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January 16, 2019

2019 Drag Racing Calendars Order Page

Price $ 10.95

Three different types........

Pro Mod, Top Sportsman/Top Dragster combo and a Fast Doorslammer

Scroll down after each type of calendar for paypal ordering.

For a multiple calendar order click the button below. Make sure you specify quantities of each or email us at speedzone1@shaw.ca for the choices.



Calendar multi-paks

For a special one of each type multi pack (1 Promod, 1 TS/TD and one Doorslammers, 3 total) click the button below



Pro Modified

The 2019 version includes most of the Hitters from the NW. It is always the biggest seller and this years version is one of the best. And for only 10.5\95 the price is right. Scroll down after Dean Bettenson's 57 Chevy for the paypal link.


Single copies



Calendar multi-paks

Email us with your choices in the multi pack. speedzone1@shaw.ca

For a special three pak including all three types (Promod, TS/TD and Doorslammer) click the button below



Top Dragster Top Sportsman.

As per the tradition of TS/TD racing the NW has some of the best and this years includes the Top Dragster World Champion Paul Nero. Five top 15 drivers are in the calendar




Go to the top paypal multipack option if you want to order more than one calendar. In your order please specifiy the selection (s) you want.

Or you can email me at speedzone1@shaw.ca to give me your choices.



THE most often produced calendar by us. The Doorlammers are one of the most successful series in the NW and one of the most popular fast bracket classes as well. We have put together 18 doorslammer calendars in the lsst 20 years.

Doorslammer paypal.



Go to the very top paypal button if you want for than one calendar.

In your order please specifiy the selection (s) you want.

Or you can email me at speedzone1@shaw.ca to give me your choices.


SpeedZone Calendar advertising and promo

If you would like your company to advertise in the calendars (middle section business card size) the cost is $350.00 and you receive 80 calendars. Total production is approx. 2500.

The e your team/car in one of the calendarTotal cost is less than 20 cents each including shipping and taxes plus you get 100 copi






































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