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Current Drag Racing Headlines


July 20, 2015

9:30 am update:

Word out from Edmonton is Kirk Lanz crashed his Camaro in the semi finals of TS on Sunday, The car ended up on its roof after rolling once or twice. Kirk is okay but unfortunately the car did suffer pretty extensive damge. It was good way to end what was a pretty good weekend with a win and a semi final finish. Glad to hear Kirk is okay.

8:00am update

The Finalists from BC and Alberta this past weekend from Woodburn and Edmonton:


Dave Jung: Pro Bracket
Dan Provost: Super Pro
Mike Shannon: Super Comp
Dale Giroux: Comp

Runner ups:
Shawn Cowie: TAD
Jirka Kaplan: TAFC
Rick McKinney: Super Stock

Edmonton Pro Am #1
Edmonton Pro Am #2


Clarence Bidniak: Stock
E. Hagen: Hot Rod
Eddie Plaizier: Super Rod
Rob White: Quick Rod
Scott Hearn: Top Dragster
Kirk Lanz: Top Sportsman
M. Bold: No Box
J Bast: Box
S. Okrainetz: Jr Master
F. Perrill: Jr. Advanced



Runner ups:

D. Watts: Stock
S. Erfles: Super Stock
C. Borchuk: Hot Rod
J. Crooks: Super Rod
Ed Goldade: Quick Rod
Kerri Ebertz: Top Dragster
Randy Modersohn: Top Sportsman
E. Schmal: No Box
G. Rose: Box
L. Derose: Jr. Master
K. Thomas: Jr. Advanced


Glen Kerunsky: Pro Mod
Cal Tebb: Pro 6.90
Kevin Boyer: Nitro Harley
Jason Miller: Top Sportsman
Travis Ringguth: Top Dragster
Don Thomas: Super Stock
Clarence Bidbiak: Stock
Jeff Crooks: Super Rod
Eric Goulden: Quick Rod
Carey Borchuk: Hot Rod
Kalim Menzel: No Box
Jason Hopkins: Box
Karson Connelly: Jr. Beginner
Cole Lewinski: Jr. Advanced
Mikayla Fedderly: Jr. Master


Ross Hogenson: Pro Mod
Joey Steckler: Pro 6.90
Craig Pelrine: Nitro Harley
Sherman Schlacht: Top Dragster
John Tiefen: Top Sportsman
Dale Dryden: Super Rod
Mike Pople: Quick Rod
James Paul: Hot Rod
Darren Dietz: No Box
George LeBlanc: Box
Ryder Faulkner: Jr. Beginner
Travis Hartley: Jr. Advanced
Jenna Mechaud: Jr. Master




July 19, 2015

11:00pm update:

Al Quigley bows out in the semi finals against Justin Sibley in Super Street. Sibley had a 10/thou package and 'Quig' was .021. Justin went on to win the Wally. Kelowna's Mike Shannon gets the Super Comp title. What a roll he is on. Mike Williams is gone in the semis of Top Sportsman. Danny Wargneir wins TS. Dave Jung went out in round one on Stock but won Pro Bracket. Curt Giese wins Super Gas, Jeff Havens wins Top Dragster and his son Jake wins Motorcycle. In Comp it was Alberta's Dale Giroux getting the win over Dan Barton. Richmond's Rick McKinney is the runner-up to Mission regular Shawn Blair in Super Stock. Brad Burton wins in Stock.

July 19, 2015


Cal Tebb wins Pro 6.90 (Rocky Mountain class) over Joey Steckler. It was a 6.98 for Steckler to a quicker leaving 7.01 by Tebb.

Jason Rupert defeated Mike McIntyre in the Nitro Funny Car final round. He also won on a holeshot. His 5.71 defeated Mike's 5.69. Notable in Funny Car was Tim Nemeth rebounding after his struggles in qualifying. In round one he ran a solid 5.87 in the loss to McIntyre. Ryan Hodgson finished up his IHRA licensing with two low 5.80 runs at over 250 mph. Jordan Pawlick ran a career best 5.75 in his late leaving round one loss to a 5.81 by Tim Boychuk.

In Pro Mod it was Glen Kerunsky with a 6.18/233 taking out Ross Hogenson who ran a 6.27/230. Kerunsky ran in the 6-teens all day long including a 6.10 which was low et for elimination's. #1 qualifier Mike Gondziola shook hard in round one and was upset by Tom Reithmeyer. Joe Delehay also lost in round one. He left before the tree was activated. The elimination's sheet is posted in the NW headlines page.

The Pro Mods, the Nitro Funny Cars and the Rocky Mountain guys will all invade Mission next weekend. We expect 20-26 Funny Cars, and close to 16 Pro Mods for that race.

Kevin Boyer won Nitro Harley over Craig Pelrine.

Kirk Lanz won Top Sportsman in race one. And Scott Hearn won Top Dragster in race one.



Joey Severance and Annie Whiteley. the two car YNot TA team won in TAD and TAFC respectively. Annie defeated Calgary's Jirka Kaplan and Joey Defeated Delta's Shawn Cowie.

Noteable there was the thrash the RAD team had to do after breaking in Chicago last Saturday, the team had ti high-tail it back here to install a new motor in Dan's dragster and then make it down to Woodburn. They did it all in time and Dan qualified with a 6.93. Unfotunately he ran short of is dial by .056. He got a slight edge on the tree, the the car could not run the 6.93 dial. BUT in Super Pro he went all the way and took the Super Pro Wally.

The wow factor run was round two in Top Sportsman where Alberta's Mike Williams defeated California's Doug Bracey by the margin of .0000. That's right it was leas than 1/10,000ths of a second. First time I ever saw a basic dead-heat.

from DRC

6646 Mike Williams WINNER**** 0.012 7.089 193.42 (7.05) 777C Doug Bracey 0.051 7.580 177.86 (7.58)

Virtual dead-heat! Mike Williams gets the hole shot win, as Bracey runs right on his dial. MOV: 0.0000 seconds (approximately 0 inches).

Here's a winners circle shot from Chicago. Williams won TS there, then made what was likely an enjoyable drive back to Woodburn. (Quigley photo)

July 18, 2015

9:30pm update

Two rounds of qualifying are complete at Edmonton for the Nitro Jam and the third one is underway, Therehas been a few delays including shattered showers and a couple incidents on track. In Nitro Funny Car Mike McIntyre leads with a 5.77, Mark Sanders is #2 with a 5.82 and Jason Rupert is #3 with a 5.85.Ryan Hodgson's first full pass netted him a track record 254 mph blast coupled with a 5.86. Local Tim Nemeth struggled in round one and did not make the second session.

In Pro Mod it is Mike Gondziola leading with a 6.02. He is 2/10ths ahead of the next guy Glen Kerunsky who ran a 6.24. Paul Glandon and his company Unique Concrete is sponsoring the class this weekend and he sits #3 with a 6.24 also.

Here is a picture courtesy the WDRL and is shows Tom Reithmeyer's new Mustang in the staging lanes but it did not make a run in either session. Ross Hogenson made a rare appearance at an actual race and Garry Weslosky is also in attendance.

Cal Tebb is #1 qualifier in the 6.90 outlaw class. He ran a 6.92, Norm Kolwich and Joey Steckler are right on his heels.

At Budds Creek at the PDRA event, Barry Daniluk qualified #5 in Top Sportsman with a 4.05 and lost in the 1/4 finals with a .005 red light. Jim Bell qualified #5 with a 3.88 in Pro Boost, won round one but his car failed to fire in the 1/4 finals.

In Woodburn 15 TAFC cars tried to qualify for the 8 car field and a couple hitters ended up outside the field including Jay Payne and Steve Gasparelli. Annie Whiteley is #1 with a 5.56/266. In TAD it is Joey Severance leading with a 5.31/272. Shawn Cowie is #3 with a 5.46/268.

In Top Dragster local driver Dan Provost is in the top half (#15) of a very fast field with a 6.93 best.

July 18, 2015

9:00am update

The Rocky's were completely washed out Friday as rain was real heavy in the morning many pits were flooded. The clearing did start in the afternoon but there was no way to get the process completed and get cars down the track. The forecast is for good weather the rest of the weekend and they will start the pro class qualifying at 3:00pm. Nine Funny Cars are on the property and close to 16 Nostalgia Alky cars.


Woodburn has a huge TAFC car count for this weekend's LODRS. 16 cars apparently for the 8 car field. Sometimes you just gotta shake your head, WHERE WERE EVEN FIVE OF THOSE FOR THE MISSION LODRS A MONTH AGO????. Brian Hough had a big boomer that lifted the body off the car at half track. It looks like repairs could be made in time for Saturday qualifying.


July 17, 2015

The Rocky Mountain Nationals are on this weekend but unfortunately SpeedZone will not be there. The IHRA policy does not allow any media photos sales except for one photographer, and we will not cover that event due to the expense involved until they change their policy. We will post info we get from our friends at the race throughout the weekend though.

I expect 14-16 Pro Mods, close to 10 Nitro Funny Cars, 16 in the 6.90 Funny Car class that includes a bunch of Rocky Mountain teams and Nitro Harley. Ashcroft is also on this weekend and there is one developing story regarding a Jr. race team we will report when info is complete.


Big changes at Mission Raceway executive wise as Brian Nawyn and Aubrey Holmes resign. Chris Stone resigned a bit earlier this spring.


July 13, 2015

11:00 pm update

So NHRA is finally making a change to their TV programing. So Long ESPN2. FOX 1 Sports is said to be the new network starting in 2015. NHRA will have the official announcement when the contract is signed.

Brainerd International has its work cut out for them after a huge storm went through the area over the weekend. Their national event is only five weeks away.


Another sad good-bye was announced a couple days ago, as long time Pro Stock competitor and most recently, tuning guru for a number of Pro Mod teams, Joe Lepone Jr passed away after his battle with cancer. He will surely be missed by many. I have never heard a negative comment about Lepone in all my years around the sport and that saying something. Condolences to all his friends and family.

Still trying to source IHRA Pro Am results from Spokane, can someone out there help me out.

Edmonton is this weekend. Will there be any coverage?????

The Rocky Mountain guys and the WDRL guys will get some coverage here.

8:00 am update

Still trying to confirm all the winners at Spokane at the Pro Am. I know Ryan Warter won Stock and Howard esping won Hot Rod (Super Street) and Aaron Spitzer won TD. Also I think it was a double header.

July 12, 2015

9:00 pm update

Chicago update. Tilley Alberta's Mike Williams' won Top Sportsman against a bunch of the best in NHRA TS racing on Sunday. He was deadly on the tree all weekend long (including his 8/1000ths loss in the All-star race). In the five races leading up to the final he was no worse than .025 on the tree and four of the wins he was 'double O' on the tree. In the final against Michael Daniele (the 2014 Division one champion), both he and Daniele were late off the tree, the national event style tree (double blue LED lights) flickered for both drivers but Williams' was still .07 better and held that advantage through the finish line. It was Mike's first ever national event final round. Congrats to the Alberta driver.

In the All-Star final results For Division Six, Jeff Lane took the win in Comp and Sean Cour was the R/U in Super Stock. Those two results combined with one first round point for Eddie Plaizier gave Division Six a tie for fourth place out of the seven divisions. In the Regional All-star standings Joey Severance won TAD.

As far as Sunday winners for the rest of the classes: Allen Johnson over Larry Morgan in Pro Stock, Hector Arana Jr over Matt Smith in Pro Stock Motorcycle, Tommy Johnson Jr over Matt Hagan in Funny Car and Tony Schumacher over Larry Dixon in Top Fuel. In TAD, it was point leader and defending world champion Chris Demke defeating Mia Tedesko and Defending TAFC world champion Steve Harker over a red lighting Kris Hool.

Competition Eliminator -- Troy Galbraith, Spitzer, 6.832, 194.35 def. Glen Treadwell, ProStart, 7.742, 170.47.

Super Stock -- Phil Unruh, Chevy Cobalt, 8.613, 156.46 def. Brad Zaskowski, Chevy Camaro, 9.851, 134.30.

Stock Eliminator -- Jeff Strickland, Chevy Camaro, 10.478, 120.29 def. Britt Cummings, Chevy Corvette, 10.713, 119.64.

Super Comp -- Gary Williams, Dragster, 8.928, 160.21 def. Luke Bogacki, Dragster, 8.899, 175.25.

Super Gas -- Ray Connolly, Chevy Corvette, 9.902, 149.33 def. Haley Gregory, Chevy Cobalt, 9.961, 170.36.

Super Street -- Rob Kropfeld, Chevy Vega Wagon, 10.901, 125.32 def. Phillip Smida, Chevy Cavalier, 10.944, 135.63.

Top Dragster -- Steve Cohen, Dragster, 6.579, 201.19 def. Shanna Snyder, Dragster, 6.160, 233.24.

Top Sportsman -- Mike Williams, Pontiac GXP, 7.088, 190.16 def. Michael Daniele, Chevy Cavalier, 7.035, 193.63.


Mission Raceway results are posted here:


In Spokane, the IHRA Pro Am concluded their weekend and the winners are:

9:00 am update

A quiet race weekend at Mission Raceway this weekend. With Doorwarz last week and the National Open in just 12 days, many teams are taking time away from the track and resting and refreshing their gear for five races in a six week span (Doorwarz, this weekend, National Open, Old Time Drags and the Seattle National event). Only a dozen Doorslammers and five NW Outlaw teams are competing this weekend.

In Spokane, Dane Lachelt won the Pro Alcohol Thunder class Saturday Night. He is rumoured to be heading to Mission today to race with the Outlaws. Kris Krabill was the runner-up in the NFC final against Jason Rupert. Mark Sanders, Claude Lavoie and Jason Bussey all lost in round one. Hopefully all three show up as well as Krabill in 12 days to Mission for the Open. Mike Pelrine won the Nitro Harley class. Cal Tebb went to the semis in the Pro Alcohol Funny Car class. The Rocky Mountain Funny Car web site is updated from Spokane.

It was not a banner day for the Division Six Jegs team in Chicago Saturday. The bright spots were Joey Severance who is in the TAFC All-star final, Sean Cour who is in the Super Stock All-star final and Jeff Lane who is in the final round. Eddie Plaizier went to round two and the rest of the drivers were unfortunate first round casualties. In Top Dragster Dan Provost broke in round one of the regular Top Dragster class and could only take the green in the All-star event, Mike Williams lost a real close one in round one of the Allstar race, but is in the semis in the regular TS race. Mike Shannon went red in round one of Super Comp in the Allstar race but went to round four of the regular race. He lost to Troy Coughlin Jr. Tom Manfred had a huge scare Thursday night in Chicago. He is representing Div 6 in Super Street but was admitted to the hospital with a rumoured heart attack. It was not , but he did have a blood clot enter the blood stream causing fairly serious issues. He will be okay from reports on Saturday.



July 10, 2015

10:30pm update

A tough bump spot in Spokane for the Nitro Jam Nitro Funny Car class tonight. Jason Rupert takes the #1 spot with a 5.72/251, #2 is Kris Krabill with a 5.73/241.

