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Current Drag Racing Headlines

December 22, 2015

The first two Calendars will be ready for Shipping by Thursday of this week. A Pro Mod and a Top Sportsman/Top Dragster combo calendar are both just having their finishing touches put on them at the printer. Both are bitchin! The Doorslammer calendar just went on the press today and will be ready early next week.







Big news out of the Jim Bell Racing camp has Jim returning to a single driver (himself) for the 2016 season. "The cost was incredible in 2015 racing two cars at around 20 races is like four seasons of NHRA Pro Mod. While it was a great time and Kevin Fiscus is one of the best out there (no one wants to race more than Kevin), I have to step back a bit. Jim has two quality cars and will race one in the NHRa and the other at PDRA and other events in 2016.

SpeedZone wishes both racers a great 2016. Both of Bell's Pro Mods are featured in the 2016 Pro Mod Calendar.


Still rumors abound regarding John Force having Alan Johnson in his brain trust for the 2016 season.

Locally the 2016 schedules are up at both the Mission Raceway web site (which will be undergoing a facelift for the 2016 season) and the Eagle Motorplex web site. A SpeedZone Magazine picture is the main picture on the web site right now. It is the awesome shot taken by Robert Hunter from the last weekend of September with the Dave O'Hara boomer.

Ya this shot.



December 12, 2015

Congratulations to Edmonton Pro Mod racer Jim Bell for this major award this evening at the PDRA 2015 banquet. Well deserved.

In the NHRA silly season, it was announced just the day after we reported it that Leah Pritchett has signed on wuth a team for 2015. It was with Bob Vandergriff Racing and she will replace Larry Dicon. Quaker State has come on as a makor sponsor to the team. Larry will remain with the team.

DECEMBER 10, 2015



Two pretty major oversights by the dumbass editor (me) from the SCSN at Vegas. One of the local teams who are regular competitors in the Doorslammer class at MRP, and have stepped up their program over the last year and a half is Rod LeClaire and his team from Victoria. This season was a short one for Rod as they had engine issues early on and were delayed in parts arrival. They managed to get out in August and September and then headed South for the first time at Street Car. They did not have huge expectations heading down to the race, they were more interested in fine tuning their mild Nitrous setup and were hoping for high 6.80's or low 6.90's at right around 200 mph. The only class they fit in was Pro Mod for heads up racing (they have never run a small tire or 10.5 tire). They ran a best of a 7.01 and had Various issues come up throughout the weekend. They raced Garrett Richards in round one and while Richards had issuers in the round Rod coasted after rattling the tires. Richards advanced. Rod and the team will add a bit more power for 2016 and hope to be a consistent 6 second performer. (Bob Snyder, Steve Carlton and Paul Fercho photos).

Secondly here are galleries promised from Street Car:


Thursday and Friday gallery

Saturday and Sunday Gallery



December 9, 2015

The new look for Elite Racing.

In what has been rumored (and known) for more than a month, Elite Performance confirms that Mopar will be the main sponsor for Elite Racing. The long time sponsor for Allen Johnson Racing has switched alliances with the most dominant Pro Stock team over the last two years. Erica Enders and Jeg Coughlin will fly the Mopar colors with the new EFI under the Dodge Dart bodies. The team will still have a Chevrolet presence though as Vince Nobile and Drew Skillman will have Chevrolet power and Camaro Bodies. Elite Performance with the Freeman family, the Jones family, Nick Ferro, and crew chiefs Brian Self and Mark Ingersoll.


Shawn Langdon has signed on with DSR full time for 2016. The means all three Top Fuel cars in the team have past and current world Champions behind the wheel. That signing could mean the Alan Johnson may be on his way to John Force Racing. No major sponsor is on the horizon for Johnson and JFR did let go Brittany's crew Chief Todd Smith. Could be a big game changer for Force. Leah Pritchett is also rumored to have found a home in Top Fuel, after Dote Racing announced they were suspending operations for the foreseable future. It is said to be on an established two car team. The current two car teams are: Dixon-Connolly, Kalitta-JR Carr, Torrence-Torrence and Crampton-Lucas.....hmm!

December 4, 2015

Here is Spring Fling 1,000,000.00 details. Click on the poster or the S.F. logo above to go to the event web site. Right now they are holding raffles for entry into the Million.

Event schedule

Tuesday April 12 free test n tune and dragster shootout.

Wednesday April 13 $10k to win.

Thursday April 14 $20k to win.

Friday April 15 Spring Fling Million Main Event.

Saturday April 16 $20k to win.

Sunday April 17 Racer Travel Day.

*This will be a one class event (s/pro only).


December 1, 2015

Here are all the champions for 2015 at Mission Raceway (Al Omond is missing). The full story and photos are here.

Jim Behnke won the "1st annual Stefan Kondoly Memorial Trophy" for the "Racer of the Year" at MRP. Well deserved. The full listing is here.


November 30, 2015

Bell/Fiscus Racing final event press release is posted.


November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American faithful. We hope you had a great day.

Speedzone is getting into calendar mode right now so for the next three weeks it will be hair straight back. The plan is to produce a Fast Doorcar/Top Sportsman calendar, A Pro Mod Calendar a Nostalgia Funny Car calendar, a Canada West Doorslammer calendar and possibly a Super Stock Hemi calendar and Top Dragster Calendar. If you team and car fit one of these categories please contact us and we will give you the details.

We have a couple SCSN galleries to be posted in the next day or two.

November 23, 2015

midnight update:

Final round sheets for all classes are posted. More photos to come in the next couple days.

10:00 pm update

Talked with Steve Nicholson after his great weekend and he did inform me that in fact he wanted to race and his opponent did not want to in the 1/4 mile 10.5 vs Radial final. Likely due to the time weather etc, and for that Steve was gracious enough to split the purse. Again congrats for your second victory circle in three years at the biggest Door car race on the West Coast.

9:00 am update

Steve Nicholson goes to his second final round in Outlaw 10.5 at Las Vegas. He was set to face Dave Paddock (the Radial winner) in the final round, but with a 12:30-1:00 am final round on an extremely cold track the two teams made the decision to split the pot and flip a coin for the trophy. Steve won the toss and is declared the 2015 champion. He will take home $5,750.00 for his efforts (Split winners and r/u purses in US= approx $7,500.00). To reach the overall final in the 1/4 mile class he raced Paja Agatonovic in the 10.5 tire final and won with a 6.465/210 over Paja's 6.586/210. Paddock the other 10.5 vs Radial finalist defeated Josh Klugger 6.527/231 - 6.539/225, in a very close final round. It potentially would have been an epic final, but safety concerns prevailed. Congrat's to Steve and his team.

In the 1/8th mile 10.5 vs Radial final, it was #1 overall qualifier Jason Michalak in his screw blown Corvette taking on #3 qualifier Nick Agostino. Agostino broke in his 1/8th mile 10.5 final round win (4.04/190) over a tire smoking Dean Bettenson and could not make the overall final. Michalek was the only driver to run in the 3.'s with a 3.95 best. Agostino ran a 4.016 in his 10.5 1/8th mile semi final round over Paja Agatonovic.

In Outlaw Pro Mod, it was Troy Coughlin defeating Andrew Berry. Coughlin was a 5.60 machine running a 5.689/273 to an off pace 6.82/149. Berry had a huge task in this one as he was a 1/10th back at least.

Troy's son lost in the semi finals of legal Pro Mod. In that final it was Clint Hairston running away with the field as he was the only 5.70's car running a 5.75/255 to defeat Kevin Fiscus. Fiscusran his best pass of the weekend but a 5.912/249 was a long way from Hairston's 5.70's.

In 275 Drag Radial, Neil Richards lost in the semi finals to #1 qualifier Chris Groves (Richards smoked the tires). In the final of 275 it was Jacky McCarty over Chase Driskall.

In Extreme Drag Radial, John Urist defeated Roger Rydell in a great side by side. Urist left first by .05 and both drivers ran 4.39's. Urist's holeshot was the difference as his 4.399/165.88 defeated Rydell's 4.392/176.56.

In 8.5, Kelowna driver Jordie Lazic lost in the 2nd round to #1 qualifier Ryan Jones but it was Jason Collins defeating Anthony Smith in the final on a holeshot, 4.890 - 4.854.

Ryan Johnson lost to Anthony Guida in Open Comp in the 1/4 finals and Ross Walker went to the fitth round of Non Electronics. He lost to J. Hoorn.

Full results will be posted later Monday on the SCSN page here.

November 22, 2015

3:30 update

Greg Henschell broke and was unable to make the call for 275. Neil Richards barely won his round one match-up, but was coasting on the top end. Not sure if he will make round two. John DeJonge lost in round one of Super Index and in round two of Open Comp. He hurt the motor in round two. Jordie won his round one race.

2:00pm update:

A bunch of early exits and breakage for local NW teams in Pro Mod, 10.5, and other classes Sunday morning. Ken Sihota's career best run last night came with a bunch of damage unfortunately and he was unable to make the call for round one in either 10.5 class. Roy Moznik suffered a similar fate. He came up to the lanes this morning but was unable to make the burnout box. Nick Duda won round one in both 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile but he broke after the burnout in 1/8 mile round two. Not sure if he will make round two of 1/4 mile. Steve Nicholson is off to round two in 1/4 mile 10.5. Paja Agatonovic is off to round three in 1/8th mile. Alberta's Dean Bettenson is off to round three in 1/8th mile in his big inch Camaro. In 8.5, Justin Gallant did break and he was unable to make elimination's in 8.5 and had to bow out in round two of Open Comp. Yvonne Lucas had a huge lead in Pro Mod round one but she broke at half track and her opponent Cole Dow drove around her. Dale Pedersen is still in in Pro Mod, he gets Troy Coughlin Jr in round two. Paul Glandon also lost in round one when he was off the gas early and Dan Vogt was the lucky recipient. Jim Bell got timed out in round one of Pro Mod, his opponent Dan McKune dumped both bulbs and Jim was to slow to stage. Garrett Richards advances despite his car rocking and rolling all the way down track. Neil Richards and Jordan Lazic (below) have yet to run in their respective classes but both are top half qualifiers should they should advance. The same for Greg Henschel (below right) in 275, he is one of the favorites (facebook photos).


9:00am update

Final qualifiying and elimination's sheets for SCSN 11 are posted.

November 21, 2015

A wild and explosive day of qualifying at Las Vegas

Randy Walker had a crazy run in the final qualifier for Pro Mod. It was his only attempt of the weekend and it did not go as planned as you can see. I watched it on BangShift and it happened so quick that I am amazed Bob got the shot. DragZine also got a good one.

Troy Coughlin and John Stanley made one of the quickest and fastest side by sides in history and certainly the quickest ever on the West Coast. But this side by side was only good enough for #2 and #3 in Outlaw Pro Mod.......

.......Paul Mouhayet takes #1 with a stellar 5.56.5/267.85.

Ken Sihota has proven he is one of the BEST anywhere in Outlaw 10.5, He is #2 in the 1/4 mile here and is #5 in the 1/8 mile. He improved on his career best (1/8th mile) twice. The last one may have been expensive though as serious sparks were out of the car at the 1/8 mile stripe.

Nick Duda is solid in 10.5 and is in the middle of the pack and is ready for Sunday in both 1/8 and 1/4 mile. Steve Nicholson is also on track after a two year struggle. He won here in 2013 and today ripped off a 6.44 today to sit in the top five. He is ready for Sunday.

Roy Moznik made two great runs so far (both in the 6.40's) but was absent Saturday. Hopefully he is ready to go Sunday.

Paul Glandon had a strong result last year at Vegas and his last run was a great 5.936/247. He is #7 and will race Robert Costa in round one.

Another Ouch!! Nick Kinkade in 275 had this launch boomer

Perry Thyr made a bunch of mid 4 second runs in 10.5.

Justin Gallant double classed this weekend running both 8.5 (which he failed to qualify) and Open Comp, a class he has had success in. Good luck tomorrow.



November 20, 2015

Friday action.

A tough Friday for Calgary's Mike Walterson as he had a tire let go right in the lights on what likely would have been a 6.90 pass. The tire tore up a bit of the left rear body, but He kept the car off the wall and in his own lane. Unfortunately he is done for the weekend.
Jim Bell made a solid lap in round one of qualifying, turning in a 5.92/247. He sits #4. In round two he was off the loud pedal at 1100 feet and slowed to a 5.97
Paul Glandon got his front end repaired after an early season ouch. It looks good! He turned on a 6.00/245
Troy Coughlin is in the Outlaw Pro Mod class along with only 5 others. He is #3 with a 5.683/271. He also won the run for the cash Thursday night with a 5.68/268. Paul Mouhayet is #2 just .003 back. John Stanley is #3 with a 5.780/228.
Neil Richards is running 275 and is in the middle of the pack with a 5.07




Ken Sihota is running 1/8 mile this weekend and is near the top of the field. He was off the throttle early in round one then layed down a great 4.11/179. In the third session he ripped off a career best 4.06/180. The top six range from 4.00 - 4.09.











In other local team news, Roy Moznik ran back to back career bests a 6.48 then a 6.46/212 to nail down #1 in 10.4 (1/4 mile). That field has 16 cars (surprisingly low) while the after Friday. 1/8 MILE has 48 cars. Steve Nicholson is struggling so far in 1/4 mile, But Nick Duda did what he set out to do this weekend and that is run a '6' at 200 mph. In the first session today he made his career best run with a 6.99/200. He is #7 so far. Way to go Nick, too bad your dad isn't there with you, but you have a bunch of friends to offer their congrat's (Facebook photo).









Perry Thyr is running 10.5 this weekend (1/8 mile), and is 23 out of 48 cars. He ran a 4.48 in round two.

One of many explosions or mihaps on a long Friday.





Dale Pedersen is just outside the 5 second zone with a 6.068 / 235 best. He is #12.











Kevin Fiscus is # 7 with a 5.97 in Jim Bell's newly rebuilt Mustang.



November 19, 2015

The last big race of the 2015 season is this weekend.

STREET CAR SUPERNATIONALS 11. SpeedZone is there and we will be covering the entire event. A huge number of NW racers are competing in a variety of classes. We will have web page with all the results starting late Thursday.



Tomorrow is a big day for a couple local Jr Dragster racers. They will be on TV. YTV's "The Zone" airs between 4:00pm and 6:00pm Friday November 20th. Sydney Jung and Willy Oliver are the two "STARS".

Sydney and Willy both had a busy day (and no school, yahoo. Starting early in the morning a week ago, the two kids along with their crew chiefs Trevor Lowe and Jacquie Tillar (Willy's mom) arrived at the track and started their set-up. 'The Zone's" Carlos Bustamante (Host of the show, arrived with the crew and he actually did a bit of driving in a race car as well. The kids ran through their routine and answered a bunch of questions such as:

Here was their busy schedule:

Part 1 - Carlos interviews you about Junior Thunder Drag Racing:
Part 2 - Sydney and William mock race Runs on track: and

Here are some questions that YTV might ask about Junior Thunder Drag racing.

How did you get involved in Drag Racing?
How old are you?
How can other Kids get involved?
What have you learned from racing?
What type of car do you race? Do you work on it?
How can CAN it go? How fast do most beginners go?
What advice do you have for anyone who might be nervous to try racing?

Then Carlos got his chance in a GT car.

GT Race (With Chris Swinwood)

Part 1 - Carlos interviews Chris about GT Race Experience and what to expect:
Part 2 - Carlos suiting up, learning about the car, safety, etc. Road Racing 101: and
Part 3 - On track activities:
Run A - Carlos drives solo (or vice versa):
Run B - demonstration - Race Ride. Carlos is the passenger.

Way to go kids sound like an awesome time. Looking forward to seeing you on TV.


Here are a couple NHRA Las Vegas Divisional gallerys from two weeks ago.


