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Current Drag Racing Headlines

August 17, 2019

Seattle Divisional, the Huge Nitro Show at Spokane and the Brainerd National event are what's up and notable in the world of Drag racing this weekend for NW raging fans.

First at Seattle seven TAD teams are competing, all are A/Fuel. That is really surprising as the two most prominent teams, both being BAD's and within a couple hours drive of the track are not there. Shawn Cowie is at the Brainerd Nat'l and Joey Severance is not competing (he has been absent for the last month). Leading the way is a huge number by Garrett Bateman. He ripped of a 5.18/276.

Six TA funny Cars are competing at Seattle. Sean Bellemeur leads with a 5.475.

In Comp it is a nine car field with Brandon Huhtala ripping of a national record 7.16 in C/A.

Top Sportsman has the largest Div 6 field so far this year with 24 cars, and Joe Loch was bad ass with a 6.42 best to sit #1. Shane Molinari is #1 in Top Dragster with a 6.13. Local driver Dan Provost is #12 in a 30 car field with a 6.64. He sits #4 in Top Sportsman with a 6.86 in the Camaro.

At Spokane the UNFC is there and after Friday Dan Horan leads with a 5.75. The top three are only .03 apart.


In 10.5 Ken Sihota leads after two rounds with a solid 4.10 best. Paja Agatonovic is#2 with a 4.15. Nick Duda sits #3 and Steve Nicholson is #4. They have Fuel Altereds, Top Fuel and Jets as well.

Round one at Spokane

August 12, 2019

No Prep 5 at Rimbey Ab

The race started by Neil Richards and Horsepower Solutions five years ago.


James Hatfield (the guy with the real cool S-10 step side) won No Prep 5 Small tire (Gangsta) class He defeated Scott Schulhauser (Mustang) in the final round. The other two semi finalists were Devon Knopf (Little Toyota) and Chris Houston (teal green Mustang) .

Big Tire (Unlimited) winner was Chris Gould. He defeated Jason Gagnon in the final round

True Street winner was Rod Hanger. He took out Sammy Berhot.

Man Pedal (Stick class) champion was Chad Abougoush

August 11, 2019

Final round results for Saturday Night Brackets at MRP are poster here:


Nightfire Nationals Firebird Raceway

Final Rounds at Boise

AA/Funny Car - final round
Jeff Arend .133, 5.74, 252.85 def. Dan Horan Jr., .131, 5.76, 248.66.

AA/Fuel Altered - final round
Dan Hix .064, 6.13, 237.46 def. Tom Padilla, .163, 6.14, 229.12.

Pro Modified - final round
Jeremy Hanger .056, 5.93, 245.36 def. Bret Williamson .052, 6.11, 244.56.

Tater Baker AA/FC - final round
Kris Krabill .066, 5.90, 226.01 def. Bill Windham .164, 6.88, 144.26.

AA/Fuel Dragster - final round
Mendy Fry .099, 5.62, 254.76 def. Adam Sorokin .072, 6.08, 204.08.


AA/Funny Car - round 1
Horan Jr. over Bynum 5.66 to a 7.45; Jurado over Morris 5.84 to a 19.80; Arend over Cottrell 5.74 to a 5.79; Hodgson over Boychuk 5.69 to a 5.80.

AA/Fuel Dragster - round 2
Sorokin over Murphy 6.05 to a 13.29; Fry 5.59 (track record).

AA/Fuel Altered - round 1
Padilla over Wilson 6.13 to a 6.30; Owen over Leonard 6.46 over 7.26; Hix 5.99.

Pro Modified - round 1
Wilson over Piazza Jr. 8.28-single; Hanger over Richards 5.91 to a 6.05; Maggio over Renteria 6.52 to a 12.78; Williamson over Wake 15.60-single.

Tater Baker AA/Funny Car - round 1
Windham over Rice 6.08-single; Krabill over Stanger 5.76 to a 6.09.

Final qualifyinga t the Nightfire Nationals

AA/Funny Car – Main Event
1. Jeff Arend, La Verne, Calif., 5.71, 250.32
2. Ryan Hodgson, Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada, 5.72, 255.82
3. Dan Horan, Jr., Sylmar, Calif., 5.76, 257.48
4. Billy Morris, La Quinta, Calif., 5.76, 245.00
5. Tony Jurado, Pleasanton, Calif., 5.77, 246.08
6. Matt Bynum, Ypsilanti, Mich., 5.81, 242.84
7. Tim Boychuk, Scottsdale, Ariz., 5.81, 242.84
8. Bobby Cottrell, Whittier, Ca., 5.88, 247.02

Tater Baker (Funny Car B)
9. Kris Krabill (5.96)
10. Bill Windham (6.37)
11. Jon Rice (6.78)
12. Scott Stanger (7.16).