Unoffical qualifying

Jason Rupert 5.72
Kris Krabill 5.73
Mike MacIntire 5.87
Mark Sanders 5.95
RObert Townsend 5.91
Jason Bussey 5.98
Marcus Lawson 6.022
Claude Lavoie 6.032


Nathan Sitko 6.04
Tim Boychuk 6.09
Jordan Pawlick 6.17
Chris Davis
Bob Godfrey

The biggest question is: Is there another qualifier Saturday, a few sites say there is, but they also say Pro Stock are supposed to be there? The other question is: What is the field for the Blown Alky Funny Cars and the Blown Alcohol Thunder class. I tried to watch and listen online but the announcers drove me crazy. Too much babble, not enough substance in my opinion.


10:00am update

This weekend the Chicago Lucas Oil Route 66 Nationals is on. It includes the Jeg's Allstar event. Local racer Dan Provost in representing Division Six in Top Dragster. Eddie Plaizier is there for Super Gas, Mike Williams is there for Top Sportsman and Mike Shannon is there for Super Comp. We will keep you updated.

A regular bracket race is on for Mission Raceway this weekend. It also include The CW Doorslammers and the NW Outlaws.

The Nitro Jam makes its presence known the next two weekend in the NW. This weekend it is in Spokane for their first event Nitro Jam (next week they are in Edmonton). There will be the biggest car count for the NFC class ever in IHRA competition. Rumors of 16 + cars in attendance. The Blown Alky Funny Cars will also compete in Spokane. 10 -12 including a few Rocky Mountain boys. Also a Blown Alky dragster (altered class with a few from BC and Alberta competing.

So its been a year since one of the NW's best ever Drag Racers was suddenly taken from us. Stefan you are still missed. Shanti, Bill and Neisha, you are in my thoughts.



A huge shocker was hearing that Ron Crookshank passed away today. Just saw Ron last weekend and he looked to be doing better, ( he had been suffering with illness for the last couple years). ROn was one of the original Street legal type racers up here in the NW, competing with a very cool GTO. RIP Ron. Take on Stefan in a DR up in the sky, but don't bracket race him though, he will kick yer butt!!!



The Open Comp semi final and final round wrap-up including photos is posted.

July 9, 2015

9:00am update

The Mission Raceway Open Comp results and more photos will be loaded Thursday evening

1:00am update

The Canada West Doorslammer report from Doorwarz III is now posted.

July 7, 2015

10:00pm update

The Top Sportsman story is now posted from Doorwarz III

July 7, 2015

The Mission Raceway Doorwarz III Outlaw 10.5 Sunday story and the Outlaw 275 story are posted. (Text and photos are now included)

July 6, 2015

11:40 pm update.

The complete Pro Mod story from Mission Raceway is posted.

The Summit Bracket classes final round sheets from Sunday at Mission Raceway are posted here.

The Doorwarz classes eliminaton's sheets are posted. Click on the three different links below. Photos will be added throughout the next few days so check back often.

Pro Mod results page

Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 275 results page

Top Sportsman, Doorslammer, Open Comp results page

Photo page (will be updated throughout the week).

At Norwalk, The Pro Classes, Top Alcohol and Pro Mod winners are: Jack Beckman Funny Car, Doug Kalitta (Top Fuel), Greg Anderson (Pro Stock), Karen Stouffer, (Pro Stock Motorcycle), Chris Demke (TAD), Todd Veney (TAFC), Mike Janis (Pro Mod). Full results including Sportsman results are here.

July 5, 2015


The action was hot, hot, hot

Brand new driver (just finished licensing) Rod Comptom has a fiery day when the fuel accumulated on the manifold and ignited. The damage was actually not as bad as the photo by veteran lensman Gerry Frechette got.

A smoking hot weekend culminates with Canuck Mike Gondziola winning over fellow Canadian Dale Pedersen in Pro Mod. After Struggling on Thursday and Friday 'Gonzi' and his team get their act together and take out Garrett Richards in the semis (a red light by Richards) and then Pedersen in the final round 6.14 to 6.31. He wins the 10K top prize and gets the first ever WDRL win.

In Outlaw 10.5 it was favourite Ken Sihota defeating last years champion Paja Agatonovic, with a 6.61. Paja slowed to a mid seven second pass.

Outlaw 275 also saw the favourite take the cash. Steve Skokin defeated rookie 275 driver Justin Gallant. Skokin was the only 7 second driver in the class and got a relatively easy win. Gallant steadily improved all weekend long and ran his best pass of the weekend in the final round, but was still over half a second back.

In Open Comp, it was veteran bracket racer Glen Fillingham getting the win. He defeated Ryan Johnson.

Doorslammer saw for the first time ever a driver win three events in a row, as Zak Clarke defeated Paul Stretch in the final round.

Clarke also won Top Sportsman on Saturday, going 9-1 in round wins on the weekend. He has won four of the six races he has entered so far this year. The Sunday Top Sportsman winner was Fort St. John's Mike Lucas. He took out Albertan Rick Chaisson.

Bracket winners from the weekend are posted here......



July 4, 2015


11:30 pm update

Zal Clarke wins a double break out final against Rod Hymas In Top Sportsman. That is the pair I picked to be in the final round Thursday.


Wayne Darby had his Chevy II rockin'


In Pro Mod, Joe Delehay kept his #1 spot (5.963) by .007 of a second running his Outlaw Roots Blower. Mike Gondziola's 5.970 was good enough for #2 (nitrous) . Garrett Richards is #3 with a solid 5.98 (Screw). For the Turbo cars Paul Glandon tops that group with a 6.148.

The run of the day for the Pro Mods was Glen May's sandtrap catching 6.48/219 blast. His first full run on the new car and combo.

Final qualifying and round one pairings are posted, click on the link below.

Pro Mod page

Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 275 page

Top Sportsman, Doorslammer, Open Comp

Photo page


6:00pm update

Round three qualifying is posted.


July 4, 2015

9:00 am update

Friday round two of qualifying is posted on the pages below:

Pro Mod page

Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 275 page

Top Sportsman, Doorslammer, Open Comp

Photo page

The Schedule today sees Top Sportsman get their final qualifiers for their first of two double headers. The rest of the class will get three qualifiers today starting around 3:00pm. Keep checking back for updates throughout the day.

July 3, 2015

11:30 pm update

Track conditions got stellar for the final session at 9:15 Friday night, so good that many teams did not have clutch or tune-up set ups set right. Glen Kerunsky improved to a 6.13/238, and Dale Pederson improved to a 6.21. Jeff Doyle in his brand new TT Firebird made his first full lap in the car and he went 6.55/235.

Kerry Stone ran 6.32/235. Sheets and photos will be posted Saturday morning. In 10.5, Moznik tried to repeat, but he wheelstood his El Camino. Ken Sihota ran a 6.51/213 and Paja Agatonovic went 6.61/207

July 3, 2015

8:00pm update

Go here for qualifying sheets from round one.

The run of the weekend so far came from Roy Moznik in the 'Dale Moznik Outlaw' 10.5 class. After a new of struggles with getting off the starting line Roy got it all together and ran a career best 6.52/215 to nail down #1 so far. Ken Sihota is #2 with a 6.61/210.


In Pro Mod Joe Delehay is the 'snizzle daddy' with a great 5.96/245 under extreme hot conditions. Garrett Richards is #2 with a 6.17 and Dale Pederson is #3 with a 6.21. One more session to go tonight as we are waiting for the sun to go behind the tree as the racers are now blind. Final quaifying is an hour away and it should be fast. Go here for qualifying sheets from round one.

July 3, 2015

The first rotation of Pro Mods and Outlaw 10.5 made their test hits and the two most impressive runs were made by Glen Kerunsky and Kerry Stone. Stone made a full pull and ran a career best 6.23. His speed was 233, so if they find a bit more top end the Camaro could be in the 6 teens by the end of the weekend. Glen Kerunsky ran 4.02 to half track and clicked it at 950 feet and he went 6.36 at 175 mph. Joe Delehay pedaled couple times and ran a mid six. Glen May ran to half-track, Mike Gondziola clicked it after the burnout, Paul Glandon lifted at half track, Tom Meheden ripped off a great 6.49/211 and Keith Korecki was off the gas by half track. Gary Urlacher looked to be on a solid run and went through the traps at 6.75 lifting at 950 feet. Brian Macy has made three runs in Darrin Meronuik's Mustang, running in the 7's on his last lap. There will likely be one more test hit before qualifying gets underway. Pro Mods first qualifier is at 6:00pm.

July 3, 2015

Qualifying begins today. The early part of today at Mission Raceway begins with final testing for all competitors. Then starting just after 2:00pm actual qualifying begins. Go to the Top Sportsman page for a preview of that class.


Nowalk is up this weekend in the NHRA Mello Yello Series. Beside all the professional classes, Top Alcohol and Pro Mod are also competing. We will try and keep you undated all weekend.

July 2, 2015

10:00 pm update


Special thanks go out to JBS Canada for their web site sponsorship of Doorwarz coverage here at SpeedZone Magazine. We will have three different web pages of coverage and a page of photo highlites (updated daily). One web page for Pro Mod, One for both Outlaw 10.5 and 275 and one page for Top Sportsman, Doorslammer and Open Comp.

Thursday testing was run in extreme conditions. Over 140 degree track temperatures keep most Runs to 200 feet. The first 60-80 feet were pretty good with a number of real strong 60 foots then traction became hard to find.With more cars down the track it should be better and with qualifying for the fast classes being run later in the day and evening expect to see better runs as the day goes on.

Brian Macy made his first couple runs in Darrin Meronuik's Mustang. It has a 427 cu in bullet and 76 mm Turbo. They hope to have the car dialed in to mid sixes by the end of the weekend.

More photos here.


Keith Korecki is looking for 6 20's - 6.30's this weekend. His car is very strong off the line.

More photos here.

Glen May made two hits Thursday but rolled the sprag in the second one.

More photos here.

Aaron Linder ran in the sixes today and this one had a strong wheels up launch then rattled the tires and the chutes popped out.

More photos here.



July 2, 2015

The number of quality Pro Mods in the North West continues to expand and Mission Raceway expects 20 or more this weekend for Doorwarz III. With the introduction of the new WDRL series in the North West..... (preview and picks for Pro Mod is here)


July 1, 2015

10:00pm update

A Doorwarz III preview from Mission Raceway Outlaw 10.5 preview including odds and photos is here. We will have the Pro Mod prognostication posted Thursday morning.



Huge kudos go out to Ryan and the gang at RH Race Cars. Paul Glandon had a brush with the wall at Edmonton last weekend and the car needed a bunch of TLC. They came through with a couple all nighters and got the car ready in only three days, Paul is ready to rock at Mission this weekend.


Go to RH's facebook page and tell them a big thumbs up.


Darrin Meroniuk from Central BC (Prince George I think) will make his competitive with Brian Macy behind the wheel of his brand new Mustand built by none other than RH Race Cars. It is equiped with a 400 cu in Ford bullet and twin Turbos. Brian and wife Heather will be tuner and crew along with Brian


July 1, 2015

4:30 pm update

Cars are arriving for Doorwarz at Mission Raceway including the all new Turbo ride for Jeff Doyle and believe it or not GLEN MAY with the Cranberry Connection #2.


A change at the top in the NHRA as Tom Compton resigns and Peter Clifford takes over the top job.

July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day for all the Canuck readers.

We will start previews for the Mission Raceway Doorwarz classes today with Outlaw 10.5

June 29, 2015

Here are a couple great shots from Dyan Lover of Roger Garten at the Seattle Goodguys event last year.


Jim Bell's BFR weekend wrap-up from the PDRA event in Martin Michigan

June 28, 2015

9:00pm update


Word from Edmonton is Paul Glandon hit the wall testing this past weekend at Edmonton with his TT Camaro. Paul is okay and the word on the car is it is repairable and they will start on it Monday morning. The hope is to still have it out for Mission Raceway's Doorwarz this coming weekend. A number of teams were testing at Edmonton this weekend in preparation for the WDRL season opener and biggest Pro Mod event of the year, DoorWrz III at Mission Raceway. 20 or more Pro Mods are expected and close to 140 more doorcars in five other classes will invade the Premier NHRA track in Canada. Testing starts Thursday with qualifying under the lights Friday and Saturday. Five qualifiying rounds are scheduled for Friday and Saturday with final eleimination's on Sunday. Go to for all the info.

To the left is the airtwork courtesy GOS Motorsport Designs and Graphics. This will be the look for the T-Shirts and Hoodies.



Ashcroft had their fourth race of the saeason and we will try and get the results posted soon.

June 28, 2015



Very sad to report that long time Nitro Funny Car owner/ driver Roger Garten (War Horse) died as a result of a crash last night at Bakersfield. The track was running their first "Saturday Night Nitro" event of the season and Garten and Matt Bynum got together just before half track. Unfortunately Garten did not survive the crash. He leaves behind wife Carlene, and kids Rhonda and Dan.

The Tocco/Garten team has raced for over 4 decades and campaigned Funny Cars and Fuel Altereds in the early years. After a number of years away from the sport, they got back together in 2007 or 2008 and resurrected the War Horse name. They have raced all over the country the last few years and had one of the hardest running funny cars around. Roger will be sadly missed.


June 27, 2015

The IHRA almost seems snake bit this year as rain postponed the event at Grand Bend after one round of qualifying Friday evening. They will try again the middle of August. They now head West To Spokane in two weeks and the Edmonton race a week later.

The PDRA did get their race completed today and NW driver Jim Bell went to the final round in Pro Boost. Unfortunately he could not bump-in in time, as the bottom bulb flickered after his second bump, he tried to bump one more time, but got timed out against Alan Pittman. Still a great showing Jim, all of us on the left coast are proud of you. In the semis he defeated team-mate Kevin Fiscus on a holeshot and took the stripe by .0010. Jim's runner-up and Kevin's semi final put the two car team in the #1 and #3 spots in the standings (Jim #3).


June 26, 2015

Huge happenings in Martin Michigan for the PDRA event this weekend. Firstly, Montana's Pat Stoken becomes the 1st Nitrous powered Pro Mod to run in the 3.60's as he rips off a 3.694/201. With that mark he collects a 5,000 bonus courtesy Bryant Marriner. Way to go Pat and the boys! The Nitrous Engine builder wars are a full scale battle right now, with Reher-Morrison taking the first shot. In Pro Boost, Jim Bell's BFR team including team mate Kevin Fiscus are #2 and #3 after Friday qualifying. Kevin ran a 3.840 and Jim ran a career best 3.842. Barry Daniluk is there in Top Sportsman and he ran a 4.035 best (good for #4 so far). Turky al-Azfari The guy who was the first to run a 5.40 in a doorslammer at over 270 mph. had a major fire at Martin. He suffered a few burns but the Q-80 Camaro took a huge hit.

Acton Montana is up this weekend for Division Six's third LODRS race of the year.

June 23, 2015

11:00pm update

NHRa Professional team reports from Bristol are here. NHRA Sportsman reports are here. The IHRA report from Budds Creek.