Thursday and Friday gallery
Saturday Gallery
Sunday Gallery


November 16, 2015


(Earlier shot of Joey winning at Seaatle)

Lindberg at Las Vegas photo

What an NHRA World Finals weekend!!!!!

Del Worsham, absolutely a fan favorite took out the Funny Car juggernaut that is Don Schumacher racing. Coming into the finals DSR had three teams (Jack Beckman, Ron Capps and Tommy Johnson Jr.) in the hunt for the title, and the fourth member of the team, Matt Hagan, who won last year's title, could play a role in deciding who was going to be the 2015 champ. Del was in the driver's seat having a two round advantage over Jack Beckman heading into final elimination's. The two were on the same side of the ladder and if they had the first two rounds as wins they would meet up in the semi finals. Well that all played out. But it was still not in the bag for Beckman. If Jack was to defeat Del, he would still need to win in the final round (against one of his team mates) to clinch.

That scenario did not have to play out though as Del won going away. Beckman got a big .03 starting line advantage and looked to have the advantage for the first 200 feet, but he had to slap the throttle just after when his car started to lose traction. That was all Del needed as he stayed on the loud pedal and took the win with a 3.92 to 4.08 win

The title was his. He is one of three drivers to win championships in both fuel classes. Gary Scelzi and Kenny Bernstein are the others. He went on to win the race over Tommy Johnson Jr, who suffered the same traction issues as his team mate from the prior round. Beckman finished second in the points and TJ was third. Team Force were way down the standings in 6th and 7th.



In TAD the title can down to two BAD drivers heading into the final day. Chris Demke lead Joey Severance was just one round back. Demke could not earn points at this race and Severance had to reach the finals to earn the win. After a round two win, Joey was tied with Demke (I am not sure on the tie breaker in that situation), and he had to face good friend Shawn Cowie. Cowie was finding some solid performance over the last couple races and you know the Cowie team wanted to end the season with back to back wins. Joey got a .02 starting line advantage and extended his lead to the finish line. Cowie had a bit of a tire rattle at the top of first gear, and ran a 5.33 to Joey's 5.28. Severance was the champion. He went on to win the race over first time finalist David Sheetz 5.27 to a slowing 6.50.





In TAFC it was the first ever European champion in the history of the NHRA when Jonnie Lindberg earned the title. It was a three way race between Lindberg, Annie Whiteley and John Lombardo Jr. heading to the event. Lindberg lead by one point over Whiteley to start the event but a round one win for Whiteley meant she could throw away a first round loss and take over the lead by 10 points. That lead did not last long though as she lost in round two (tire shake) and Lindberg advanced. Lindberg clinched the title with a semi final win over Mickey Ferro. Lombardo also advanced to the final round but his title hopes were dashed when Lindberg reached that plateau. The solace for Lombardo was the win in the final round over Lindberg in a fantastic side by side 5.4 second race. John got a .012 holeshot but the down low power of the European's car drove around him through half track. Lindberg has a .023 edge at half track, but the top end power of the NAPA backed Chevy closed that gap in half by 1000 feet. In the last 320 feet he continued to draw him in and at the finish lines he took the stripe by a foot (.0027) 5.445/273 to quicker 5.439/267. Wow what a final. Lindberg wins the title by 2 points over Lombardo. Whiteley finishes in 3rd 12 points back.




Andrew Hines was the other Pro to win the championship on the final day at Pomona. Here are the 2015 World champions: To left to right Del Worsham and Antron Brown.

Bottom left to right: Andrew Hines and Erica Enders-Stevens

The Sportsman world Champions are:

Comp: Craig Bourgeois,
Super Stock: Justin Lamb,
Stock: Kevin Helms,
Super Comp: Kevin Brannon,
Super Gas: Jacob Elrod,
Top Sportsman: Jeff Barker

Top Dragster: Marco Abruzzi



November 14, 2015

Mike Shannon's chase is over. Mike had a close battle in round two but came out on the wrong side of the stripe against Robert Nabor. Congratulations to Kevin Brannon. So all the Sportsman champions have been determined. Top Alcohol Dragster and Funny Car are left as well as Nitro Funny Car and Pro Stock Motorcycle. Chris Demke lost in round one but was out of races anyway and Joey Severance will tie Demke with a round two win (but I think Demke wins the tie breaker). SO that means Joey has to reach the final round to overtake the Peen rite team driver. Don St Arnaud has made the most headlines though so far in TAD as he has gone over 280 on a couple occasions and ran 5.18 today in his round one win.

Don St. Arnaud (above) is on fire right now.

In TAFC, Doug Gordon was eliminated for the points battle, as he lost in round one to Terry Ruckman. Annie Whiteley won a pedalfest against Steve Gasparelli and moved 10 points ahead of Jonnie Lindberg who also won in the first round. The third driver with a shot in John Lombardo Jr. He won his round one match-up against Nick Januik with a 5.46/271. Lombardo ran a 5.42 in the final session of qualifying and the world's fastest ever speed in the class, 274.39 mph. His round one speed was 271.73 and it was fast enough for a back-up. Even though Both Lindberg and Whiteley won round one, only Whiteley gained a round as she had a 1st round loss to throw away. Lindberg can start to earn points if he wins in round two. John Lombardo is now 34 points back of Whiteley so he now has to hope Whiteley loses in round two or he is done. If Whiteley loses and Lindberg wins the next round then he goes back in the lead. Basically Lombardo needs to win and the others have to be gone by the next round. Kudos to two Division Six TAFC drivers as both Clint Thompson and Brian Hough ran their first ever 5.4 run. Both went 5.491.

For the pros, there are 80 points left to earn (100 if there is a national record) in Funny Car and Del Worsham has a 36 point lead. If he reaches the final it does not matter what Jack Beckman does. If Worsham is gone in round one or two, Beckman has to go two rounds further. Tommy Johnson Jr is 94 back and has to win and the two in front of him have to lose in round one. Ron Capps has been eliminated. In PS Motorcyle Andrew Hines is in the 'drivers' seat as he has a 42pt (three round) lead over Jerry Savoie. There are four rounds of racing, so a second round win win guarantee Hines the title. Hines team mate has an outside shot (82 points back)

November 13, 2015

The final NHRA event of the 2015 season has begun. Already in only the first round of elimination's for the Sportsman classes two championships due to be determined this weekend have been decided. Nicholas Morris who needed a good result this weekend (a semi final or better) to overtake Justin Lamb went .008 red in round one eliminating him from the chase. Lamb is your NHRA Super Stock champion (he also lost in round one but it was after Morris had already bowed out). In Super Gas, Jacob Elrod is your champion. Mike Shannon had a shot but needed a win to overtake him. He lost in round one. Mike Sawyer had to do the same as Shannon in Super Gas, but his name is not listed as a round one winner. In Stock, Jimmy DeFrank needs a win to overtake Kevin Helms (Helms is out of races). DeFrank won round one and needs six more round wins to do it. Likely there will be a couple Division 4 and 2 blockers as well as Helms himself trying to take out DeFrank. This one should be good. Mike Shannon won round one of Super Comp to keep his title hopes alive. He needs to go to the 1/4 finals to overtake Kevin Brannon. They are on opposite sides of the ladder. Brannon can not earn anymore points.


In TAD yesterday, the hitters (most of the hitters) made big hits. Championship hopeful Joey Severance went 5.25/270, but he is only @4. Alberta's Don St. Arnaud is #1 with an ureal 5.209/284.45 He owns 3 of the top 4 fastest speeds in the class. Megan McKernan is #2 with a career best 5.234/276. Garrett Bateman 5.244/269 to sit #3. Mike Manners is the 5th driver in the 5.20's (5.287/273) Local Shawn Cowie shook and ran a 5.434/270 (#10). #1 in the points Chris Demke went 5.46/273.88

For the Pros, Funny Car and Pro Stock Motorcycle both have drivers and riders battling for the championship. More later today include team prerace press.

November 10, 2015

The talk has already started and the excitement will build over the next 5 months:

Las Vegas is the place to be in April. The potential for 1,000,000.00 is at state. Kyle Seipel and Peter Biondo have changed the Spring Fling. As announced at last year's fling, the race now could be a life charger. The fling is a Super Pro only race for 2016 and the reason is simple. Car counts. In order to properly accommodate the numbers of race cars expected and to get each race day completed in a proper time frame, the decision has been made to made the race a Super Pro/Electronics only event. But to show they have appreciated the Pro class racers support over the last five years they have found a way for the Pro Drivers to compete and have a chance for big money. Click on this link for the the details.

Much more to come for the 2016 Spring Fling.

November 9, 2015

All the final round numbers and photos are posted as well as a weekend wrap-up courtesy and DRC.

Just going through Vegas finals and other pictures. Will post all final rounds results with photos and a few winners circle shots later this morning. Gallerys as well.

November 8, 2015

7:15 pm update:

Final results from Las Vegas Divisional/Regional:

Top Alcohol Dragster: Shawn Cowie def Bill Litton 5.352/270 - 5.432/266 (World championship will be decided at Pomona)
Top Alcohol Funny Car: John Lombardo Jr def Terry Ruckman 5.474/269 - 5/821/250 (World championship will be decided at Pomona)
Comp Eliminator: Todd Frantz def. Craig Bourgeois. Franz took the stripe as Bourgeois did not make the call as he was crowned world champion the round previous.
Top Dragster: Todd Piper def Michael Kile 7.297/173 - 6.473/208 (Piper had a .001 rt). Marco Abruzzi is the world champ.
Top Sportsman: Jake Neibauer def Jeff Gillette 7.031/191 - 7.032/196. (A very rare heads up battle that saw Neibauer have a .009 package.) Jeff Barker is the world Champion.
Super Stock: Tom Nolan def. Jody Lang 9.473/139 - 11.069/117 Albertan Tom Nolan earns his first ever Div win. Lang breaks out by a thou. Justin Lamb take the point lead (12 pts) over Nick Morris. Morris can earn points at Pomona but Lamb and Brad Kaskowski are out of races. Morris needs 12 pts to retake the lead (a semi final finish).
Stock: Darrel Goheen def. Joe Santangelo 11.006/117 - 11.121/116. Kevin Helms leads the points, but DeFrank can win the title with a win in Pomona. Helms is out of races.
Super Comp: Canadian Jason Kenny def. Keith Winters when Winters broke on the line. See the Super Comp scenario below.
Super Gas: Tommy Phillips def. Dennis Hay 9.16 - 12.62 See the Super Gas scenario below.
Super Street: John Drexter def. Matt Blodgett in a double breakout. 10.038 - 10.039.
Motorcycle: Mike Burkhart def. Augustine Herrera 8.121 - 8.482
Nitro Harley:
Rickie House def. Len Darnell 6.369 /227 - 6.502/192

5:30 pm update:

Mike Shannon is out in the semi finals in Super Gas, llosing to South Central hitter Tommy Phillips. Mike lost it on the starting line giving up .01 and then Phillips crossed with a .015 package making the win impossible unless he broke out. The margin was .0186. By my math he has 560 points in Super Gas, putting him in 7th. If he wins in Pomona, he finishes with 625 pts, four points ahead of Jacob Elrod. Elrod can also improve on his title he, like Shannon can throw away a second round finish. If Elrod goes past round two the title is his. Mike Sawyer is in the same vote as Shannon, a win is mandatory. They are the only two that can catch Elrod.








In Super Comp he has a better shot, but also needs a late round finish at Pomona. He is 20 pts back of Kevin Brannon and Brannon can not collect points there. Mike needs to go to the fifth round to win. Mike lost this weekend in round one on a holeshot to Jason Rosenbaum. A later round finish this weekend in Super Comp would have helped a bunch. Good luck next weekend Mike.




Shawn Cowie got the win in TAD today, his first win of the season (that is hard to believe). He defeated Bill Litton on both ends of the track and was the most consistent car throughout elimination's. Here he defeated Duane Shields in the semi finals before taking out Litton in the final. He defeated Chris Demke in round one. Unfortunately for Shawn it was his 8th Regional event and he cannot add to his point total in either Regional standings for National standings. Hopefully the team momentum will help them to a good finish next weekend. An event win would give Shawn 7th place in the standings. He secured 4th in the region standings already.

The championship will come down to how both Chris Demke and Joey Severance do at Pomona, both can improve on a second round finish. Demke is 11 points ahead.


John Lombardo Jr won TAFC today but he already ran his gamut in the Regional series. But he can still come from 3rd in the standings to overtake Jonnie Lindberg and Annie Whiteley. He has major power right now as witnessed by his 5.4 runs this weekend. A win for him next weekend and he has 646 pts. But a runner-up by Whiteley or Lindberg in that race and he is out. If Annie and Jonnie reach the final it will be a winners take all final round. Either way and TAFC is exciting. Here he defeated Shane Westerfield in the semis.











Zak Clarke lost in round two after tightening up the stripe too much and his opponent got to the stripe first. The margin was .004.








Al Quigley was driving Dan Provost's new S-10 pick-up purchased from Steve Down's. Al went .022 red in round one.












Dan Provost lost in round three to Jeff Havens. They left together but Dan spun slightly on the starting line and Haven's got a .014 stripe. Fort St John's Mike Lucas went .013 red in round two of Top Sportsman. David Kowalski (the real nice Blown Corvette) had to lift in round two and lost. Mike Williams (Alberta) lost by .002 in round two as well. Dean Bettenson was defeated in round one.



November 8, 2015

5:00pm update

The total car count this weekend was 680 cars and they are down to the finals in pretty much every class. Locally Mike Shannon is the one all BC and Canadian fans are watching as he is looking for a national championship. After further research he is actually in the running in two classes. Super Comp and Super Gas. Mike is in the semis in Super Gas but he needs to win here and next weekend for the S Gas title. He lost in round one in Super Comp so he needs a late round finish (5th or better) next weekend to earn the Super Comp championship.



Team RAD made the spotlight just a few minutes ago though when Marco Abruzzi clinched the Top Dragster championship driving the RAD sponsored dragster owned by Chris Guilitti. Marco is here with Cory Gulitti



November 5, 2015

The Largest and Final NHRA Divisional event of the year is this weekend at Las Vegas. Over 700 cars including 30 Top Alcohol, close to 30 Comp cars, 150 Top Dragster and Top Sportsman cars, 150+ Stock and Super Stock, 25 Motorcycles, and close to 350 Super Class cars will battle over the next four days.

Top Alcohol titles will not be decided, we will have to wait until next weekend at Pomona to determine those titles. Jonnie Lindberg leads TAFC and can extend his lead with a good result this weekend. Annie Whiteley is in second but had two back to back round one exits in her last two races and those losses were against opponents she should not have lost to. She is one point back and can only claim points next weekend. John Lombardo Jr and Doug Gordon have a shot but need to win next weekend, they can not earn points this weekend.


In TAD local favorite Joey Severance can win like he has done in the past at Vegas, but it will not help him. It is next weekend's race at Pomona that will determine the champion. Chris Demke has always done well at Pomona so he has the edge there and leads Severance by 11 points. If they both reach the final round at Pomona, the winner will be the champion. 11 points is one round in the class except for the final which has a 20 point differential. They could tie and then it will be a tie break format. Good luck to Joey!



Comp Eliminator will be decided this weekend Craig Bourgeois has 20 points over Arnie Martel, so Martel needs a win to win the championship, a runner-up will tie him with Bourgeois. Craig is out of races to claim so he can only block.




Super Stock has Nick Morris in the lead by one point over Brad Zaskowski who is out of races. Morris can claim more points this weekend and next weekend. Justin Lamb can improve from his 30 point deficit and can earn as much as 65 more points (with a win) based on this weekend's car count (over 64). David Rampy has an outside shot at the title.


Kevin Brannan leads Super Comp by 20 points over Divison 6's and Canadian Mike Shannon. Shannon and Tommy Phillips can both overtake Brannon who is out of races to earn points. Phillips is 47 points back.