AA/Fuel Dragster – Round 1
Adam Sorokin, La Crescenta, Ca., .072, 6.11, 209.36 def. Bret Williamson, Gilroy, Ca., .137, 6.55, 159.99
Mendy Fry, Los Angeles, Ca., .117, 5.62, 229.90 def. Phil Ruskowski, Victoria BC, .201, 7.35, 188.65
Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa, Ca., .055, 6.18, 208.84 def. Tyler Hilton, Cincinnati, OH., .209, 6.42, 233.40

AA/Fuel Altered
1. Dan Hix, Woodland, Wa., 6.04, 243.41
2. Tom Padilla, Arlington, Wa., 6.25, 226.66
3. Mathew Leonard, Salt Lake City, Ut., 6.40, 214.59
4. Troy Owen, Albany, Or., 6.88, 222.77
5. Keith Wilson, Chula Vista, Ca., 7.77, 108.45

Xtreme Pro Modified
1. Sean Renteria, Hollister, Calif., 5.91, 245.27
2. Jeremy Hanger, Buena Park, Calif., 5.93, 236.13
3. Ron Piazza Jr., Morgan Hill, Ca., 5.95, 238.30
4. Bret Williamson, Gilroy, Calif., 5.99, 244.16
5. Justin Wake, Clovis, Calif., 5.99, 246.71
6. Karl Wilson, Anaheim, Calif., 5.99, 244.47
7. Garrett Richards, Tacoma, Wash., 6.11, 234.09.
8. Mike Maggio, San Dimas, Ca., 6.47, 165.15
Not-qualified: Troy Baugh (6.69)


August 8, 2019

The Force-mania amped up when John won his 150 national event on Sunday.

Like him or not, he is the people's champion. The only other current driver(s) who could perhaps come even close to John in popularity or charisma is his good friend Ron Capps or maybe Clay Millican, and even they are light years away.

Here is a sample of John's popularity and him being real and honest and the best thing that ever happened to drag racing.

After his historic win, he leap frogged the fence (well not really more like what a senior would look like doing what he did)

Courtesy Gerry Frechette

Pretty awesome, and hopefully he is around for another 25 wins, likely not but you never know

August 7, 2019

Team Cowie had a full contingent of fans and crew on hand for their celebration after their win at Seattle this past weekend. Shawn's win puts him well in front in the standings for the 2019 TAD chase. There is a long way to go, but they are on a strong roll right now.

August 6, 2019

Final round results from the Langley Loafers Old Time Drags are posted along with photos.

August 4, 2019


Dan Provost and Chris Marshall celebrate the TAFC win for Marshall at Seattle. Grant Saunby is celebrating with John Force as he earned his 150th win. That number is astounding.

As shown above, John Force continues the legacy with his historic 150th National Event win. No one is even close. And to add the the Force team legacy, Rookie driver Austin Prock wins in Top Fuel. He defeated 2019 superstar Steve Torrence.

In Pro Stock it was Matt Hartford defeating Greg Anderson, in Nitro Harley, Doug Vancil took the win over Randall Andreas. Our Local Hitter, Shawn Cowie won a close one against first time TAD Nat'l finalist Russ Parker 5.34-5.38. New team RAD racer Chris Marshall defeated Doug Gordon in the TAFC final round.

In Sportsman action, Division Six drivers did real well with six of eight finalists coming from the NW.

Competition Eliminator -- Brian Hyerstay, Dragster, 8.637, 147.52 def. Doug Lambeck, Pontiac Sunfire, 8.359, 157.71.

Super Stock -- Kyle Rizzoli, Chevy Camaro, 9.619, 133.47 def. Tom Gaynor, Chevy Cobalt, 9.827, 134.91.

Stock Eliminator -- Andy Morris, Chevy Camaro, 9.381, 140.25 def. Kyle Rizzoli, Camaro, 10.323, 123.00.

Super Comp -- Randy Beck, Dragster, 8.901, 169.76 def. James Warden, Dragster, 8.915, 166.74.

Super Gas -- Michael Dalrymple, Chevy Camaro, 9.961, 161.73 def. Rod Souza, Chevy Bel Air, 9.948, 161.42.

Super Street -- Matt Kielman, Chevy Nova, 10.922, 120.33 def. Chris Cannon Jr., Nova, 10.911, 153.28.