June 23, 2015

The NHRA event from Bristol was completed on Sunday after weekend long rain delays, including Sundays Sportsman finals getting rained out. Most of the Sportsman finals will be completed at other events and they could not get the track weeping under control Monday. Richie Crampton got the win in Top Fuel over Larry Dixon. Dixon ran 331 in early elimination's. In Funny Car it was Matt Hagan over Ron Capps and Erica Enders got the win over Chris McGaha. In Pro Mod it was Rickie Smith defeating a red lighting Bob Rahaim. The full wrap up later Tuesday including all team press news.


We will start a Doorwarz III preview this week with Pro Mod and Outlaw 10.5 featured.

June 20, 2015

The quickest pass ever in the NW by an early model Nova. Kelowna's Daryll Stone rips off a 6.52 / 220 blast. His brother Kerry, in the Camaro, steals his thunder though, with a 6.44/227 to sit #1 with the Canada West Doorslammers. Jeff Hill was the third six second car in the CWDS series this weekend. They are featured as part of the CMDRA all bike drags. Combine those three runs with a career best 7.08/194 by Phil Davis and you have the quickest field ever. 23 cars are competing in the class and 21 are in the field so far. If it was not for the Doorslammers this weekend's bike drags would be a real disappointment. Only one Top Fuel HArley,THere are four or vide Pro Mods and close to eight bikes in Pro Dragster, but the assoc. is suffering big time along with many or racing series.

Warner Wagner is out with his brother Dallas as well. It has been a long time since the Wagner brothers and dad Gord had made the trek to MRP. The PT is a very cool looking ride. Full results will be posted on the Local News main page.

A tough weekend for two of three NW locals in Pro Mod at Bristol. After suffering through multiple rain delays the Pro Mods contrary to earlier rumours that they would not get their third hit, they did get their final qualifier and only Kenny Lang made the stout field. He ended up #15 with a 5.968. Jim Bell likely wanted another nanosecond on the gas, as he fell .003 short of the 5.983 bump with a 5.986 at only 229 mph. He was loose early in that run but he will be beating himself up for sure. Better safe then sorry Jim. You and your car live to race another day. Possibly the hardest luck team is the Bond/Molinari/Hinrichren rookie NHRA Pro Mod team. They have been making great strides in their first year in Pro Mod racing, But have yet to make the tough 16 car field. They ended up #24 with a very respectable 6.065/245.99. The car is making good power but getting the first 300 feet managed with the power their 481-x produces. Some very strong players also failed to make, what is proving to be THE toughest field in NHRA drag racing. Jay Payne, Mike Castellana, Mike Knowles, Steven Whiteley and another Canadian, East coast hitter Eric Latino are all outside the field.

As far as the three Pro classes, Erica Enders wins the Pro Stock qualifying battle against her toughest rivals of late, Greg Anderson and Chris McGaha. Her 6.632 is .014 quicker than Anderson and .015 better than McGaha. 12 of the drivers are within .06 of Enders. In Top Fuel its Tony Schumacher on top with a 3.945/326 shot. Doug Kalitta is #2 after a 3.750 best. Shawn Langdon is #3 with a 3.767. In Funny Car, John Force threw out a desperate hail-mary and it paid off tot the tune of a track record 3.978/323 best. Teammates Matt Hagan and Jack Beckman are #'s 2 and 3 after back to back 3.996's. Hagan gets the edge (#2) with a faster speed.


June 19, 2015

The final round results from Ashcroft's Langley Loafers event are posted.

June 17, 2015

Played the Bracket Challenge hockey pool in three different leagues and won the Yellow Bullet pool and $225.00 US. Finished 10th in the Vancouver Canuck pool out of 7100 entrants and finished 53rd out of close to 11,000 in the NHL Coverage pool. All rounds are in advance of round one and picked six of eight in round round and was perfect in rd 2, 3 and the finals. Think I'll pat myself on the back.

This weekend the NHRA is in Bristol for the Thunder Valley Nationals, Pro Mod is competing and the Canadian teams look to have a break out weekend. The BMH team is so close to being competitive and look for them to qualify. The BFR team should do well. If Jim Bell can stay on the loud pedal for the full 1320 he will qualify in the middle or better. Kenny Lang was a hero a couple races ago with a win but failed to qualify at the last race (Englishtown). Hopefully he gets back on track.

This weekend Mission Raceway has the CMDRA taking over the facility. The Canada West Doorslammers will compete as well.

Just two weeks from tomorrow the start of Doorwarz III begins. A few more NW Pro Mod competitors will be out for the first time. A number of old familiar names should make the pro mod field the best yet. Outlaw 10.5 is looking to be the biggest yet as well. MRP will be updating the Doorwarz site over the next few days. If you are planning on competing email to let them know.

We're still waiting to hear from the Eagle Motorplex regarding the results from last weekend.

June 15, 2015

The elimination's sheet from the Pacific 10.5 shootout is posted.

June 14, 2015

Congratulation's to Ken Sihota for his win in Outlaw 10.5 at the Pacific 10.5 shoot-out in Seattle. He defeated Mark Luton in the final round with a 6.39/220 blast to a 6.60 for Luton. Steve Nicholson was in the semis but could not make the call, and Paja Agatonovic had issues in the semis as well. We will try and get the full qualifying and elimination's sheets. Ken 6.30'ed them to death with three in elimination's. Also a huge congrat's to Brent Van Vliet for his career best 6.71 in round one (also a 6.86 in qualifying). He also ran 212 mph. Way to go Van Vliet family. That was a lot of hard work to get there. Also Happy Birthday to the young Jake Van Vliet.

The Eagle Motorplex had a wild weekend weather wise for the Old Time Drags. They did get the race in though. We will post results over the next couple days.

At the New England Nationals in Epping it was John Force grabbing his 143rd National event win over Tommy Johnson Jr. in Funny Car. Tony Schumacher won his 79th Top Fuel title with the win over Spencer Massey and Greg Anderson defeated Allen Johnson in the Pro Stock final.

June 13, 2015

This weekend the NHRA is in Epping NH for the New England Nationals.

Tony Schumacher leads qualifying in Top Fuel and Tommy Johnson JR leads Funny Car. Greg Anderson is #1 in Pro Stock after Friday qualifying.

The Langley Loafers are hosting their annual Old Time Drags in Ashcroft at the Eagle Motorplex. It is the first time in a number of years that SpeedZone will not make the event. Hopefully they have a great weekend.

Down South, Paja Agatonovic and Pacific Raceways is hosting the first NW 10.5 shoot-out. There are 16 or so cars entered for the 5k to win event. We will try and keep you posted on the results.


Speedzone Magazine's Lucas Oil Divisional coverage this weekend is sponsored by the Top Eliminator Big Buck Shootout at Edmonton.

June 11, 2015

NHRA Summer Nationals at Englishtown press wrap-ups are posted. Four LODRS events from last week are posted. Richard Morrision debuts ex Ryan Hodgson flopper

Heritage series from Salt Lake rains out Sunday.

June 11, 2015

The rest of the elimination write-ups for each class from the Lordco BC Nationals will be posted soon as well as .

June 9, 2015

Full elimination's results for Comp, Top Sportsman and Top Dragster from Mission Raceway's Divisional race is posted.

The Rocky Mountain Funny Cars had their second points weekend this past weekend at Edmonton. Norm Kolwich got his first win in Compeititon, taking out Joey Steckler in the final round Saturday. A bucnh of carnage prevended the group from running a double header. Full reuslts will be posted in the next day or so on the RMNFC web site. LAst weekend Dane Lachelt won the first NW Outlaw race of the year. He defeated Jim Attwell in the final round. Their results are posts on the NW Outlaw web site.

The NHRA Summernationals from Englishtown were held this past weekend in New Jersey. The biggest natable happening in this reporters opinion was the fact the Force Funny Cars struggled all weekend and were all gone in round one. Britanny Force salvaged the weekend for the team with a final round finish in Top Fuel. Winners were Antron Brown in Top Fuel, MAtt Hagan in a real close on in Funny Car of Alexis DeJoria, Greg Anderson in a dominating performance all weekend including a win over Allen Johnson in the final. Jerry Savoie continued his hot and cold streak with a win over veteran Jim Underdahl. Pro Mod was an epic battle all weekend starting with qualifying. It was the quickest field in NHRA Pro Mod history and in the end it was Nitrous competitor Billy Glidden taking out Turbo hitter Don Walsh Jr. Full Sunday results from Englishtown are posted.

June 8, 2015

The first weekend gallery from Mission Raceway is posted.

The Synoil Oil Funny Car team earned their second win in a row here at Mission Raceway with wins over two of the top hitters in the class. Greg Hunter left first and defeated Shane Westerfield in the final. Joey Severance wins a wild final round over Megan McKernan in Top Alcohol Dragster. McKernan wheelstood her A/Fuel car (close to six-eight feet high) at 400 feet and carried them to 650 feet before the front wheels hit the concrete.

Canadian and BC racer Mike Shannon is hot in early Divisional competition in Division Six as he has won three of four races he has entered. Here he won both Super Comp and Super Gas. His plans on competing in Top Dragster in the near future in his new RED.

Jody Lang also doubles up. He took the Stock and Super Stock titles. In Stock he defeated local driver David Rastad in the final round. In total there were six Canadian winners in the 13 classes. Other Canadians winning include (Synoil team is Canadian with American driver), Lorne Ridley in Super Pro (congrats Lorne and family), Craig Johnson in Pro and Darryn O'Connor in Top Sportsman. Canadian racers who runner-upped were David Rastad in Stock, Ted Miller in Pro, Jim Behnke in Super Pro and Scott Taylor in Super Comp.

The final round results from Mission's Lordco BC Nationals are posted. Top Alky page is here. Comp, Top Dragster and Top Sportsman is here. Sportsman classes are here. A Complete wrap up from all classes will be up later today.

June 7, 2015

10:00 pm update

Saturday's LODRS impression is that the Divisionals are not what they once were. Good cars counts in two or three of the classes is all that is the norm the last few years. Mission's new racing surface is solid and smooth so that can't be the excuse for the car count, but in the end that is part of the problem. Rumours, courtesy a number of social media web sites and just talk in general from too many misinformed fans and racers (who think they are being proactive in their postings) really have likely proved to be more damaging than many thought. Racers and those with too much time on their hands need to think before they post.

But, overall the Lucas Oil Divisional events are struggling big time, and the West coast is not the only victim. The Mid West, the South and the East coast are all seeing declining numbers overall. NHRA has not done enough to keep the racers coming. They have not really helped the tracks nor the racers. Costs keep rising and purses are so antiquated and inadequate that many racers are are finding other hobbies. The lure of a smooth sea level track like Mission Raceway still does entice a few of the hitters wanting to run career best numbers, and many are willing to travel a fair distance to do that, but the days of 30-60 Southern US racers making the 1200 mile trek appear to be long gone. But enough of the doom and gloom!

The two biggest growing classes in the world of drag racing at the Top Sportsman class and the Top Dragster class. Both of those had three strong qualifying sessions on Friday and two on Saturday. Top Dragster was a battle between a Washington state driver Quentin Chambers and Tom Koenen out of Arizona. Koenen threw the first swing and ripped off a 6.31@221.97, but just a few pairs later Chambers took over the top spot with a 6.15, also at 221 mph. The two battled back and forth running similar times all day Friday. Dan Provost from right here in Abbotsford is #3 with a career best 6.53/207. More on The Top Dragster, Top Sportsman and Comp classes are here. The Sportsman classes completed their qualifying and time trials and they ran Super Class Shootouts and an Electronic and Non Electronic gamblers race on Saturday. All the Saturday winners from the specialty races and final qualifying numbers are posted on the Sportsman page

June 7, 2015

Final Top Alcohol qualifying from Mission Raceway's is posted here. Comp, Top Dragster and Top Sportsman qualifying is posted here. Sportsman qualifying and all the Saturday shootout results are posted here.

June 6 2015


1:00 am update

Friday qualifying at Mission Raceway so a hot one, both the air temperature and the track surface. Over 120 degrees on the track meant some of the high horsepower cars struggled a bit. Joey Severance in TAD and Shane Westerfield in TAFC did not struggle though. Severance ran a 5.36 and Westerfield ran a 5.67 to nail down the top spot in their respective classes.

John Chitwood hadthe most unexpected Wheelstand of the day as his TD came up close to three feet at 40 feet down track.

Top Alcohol qualifying is here. Top Dragster, Comp and Top Sportsman qualifying is here. Sportsman qualifying including Super Stock, Stock and Motorcycle is here.

We did a bit of a photo shoot of a dozen of the RAD Torque Systems sponsred cars competing here this weekend.

June 5, 2015


This weekend Lordco BC Nationals coverage here at SpeedZone Magazine is sponsored by Edmonton's Top Eliminator Big Bucks Shoot-out.



May 31, 2015


The Eagle Motorplex's second race of the year is this weekend. A few less cars were competing compared to the first race but day one ended with some great final rounds. Rookie Jr driver Willy got his second win of the year. The Jr Street series also ran this weekend and had a handful of kids racing down the track. The Outlaw 275 class was competing as well as three cars from the NW Blown Outlaw series. Jim Attwell was the quick guy in that class with a 6.24 best. click on the headline below to see Saturday results.


The PDRA is competing this weekend in St. Louis. Weather has really hampered the event so far. Friday saw two of three rounds of qualifying get completed, but Saturday was basically a complete washout. They are trying to get the race down today. Two NW teams are competing in Pro Boost and one is in Top Sportsman. Barry Daniluk in his all Motor Camaro is in the top three with a 4.036 best (#3)

Jim Bell led after Friday with a 3.875, but dropped down to #4 after final qualifying as he failed to improve. Shane Molinari was #14 after Friday with an NHRA legal 3.990. He did not make a run Sunday and dropped out of the field to the #17 spot.


Next weekend is the biggest NHRA race in Canada. and it is at Mission Raceway for the .

Joey Severance above and Shawn Cowie below

Dean Bettenson's new Top Sportsman Camaro

Don St. Arnaud


11 NHRA classes and three Summit classes will compete. Headlining will be the Top Alcohol Dragsters and Funny Cars. A number of 5.20's dragsters are competing including BC's Shawn Cowie who has run a number of high 5.20's this year. Joey Severance, the winner at Topeka Kansas just a week ago, has run as quick as 5.22 this year already. Two other TAD's from Canada are expected to compete including Greg Sereda and Ken Gilmour from Calgary with a veteran Alaskan driver behind the butterflys. Three or four A/Fuel cars are sure to be in attendance as well including Edmonton's Don St. Arnaud. He set the speed record earlier this year, running over 280 mph. There should be close to an eight car field in the class. Leading the way in TAFC is Brian Hough. He won last weekend at Topeka as well, and ran career best numbers (5.50 @ over 260 mph). Two Canadian funny cars are entered including Geoff Goodwin's Synoil car (Greg Hunter) and Jirka Kaplan in the Lenco driven Mustang. A test session for all the classes is on Thursday (spectators welcome) and then qualifying and time trials Friday and Saturday. Full Elimination's are Sunday. Kids under 12 are free with a paying adults and all day adults tickets for the weekend are only $20.00 each day and includes a pit pass. Friday is $15.00 and Thursday is only $10.00. The other classes competing are Competition Eliminator which has a large handful of strong running Canadian cars. Edmonton car owner Ken Reich has already been in the winner's circle a couple time at National Events. BC's teams include Bob Marshall, Bruce Perkin, Terry Spargo, Rob Harrison and Mike McKiegue. Dale and Aaron Giroux from Alberta are also entered. Top Sportsman and Top Dragster should have huge fields entered. There will be solid fields of 6 second dragsters and doorcars in both classes.