Top Dragster is still wide open. Marco Abruzzi is in the lead by 12 points over Matt Driskall. Driskall, Jesse Adams JR Baxter and Lynn Ellison all have a shot. Driskall needs a fourth round finish or better, the others need a final round finish or win. Abruzzi can also improve. A semi final or final round finish will earn Abruzzi more points (a final round will guarantee the title for Abruzzi).

In Stock, Kevin Helms leads the battle and a couple guys including Jimmy DeFrank and Division Six's Brad Burton have a shot. But late or final round finishes are necessary. In Super Gas it is Jacob Elrods season as he has already won the Super Gas title. Mike Sawyer finished in second. Jeffery Barkers is the first Top Sportsman in NHRA champion. He had four wins, three runner-ups and one semi final finish in the eight races he claimed points at. Ed Olpin is the runner-up.


As far as the divisional battles, a number of titles are up for grabs and Division Seven, Six, Four and Five will for sure have competitors trying to earn points at the final race of the year. Locally in Division Six, Jeff Lane is the Comp champion, Canadian Mike Shannon is the Super Comp champion and leads John Whitmore in Super Gas by 30 points.

Another Canadian Darryn O'Connor is the Top Sportsman champion. He earned three wins and a semi final in four of his races.

Brad Burton is the Stock Champion. Andy Morris is the Top Dragster champion, Todd Simms is the Super Street champion, and Jacob Havens is the Motorcycle champion. In Super Stock, Mark Faul leads Shawn Blair by 43 points so if Blair is at Vegas he needs a final round finish to earn his first title.

Here are three gallerys from the California Hot Rod Reunion.

Funny Car and Top Fuel
Wild Action
Pro 7.0





November 2, 2015

Drag Race Team reports from Las Vegas are posted.



November 1, 2015

A clinching day at Las Vegas' Toyota Nationals:

Another dominating day for Erica Enders as she sweeps every round of qualifying, runs low et in every round of elimination's and goes trip zip in the final round (defeated Bo Butner) to earn her ninth victory of of the season and her second Pro Stock championship in a row. The battle is now between three drivers for second place in the standings including her teammate Drew Skillman (4th in the standings) who is the shoe in for NHRA's "Road to the Future" winner for 2015. He will battle Greg Anderson (2nd) and Chris McGaha (3rd) for second place. Antron Brown also clinched (today) his second championship today although he did not win today. He was ousted in the semi finals by Doug Kalitta and the margin of victory was .0005. Doug Kalitta got the win today over Larry Dixon. Kalitta moved from 10th to 6th in the standings. The Pro Mod title came down to four drivers heading into this weekend and it was Troy Coughlin Sr. earning his second championship. He went tot he semi finals and overtook Mike Janis (2nd) who lost in round one. Bob Rahaim finished 3rd and Rickie Smith finished 4th. Both Funny Car and Pro Stock Motorcycle will come down to Pomona to determine their champions. Del Worsham extended his lead by one point to 38 points over Jack Beckman. Both drivers lost in round two. Robert Hight earned the victory over Tommy Johnson. Hight moved into 6th from 9th with the win. Pro Stock Motorcycle will come down to three riders, Andrew Hines who won the race has a 46 point advantage over Jerry Savoie and 83 over Eddie Krawiec.

The champion in Top Alcohol Dragster will be determined in Pomona. Chris Demke is out of races to claim and will just block Joey Severance who did not have a good weekend. He lost in Round two today and needs 22 points to overtake Demke. That 22 points can only come by way of a win, so the pressure is on. Jonnie Lindberg Took a one point lead over Annie Whiteley with a semi final finish Sunday. Whitely was upset in round one. Both drivers can improve, with Whiteley able to earn points at Pomona and Lindberg can earn at both the Las Vegas Divisional and the Pomona National event. John Lombardo Jr also has a shot at the tile but needs to pick up 45 points (a win) at the last event.

In the Sportsman classes, Craig Bourgeois won Comp Eliminator and extended his lead in the battle for the championship. He leads by 22 points over Arnie Martel. Adam Ellis also has a shot at the championship. Both the second and third place drivers need final round finishes in hopes to overtake Bourgeois. In Super Stock, Brad Zaskowski led the points but Nick Morris made a big jump in the points. He went to the semi finals and moved from 5th to first in the standings, just 1 point ahead of Zaskowski. Justin Lamb also has a shot, but needs a good result next weekend at the Vegas LODRS. Jason DeForrest won Super Stock over Dennis Paz. In Stock, Scott Burton defeated Tyler Wudarczyk in the final round. Kevin Helms leads the points and only Brad Burton (6th) and Jimmy DeFrank (5th) have a shot to catch Helms. In Top Sportsman, Jeff Barker is the first national champion in the Class. Ed Olpin is in second, Richard Okerman has a shot to move into 2nd. Top Dragster has Marco Abruzzi in the lead and three drivers have a shot of overtaking him. Matt Driskoll, Jesse Adams and J.R. Baxter need deep rounds to have a chance. Rumor has it that a local driver will lend Abruzzi one of his cars to compete next weekend at Vegas. In Super Comp, Chad Langdon defeated Greg Krause in the final round. Kevin Brannon leads the points but local driver Mike Shannon made a solid move today with a 5th round finish. He picked up 32 points and moved into second place in the standings 20 points back of Brannon. Shannon has points to earn at both the Divisional next weekend and the Finals at Pomona. Tommy Phillips, 47 points back can also get the title but he needs a late round finish or win to overtake Brannon. In Super Gas, Troy Grant defeated Edmonton's Eddie Plaizier in the final round. Plaizier took too much stripe in the final round after a .025 starting line advantage. It was a double breakout, but Eddie was .001 further under the 10.05 dial than Grant. Ouch!!!! Jacob Elrod leads the points and pretty much has it wrapped up.



October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!!!

Lots of updates to work on this weekend as we have been away from access for a few days.

Firstly, one of the biggest NHRA events of the season is this weekend at Las Vegas. The Toyota Nationals. 600 race cars, second only to the US Nationals is underway. Antron Brown, Tommy Johnson, Erica Enders and Jerry Savoie lead the four Professional classes. Sidnei Frigo leads Pro Mod. And this morning Jonnie Lindberg rips off a track record 5.47/264 in TAFC and Garrett Bateman runs a great 5.24 in TAD (A/F).

Pro Mod was not kind to the local BMH team. Shane Molinari had a turbo blow in the lights and it shredded the front tire on the team's 70 Camaro, He got real loose and crossed into Jeff Naiser's lane. Naiser managed to maneuver around Molinari and both teams got away without incident. Unfortunately for the Molinari team, the damage was not repairable in time for today's final round of qualifying. Their best of a 6.05 is good for the #23 spot.

NHRA vision screen shot


In other Pro Mod news, the JBR team debuted the 2012 Mustang that Jim Bell drove two years ago. The car hit the wall hard in Rockingham a couple years ago, and has been repaired by Larry Larson Racecars. New paint and a new Proline Hemi under the hood. Kevin Fiscus ran a 6.02 best in round one Friday and needs another 5-8 hundredths to make the field.


Only one Canadian has made the field so far and that is Eric Latino. He went 5.89 in the second qualifier Friday. Facebook photo

We have to finish off the CHRR photo pages as well this weekend and update a couple other web sites.

October 26, 2015

Final round results from the Hot Rod Reunion

Ryan Hodgson, Camaro, 5.722, 255.63 def. Jason Rupert, Camaro, 5.817, 249.21.

Bill Dunlap, Stirling, 5.695, 255.58 def. Denver Schutz, Neil & Parks, 5.838, 252.05.

Drew Austin, Parker, 6.240, 219.08 def. Bobby Cottrell, N & P, 6.370, 215.82.

Jeremy Sullivan, Fiat, 6.209, 191.24 def. Brian Hope, Bantam, 6.371, 27.47.

Andrew Berry, Camaro, 6.013, 242.76 def. Rob Moore, Chevy Impala, 6.046, 239.36.

Scott Parks, N&P, 6.837, 190.54 def. Don Enriquez, Farr, 7.192, 185.54.

7.0 PRO
Dewayne Sanders, Tuttle, 7.360, 136.91 def. Billy McDevitt, Uyehara, foul.

Howard Anderson, Chevy Coupe, 6.552, 208.88 def. Gary Reinero, Austin, 6.723, 208.33.

Brendan Frye, Chevrolet, 7.569, 181.37 def. Steve Faller, Corvette, foul.

Steve Whitemore, Mustang, 10.307, 129.47 def. David Franklin, Galaxie, 9.225, 143.17.

October 25, 2015

Coverage at SpeedZone sponsored by Coverage at SpeedZone sponsored by Joey's Place

Final qualifying and round one from the California Hot Rod Reunion are complete. The Mission National Open Funny Car elimination's are also complete and it was Ryan Hodgson getting the win over Nathan Sitko. Both cars made solid runs with Hodgson running a 5.76 to Sitko's career best 5.81. Hodgson remained #1 in the field with a 5.64 from Friday. Sitko ended up in the #12 spot with a 5.81. Hodgson advanced to round two on Saturday as did Kris Krabill who is chased the 2015 championship. He needs to win to become champ. Sitko lost in round one to Mark Sanders who ran a career best 5.68 in final qualifying. In Pro 7.0 Troy Sitko wound up #5 with a 7.015 and Joey Steckler ended up in the #9 spot with a 7.05. Both drivers won their round one match-ups and will race on Sunday.Tony Bartone wrapped up the 2015 championship in Top Fuel earlier and he is the one to beat again this year. He qualified #1 with a 5.569, a tenth quicker than anyone else.


Some wild action also took plac on Friday and Saturday at the 'Patch. A couple incidents with the worst being Joe Morrison in the Ted Brine '134' Gasser. He walked away okay. Marc Meadors also had a scrape with the wall in the Good Guys Nitro Camaro. He was okay. Not sure who is driving the Code Red II Camaro but t he car either broke something in the rear or oil was on the tires immediately off the starting line as he hit the wall at 60 feet.The Dark Side Nitro Flopper lit it up as well.

Congratulations to Ryan Hodgson for his double up at the CHRR and the rained out Mission Open (facebook photo). What a weekend! Way to go to the Peck Racing team as Mike Peck came from 2nd in the standings to win the Pro 7.0 class, as he went a couple rounds further than Bobby Cotrell to earn the win (Facebook Photo). Troy Sitko went to the semi finals in Pro 7.0. Good job Troy. Jopey Steckler lost in round two in 7.0.

More action caught from Ginger and Big Bob Snyder and full results over the next few days.


The season is a wrap and the series champions are: Kevin Fiscus of the Bell/Fiscus team wins in Pro Boost over Kevin Rivenbark by less than one round. Rickie Smith is the champion in Pro Nitrous, Jason Scruggs is the 2015 champ in Pro Extreme by one round over Bader Ahli, Eric McKinney is the champion in Motorcycle, Ronnie Davis is the champ in Top Sportsman and Justin Melton is the champion in Top Dragster. Event winners include Abbotsford Terry Schwiegert in Pro Motorcycle, Lizzy Musi in Pro Nitrous, Sidnei Frigo in Pro Boost, Bader Ahli in Pro Extreme, Ronnie Davis in Top Sportsman, Kathy Fisher in Top Dragster, Phil Esz in Pro Outlaw and Mike Decker of Ontario's Nick Agastino in Outlaw 10.5. Full results are posted here.


Two local (Mission) Halloween haunted houses are gaining attention the past week. The 'Walking Dead' themed attraction is at Mission Raceway and it is wowing the masses. The Nighmare Haunted house is put on by the Station three fire house in Mission/Silverdale and it is at the Silverdale Hall. Proceeds go to charity at this house. Check them both out.


October 24, 2015

A fast day at Bakersfield (CHRR) and Virginia (PDRA).

Ryan Hodgson became a serious player in the Nitro Funny Car ranks when he ripped off a 5.64/262 today in round two of qualifying. His first lap was a 5.75. He is off to the final round from the weather delayed National Open event from July at Mission Raceway. According to what I read on the web he defeated Kris Krabill in the semi finals. Nathan Sitko will be his opponent. Sikto had a single in the semi finals after winning a close one against Claude Lavoie in the round one pairing. Funny Car and Top Fuel qualifying is posted here. In Pro 7.0 Troy Sitko sits #1 with a 7.015 after Friday qualifying. Joey Steckler from Joey's Place (This weekend's sponsor here), is #3 with a 7.056. .Mike Peck from Washington is #5 with a 7.13. Pro 7.0 qualifying is posted here.

In A/Fuel, Drew Austin is #2 with a 6.31 in the Austin Racing Ford Hemi. Results for A/Fuel are here. Pro Mod and Jr Fuel is posted here.

At the final PRDA event in Richmond Virginia, great conditions greated the racers and the performance levels are proof. Below is qualifying for Pro Boost. Jim Bell ran a career best 3.86/202 in round two.

1 205 Kevin Rivenbark, Wallace NC, '15 Corvette 3.795 194.74 194.74
2 2050 John Strickland, Clinton NC, '69 Camaro 3.803 194.41 194.41
3 1212 Ric Fleck, Lexington SC, '41 Willys 3.807 189.68 189.68
4 1013 Jeremy Ray, Lugoff SC, '15 Corvette 3.821 192.66 192.66
5 1109 Gerry Capano, Greenville DE, '63 Corvette 3.828 193.85 193.85
6 3180 Anthony DiSomma, S. Plainfield NJ, '67 Mustang 3.852 207.91 207.91
7 6967 Jim Bell, Edmonton AB, '69 Camaro 3.863 202.73 202.73
8 2105 Doug Winters, Pleasant Garden NC, '69 Chevelle 3.863 194.38 194.38
9 367J Jason Hamstra, Demotte IN, '10 Mustang 3.864 195.03 195.03
10 108P Craig Pio, Oceanside NY, '53 Corvette 3.867 202.79 202.79
11 1771 Paolo Giust, Osgoode ON, '15 Corvette 3.870 194.21 194.21
12 7 Kevin Fiscus, Jacksonville FL, '12 Mustang 3.871 206.29 206.29
13 1957H Larry Higginbotham, Mineral Ridge OH, '57 Bel 3.872 189.34 189.34
14 310 Melanie Salemi, Buffalo NY, '68 Firebird 3.875 193.02 193.02
15 1010 Eddie Rogers, Berryville AR, '69 Chevelle 3.876 191.59 191.59
16 69 Alan Pittman, Newberry SC, '69 Camaro 3.898 192.55 192.55

In Pro Nitrous, Pat Stoken is in the top half with a 3.777. Red Deer's Scott Blake is just outside the field with a 3.879. And El Generale (Jose Gonzalez) ran a 3.52/225 with his twin turbo Camaro in Pro Extreme


October 21, 2015

2016 PDRA Tour

- March 11-12, Tulsa Raceway Park, Tulsa, Oklahoma

- April 8-9, Rockingham Dragway, Rockingham, North Carolina

- May 20-21, Texas Motorplex, Ennis, Texas

- June 10-11, US 131 Motorsports Park, Martin, Michigan

- July 15-16, Maryland International Raceway, Budds Creek, Maryland

- August 12-13, Memphis International Raceway, Memphis (Millington), Tennessee

- September 9-10, GALOT Motorsports Park, Benson, North Carolina

- September 30-October 1, Bradenton Motorsports Park, Bradenton, Florida

- October 21-22, Virginia Motorsports Park, Richmond (Petersburg), Virginia


This weekend is the California Hot Rod Reunion. Coverage for the event here at the Zone is sponsored by Joey's Place Paint and Restoration. SpeedZone will be there to cover the event. We will have three main pages for the race. One for the Nitro Funny Cars and Top Fuel, One for the Fuel Altereds and Pro Mod and one for the Pro 7.0 class and the other Sportsman classes. The Pro 7.0 has a number of NW teams attending including a few Rocky Mountain Funny Car teams. Nitro Funny Car teams from the NW include Sitko racing, Iceman Racing, Bucky Austin Racing and Jordan Pawlick's Nitro Malitia team to name a few. In the Pro 7.0 class Joey Steckler with the Rocky Mountain Funny car group is heading South and Mike Peck from the NW Outlaws is going to battle. .

