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604 Street legal Rules


The Friday night series will have 500 up for grabs on each of the Friday nights
In order to compete for the finals in our six Friday night series you must buy a membership for the season good only for 1 season the cost for this will be 250$ and will include 1 hat 1 hoody updated emails and announcements to do with 604 street legal if you do not have a memebership you are still eligible to race with us but not for the year end points and final and you only get half the allotted prize money in the Friday night instead of the full amount
Insurance (permits ok)
DOT Tire’s
Exhaust (turbo cars excempt)
Working lights
Must go 12.99 or quicker
Must be able to drive on our cruise Route set out before the season but you will have all season to complete this if you cannot make it to our set day
Instant green light but anything Goes at the start line like a real street race
Must display our two top sponsor deckles on your car at race time and any other stickers are permitted
Any fuel permitted
All regular safety rules apply
You must pass tech

Race Rules

You must alternate lanes when making time trial run/qualifying runs

Ladders will be drawn at Randon prior to each round. You will come up to the staging lanes knowing who your opponent is and lane choice will be determined proir to arriving in staging lanes.



604 Friday Night point standings

Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Total


Major events results

DoorWarz 8 Nitro by the River Smoke Fire and Thunder total points