Brian Hough






May 25, 2015

Weather caused all sorts of delays Sunday which of course included the ESPN TV show. Starting first thing in the morning, Sportsman elimination's did not start on time due to the mop up after the Huge Saturday night storm. Then just before the Pro classes were set another storm came through. They finally got started at 1:40 local time and then suffered another delay three hours later, just after round two of the Fuel classes. By the time all was said and done, the pro classes and Top Alcohol were done Sunday evening by 9:15pm. They ended the day with a few rounds of each of the Sportsman classes to be run on Monday.

In Top Fuel Ritchie Crampton got his second win of the year and was a solid running all day long, going low for three of the four rounds, including a 3.710 in round two. In the final he defeated Larry Dixon 3.73-3.78. Crampton moved into 3rd place in the standings with the win.

In Funny Car, It was Jack Beckman defeating John Force 3.984-4.002 in a real close side by side. Beckman was in the '3's' for three of the four rounds and John Force never ran slower than 4.03 all day Sunday but needed a couple more ticks. The DSR team sits one to three in the standings and John Force is #4 after this weekend's runner-up.

In Pro Stock, the season is likely to come down to Team Elite and Team Summit. Those two teams battled again in the final round, and it was Greg Anderson and Erica Enders. Enders left first and outran Anderson 6.584 to a 6.591 for Anderson. The reigning World Champ takes over the point lead.

NW TA racers Joey Severance and Brian Hough each walked away with wins in their respective classes. Severance after running a 5.223 in qualifying defeated Dean Dubbin 5.334-5.578. Hough ran low et in every round of elimination's for his most dominating win. He defeated last weeks champion Doug Gordon 5.531 - 5.563.

All those wins were exciting for the respective teams but my choice for win of the weekend had to come from Larry Larson in Top Sportsman. Larry has the moniker of the 'World's Fastest' and first street legal owner/driver to make a '5' second run in a "Street Legal" car. He ran 5.90's at the Street Car Super Nationals last year at Las Vegas. This weekend he bracket raced his twin turbo S-10 through five rounds of elimination's at 240 mph. He even went .000 in the semi finals. In the final, he defeated Sean Dodd despite Dodds .002 light. Dodd could not stay off the gas as the 240 mph fright train came down on him at the finish line forcing Dodd to break out by .023. Even with a .103 light by Larson, Dodd was lost at the stripe and did not trust his dial. Congrat's to Larson and co-owner Chad Reynolds from Bangshift.


May 24, 2015

Congrats to Craig Johnson for his win footbraking it in the Super Pro Final. He was .012 in the final and .015 in the semis.




Race one at Mission Raceway is complete and a couple incidents delayed the finish by about an hour and a half. Due to the fact potential weather issues were present and the race only being a single header, a relatively small car count was present for the summit points series. Wild Bill MacDonald broke his motor in the blown altered on his first burnout of the year (RPM's seemed real high) and dropped a bunch of oil for 60 feet. That cleanup took almost 45 minutes to clean and then a two car incident on the top end involving two well known local racers, Dan Provost and Bailie Lowe in round one of Super Pro (both drivers were fine) delayed the rest of the day by 40 minutes or so. The video of the crash will be posted on the Local Headlines page. Once they were back racing it was smooth sailing and the day was complete by 5:15pm. The winners of race one were: Canada West Doorslammers (Zak Clarke), Super Combo (Steve Lowe), Super Pro was won by Sportsman and Pro Bracket racer Craig Johnson. Craig accomplished this without a transbrake (he was footbraking on the starting line). Amazing stuff for the young driver! He defeated a number of past track champions and Wally winners including Fred Hoffman in the final and Al Quigley in the semi finals. In Pro Brackt the winner was long time racer Bruce Flodin over John Barichello. Tom Brown won Sportsman, Daryl Storzuk won Motorcycle , Randy Hermsen won Hot Rod, Darian Provost won Jr. Lightning and James Winters won Jr Thunder. Go to Local Headlines for a full report and some photo highlights.



What a qualifying final day at Topeka. Rumors of this race being the final one at Heartland Park due to City/County and a plethora of other issues makes the qualifying efforts by many teams a possible historic one. A total of seven three second Funny Cars and 13 3.70 Top Fuel cars headlined Saturday. 12 Pro Stock competitors are within .06 of the 6.515 set by Erica Enders. A huge rain storm ender Saturdays final session of Pro qualifying so who knows how that session may have gone. Today's eliminations are also delayed by bad weather.



Today is one of the only days I watch something other than drag racing as the INDY 500 is on. Happy Memorial day to all our US readers, and all the free world should give thanks to all the men and woman who protect us.


May 23, 2015

MRP is underway: After what seemed like a really long off season including more repairs and more rumours of major track issues, Mission Raceway opened Friday for their first test n tune and street legal event. Today, Saturday they have the NHRA summit Series, the Canada West Doorslammers, Super Combo and the first "Land of the Leaders challenge. It will be a good test of the revamped racing surface that had the left lane top end bump repaired and a few high spots leveled off. Click on the Local Headlines for a few pictures from Friday.
















Topeka Kansas is the location of this weekend's NHRA Kansas Nationals. Great track conditions Friday provided with some stellar performances from all the top classes from Top Alcohol through Top Fuel. In Top Alcohol Dragster Joey Severance ripped off a 5.22/273 to sit #1. In TAFC Doug Gordon is proving to be one of the top contenders for the class title. He ran 5.49 twice on Friday. NW racer Brian Hough made two solid runs as well, running low 5.50's. In Funny Car four cars are into the 3.90's, and is lead by Chad Head who ran a career best 3.967. Cruz Pedregon, Jack Beckman and Alexis DeJoria also ran in the 90's. In Top Fuel, 11 cars are already in the 3.70's and a couple more are capable. Antron Brown leads with a 3.727. In Pro Stock, Erica Enders layed down a 5.515/211. 14 cars are in the 5.50's. All Pro Classes top qualifiers set track records.

Qualifying continues today

Topeka team reports are posted.

May 20, 2015


Hopefully NW based Funny Car driver Dave Germain makes a fast recovery after his incident this past weekend at Woodburn. Right off the starting line when he swapped feet the transmission let go big time shredding the ballistic bag and sending parts and pieces throughtout the cockpit and through the body narrowly missing people on the starting line. Dave his suffer a broken broken right foot and a dinged up left foot as well.


May 19, 2015

Team Press reports from Atlanta are posted.

May 18, 2015

Full results and final round photos from Norwalk (Division 3) are posted.

Final round results from Div 5 (Great Bend) are posted.

Click the RED NW headlines logo above for Boise results.

May 17, 2015


Congratulations to Dan Provost for his win and title defense in Top Dragster at Boise. He is also the points leader for the Jegs Allstars and will likely head East. Also congrats to Mike Shannon for his win in Super Comp. He is also the Jegs Allstar Div six representative. The full results on Monday.


One notable win from Atlanta to mention is Kenny Lang from Manitoba. He took the Pro Mod win with major help from fellow racer Pete Farber and his CC Al Billes. It is Lang's first win in five years in the series. Lang has had a couple of real tough years and this was really a huge win. Also Tim Wilkerson in Funny Car got his first win a four years.


May 16, 2015

Boise weather does not look good according to Accuweather for today. There are a few breaks so stay tuned.

We will also have results from the Norwalk Divisional and have one of our photographers there. Atlanta is underway right now and Pro Mod is just a few minutes away from their final round of qualifying.

May 15, 2015

Boise was washed out today and the weather is iffy at best according to forecasts. They will try tomorrow.

At Atlanta, Cruz Pedregon leads FC with a 4.01, John Force is #2 with a 4.031. In Top Fuel it is Antron Brown and Tony Schumacher with 3.758 and 3.765 respectively. Jason Line and Erica Enders are #1 and #2 with identical 6.546. Line gets #1 so far with a higher speed. Karen Stouffer leads Pro Stock Motorcycle with a 6.88. Pro Mod has Mike Janis in his Blown Camaro leading. His 5.875 is the only 5.8 pass so far. Pete Farber is #2 with a 5.907. Kenny Lang is the top Western Canadian in the field #11 , 5.966) Eric Latino is the top Canadian with a 5.916. Jim Bell was well on his way to a low to mid 5.90 but he was off the gas early and ran a 6.027/203 and is #18. Shane Molinari is #19 with a 6.083/242.

May 14, 2015

It will be a busy weekend South of the border. The first Division Six Lucas Oil event is this weekend at Boise. The 'Ignitor' is one of the oldest races on the West Coast. All the NHRA classes sans Top Alcohol will be running. The Heritage Nitro Funny Cars are the feature. Also in Division Six is Woodburn's official season opener (They have run a few events already though. This is one of their bigger races of the year. A number of Alcohol cars are likely to be there testing. There are 10-12 expected. The Mello Yello series is in Atlanta this weekend.

May 10, 2015

9:00pm update, A correction to testing at Edmonton yesterday. The Sitko team did not test this weekeend that was news from a year ago that I did not look at the date for on Facebook,, sorry about that.

But the ROcky Mountain Funny Cars did run their first event of the year. We wiull have a report freom that event on the RMNFC site tomorrow.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms around the world. SpeedZone hopes your day is a great one.

Edmonton ran its first race of the year this weekend, under cool weather that included some snow flurries. The WDRL (Western Drag Racing League) doorcar series got underway at Edmonton with four classes competing this weekend. Top Sportsman, Outlaw 8.5, Open Comp and Extreme Street competed. Darryn O'Connor won Top Sportsman over Pat McNally, Mark Campbell won 8.5 over Nathan Bownes, Dan Bold won Open Comp over Brian Vader and Farren Callihoo took Extreme Street. A few fast cars make their first hits of the year including Nathan Sitko in the Sitko Family Nitro Coupe. Nathan ran a 6.0 best in between flurries. It was a cold 60 degree tight track. Prp Mod standout Rick Di Stefano made his first laps in close to five years. His 70.5 Camaro now has Turbo power. He made a few short launches.

Yvonne and Mike Lucas had a good test day at Seattle. After a year of basically no racing they made a few short hits then a soft 6.36/220 lap. They will be ready for the 2015 season starting at Mission.

May 8, 2015

No local racing this weekend in BC, but Seattle is going to be busy. Seattle has their first WCSA event of the year and a number of fast Doorcars are expected to attend. From reports a number of BC (Lower Mainland) racers will be down there testing. Also in the Seattle area is the Bremerton National Open. The 1st official NHRA event in Division Six this year. Next weekend is the Boise "Ignitor" LODRS (Divisional).

Also next weekend is the 3rd NHRA Pro Mod event. It is in Atlanta and ProLine is the event sponsor. There will be a large Display set-up with NW driver Jim' Bell's two car Pro Mod team in the feature display area. In addition to Jim Bel and Kevin Fiscus' Proline powered race cars, Shane Molinari and Ryan Hinrichsen and the team from RH race cars are entered in the Pro Mod for the event. They have committed to attended the rest of the NHRA Pro Mod events this year. 87 year old Willard Kinzer (ya you read that right) will be competing in his 481X Proline powered 69 Camaro or if things go well in testing he may have his Vanishing Point/ R2B2 built 350Z car entered. The Kinzer team is pre race testing at SGMP next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Shane and the BMH team and Kevin Fiscus have made some changes in their race cars and will be out testing prior to the Atlanta race. After some promising results at the PDRA race in Shreveport Bell and his new crew chief Chad McGregor from St. Thomas, Ontario feel that we now have our race car back to where it should be and look forward to a strong showing in Pro Mod at the Atlanta race. Go here for the PDRA event wrap-up from the Bell/Fiscus race team, and click here for their Houaton NHRA recap.

Mission Raceway is just two weeks away from their season opener.

May 5, 2015




Congratulations to Willy Oliver, (Zak Clarke's young prodigy as he was a winner and a runner-up in the 1st weekend at the 'Plex and his first weekend ever racing. A real good car count was on hand with over 100 race cars. That is the first time a car count over 100 has been seen at the 'Plex for a regular event in a number of years. Hopefully it can continue. The event turned into an 1/8 mile affair and there were a few timing glitches past half track.

Winners were:

Race 1 Class Race 2 Class

Willy Oliver

Ray Bollinger

Al Quigley

Gerald Patzer

Matt MacKay Smith

Julie Ross

Jr Dragster

Pro Bracket

Super Pro



High School

Scott Sikora

Riley Niarn

Al MacKay Smith

Kaelyn Bollinger

Dale Rose

Julie Ross

Jr Dragster


Super Pro



High School

Their next race is May 29-30th. It will be a regular bracket double header as well as the North West Street Outlaws. (Drag Radial class), and the NW Outlaws (Blown Alcohol Six second race cars).


May 3, 2015

Mike Gondziola failed to qualify at the PDRA event in Pro Nitrous. Jim Bell kept his #2 qualifying spot in Pro Boost and won round one. He lost a real close one in round to 3.88 to 3.87


May 2, 2015

Good to see racing underway in BC this weekend at Ashcroft. We will have weekend results posted here as soon as the track staff send them off to us.

The PDRA is in Shreveport this weekend. A couple Western Canada Pro Mods are competing, including Jim Bell running Pro Boost and Mike Gondziola in Pro Nitrous. Jim Bell had his best ever qualifying day in his short three year Pro Mod career with a career best 3.874 @ an early shut of 193. He backed that up with a third session 3.88/203. Today sees one more qualifier and then elimination's. Go get em Jim. Mike Gondziola ran well on Friday (3.93) but the Pro Nitrous class is bad ass. 23 cars are there and right now the bump is a stellar 3.845, so Mike has a bunch of work to do to get into the 3.80's (which would be career a best)

April 30, 2015

BC's first Drag Race of the year is this weekend at the Eagle Motorplex. As well as the first points race and Summit ET series the Division Six director Matt Levonas will be at the track to do any NHRA Chassis certifications necessary. If you need an early racing fixe head on up, the weather is forecasted to be good.

In keeping with the Eagle Motorplex, we have not heard who all the features will be for their big event in the race season the Langley Loafers Old Time drags June 12-14 but there will be a change from the original list as the Two Nitro Funny Cars from Alberta will not be on the show, We will announce all the features cars when we get confirmation.

Also locally, Mission Raceway will undergo track repairs to the finish line in the left lane over the next week to 10 days and they will be ready in three weeks for their first event of the 2015 season.

Happy Birthday to Mission racer and Stock Wally winner Dave Jung.

April 29, 2015

BFR (Bell/Fiscus Racing) press wrap up ifrom Houston is here.