October 20, 2015

The IHRA 2016 schedule is finally released

"The 2016 IHRA Drag Racing Series (formerly Nitro Jam) is a departure of the traditional format with all events featuring the same classes of competition. The IHRA strategically determined professional classes that are best suited for each facility and market. This move will make for the most exciting and competitive drag racing ever produced by the sanctioning body".

"The IHRA worked tirelessly at creating a series that features key classes in key markets," stated IHRA President Scott Gardner. "The 2016 series has more diversity in classes and locations than ever in the history of the IHRA. We believe the revised schedule and format will create fierce competition for the racers and great entertainment for our fans."

IHRA officials are currently working with several additional venues for possible new dates to the 2016 schedule. In addition, the dates and locations of the Jet Dragster class will be announced at a later time.

2016 IHRA Drag Racing Series Schedule

Spring Nitro Nationals, Orlando, FL, NFC, NH, PS, PM, March 5 - 6 *

Mardi Gras Nationals, Baton Rouge, LA, NH, PS, PM, March 18-19

Texas Nationals, San Antonio, TX, NFC, NH, PS, PM, April 1 - 2

Summer Nationals, Cordova, IL, NFC, PS, PM, June 3 - 4 *

President's Cup, Budds Creek, MD, NH, PS, PM, June 17 - 18 *

Mopar Canadian Nationals, Grand Bend, Ontario, NFC, NH, PS, PM, June 24 - 26

Mopar Rocky Nationals, Edmonton, Alberta, NFC, NH, July 15 - 17 *

Northern Nationals, Martin, MI, NFC, NH, PS, PM, August 12 - 13

World Nationals, West Salem, OH, NFC, NH, PS, PM, September 23 - 24

*Additional non-points pro cars to be included at the event

NFC - AMSOIL Nitro Funny Car presented by Aeromotive
NH - Nitro Harley
PS - Pro Stock
PM - Crower Pro Mod

The IHRA Drag Racing Series points will be determined by the best seven out of eight events on the schedule. The World Series of Drag Racing at Cordova International Raceway on August 26 - 27, 2016 will count as a points race for the AMSOIL Nitro Funny Car presented by Aeromotive class.

A very interesting schedule for the 2016 season. Five National event tracks from 2015 are NOT on the schedule for next year, (Tucson, Spokane, Bradenton, Palm Beach and Memphis, which hosted the world finals.....). How can two of their own (owned by parent company)tracks not be on the schedule for 2016. They say they are working on a adding couple other events, likely they will include Memphis and Palm Beach, but who knows for sure. The one thing the schedule does allow a track like Mission to take advantage of the July schedule (non Spokane race this year)and try and do their best to attract the IHRA teams attending the Edmonton event, to head slightly more West the week after. My thoughts are for Mission to scrap the Heritage points deal and use that extra money it costs to have the Heritage race and put it towards the purse for the Nitro Funny Cars. Also because it would not be a Heritage race you can also allow IHRA rules as well as the NHRA rules. Those rules are a slightly larger pump. Mission has to find a way to attract more Nitro Funny cars, and the above are a couple ideas. I know they (the track people in charge of booking cars) would like to see more cars, and this is a way of doing it without having to spend more money than they already spend and it also comes with the IHRA guys not having to change over their engine program. A win win. Now the only negative to this idea is the fact that the IHRA is allowing teams to pick their best 7 of 8, so Edmonton being the furthest away could be left off teams schedules. I think in a national series it takes away some professionalism when guys do not have to attend all the events. I write this in bold because I think it is a very important subject that needs serious consideration moving forward locally.

October 19, 2015

Final results from the AAA Texas Nationals at Dallas.

Del Worsham continued his strong showing with a win over Jack Beckman in Nitro Funny Car. He extended his lead to 39 points over Beckman with two races to go. Both cars lost traction down track and Worsham managed to recover the best. Ritchie Crampton defeated Steve Torrence in a pedalfest as well. He has five wins this year but has wrapped his wins around a number of early exits. He sits 200 points back of Antron Brown. In Pro Stock Erica Enders extended her points lead (154) over Greg Anderson with a win over Jonathan Gray. Anderson and teammate Jason Line both lost on holeshots after huge performance edges over their opponents. Summit Racing is one of a number of Pro Stock teams rumoured to undergo drastic changes for the 2016 season. Allen Johnson Racing and team Mopar as well as Gray Motorsports are also going to be substantially different in 2016. Elite Racing has already announced they will add Jeg Couglin in 2016.

In Pro Stock Motorcycle the battle has become a three - four rider race as Jerry Savoie defeated Eddie Krawiec. Both riders are moved within two rounds of Andrew Hines. Hector Arana Jr. is four rounds back.

In TAD Chris Demke jumped into the points lead over Joey Severance. Demke was the huge favourite going into the final round as he ripped off a unbelievable 5.18/276 in the second round. Demke was the runner-up to Bill Litton. Litton ended up with a single (5.31/275) when Demke's car banged the blower on the fire-up. Sean Bellemeur won TAFC, when he took out broken Shane Westerfield. Bellemeur ran a 5.42/271 in the final.

October 18, 2015

Huge performances this weekend in Texas for the AAA Fall Nationals in Dallas. Starting with the Top Alcohol class. In TAD a 5.37 bump spot for the 16 car field. I believe the quickest in history. Seven cars in the 5.20's. Local racer Shawn Cowie qualified #9 with a 5.317. The car was on a 5.28 pass until 1200 feet when the engine let go. Unfortunately the team did not get past round one. Shawn lost to Chase Copeland. Huge TAD title implications are on the line at the final couple events. Joey Severance and Chris Demke are in a battle royale. Severance led by 11 points heading into the race but went red in round one. Demke advanced and they look to be tied after round two. Severance has a couple more racers to claim points at while this is Demke's last race to claim points. In TAFC, seven cars are in the 5.40's including John Lombardo's career best 5.413/272. Division Six racer Brian Hough ran a 5.504 to qualify in the middle of the field but he was late in his round one race and lost to the"Thunder Slug" Jay Payne. Manitoba racer Scott McVey ran a career best 5.54 in qualifying and defeated championship title hopeful Annie Whiteley in round one with a 5.57

In Top Fuel, 11 cars were in the 3.70's and Jennie Haddock made the field with a 3.95. Cory Mac failed to qualify. In Funny Car, nine cars were in the 3.90's and the field was led by Del Worsham who ran a 3.917/323. The bump spot was held by John Hale who ran a 4.14. Courtney races John in round one. In Pro Stock, seven cars are in the 6.40's and the field is led by Drew Skillman for "Team Elite". Jeg Couglin announced he will race full time for the Elite team.


A new local x 275 car debuted this weekend in Holly Springs at the Fall Brawl. Greg Henschell who ran a Mustang in street legals at MRP for a number of years qualified solidly with a 4.62 (#11 out of 32 cars). Race is live today on Motormania

Next weekend the PDRA runs their final event of the year in Virginia. Jim Bell racing with team driver Kevin Fiscus has a chance to win the Pro Boost title. He is less than a round back of Kevin Rivenbark. Jim Bell sits in 6th place. Pro Exteme looks to be Jason Scruggs title, and Rickie Smith pretty much has Pro Nitrous wrapped up.

The Street Car SuperNationals is only a month away and a number of NW teams will be attending in all the classes. We will have a list of the NW competitors posted in the next week or so.

October 11, 2015

10:15 am update:

Mike Lucas' run ends in the semi finals at Memphis as he loses to B. Parks by .01

9:30 am update:

The final IHRA Nitro Jam and the Summit Finals for all the Sportsman classes.

Andy Closky lost in round one of No Box in what has been a wild weekend for the Quesnel racer. Firstly as posted below his trailer broke free from the truck and ended up in a field. Very little damge (mostly cosmetic to the trailer). Then after a time trial he broke the transmission and had to thrash after getting a replacement from the HAwk family out of Arizona. Made repairs got in another run then round one Saturday Night. He was .025 back at the tree but ran his number with a '1'. Unfortunately it was not quite enough and his yeear is done. Congrat's on a solid season and making it to the finals for the second time.

Julie Anne Berns- Tiegen photo

Mike Lucas' weekend has gone that much better. No incidents on the way to Memphis and a consistent car in time trials as well. He has been sharp on the tree and advanced to round three this morning.

Julie Anne Berns- Tiegen photo


Jr. Dragster had three Alberta racers reach the semi finals Cassie Thomas wins with a .007 package over Shelby Hagan. the other side of the ladder Edmonton's Tyler Connoly was against Hayden Lambert. Lambert got the win there.

In the Final Cassie wins and is the 2015 TOC JR champion. Congrat's to Cassie and her team and also kudos to the other Jrs. racers who did so well.


In the Pro Classes, you have JR Carr winning Pro Stock against John Montecalvo. His win kept Montecalvo from earning the 2015 PS Championship. Cary Goforth repeat. Billy Harper defeats Bill Glidden in Pro Mod 5.92 - 6.01. In Nitro Harley it was Jay Turner defeating Mark Connor.

Nitro Funny Car was the big one. Two cars qualified with 5.60's (Shawn Bowen and Jason Rupert). Tim Boychuk was #3 with a 5.79. Tim advanced to the semi finals and had a chance for third place in the standings if he could get by Jason. He did not do it but it was a great run to half track. The Littlefield tuned Camaro rolled to a 5.61.260 mph win. In the other pair it was Bowen against #2 Mike McIntire Jr. McIntire had to settle for #2 in the final standings but he wanted to earn the win. Bowen would have none of that as he rips off a 5.58/257 (McIntire slowed at half track). Jump start to today, the final was just run 30 minutes ago and it was Rupert winning with an exclamation point. His resets the national record with a 5.59 @ a new speed record 261. (His earlier 5.61/260 was a back up.) Bowen could only muster up a 5.76

The NHRA second to last Divisional/Regional is in Noble Oklahoma.

October 7, 2015

Big news out of Spokane is they will be switching back to the NHRA again. It is a big surprise but Edmonton seems to be the only track that can make the IHRA work in the NW. They (Spokane) will get a regional next year.

In keeping with the IHRA, Good Luck to Mike Lucas (Fort St John Mike Lucas), as he is competing this weekend at Memphis in Box. Also good luck to Andy Closkywho is theree for the second time in No Box, but his trip South East almost ended in disaster. Andy was here competing on the weekend while his dad headed South with the car and trailer. Traveling through Kansas, the trailer hitch broke and the trailer took off into a field. There was no real damage to the car and the trailer was fixed and they were back on their way...Real lucky!!!!


October 5, 2015

To show you how crazy it was at Maple Grove for this weekend's National Event, here is a video from Sunday in Comp Eliminator. The car that left first had issues, but then it got crazy. More to come about this race Monday evening. Lots of points implications and changes from the results.




October 4, 2015

The Maple Grove NHRA Mello Yello race saw the Pros finish off their crazy weekend. Jack Beckman, Antron Brown, Chris McGaha and Andrew Himes took home professional wins. Duane Shields and John Lombardo Jr took home Top Alcohol wins. The sportsman classes will complete their elimination's Monday. We will talk more about this race in the coming days.

Mission Raceway's Summit series and regular drag racing is done for the 2015 season.

Daughter Shelby stepped away from the front gate to take a few pics while I watched. Looks like she knows what she is doing.

Full weekend results are here.

It doesn't get any better than this finish line stripe. In the near lane Darien Provost drove around Dakotas Rangers in the last five feet to take the stripe. Unfortunately for Darien he broke out (by less than .91). Dakota went on to win the race in Lightning.


Full weekend results are here.

Here Dakota defeats 2015 series champion Scott Sikora. Rangers finished fourth in the points.

Full weekend results are here.

In the Thunder final, Sydney Jung took too much stripe giving the win to Willy Oliver. It was Willy's first win at Mission. Jung won the 2015 championship in Thunder in her rookie season, she won 70% of the races this year. Oliver ended up third in the points in his rookie season.

Full weekend results are here.

A cool match race from the Pro Mods testing. Steve Horne took out David Kowlaski 6.34 to 6.70


The full results from the weekend are posted (click here).

The 2015 bracket champions are:
Super Pro: Greg Doughy
Pro: Jim Behnke
Sportsman: John Tabak
Motorcycle: Al Omond
Hot Rod: Jerry Byfield
Jr. Lightning: Scott Sikora
Jr. Thunder: Sydney Jung

It was a crazy year with just as many downs as ups. The good news is the final three events were awesome, and potentially bodes well for the 2016 season. Two of the three major events (National Open and Smoke Fire and Thunder) were affected big time with bad weather. The LODRS in June was a great event with one of the largest crowds for that race. The downer was still the lack of competitors in the two Top Alcohol classes and the declining numbers in Comp. The Doorwarz III event was just okay, but the event is still lacking a field of Pro Mods that should be representing the number of cars in the North West (there are close to 40 Pro Mods in the three Western provinces and the three NW US states). The Open lacked cars in many of the classes including the Nitro Funny Car, the Sportsman classes were weak as well. The Loafers race was awesome weather wise and overall car count. Could have had more spectators as well as a better AA/Gasser field.

Next year the ET Finals are at Mission and the hope is a bigger car count will be present. Lots of work needs to be done in the next few months. Hopefully the right moves are made. SpeedZone is here to help if it is asked for. We have many ideas that could benefit moving forward.

October 3, 2015


The first C7 Promod on the West coast was debuted this weekend at MRP. Dave Kowalski from North of Prince George is the owner/driver.

Greg Feal from Kamloops debuted his twin Turbo Charged Opel GT today at Mission Raceway. This very cool looking unique race car should be a low seven high six second performer. Greg hopes to finish his licensing tomorrow.
Sydney Jung is putting an exclamation point on her rookie year in Jr. Thunder. She won again today for her 8th win of the season. Another rookie Willy Oliver was the runner-up. He won the Jr championship in Ashcroft this year. Congrat's to both kids.
Emily Girard is on quite a roll in the past month and a half. She won Jr. Lightning today and it was her 4th win in a row. The young lady is killer on the tree have a couple perfect lights and a number of trip 'zip's' in the last couple races. She was triple '0' and .001 today in time trial. Darien Provost was the r/u today. He will finish second in the points. Scott Sikora is the 2015 Lightning champ. Congrat's to all the kids. They have one more race tomorrow.

Mike Robinson won Super Pro and then the 'King of the Track' in a double race Saturday. The KOT win was worth a Wally. He defeated four time finalist Greg Doughty. Greg leads the S.Pro points battle and just has to complete round one tomorrow to clinch the 2015 title. MRP Announcer John Tabak is the 2015 Sportsman champion. The Pro title will come down to tomorrow's results. Jim Behnke leads but lot on his butt are Chris Stone and Ross Walker. Al Omond is the 2015 Bike champion.

The complete final round numbers and winner's circle photos will be posted Sunday.

What a sexy beast! The supercharged Steve Schmidt powerplant posted a 6.89/196 best. That was run on his second full licensing run Saturday afternoon.
From every angle, the car look lean and mean. Dave had a couple .9 sixty foots including a 9.87 best.
The team plans to turn up the wick Sunday now that licensing is complete. The hope is for 6.60's - 6. 70's at over 200 mph.


September 28, 2015

11:30 pm Update

Final round results and photos for all classes from Sunday at Mission Raceway are posted.

The elimination's ladder for Woodburn's 10.5 race is posted.


Winners at St. Louis: Antron Brown over Dave Connolly in Top Fuel, Del Worsham over Matt Hagan in Funny Car, Drew Skillman over Erica Enders in Pro Stock, Hector Arana Jr. over Hector Arana Sr. in Pro Stock, Mike Knowles over Rickie Smith in Pro Mod.

