Pro Mod drivers, Jim Bell and Kevin Fiscus.

The two have joined forces to most effectively utilize their resources and put forth a tremendous racing effort for the 2015 season. Bell, owner of Canadian auto parts superstore operation JB's Power Centre and wholesale division; Dix Performance North located in Edmonton and Calgary AB. will be the team's primary sponsor. That said, Bell and Fiscus are actively pursuing sponsorship opportunities.

In April of 2014 during a PDRA event at Rockingham Dragway, Bell 's car got loose at the 660 ft. mark and he had a very serious high speed crash with his turbocharged Ford Mustang. This car is currently being completely rebuilt by Larry Larson at Larson Race Cars along with a new Mike Moran carbon fiber body. Kevin's new ride will be powered by a Twin turbo Pro Line Racing Hemi along with a Quick Drive equipped 3-speed Lenco transmission and the a new state of the art .. Fueltech. EFI system
The Mustang should be ready to make some test hits later on in the month of March once the repairs and upgrades are finished and Fiscus will then take over as the sole driver for the car. The team is aiming to re-debut the Mustang at the second NHRA race of the season at Houston, TX, followed by the PDRA race in Shreveport, LA. In the interim, Fiscus will continue to field the FKR ( Fiscus / Klugger ) Mustang, while Bell will continue to drive his turbocharged Proline 481X-powered '69 Camaro.

"I'm honored that Jim has such confidence in my driving and tuning abilities. It's a huge opportunity for me to be involved in a program of this caliber, and will allow me to test different things that I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise," stated Fiscus, who will also be managing tuning duties for both his and Bell's cars as the team's Crew Chief. Bell added that he was very excited for the opportunity to be able to race and be a team mate with Kevin who's been involved with fast door cars for over a decade ; both Drag Radial and last year was very successful with the FKR Pro Mod R2B2 built Mustang; In his first season in a Pro Mod; Kevin finished #7 overall in the NHRA Pro Mod class. Kevin is not only a respected and skilled driver but he has proven to be a very capable tuner and crew chief."

Plans for the Bell /Fiscus Racing (BFR) team in 2015 include running the entire 10-race NHRA Pro Mod schedule, as well as the full 10 race series of PDRA both competing in the Pro Boost class. The team will also be competing at the Street Car Super Nationals races in St. Louis, Missouri and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as at the Shakedown at the Summit in Norwalk, Ohio.

The team's operations will be based out of Pro Line Racing in Ball Ground, Georgia, where the cars will also be housed and maintained.

February 17, 2015

Sorry to hear of the passing of Division Six team member Steve Denbo. RIP. Condolences to his family.

February 11, 2015

A sad day as long time BCCCA member Terry Cooper passed away. He had been a recognizable Mission Raceway personnel since the late 60's. The last decade, manning his scooter in front of the tower. He will be missed by many. Condolences go out to his family.


February 9, 2014

Elimination results from Tucson are posted. In Funny Car, Tim Boychuk and the Hawaiian made it to the semi finals as did Kris Krabill in the Ausitn O'Brian Funny Car and Mark Sanders lost in round one.

February 9, 2015

Huge numbers were produced by the A/Fuel cars at Pomona as no less than three cars ran career best ets. None were more stout than Edmonton Alberta's Don St. Arnaud as he reset the eight year old MPH record. He blasted to a new best of 285.35. Don had an earlier back up run of 282.72. He also ripped off a 5.221 to qualify #1 for the first time. Congrat's to Don for the record run. Hopefully we see him back in Canada for the LODRS at Mission Raceway in June.

Megan McKernan also ran a career best, a 5.227 at a career best 275. Cameron Ferre also ran a career best et and speed. The Larry Mersch owned TAD ran a 5.238@ 280.02.


February 8, 2015

TAD was won by the world champions Chris Demke. He defeated BC favorite Shawn Cowie in the final round.

TAFC saw Cowie teammate Brian Hough also runner-up. He was defeated by Jonnie Lindberg. The Swede was on fire all weekend long running in the 5.4's all weekend long.

Full results including record runs in TAD in the next couple days.


February 1, 2015

Congratulations to Barry and Shelly Siebert (owners of "Beans to You" coffee house at Mission Raceway) and daughter Camille, owner of the PIG Bernard. They and the two brothers from Maple Ridge who made the commercial finished second in the Doritos Super Bowl commerical ("When Pigs Fly"). They were the Doritos executive's pick, and the "Middle Seat" was the voters pick. It won the "Million".

Oh ya, there was a football game, and unfortunately one bad play at the one yard line cost the Seattle Seahawks the game. 28-24 for New England.



January 30, 2015

Calendars are now on Sale for $8.95

multi packs 3-5 multipak are now up to $18.00 off reg price.

Go here for the 2015 Speedzone Magazine Drag racing calendars

Go here for the 2015 Speedzone Magazine Drag racing calendars

January 29, 2015

Hemi Calendars are back. After three years away, they are back with 12 teams featured in a 13 month calendar.

Special thanks to HemiShootout.net for their contributions and to Doug Walker for supplying many photos for the calendar. Included is the national record holder and 2 event winner in 2014 Gary Wolkwitz. 11 others from all over the continent.

Samples and ordering info will be posted Thursday afternoon.

Dave Connolly made the highlight reels as he gets his rookie season underway


January 25, 2015

Guess who's car this is? It is another Western Canada Turbo Car built by RH. A new car page will be up soon.

January 24, 2015

Tim Boychuk's new look for 2015


Hale is a long time supporter and participant in the Nostalgia Funny Car calendars SpeedZone produces and we wish him good luck for the 2015 season. Go get em John!!!!!!




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December 31, 2014 Happy New year

Calendars 2015 Funny Car Pro Mod, Top Sportsman, Doorslammer (and Hemi coming in the middle of January)

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