April 27, 2015

Final rounds at Houston: Doug Kalitta, 3.820 324.98 def. Tony Schumacher, 4.014 225.60. Tony was .009 on the tree in the final. Cognate's to Kalitta for getting the win. Ron Capps defeated teammate Jack Beckman in the Funny Car final. Both cars had to pedal, Ron ran a 4.244 258.32 to Beckman's 4.480 205.16. Erica Enders got the win in Pro Stock. She drove the wheels off the car all day and defeated McGaha 6.571 211.73 to a 6.598 211.66. Here worst light was a .033 and she was .011 in the final. Her win also included a .005 light. Before the final they had to do a engine swap in under 15 minutes. Don Walsh won Pro Mod with a 5.872 over an off the gas 8 second lap by Billy Glidden. Randy Meyer won TAD for the third win in a row at Houston. His 5.327 was more than enough for a red light David Brounkowski. Doug Gordon slowed to a 5.813 after running 5.50's and 60's all day but it was enough to beat a troubled Ulf Leanders 8 second final round.

Full pro results and sportsman results are here.

April 26, 2015

The three Canadian Pro Mod teams (with one American driver) went 0 for 3 on Saturday as Shane Molinari, Kenny Lang and Jim both all failed to qualify for the tough 16 car field. 29 teams attempted to make the cut but the 5.96 bump spot (the quickest of 2015). Molinari came the closest falling .066 short with a 6.031/246 best. Lang ran a 6.047 and Bell's best was a 6.140. Don Walsh was the #1 qualifier with a 5.860. The 16 car field is separated by just 1/10th of a second. It will be a tough year for all the competitors this year in the class as it is the only Pro style class in the NHRA that has almost double the entrants as spots in the field for the entire year.

Round one was run this morning and many competitors improved their times in the round including Mike Janis who went low for the round and weekend so far. He ran a 5.84 to defeat Eric Latino's 5.89. Both improved over qualifying. Danny Rowe went second low for round one with a 5.86 but lost on a .05 holeshot by the rookie Troy Coughlin Jr (5.91). Castellana and alBalooshi ran side by side 5.88's (Castellana got the win). Tory Coughlin Sr. had almost a tenth on the tree against Mike Knowles and needed most of it as his 5.97 defeated Knowles 5.89. The #1 qualifier Don Walsh got the win with a 5.97 over Bob Rahaim. Billy Glidden and Jim Whitlely and Rickie Smith also advanced.

In the other pro classes, Jason Line is #1 in Pro Stock (6.51)., Jack Beckman is the leader in Funny Car with a 3.98, only one Force team member is in the top half (Robert Hight). Spencer Massey is on top with a 3.734 in the Top Fuel class. 12 Top Fuel competitors are in the 3.7's making this race a tough one to call.

At Palm Beach John Montecalvo won Pro Stock, Jimmy Keen got the win in the six car Pro Mod field (hopefully this fields grow for the other US events. The two Canadian Pro Mod fields will be close to or over 16 cars. In Funny Car Mike McIntire Jr. defeated Mike Smith. Jay Turner defeater Tracy Kile in Nitro Harley.

April 25, 2015

12:20 update

The O'Reilly Spring Nationals are this weekend at Houston and three West Coast based Pro Mods are in Action. Long time veteran Kenny Lang, who has been a perennial top 10 finisher in the seires is having a bit of a resurgence this year after a real tough 2014 season. His Camaro is running much better this year and he is looking to get back to solid Sunday results. Jim Bell, is the Canadian who entered full time last year and for 2015 has joined forces in a two car team with top 10 driver Kevin Fiscus. The newest entry is a real cool team affair with car builder Ryan Hinrichsen from RH Race Cars out of Kelowna, long time NHRA competitor Shane Molinari (driver) from S & T Repairs and Mission BC's Justin Bond of JBS & Sons Equipment. It is their NHRA Pro Mod debut this weekend. They struggled in round one but made a solid 6.09 lap in round two Friday evening. They are just outside the field, and are looking for another tenth to make the field today.

At the Spring Fling in Las Vegas this weekend NW driver Brad Burton won the Pro race Friday night and was runner-up to fellow NW driver Jody Lang on Thursday. In Super Pro, it was Peeps Pennington take both Thursday and Friday wins. Vinny DiMino won the 50K challenge race for the 32 drivers who entrered the big dollar event. BC's Chris Stone is competing at the Fling. Jeg Coughlin Jr was runner-up on Friday to Pennington. NW racer Greg Carlile lost in the sixth round to Coughlin.

In IHRA action, the series is in Palm Beach Florida for the fourth Nitro Jam Nationals event of the season. And a huge shakeup happened to the Funny Car point leader this week. Tim Boychuk and Roland Leong parted ways earlier this week. Tim wanted to have a more hands on aspect to the running of the car. Most that know Roland know that his deal is very proprietary and he does not like to share info with anyone including the car owner. We wish Tim and Crew Chief Twig Zeigler all the best as they move forward. This weekend did not go well and they qualified for the field Friday night but had a costly oildown and their qualifying run was dsq'd. Jason Rupert is on top with a 5.66/258. NW racer Mark Sanders is in the field in the # 6 spot. Only Six Pro Mods are competing this weekend. In Nitro HArley, BC rider Lyle Newton failed to make the field.

9:00am update

Lots of news to catch up on as we have been busy with other projects for the last few weeks.

Firstly as mentioned here two weeks ago, Mission Raceway will open for the season in May. The US MEMORIAL Day long weekend May 22nd-23th will be the first weekend of the year. Starting with a test n tune and then street legal Friday night, then a B-1 Bracket Saturday, with Super Combo and all the Bracket classes. Also the first of four "Land of the Leaders ET Challenges". The following Friday night is the second Street Legal. Then the biggest NHRA event in Canada in 2015, is the Lordco "BC Nationals".

To update: Last week at the Las Vegas Divisional event. Fort St John's Darryn O'Connor won Top Sportsman over fellow Div Six competitor Mike Ferderer. In Comp Division Six racer Jeff Lane won Comp.

Full results are here.

April 19, 2015

I guess it was not a good day to be a Funny Car driver or owner. Round two at Vegas has Jay Payne up in smoke almost immediately and he hooks hard left. The car hits the signage in front of the tree and the tree before rolling over on its side. From there the car spins with a stuck throttle until Jay can hit the shut off. He gets out of the car okay with personal damage to anything but his check book....Ouch!! Hopefully both Harrington and Payne are back on track before to long.


11:30 am update

LODRS Vegas early results for Division Six racers:

In Top Sportsman three Div Six racers reamin (after round two). In Top Dragster six remain (after round two), in Super Gas four remain (after round two), In Super Comp all are ousted (after round three). Stock is also without any Div Six competitors after round three. Six Div. Six racers are part of round two in Super Stock. Four Super Street competitors from Div Six are off to round two. In Comp, Ken Riech's B/SMA (Justin Lamb driving) is off two round two as is Ray Martin in his Corvette Pro Mod.

7:00am update

Not the way your weekend is supposed to go in NHRA SPORTSMAN racing

Bernie Harrington, a long time TAFC competitor on the West Coast had a Saturday to forget at Las Vegas yesterday. He was on a decent 5.7 run when the engine let go right around half track. A huge firefall ensued forcing a quick shut down and exit. Bernie was okay, but as evidence in the pictures above, the car was not. Full qualifying and first round pairing are posted here.


At Bradenton Florida, Mike McIntire Jr wins Nitro Funny Car over Tim Boychuk. The event was one of the most competitive Funny Car races in IHRA history. In round one all four winners ran 5.70's. Then In the semis, Boychuk defeated John Hale, and McIntire defeated last year's champion Jason Rupert. McIntyre reset the IHRA records in the final with a 5.662/260.49 mph win over Tim's 5.81/238. Boychuk takes over the point lead with his second final round final in the first three races.

In Pro Mod Isaias Rojas defeated Jimmy Keen, 6.024 sec./231.30 mph to 6.986 sec./149.55 mph. There were 10 cars for the eight car field.

In Pro Stock John Montecalvo defeated Trevor Eman 6.318 to 6.969


April 18, 2015

The Las Vegas Divisional is up this weekend.

Lower Mainland racer Shawn Cowie (above) sits in the middle of the pack (TAD) with a 5.50 after one round. Calgary's Jirka Kaplan (below) is also near the middle in TAFC with a 5.81. Full qualifying results and photos will be posted Saturday night.

Defending Division Six Top Sportsman driver Rod Hymas (below) is # 8. Six BC and Alberta drivers are competing this weekend. Many will stay down there for the Spring Fling. 14 Top Dragster competitors from Canada are also competing this weekend. Likely the Super Classes are loaded with racers from the great white North as well. Full results Saturday after final qualifying.


In Bradenton Florida, the IHRA is running thier third National event of the year. In Funny Car, Tim Boychuk continues his hot streak as he is #1 with a 5.75/238 after Friday qualifying. Pro Mod are part of the main show for the first time in a number of years. Only nine or ten are competing this weekend. Wheater or not larger fields start to show up is up to debate as they are modelling the series after the NHRA's deal with a pay to play format. I personally don't think the IHRA has the same clout as the NHRA. Pro Stock and Nitro HArley are also competing.


April 14, 2015

Full Las Vegas NHRA Summit Nationals coverage is here.

April 13, 2015

A correction to the issues reported here that Dan Provost had in round one in TD at Vegas. He had mechanical issues all weekend including a brand new Convertor that lasted only two runs. In round one the trans brake failed to hold and the car rolled the beams, it was not an delay box setting issue.

John Force won a real close race against team mate Robert Hight in the final round at Vegas. It was John's and team Forces first win of the year. Ritchie Crampton won Top Fuel over Larry Dixon. It's real nice to see Dixon in a final round after his bad crash earlier this year. Erica Enders Stevens won Pro Stock over Vincent Nobile. The young lady was deadly on the tree in elimination's including a .001 in the semi finals. Joey Severance defeated Megan McKernan in the TAD final. Both cars ran 5.416 in the final round, very cool!! Annie Whiteley won TAFC over Terry Ruckman. Ruckman went red and Whiteley ran a 5.61/262 to earn the win. She also won the Pro Stock K & N Filters Horsepower challenge to earn the double up cash bonus, Nobile was the runner-up in that final as well.

The full report Monday evening.

April 12, 2015

Dan Provost lost in round one at Vegas. Five NW TD drivers advanced to round two. Only one other, Mike Quayle failed to advance. In Top Sportsman, Graham Foster and Rod Hymas both advanced to round two as both Mike Lucas and Mike Williams were round one runner-ups. In Comp Eliminator EX Pro Stock driver Mark Wolfe is competing in the B/A, driving his Pro Stock Mustang. He won in round one against Justin Lamb (driving Ken Reich's Cobalt). Shawn Cowie lost in round one as his car fell off the pace (wounded motor I think). Brian Hough lost in round one in TAFC but Greg Hunter defeated Jay Payne to advance.


At the PDRA event, Barry Daniluk failed to make round one of Top Sportsman (engine issues). Jim Bell made his best run of the weekend in round one. Unfortunately it was against the #1 qualifier Anthony DiSomma. Bell's 3.917/203 was not enough for the 3.792 (low et for the weekend) layed down by DiSomma. Bell;s teammate Kevin Fiscus won round one and this morning got the win in round two as well.

April 11, 2015

1:15 pm update.

In round one of the K & N Filters PS Challenge, Jason Line, Vince Nobile, Erica Enders and Shane Gray all advanced to the semis. V. Gaines ran the second quickest et of round one but lost to the quickest of the round (Shane Gray).

12:00pm update

It looks like Mission Raceway may be on track in late May. Earlier reports that all of May's racing being canceled have reportedly been changed. A few finish line repairs have to be made. More info coming soon.


Two major events are up this weekend. Las Vegas' first National event of the year, the Summit Nationals is on and it includes the K & N Pro Stock Shoot-out. Top Alcohol Dragster has a light (12 car) field and BC's Shawn Cowie is #7 after final qualifying. He faces Bill Litton in round one. Megan McKernan leads the field with a 5.316. Woodburn's Joey Severance is #5 and Jim Whiteley (#4) is back in the class driving his ex crew chief's (Norm Grimes) car. Grimes bought the car from Mark Taliaferro. In TAFC, Calgary's Jirka Kaplan made three solid runs in qualifying and finished off #4 with a 5.617 best. Mike Doushgounian is the leader with a 5.563.Brian Hough is #7 and Greg Hunter in Geoff Goodwin's (Red Deer Alberta based) Chevy is # 12 with a 5.731.

The Pro leaders are Matt Hagan in Funny Car (4.007@ 318.02) and Jr Todd in Top Fuel (3.758 at 324.83). Jason Line is on top in Pro Stock with a 6.617. A number of NW drivers are competing in Top Sportsman and Top Dragster at Vegas. Abbotsford's Dan Provost is in the top half of the fast 32 car Top Dragster field. He ran a 6.743 to end up #13 in the field He will race Ed Olpin in round one. A handful of Alberta Drivers are also competing including Mike Quayle, Trevor Ritchie, Francesca Giroux, Aaron Stienkey and Mark Simmons. All five made the field. In Top Sportsman, Ray Martin leads qualifying in his 53 Corvette with a 6.252. Alberta's Rod Hymas is solidly in the field as is Mike Williams. Near the bottom of the 32 car field are Graham Foster and Mike Lucas.

The PDRA is in Rockingham and Red Deer's Barry Daniluk is in the Top Sportsman field and is the #3 qualifier with a 4.05. Jim Bell is in the field but barely after struggling in the first three rounds. His best is a 4.01. In today's third round he left before the tree was activated. Bell's team mate Kevin Fiscus is #3 in the Pro Boost field. In Pro Nitrous, one WC team is in the field and that is the Stoken family lead by dad Pat. His ran a strong 3.796 and is #5 with one more qualifier to go.


April 5, 2015

Happy Easter to all the SpeedZone readers.

A lack of updates is due to no events scheduled for this weekend. The only minor headline is V. Gaines was the fan vote for the K & N Pro Stock Challenge next weekend at Vegas for the Summit Nationals. The PDRA has its second race of the year next weekend (Rockingham) as well. The following weekend the IHRA is back and will run on consecutive weekends in Florida.

Mission Raceway will have a major announcement in the next week or so regarding their season. Track surface issues continue and their 2015 game plan will be laid out.

Support of the Eagle Motorplex is critical during Mission's down time and the entire season.


March 30, 2015

"Mopars at the Strip"

Joey Steckler and Jimmy Fersch match raced each other this past weekend, with Joey winning 2 out of 3.

Below, Greg Hunter made three test runs in preperation of the Las Vegas National and Divisional coming up in April.

March 29, 2015

Some very cool happenings at Charlotte's Four-Wide Nationals this weekend.

Right at the top is Jonnie Lindberg.

The Swedish Top Alcohol Funny Car driver has already had a strong start to the season (#1 qualifier at the Gatornationals including a couple 5.40's). But this weekend he took it one step further. He made perhaps "THE run if the year" in TAFC with an incredible 5.361/272.01. It shattered both ends of the world world record set by Frank Manzo five years ago by .05 and by 4 mph. The run was backed up in the 1/4 finals with a 5.381/270. In the final round he made the third quickest run of all time with a 5.40/268 and his second win of the season. (David Smith/PSA photo). Jonnie defeated Steve Harker. Harker also ran a 5.40 on the weekend.