10:00am update

A short photo highlight package from yesterday at MRP.

Here are the first two in the Dave O'Hara fireball sequence; the main one below. I shot video as well but my disk filled just as Dave's bullet lit up. What a shame! Robert Fedyk will have Video up soon (note him standing to the left of the altered. Note the oil already emptying out the side of the block right beside the front wheel.

It was not pretty for Dave but spectacular for all the fans and Photographers. We (him and SpeedZone) will have a poster made of this sequence.

The big flame shot is at the bottom of this photo update grouping.

Steve Thorne was one of many to get the wheels way up yesterday under mineshaft conditions and a sticky track. I missed one other big one with Kevin Ness in his stang
Here is Darien Provost lighting up his Dragster (in a year) for the first time.
Trevor Lowe got to go fast this weekend in the soon to be Darien Provost Dragster. Trevor ran a7.07@194 best.
Zak 'Kaos' Clarke dominated Doorslammer this year including 4 wins and the title. Marcy is stepping back next year from the front lines and Terry from TCS will now be the at the track boss.
Steve MacKenzie's FED always brings them up.
Ray Bollinger loves the wheelstands in his 10 second Pro bracket Nova.
Rod Leclaire had a wild day at Mission. On this launch the car's steering wheel came off and went into a wild shimmy, the the excess fuel lit up. The car suffered a bit of front drive line damage but he came back after repairs and went a couple rounds in DS including going 6.98 @ 205
Larry Morris in action with the Doorslammers against Terry Langdon Davies. He ran a career best 7.96

Dale Posnick with ample traction running in Super Shifter.

The full results from the weekend at MRP will be posted Monday evening.

Heard that Nick Duda went to the final in Woodburn in 10.5. He took out a wounded Ken Sihota in the semis. Nick lost to Paja Agatonovic in the final. There are no results to be found anywhere. Hoping to get the q sheet and elim sheet.

All the NHRA Mello Yello results will be posted Monday afternoon as well. It starts with back to back for Del Worsham, back to backs for Antron Brown and four finals in a row for Erica Enders


September 27, 2015

Super hot action today at Mission Raceway:


One would think this is a fuel altered doing a fire burnout, but unfortunately for Dave O'Hara, this is not what it looks lke. In the first licensing run in his brand new AA/A the rods exited the block igniting the oil and methanol right at the hit. Speedzone extraordiare photographer Robert Hunter caught the action.




September 25, 2015

St.Louis is the place to be for the second NHRA Mello Yello Countdown race. The weather must be perfect this weekend as all pro classes are flying. Greg Anderson leads Pro Stock with a 6.49. Larry Dixon is on top in Top Fuel with a 3.75 and Jack Beckman is the leader of six 3 second Funny Cars. His 3.94 is on top. PSM is lead by Jerry Savoie who ran a 6.83. In Pro Mod Steven Whiteley is on top with a 5.83. In other news in the PM class, Shane Molinari is in the field so far with a 5.97/249. He sits #16 but will move into the #15 spot as Danny Rowe is taken off the Qualifying ladder. Danny crashed his new Corvette and has to compete with a backup car. The replacement is his Camaro he competed with earlier this year. The car was in Tennessee and is being over-nighted to St. Louis. Then the thrash begins for Rowe and his capable team. The unfortunate thing is they only have one round of qualifying left. Good Luck to DannyRowe Racing crew chief Jimmy Rector and the team, and good luck to Shane Molinari and the BMH team as they try and stay in the field. Based on qualifying so far it likely will take a 3.95 to secure a spot.

Locally, Mission is running their second to last race of the 2015 season and it will be a busy weekend. The Canada West Doorslammers run their final race and it will be completed Saturday as they are having their season ending party right after the race and then they will run a fun race on Sunday. A few Pro Mods are at the track as well this weekend getting their final runs of the year in the books. Calgary's Rick DiStefano and local racers Jay Syvertsen and Steve Horne will back down the 1/4 mike in what should eb below sea level air. There are a handful of Fort St. John racers racing as well this weekend at MRP. The two car Philllips team (Dale and Erin), Carl Fedderly (yes brother of Bernie) as well as a six seecond RED with a procharger on it. Possibly a couple others as well.


The IHRA is in San Antonio with qualifying getting underway today. Jason Rupert has pretty well clinched his second FC championship (#4 with a 5.85) as Mike McIntire who is #2 in the points failed to qualify. Birthday boy Tim Boychuk (Happy Birthday Tim) ran a 5.86 and in in the middle of the pack. Ryan Hodgson went 5.85/251 but went into the sand trap. No word yet on whether or not the car is wounded too bad to compete Saturday. Paul Romine leads with a 5.70. Mark Sanders sits #3 with a 5.81.

September 23, 2015

St. Louis is up this weekend in the NHRA Mello Yello series. It is race #2 in the 6 race countdown. Team Press releases for the weekend have been posted. BFR's Shakedown weekend wrap up is posted.

The IHRA is in San Antonio this weekend. Funny Car, Nitro Harley Pro Stock and the Jet championships have yet to be determined.

Mission Raceway has their second to last race weekend this weekend. Included is the Canada West Doorslammer final event. The 2015 champion is already decided as Zak "Kid Kaos" Clarke has clinched. He has four series wins in seven races and it looking for #5 Saturday. Their assoc. party/awards is this weekend at the track. The Bracket races include all six classes and there is three points races left in the season.

September 22, 2015

Kelowna's Thunder Mountain Raceway completed their big event for the year, the Street Car Shootout. Saturday was washed out but the weather co-operated on Sunday. Here is a report from Vanessa Richard's. We will post a few photos in the next couple days.

Results: 17 car field
Steve Skokin took the win over Neil Richards
Semi - finalist: Jordan Lazic
Best reaction time during eliminations: Jordan Lazic
The 275 track record was killed by Skokin with a 5.51.. hats off to him for smashing it out of the water. All in all the weekend didn't go as smooth as we had planned due to weather, but we were super happy to be able to get the race finished on Sunday.
Thank you so much to all of our sponsors and everyone of you guys that made the trip, definitely our best turnout to date. Hope to see everyone and more make it out next year. Sounds like we will be changing the date, to earlier in the year for next years race. For all the new guys that came up this weekend, like we said track can be tough to get down but every single person did a wicked job of driving and tuning to make it work. You guys put a good show on. Lastly huge thanks to all the volunteers and the track for always letting us host the shootout up there!!


September 21, 2015

The Mission Raceway gallery from last weekend is posted. We are now working on the WDRL final event and photos as well as the Top E race from the Labour day long weekend in Edmonton.

Congratulations to Mission's Jim Isherwood for his win in Super Stock at Woodburn. Also Congrat's to Brandon Huhtala for his win in Comp. He actually took a CIC hit to get the win. Good on you. A correction to the TAFC final round winner from Woodburn. I posted it was Annie Whiteley when in fact it was Steve Gasparelli. She ran quicker but lost on a holeshot.

September 20, 2015

10.40pm update

A few of the winners from Woodburn: Congrat's to Abbotsford's Dave Jung for his win in Stock, also Kelowna's Mike Shannon in Super Comp. Shannon has the division title wrapped up in the class,and he also leads in Super Gas. Josh Dalrymple won in Super Street, Garrett Bateman in TAD, Don Sefton in Top Sportsman, Andy Morris in Top Dragster. Also know Mission's Jim Isherwood was in the final of Super Stock. He was facing fellow Mopar driver Shawn Blair. Steve Gasparelli won TAFC and Chris Cannon won Super Gas. In Comp it was Brandon Huhtala and Brian Hyerstay in the final.

4:30pm update

Del Worsham wins Funny Car over Tommy Johnson Jr. and takes the point lead at Charlotte, Antron Brown wins Top Fuel over JR Todd. Erica Enders gets out-run performance wise (6.581 - 6.575) by Vince Nobile, but her holeshot gives her a .004 win (a .012 light vs a. 022). Andrew Hines wins Motorcycle over Matt Smith. In Promod, it was ex Calgary transplant Danny Rowe getting his first win of the year as he defeats Torontonian Eric Latino. Duane Shields wins TAD and Mickey Ferro wins TAFC despite not leaving the starting line. His opponent, Steve Harker left before Ferro was staged.

Will post Woodburn results as soon as we get them.


10:00am update

Woodburn qualifying is complete. In TAD Joey Severance leads with a 5,30 and local talent Shawn Cowie is #3 with a 5.34. In TAFC Annie Whiteley is #1 with a 5.530 and Clint Thompson is #2 with a 5.534. In Comp Brian Hyerstay is #1 and Brandon Huhtala is #2. Howie Stevens is competing and he sits #7. In Top Dragster Quentin Chambers got his trans fixed from damage last week in the NW Outlaw event and sits #1 with a 6.06. Local driver Dan Provost is #6 with a 6.60. He badly needs a win to try and get near the top in the standings. Trevor Ritchie from Edmonton is #10. He leads the standings in the NW and has a shot at the world title in the class. He needs t go deep at his final couple events. Top Sportsman is not posted yet. In the Saturday Shootout's, BC race Steve Lowe won Super Street

Full qualifying from Woodburn is posted here.

At Charlotte, Clay Millican was the #1 qualifier for the first time in his NHRA career He gets a round one bye. Tommy Johnson Jr is #1 in Funny Car, Eddie Krawiec is #1 in Motorcycle and Greg Anderson is #1 in Pro Stock. There were lots of upets in round one of elimination's this morning including Jack Beckman loosing to COurtney Force, Robert Hight lost to Shane Westerfield and in a mild upset Alexis DeJoria defeated Tim Wilkerson. In Top Fuel Shawn Langdon was upset by J.R. Todd and Ritchie Crampton was defeated by Steve Torrence. In Pro Stock Jason Line was ousted in round one by Allen Johnson.

Pro Mod saw Khalid alBalooshi nail down the #1 spot. Local race team BMH (Shane Molinari) did not make 5.97 bump. Rickie Smith failed to qualify as well. In Pro Mod, Bob Rahaim, Mike Janis Troy Coughlin Jr and Steve Matusek all lost in round one.

BFR (Jim Bell's Pro Mod team) did not attend the race, as they are competing at Norwalk's 'Shakedown at the Summit'. Jim Qualified in the middle of the pack in Pro Mod.

In Top Alcohol, John Lombardo Jr ran 270 mph in TAFC (fastest since Gaineville) and Jonnie Lindberg went 5.44 for the quickest et since that same race.

Locally the NW Outlaws and the Canada West Dooslammers web sites are updated from their events from last week. There will be a gallery posted from last weekend's race from Mission Rceway later today.

The Rocky Mountain Funny Cars wrap up their season this weekend in Edmonton.

September 18, 2015

A busy weekend down South for both the NHRA and specialty races.

The first countdown race is this weekend as Charlotte. 10 Top Fuelers, Funny Cars, Pro Stocks, and Pro Stock Motorcycles will battle for the world titles in each class. The rest of each field will play the spoiler trying to screw up every competitors chance to will the title. While I am not a huge fan of the countdown it has made for a few exciting battles going into Pomona.

The final Division Six race of the year is this weekend at Woodburn, TAD, TAFC, Comp Top Sportsman and Top Dragster are all featured along with the rest of the Sportsman classes.

Division Four's Thunder Road raceway also competes this weekend in the NHRA divisional series.

ShakeDown at the Summit is on this weekend in Norwalk. This is one of the biggest Doorcar events of the year. A huge 20k to win Pro Mod race along with a dozen other classes including Outlaw 10.5. It is live on Bangshift.

The Canada West Doorslammer report from last weekend is posted on the DS Web Site.

September 16, 2014

BFR (Bell/Fiscus Racing) press from Rockingham is posted.

In a surprise move, Alan Johnson Racing ceases operation yesterday just a few days before the First countdown race is set to get underway in Charlotte. Team Driver Shawn Langdon sits in 6th place in the standings. Today, Don Schumacher Racing added Langdon to the team to drive the Sandvik Top Fuel car that AlBalooshi filled in for at Indy. AlBalooshi replaced Spencer Massey who was let go by DSR just a few days prior to the US Nationals. The agreement by AJR and DSR is only temperary as Langdon is still under contract to AJR. According to Schumacher he felt it was important for all ten drivers who qualified for the countdown to be part of it. Good on you Don!

September 14, 2015

It was a memorable fantastic weekend at MRP. The full weekend final round results and final round/winner's circle photos and results are posted here.


This picture was from one of three powerstands laid down by Penticton's Steve Kendall. This was the most memorable run as he ripped off a 6.04/228shot with the wheels in the air for 200 feet. It was the quickest in NW Outlaw history and ONE of the quickest roots blower runs at Mission ever.

This was Sunday morning's final qualifying run, when Steve was hoping for a five second run. The car moved left so he had to lift.



This launch by Steve Kendall was the third and wildest one as the wheels came up six or eight feet. It was his round one race against Marty Zazula. Marty broke so Steve got the win, but the front end had some slight damage so he could not continue.

MRP Club member Kevin Ness, took a wild ride on the weekend. We will put up a gallery of the series of shots later this week.


Randy Hermsen had one of those memorable days. He was in three final rounds in one day, Saturday. First off he was in the final round from the rain and wind delayed race from two weeks ago. He raced John Tabak in that final round and got the runner-up. Here he won the Sportsman final round against Gerald Patzer.

Jr Racers Sidney Jung and Emily Girard each won both Saturday and Sunday.

The full weekend results are posted here.



September 12, 2015

Beside the usual NW guys racing in the PDRA like Jim Bell and Barry Daniluk, I saw that Red Deer's Scott Blake is also there. He just took delivery of his new RJ Nitrous Camaro and installed the Billy Albert power. On his second full run in the car he went 3.90/190. He is currently outside what is a bad ass Nitrous field, and has one more shot today around noon to try and get in the field. Hopefully he can find about 5 or 6 hundredths. We also hope he makes a few races back here in the NW next year. Jim Bell is currently struggling at Rockingham in Pro Boost and Barry Daniluk is #7 with a 4.03 in a very fast Top Sportsman field.



September 11, 2015

9:30 pm update

Yvonne Lucas made a full pull but it was soft and she ran a 6.33/ 213mph. Earlier she went 3.99/185 which would have been a 6.10 pass

Quentin Chambers is one of a dozen NW Outlaws competing this weekend at Mission Eacway. There should be seven or eight cars well into the sixes. He ran 6.19/225 on a special exhibition run Friday evening as part of the Street Legal event.
Nick Duda was out testing his turbocharged 'Stang. He made mid seven second runs.
A very cool straight axle Plymouth. The driver made a bunch of low 13 second runs.

4:00 pm update

Mission Raceway looks to be a great weekend with good weather and strong Doorslammer and NW Outlaw fields. If you want to see fast doorcar and six second dragsters head out to MRP this weekend

Testing today saw Yvonne Lucas run a 4.022/182 to the 660 for her best 1/2 track incremental ever. If legged out the back door it would have been a low 6 teen or possible a high 6.0 pass.

The PDRA is running this weekend at Rockingham. We will update their race throughout the weekend.

September 8, 2015

7:30 pm update

Monday at Indy: Too no surprise Jack Beckman continued his solid run of the last few races with a win over rival Robert Hight in Funny Car. While is wasn't a record setting weekend for the Jimmy Prock tuned driver, He did set the track record in qualifying and did double up with the win in Sunday's Traxxas Shoot-Out. He also secured top spot in the Countdown. In Top Fuel, part timer Morgan Lucas took out Team Vandergriff's David Connolly. Erica Enders got her first Pro Stock win at Indy and secured top spot in the countdown's final six events. Jerry Savioe won Pro Stock Motorcycle when he took out Chip Ellis. In Pro Mod, the quickest field in history saw surprise finalist Rick Snavely dominate the weekend including in the final where he defeated point leader Mike Janis. Snavely was 5 mph faster than any other competitor in the class and ran low et in every round of elimination's.