Top Sportsman presented by -- Doug Bracey, Chevy Cavalier, 7.211, 188.83 def. Shawn Herbst, Pontiac Firebird, 7.107, 193.82.

Top Dragster presented by -- Jeff Havens, Dragster, 6.898, 192.88 def. Thomas Bayer, Dragster, Foul - Red Light.


JR Lazic wins Pro Mod at race #3 in the WCPM series.

Jordie Lazic was the only Pro Mod in the 4.0's on the weekend and won the war of attrition in the 12 car entry list. He defeated Keith Korecki in the final round, Korecki lost to Steve Horne in the semis but Horne wounded his bullet in the win and bypassed the scales handing the win to Korecki. Only 8 cars made elimionation's Sunday morning.

Dewayne Sanders one of the winnginest drivers in Pro Nostalgia get the Mission win over Ralph Fox. Fox never left the starting line, as his blower belt broke the milli second he hit the throttle.

In what could be called CWDS (II) Paul Depree Sr. defeated John DeJonge in a Doorslammer final round. MAark Thompson another DS competitor was in the semi finals. In totalsix or eight were in the Outlaw 'N' class.

DeJonge went .927 red ib the final round. Debree Sr was driving the Valient for the first time this year as son Jr is behind the wheel for all Doorslammer events.

Full final round results will be posted Monday evening and Tuesday.

August 3,2019

Saturday in the last run down the track

R.I.P. the the Drag Racing `COP`Terry McHardy. Good friend Bob Kokotailo pulls the laundry with McHardy along for the ride.

JR Lazic leads Pro Mod with a last session 6.07.

Dale Pedersen is #2 with a 6.13 and Steve Horne is #3 with a coasting 6.27

Some weird smoke out of the exhaust of Keith Korecki's newly powered Shelby.


Yeehaw 'Mater, wins the Saturday wheelie award

Close behind is the 'Chupa

Think it is death smoke out of 'Nitro' Bob's new blown Fiat????


August 2, 2019

A real busy weekend in the NW on the DR front.



If you want a Pro Mod fix this weekend head out to Mission Raceway for the Langley Loafers BC Old Time drags. The newly branded West Coast Pro Mods (formally WDRL), will be the main feature class. The Pro Nostalgia group based out of Washington and Oregon will also be part of the feature action. Plus don't forget the car show (for any year car or truck or motorcycle) and racing classes Street Rob, Street Machine, Street Classic, Outlaw and Nostalgia Gas for cars 1972 and older.

Pro Mods on the property Friday afternoon included Jay Syvertsem (blown Hemi), Steve Horne (blown Hemi), Tom Meheden (big block nitrous), Kerry Stone (Big Block twin Turbo), Keith Korecki (Big Block Nitrous), Dave Kowalski (blown Sonny's Hemi), Wade Sjostrom (blown Hemi), Dave Springman (blown BB Chevy), Greg Feal (Big Block twin Turbo)and Dale Pedersen (Proline twin Turbo). Friday night arrivals should include JR Lazic in Dean Bettenson's 57 Chevy (blown Hemi), Dal Sangha (Hemi Twin Turbo) and Gordie Abougush's Proline Twin Turbo Firebird.


This Nova ran solid laps on Friday. Likely he wil run in Outlaw or Street Classic.


Dale Phillips made a couple hits Friday. He is running in Outlaw this weekend.

There were a number of Nostalgia Gassers (straight axels) making test runs Friday.


This turbocharged small tire Corvette made a number of runs Friday, including an 8.38 best..

Alberta Driver completing his NHRA licensing in this cool altered.

Dale Pedersen made to hits on Friday, his last one to just past the 1/8th mile. It was a soft 4.24 660 shot.

Tom Meheden made a short hit to start then a full soft 6.47/213 shot, his only full pass of the weekend.

Keith Korecki made two hits Friday, and both were easy, as he works on his entirely new and self built 800+ inch combination

Greg Feal tied his career best with a 6.50/219 testing Friday. He made three runs in total, going 6.57, 6.54 thern the final a 6.50



Seattle's NHRA NW Nationals is this weekend. All the pro classes except Pro Mod and Motorcycle. Top Fuel HArleys and the two Top Alchohol classes are part of the action. Top Sportsman and Top Dragster as well.

Very cool to see RAD Torque systems step up to the Top Alcohol classes with a major sponsorship for the Distrubed racing TAFC team of Chris and Brianna Marshall and Alan Mascord. They are a top five team in the NHRA and were close to ending their season early when funding was drying up. Good on Dan and the RAD team.


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