Mia Tedesco got her first ever TAD title. She defeated Jake Allen.

Secondly , Larry Morgan gets his first win in the Pro Stock class in 6 years. He ran a career best in the final (6.464/214) and had a .006 rt to take out Shane Gray, Vince Nobile and runner-up Greg Anderson in the final round. (Rob Gieger photo)

Jack Beckman won Funny Car over Del Worsham. , Tommy Johnson and Chad Head were the other two finalists. Antron Brown won Top Fuel over Steve Torrence, Ritchie Crampton and Clay Millican. In PSM it was Andrew Hines over team mate Eddie Krawiec, Hector Arana Jr and Oregon's Scotty Pollacheck.


March 27, 2015

The NHRA Charlotte Four - Wides are rained out for Friday. Looks like it could be one of those weekends.

But the Mopars at the Strip this weekend look to be a go.

March 26, 2015

Charlotte 4-wides are this weekend and forecasted cooler weather could mean record breaking performances. All classes except Pro Mod are competing this weekend.

March 23, 2015

Congratulations to Bell/Fiscus Racing for their team win in Ennis at the PDRA Texas Nationals. Kevin Fiscus in his Twin Turbo Mustang won Pro Boost over John Strickland driving the Galot Motorsport Blown Camaro. Strickland left before the tree was activated and Fiscus just coasted down track for the automatic win. Fiscus ran his team mate Jim Bell in round one and it was a side by side tire shaking race that saw both drivers pedal their cars. Fiscus got it hooked up and won the race by .08. The event was hampered all weekend long with bad weather and it was a long day Sunday with final elimination's finished under dark skies. The Pro Nitrous winner was Tommy Franklin or Jeff Cummins 3.743-3.808. The Nitrous field was very stout with the bump spot a 3.91. Pro Extreme was won by Mustafa Buhumaid over Brandon Snider in a great 3.575 to a losing .3.592. Snider barely qualified for the race (#16) but got his act together running 3.50's throughout elimination's. He was also deadly on the tree in the previous two rounds where he went .012 and .039. In the final he was .093. Buhumaid was also solid, cutting .03 lights all day long including a .031 in the final. None of the expected Canadians ran in Top Sportsman in the first race, but expected Albertan's Barry Daniluk, Scott Blake, Toni Moretto and Garry Weslosky did not make the trek. Other Winners included Eric McKinney (Motorcycle), Dan Feguson (Top Sportsman) and J.R. Baxter in Top Dragster.


March 23, 2015

The Cajun SPORTSnationals results are posted

March 22, 2015

12:00pm update:

PDRA Texas Nationals at the Texas Motorplex.

Jim Bell manages a 4.12 enough to make the field in the #14 spot. The Pro Boost leader is Anthony Di Somma he layed down a PDRA record 3.751/211. He needs a 3.798 to back it up. Mike Gondziola pulled out of the staging lanes for his final qualifier and unfortunately ended up #17 as he was bumped out by the last car to make a run in the final session.


Saturday qualifying from the PDRA Texas Nationals was hampered by weather just like Friday but they did manage to get in almost one complete session for all classes. Three Nitrous Pro Mods were left in staging lanes and the Pro Extreme class. The final pair of nitrous cars that ran Saturday had Lizi Musi and Ron Muenks make their qualifying efforts. Musi ripped off a great 3.75 but corssed the center line just past the finish line and she bumped the rear of Muenks car. Musi then crossed back into her lane and hit the wll fairly hard. She is okay but the front end of her new 2015 Dodge Dart had quite a bit of damage. Muenks car did not suffer too much damage, but no word on whether or not he will be able to continue today. Mike Gondziola is there in Pro Nitrous and is well into the field with a 3.94 after round one. Jim Bell shook and lifted in the first qualifier in Pro Boost.

Two SpeedZone calendar clients were in the Tim Hebert Memorial Hemi "Chootout" final round at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose on Saturday. Stephen Hebert defeated Gary Wolkwitz in the final round.

March 20, 2015

Lots to update after a week basically away from the office.

The NHRA Jegs Cajun SPORTSnationals are this weekend at Belle Rose. They are running a Hemi Shootout at the event, with nine cars in attendance including national record holder Gary Wolkwitz. A full slate of Sportsman classes and the Harley Davidson series.

The PDRA 's first race of 2015 is this weekend at the Texas Motorplex. Weather is not good in the area as Friday was washed out.

Ritchie Stevens has joined Allen Johnson racing with a second car in 2015. He will run at least 10 events this year.

Pacific Raceways is running a test n tune on Sunday as well as a NHRA chassis cert. A number of local cars will head south including a debut for Jessica Armstrong in a dragster. Good luck to all the locals.

The next NHRA National event is at Z-MAX raceway in Charlotte. Their racing surface has undergone a complete facelift after major issues they had last year. Denver's Bandimere Raceway was also resurfaced this winter.

The final Gatornational results were: Ron Capps defeats NHRA Funny Car Rookie John Hale in the final round. Spencer Massey defeated Tony Schumacher in Top Fuel, Greg Anderson defeated teammate Jason Line for his first win in almost two years. It was his 75th Wally. Karen Stoffer got the surprising win in Pro Stock Motorcycle over Eddie Krawiec. In TAD it was Randy Meyer running low et for the weekend with a 5.219/277 to defeat multiple Gainesville finalist Chris Demke. Demke ran a 5.33/276. Ulf Leanders went to the winner circle for the first time as he defeat 2014 world champion Steve Harker 5.541 to a 5.626.

Sportsman winners were:


Joe Santangelo, Chevy, 7.745, 165.33 def. Al Ackerman, Dragster, 7.971, 169.42.


David Rampy, Camaro, 10.238, 127.57 def. Mike Crutchfield, G5, 8.930, 145.83.


Kevin Helms, Challenger, 8.923, 149.50 def. Jeff Adkinson, Camaro, 10.427, 126.32.


John Labbous, Dragster, 8.888, 169.78 def. Anthony Bertozzi, Dragster, 8.870, 170.58.


William Clarke, Firebird, 10.321, 124.67 def. Craig Porter, Mustang, foul.


Ronnie Davis, Corvette, 6.768, 173.58 def. Jeffrey Barker, Cobalt, 6.989, 215.24.

March 14, 2015

Ken Sklute photo

Congratulations to Tim and Donna Boychuk, as Tim gets his first IHRA National event win at Baton Rouge just a couple hours ago. He defeated 2014 champion Jason Rupert with a 5.867/235 to a 5.993/245. It was a hectic day at the Marti Gras Nationals as they were washed out Friday and race the whole race including qualifying today. Tim struggled in qualifying and faced the #1 qualifier Paul Romine in round one. Roland and Twig found the sweet spot in that round and ran a 5.77 to defeat the 'Man o War' driver. In Pro Stock it was Washington driver JR Carr and Kevin Bealko facing off. Bealko got the win with a 6.28. Carr got loose 60 feet out and lifted.

At GAinesville qualifying was surpisingly average in all the pro classes, but there was excitiement in the Fuel ranks at Larry Dixon went a bit retro with a huge car disintragating crash near the finish line his dragster broke in half just in front of Doug Kalitta and parts of his car flew overtop of Dougs Mac Tools Dragster. Dixon was not hurt in the horrific crash.

Here is the video.




Also Mark Rebilas has an amazing gallery of the crash.

Dixon will not run on Sunday and the NHRA has impounded his car pending their investigation.

Shawn Langdon lead Top Fuel qualifying with a 3.76. Cruz Pedregon is #1 in Funny Car with a 4.02 and Chris McGaha is #1 in Pro Stock with a 6.50. Pro Stock Motorcycle is lead by Matt Smith who is almost a tenth quicker than the rest with a 6.79. Duane Shields was #1 in TAD with a 5.24 and Jonnie Lindberg stayed in the top spot in TAFC with a 5.48. Don Walsh top top honors in Pro Mod with a 5.82. Edmonton's Jim Bell struggled with a 6.06 best. Manitoba's Kenny Lang qualified with a 5.98 and Erica Latino (Ontario) also qualified with a 5.98.

March 13, 2015

The Gatornationals is up this weekend at Gainesville Florida. It is one of the 'big five' events on the NHRA circuit. Full coverage at SpeedZone will start tomorrow. A quick note sees Chris McGaha leading Pro Stock, Angelle Sampey leads in PS Motorcycle. Tony Schumacher leads Top Fuel and Cruz Pedregon leads Funny Car. In the most exciting class at the Gators, close to 30 Pro Mods are on hand and rookie Troy Coughlin Jr. leads driving dad's 2014 car. He ripped off a 5.876. Steve Matusek is .006 back and 12 cars are in the fives already. In TAD, Chris Demke leads with a 5.280 and in TAFC, European Jonnie Lindberg leads with a 5.488

Locally Mission Raceway is working on Concrete issues and hope to have their plans announced by the end of next week. A couple notable changes are worth mentioning including the Langley Loafers event will see Saturday night qualifying for the first time ever. The Double A Gassers and up to four Nitro burning Fuel Altereds will be featured. Very Cool!!!!

A new Pro Mod series will debut this season with two or possibly three races at Mission, the Western Drag Racing League (WDRL) will compete at both Mission and Edmonton, with Pro Mods, Top Sportsman and Open Comp (both tracks) as well as JB's ultimate Shootout at Edmonton. The shootout includes three different 1/8 mile classes. More info coming very soon. The series is the brainchild of Castrol announcer Rome Awde and Joe Delehay. Any Pro Mod racers wanting more info contact Joe Dehehay.

March 8, 2015

What a final in Funny Car at the March meet as Steven Densham, one of the most consistent racers in the class over the last couple season. He along with 'Dad' Gary were the best car all weekend long running 5.70's in six runs until the final. There, he ripped off a 5.69 to defeat last year's champ, James Day. Day went 5.87.

Top Fuel was also epic as Tony Bartone did what everyone thought he would do it win the race and set the record. He ripped off a 5.53/270 in the final against Adam Sorokin. Sorokin was on a bad ass run himself, and was well ahead at half track. He looked to be on a 5.60 pass for sure, but at 950 feet he blew up big time and coasted to a 5.79 @ 192.

The Fuel altered final was the same as last years when Dan Hix took on Jeremy Sullivan. Unfortunately for Sullivan he could not make the call, giving Hix a single. He launched hard but lifted at 1000 feet and coasted to a 6.4 elapsed time.

In A/Fuel Darrell Waters won over a tire smoke Kin Bates. Bates was dominant all weekend running in the 6. teens on a couple occasions, but they got too aggressive in the final and Waters goes on to win with a soft 6.50

The 7.0 winner was Jess Adams over a red lighting Kenny Buzdas. Mike Peck lost in the semi finals to Buzdas and Joey Steckler will be kicking himself as he went red but ran an awesome 7.03 in the 1/4 finals. His opponent ran a slowing 7.30. Ouch Joey, I feel for you, but a good weekend anyway. Jimmy Fersch lost in the second round as he was a bit late on the tree.

Mike Peck went to the semi finals.



March 7, 2015


A tough day for #4 qualifier Tim Nemeth in round one at the March Meet. He took on #13 Brad Thompson who ran a 5.96 best. Tim and Brad Left within .01 of each other and it looked like Tim was on a good lap, but at 400 feet the car moved around a bit and it seemed to lose some power. Thompson drove around Tim by 700 feet and won with a 6.05 to a slowing 6.24.

NW Driver Kris Krabill took out Cory Lee in round one,


#1 qualifier Dan Horan barely beat Spokane's Chris Davis. Davis ran a career best 6.00 to qualify #16 in the tough 31 car field. Davis got a .04 holeshot and looked to be well on his way to victory and a career best when he started to move around in his lane and he had to slow in the back half. That allowed Horan to drive around him at 1000 feet.

Other notables in round one were James Day defeating Mark Sanders, John Weaver running low et for round one with a 5.75 to defeat Robert Overholser, Steven Densham ran his fourth 5.70 of the weekend with a 5.78 win, Jason Rupert won the closest race of the day with a side by side 5.87 battle with Roger Garten in the War Horse. John Hale could not bring back the 5.60 run from testing Thursday as he went down to Robert Townsend, as he laid down a solid 5.799. Round two pairings are: Horan and Weaver, Day and Thompson, Townsend and Krabill and in possibly the coolest match-up teammates Densham and Rupert battle.

In Top Fuel the round two pairings are: Tony Bartone bye. Rick Williamson vs Dusty Green, Bill Dunlap vs. Adam Sorokin, Denver Schutz vs Jim Murphy. Bartone again has been the far and away leader, as he has tured in a couple 5.50 runs and is well over a tenth ahead of anyone.

In Pro 7.0 All three NW guys got wins. Joey Steckler and Jimmy Fersch in their floppers advanced to round two, as did Washington's Mike Peck in his FED.

March 6, 2015

Dan Horan Jr. leads FC with a 5.71. (Tim Nemeth is #4 with a 5.81). Gary Densham is #2 with a 5.73. Tony Bartone leads big time in TF with a 5.57.

The Witch Doctor AA/FA is #1 with a 6.01.

Run sheets and more photos are here.

The East Coast is still reeling from the winter storms. This weekend Gainesville Florida is the site of the LODRS event, but today was rained out. Temperatures are in the 40's.



March 5, 2015


7.0 pro saw One Canadian qualify in the top half and one run too quick. Joey Steckler went 7.07/197 to qualify #7 Thursday. Jimmy Fersch went way too quick running a 6.80/205. And Mike Peck was off pace with a 7.31.

The shot heard 'round the NFC camps was John Hale's 5.66/244 in the brand new "One Bad Texan Camaro". Chilliwack's Tim Nemeth was off the throttle early, as the scoreboards lit up to a 10 second et. Only one of ther car was in the '5's. That was Cory Lee. He ran a early shut-off 5.98/205 In the 'Back in Black' GTO.

Cruz Pedregon is also at the MM and he called out all the big hitters.

March 4, 2015

Wednesday test session

Below left is Drayton Valley's Jimmy Fersch in the Pro 7.0 class. Below right is Kris Kraill in the Austin/O'Brien NFC. They are one of the favorites.

Bob Snyder photos

Shane Harter in 'Nasty Dave' Benjamin's Fuel Altered. Frank Ousley's Crop Duster Monza with Jon Capps in the seat.

Qualifying starts today with all classes except the three nitro classes.

March 4, 2015

SpeedZone Magazine is proud to have JB's Power Centre on board as the title sponsor of JB's is one of Canada's leaders in providing High Performance automotive products. It is also the home of BFR, Bell/Fiscus Racing, one of NHRA's leading Promod teams. Jim Bell one two of N. America's toughest Pro Mod events in 2014, "Shakedown at the Summit" and "Anarchy at the Arch". Kevin Fiscus finished #7 in the NHRA series last year. Kevin will debut the revamped 2012 Mustang that Bell drove to start last year and it will have brand new Pro Line Hemi power, one of only a few teams to run the 2015 Pro Line Hemi. We will have more on the team as well and a brand new top banner for the web site in just a few days. We are less than 10 days away from the first NHRA Pro Mod event of the season.