Division six's TAD world title hope driver, Joey Severance won his first TAD Indy title. He took out another West Coast racer, Cameron Ferre in the final. Randy Meyer set low et for the weekend when he went 5.183. Local racer Shawn Cowie qualified in the TAD field, but was ousted in round one. In TAFC, Andy Bohl earned his first US Nationals title when he defeated Annie Whiteley.

US Nationals team reports are posted.

Team Mission and Team Eagle finished their weekend at the DIvision Six ET finals well back in the standings. The two teams were a couple of the smaller teams at the event which had close to 500 competitors. Zak Clarke and Al Mackay-Smith went the furthest in the team Championship racing for Team Eagle. They went to the fifth round (1/4 finals). Zak lost by .01 to Gary Ermish and Smith lost to winner Al Chinn when he went red. Martin Dykstra and his C-Cab won best apppearing in the Sportsman class. Randy Hermsen and Kevin McCauley both lost in round four in Sportsman on Sunday. Matt McKay-Smith lost in round four of Motorcycle. Sunday Team Results and ROC winners from Saturday are posted.

Photos from Boise are here.

As posted on the Eagle Motorplex Web Site and Facebook page, the Ashcroft Indian Band has decided to cancel the last race of the season. It is not a surprise considering the dwindling car counts from the last few events. Mission Raceway will allow the Eagle racers to complete their season at Mission Raceway September 26-27th weekend. All the details are posted here.


September 7, 2015

Just got back from the trip to Edmonton for the WDRL finale and a day with my Stepfather. Will start posting stuff from there, Indy and the US Nationals and The Division Six Summit ET Finals later this afternoon.

September 6, 2015

A wild day Saturday at Edmonton for the final WDRL event of the year and the Top Eliminator big buck race. Beside those two groups a few feature exhibition cars were out testing as well.

First in Pro Mod Glen Kerunsky matched a career best run on a very tight cold track when he ripped off a great 6.04 in 9 degree weather and a 70 degree track. If guys stayed in the groove they went quick.

The saying goes, if you can't be the quickest be spectacular and unfortunately for Tom and Cathy Meheden they were the latter. Right at the hit Tom had a huge explosion that caused extensive damage. This repair will be a timely one. Sorry to see this Tom.

Rick DiStefano went into the beach on a strong 6.27/245 pass. But they made repairs and came back and repeated to the hundredth.

Jason Duchene was out with the two Fuel ALtereds in the team stable. Jason had a strong 660 lap with nice header flames.

|Tim 'Tachman' Stevenson built himself a very cool Land Speed Coupe. Unfortunately the little lap the driver made turned a bit sideways when he stomped on the loud pedal just past 300 feet. It literally did a couple 360's and came to rest against the wall. No serious damage but that was not the result they wanted.

The Top Eliminator Association had a double header planned for the weekend and it was off to a solid start until the delays reared its ugly head. They managed to get in two rounds of eliminations until the rain hit.

One of the delays was the first or second pair in round one of Top 'E'. Keri Ebert took on Ashley Bart-Huffman. At 300 feet, Ashley's bullet let go and to prove the day was not meant to be. Shrapnel went though the ballistic bag and caused a long clean-up from 300 feet through the end of the track. It was not a big dump thanks to the bag but the hole in it was enough to spray a small film of oil for 3500 feet. In total the 4 - 5 delays were responsible for at least three hours of down time. The track crew lead by Mike Heil did an amazing job of putting the track back to a real tight surface but they were plum wore out by the end of the day.

Today's (Sunday) weather does not look good.


At the US nationals, The Pro Mod class is just plain bad ass. 33 cars and 30of them have run in the 6.0's or quicker. The bump is 5.97 right now with one round to go. The local team of Molinari, Hinrichsen and Bond ran a 6.02 best but are back in the # 27 spot. Kenny Lang and Jim Bell are 29 and 32 respectively. Antron Brown defeated Doug Kalitta in the Traxxas Shootout. The Funny Cars run their shootout today.

September 3, 2015

Indy is this weekend, the biggest drag racing event worldwide, and this year the NHRA has gone back to the old days where the US Nationals winners are rewarded. This weekend the points are worth 1.5 times the normal for all four professional classes. All four have 18-25 entries but pale compared to Pro Mod which has 33 pre-entries. The Top Alcohol classes have over 20 each and Comp has 60 entries. The total car count is over 800. What a back gate that is!! The big news over the past few days was the firing of Top Fuel driver Spencer Massey from the Don Schumacher stable. According to sources it is a repeat offense for Massey that is substance abuse (alcohol related). Khalid alBalooshi is the replacement driver. A number of team press reports for Indy are posted.

Also up this weekend is the final WDRL event in their inaugural season. They will race the rained out Pro Mod event from Mission Raceway's National Open as well as a double header for Top Sportsman and their Open Comp, Extreme street and 8.5 classes. Edmonton's Castrol Raceway is the site of the event and the track is also hosting a double header Top Eliminator shoot-out. SpeedZone will be there thanks to SLR Rentals and JS Powersports. JB's Power Centre is also helping SpeedZone out this weekend. Big thank you's go out to our sponsors.

Also up this weekend is the NHRA's Division Six Summit ET Finals. This year the teams are competing in Boise Idaho, and both Mission Raceway and the Eagle Motorplex are sending teams. The Eagle Motorplex team is actually larger than MRPs.

August 31, 2015

What a weekend locally!

When the forecast was first put out there, there was no way anyone thought any racing would go down the track. What that did was keep over 50% of the racers away from Mission Raceway this weekend. Friday was a solid day, Saturday was one for the record books as it was dry all day but not a car could go down the track due to the almost hurricane like winds that whipped through the Fraser Valley non stop for six hours. When it finally subsided, there were acres upon acres for debris from one end of the facility to the other. A massive cleanup ensued and then more rain Saturday night (not a lot but enough), track cleaning drying and prep along with eight hours of pit and return road cleanup meant racing got underway at around 2:00 pm. It lasted until 6:00 when shower returned and the white flag was raised. Most classes got down to the semi finals and finals before hand, so they will be completed the next race weekend September 12-13.

Derek Snelson was kind enough to stay for Sunday in the Warhawk Jet Funny Car (made two runs) and Ed Jones in the "Jelly Belly Stagecoach" made one run.


Rick Marcum broke in the'One Night Stand' Wheelstander so he did not make a run. The 'Secret Weapon Tank' and the 'Mater' Tow Truck could not stay around as they had to travel 5200 miles from Mission to NewFoundland to race next weekend. What a trip that is going to be!



More will be posted later this week. The finals that got completed were the Jr Dragsters where Darien Provost won Jr. Lightning for Dakota Rangers and Kyker Skonsberg won Jr. Thunder over Sydney Jung. The NW Outlaws saw Dane Lachelt win his match race against Dan Provost. Paul Stretch, Zak Clarke and Rob Charlton were in the semi finals in Doorslammer.





As posted Saturday, Jim Bell and Kevin Fiscus in the BFR Pro Mod team had a great weekend in St. Louis for the SCSN event. The two car team were in the finals against each other in a close side by side. Their team release is posted.

August 30, 2015

This shot pretty much sums up what Saturday was like at Mission Raceway for the SMS/ Komatsu Smoke Fire and Thunder. Wind, wind, and more wind. Lots of broken limbs, a few dented trailers and few minor injuries and a massive cleanup that took most of Saturday afternoon evening and Sunday morning. It did get cleanup up though so hopefully Sunday is a better day.




August 29, 2015


Despite the weather man in the lower mainland stating the precipitation was going to be around for most of the day Friday, Mission ran without any delays once the morning showers that hit the track were dry. By 12 or so it was action right through until the Street Legals ended at 9:15am. A couple pro mods made runs throughout the day and a bunch of bracket cars and then the Street Legals took over. A couple 10.5 cars made hits as well.

One of the prettiest race cars to hit the track comes out of Calgary. Rick DiStefano has always been known for running nice cars. The metal flake on his Camaro is certainly no exception. Our coverage here all weekend long is presented and sponsored by by SMS Komatsu and K-Rents.

From the top: Joe Delehay threw down what would have been a low 5.90 Thursday when he went .950 to 60 feet and 3.97 to half track. He had a couple other great .9 60 foots yesterday and today (Friday)



Rick DiStefano's Camaro is hot, hot hot!. The team is working hard on the brand new BAE / Garrett turbocharged combination.








The Camaro just glistens in the sunlight.










Steve Horne is running a Convertor setup in his newly painted Willys. It ran soft mid 6's at almost 220.











Tom Meheden made a couple laps Thursday. A bunch of shake on his newly geared Nitrous combination. Go here for a Pro Mod preview.


Hopefully the weatherman is off on his prediction for Saturday and Sunday. This weekend is worth checking out.










One of the SMS Komatsu team cars out of Edmonton got in a pretty good launch. Looks like it came down pretty hard though.



August 28, 2015

11:30am update:

They are running a t n t today and street legals if weather holds. Weather is fine now.


Hopefully the weather gives us a break this weekend for Smoke Fire and Thunder. We have posted a preview for the Pro Mod class.

THis weekend on the other side of the border Anarchy at the Arch runs it's second annual SCSN at St. Louis. Jim Bell is the defending champion in the Legal class and in testing race as quick as 5.88/239 Wednesday. On Thursday he went 5.94 to sit #2 behind teammate Kevin Fiscus who went 5.91.


August 25, 2015

The last major drag racing event of the year locally is this weekend at Mission Raceway. SMOKE, FIRE and THUNDER presented by SMS Komatsu/K-Rents. Four Jet Cars including the TANK and MATER, and a funny car and dragster. Add in a couple wheelstanders (Jelly Belly and One Night Stand), and a full field of Pro Mods. Close to 16 cars will battle for the WDRL inaugural first season championship. Three or four teams are in the running for the championship. The Canada West Doorslammers and the NW Outlaws will also be featured. This is a drag race you don't want to miss.

August 24, 2015

8:30pm update

Team reports (JFR, Elite, MLR, Arana) from the NHRA event at Brainerd, and the PDRA event (Bell/Fiscus and Keith Haney) in Memphis are posted.

11:00am update

Seattle is complete and their a few surprise winners and finalists in a number of classes.

In TAD it was no surprise at defending world champion Chris Demke got the win. He did defeat #1 qualifier Garrett Bateman. Both drivers ran a 5.294, but Demke has .05 on the tree and got the win. Surprise finalist Randy Parker's dream weekend ended one round to early as he could not get the win against Sean Bellemeur. Randy shook and was off the gas early. Bellemeur ran a 5.597 to earn the win. In Comp it was two B/SMA hitters (likely the two best in the class in the country facing off. Jeff Lane and Justin Lamb (driving Ken Reich's Cobalt), ran heads up in the final round and it was Lane getting .03 on the tree and getting to the stripe just in front of a quicker Lamb, margin was less than a hundredth of a second. Lamb was also in the Super Stock final round and he lost that one as well, the loss was .001 against Alan Falcone.

Overall Canadian teams struggled at Seattle except Mike Shannon. While he lost early in the class he is fighting for the world title in (Super Comp) he did reach the final in Super Gas. The along with Super Pro were the only two finals that did not get completed in time. He races Dave Kelly (in Frank Nelson Sr's. old Firebird), and that final will be completed at Woodburn in three weeks. Oregon's Don Depeel defeated Josh Haven in Motorcycle, two division Seven dragsters faced off in Top Dragster. Michael MacBrair took out Robert McMahan. Mcmahan struggle as he was .03 off his 6.55 dial. In Top Sportsman, it was Don Sefton getting the win against Lee Goranson. Goranson had a 2/1000ths package in the semis but could not repeat that in the final round. Justin Sibley was looking at a back to back after his win the race previous in Woodburn but he fell just short against veteran Todd Sims. Sims was .001 on the tree and held onto the stripe for a 15/1000ths win. In Super Comp it was Brian Preszler defeating Division Five's Jerry Dean and a double breakout final. In Super Stock it was Falcone as stated above over Justin Lamb. In Stock, it was a heads up final with Tommy Gaynor defeating Jerry Stein. Stein got a big .03 starting line advantage but Gaynor drove around him running .13 quicker and taking a tenth stripe. The Pro bracket winner was Joel Dalke over a red lighting Jeff Warnke. The Super Pro semi final and final will be run at Pacific sometime in the future.

Brainerd was a 'slug fest' or 'battle royale' in the pro categories Sunday. For a track with 2000+ feet corrected altitude all weekend to produce the numbers it did, says a lot on three fronts. One, track prep played a huge role, kudos to the NHRA. Two, a bunch of moisture overnight which totally cleaned the track of all oil and residue, proves something that Bill Wells (the track manager at Mission in the 1990's) always did at MRP back two decades ago, was beneficial. (He would literally scrub the track with detergent and a high powered fire hose monthly). Bandimere Speedway does it on a regular basis as well, and they have arguably the best track crew in the business. Three, sea level elevation is not totally necessary for record numbers. In Top Fuel, Antron Brown set the et record with a 3.680 (backed up with a 3.696), but did not win and it wasn't the quickest run of the weekend. Shawn Langdon will go down as the baddest racer in the class at this time with a 3.662. Also the quickest side by side went down in round one when Brown defeated JR Todd with a 3.680 to 3.703. Too lose with a 3.703, ouch! The winner was Ritchie Crampton. He defeated Britanny Force with his own 3.6 run, a 3.695 to a losing 3.77 for Force. His 3.695 would have been a record as he went 3.71 earlier, and that was enough for a back-up, but Antron beat him to the punch. Wow, what a race. The Funny Car was equally awe inspiring. It was not the dominant Jack Beckman getting the win despite resetting his record from two races ago. He set the record with a 3.901 in qualifying (backed up with a 3.903 in round two). He did not win and team mate Matt Hagan who ran an unbelievable 3.879/329.58 in round one of elimination's (could not back up the et record but did back up the speed record) did not win, so neither of the drivers who made the quickest runs in history were out before the final round. In the final it was Robert Hight who ran as quick as a 3.928 (round two) and Tommy Johnson Jr. Hight ran the consecutive 3.9's in the last three rounds of elimination's including a 3.956 to defeat Johnson's week 4.130. Of note, 10 drivers ran career best numbers at Brainerd. The "Zoo" must have been wild Saturday night. In Pro Stock, The performance level is much more dependent on sea level conditions, but on Sunday with 2200+ plus feet of elevation the cars ran .06 quicker than Saturday, the big difference was 15% better humidity and a few points better barometer. Erica Enders won the race over Jason Line on a holeshot .014 with a 6.552/210.34 to a quicker 6.541/211.06. Line was .043 on the tree. In Motorcycle, the air was good enough for a 6.7 run by Eddie Kraweic in round two. He continued being the quickest through the final and defeated team mate Andrew Hines 6.84 to 6.89.


August 23, 2015

A big weekend for drag racing NHRA style and the PDRA.

Firstly, the local NW scene sees Pacific Raceway host the second to last Division Six LODRS event. One of the biggest car counts for the TS and TD classes and super fast Top Alcohol classes highlighted qualifying. Comp Eliminator was also quite a treat as there were three cars that ran .7 under or quicker and three quicker than .6 under the index. Unfortunately the car count for that class continues to be real weak with 13 in the field. Shane Molinari leads the Comp field with a .778 under 5.982, resetting the national record for AA/PM. They are getting dialed in for Indy in two weeks. Brian Hyerstay ran .75 under going 8.899 in his VW powered RED. Brandon Huhtala shattered the C/A record with a 7.157 (.715 under). Local talent Howie Stevens ran his career best number in his C/A Mustang with Ford power. He ran 7.27 almost .6 under. Way to go!.