The March Meet is only one day away from day one of qualifying. Over 30 NFC teams will compete for the 16 car field including Chilliwack's Tim Nemeth. Likely Jordan Pawlick from Alberta will also compete. Two RMNFC teams including two time Heritage sereis finalist Joey Steckler, in the Joey's Place Corvette and Drayton Valley's Jimmy Fersch will battle in the Pro 7.0 class. Over 20 Fuel Altereds will also battle ifor the second time and close to 16 NTF Dragsters. Bang Shift will have the live feed, and SpeedZone Magazine has a photographer on hand. It will be awesome!

March 1, 2015

Final round results from the Phoenix Divisional:

In TAD, Joey Severance picks up almost a tenth from his earlier best run with a strong 5.239/271. He could of just launched in the final though as Chris Demke, breaks on the burnout and is shut off. It had the makings of a good final round though as Demke ran a 5.27 in the semis. Shawn Cowie lost a close one to Severance in the semis. It was a 5.30 for Joey to a 5.34 for Shawn. In a notable non sightin, no Don St. Arnaud at Phoenix after his solid race at Pomona. From what I heard Don will compete for the world championship this year, as he will run up to 17 events. In TAFC, it was a bit of an upset, as Shane Westerfield defeated Jay Payne. Payne had been the quickest car in the first two rounds, running low 5.50's. In the finals Westerfield went 5.60 and had a slight holeshot to defeat a 5.59 by Payne.

Canadian and Division Six competitor results from the Phoenix Divisional.

Comp Eliminator In a round one heads up race, Justin Lamb driving Edmonton Ken Reich's Cobalt ran Jeff Lane. They are two of the best B/SMA competitors in the NHRA. Lane got a .03 holeshot and held on to win with a 7.979 to a quicker 7.956. Lane went on to win the event over a red lighting Idaho's Ralph Van Paepeghem. Division Six gets the win at back to back NHRA events at Phoenix.
Top Sportsman

Round two was the furthest any Canadian driver went in Top Sportsman. Mike Ferderer lost in round four and Shane Molinari lost in round three.

Here Alberta's Rod Hymas defeated a red lighting Graham Foster (from BC) in round one. (Snyder photos) Hymas lost in round two.

Dean Bettenson's new TS Camaro. He shut off early in a round one loss.

Top Dragster

Phoenix National winner Trevor Ritchie below, (from Edmonton) had the best result of NW drivers, losing in the 1/4 finals.

Super Stock

Tom Nolan from Alberta went to the semi finals. He lost to the event runner-up Andrew Durham. The other 10 Division Six and Alberta drivers were gone by round three.

Last weeks Nat'l runner-up Don Thomas was gone early this weekend.

Stock Alberta's Norm Lapointe lost in round three and Washington's MArk Faul lost in round four.
Super Gas No Div 6 Super Gas competitors went past the 1/4's. Ken Mostowich lost in round one as did Bobby Halina. Victoria's Ed Hutchinson went to round three. Division Six's Don Anderson lost in round five (1/4 finals).
Super Comp Dick VanderMeer lost in the semi finals to Steve Williams. Alberta's Scott Taylor and Ken Mostowich lost in round one.
Super Street Division Six's Doug Jones, Gary Erickson and Jim Mabry lost in round one.

Final round results:

Jeff Lane, North Bend, Wash., '10 Cobalt, B/SMA, 9.815, 93.37 def.
Ralph Van Paepeghem, Garden Valley, Idaho, '32 Bantam, A/EA, foul.

Andrew Durham, Monrovia, Calif., '11 Challenger, FSS/E, 9.216, 146.00 def.
Mike Graham, Tempe, Ariz., '00 Mustang, GT/HA, 10.454, 126.39.

Jimmy DeFrank, Thousand Oaks, Calif., '69 Camaro, B/SA, 10.690, 122.23 def.
Steve Wann, Modesto, Calif., '62 Fury, A/SA, 10.281, 127.78.

Jimmy DeFrank, Thousand Oaks, Calif., '69 Camaro, B/SA, 10.690, 122.23 def.
Steve Wann, Modesto, Calif., '62 Fury, A/SA, 10.281, 127.78.

Bobby Mirizio, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., '15 Spitzer, 8.939, 164.11 def.
Steve Williams, Beaumont, Calif., '14 TNT, 8.966, 164.41.

Peter Zak, Torrance, Calif., '27 Ford, 9.917, 144.44 def.
Steve Williams, Beaumont, Calif., '63 Corvette, 9.923, 170.67.

David Kiesel, Desert Hills, Ariz., '76 Vega, 10.929, 125.22 def.
Robert Pancer, Mesa, Ariz., '55 Chevrolet, 10.942, 135.43.

Ed Olpin, Pleasant Grove, Utah, '68 Camaro, 7.308, 180.72 def.
Doug Bracey, Vallejo, Calif., '99 Monte Carlo, 7.640, 176.07.

Jesse Adams, Yuba City, Calif., '02 Davis, 6.132, 225.90 def.
Jr Lobner, Gardner, Kan., '08 Mullis, 6.748, 194.58.

Mike Burkhart, Huntington Beach, Calif., '97 Suzuki Gsxr, 8.158, 160.18 def.
John Coburn, Mesa, Ariz., '96 Buell S1, 10.812, 119.38.

February 28, 2015

The First West Coast NHRA Divisional event is this weekend at Phoenix. A huge car count in both Top Dragster and Top Sportsman includes no less than 8 NW driver in Top Dragster including last week winner Trevor Ritchie and four other Albertans, and 8 Top Sportsman drivers including 6 Albertans. Comp Eliminator has 16 in the field including 6 from Division 6. Debuting in Comp Eliminator is Ray Martin (Ex Hugh Ridley TAD driver) driving an all new Blown 53 Corvette Pro Mod. BC Driver Shawn Cowie sits #6 in TAD with a 5.36/269. Martin is doing double duty, driving both Team Maddern's second TAD and driving his brand new Pro Mod. Martin sits in third in the TAD, but he had issues with the Pro Mod.

Bob Snyder photos

11 Super Stocks from the NW are in attendance including 7 from Alberta. Eight Stockers traveled south from the NW and 5 are BC or Alberta drivers. The Super classes have a bunch of NW racers and we will have the names when round one info is posted.

They are trying to bump up the race to finish today due to bad weather forecasted for Sunday.

Qualifying results are posted.


February 25, 2015

Here is the official announcement on the Eagle Motorplex rejoining the NHRA.

The tear down is complete. 2 1/2 months is not a lot of time, hopefully the band is prepared to work around the clock to get the new tower ready.


One of the coolest notices I have received in a long time regarding Mission Raceway is the announcement from the Hot Rod class that the legendary Hairy Canary Willys will be back on the track in 2015. This was oe of the most famous local cars from back in the 60's and at the old track.

(submitted photo)

Hairy Canary which has not raced since 1968 at Mission raceway previously owned by Bert Straiton with a 301 injected Chevy has been restored by Dave Love and will be racing periodically with the Hot Rod Racers Association

Join this nostalgic fun with the H.R.R.A as there is an annual general meeting on March 7 at noon at Mission Raceway tower, 2nd floor.

Also HRRA is hosting a fundraiser at "Kennedy's Pub" on March 14 starting at 11:30am
11906 88 avenue Delta BC.
There will be a complimentary burger with participation and Texas Mickey draw as well as a 50/50 draw.
Thanks hope to see you there!


February 23, 2015

Final updates for Canadian and NW racers at Phoenix (Earlier round results are in February 22 headlines).

Comp Eliminator Ken Reich (car owner from Edmonton) and Justin Lamb (driver from California) is proving to be a good combination and Lamb gets the win in Comp or the Pomona winner Alan Ellis. That is two wins in the last two races the two have combined in. Dale Giroux lost in round two. Jeff Lane (Washington) lost in round three. Ralph Van Paepeghem (Idaho) lost round one. Aaron Strong (Washington) lost in round one.
Top Sportsman Both Graham Foster and Mike Williams (BC and Alberta) advanced to round three, but could not get to the 1/4 finals.
Top Dragster Trevor Ritchie made it to the final round where he got the big win over Division 1's John Taylor.
Super Stock

Alberta's Don Thomas defeated Washington's Mark Faul in round three in a heads up race and Thomas advance all the way to the final where he was defeated by Kansas' Phil Unruh.

Stock Calgary's Bob Gullet lost in the 1/4 finals.
Super Gas No Div 6 racer made it past round two.
Super Comp Alberta's Bobby Halina lost in a double breakout round four race.

In the Pro classes, It was Tony Schumacher winning in Phoenix as he defeated a game Doug Kalitta in the final round of Top Fuel. The 'Shoe' ran a career best 3.720/326 to Kalitta's 3.758/325. Matt Hagan doubled up winning back to back races to start the 2015 season. He defeated Del Worsham in the final round of Funny Car. He ripped off a track record 3.975 to Worsham's quicker leaving but .03 back 4.010. Hagan also ran 324.83 mph in the win. Roger Brogdon defeated team mate Erica Enders Stevens in the Pro Stock final round.

Sportsman final results

Competition Eliminator -- Justin Lamb, Cobalt, 7.972, 172.43 def. Alan Ellis, '23-T Ford, 6.529, 207.08.

Super Stock -- Phil Unruh, Cobalt, 8.525, 155.22 def. Don Thomas, Grand Am, 10.078, 131.56.

Stock Eliminator -- Kyle Seipel, Camero, 11.020, 106.34 def. Kyle Rizzoli, Camaro, 10.386, 117.60.

Super Comp -- Glenn Kern, Dragster, 8.912, 168.96 def. Steve Williams, Dragster, 8.949, 166.42.

Super Gas -- Bernie Polvadore, Grand Prix, 9.912, 163.45 def. Brad Pierce, Corvette, 9.902, 139.00.

Top Sportsman -- Ed Olpin, Camaro, 7.272, 189.63 def. Jimmy Lewis, GXP, 6.995, 190.40.

Top Dragster -- Trevor Ritchie, Dragster, 6.815, 191.81 def. John Taylor II, Dragster, 6.944, 191.08.


A sort of anti-climatic Daytona 500 yesterday. Prodigy Joey Lagano won but something like the last 5 or 6 races out of the last dozen have ended in green-white-checkered, which can be fine but the last two or three laps where wrecks are prevalent really take away the potential for a barnburner final lap. Three wide for the last ten laps was great until the bump and subsequent multi car crash with less than one to go. Thanks to Zak Clarke and his girlfriend Jacquie, who made a huge spread that was awesome! Had a blast with the rest of the boys as well, Quigley, Provost, Orser, the Robinson's, Lil Al and a couple others.

February 22, 2015


Local X 275 drag racers Nick and Vanessa Richards are down at "Lights Out 6" in Georgia this weekend, and having a blast.


Final qualifying from Phoenix is posted.

NW including BC, Washington and Alberta racer results from Phoenix after Saturday are as follows:

Comp Eliminator Dale Giroux (Alberta) qualified well (#6) with a 6.95 and won round one. Jeff Lane (Washington) qualified #4 and won round one. Gary Anderson (Washington) lost in round one. Ralph Van Paepeghem (Idaho) lost round one. Aaron Strong (Washington) lost in round one. Justin Lamb in Edmonton 's Ken Reich Cobalt qualified in the top 4 and is off to round two.
Top Sportsman A number of Alberta drivers are competing this weekend including Div 6 champ Rod Hymas. He qualified in the top half but broke out by .007 in round one. Mike Lucas lost in round two. Both Graham Foster and Mike Williams (BC and Alberta) have advanced to round three. Ray Martin (Alaska) lost in round two.
Top Dragster Three Alberta drivers in TD. Keri Ebertz failed to qualify but Gordie Castle and Trevor Ritchie made the 6.98 bump. Castle lost in round one and Richie is off to round three. He had a .008 package, including a perfect light in round two.
Super Stock Six BC and Alberta drivers and 4 Washington drivers are competing. Only Washington's Mark Faul and Steve Schwab are racing Sunday. Abbotsford's Darrell Stobbe lost in round one.
Stock 3 Washington and 3 Alberta Drivers are in Stock this weekend including the #1 and 2 qualifiers. Brad Burton and Ryan Warter lost in round three and Calgary's Bob Gullett is off to the 1/4's.
Super Gas Will Yakimetz (Alberta) is the only WC Canadian driver to reach round two. No Washington drivers made it to round two. Dianne Anderson (ID) is in round
Super Comp Albertan's Len Mayer, Scott Taylor and Bobby Halina made it to round two. Halina made it to round four but lost a double breakout.


February 20, 2015

A number of changes coming in the next couple days, formatting, features etc. SpeedZone will look and read different.

The Auto Zone Nationals at Phoenix are on this weekend.

Courtney leads after Friday in Funny Car, Tony Schumacher is #1 in Top Fuel and Erica Ender leads Pro Stock. This is the first National race for Top Sportsman and Top Dragster as well, with the 2015 season being the first for a National title in those two classes.

NHRA stirred up some controversy this week when it sent out letters to participants (or actors whatever) of the Discovery Channel TV show 'Street Outlaws'. Due to the nature of the show, the NHRA had threatened any licensed NHRA racers that compete on the show with losing their NHRA licenses. Seems fair to me. We will have more on this when the new look is debuted later this weekend.

The NHRA is also in the rumour news that they are actively pursuing a buyer for the top three professional classes.

One of the premier race tracks in Georgia got into and conflict with the NHRA and they switched over to IHRA in the last week. The track had undergone financial issues over the last couple years and a new owner did come in to take over the facility. They were working diligently to try and get the track ready for the NHRA LODRS event in early March, but NHRA felt the track would not be ready. After a number of weeks of talk between the two, the track decided to drop the sanctioning and make the switch to the "I". They will likely get a Nitro Jam in 2016 for sure but maybe even the end of this year.

"Lights Out IV" from SGMP is also on. Cool temperatures at South Georgia (in the 35-50 degree Fahrenheit range) have greeted the racers and fans.

Jim Bell and Kevin Fiscus are a two car pro mod team for the 2015 season.

Edmonton, Alberta - BELL / FISCUS RACING (BFR) is the newly-created partnership between two highly successful and talented Pro Mod drivers, Jim Bell and Kevin Fiscus.

The two have joined forces to most effectively utilize their resources and put forth a tremendous racing effort for the 2015 season. Bell, owner of Canadian auto parts superstore operation JB's Power Centre and wholesale division; Dix Performance North located in Edmonton and Calgary AB. will be the team's primary sponsor. That said, Bell and Fiscus are actively pursuing sponsorship opportunities.

In April of 2014 during a PDRA event at Rockingham Dragway, Bell 's car got loose at the 660 ft. mark and he had a very serious high speed crash with his turbocharged Ford Mustang. This car is currently being completely rebuilt by Larry Larson at Larson Race Cars along with a new Mike Moran carbon fiber body. Kevin's new ride will be powered by a Twin turbo Pro Line Racing Hemi along with a Quick Drive equipped 3-speed Lenco transmission and the a new state of the art .. Fueltech. EFI system
The Mustang should be ready to make some test hits later on in the month of March once the repairs and upgrades are finished and Fiscus will then take over as the sole driver for the car. The team is aiming to re-debut the Mustang at the second NHRA race of the season at Houston, TX, followed by the PDRA race in Shreveport, LA. In the interim, Fiscus will continue to field the FKR ( Fiscus / Klugger ) Mustang, while Bell will continue to drive his turbocharged Proline 481X-powered '69 Camaro.

"I'm honored that Jim has such confidence in my driving and tuning abilities. It's a huge opportunity for me to be involved in a program of this caliber, and will allow me to test different things that I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise," stated Fiscus, who will also be managing tuning duties for both his and Bell's cars as the team's Crew Chief. Bell added that he was very excited for the opportunity to be able to race and be a team mate with Kevin who's been involved with fast door cars for over a decade ; both Drag Radial and last year was very successful with the FKR Pro Mod R2B2 built Mustang; In his first season in a Pro Mod; Kevin finished #7 overall in the NHRA Pro Mod class. Kevin is not only a respected and skilled driver but he has proven to be a very capable tuner and crew chief."

Plans for the Bell /Fiscus Racing (BFR) team in 2015 include running the entire 10-race NHRA Pro Mod schedule, as well as the full 10 race series of PDRA both competing in the Pro Boost class. The team will also be competing at the Street Car Super Nationals races in St. Louis, Missouri and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as at the Shakedown at the Summit in Norwalk, Ohio.

The team's operations will be based out of Pro Line Racing in Ball Ground, Georgia, where the cars will also be housed and maintained.

February 17, 2015

Sorry to hear of the passing of Division Six team member Steve Denbo. RIP. Condolences to his family.

February 11, 2015

A sad day as long time BCCCA member Terry Cooper passed away. He had been a recognizable Mission Raceway personnel since the late 60's. The last decade, manning his scooter in front of the tower. He will be missed by many. Condolences go out to his family.


February 9, 2014

Elimination results from Tucson are posted. In Funny Car, Tim Boychuk and the Hawaiian made it to the semi finals as did Kris Krabill in the Ausitn O'Brian Funny Car and Mark Sanders lost in round one.

February 9, 2015

Huge numbers were produced by the A/Fuel cars at Pomona as no less than three cars ran career best ets. None were more stout than Edmonton Alberta's Don St. Arnaud as he reset the eight year old MPH record. He blasted to a new best of 285.35. Don had an earlier back up run of 282.72. He also ripped off a 5.221 to qualify #1 for the first time. Congrat's to Don for the record run. Hopefully we see him back in Canada for the LODRS at Mission Raceway in June.

Megan McKernan also ran a career best, a 5.227 at a career best 275. Cameron Ferre also ran a career best et and speed. The Larry Miersch owned TAD ran a 5.238@ 280.02.


February 8, 2015

The IHRA ran their first event of the year at Tucson. The Southwestern Nitro Jan saw 10 NFC, Pro Stock, Nitro Harley CIFCA and Jets compete in the pro classes.

Mike McIntire won Funny Car over Jason Rupert. He also reset the IHRA record with a 5.680. He backed it up with a 3.508.

Cary Goforth won Pro Stock over John Deflorian.

Jay Turner won Nitro Harley over Randal Andras

The most excitement on the weekend was this huge wheelstand in the 7.50 CIFCA Funny Car Class.

Becky Sylvester in the California Rattler reached for the sky . Unfortunately the car suffered some damage as hit the ground hard and then went into the right barrier. She was not hurt in the incident.

(Bad Rooster inages)

February 8, 2015

Hard to believe but the 2015 season has begun. Both the IHRA and the NHRA ran their first National events this weekend.( A bit strange that the IHRA would go up against the Winternationals imo).

At Pomona, Shawn Langdon and the Alan Johnson Top Fuel team ran the quickest official pass in NHRA history going 3.700 in qualifying. He made it to the final round where he defeated Antron Brown. Unfortunately he fell a few thousands short of backing up the record.

In Funny Car is was Matt Hagan taking out team mate Ron Capps 4.01 to 4.06.

Pro Stock was won by Jason Line. He defeated rookie Drew Skillman. Skillman defeated team mate Erica Enders on a holeshot in the semi finals.

TAD was won by the world champions Chris Demke. He defeated BC favorite Shawn Cowie in the final round.

TAFC saw Cowie teammate Brian Hough also runner-up. He was defeated by Jonnie Lindberg. The Swede was on fire all weekend long running in the 5.4's all weekend long.

Full results including record runs in TAD in the next couple days.


February 1, 2015

Congratulations to Barry and Shelly Siebert (owners of "Beans to You" coffee house at Mission Raceway) and daughter Camille, owner of the PIG Bernard. They and the two brothers from Maple Ridge who made the commercial finished second in the Doritos Super Bowl commerical ("When Pigs Fly"). They were the Doritos executive's pick, and the "Middle Seat" was the voters pick. It won the "Million".

Oh ya, there was a football game, and unfortunately one bad play at the one yard line cost the Seattle Seahawks the game. 28-24 for New England.

January 30, 2015

Click here for a look at the new Hawaiian Flopper for Tim Boychuk

Lots of news over the past few weeks, as both the NHRA (Winternationals) and the IHRA open their seasons in 1 week (Tucson Nitro Jam).

Alan Johnson confirmed he and Shawn Langdon will compete this season in Top Fuel. The team is actively persuing sponsorship opportunities.

Tony Schumacher talks about defending his TF title prior to the Winternationals.

Going back to the past when the US Nationals was THE biggest event of the year, the race is now worth 50% more points. The winner will earn 150 points instead of 100.

The NHRA announces a huge change in oildown penatlies for Top Fuel and Funny Car.

The NHRA announces its 2015 ESPN schedule.

Dave Connolly is ready for his Top Fuel debut.

Jeff Arend will drive Steve Pluegers Funny Car to start the season. The tentative plan is to run 6-10 races in 2015.

Drew Skillman will be part of the Elite Racing Pro Stock team in 2015. He now will be one of the frontrunners (along with Dave Connolly) for the rookie of the year honors (Road to the Future Award). Also running Elite power is Roger Brogdon and Matt Hartford.

Matt Smith Racing has partnered with Victory Motorcycles. Victory Factory Racing will have both Matt and Angie Smith riding their colors and design.

Warren Johnson, Dave McClelland, Gene Snow, Bob Strange and Paula Murphy are all nominated for the "Motorsports Hall of Fame of America".

Cory Mac will compete with two different teams in 2015. The Dakin Bothers (Chris and Mike) and Dexter Tuttle will share Cory at around a dozen events this season.

John Force's Crew chiefs are finalized.

Chaz Kennedy, who rode for Star Racing in his rookie season last year has formed his own team for 2015.

Bo Butner will race in Pro Stock in 2015.

Rob Wedland is named the new crew chief for Terry McMillen. Richard Hartman has moved over to Tim Wilkerson's team

Shane Tucker, a PS driver going into his sophmore season in the NHRA, will team up with Bob Book. Book is one of the top Comp engine builders out there, had plans to debut his PS engine with Brandon Huhtala at the end of last season but they ran out of time.

Jimmy Alund will race will the Summit PS team at the Winternationals.

The PDRA added a new class for 2015, Open Outlaw, a heads-up class for fast dragsters and altereds will compete at 8 events in 2015. Anything goes except screw blowers.

January 30, 2015

Calendars are now on Sale for $8.95

multi packs 3-5 multipak are now up to $18.00 off reg price.

Go here for the 2015 Speedzone Magazine Drag racing calendars

Go here for the 2015 Speedzone Magazine Drag racing calendars

January 29, 2015

Hemi Calendars are back. After three years away, they are back with 12 teams featured in a 13 month calendar.

Special thanks to for their contributions and to Doug Walker for supplying many photos for the calendar. Included is the national record holder and 2 event winner in 2014 Gary Wolkwitz. 11 others from all over the continent.

Samples and ordering info will be posted Thursday afternoon.

Dave Connolly made the highlight reels as he gets his rookie season underway

January 26, 2014

Phoenix testing number and photos

January 25, 2015

Phoenix Test.


Brittany Force makes the quickest run in Drag Racing history Friday, going 3.69 at a rather soft 321 mph.

John Force went 3.971/323.

All three Force Funny Cars made three second runs with Robert Hight doing it twice (3.97 best) and John running in the three's twice as well (Robert Hight photo to the left). Courtney ran 326 on her 3.98 pass. It was a solid outing for the Ford morphed into Chevy bodied Funny Cars. Due to the short time in this new partnership, the new Camaro bodies will not be ready until late this year or early in 2016. Cruz Pedregon ran 4./0's as well. Other cars there included Tim Wilkerson, Terry Haddock and a number of Top alcohol cars.

Phoenix testing number and photos


January 24, 2015

Palm Beach Pre season testing

Full results for all the teams are posted here.

A Palm Beach gallery is here



January 25, 2015

Guess who's car this is? It is another Western Canada Turbo Car built by RH. A new car page will be up soon.

January 24, 2015

Tim Boychuk's new look for 2015


Guess who was low for the floppers. It was the Jimmy Prock tuned Funny Car driven by Jack Beckman.

January 19, 2015

Jim Dunn has a new sponsor for 2015 and will go retro to start the season.

Jim Dunn pre season news

More news and new looks from a number of NHRA, IHRA PDRA and even local teams over the next month


They were even retro at Palm Beach with two Jungle cars.

At the Palm Beach test, Top Dragster driver Kyle Dvorek had a run he would like to do over. Speedzone videographer Pat Welsh caught the run.


2015 PRO Winter Warmup Crash 1920x1080 01 from Pat Welsh on Vimeo.

January 15, 2015


Ready to get back to racing? If so, Pro Mod teams will have the chance during a test session at beautiful Palm Beach International Raceway coming up on February 9th – 13th, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. All Pro Mods are welcome to participate in this testing week, regardless of which organization they race in. It is also open to the public to come watch.

Danny Rowe, driver and owner of the Agave Underground Tequila Pro Mod team, is one driver who is more than ready to get back on the drag strip and start preparation for the 2015 season.

“Jimmy Rector and the crew have been working hard on these cars this offseason and we’re excited to see what kind of progress we’ve made and try out a few new things,” says Rowe. “This is when we get to see how all the hours on the dyno and in the shop translate to the race track and get to work on our goal of putting both these Agave Underground Pro Mods in the winner’s circle in 2015."

Once again, this is open to all Pro Mod teams. If you are interested in participating, please contact Danny Rowe at

January 15, 2015

10:00am update

A big announcement today from John Force Racing will "Likely" be his returning to Chevrolet with a Camaro.

Also switching to a Camaro is Larry Morgan who will drive a 2015 Camaro with Gray Racing Chevy Power.

January 10, 2015

Top Sportsman and Top Dragster will compete for National championships in 2015.

14 National events and the three SPORTSNationals will be National event claimed races, and all 43 LODRS will be eligible. The two classes claim the same number of events as all other Sportsman classes, the best three of Five Nationals and Five of Eight Divisionals. The only negative I see is the fact the two classes only compete at Nationals in the SW on the West Coast, Seattle does not get the two classes. Phoenix, Las Vegas 1, Sonoma and the Pacific Sportsnationals will have the two classes.


January 15, 2015

10:40 am update

Its official


YORBA LINDA, CA (January 15, 2015) --- John Force Racing, Inc. and Chevrolet announced today that they will be joining forces to back the 18-time NHRA Funny Car championship team starting with the 2015 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series season. The multi-year agreement will see all three John Force Racing Chevrolet Camaro Funny Cars adorned with the iconic gold bowtie as well as the JFR Top Fuel dragster.

“John Force is a champion and a legend both on and off the track, as a driver and as a team owner,” said Jim Campbell, Chevrolet Vice President for Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “John Force is a racer’s racer and a fierce competitor, and we are excited to welcome John and his team back to Chevrolet.”

“It is great to be back with Chevrolet. I started my career in a Chevy and my plan is to keep racing with them for many years to come. This is a great American company and we are excited about the opportunities in front of us,” said John Force, CEO John Force Racing and 16-time Funny Car champion.

The first 60 starts of John Force’s illustrious career were behind the wheel of a Chevrolet product. From 1978-80 he raced a Corvette before switching to a Citation (1981-82), Camaro (1983-84), Corvette (1985), and then a Cavalier (1986). Force won the 1994 NHRA Funny Car championship racing a Chevy Lumina to a 50-8 record, 11 finals, 10 wins, and 12 No. 1 qualifiers.

“I won my first round of racing, went to my first final and got my first No. 1 in a Chevy. Since then I have won more rounds, races, championships than anyone in the sport. I have the record for most No. 1 qualifiers too and I can’t wait to get to the Winternationals and start adding to those records in a brand new Chevy,” added Force.

Chevrolet completed one of its most successful years in its motorsports history in 2014, earning five manufacturer and six driver championships in NHRA, NASCAR, IndyCar, United SportsCar Championship and World Challenge series.

In addition, Chevrolet drivers won several noteworthy races in 2014, including the NHRA U.S. Nationals in Pro Stock and Stock Eliminator classes, Daytona 500, Brickyard 400, IndyCar Dual in Detroit, and the 24 Hours of Daytona.


January 5, 2015

2:00pm update

The other big National news (look to the right for a major shake-up) Is the announcement that John Hale will replace Jeff Arend behind the wheel of the Jim Dunn Nitro Funny Car.

Hale, a long time NFC driver with multiple wins in the class ran Steve Plueger's big show car at a few events in the last couple years.

He will compete at all 24 NHRA Mello Yello events in the 2015 season.

Hale is a long time supporter and participant in the Nostalgia Funny Car calendars SpeedZone produces and we wish him good luck for the 2015 season. Go get em John!!!!!!


January 5, 2015

7:00am update

In a huge shocking developement the Al-Anabi Sponsored teams including the two car Top Fuel team owned by Alan Johnson have been notifiied their sponsorships have been canecelled.

The Qatar Racing Club has terminated funding for all motorsports activities in North America. This decision includes the two-car Al-Anabi Racing Team operated by Alan Johnson Racing, the team announced today. The decision was made in the final days of 2014, and team members were notified this morning.

“We are obviously surprised and disappointed about this completely unexpected turn of events,” Alan Johnson Racing team owner Alan Johnson said. “Our plans for the 2015 NHRA season were nearing completion starting with pre-season testing next week in (West Palm Beach) Florida and the first race of the 2015 NHRA season a month from today in (Pomona) California. Many things are uncertain, and our situation is obviously still evolving. We are currently exploring our options, and we hope to have more news in the near future.”

The Al-Anabi Racing Team won NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series Top Fuel world championships in 2010, ’11 and ’13. The team won 42 races in the last six seasons with drivers Larry Dixon, Del Worsham, Shawn Langdon and Khalid alBalooshi. When the team has additional information regarding its future, it will make another announcement; until that time, team members are unable to grant any interview requests.

Alan Johnson has won 11 NHRA Mello Yello Top Fuel World Championships with five different drivers: Gary Scelzi, Tony Schumacher, Larry Dixon, Del Worsham and Shawn Langdon; he is a 15-time NHRA champion in various capacities including crew chief, team owner and team manager. For additional information on Alan Johnson Racing, please visit

Could this be due to the cost of crude oil?????


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