In Top Dragster 45 cars are competing. 27 are in the 6's. In Top Sportsman 25 cars are in the field with seven in the 6's. In TAD three drivers hit the 5.20's including a 5.22 by Garrett Bateman. Local racer Shawn Cowie ran a 5.346 best. In TAFC Brian Hough ran 5.509 and three more are in the 5.50's. What can Mission do to attract fields this solid?

In Brainerd Minnesota, Jack Beckman and the Jimmy Prock tuned Charger ripped off another milestone going 3.901/325.69. John Force was not far back though as he ran a career best 3.930/324.83. It looks like the Force camp may have a similar set-up that was originally work on by Prock at JFR. It all has to do with the clutch setup and the timers (air and hydraulics). In total nine Floppers are in the 3.90's. All three Force cars, three of the four DSR team cars and both Kalitta floppers (also Chad Head) hit the three's. In Top Fuel, 11 are in the 3.70's including a track record 3.718 by Ritchie Crampton.

Pro Stock did not see the performance level the Fuel cars did, only 15 cars qualified and it is lead by Shane Gray who ran a 6.607. Only 11 TAFCs and 12 TADs are competing there.

More stuff Sunday evening.

In Memphis, the PDRA ran their Memphis Drags Friday and Saturday. Jason Scruggs defeated Terry Leggatt in Pro Extreme, Tommy Franklin defeated Steve Jackson in Pro Nitrous. Kevin Rivenbark defeated Kevin Fiscus in Pro Boost. NW racer Jim Bell lost in round one. In Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Abbotsford's Terry Schweigert defeated Travis Davis. Red Deer Alberta's Barry Daniluk lost in the semi finals of Top Sportsman despite a perfect light in the round (he got loose and had to lift).

August 20,2015

Sorry to hear that "Nitro" Nick Boninfante passed away yesterday of Heart Disease. He and his sons operated 'Boninfante Friction" a leading manufacturer of Clutch related parts. Nick was one of the leaders in Funny Car racing on the East Coast in the 70's with the 'US Male' flopper. He won the IHRA FC championship with RC Sherman driving in 1989. Condolences go out to his son's Nick Jr and Rob and daughter Jodi.

August 17, 2015

Boise's Nightfire Nationals sees Kris Krabill defeat Robert Overholser in the NFC final round. Tony Bartone defeated Bill Dunlap in NTF. Jeremy Sullivan won Fuel Altered and Garrett Richards won Pro Mod. The full results are posted here.

Mission Raceway final round results from this past weekend's double header are posted.

At Grand Bend they ran the rained out IHRA Nitro Jam from back in June and is was NW's Mark Sanders getting his long waited victory in NFC. He took out point leader Jason Rupert on a holeshot. Long time Mountain Pro Stock driver Larry O'Brien from Ontrio won his first ever Pro Stock Ironman. He defeated Washington state's JR Carr in the final. In Pro Mod it was two Ontario drivers facing off. Paolo Giust fdefeated Eric Latino in the final round.

August 14, 2015

The Sunday gallery from the Loafers Old Time drags at MRP are posted.

This weekend Mission Raceways hosts the Summit series' bracket points race as well as the Canada West Doorslammers. Tonight, (Friday) is the Mopac Street Legals and street car shoot-out.

One of the NW's biggest events is also on this weekend in Boise, the Night Fire Nationals. Nostalgia Nitro Top Fuel, Funny Car and AA/FA's are all featured. The West Coast Outlaw Pro Mods are also competing. Along with those classes is 80,000 in prize money for four days of bracket racing.


Really sad to report that one of the nicest professionals in all of drag racing lost a son this week. Clay Millican, multi-time IHRA world champion and NHRA Top Fuel competitor lost his son Dalton in a lone Motorcycle crash near his hometown of Drummond Tn.


Dalton Millican, son of six-time Top Fuel National Hot Rod Association (IHRA) World Champion Clay Millican, has roots that run deep in the racing world. As a youth, Millican spent countless hours traveling from race to race with his dad. As his father’s career took off, Dalton was involved in all facets of his racing efforts. His is survived by his mother and father, Donna and Clay and his brother Cale.


August 13, 2015

11:00pm update


Hot August Night in Edmonton was a huge event last night. Packed stands, and a three hour show including 6 Jet Cars, 8 Rocky Mountain Funny Cars, 4 Nitro Funny Cars, a couple Top Alcohol cars, Wheelstanders, a Fuel altered, Top Feul car and a couple nitro Harleys. The Nitro Funny Cars ranged in ets from a 5.97 to a 6.3 for the six runs total, and only one run was slower then a 6 teen. Nathan Sitko ran 6.05 and 6.16 (fastest was 239) , Jason Bussey ran 6.38 and 6.17 (his fastest of the two runs was a 236), Ryan Hodgson ran 5.99 and 6.01 (his fastest was 249), and Jordan Pawlick ran 5.97 and 6.06 (his fastest was 251). Those number courtesy Sitko family racing.

We need to find a way to put on a race like this.


Sorry, we're abit late on the second Loafers gallery (a photoshop issue). Will post it Friday morning.


We've added a gallery from the Loafers Old Time Nostalgia drags held at Mission Raceway 11 days ago. Here is the first gallery from Saturday. A Sunday gallery will be complete Thursday evening (tonight).


August 11, 2015

The Port Alberni Thunder in the Valley Race ran as a one day race due to rain on Saturday. Paul Stretch won the Doorslammer portion defeating Grant Klohn in the final round. 16 cars ran eliminations. Ron Clarke won Modified, Kevin Dolling was in the final of Pro in his first ever race. We will try and get the Pro winner and the sportsman final as well. We do have a few photos from Dyan Lover that wee will post in the next day or so.

11:00pm update

All I can say is wow. The new TIm Mcamis built C7 corvette built for Danny Rowe. Drag Illustrated photo shoot. Check it out.

7:30 am update

Sad to hear about long time Mission Business, 'Mission Towing and Auto Body' burning to the ground early this morning. The Duperon Family started the business back in the 50's or 60's. Luckily, no one was hurt. The Duperon guys including Wally Sr. Wally Jr, Kenny, Nik and Jordie have lived a good part of their lives at that shop. Best wishes and a speedy rebuild to the family.

August 10, 2015

Les Mayhew and NitroAmerica came through with a 10 minute clip from Mission Raceway's Lucas Oil Canadian National Open.



August 9, 2015

9:30pm update

The NW Nat's wrap up with Tommy Johnson JR. (Funny Car), JR. Todd (Top Fuel), Chris McGaha (Pro Stock), Megan McKernan (TAD) and Annie Whiteley (TAFC) earning wins Sunday. McGaha also ran a 6.488 in round one to reset the track record and become the first PS driver to run a 6.4 at Pacific. No Canadian's made the winners circle but one made headlines. Dale Giroux from Northern Alberta (Canyon Creek) crashed his 2014 B/AA Camaro Sunday in the semi finals of Comp against Ryan Warter. Dale was tansported to hospital with as a pre-caution, but is okay. Daughter in-law Fransesca Plaizier-Giroux went to the semi finals in Super Comp. Professional team wrap-ups from Erica Enders, John Force Racing, Ritchie Crampton, Larry Morgan and Terry McMillen are posted.


Here is the video of the Dale Giroux crash.


Here is the video of Alexis DeJoria's explosion Friday during qualifying.


And finally here is the Video of Twig Zeigler I talked about late last week.



The IHRA wrap-up two events this weekend. Martin Michigan and the redo of the Maryland rainout event. Jason Rupert wins twice in NFC, Matt Bertsch wins twice in MMPS, and Bill Lutz wis Pro Mod Saturday and long time PM racer Billy HArper wins the Maryland rain out event. Full results are posted at the links above.

8:00am update

Well it finally happened... Pacific Raceways finally reached it potential this weekend during the NW Nationals. The sea level facility has never been the track many expected, mostly due to hot muggy weather in the summer. All five heads up Pro and semi pro classed saw tack records and even pending world records set. Firstly in Funny Car, Jack Beckman reset his world record from a week ago in Sonoma with an incredible 3.912/ 322.88 Saturday in the final session (it shattered the old et record by over a tenth and it is also a track speed record, by over 10 mph). Crew Chief Jimmy Prock was likely smiling as they made the run along side John Force. Force made a great run as well, going 3.99 but it was three or four car lengths back at the stripe. Many are laughing at Force (his hater fans for sure), but he made a decision that was necessitated due to budget restraints his company was forced into. I do feel for him, for all he has done for the sport, but it is a tough business and decisions can turn around and bite you in the butt. Force will go one two of his three Funny Cars are in the top four of qualifying. In Top Fuel, Ritchie Crampton sits #1 with a track record 3.727. Spencer Massey set the track speed record with a 328.30 blast. Pro Stock came oh so close to a 6.40 pass when Chris McGaha and Jeg Coughlin ran 6.501 ets to reset the track records. The top eight ran between 6.501 and 6.509, the closest top eight in the history of Pro Stock. In TAFC, Mike Doushgounian ran a 5.489 to qualify #1 in TAFC and Joey Severance qualified #1 in TAD with a 5.26 but improved in round one with a great 5.232/272. Alexis DeJoria had a huge boomer Friday night just past half track. The team made repairs and she ended up #11 with a 4.08.

Last night at Spokane, Chris Davis got his first ever event win in NFC, but unfortunately he went through the top end without chutes and crashed the car hard in the sand trap. Chris is okay but the car is in rough shape.

A late update from a couple weeks ago. NW Top Fuel racer Earl Whiting passed away a couple weeks ago. He was a force to be recond with in the 1980;s. He teamed up with a number of NW legends including Gaines Markley and Rob Bruins, Dwight Salisbury and the Danell Bros.

AUGUST 6, 2015

8:35 pm update

Tomorrow is the start of the biggest weekend for Drag Racing in the NW. The NW Nationals will showcase all the professional classes including the stars from John Force Racing and Don Schumacher Racing. In Pro Stock the Summit Pro Stock team will be a force and Elite Racing's Eric Enders makes her return to Seattle after a couple years away. A couple local teams in the pro ranks including Top Fuel veteran Ron Smith and Pro Stock rookie Aaron Strong (competing at his second race in the class). Canadian's will also be out in full force this weekend racing in a variety of Sportsman classes. Shawn Cowie in TAD, Geoff Goodwin's TAFC team based out of Red Deer, that team won in Mission a month and a half ago. Ca;gary based Kenny Gilmour's TAD will compete as well. Calgary's Jirka Kaplan will be tough in TAFC. B.C. Sportsman racers include Dave Jung, Ron McKenzie, Jim Isherwood, Terry Spargo, Dave Richardson in Bob Marshall's C/AA, Bruce Perkin, Rick McKinney, Darrell Stobbe, Mike Nottingham, Greg Marshall, Derrick Johnstone, Mike Shannon (one of the hottest drivers in Sportsman racing on the West Coast), Dave Stobbe, Steve Lowe, Herman Chan and Ray Carlson (sorry for those I missed). Alberta will be well represented as well in the Super Classes and the two Stock classes. By the end of the weekend I expect to see a couple in the winner's circle. Shannon is battling for the world title in Super Comp as he sits #3 right now. Click on the Drag Racing team news (the middle red banner above or click this link) for Professional team news heading into Seattle.



8:30 am update

S.I.R. OR PACIFIC RACEWAYS HOLDS MANY MEMORYS FOR A NUMBER OF RACE TEAMS AND RACE FANS. Les Mayhew and NITROAMERICA has put together a cool piece on Twig Zeigler and his NFC including THE last run.....just two weeks ago today at the GoodGuys Friday Night drags. We will try and get the video posted today. For now here is the link.



August 3, 2015

The NHRA was in Sonoma this past weekend and it was a dominating performance by Jack Beckman in Funny Car that highlighted the Professional classes. He reset the Funny Car ET record (3.92) and won the event with 3.90's throughout the weekend (except the semis and final round). In the Final he took out team mate Tommy Johnson Jr. with a 4.03 to a 4.07. In Top Fuel it was Antron Brown defeating Dave Connolly. Pro Stock was won by Chris McGaha. It was his first win. Shane Gray was the Runner-up. Eddie Kraweic won Pro Stock Motorcycle over Jerry Savoie.

The NHRA hits Seattle this coming weekend for the O'Reilly NW Nationals.

The Langley Loafers Old Time Drags at Mission Raceway

Full final round results for all classes are posted here.

Final round for AA/Gassers

Final round for Pro Nostalgia

Fuel Altereds Saturday Night

Full results are posted here.

July 30, 2015

Lucas Oil National Open gallerys from Mission Raceway part two: Gallery one, and a second Gallery from Saturday evening.

Forgot to mention earlier that the NHRA has finally made sweeping changes to the Pro Stock class in an effort to increase participation as well as more interest from the fans. A couple minor changes starting next weekend, but the major ones come into effect for the 2016 season.

July 29, 2015

Photos are added to the Mission Raceway Pro Mod qualifying report.

Two Open gallerys: Robert Hunter Gallery (includes final round photos from Saturday). Bill Jeffery Gallery (includes a few Doorwarz shots).

July 28, 2015

11:00pm update

This coming weekend is the Langley Loafers event at MRP. They will have a show n shine for cars of all makes/models and years and a huge nostalgia racing event for cars older then 1971. The feature classes include AA/Gassers, a four pack of AA/Fuel Altereds and Pro Nostalgia.


The WDRL Pro Mod qualifying story from Mission's National Open is posted. Photos will be posted Wednesday morning.

Thanks to Joey's Place for their support of SpeedZone Magazine's coverage of the Lucas Oil Canadian National Open.

July 28, 2015

Denver results from the the Mello Yello NHRA Mopar Nationals:

Top Fuel: Steve Torrence defeated Tony Schumacher. Funny Car: Jack Beckman defeated John Force. Pro Stock: Larry Morgan defeated Allen Johnson on a holeshot. Pro Stock Motorcycle: Eddie Krawiec defeated Hector Arana Jr on a holeshot. Full results and Sportsman results are here.


The Pro Mod (WDRL) story from Mission Raceway and from Edmonton's Rocky Mountain Nationals will be posted this evening.


Brianna Lindsey won her first Wally in a big car and the car has a pedigree. This was the car that Stefan Kondolay drove to multiple wins Divisionally and in Open competition prior to his tragic passing. Brianna is surely to have a solid career diving the car and there is someone watching from above making sure she is taking no prisoners. Way to go Brianna, Stefan would be proud!!

The winners circle photos are all posted along with the final round photos.





July 27, 2015

The Rocky Mountain Funny Cars and the NW BB/FC qualifying report from Mission Raceway's National Open is posted.

July 26, 2015

10:30 update

The Nostalgia Alcohol and the Pro Mod story from Mission will be posted Monday.

8:00pm update

Well the promise of a great finish to the Lucas Oil National Open at Mission Raceway after a really good Saturday did not materialize as the rains hit Sunday morning and continued through early afternoon. By that time the call was made to cancel the rest of the event. The Pro Mod class will run their elimination's the end of August right here at Mission, and the Nitro Funny Cars will complete their at the Hot Rod Reunion in October. The Rocky Mountain Funny Cars will complete their race in Edmonton later this month or early September.

The Nitro Funny Car qualifying story is posted.

8:00 am update:

The MRP Lucas Oil Canadian National Open final qualifying is in the books and once racing got underway at around 1:00pm there were no weather delays despite it affecting the entire Lower Mainland. They got Lucky. There were a few oil downs in the beginning of time trials and thought was that the day would never get to the feature classes Nitro Funny Car, the Blown Alcohol Funny Cars and the Pro Mods. Bit after half way through the only time trial the sportsman classes got it was pretty smooth sailing.




The small (8 car) field of Pro Mods put on an awesome show with Joe Delehay running a his best run in Canada, a 5.92/241 to get the #1 spot.












Shane Molinari is #2 with a very strong r6.00/249 and Jay Syvertsen is #3 with a strong (first full pass of the year on his 57 chevy) 6.11/243.







Jeff Doyle jumped right into the big leagues with a career best 6.13 at a whopping 250 mph blast. Terry Spargo is the #8 qualifier with a real strong all motor lap of 6.57/212 mph. That was his first run in over a year, and close to a career best. Dal Sangha was at the track but his car had a couple broken lifters they found and he did not make a run.



The National Open Sportsman page has all the final round results for Top Comp, Combo, the Super Classes, and all the bracket classes from race one.



In Nitro Funny Car the five car field put on a great show in round one. All five cars ran in the "5's" in the first session which was very cool. Bucky Austin with driver Kris Krabill lead with an out of the trailer 5.67/244. That is a career best et for the Austin/O'Brien team in NHRA trim. To say Kris Krabill was stoked is an understatement. Claude Lavoie was solid in his first appearance at Mission in almost five years. He laid down a 5.80, next was Tim Nemeth with a 5.84 Ryan Hodgson ran a 5.87/250 and Nathan Sitko ran a 5.84/245 to round out the field. Only Hodgson and Sitko ran the second session and they both ran flame throwing 5.90's.



The National Open Sportsman page has all the final round results for Top Comp, Combo, the Super Classes, and all the bracket classes from race one.



The Rocky Mountain Funny Cars teams had a bunch of Carnage but there were a couple stellar runs. Cory Kincaid ran a career best 6.57/211, Joey Steckler ran a career best 6.63/212, Shane Reykdal went 6.85 but Cal Tebb ended up #1 with a 6.83 (closest to the 6.80 index)



The National Open Sportsman page has all the final round results for Top Comp, Combo, the Super Classes, and all the bracket classes from race one.



The NW BB/FC saw Kim Parker and Greg Howland lead the way in Saturday time trials. Kim went 6.76 (they run on a 6.75 target) and Howland ripped off a 6.77. Vancouver Island's Brent Murray was the quickest of the group with a 6.66/211. He just has to slow it down a tad for Sunday elimination's. There are eight NWBB/FC for Sunday racing.


The National Open Sportsman page has all the final round results from race one


The Sportsman winners Saturday in day one of the Open double header are posted on the Open Sportsman page.

July 24, 2015

10:00pm update

Not a day you want to see when there are a bunch of 'plastic fantastics' (Funny Cars for the non veteran race fans) in the pits. Rain started at 8:00am and never stopped all day long at Mission Raceway. The good news though was two fold: (1) It was only a test day, and (2) the charity dinner put on by Nancy and Tim Nemeth on behalf of the 'Canucks Place Children's Hospice' was fantastic. Great food great people and a bunch of money raised for a worthy cause. Good job to all the volunteers and race teams who supported the event.

Heard the Seattle Friday Night Good Guys Funny Car show ran tonight but also heard that Tim Boychuk had an incident while driving Twig Zeigler's car (Apparently the front end of the car folded up on a 5.80 pass). We will post more info when it comes.

Denver is up this weekend on the NHRA Mello Yello tour. All Four pro classes had record performances. Top Fuel (Larry Dixon), Funny Car (John Force), Pro Stock (Allen Johnson) and Pro Stock Motorcycle (Eddie Krawiec) all set track records.


10:00am update

Lucas Oil Canadian National Open coverage will be posted on four different pages for easy viewing

Nitro Funny Car page Alcohol Nostalgia Funny Car page


Results are posted from last weekend event at Ashcroft.

July 23, 2015

SpeedZone Magazine is proud to have Joey's place Paint and Restoration on board as the sponsor of the coverage here for the Mission Raceway Lucas Oil Canadian National Open. Check out Joey's Web site (click on the logo above) and also go to his Web Newsletter here. It has all the updates of what Joey's Place is all about. They are the Premier Custom Car Restoration shop in Alberta and have been for four decades. We'll have three different pages of coverage. One page for the three funny Car classes, one page for the Pro Mods and other exhibition cars, and a page for the NHRA sportsman classes.


So what does Steve Petty (Proline owner and tuning guru) do when he is not tuning a turbo charged car like Jeff Doyle's to the left..... Well....

....He fishes with his wife Erica. The early part of this week Steve and wife Erica were entertained by Dyan Lover and Ron York in Port Alberni. As shown his caught a bunch of Sockeyes. He wants to come back and get the big Springs.

Dyan Lover photo

He is here this weekend to help get the BMR 70 Camaro dialed in for its return to the NHRA Pro Mod wars the end of August. Jeff Doyle will also benefit with his new Firebird. His improvement showed today in early testing with his best 60 ft. to date (1.04).

Shane Molinari (left) had his Camaro danging all the way down the 1/4 mile on a 6.15/245 mph blast. Chassis guru Ryan Hinrichsen said it was the most aggressive chassis set-up he has ever seen on a Pro Mod.

There are a couple others that likely will benefit from Steve's expertise. Here at SpeedZone, we hope he enjoys his stay in the great 'white' North.

Here is the new race rig that will luxuriously take Jay Syvertsen and Steve Horne's race cars to the track. What a set-up!!
Here is the new look for Steve's 41 Willy's. Very nice. Beside's the new paint, the chassis had extentive updating at RH's shop and the motor and drivetrain (Lenco / Bruno) now has a new look. Man does it look good upclse. It is a very different look compared to so many cookie cutter paint schemes.
Nice job!!!

A decent looking Sockeye caught in Alberni Inlet.

Dyan Lover photo

Qualifying for the Pro Mods begins Saturday afternoon with three session Saturday. The three Funny Car classes will have two rounds of qualifying Saturday in the evening. If you are looking for some ground-pounding hi speed exciting racing action, head out to Mission Raceway.


July 22, 2015

We had had a ton of emails and phone calls inquiring on who (which Funny Car teams and Pro Mod teams) were going to be at Mission this weekend for the Lucas Oil Canadian National Open. Well we have around 22 Funny Cars and 10 or more Pro Mods.

Here is the List (subject to change).

Nitro Funny Cars

Nathan Sitko
Kris Krabill
Ryan Hodgson
Tim Boychuk
Tim Nemeth
Claude Lavoie
Wally Glavia

Rocky Mountain Funny Cars

Cal Tebb
Joey Steckler
Shane Reykdal
Al Weich
Jimmy Fersch
Cory Kincaid
Tyson Wells


Kim Parker
Don Harter
Harter 2
Greg Howland
Royce Taylor
Todd Swinford
Justin Taylor
Brent Murray

Pro Mods

Jay Syvertsen
Steve Horne
Dal Sangha
Dale Pedersen
Jeff Hill
Glen May
Jeff Doyle
Shane Molinari
Joe Delehay
Terry Spargo

A few more are possible.



A big preview and line-up coming soon.

July 21, 2015





July 20, 2015

9:30 am update:

Word out from Edmonton is Kirk Lanz crashed his Camaro in the semi finals of TS on Sunday, The car ended up on its roof after rolling once or twice. Kirk is okay but unfortunately the car did suffer pretty extensive damge. It was good way to end what was a pretty good weekend with a win and a semi final finish. Glad to hear Kirk is okay.

8:00am update

The Finalists from BC and Alberta this past weekend from Woodburn and Edmonton:


Dave Jung: Pro Bracket
Dan Provost: Super Pro
Mike Shannon: Super Comp
Dale Giroux: Comp

Runner ups:
Shawn Cowie: TAD
Jirka Kaplan: TAFC
Rick McKinney: Super Stock

Edmonton Pro Am #1
Edmonton Pro Am #2


Clarence Bidniak: Stock
E. Hagen: Hot Rod
Eddie Plaizier: Super Rod
Rob White: Quick Rod
Scott Hearn: Top Dragster
Kirk Lanz: Top Sportsman
M. Bold: No Box
J Bast: Box
S. Okrainetz: Jr Master
F. Perrill: Jr. Advanced



Runner ups:

D. Watts: Stock
S. Erfles: Super Stock
C. Borchuk: Hot Rod
J. Crooks: Super Rod
Ed Goldade: Quick Rod
Kerri Ebertz: Top Dragster
Randy Modersohn: Top Sportsman
E. Schmal: No Box
G. Rose: Box
L. Derose: Jr. Master
K. Thomas: Jr. Advanced


Glen Kerunsky: Pro Mod
Cal Tebb: Pro 6.90
Kevin Boyer: Nitro Harley
Jason Miller: Top Sportsman
Travis Ringguth: Top Dragster
Don Thomas: Super Stock
Clarence Bidbiak: Stock
Jeff Crooks: Super Rod
Eric Goulden: Quick Rod
Carey Borchuk: Hot Rod
Kalim Menzel: No Box
Jason Hopkins: Box
Karson Connelly: Jr. Beginner
Cole Lewinski: Jr. Advanced
Mikayla Fedderly: Jr. Master


Ross Hogenson: Pro Mod
Joey Steckler: Pro 6.90
Craig Pelrine: Nitro Harley
Sherman Schlacht: Top Dragster
John Tiefen: Top Sportsman
Dale Dryden: Super Rod
Mike Pople: Quick Rod
James Paul: Hot Rod
Darren Dietz: No Box
George LeBlanc: Box
Ryder Faulkner: Jr. Beginner
Travis Hartley: Jr. Advanced
Jenna Mechaud: Jr. Master




July 19, 2015

11:00pm update:

Al Quigley bows out in the semi finals against Justin Sibley in Super Street. Sibley had a 10/thou package and 'Quig' was .021. Justin went on to win the Wally. Kelowna's Mike Shannon gets the Super Comp title. What a roll he is on. Mike Williams is gone in the semis of Top Sportsman. Danny Wargneir wins TS. Dave Jung went out in round one on Stock but won Pro Bracket. Curt Giese wins Super Gas, Jeff Havens wins Top Dragster and his son Jake wins Motorcycle. In Comp it was Alberta's Dale Giroux getting the win over Dan Barton. Richmond's Rick McKinney is the runner-up to Mission regular Shawn Blair in Super Stock. Brad Burton wins in Stock.

July 19, 2015


Cal Tebb wins Pro 6.90 (Rocky Mountain class) over Joey Steckler. It was a 6.98 for Steckler to a quicker leaving 7.01 by Tebb.

Jason Rupert defeated Mike McIntyre in the Nitro Funny Car final round. He also won on a holeshot. His 5.71 defeated Mike's 5.69. Notable in Funny Car was Tim Nemeth rebounding after his struggles in qualifying. In round one he ran a solid 5.87 in the loss to McIntyre. Ryan Hodgson finished up his IHRA licensing with two low 5.80 runs at over 250 mph. Jordan Pawlick ran a career best 5.75 in his late leaving round one loss to a 5.81 by Tim Boychuk.

In Pro Mod it was Glen Kerunsky with a 6.18/233 taking out Ross Hogenson who ran a 6.27/230. Kerunsky ran in the 6-teens all day long including a 6.10 which was low et for elimination's. #1 qualifier Mike Gondziola shook hard in round one and was upset by Tom Reithmeyer. Joe Delehay also lost in round one. He left before the tree was activated. The elimination's sheet is posted in the NW headlines page.

The Pro Mods, the Nitro Funny Cars and the Rocky Mountain guys will all invade Mission next weekend. We expect 20-26 Funny Cars, and close to 16 Pro Mods for that race.

Kevin Boyer won Nitro Harley over Craig Pelrine.

Kirk Lanz won Top Sportsman in race one. And Scott Hearn won Top Dragster in race one.



Joey Severance and Annie Whiteley. the two car YNot TA team won in TAD and TAFC respectively. Annie defeated Calgary's Jirka Kaplan and Joey Defeated Delta's Shawn Cowie.

Noteable there was the thrash the RAD team had to do after breaking in Chicago last Saturday, the team had ti high-tail it back here to install a new motor in Dan's dragster and then make it down to Woodburn. They did it all in time and Dan qualified with a 6.93. Unfotunately he ran short of is dial by .056. He got a slight edge on the tree, the the car could not run the 6.93 dial. BUT in Super Pro he went all the way and took the Super Pro Wally.

The wow factor run was round two in Top Sportsman where Alberta's Mike Williams defeated California's Doug Bracey by the margin of .0000. That's right it was leas than 1/10,000ths of a second. First time I ever saw a basic dead-heat.

from DRC

6646 Mike Williams WINNER**** 0.012 7.089 193.42 (7.05) 777C Doug Bracey 0.051 7.580 177.86 (7.58)

Virtual dead-heat! Mike Williams gets the hole shot win, as Bracey runs right on his dial. MOV: 0.0000 seconds (approximately 0 inches).

Here's a winners circle shot from Chicago. Williams won TS there, then made what was likely an enjoyable drive back to Woodburn. (Quigley photo)

July 18, 2015

9:30pm update

Two rounds of qualifying are complete at Edmonton for the Nitro Jam and the third one is underway, Therehas been a few delays including shattered showers and a couple incidents on track. In Nitro Funny Car Mike McIntyre leads with a 5.77, Mark Sanders is #2 with a 5.82 and Jason Rupert is #3 with a 5.85.Ryan Hodgson's first full pass netted him a track record 254 mph blast coupled with a 5.86. Local Tim Nemeth struggled in round one and did not make the second session.

In Pro Mod it is Mike Gondziola leading with a 6.02. He is 2/10ths ahead of the next guy Glen Kerunsky who ran a 6.24. Paul Glandon and his company Unique Concrete is sponsoring the class this weekend and he sits #3 with a 6.24 also.

Here is a picture courtesy the WDRL and is shows Tom Reithmeyer's new Mustang in the staging lanes but it did not make a run in either session. Ross Hogenson made a rare appearance at an actual race and Garry Weslosky is also in attendance.

Cal Tebb is #1 qualifier in the 6.90 outlaw class. He ran a 6.92, Norm Kolwich and Joey Steckler are right on his heels.

At Budds Creek at the PDRA event, Barry Daniluk qualified #5 in Top Sportsman with a 4.05 and lost in the 1/4 finals with a .005 red light. Jim Bell qualified #5 with a 3.88 in Pro Boost, won round one but his car failed to fire in the 1/4 finals.

In Woodburn 15 TAFC cars tried to qualify for the 8 car field and a couple hitters ended up outside the field including Jay Payne and Steve Gasparelli. Annie Whiteley is #1 with a 5.56/266. In TAD it is Joey Severance leading with a 5.31/272. Shawn Cowie is #3 with a 5.46/268.

In Top Dragster local driver Dan Provost is in the top half (#15) of a very fast field with a 6.93 best.

July 18, 2015

9:00am update

The Rocky's were completely washed out Friday as rain was real heavy in the morning many pits were flooded. The clearing did start in the afternoon but there was no way to get the process completed and get cars down the track. The forecast is for good weather the rest of the weekend and they will start the pro class qualifying at 3:00pm. Nine Funny Cars are on the property and close to 16 Nostalgia Alky cars.


Woodburn has a huge TAFC car count for this weekend's LODRS. 16 cars apparently for the 8 car field. Sometimes you just gotta shake your head, WHERE WERE EVEN FIVE OF THOSE FOR THE MISSION LODRS A MONTH AGO????. Brian Hough had a big boomer that lifted the body off the car at half track. It looks like repairs could be made in time for Saturday qualifying.


July 17, 2015

The Rocky Mountain Nationals are on this weekend but unfortunately SpeedZone will not be there. The IHRA policy does not allow any media photos sales except for one photographer, and we will not cover that event due to the expense involved until they change their policy. We will post info we get from our friends at the race throughout the weekend though.

I expect 14-16 Pro Mods, close to 10 Nitro Funny Cars, 16 in the 6.90 Funny Car class that includes a bunch of Rocky Mountain teams and Nitro Harley. Ashcroft is also on this weekend and there is one developing story regarding a Jr. race team we will report when info is complete.


Big changes at Mission Raceway executive wise as Brian Nawyn, Kevin Ness and Aubrey Holmes resign. Chris Stone resigned a bit earlier this spring.



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